Season 3, Episode 3: "To Fight or Not to Fight"

Original Air Date: September 8, 2001

English Version Written by: 

Transcribed by: SteelWarrior


Guilmon is dazed after getting kicked into the fence.

Takato: What was that all about?

Rika: that was your digimon eating dirt.

Takato: I saw you in my dream. No way, it can't be.

Rika: So, you're a lousy tamer and you're weird. Now am-scray, unless you think you can handle us, little boy.

Takato: I am not either a lousy tamer and what do you mean little boy? I...uh, Guilmon is just young that's all.

Rika: Like tamer like digimon. Come on, he's at least a rookie, right?

Takato: Um...uh, well.

He looks at Guilmon thinking he knows.

Takato: Yeah, well at least I think so. Well that's what I was going for, you know I've never done this before.

Rika: Never done what before?

Takato: Uh...

Rika: Oh, how clever. Renamon.

Takato: No, wait call her off. Come on, we don't wanna fight.

Rika: I knew that you were just a little boy with a pet digimon. What do you think digimon were made for you goofy little goggle head?

Takato: That's like asking the meaning of life.

Renamon: For goodness sake, let's just get this over with!

Takato: Guilmon! Run away!

Renamon: Diamond storm!

Guilmon just stands there while all the ice leaves land around him.

Takato: Listen for once!

Guilmon: Pyro sphere!

Guilmon misses Renamon and vaporizes part of a tree branch.

Takato: Or not.

Renamon growls while lunging at Guilmon.

Renamon (thinking): Who is this guy?

Rika tries to get info on Guilmon with her D-power.

Rika: Come on, some time today. Why doesn't it have any data on Pipmon over there? This thing's a piece of junk.

Renamon tackles Guilmon to the ground and starts rolling around in the dirt trying, Renamon trying to get Guilmon to stop biting her arm.

Takato: Guilmon, please. I don't even think he remembers I'm here.

Rika: That's just plain sloppy Renamon!

Rika opens her card case and pulls one out.

Takato: What is she doing now?

Rika: Digi-modify! Armor activate!

Takato: Huh!

Renamon puts her free arm up and data gathers around it forming a gun-type thing.

Takato: Oh this is really bad, Guilmon! Run away! I'm beggin' ya!

Renamon points it at Guilmon's head.

Rika: Now that's more like it.

Takato: Come on boy, get outta there, now would be a really good time for you to start listening to me.

Guilmon realizes what Takato said.

Guilmon: Takatomon.

Takato: Uh.

He lets go and starts rushing toward him, while Renamon shoots the gun at him and misses making wind blow in his direction.

Guilmon: I'm not listening? Sorry! Sorry! Time to play!

Rika: Now's your chance Renamon! Don't screw up this time!

Renamon sees how Guilmon and Takato get along so well, freezes, and then looks at Rika.

Rika: What's wrong with you? Hello? Attack, now!

Renamon makes another long and high jump at the two of them.

Henry: Stop it!

Everyone: Huh?

Takato: It's you!

Terriermon: It's me! It's him! And aren't you happy to see us?

Rika: A digimon? Okay, this is getting a little too weird, they're popping up everywhere.

Terriermon: You looked good there at the end, but didn't you feel silly rolling around in the dirt like that?

Renamon (shocked by his question): Huh?

Henry: It's not very smart to mouth off to some one bigger than you.

Terriermon: Henry! Moumentai!

Henry: You take it easy. What are your digimon fighting about anyway?

Rika: That's a dumb question. What else are digimon supposed to do?

Henry: Anything they want to do. They're not fighting machines and they're not our slaves or pets either, they're our friends you know? They just want to do the same sort of things we do.

Terriermon climbs onto Henry's shoulder while he's talking.

Rika: Well Renamon wants to fight, so do I for that matter.

Rika walks out of the park and Renamon vanishes.

Takato: She's harsh.

In a stone hideout in the park.

Henry: You're Takato, right?

Takato: Yeah, I saw you at school yesterday.

Henry: When Guilmon got bored and came looking for you. I'm Henry.

Takato: Man, you showed up just in time today, she was gonna slice and dice him.

Henry: I don't get it. I mean look at them, how can that girl think they're only here to fight?

Guilmon is bouncing Terriermon on his tail.

Takato: Yeah, everybody knows what digimon really want to do is eat. When he raided the cafeteria I knew it was time to find a place with a lock.

Henry: Hey, he might've saved our lives. It's only a matter of time before they poison us.

Takato: Now that's an idea, Guilmon could be our official taster.

