Season 3, Episode 1: "Guilmon Comes Alive" 
English Version Written by: Steve Blum
Original Air Date: September 1, 2001
Transcribed by: LadyApocalymon

NOTE: I only have a copy of this episode when it first aired; thus, it has no beginning or ending narration.

*Digimon title theme plays.*

The scene opens on a computer tracking system showing two readings. One signal is fast approaching the other. Inside the 
mainframe, on a field of digital information, a large creature [Maildramon] is chasing a much smaller one [Calumon]. 

Calumon: *nervous* Maybe we should talk about this! If you give me a chance I'm sure we can work it out! I just wanted to 

Maildramon: *evil laughter* Let's play!

Calumon: I don't like this game! Are you sure you're playing it right?

Calumon trips and falls onto the 'ground'.

Calumon: Aww, nuts...

Maildramon advances on Calumon, but suddenly, the tracking system indicates another signal intercepting the first two. As 
Calumon watches, a DarkTyrannomon body slams Maildramon and the two Digimon begin fighting furiously. After a few moments, 
Maildramon pins DarkTyrannomon down. It begins to seem as though DarkTyrannomon will turn back into data, but it suddenly 
glows, and there is a huge explosion. Calumon is blown away by the force of the blast.

Calumon: Game oveeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr! 

Calumon continues to scream as below, the newly-evolved MetalTyrannomon raises a huge claw and stomps it on top of 
Maildramon, annihilating the lesser Digimon. Calumon is thrown completely out of the digital dimension, still screaming.

NOTE: In the original airing of this episode, the previous segment was treated like a prequel and the title theme was played

West Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. A scene of severe traffic and the sounds of many cars honking. We see Calumon shoot out of a 
warp in the sky near a building. He is caught up in the wind of a passing helicopter and looks after it.

Calumon: Hey!

Calumon watches the helicopter leave, then looks depressed. He gazes down at the large city below.

Calumon: *thinking* I hope the other Digimon here aren't as rude as that one!

The scene changes to show a card of a DarkTyrannomon, then a card of Maildramon. Suddenly, a MetalTyrannomon card is slammed
on top of the DarkTyrannomon card. A boy [Takato] is playing the Digimon card game with his friend [Kazu].

Takato: Bullseye, baby! DarkTyrannomon digivolves to MetalTyrannomon, which makes you history!

Kazu grabs his head in surprise and frustration.

Kazu: Oh man! That hurt! That was like something I would do! How did you think of that?!

Takato picks up an option card as he speaks and swipes it through his card reader.

Takato: What can I say? You're dealing with a super-genuis.

Kazu: In your dreams, doofus. *laughs*

Cut to the outside-a park. Kazu jumps out of the boys' hiding place and runs away, turning back to face the slide and running
in place.

Kazu: Takato, would you hurry up? If we're late Ms. Asaji's gonna make us stand in the hall again!

Takato: I'll be right there; don't leave without me!

Inside the slide, Takato scrambles to deposit all of his Digimon cards into a shoebox. As he is doing so, the box falls off 
out of the ledge, sending many cards fluttering to the ground.

Takato: Aww, man!

Takato watches the cards fall, then suddenly notices something strange-a Blue Card. 

Takato: Huh?

Fascinated, Takato watches the card land on top of the pile. He scrambles out of the ledge and kneels down, picking up the 

Takato: Wow! I don't remember having a card like this...

Curious, Takato swipes the Blue Card through his card reader and cries out as the reader emits a bright light. He drops it 
and the Blue Card to the ground.

Takato: What was that?!

Takato's card reader begins smoking.

Takato: Um...This is new...

The reader begins going haywire; numbers calculate randomly on the screen, which is occasionally broken by streaks of 
electrical impulses.

Takato: *annoyed* Great-my card reader goes mental AND I'm late for school again!

Takato quickly picks everything up and dumps it in the box, which he shoves quickly back onto the ledge before grabbing his 
backpack and running off.

Takato: *sarcastic* Thanks for waiting, Kazu!

