Season 3, Episode 4: "It Came From The Other Side"

Original Air Date: September 8, 2001

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Takato: Who knew Terriermon had it in him? Oh, sorry Henry. Hey donít worry about it. After all, Gargomon didnít really hurt anyone, that girlís fine.

Guilmon: Look Takatomon, I can walk on my hands.

He falls down and Gargomon laughs at him.

Gargomon: Itís easier when you cheat.

Gargomon is standing upside down against a tree.

Gargomon: Can I stop now? This is a real pain in he neck.

Henry: Not yet.

Takato: You think this will turn him back into Terriermon?

Takato crawls to Gargomon.

Henry: It has to. I sure canít him home as Gargomon, now can I? Heís too big.

Takato: You got a point.

Henry: Can you imagine what my parents would say? Theyíd freak.

Takato: I know how you feel. Hey, maybe since he digivolved on his own, maybe he can figure out a way to de-digivolve. I mean this must happen to digimon all the time, especially the rookies. Hey maybe that girl would know, should we ask her?

Henry: Iím not gonna ask her, you ask her.

Guilmon falls flat on his face again and Gargomon laughs at him again.

Gargomon: Guilmon fall down, go boom.

Takato: Hopefully his mouth will de-digivolve first.

Henry: I doubt it.

Guilmon tries again.

Guilmon: Now I got it.

He falls down again.

Takato: Nice try, come on itís time to go home.

At Takatoís house, heís taking a bath and kicking the water while heís holding on to the other side.

Takato: Hm, I wonder what Guilmon will be like when he digivolves.

He dunks his head under the water.

Takato: I sure hope he doesnít get any bigger than Gargomon.

Back in the park, Henry falls asleep standing up having a flashback.

Henryís playing the Digimon Video Game, and Terriermon is jumping. An enemy Gorillamon roars and attacks.

Terriermon: Bunny Blast!

He blows up and continues running, an owl hoots and Henry wakes up.

Terriermon: Henry! Henry! Where are you? Can we go home now?

Henry: Glad to see your back to your old self.

Terriermon is sitting on Henryís head as they walk home.

Terriermon: Sorry about today, I just couldnít help it.

Henry: I told you not to digivolve, I was just about to move you in with Guilmon.

Terriermon: I didnít mean to do it.

Henry doesnít say anything.

Terriermon: Come on Henry, moumantai.

Back in Takatoís room heís drawing.

Takato: Check it out a digivolved Guilmon! Heíll have huge teeth, and big, red, gnarly spikes, and a laser guided missile system. Kapow! Kapow! Kapow! Kapow!

In Rikaís room, sheís looking at her cards.

Rika: That little weeny digivolves on his on and Renamon stays the same even with two modify cards. What does that goggle head have that I donít? Huh? This is ridiculous, youíd better digivolve soon Renamon, Iím not gonna be threatened by some overgrown rabbit.

Renamon stands by the doorway, listening to Rika.

At school the next day, the bell rings and everyone leaves.

Boy #1: Race ya home!

Boy #2: Youíre on!

Calumon stands on a traffic light.

Calumon: Humans must be very tamable, look at them, the bell rings and they come running.

In the dinosaur.

Kazu: Look, new modify cards. Here you can have this lame one, I donít need it.

Takato: What are Training Grips?

Kazu: Geesh donĎt you know anything? They makes your rookie big and strong, so you can stomp out the enemy. Itís like resistance training, you probably wonĎt use it, but maybe you can get some sucker to trade for it.

Takato: Yeah sure, just what I need, another useless card.

Henry walks by with Terriermon.

In the Hypnos building.

Tally: Sir, Iíve detected another one.

Yamaki: Well? What are you waiting for?

Tally: Yes sir, right away.

Riley: Pinpointing tracer coordinates.

Yamaki: They just never learn, do they?

In the computer a digimon is running.

On the streets.

Takato: Sometimes I think Kazu gives me these cards so that he can use them against me later.

Henry: You give him way too much credit.

Takato: Yeah I gotta work on that.

A boom sound happens.

Terriermon: Huh?

Henry: Whatís up?

Terriermon: My ears for one thing.

Henry: Your ears? Oh no!

Takato: What is that?

Henry: I hope thatís not what I think it is.

