Season 3, Episode 2: Digimon, Digimon Everywhere"

Original Air Date: September 1, 2001

English Version Written by: Seth Walther

Transcribed by: Vande (


DAVIS THE NARRATOR: Takato was just an ordinary kid who loved Digimon and who can blame him? Things were pretty normal, until he found that funky blue card. It turned his card reader into a real digivice that scanned in all this cool info about Guilmon, a digimon Takato had made up. I bet he never dreamed he'd get a real digi-egg when he did those drawings. Then he saw Rika and Renamon fighting Lynxmon. The next morning his digi-egg hatched and there was no sign of Guilmon. But his digivice led Takato right to him. Looks like Takato's got a lot to learn about being a digimon tamer. Like how not to get toasted by his own creation!

TAKATO: Oh no! I've created a digimon and now he's going to blast me to smithereens!

[Guilmon nudges Takato and make a funny growling]

TAKATO: And the last thing I'll hear is that horrible growl. Huh? You're not going to attack me? This is the coolest! [laughs] I really created you! And you're mine! I can't believe it! My own real live digimon! Hi...Guilmon!

(Takato’s parents Bakery)

TAKATO: Mom, Dad, I'm home! [whispers] Okay, you've gotta be really quiet.

Mr Matsuda: Hey, kiddo! You're home late, huh?

Mrs Matusda: Dinner's almost ready.

TAKATO: Uh, great!

[Takato slips Guilmon past the kitchen door in a cardboard box, as Takehiro turns back.]

Mr Matsuda: What's that?

TAKATO: Uh...What's what?

Mr Matsuda: That box you've got.

TAKATO: Oh, the box. It...It's just... It's like a box! You know, to hold things. Uh...yeah.

Mr Matsuda: Hmm.

Mrs Matsuda: Don't be dragging any more trash up there Takato. You know I'll just end up throwing it out again later.

TAKATO: Okay! [whipers to Guilmon] You have to stay under the box!

Mr Matsuda: Takato?

TAKATO: [startled noise] [whispers to Guilmon] Come on, Guilmon!

[Takato strains to lift the box.]

Mr Matsuda: Need a hand there son?

TAKATO: It's okay. I've got it.

[The box goes upstairs, knocking Takato over with a yell. He runs upstairs.]

Mr Matsuda: Hmm...


TAKATO: Hey! Don't do that, Guilmon.

GUILMON: Guilmon?

TAKATO: Listen Guilmon. You've gotta stay out of trouble. You can't keep blasting things and knocking

stuff over. I mean, Mom yells at me when I bring a BOX home, but a digital dinosaur? I don't think she'd

ever be able to stop yelling. Understand...boy?

GUILMON: I Guilmon?

TAKATO: Right! I'm Takato!

GUILMON: Ta-Ka-To-Mon?

TAKATO: I'm not a digimon. Takato.

GUILMON: Takatomon!

TAKATO: No, I'm a human being. How can I expain this? Let's see now. Hmm... That's it! I've gotjust the thing! Wait. Good thing I hid this from Mom. Everything I think is cool she thinks is trash.

[He gets his goggles and puts them on]

TAKATO: See Guilmon? A digimon tamer!

GUILMON: Ooh...Goggles!

*Inside of the Hypnos Building*

TALLEY: Sir, there's another one trying to bio-emerge.

RILEY: Initiating tracking sequence. Computer is acquiring a lock on the target.

TALLEY: Stand by. The data stream is congested. We may not get a visual.

YAMAKI: Send a tracer.

RILEY: Bringing a tracer online.

TALLEY: It's closing in on the target.

YAMAKI: Huh. Run, rabbit, run.

RILEY: Computer is rendering. Visual completion in T minus five seconds.

YAMAKI: Well now. It looks like you've lost the race, my little friend.

*Takato is in his room at night*

[Takato is sleeping on the floor with Guilmon. Mr Matsuda peeks in the doorway.]

TAKATO: [sleeping] ...Wow, Bad breath...

Mr Matsuda: [sniffs air] Hmm... Mm hmm.

GUILMON: [sleeping] ...Yeah, bad breath...

*Mr and Mrs Matsuda’s room*

Mrs Matsuda: Come on, age cream. Work your magic.

Mr Matsuda: You know, honey. I've been thinking.

Mrs Matsuda: Ooh, did it hurt?

Mr Matsuda: Yes, exactly. Uh... well, um... Takato... being an only child... can get... you know...

Mrs Matsuda: No way.

Mr Matsuda: But honey, I haven't even said anything yet!

Mrs Matsuda: And you don't have to. We can't have pets here.

Mr Matsuda: Right. We could hide it.

Mrs Matsuda: It's not a question of hiding it. What kind of lesson would we teach Takato if we tell him its okay to break rules whenever he wants. Besides, we both know that Takato's not old enough to take care of a pet.