Cut to an outside view of the Hypnos building, followed by an arial shot of Takato's neighborhood. A bell is heard as the 
camera approaches a view of Takato's school.

Takato: Aww, nuts!

Inside the building, Takato is standing outside classroom 5-2 with his back to the wall; he sighs. Within, Ms. Asaji is 
writing something on the chalkboard.

Ms. Asaji: I heard that. You know the rules-If you show up late, you'll have to wait.

Takato: Who? Me? Umm...

The entire class looks at him standing outside and giggles.

Takato: I...I'm sorry I'm late, Ms. Asaji...

Bored, Takato digs in his pocket and pulls out a notepad, a red pen, and a black pen; he sits down. Ms. Asaji ignores him.

Ms. Asaji: Now I want you all to pay close attention-this is going to be on your test.

Takato is scribbling something onto the notepad. We see it is a drawing of a dinosaur with 'Girumon' [Guilmon] written in 
katakana next to it. Takato is putting the finishing touches on his drawing.

Takato: Yeah, that works. Red is definitely a power color. I'll give him the strongest attack ever! No one will expect that, 
especially from a Rookie. I'm gonna make him even better than Agumon. I'll call it Pyro Sphere!

Woman's Voice: Are you designing a Halloween costume?

Takato becomes irritated but does not look up from his drawing.

Takato: No, it's a Digimon, don't you know anything?

Too late, Takato realizes his mistake and looks up nervously at Ms. Asaji.

Ms. Asaji: Well, Takato, despite your apology, you certainly don't seem very sorry about being late, do you?

Takato: Ahh...yes?...I mean, no, ma'am...No actually, actually, I do mean yes...I mean I'm sorry, I'm really sorry!

The entire class giggles again.

Some time later, the classroom is empty except for Takato, sitting alone at his desk. The sounds of recess are audible from 
outside. Takato is obviously supposed to be working on something, but his thoughts are with his new creation.

Takato: *thinking* Now what should I call him? RedDinoFiremon...?...Nah, that's stupid...BlazingDragonLizardmon?...Nah, get 
real. *aloud* How about...Guilmon! Cool! Now that's a name!

NOTE: I don't know what Takato was thinking about in the original, but it wasn't Guilmon's name. When he first made his 
drawing in the hallway, 'Guilmon' was already written next to it. 

Out of nowhere, a yellow dog-like puppet pops in front of Takato's face and barks. He yelps in surprise and stands up 

Takato: I'm almost done, ma'am! I'm just taking a time out!

Takato's assailant is not Ms. Asaji, however, but a girl with red hair [Jeri]. She giggles furiously.

Jeri: You're kind of funny...

Takato speaks to Jeri as she walks over to her own desk and begins rummaging through it with the hand not occupied by the 

Takato: see I'm...having a really off day...

Jeri continues fishing in her desk until she pulls out a wooden instrument case.

Jeri: There it is! Bad flute!

Jeri's Puppet: Bad!

NOTE: In the original Japanese version, it's a recorder, not a flute.

Takato watches Jeri leave.

Takato: Ooooh...kaaaaay...

Jeri disappears out the door, but she extends her hand to allow her puppet back into the room; it barks twice.

Jeri's Puppet: You'd better hurry up and write that apologyyyyyy!

Jeri giggles again and goes downstairs. Takato smiles and blushes a tiny bit. We cut to a scene of his stats of Guilmon 
before panning outside the school to once again view the Hypnos building from several angles. The scene finally moves to 
the tracking system displayed at the beginning of the episode. Two people [Riley and Tally] are sitting in a high-tech chair,
monitering the system that extends all the way around the room.

Riley: I'm picking up an abnormal germination energy pattern.

A man whose face we cannot see [Yamaki] is toying with a cigarette lighter.

Yamaki: Is it a Wild One?

Riley taps away on what appears to be a multicolored touchpad of some sort.

Riley: I can't tell yet, but the energy levels are increasing at an exponential rate. I've never seen anything like it!

*Commercial break.*

Thunderclouds are gathering above West Shinjuku. A strong wind is picking up, blowing paper around the streets. A brief image
of sparking electrical wiring is shown before revealing Takato walking back through the park, shielding himself from the 

Takato: Ah man! What else can go wrong? 

