Season 3, Episode 5: "Dream a Little Dream"

Original Air Date: September 15, 2001

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Takato: Whyís everyone over at the soccer field?

Kazu: Gee, I donít know a soccer game maybe.

Takato: At 7:30 in the morning?

Kazu: It could happen.

Little Girl: Look at that!

Boy #1: Hey.

Boy #2: Whoa.

Girl #1: I bet itís a prank from the hopscotch team, all that jumpingís jarred their brains.

Boy #3: Is it supposed to be a drawing of something?

Girl #1: Yeah, itís a master composition of a squiggly line.

Boy #4: Everyone laughed at me when I said chalk was dangerous, but whoís laughing now? Huh? No one!

Boy #5: Whoa, check out the vein on his forehead.

In Takatoís class.

Ms Asaji: Okay! Okay, everyone give me your attention, for a change. You too, Kazu.

Kazu: Aw!

Ms. Asaji: I assume none of you vandalized the soccer field, though I wouldnít put it past some of you, but if you know anything about it let me know, okay? Now pick up your pencils itís time for a test.

Class: Aw!

The whole class complains.

Kazu: Itís not fair!

Ms. Asaji: If life were fair Iíd be in Maui. Maybe this will teach you to pay attention in class.

Kazu: Uh, huh, huh I donít want to learn that!

In lunch Takato is eating and listening to peopleís theories about the drawings on the soccer field.

Boy #1: Iím telling you man, thereís something really weird is going on here, those drawings on the soccer field are just like crop circles. And those are made by aliens.

Boy #2: Mm, hm.

Boy #3: You guys are way off base, thereís no such things as aliens. What it really was, was a ghost and that dinosaur that the principal saw, it was a ghost dinosaur.

Takato takes a drink.

Boy #2: Okay, but how did a ghost eat all of the food from the cafeteria?

Takato coughs up his drink.

Boy #3: Everybody knows that meatloaf is like a ghostís favorite thing, besides what else could eat the cafeteria food and not die?

Takato wipes his nose.

Boy #2: That is true.

Girl #1: Heís right.

Boy #1: Yeah!

After lunch everyone is cleaning the classroom.

Takato: So after all that, then they started to saying that it was caused by demons conjured up by last weekís spud balls. Ha ha ha ha ha!

He sees Jeri isnít laughing,

Takato: What, whatís wrong? Donít tell me you ate the spud balls.

Jeri: I saw...what did it.

Takato: Uh...Um, what do you mean you saw it?

Jeri: It all started this morning, I wasnít feeling well so I went to the infirmary, so there I was, tucked in tight with nothing but the smell of iodine and canter oil to keep me company. It was so quiet, when suddenly.

Jeri starts the flashback in the infirmary and sheís lying down.

A little crash happens and Jeri sits up in the bed.

Jeri (past): Huh?

It happens again.

Jeri: Hello? Whoís there?

Jeri (narrating): I got out of bed and fearlessly marched right over to the cabinet to see what was there.

Flashback, Jeri is scared behind a curtain peering at the cabinet and hearing crashes.

Jeri (past): Probably just a cat.

Narrating: I moved in, like a lion stalking itís prey, step by step, inch by inch.

Jeri: Here kitty, kitty.

She sees a little thing with glowing green eyes knocking over a bottle.

Calumon: Uh-oh.

Jeri: Huh.

Calumon jumps right by Jeriís head making her scream and fall.

Jeri: Whereíd you run off to, nice kitty cat?

She looks up and sees little footprints on the ceiling.

Jeri: Since when do cats know how to walk on the ceiling? Thatís impossible.

Flashback ends.

Jeri: I was lucky to make it out of there in one piece.

Takato (confused): Man, youíre brave.

On the soccer field a gameís going on and soccer players are yelling "Over here!", "Pass it to me!", etc. Henry and Takato walk in the background.

Takato: Nobody has any idea who drew the chalk lines.

Henry: Hm...probably a prank.

Takato: Yeah, but youíd think they have some clue, but they donít.

Henry: Well whoever it is must be very clever.

On a tree branch, Calumon watches the game.