Henry: The problem is, we'd all go hungry.

Terriermon: Hey, I'm hungry!

Henry: But you just ate!

Terriermon: So! What's your point? Moumantai.

Terriermon jumps off Guilmon's head.

Guilmon: Oh.

Henry: Okay, dinner time.

Takato: See ya around.

Guilmon: Takatomon, I'm hungry too.

Takato: Great. See what ya started? Hey, what does moumantai mean?

Terriermon: Haven't you figured it out yet? It means take it easy.

At Takato's parents store.

Takato: Hey mom, I'm home.

Takato's mom is giving Jeri her bread.

Mrs. Matsuki: Say hi to your mom for me.

Jeri: I will, Mrs. Matsuki. It smells wonderful in here, I wish I lived over a bakery.

Mrs. Matsuki: You get used to it.

Jeri: (whispers to Takato) You owe me one Takato, I didn't tell your mom you ditched school.

Takato (shocked): Uh, Jeri, thanks a lot.

She smiles and waves then leaves. And Takato stands there with a dazed look on his face.

Mr. Matsuki: Did you find a home for that cardboard box, son? I know it was hard, but at least you didn't have time to get attached.

Takato looks confused.

In his room.

Takato: Poor dad, he has no idea. But even he'll notice digimon fighting in the streets.

In the city, Rika is walking around.

Renamon (thinking): She walks through the crowd like she's the only person in the world.

Rika (thinking): I wish! Oh forget it.

Renamon (thinking): You only think you are alone Rika.

In Henry's apartment.

Suzie: Henry, mom says come for dinner. Terriermon! Let's play.

She starts rubbing his head.

Henry: Careful, Suzie. You'll rub all his fur off.

Suzie: Ball buddy! Ball buddy!

She leaves the room.

Henry: Okay, she's gone.

Terriermon: Not soon enough.

Henry: Hey, Terriermon!

Terriermon: I know that wasn't very nice.

Henry: No it wasn't., but that's not it. If you digivolved to your champion form, not even Suzie would believe you're a stuffed animal. You wouldn't be able to stay here anymore.

Terriermon: Henry! How many more times do I have to tell you: I won't digivolve!

He sticks his ears way up

Henry: Just one, (he starts to leave) by the way, that qualified as rude.

Terriermon: Oh!

He sticks his ears up again laughing.

Back in the stone hideout, Guilmon is making huge holes in the dirt.

Takato: Hey Guilmon, chow time. I even brought peanut bu..! (he stops in mid-sentence cause he sees the giant hole ad is in shock.) What did you do to this place?

Guilmon: Huh? Made it bigger, now I really small.

Takato: I think you mean sleepy?

Guilmon: Sleepy-bye nappy-time Takatomon.

Guilmon gets up.

Takato: No, uh wait!

He starts walking but falls on Takato.

Takato: No more peanut butter for you!

He hears Guilmon snoring.

Takato: I hope he doesn't sleep as much as he eats. Ooh, I wonder if digimon have dreams. If they do they're probably about food.

He struggles to get out of under Guilmon and dos it.

In the city, Calumon is on the sidewalk.

Calumon: Whoa, I'm beginning to like this place. Hey! Down here! Down here! It's my turn!

People are about to step on him.

Calumon: Okay! You can go again!

He runs away scared.

In another section of the city, three guys walk past Rika and one of them recognizes her.

Guy #1: So then I said to him, I said, one card man and your back to rookie. Hey, that's really strange! It's her, I mean it's you, isn't it?

Guy #2: You're incomprehensible.

Guy #1: Comprehend this: that's the Digimon Queen! I mean it's synchronicity dude.

Guy #3: Come on, that's a girl, man

Guy #1: Yeah, I noticed and she's kinda cute too, you know sort of like Kari with you know, a punk sort of edge.

Rika: Goggle heads.

Rika goes to a traffic signal ad talks to Renamon in her head.

Rika: Renamon!

Renamon: Rika.

Rika: If I'm so good, then why you haven't digivolved?

Renamon: I don't know.

Rika: I think it's your fault, you should try harder.

Renamon: What are you trying to say to me, Rika?

Rika: It's not my fault, I'm the best tamer there is!

Renamon: So you are, I never said you weren't.

Rika: Well, see that you don't. I'm the best and I won't settle for less than that out of you. Do you understand me?

Renamon: Always.

Rika: Then you know that I'm not kidding around here.

Renamon: I know.

The session ends and reverts to normal then Rika walks across the street.

Rika: She will be the best! Like me.

The next day, in the dinosaur thing.