Takato runs towards the slide where he left his cards.

Takato: I hope my card reader isn't busted!

Takato enters the slide; as he does so, the hands on the clock hanging above it begin to accelerate wildly. Takato climbs up
into the ledge and gasps as he beholds his box of cards; it is glowing blue and sparking. Picking up the box and shaking it,
Takato successfully opens it and watches as his card reader, now glowing solid white, mutates into a D-Power with red 

Takato: I'm...dreaming...

Takato reaches forward to touch the D-Power, but stops himself.

Takato: Wait a minute...This is real!

Takato picks up the D-Power and gazes at it thoughtfully, observing it from all sides.

Takato: It's...impossible...I'm going nuts. I'm sitting inside of a dinosaur, with a Digivice. 

NOTE: The dinosaur comment is weird, but it refers to the fact that the slide kinda looks like a dinosaur. Kinda. 

Takato pushes a button and shuffles through the screens; there is nothing.

Takato: Hey...It's empty...

We are shown the Hypnos building, and then the entire town, bathed in dusk. Thunder crashes in the distance. A forlorn 
Calumon is feeling lonely, and deflates his ears.

Calumon: For a place with so many people, how come there's no one to play with?

We are again shown the city, this time just after sunset. Takato is running home through the crowded streets with his card 
box tucked under his arm. At a nearby bakery, a customer is walking out with her purchase.

Voice from the Bakery [Mrs. Matsuki]: Thank you very much; have a good day!

Takato runs by and greets the woman leaving the bakery.

Takato: Hi Mrs. Masayba!

Mrs. Masayba: Takato, slow down!

NOTE: I don't know what the woman's name was in the original; in fact, Takato probably never greeted her. I'm labeling her 
Masayba because that's how Takato pronounces it, although no real Japanese name could be that. (There is no hard 'a' sound in

Takato turns into the alley just next to the bakery in order to go inside the back. He skids past a room on accident and 
comes to a halt.

Takato: Whoops!

Takato dashes into the room, past a man [his father] who is making bread. 

Takato: Hi Dad, I'm home!

Mr. Matsuki: Hi, son! What'd you learn at-

Takato: *hurriedly* Oh you know the usual two plus two equals four well I've got a lot of homework so call me when dinner's 

Takato kicks his shoes off and leaves them at the bottom of the stairs, which he ascends quickly. His mother appears at the 
bottom of the stairs.

Mrs. Matsuki: Takato! *sarcastically* Thanks a lot.

Mr. Matsuki joins her.

Mr. Matsuki: What's up?

Mrs. Matsuki watches Takato climb up the stairs.

Mrs. Matsuki: *huffily* Oh, nothing. In some families kids actually give their mothers a hug when they come home from school.

In his room, Takato throws his backpack to the ground and dumps his cards all over the floor; his D-Power falls to the ground
next to them as he searches frantically through his collection.

Takato: Where's that blue card? It's gone!

Takato ponders this for a moment.

Takato: *slowly* It is...just...a game...

Cut to a brief shot of the D-Power, still displaying the empty screen.

Takato: But in the real world...Games don't change shape on their own...

Short flashback of Takato swiping the Blue Card through his card reader; no voice narration.

Takato: *realizing* That's gotta be it! That blue card made it transform! It's not from this world!

Takato picks up the D-Power.

Takato: So if I'm right, then I'm...

Lightning flashes and thunder crashes as it finally begins to rain. Takato stands up and looks out the window as lightning 
flashes near the Hypnos building. 

Takato: Well, if I am right, then this thing is a real Digivice!

Takato suddenly digs in his pocket.

Takato: Which would make me...

Takato procures his notepad and curiously attempts to swipe it through the side of his D-Power. He is disappointed to find 
that it will not fit.

Takato: Aww, man...It's stuck...

Takato continues trying to swipe the notepad.

Takato: Don't tell me I broke it already...!

Mrs. Matsuki calls from below.

Mrs. Matsuki: Takato! Come down, dinner's ready!