Mr Matsuda: Ah...

Mrs Matsuda: And don't say you'll take care of it until he's old enough.

Mr Matsuda: Aww

*In the Park*

WOMAN: The stars are beautiful tonight!

MAN: Not as beautiful as you.

WOMAN: Oh, you. [giggles]

[A digital field is in the background]

WOMAN: What's that?

MAN: Hmm? Um, the northern lights?

RIKA: Another one's coming through.Get in gear, Renamon, or we'll miss all the fun.

RIKA: There it is.

[Renamon appears]

RIKA: Renamon?

RENAMON: I'm on it.

Goblimon: raa

RIKA: Goblimon. Let's see. He cheats. He's got a fireball Goblin Strike. Ah, it's just a rookie! Where's the sport in that? Walk all over him, Renamon.

[Goblimon growls]

RENAMON: He's toast.

GOBLIMON: [kicked in the chest] Ooh! Huh?

[Goblimon roars and swings his club]

RENAMON: You missed.

[Man and Woman kiss]

CALUMON: Is that your special attack?

MAN: Hmm? Who are you, little dude?

WOMAN: Oh, what a cute little toy! Did you get that for me, honey?

CALUMON: Hey, you know what? You're gonna have to open your mouths much, much wider if you really want

to swallow each other.

[Woman yells]

MAN: What are... What did you say?

WOMAN: An alien! It wants to swallow our brains!

MAN: Don't do it, man! I need what little brain I have!

CALUMON: Hey! aww [his symbol glows] Hey, maybe I can help them!

[Goblimon charges and misses]

RENAMON: Missed again!

[Goblimon charges and misses]

RENAMON: Whoops! Oh, so close!

[Goblimon strikes and misses]

RENAMON: He's not losing strength, Rika!

RIKA: Yeah, this is boring. Let's see, which one? The boost card! Digi-Modify! Hyperchip activate!

GOBLIMON: muwahahah [digivolves to Fugamon]

RIKA: He digivolved! But how? He shouldn't be able to!


[Guilmon is awake and growls out the window.]

TAKATO: [wakes up] Hey, what's wrong boy? Guilmon?

[Takato opens the curtains.]

TAKATO: There's nothing there. Uh...huh?

[Fugamon roars, jumps, and strikes]

RIKA: Renamon. I'm going to be very vexed if you lose.

RENAMON: Don't worry, Rika. Just watch.

[Renamon pummels Fugamon]

RENAMON: That all you got, big boy?

[Fugamon roars]

RENAMON: Diamond Storm, hah!

[Fugamon yells in pain and vaporizes.]

RIKA: That's more like it, Renamon. Not even a champion level digimon can stand in our way anymore. Now, download Fugamon's data.

[Renamon absorbs Fugamon]

RIKA: Next time, you'll win...without my help.

[Morning and Mr Matsuda sets up a sign]

[Takato sneaks down the stairs, and looks around for his parents. He slips into the bakery, puts on his shoes, and sneaks into the bakery kitchen.]

Mrs Matsuda: Takato!


[Takato crams a piece of bread into his mouth and stuffs his pockets full]

TAKATO (muffled): Hmm?

Mrs Matsuda: Do you remember that time you found a cat and brought it home?

[Takato swallows the bread roll]

TAKATO: I didn't just find it, Mom. That old lady gave it to me, remember?

Mrs Matsuda: I know. I just want to remind you we can't have any pets. Are you listening? Takato?

TAKATO: [nervous gasp]

Mrs Matsuda: Whatever animal you have up in your room, you're just going to have to take it back, okay?

TAKATO: Ha ha! Mom, you're crazy! An "animal!"

Mrs Matsuda: sighs

TAKATO (quietly): Guilmon! Come down here!

[Guilmon jumps down and lands on Takato, who yells.]

GUILMON: Whee-hee!

TAKATO: "Down here," not "On me."

GUILMON: Oh, sorry.

TAKATO: Man! You're heavy!

GUILMON: Heh, yeah.

TAKATO: I'll just leave that there, and that there... Guilmon! Don't eat that!

GUILMON: O-kay...

TAKATO: Well it's not pretty, but it should do. Now Guilmon, since you can't stay at home, you're gonna have to stay here while I go to school, okay?

GUILMON: Go school?

TAKATO: I know. I wish they had a class on Digimon. I'd have the best show-and-tell ever! Now. I can't

take you to school,but when I get home, the two of us can play all afternoon, okay? So stay in that box. Oh...

GUILMON: Play now!

TAKATO: Aw, I wish I could. If you get hungry, eat


[Takato drops a lot of bread for Guilmon, who makes curious noises.]

TAKATO: Huh? Oh yeah... [grabs a bread] This is food. You eat it. See?