Kazu: Way to go, Kenta. You fell head first into my trap. Snap!

Kenta sees that he loses.

Kenta: Uh, uh, uh, uh oh.

He hangs his head in shame.

Takato: Hey guys.

Kazu: Come on, dude don't cry. Look up, you gotta see this. I am just that good.

Takato: You're one humble guy, Kazu.

Kazu laughs.

Kenta: You're a lousy winner.

Kazu: Am not! You're just a lousy loser. Do you hear me loser? Anyway, you'll never get any better until you learn how to use modify cards. That's where a real tamer shines and I shine baby.

Takato shocked by what Kazu said.

Takato: Uh.

Takato has a flashback of Rika using a modify card.

Rika: Digi-modify! Armor activate!

End flashback.

Takato: I get it now, modify.

Back at the fight scene, cops are searching the area.

Man #1: Does anybody know what we're looking for out here? Bio-emergents, yeah right.

Man #2: I heard they're looking for some new biological weapons.

Man #3: Sherlock, no way!

Man #1: Sh! The boss.

Yamaki walks by, opening and closing his lighter. He stops and picks up the card Rika used during the fight.

Back at Takato's school.

Ms. Asaji: All right, settle down class. That's much better. I still have a complete and total minute of your precious time and I intend to use every second of it.

The bell rings.

Ms. Asaji: Apparently to tell you that I still have a minute of your time, that's it for today.

The class cheers.

Kazu: I think I'm a natural to win the tournament this year.

Takato: Well ya have to beat me to do it!

Kenta: You guys are delusional. I mean you're not even in their league Kazu.

Kazu: Am too! Listen up, boyo a girl won it last year.

Kenta: That was not just a girl.

Kazu: Yeah, the Digimon Queen. That's what they call her. Can you believe that? She even lives around here.

Kenta: Oh, she's gonna wipe the floor with your sorry butt.

Kazu: Don't think so, she's just never met her match, is all. Wait and see, Chumley she'll be beggin' me for mercy.

Takato: I have to find her!

Kazu: You have to do what?

Takato: Where does she live? I need her!

Kazu: Dude, I can't believe what you just said. Did you just say you need a girl? You're out of the club buddy. Hello?

Takato looks up.

Jeri: Takato needs a girl? What for? Will I do?

Takato gets all red.

Kenta: Not unless you can beat up the Digimon Queen. Now that's a battle I'd pay money to see.

Jeri: Boys are so weird. What's so great about fighting?

Kazu: Shows how much you know about being a boy, it's how we keep score. And anyway I've met plenty of girls who enjoy a good fight.

Jeri: I'm sure you have.

Nicky: Jeri!

Jeri (sarcastic): Lot's of them. Like Nicky, you want to fight with Kazu, right?

The girls walk away laughing.

Takato: I think we lost round guys.

On the street, Takato runs and sees Yamaki's trucks and wonders what they're there for.

Takato: That's weird, I wonder if it's some kind secret government operation tracking down criminals or aliens, Guilmon!

Takato runs back to Guilmon's hideout to see if he's still there.

Takato: Guilmon! Guilmon!

He looks inside to see that he's not there.

Takato: No, they must've found him. I should've hidden him better.

Takato runs around the park looking or Guilmon.

Takato: Guilmon! Guilmon! (thinking) They're probably doing all kinds of weird experiments on him.

He stops to take a breath.

Takato: He's toast.

Takato gets a reading on his D-power.

Takato: Wha?

He takes it out and starts pointing it at directions.

Takato: There he is! Here! No, there! How does this stupid thing work?

He points it at the bushes.

Takato: Bull's-eye, baby.

He starts moving toward it.

Takato: Guilmon, come on. Are you in there?

Something moves in the bush and Guilmon ops up.

Guilmon: I win! Let's play again.

Takato: You scared me. Guilmon, I thought I'd find you floating in a vat, like on TV.

Guilmon: That sounds like fun, can we do that next?

Takato: You're crazy boy, you know that? You can't just go wandering around on your own like this. There's no telling what might happen to you out here.

Guilmon: Nothing bad can happend if you're right there with me.

Takato: I don't know about that, Guilmon. You'd attract an awful lot of attention out here. Hey wait, I have an idea.

In the city, Takato tests his idea.

Takato: Now remember, you're a guy in a suit.

Takato and Guilmon walk through the city with no problem, but are confronted by a little kid.

Kid: Hey look, check it out, it's a digimon!

Takato: Uh, it's a costume, you know for like Halloween.

Kid: But I've never seen that one before.