Calumon: Oh...

The team scores a goal and the team cheers and calumon is excited.

Calumon: Oh!

Soccer player #!: Yeah! Yeah ! Yeah!

Calumon: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Calumon has a fantasy that he is playing soccer with them.

Soccer Guy: Heís unstoppable! The best soccer player ever!

Calumon weaves around the players and scores a goal.

Calumon: Mm hm hm hm. Yay me!

After school, everyone is headed home.

Soccer guy #1: Great game guys, donít study too hard over the weekend.

Soccer guy #2: Are you kidding? Over the weekend I donít what the word study means!

All three of them laugh and say bye.

Calumon: Yay!

He watches the field.

Calumon: Yay!

He gets no oneís returning.

Calumon: Yay? Oh...

Later that night.

Calumon: How come no oneís here? Maybe that black and white digimon they were kicking around got destroyed. I know how to get people here.

He runs over to the tool shed and tries to open it, but he canít. he looks up and sees a lock.

Calumon: Hm? A door earring.

He flies up and tries to pull it off but seeing that its useless flies down.

Calumon: It just needs some gentle persuasion.

He takes a rock and beats the lock until it opens.

Calumon: Yay me!

He gets out a chalk grinder.

Calumon: Now theyíll come.

He rides around the field all night.

Calumon (thinking): And weíll play my way, without those boring straight lines. This is out of bounce and this is the goal line. And if you cross this one youíll have to hop like Frogmon for the whole game. Now thatís a field that makes sense! Everyone in the whole wide world will wanna play with me. The most clever digimon ever!

Calumon is kicking the ball around the field playing with himself, hoping someone will come to play with him.

Calumon: He shoots, he scores! Yay, Calumon! Yay, Calumon! Yay, Calumon!

He waits and sees no one.

Calumon: Hm, no one came, but itís the best game ever.

The next day, Takato and Guilmon are going to school.

Guilmon: So, how come itís okay to come here today?

Takato: Heh, uh cause itís the weekend.

Guilmon: Weekend?

Takato: Yeah, no oneís at school see?

Guilmon: Right, wait, but you and I are here see?

Takato: But no one else is gonna be here see?

Takato and Guilmon arrive to see the principal and a teacher talking.

Mr. Kurosawa: This is even worse than the last time, do you have any idea what our chalk budget is going to be this year? And weíre hosting that big hop scotch tournament.

Teacher: I have an idea, why donít we just use some ground up bread crumbs?

Mr. Kurosawa: Bread crumbs? Have you been reading that fairy tale book again?

Teacher: I just like the pictures!

Later on, Takato is feeding the rabbits.

Takato: Eat up guys, donít worry itís not from the cafeteria.

On the other side of the fence, Guilmon and a rabbit are sniffing each other.

Takato: Making a new friend, Guilmon?

They continue it.

Takato: Hm hm, just donít eat him okay?

Guilmon sniffs the air.

Guilmon: Hm...

Takato: Whatís wrong?

Guilmon: I smell...digimon!

Takato: Digimon!?

He runs to a feeding thingy for pigs.

Takato: Careful it might be dangerous! And me without a weapon, unless of course itís afraid of rabbits. Oh wait, thisíll work.

Guilmon (whispers): Back there.

Takato moves in slowly with a broom.

They move to the back and see Calumon sleeping.

Takato and Guilmon: Huh?

Takato: Hey, itís a cute little guy.

Calumon wakes up and sees them.

Calumon: Mm.

Takato: Hi.

Calumon: Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello!

Takato: Hey, there.

Takato tries to grab him but he jumps back.

Calumon: Uh, uh, uh.

Takato and Guilmon: Huh?

Takato: Whatís wrong? Donítí be afraid, weíre your friends.

He tries again but Calumon is too fast.

Calumon: Play!

Takato: Okay.

He tries once more and falls on his stomach.

Calumon: Ooh!

Takato: Tell you what, why donít we play later, okay?

Calumon: No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No!

Takato (thinking): Why do I always get the difficult digimon?

In the hideout, Guilmon is sniffing calumon and heís laughing,.