[Takato eats some]

TAKATO: Now you.

GUILMON: Ah, okay! [eats bread]

TAKATO: Now stay here and be quiet, and I'll see you soon. Okay? Bye Guilmon!

[Guilmon eats more bread]

GUILMON: Want more!

[Guilmon now realizes Takato is gone.]

GUILMON: Takatomon? [sad noises and a howl] Takatomon...

[The Dino thing]

KENTA: Um...Greymon digivolve to MetalGreymon!

KAZU: That's the best you can do? I'm gonna warp digivolve to WereGarurumon!

KENTA: Um... Um... Speed activate!

KAZU: Too bad! I've got a system crash card. You lose.


KAZU: Ha ha! If you want to play again, I'd be happy to beat you!

TAKATO: Hi guys!

KAZU: Hey, where were you?

KENTA: Yeah, you're late.

TAKATO: Sorry. You wouldn't believe what I've been through today.

KAZU: One of your rare Take-A-Shower days?


KAZU: What's with the glasses, Yolei?

TAKATO: [laughs] Cool, huh? I'm gonna be...A Digimon Tamer! Hah hah!

KAZU: "Digimon Tamer..." Let's go! We've got to digi-tame gym class.

KENTA: [sigh] Who wants to sweat this early in the day?

TAKATO: I'm just gonna put these cards away.

KENTA: Yeah, okay.

[Kazu and Kenta leave the hideout.]

TAKATO (interior): I wonder if *anyone* can create a Digimon. Or maybe I'm some kind of digidestined. That's why I got that blue card.

[Takato opens his card box]

TAKATO: Oh... It's still missing! Where could it have gone?

KAZU: Takato! Come on! Some time before we turn fifty would be nice.

TAKATO: Okay, okay! I'm coming!

KENTA: Hi ho!

TAKATO (interior): Did it just disappear back to where it came from?

KAZU: Hey! You growin' roots?


KENTA: We'll be late!

KAZU: Look, he's gettin' all sweaty just thinking about gym!

[A cardboard box moves into the foreground as the boys leave.]



MS. SAJI: Next! Let's go! [blows whistle]

[Takato runs and long jumps]

TAKATO: So how'd Huh?

JERI: Just over three meters.

TAKATO: All right! I rule the world!

KAZU: Don't get too excited there, Chumley, I still

beat you.

TAKATO: Yeah, but its easy to win when you cheat.

[In the background, a cardboard box steps into view, making Takato jump.]

GUILMON: Takatomon?

TAKATO (interior): Please tell me I didn't just see that.


GUILMON: Takatomon?

MR. IWAMOTO: Yamasaki!

[Guilmon is startled by the sudden yell.]

MR. IWAMOTO: So let me ask: Have you ever even made an effort to do your homework the correct way?

[A thump outside makes everyone jump and say "Huh?"]

MR. IWAMOTO: Nobody move.

[Mr. Iwamoto steps outside to see the box moving down the hallway and around the corner.]


[Mr. Iwamoto is startled to see deep clawmarks on the door. He goes back inside the classroom, scared.]

YAMASAKI (scared): What was that, Mr. Iwamoto?

IWAMOTO: Huh? Hm. And now class, we'll discuss something important What do you do when you start seeing things that aren't really there...


MR. KUROSAWA: [Hums to self] Good morning, Cardboard Box! Hmm? Uh, student? Shouldn't you be in class?

GUILMON: I in a box.

MR. KUROSAWA: Hm. What's your name?

GUILMON: Guilmon. What's your name?

MR. KUROSAWA: Well, my friends... Hey! I am the principal. That is all you need to know. Now, what are you doing in the hall?

GUILMON: Playtime!

MR. KUROSAWA: You shouldn't be playing. It's time for class now. And just what's with this box, anyway? [grabs box and struggles] Take it off!

GUILMON: No! Takatomon said stay *in* box.

MR. KUROSAWA: My hernia! When you're at school, you obey the principal. So when I say "Take off the box,"

you take off the box! Understand?

[Guilmon thinks about this for a moment]

MR. KUROSAWA: Such a strong little fellow.


[Guilmon releases the box, making Principal Kurosawa

fall backward.]


GUILMON: You fell down! We play now?

[Mr. Kurosawa is frightened.]

GUILMON: Don't you wanna play? Hi...

[Mr. Kurosawa crawls away and pushes the alarm button.]

MR. KUROSAWA: It's a monster!

[Guilmon sniffs the air and looks out the window toward the kitchen.]

GUILMON: Nya? Takatomon!


[The school alarm is sounding.]

MS. SAJI: Huh?

KAZU: Looks like your socks set off the fire alarm again, Kenta.

KENTA: Very funny.

KAZU: I thought so.