Takato: Me too! What do you think it is?

A cloud descends.

Takato: Whatever it is, itís coming right at us.

Henry: You know something? You just might be right. Come on!

They turn and run.

Terriermon: Uh, this is some week weíre having.

Takato: Must run faster!

Henry: I could if Terriermon wasnít choking me.

The cloud follows and gets faster.

Henry: This is impossible. Itís a digital field.

Takato: This just keeps getting better and better. What is a digital field and why is it chasing us?

Terriermon: You picked a dumb time to ask questions.

Henry: For once I agree with you.

Takato: Itís gaining on us, weíll never outrun it.

Henry: Oh man, this thing is fast. Weíll have to split up, you take the bridge.

Takato: Right!

Henry: See ya on the other side.

He passes Henry

Terriermon: Get the lead out! This is serious!

He gets on the bridge to see itís chasing Henry.

Takato: Oh no, Henry! Itís after you! Keep running! Iíll go get Guilmon and be back as soon as I can.

Terriermon: Now might be a good time to hide.

Henry: Youíre just full of ideas, arenít you?

Terriermon: I suppose moumantai isnít really appropriate now is it?

They run next to a construction site.

Terriermon: Quick! Down there!

Henry: I thought I was the tamer.

Terriermon: Oh just a suggestion.

Henry leaps over a hurdle and runs down into the area.

Henry: How about suggesting a better place to hide?

The digital field envelops the entire construction area.

In the Hypnos building.

Yamaki: Whatís the status of the anomaly?

Riley: Itís bio-emerging.

In the other world the same digimon is running. He turns around to roar.

Back in the construction site. He starts to bio-emerge and the blast throws Henry and Terriermon against a pillar.

Henry and Terriermon: Ah!

Gorillamon: Rah!

Henry (thinking): Oh no, it canít be! I never thought Iíd see him again.

Takato and Guilmon arrive.

Gorillamon: Terriermon.

Takato: Whoa, heís a big one. Who invited him to the party?

Takato pulls out his D-power.

Takato: Letís see, Gorillamon. Heís a beast digimon, champion level.

Terriermon: Hi, Gorillamon! Itís been a long time.

He throws a beam at Terriermon.

Terriermon: Hey!

Henry: Gorillamon, stop it! Donít you remember me?

Takato: Henry, what are you doing?

Henry: We played the game together.

He roars and beats his chest.

Henry: Listen to me! I wonít let Terriermon fight you, so just leave him alone! This isnít the game!

Terriermon (thinking): He remembers all right.

He beats his chest and roars again.

Takato: I take it you guys have met before.

Henry: Go back to the other side!

He growls and glares at them.

Terriermon: I donít think heís listening.

Gorillamon: Rah! Fight.

Guilmon goes running in and gets kicked back on the ground.

Gorillamon: Not you...him.

Guilmon head butts him to the ground, but h throws Guilmon into a pillar and he lands upside down against it.

Guilmon: Hey look I did it.

He topples over.

Guilmon: Aw, nuts!

Terriermon: Hey, no fair.

Henry: Terriermon, donít!

Terriermon: Oh come on! Why does Guilmon gets to have all the fun?

Henry: I told you before, I donít want you to fight!

Terriermon: Tell that to Gorillamon!

Takato: Um, he does have a point you know.

Guilmon is grabbing onto a pillar while Gorillamon tries to pull him off.

Guilmon: I think Iíve had enough fun now.

Terriermon: Hey, monkey boy!

Gorillamon points his cannon at Terriermon who dives at him yelling. Terriermon hits him, knocking him over and blasting at a beam over Takato and Henry.

Takato: Look out!

Takato pushes Henry away.

Henry: That was close.

Takato: Thatís one way to put it.

Terriermon: Bunny Blast!

The blast makes Gorillamonís face all red.

Henry: Terriermon, stop it!

Terriermon: Well what do you expect me to do, sit back and let him peel Guilmon like a banana?

Henry: Uh...

Henry has a flashback.

In the game Terriermon destroys a Gorillamon and runs away.

Terriermon: Bunny Blast!

End flashback.

Guilmon: This is bad.

Gorillamon punches at them but they move out of the way making him punch a wall.

Takato: They need our help we gotta do something.