Takato: Okay!

Takato puts his D-Power, with the corner of the notepad still inside the edge, on his desk and turns to leave the room.

Mrs. Matsuki: Before it gets cold, please!

The screen of the D-Power glows red, and electricity sparks from the side. 

Takato: Coming, Mom!

Takato opens the door to leave, then turns around.

Takato: Whoa...!

The D-Power is tearing out pages of the notepad and scanning them one by one; as each one is scanned, it flutters to the 
floor. Once the D-Power reaches the blank pages, it stops scanning. Takato slowly moves towards the desk and looks at the 
screen of his D-Power; on it is a picture of a steadily pulsating white egg with orange spots.

Takato: A...Digiegg...!

Takato gives a small laugh of joy and picks up the D-Power as the camera pans out of his window.

Takato: My very own real-live Digiegg!

Mrs. Matsuki: Takato!

The camera continues panning out until we see various places in West Shinjuku, all being saturated with rain. Coming back to 
Takato's room, it is now the middle of the night. Takato is sleeping with his D-Power clenched in his right hand; the sheets 
of notepad paper are tied neatly together by a rubber band and are sitting on his desk. Takato is muttering in his sleep.

Takato: *asleep* Guilmon...Digi-armor energize...

The screen focuses on the still-pulsating Digiegg on the screen of Takato's D-Power. We somehow look into the D-Power at the 
real Digiegg, and through its shell we can see a creature hunched up inside, growling softly.

The scene suddenly changes to the middle of a rainy street. A beam of light shoots through the road towards the sky, and 
ripples of white energy move over everything. An explosion of white fog-like particles occurs, and the creature inside the 
Digiegg growls louder. Takato suddenly opens his eyes to find himself floating in midair in his pajamas, arms outstretched. 

Takato: *thinking* What's happening?!

Below him, Takato sees a girl about his age [Rika], wearing dark sunglasses, jeans, a shirt with a broken heart on it, and a 
jacket. She appears not the least bit daunted by either the rain or the fog, and has an air of pride and superiority about 
her. She removes her sunglasses, and we suddenly notice that she is face-to-face with a large Digimon that looks like a tiger
made of flames.

Rika: It's Lynxmon, versus Renamon.

A fox-like Digimon appears behind Rika, kneeling. Rika steps aside, and Renamon stands. Lynxmon tackles Renamon, but Rika 
does not seem to even notice; she only glances at the struggle going on behind her. Takato is nothing short of amazed as the 
girl suddenly turns around and displays three cards in her hand; she spins one between two fingers.

Rika: Renamon...Digi-Modify.

Takato gasps.

Takato: A Digimon Tamer!

Rika swipes the card through her D-Power, but without the special effects.

Rika: Speed activate.

Renamon, trapped beneath Lynxmon, smiles and disappears, reappearing in the air behind him. She seems to float in place as 
Takato gazes on, D-Power still clenched in his right hand. The Digimon inside the Digiegg is shown again, but makes no noise. 
Renamon pays Takato no heed as she closes her eyes and summons her attack.

Renamon: Diamond Storm!

A shower of bright energy-enhanced leaves pulverizes the Lynxmon; he dissolves in an explosion of data, which Renamon 
absorbs. The Digimon in the egg growls yet again. All of a sudden, Takato wakes up in his own bed...the D-Power still in his 
right hand.

Takato: I'm alive...Good game...

Takato gets up and walks to his window, staring at the Hypnos facility.

Takato: There's definitely something weird about those towers.

Takato opens his window and steps out onto the balcony, where he is greeted from below by the cheerful voice of his father.

Mr. Matsuki: Well, good morning! 'Bout time you're up!

Takato: Good morning, Dad.

Mr. Matsuki: Ah-hah. So what's goin' on?

Takato nervously hides his D-Power behind his back.

Takato: Uhh...Nothin'.

Mr. Matsuki: Ah-secret, eh?

Takato: No. Um, hey Dad?

Mr. Matsuki: Yeah?

Takato: When you were my age, do you remember anything about Digimon? I mean, did they have 'em back then?