Calumon: Stop it, that tickles!

Guilmon: So youíre Ca-lu-mon?

Calumon: Right.

Guilmon continues smelling him and calumon continues laughing.

Takato: I wonder where he came from, I didnít see any digital field when we found him.

Henry: Hm, Iím amazed he was out there on his own.

Terriermon: Heís out there.

Calumon: How do you get your nose so tickly?

Henry: Hey, maybe we should find a tamer for the little guy. It looks like he could use one.

Takato: Yeah, but...who? Hm, oh! I think I know someone who could do it!

Henry: Well alright, letís go getíem .

Takato: Yeah.

Calumon (thinking): That digimon is great, but the other guys need to lighten up.

Takato and Henry stand beyond the dinosaur hideout.

Takato: Thatís him right over there.

Kid: All right, make your move.

Kazu: Mm...kay. Iíll play my upgrade card.

Kenta: Huh? You canít do that.

Kid: But thatís not fair.

Takato: The one who just played the upgrade card is Kazu, heís the one I was thinking of.

Henry: Hm...

Kazu: Iíve won, doesnít matter itís fair or not.

Kenta: Does too.

Kazu puts a card down.

Kazu: Ah ha!

Kid: Aw no, not again!

Takato: He knows almost everything about Digimon.

Henry: Hm...yeah, but even so, Iím not sure he would be the best choice. Look at the way he plays that game, he gives his digimon all sorts of powers so it can beat up the other guy but he takes away all the energy it uses to protect itself.

Takato: Yeah, that sounds like something Kazu would do alright. Heís really big into power. Hm...

Takato has a fantasy of what Kazu would do if Calumon was his partner.

Calumonís in a boxing ring about to face off Guilmon.

Announcer: And so we enter the ring where these two pugnacious, pugilists plan to pummel each other to a pulp.

Calumon: Youíre going down, Guilmon.

Kazu: Yeah, get him! Upgrade energize! Upgrade! Upgrade! Upgrade!

Guilmon: Yeah, well your momma dresses you funny.

Calumon punches Guilmon but he blocks it, calumon walks back a little then Guilmon punches at him and calumon punches back but Guilmon lands it right on his face.

Kazu: Fight!

End fantasy.

Takato: Yep, youíre right Henry. who can we get now?

Terriermon: Hey, Suzie!

Henry: What?

Takato: Uh, whoís Suzie?

Henry: My sis. Sheís nice I guess.

In Henryís apartment, Suzie is playing with her dolls.

Suzie: Ms. PrettyPants! Time to get ready for the ball. Letís do wear my chiffon coat sheís just blossomy in it, it brings out my eyes. Whatever Ms. PrettyPants wants, Ms. PrettyPants gets. Here you go, youíll be the bell of the ball and everyone will be your friend forever and ever and ever.

Takato: By nice you mean crazy?

Henry: Pretty much.

Takato: Then again, Calumonís not playing with a full deck either.

Henry: Yeah, but I wouldnít wish the Ms. PrettyPants treatment on anyone.

Takato: How bad could it be?

Takato has another fantasy where Calumon is being dressed by Suzie.

Suzie: Okay, letís dress for the ball.

Calumon: Oh...

Suzie: Hereís your pretty pink dress.

Calumon: Ah!

Suzie: And your cutest ribbon.

Calumon: Oh.

Suzie: And your favorite necklace.

Calumon strains to lift it up.

Calumon: Uh...uh.

Suzie: And your widest brightest Easter bonnet.

Calumon falls over from all the weight

End fantasy.

Henry: See what I mean?

Takato: Mm hm.

On the street.

Mom: Of course honey, we can get a new dress for your doll.

Girl: Yay! Pink dress! Pink dress!

Henry and Takato sit on a bench thinking.

Henry: You know a girlís not a bad idea, but we need one our own age.

Takato: Really?

Henry: Yeah, is there anyone from your class?

Takato: Uh...a girl from my class, huh?

He has one final fantasy.

Jeri is playing with her sock puppet and Calumon jumps on her back.

Calumon: You seem nice.

Jeri: Hm?