MS. SAJI: Uh... You kids stay here. I'll see what's going on.

JERI: Hey Takato! Are you okay?

TAKATO: Yeah, but... I gotta go.

KAZU: Whoa! Somebody's had too much sugar.


[There is now a large crowd of kids and teachers in the hall.]

MR. KUROSAWA: Listen. I'm telling you I saw this thing. We've got to call out the National Guard! The Army! The Navy! The Air Force! The Marines!

MR. MORI: A talking dinosaur?

GIRL #1: Guess what? I think the Principal's finally gone crazy!

GIRL #2: Well, I've always suspected that school was bad for your health.

HENRY: How many times do I have to tell you, Terriermon! You've got to stay hidden! Now come on!

TERRIERMON: Aw, I never get to have any fun!

[Takato runs up a stairwell and down the hall towards the commotion.]

BOY #1: Like there's really a monster walking around the halls. As if!

TAKATO: A... mon... ster?

BOY #2: And the Principal thought he saw the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot too... In his bathtub!

TAKATO: Please don't be Guilmon! Please don't be Guilmon! Please don't be Guilmon! Please don't be... Ah! [sees the cardboard box] Guilmon! What have you done?


TAKATO (interior): Where could he have gone? I've got to find him!

[Takato turns and runs away, while Henry watches.]

TAKATO (interior): Guilmon...

HENRY: Huh? Whoa...


TAKATO: Guilmon! Where are you? What if I never find him again?

WOMAN #1: Where's all the food?

[Takato perks up and runs ahead to the kitchen]

WOMAN #1: You know how long it took to make the meatloaf dry and crusty!

WOMAN #2: And my watery spaghetti sauce is all gone!

WOMAN #3: The chocolate cake! They took the chocolate cake!

WOMAN #2: Oh, they used that to re-shingle the roof.

TAKATO: It's Guilmon, all right. No one else would eat that stuff. Ugh. Why'd you have to come to school? Everybody's gonna find out about you and you'll be taken away from me for sure.

[Takato starts walking back.]

TAKATO: Guilmon. Why'd you have to run away?

HENRY: "Guilmon?"

TAKATO: Hm? Uh...

HENRY: You said "Guilmon." Well, didn't you?


HENRY: He's a Digimon, right?

TAKATO: How did you know that?

TERRIERMON: Is he a Digimon Tamer too?

TAKATO (shocked): It's Terriermon! And he talked! I don't believe it! How?

TERRIERMON: (laughs) You must not be a very good Digimon Tamer, if you can't even keep track of just one Digimon.

[Takato looks sad.]

HENRY: Terriermon!

TERRIERMON: What? What? It's not my fault if he stinks at it, right? Right?

[Takato starts crying]

TAKATO: He's right. He's right.

[Takato runs away]

HENRY (interior): Terriermon! I've got to remember to teach you the meaning of the word "tact."

[Takato continues running and crying]

TAKATO: Terriermon's right. I can't even keep Guilmon out of trouble. And now... he's gone. I'll never have a friendship like Terriermon and his Tamer. I don't even have a Digimon anymore. Maybe I'm not even the kid who was supposed to find Guilmon at all. Ah...Wait a minute! I bet I know where he is!

[Takato runs out onto the roof]


[Takato sees Guilmon looking up at the sky]

TAKATO: Aw...Guilmon?


[Guilmon gets excited to see Takato. He starts running for him.]

TAKATO: Guilmon! [runs to Guilmon]

GUILMON: Takatomon!

[Guilmon jumps onto Takato, knocking him backwards with a yell.]

TAKATO: Okay boy, okay. Guilmon!


TAKATO: Guilmon.

GUILMON: Oh? What's wrong? What's wrong? Aw. You're eyes are leaking, Takatomon. Why?

TAKATO: Just listen. If we're gonna be "Digimon and his Tamer," you've got to listen to me more. You've gotta try harder to stay out of trouble.

GUILMON: And'll play...with me?


GUILMON: Takatomon? I need a new box.


TAKATO: Guilmon! Stop that!

GUILMON: But if we're not here to chase squirrels, why are we here? I like squirrels.

TAKATO: We need to find a place for you to hide out, when I'm in school and stuff. And this seemed like a good choice, cause not a lot of people come here.

GUILMON: Ooh. Pretty.

TAKATO: Naw, this field's too out in the open. Where can we hide you? Hmm... Uh... Huh?

[Guilmon is attacked by Renamon]


RIKA: What a lousy fighter. But a fight's a fight.

TAKATO: Wha? But I... I dreamt you!

RIKA: Hmm? So what? It's time to fight. So clam up. Renamon, walk all over him.

Will Takato learn to be a good Digimon Tamer? Or will he lose Guilmon in a battle before he even gets to know him? Find out on the next "Digimon: Digital Monsters."