Mr. Matsuki: *laugh* 'Fraid not.

Takato: Aww, too bad! Hey, what if it wasn't just a TV show or a game? Wouldn't it be amazing if they really existed?

Mr. Matsuki: I suppose. Why do you ask?

Takato: *nervous laughter* No reason. Thanks Dad!

Takato walks back into his room; Mr. Matsuki sighs.

Mr. Matsuki: You're welcome, I guess...

Inside, Takato stares, enraptured, at the Digiegg on the screen of his D-Power.

Takato: Well, I'm sure they're real. They've gotta be. Gotta be!

In the middle of the city, Calumon is standing on the street, observing daily human life in confusion.

Calumon: I wonder why those funny metal Digimon keep spitting out all these people. Maybe they aren't very good fighters.

Calumon watches the traffic.

Calumon: Either that, or this is the worst case of indigestion I've ever seen!

*Commercial break.*

The slide in the park. Takato is talking to two of his friends-Kazu and another [Kenta].

Takato: But it's true; you've gotta believe me! Guys, I'm not kidding-Digimon are real! I saw them-Digimon, real ones 
fighting right in front of me! Two of 'em were going after each other, it was incredible! And it was raining, and-

Before Takato can finish, Kazu clamps his mouth shut.

Kazu: And then your eyes opened, and you were back in bed like nothing had ever happened. 

Kenta: You saw them fighting on the bed?

Takato: No!

Takato pries Kazu's hand off of his mouth.

Takato: Listen! This was not a dream!

Flashback to Renamon dodging from underneath Lynxmon and of Renamon glancing at Takato; no voice over.

Takato: I'm not making it up! 

Takato looks at his hands.

Takato: Numb. My hands. They were numb from the rain! It was so cold...

Kazu stars laughing and points to Takato.

Kazu: Maybe, you made your own cold puddle!

Takato: What?!

Kenta starts laughing, too.

Kenta: That's some dream!

Kazu: More like a bedwetting nightmare!

Kazu and Kenta crack up laughing as Takato starts to blush angrily.

Takato: I did not wet the bed!

Kenta: Maybe he froze his hands wiping his baby tears!

Kazu and Kenta leap out out of the slide and run off.

Kazu: *chanting* Poor Mr. Sleepyhead! Made his own waterbed!

NOTE: Kenta calls something too, but he talks while Kazu is talking, and since Kazu is louder I can't hear what Kenta's 

Takato calls after them angrily.

Takato: I didn't do anything!

Kenta: Nice going, Takato!

Kazu: What a baby!

Takato sighs and sits against a wall in the ledge, putting his hands behind his head and thinking.

Takato: It was real. I saw 'em. And her...

Flashback of Rika spinning the card between her fingers.

Takato: Who was that girl? What a Tamer! Wait a sec...

Takato throws open his card box and grabs his D-Power.

Takato: Her Digivice! It's the same! Mine is...exactly the same!

Takato gazes at his D-Power and notices that the Digiegg is shattered into fragments. From inside the D-Power, we see the 
shards of shell and Takato's face in a small window.

Takato: My Digiegg's hatched! I missed it!

Takato shuffles through all the screens, which display only the hatched egg.

Takato: Good thing I don't have any real pets-I can't even keep track of a digital one! But where could he be? I've got to 
find him!

Takato finds a different screen and stops on it. 

Takato: Is that a...compass? 

An arrow that is moving around the circumfrence of the D-Power screen suddenly points directly upwards and stays there.

Takato: Why'd it stop?

The Hypnos tracking system again; they are monitering another signal.

Riley: High-level wild type. Bio-emergence is now imminent. 

Tally: Primary tracer activating. Should I stop him?

Yamaki: Not just yet. Keep the tracer locked; I'm interested to see what this one does.

Tally: Affirmative. Locking now.

In the park, Takato runs a string through his D-Power and hands it from his neck. Putting his card box in his backpack, he 
exits the slide and points the D-Power in several directions before heading to his right.

Takato: This way!

Takato begins running.

Takato: I'll show them! I'll show everybody! Digimon are real, and I'm gonna prove it!