Calumon: Letís be friends!

Jeri looks scared and she starts screaming which makes Calumon scream.

End fantasy.

Takato: Man, momís right, my imagination can be a curse.

Henry and Terriermon: Huh?

Back in the hideout.

Calumon: But playing is like breathing, Iíll pass out if I donít do it soon.

Guilmon: We canít leave.

Calumon: Pretty please, we could play tag or race each other, Iím so bored Iíd even play chess!

Guilmon: I am too, but weíve got to do what Takato said, heíll be real mad if weíre not here when he gets back.

Calumon: But heíll be even more mad if youíre unhappy, right?

Guilmon: Well, uh, uh...

Calumon: Oh...

Guilmon thinks about it, then looks at Calumon.

Calumon: Oh...

Guilmon: You see...

Calumon: Uh, uh, oh...

Guilmon: Maybe w should play.

Calumon gets happy.

Calumon: Mm hm!

Takato and Henry are walking back to the hideout with bread.

Henry: I canít believe it, we didnít find anyone right for Calumon and it took all day.

Takato: Yeah, come on weíd better get back before Guilmon eats the whole park.

Terriermon: Letís wait, maybe heíll eat Calumon and solve our problem.

Calumon and Guilmon are at the tool shed at the school trying to open the door again.

Calumon: Well, this is it. Oh no, thereís three door earrings, this thing wears way too much jewelry. Whoís it trying to impress? Oh?

Calumon sees Guilmon digging.

Guilmon: We can dig a tunnel underneath the door.

Calumon: Yay! Whoo hoo!

He jumps in the hole.

He gets out the chalk grinder and rolls it around the field again.

Calumon: And donít forget the line that makes you hop like Frogmon, the whole game makes you cross it.

Guilmon: Okay, hold on! Are we all done?

Calumon: We need a line that makes you crawl around like Wormmon.

Guilmon: Yeah!

Calumon: Yeah!

Calumon is laughing.

Calumon: Oh, Iím starting to get dizzy, I think Iím gonna be sick, this is the most fun ever!

They complete the lines to see that it forms the shape on Calumonís forehead.

Calumon: Oh, looks good Guilmon.

And from the middle a digital field appears.

Calumon: Oh! Uh, what did you do?

Guilmon: Me?

At the hideout.

Takato: Oh man, theyíre gone! And I told them like twenty times not to leave.

Terriermon: Doesnít matter how many times you tell them if theyíre not listening.

Henry: Everything will be fine.

Takato: Yeah, I guess...youíre right. Huh, uh! That doesnít look fine to me!

He sees the digital field.

Takato: Does that look fine to you?

Henry: Itís by the school!

Takato: Yeah!

They start running.

At the digital field a black hole is forming.

Guilmon: Is that the inky void that makes you like water like Penguinmon?

Calumon: I donít know, but good idea!

A digimon starts to come out of it.

Guilmon: Huh! Looks like somethingís coming.

A Vilemon jumps out of it and starts laughing sinisterly. Guilmon sniffs him and he jumps back. And when he sniffs him I shows that heís tiny.

Vilemon: Get back hideous creature, beware my wrath!

Guilmon: Donít be scared, donít worry I wouldnít hurt a tiny thing like you.

Vilemon: Iím not tiny, Iím a dangerous digimon whose power will make you tremble with fear!

Guilmon: And your tiny.

Vilemon: Iím just overdo for a growth spurt, okay! Nightmare Shocker!

Calumon jumps up, the blast hitís the chalk grinder and disintegrates it, and he falls back down.

Vilemon: Donít seem so tiny now, huh? Nightmare Shocker!

Takato and Henry arrive at the school to see the digital field.

Henry: Itís a digital field! Another digimonís coming through, letís go!

Takato: Right.

They hop the fence.

Takato: Why am I sure this involves Guilmon?

In the digital field, Vilemon is laughing and chasing Guilmon and Calumon.

Calumon: Why are you picking on me, Guilmonís the one who insulted you.

Guilmon: Hey!

Vilemon: I donít care! Screaming Darts!