Henry (thinking): I canít.

Henry stands there, nervous, having another flashback.

In his house, his family is getting gifts.

Henryís older sister: Look what Dad bought me!

She holds up a jersey.

Suzie: Mommy, open it! Just donít hurt the ribbon!

Henryís older brother: Hey, hey.

Henry: Wow, itís the new Digimon Game!

Henryís Dad: Yep, hot off the press, I had to wait in line for hours to get it.

Henry: Thank you, Dad youíre the best!

In Henryís room later that night.

Henry: Wow, the installation took forever. No wonder look at all the new options.

Henry (thinking): All right, now who will play first? One whoís got a lot of power like Gorillamon? Naw, thatís too boring, anyone could win with a big digimon. Now, Terriermon thatís a challenge.

Terriermon comes out from the digital egg on the screen.

Henry: Heís small and smart like me.

Henry makes him dance.

Henry: He dances like me too.

Henry laughs at that.

In reality.

Gorillamon throws a beam at Terriermon.

Terriermon: Hey!

Guilmon: Whatever he said, he didnít mean it.

He tries to hit Guilmon with it, but he blocks it.

Takato: Way to go, Guilmon!

Guilmon: Run away!

Gorillamonís chasing him.

Back in the flashback.

Henry: Shut down! Shut down! I closed the game, why is it still running? Is the program frozen? Wait, maybe...digimon have a reality outside the game. But that just isnít possible, is it?

On the screen a graphics grid appears and a digimon runs by.

Henry: This is really weird.

Back to reality.

Gorillamon is roaring.

Henry: He mustíve crossed over from the other side.

Terriermon: Whoa!

Gorillamon carries Guilmon by he neck then lets go and swings a beam at Terriermon.

Henry: I brought him here, itís all my fault.

To the flashback.

Gorillamon is blasting little digimon and absorbing their data.

Henry: Heís absorbing their data.

He blasts a Monochromon and takes his data.

Henry: Gorillamon, stop it! Terriermon, look out!

In the game Terriermonís running and a blast hits right behind him sending him flying.

Henry: Heís totally out of control, howís Terriermon supposed to beat him? Heís too small.

In the fight, Terriermon is yelling while flying through the air. And Guilmon is being carried again.

In the flashback.

Henry: What should I do? Modify cards. Terriermon, itís time to make you faster, Speed Activate! Digi-modify! And I better give you a some more strength, youíre gonna need it, Power Activate! Digi-modify!

He swipes card through a reader with the game and on the screen Terriermonís speed and power go up. So, Terriermon runs at Gorillamon and head butts him.

Henry: Way to use you head, Terriermon. Heís down for the count, all right now itís time to sharpen up that aim of yours. Targeting Activate! Digi-modify!

Terriermon: Bunny Blast!

Gorillamon takes the hits and recedes. a little

Henry: Weíre almost there, allís you need is a little more energy and weíre there, Stamina Activate! Digi-modify!

Computer: Digivolution.

Terriermon: Terriermon digivolve to...

Gargomon: Gargomon!

Henry: He digivolved? Did I do that?

Gargomon is laughing while shooting at Gorillamon and he starts to run in fear.

Henry: Thatís it! Yeah!

Gargomon continues to fire at him.

Henry: Gargomon, what are you doing? Youíve already beaten him, just let him go. Youíre just like all the rest of them. I have no idea who you even are anymore. What have I done? Itís all my fault.

In the fight, Terriermon is flying in the air again.

Henry: Terriermon!

Guilmon catches him.

Guilmon: You okay?

Gorillamon rushes towards them

Gorillamon: Playtimeís over.

Takato: Guilmon, look out! Iíll distract him for ya!

Takato runs down the stairs with a metal rod.

Takato: Hey!

Gorillamon blasts it making it disappear.

Takato (runs away): Hey!

Guilmon runs to him, tackling him to the ground.

Takato: All right, thatís enough! This has gone too far. Itís time to do something I shouldíve done in the beginning. Power Activate! Digi-modify!

Guilmon gets up.

Guilmon: Pyro...

Gorillamon shoves a bag of dry cement in his mouth, Guilmon bites down and it pops.