In the digital plane, the Digimon that hatched from the egg is running through a tunnel of data, while in the real world, a 
white beam shoots from the ground in an alley. A young girl [Suzie] is playing with what appears to be a stuffed toy of a 
Digimon, moving its ears up and down.

Suzie: Terriermon, digivolve to...Huh?

Suzie gets up, and the doll falls on its face. She presses her face against the glass of the window and motions to an older 
boy [Henry] who is sitting at a computer behind her. 

Suzie: Henry, come here! Look at the pretty light!

Henry is never shown clearly, and does not get up from his chair. Meanwhile, dusk is falling over the city, painting the sky
gold. Rika is leaning against the wall of a bridge, listening to some rock music on her headphones. She opens her eyes and 
sees the beam of light.

Rika: Huh? Something's coming...

Rika is there one moment and gone the next. Takato also sees the beam and turns off of the sidewalk into a dark alley filled 
with rats and garbage. Sliding down a grimy pole, he checks the signal on his D-Power.

Takato: Almost there...

Takato wipes his face with his hand, but only manages to dirty himself even more. Squeezing in between two narrow walls, he 
comes upon a small tunnel infested with vermin.

Takato: Eww, gross...

Takato ventures into it anyway, crawling on his hands and knees.

Takato: I don't even want to know what that smell is...

Crawling along, Takato accidentally puts his hand on a rat; it shrieks in pain. Takato yelps and covers his head with his 
hands. The rest of the rats flee the tunnel, and Takato crawls out of it. Standing, he sees something of a hole in the 
ground, with many pipes leading down to it. It is glowing.

Takato: Whoa...

Takato peers over the edge and sees the source of the light; a something or other on the ground is emitting blue waves of 
energy. Holding up his D-Power, Takato sees that four arrows are pointed inward.

Takato: This is it...He's all mine!

*Commercial break.*

In the Hypnos room, Riley and Tally are still tracking the Wild One.

Riley: He's going to breach. I can't stop him!

Yamaki: Where?

Takato descends some stairs slowly into the area where the Digimon is appearing.

Riley: Location-West Shijuku.

NOTE: I'm pretty sure it's 'Shinjuku', but here Riley said 'Shijuku'.

Takato reaches the bottom of the stairs and watches the Digimon fully emerge. He cries out at a sudden explosion of particles
which coalesce into a digital field. He holds onto the rail to keep from being blown away by the wind.

Takato: Nice entrance...!

Takato squints through the digital field.

Takato: So hard to see...Well? Is it? It looks like him...

The field clears a bit, showing a dinosaur-like Digimon with a red body, fin-like protrusions on his head, clawed feet and 
'hands', a long tail, and gold eyes. 

Takato: him! Wow! He's perfect!

The Digimon sniffs the air, then attempts to fan it away in obvious distaste of the smell. He wiggles his toe-claws, 
scratches his hand, moves the tip of his tail, and makes baby-like grunting and growling noises.

Takato: He's amazing! Oh man! And real! He's actually real!

Takato steps onto the ground.

Takato: A real-live Digimon!

The Digimon watches a couple of rats, fascinated, as Takato steps towards him and introduces himself.

Takato: Hello, my name is Takato and I think I created you...Guilmon?

Guilmon, completely oblivious, spits a blast of fire at the rats and blows a hole in the wall.

Takato: Wow...Gesundheit? I guess you don't like rats, huh?

Guilmon sniffs again, then turns to face Takato, who falls on his butt and starts panicking.

Takato: Okay...Just stay calm, everything's gonna be fine...!

Guilmon blinks and stares at Takato, who expects him to shoot another fireball.

Takato: Here's a plan...I scream...and run!

Guilmon smiles and takes a step towards Takato as he shields himself with his arms.

Takato: ...or not. Please, don't do it!

*End episode.*

NOTE: I think this ends the episode, anyway. I only have a copy of it from its original air date, so like I said, I don't 
have beginning and ending narrations. Also, the commercial breaks may not be right for this one and the next episode, but that's because, like I said, I've only got the original airing.