Calumon dodges all but one, making him fall backward and Vilemon laughs and flies down to him.

Guilmon: Pyro Sphere!

Vilemon: Ahh! Hey!

Takato and Henry arrive to see whatís happening.

Takato: Calumon! Guilmon!

Terriermon: Who is that?

Henry: Vilemon, champion level, nasty little thing.

Takato pulls out a card.

Takato: Thisíll even out the playing field. Digi-modify! Hyper Wing Activate! Get him.

Guilmon: Right.

Guilmon flies up to Vilemon and he gets scared.

Guilmon: Pyro Sphere!

Vilemon: Ah!

He lands on his head then gets up quickly.

Takato: Not so easy now that Guilmon can fly too, huh?

Vilemon: Aw nuts!

He prepares to attack.

Henry: Terriermon, itís your turn!

Terriermon: Iím on it!

Henry: Digi-modify! Speed Activate!

Terriermon runs to Vilemon and he flies up to attack.

Vilemon: Nightmare Shocker!

Terriermon head butts him sending him to the ground. And the rings of the Shocker nearly hi the rest but they duck.

Calumon: Are you okay?

Vilemon is laughing.

Vilemon: Have you had enough yet, fools?

Takato is searching through his cards.

Henry: Hurry up.

Takato: I canít decide.

He prepares to attack again.

Vilemon: Demon...

Rika shows up.

Rika: Yeah right, youíre too tiny to bother with, but a fightís a fight. Renamon.

Vilemon: Ií hate to beat up on a girl, but if you insist!

He dives in to attack.

Rika: Digi-modify! Clone Activate!

Vilemon: Nightmare shocker!

Rika: Watch and see.

Renamon vanishes.

Vilemon: Hah! Gotcha!

Rika: The only thing youíve got is a serious case of the uglies, look behind you.

Renamon appears behind him.

Vilemon: Uh-oh.

Renamon: Diamond Storm!

He gets destroyed and Renamon absorbs his data.

Takato (thinking): She didnít think twice about absorbing him.

Rika: Donít bother with the thanks, I did it for the data, thatís all.

Takato: Data?

Rika: Huh?

Takato: Digimon are living creatures. And you...kill them.

Henry: Heís right, they are alive.

Rika:, digimon are nothing more than data. Renamon.

They turn their heads and leave.

Rika and Renamon: Huh?

Calumon grabs onto Rikaís foot.

Rika: What is that little thing?

Calumon: Hi! Wanna play!

Takato: Hey! Donít you touch him!

Rika: Hm!

She looks at Calumon before she leaves.

Rika: Come on, Renamon. Why would I wan to waste my time with these goggle heads?

Takato: Yeah? Well, good riddance! Whatís her deal?

Calumon: Finally, a little fun!

Everyone: Huh?

Calumon starts bouncing away.

Takato: Wait, itís dangerous out there by yourself!

Calumon: Itís dangerous here with you too! And there must be more people out there more fun than you. Goodbye Guilmon!

Takato: I hope heís okay.

Henry: Heís a strange little digimon, Iíve never seen anything like him. I donít know if he even wants a tamer.

Terriermon: Or how long the tamer would survive?

Takato: Hm...

Henry: You gonna be okay?

Takato: Yeah.

The next day at school, the schoolís gathered around the soccer field because of the holes.

Mr. Kurosawa: First itís chalk, now itís chalk and holes. Iím about ready to pave this over with concrete.

Teacher: We already have a parking lot.

Mr. Kurosawa: You can be replaced you know?

Little girl #1: Hey look at that!

Little boy #2: Hey!

Boy #3: Whoa!

Boy #1: Is it supposed to be a school project or something?

Girl #1: Yeah, itís a housing complex for low income gophers.

Girl #2: I bet itís a prank form the shot-put team, all that lifting and throwing has jarred their brains.

Mr. Kurosawa: Why me?

Boy #4: It was alien ghosts.

Boy #5: Alien ghosts and gnomes that travel through teem.

Henry and Takato are listening to their theories in the back.

Takato (whispers): You know they probably wouldnít believe us if we told them the truth.

Henry (whispers): I know.