Takato: Oh no, it didnít work. Heís too strong and Terriermonís just too small to do any real damage. But if he digivolved.

Henry: I wonít let him.

Takato: Henry, why not?

In his flashback again.

Henryís Dad: You see when a digimon beats an opponent in battle they absorbs the loserís data. Thatís just one of the ways they get more powerful. Itís just how the program works. Son, I think youíre taking all of this a little too seriously, digimon canít actually get hurt because they donít really exist. Itís a game.

Henry: Yeah, theyíre just a bunch of zeroes and ones, right?

In Henryís room, Terriermon is on the screen hurt.

Henry: Digimon donít exist, itís only a game.

Henry looks at Terriermon.

Henry: It doesnít matter if they get hurt because theyíre not real. But look at him, it does matter. Terriermon Iím sorry. I didnít mean it.

He puts the cards heís holding down and he starts crying. The other cards fall and a blue card remains, he rubs his eyes then sees the card.

Henry: Hey, whatís this blue card? Terriermon. Hang on, Digi-modify!

His scanner glows and turns into a D-power.

Henry: A digivice? But how?

The screen on the D-power glows and so does Terriermon.

Henry: Huh?

A hole opens in front of the computer and Terriermon is dropped through it and a fog comes through with it.

Henry: Youíre real, and look what Iíve done to you.

Henry (thinking): And those other digimon in the game, I hurt them too.

Henry starts to cry and the tears land on Terriermonís head.

Terriermon: Excuse me, do you mind? That stuffís kinda cold.

Henry: Terriermon, Iím so sorry.

Terriermon: What for?

Henry: Iíll never make you fight again.

Terriermon: Hey, donít cry. Iím fine, see? Moumantai.

Henry (thinking): I canít break my promise. What if I lose him?

Takato: Henry, wake up.

Henry: Huh? Uh.

Gorillamon is throwing around Terriermon and Guilmon.

Takato: We canít waste any more time, Terriermon has got to digivolve to Gargomon.

Henry: Thereís gotta be another way.

Takato: But what? These are the only modify cards I have left and theyíre totally lame.

Henry: I canít believe weíre out of cards. Unless.

Henry sees the Training Grips card.

Henry: Of course!

Takato: What? This thing?

Henry: Yes!

Takato: But thatís just a training card, whatíll that do?

Henry: Just watch and learn, Terriermon! Time for a little resistance. Digi-modify! Training Grips Activate!

The Training Grips appear on Terriermonís ears.

Takato: Okay, thatís interesting. Now what?

Terriermon swings his ears to Gorillamon.

Takato: Will someone please tell me whatís going on?

The Grips fly over and trap him.

Gorillamon: No!

Takato: Now I get it, with the training grips on his arms heís too tangled up to fight.

Guilmon comes down on him with a fist making him fall.

Terriermon: Terrier Tornado!

The tornado carries him up high, the tamers and digimon watch, and then he falls.

Terriermon: Well, what goes up must come down.

He struggles to get up.

Guilmon: Huh?

He gets up slowly and breaks the grips.

Terriermon: Heís one tough monkey. Bunny Blast!

Terriermon shoots the blasts into his gun which backfires on him, exploding. Terriermon goes to absorb the data.

Henry: Wait!

Terriermon: Huh?

Henry: Terriermon, I donít want you to absorb his data.

Terriermon: Can I at least do a little victory dance? Can I?

The digital field disappears.

Takato: So, what happened to GorillamonĎs data? Did it just disappear?

Henry: Iím not really sure. But, hopefully, he went back to the other side.

They look into the sky.

Takato and Guilmon: Hm...

Theyíre all on the bridge.

Takato: That was amazing, you and Terriermon really make a great combination, you know that?

Henry: Yeah thanks, Takato.

Terriermon: Why ya thanking him? He didnít do anything.

Guilmon: Weíre a good combination too.

Takato: Mm hm.

Guilmon: Like peanut butter and bananas.

Takato: Youíre obsessed

Terriermon: Hey Henry.

Henry: Huh?

Terriermon jumps on his head.

Terriermon: Moumantai.

Guilmon: Takatomon, I think Iím hungry again.

Takato: Guilmon, for the last time, Iím not a mon. Ugh, forget it letís go eat.

Guilmon: Okay Takato.