Takato: That's because I made him up myself, his name is Guilmon.

Kid: Mom! Look it! What a great costume!

Mom: You're going as a scarecrow and you're going to like it.

Kid: Guilmon! Bye, bye!

Guilmon: Bye, bye!

Takato waves his hand.

Takato: I can't believe it actually worked. And I owe it all to you, Ms. Asaji.

Takato's D-power beeps and glows a bright red.

Takato: This is odd. Guilmon check this out. What does it mean?

Guilmon senses a digimon and runs away to find it.

Takato: Wait! Where are you going? You can't run off by yourself.

Guilmon runs into an underground parking garage.

Takato: Guilmon stop! Right now! I need to stop cutting out of gym class.

Rika stands up against a pillar where Takato can see her.

Takato: It's you again!

Rika: Can't get anything past you can I, boy? Are you ready to fight this time? Is you little dinosaur out of diapers yet?

Guilmon growls at Renamon.

Takato: This is so stupid. Why should your digimon want to fight Guilmon? He hasn't done anything to her.

Rika: Duh, that is what digimon do, they fight. And when they win they get stronger and when they get stronger they digivolve. You two are just our stepping stones.

Takato: She's gonna cream him, this isn't even a fair fight. You can't let her attack.

Guilmon: Attack!

Guilmon charges at Renamon while she jumps back onto a car.

Takato: Guilmon, not you!

Renamon: Bring it on, big boy.

Guilmon: Pyro Sphere!

Takato: Guilmon! Stop it!

Guilmon: Pyro Sphere!

Renamon jumps out of the way.

Renamon: Diamond Storm!

They all hit Guilmon, but don't do any real damage. Renamon jumps to the other side and Guilmon turns around and makes a funny growl.

Renamon: Ooh! Was that supposed to scare me?

Takato: Guilmon! Down, boy.

Renamon: You must have a lovely singing voice.

Henry: What's going on in here?

Takato: Thank goodness.

Rika: Don't make me laugh. Do you honestly think that weeny little bunny can stand up to Renamon?

Terriermon: Who you calling a weeny? Henry, I think that qualifies as rude.

Rika glares at Terriermon.

Henry: Yeah, that seems to be going around right now, Terriermon. There's a lot about this I don't understand, it's true on the net that digimon are born to fight, but that doesn't mean they should fight here. Don't you get it? They came here to get something they can't get on the net. What is it?

Rika: when you figure it out, Socrates let me know. Until then, Renamon you know what I expect.

Renamon: As you wish.

Guilmon comes rushing toward her, while Terriermon watches himself in the reflection on a door hen runs away from it.

Renamon: Diamond Storm!

Terriermon gets right in front of Guilmon and the blast before it happens.

Guilmon: Huh?

Henry: Terriermon!

Renamon: Get back!

Terriermon: Huh?

She redirects it to hit a car close to where he was.

Takato: Huh!

Henry: No!

His D-power glows as Henry rushes to Terriermon.

Henry: Huh?

Terriermon: Terriermon digivolve to....

Gargomon: Gargomon!

Henry: He promised me he wouldn't do it.

Takato: That's Terriermon? No way.

Gargomon shoots lasers at the cars uncontrollably.

Gargomon: This is hard.

He shoots and blows up a car.

Gargomon: Sorry.

Henry: This is what I was afraid of. He's just not ready for that kind of firepower yet.

Renamon: He's out of control.

Rika scans him with her D-power.

Rika: Gargomon, Terriermon's champion form, what a difference. His attack is Gargo Lasers, whatever that means.

Gargomon is laughing.

Renamon: I have to stop that little gun bunny, before he hurts Rika.

Renamon jumps off walls to tackle him.

Rika: Way to go Renamon, now's your chance.

Renamon: She doesn't realize what's going on.

Henry: This is just so wrong.

Renamon jumps off his back and onto long wires on the roof while he blasts a part of the roof. Calumon is on a car looking upset.

Calumon: Doesn't he know he doesn't have to act that this?

Henry: It's like he was never Terriermon at all.

Takato: Uh-oh.

Gargomon traps Rika against a wall and slowly moves in. Rika is scared.

Renamon: Rika! No!

Renamon comes rushing to her to protect her.

Takato: Guilmon!

Guilmon comes running and head butts Gargomon away from Rika.

Henry: That's a hard head.

Takato laughs in joy and Gargomon recovers from the tackle.

Guilmon: Did I do okay?

Renamon disappears and Rika has her hand over her chest to cover her heavy breathing.

Rika (thinking): Are they always like that when they digivolve?