Season 3, Episode 7: "Now You See It, Now You Don't" 
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Transcribed by: SteelWarrior

Tally: Did you catch that energy fluctuation?

Riley: Iím already searching for the source.

Tally: This areas sure had a lot of activity lately. What do you thinks going on?

Riley: I think something big is going down.

Tally: Like how big?

Riley: If these readings are correct, and I think they are, then weíre gonna get a level of bio-emergents unlike anything weíve seen before.

In Rikaís yard, Kyubimon is sleeping and Rika is thinking.

Rika (thinking): Why would she risk herself to save me? Can data really have feelings? I never thought this would be so complicated.

At Takatoís parents bakery.

Takato: No need to make breakfast!

Takatoís Mom: We own a bakery, thatís all we make!

Takato runs to the hideout.

Takato: Morning, Guilmon!

Guilmon: Morning, guess what? Last night while I was sleeping, it felt like Iíd disappeared and went some place else.

Takato: You didnít break out again, did you?

Takato and Guilmon are walking along the street.

Takato: Oh I get it, that was a dream.

Guilmon: A dream? Like when I think of snacks?

Takato: Itís like going into your own world inside your head.

Guilmon: Do you dream?

Takato: Everyone does, but...

Guilmon: Is your dream world as boring as mine? All white and bright and empty?

Takato: Mineís full of stuff! Thatís where I first thought of you, Guilmon.

Guilmon: I must have the most boring one ever, can I paint my dream all blue?

Takato: Hah, Itís weird though, Iíve never heard of anyone talk about a digimon dreaming.

Guilmon: Hm?

Takato sees that Guilmonís lower half is disappearing.

Takato: Huh?

Guilmon: Why is your face all funny?

Takato: Your legs!

Takato pulls Guilmon away as fats as he can.

Guilmon: Hey!

He stares at the area.

Guilmon: Whatís the matter did I do something wrong?

Takato: No, but something really weird is going on here.

In a classroom.

Henry: Wait, start at the beginning.

Takato: Okay we were just walking and then , I donít know it was like half of him was there and the other half was starting to be rubbed out by an eraser.

Henry: Well, digimon arenít of this world, maybe some of them canít last long here and they get pulled back into their world or something like that. Or maybe our world eliminates them like the body gets rid of a virus.

Takato: Uh, but, Guilmon just got here I donít want him to disappear. He just canít go back to the other side.

Terriermon: Moumantai. The world Iím from, the world youíre from, theyíre really both the same if really think about it.

Takato: Yeah, well thanks, professor, but I want him here.

Henry: That may not be possible, Takato.

Takato: What? What are you trying to say, Henry? Do you know something? Tell me.

Henry: I just know that nothing can last forever, Takato. Nothing. Iím sorry.

Takato: Well this can and it will.

He turns and runs looking angry at Henry.

Terriermon: Hm...

On the street, Yamaki is opening and closing his lighter again and he gets a phone call.

Yamaki: This had better be important.

Tally: Sir, weíre getting some strange readings and one of the researchers needs you to explain something to him.

Yamaki: Ugh, I donít know why I bother explaining. None of these imbeciles understand what I say anyway.

Tally: So, what should I tell him?

Yamaki: That heís an officious little toady. Ugh, Iíll be there shortly.

He hangs up and continues walking.

Yamaki: What was that?

Yamaki stops and turns around.

Yamaki: Hm...couldíve sworn I felt something.

In Takatoís classroom, Ms. Asaji is writing on the board and Takatoís in his own world.

Takato: Whatíll I do if Henryís right and Guilmon completely disappears? He canít leave me. Maybe if he digivolved heíd have enough strength to defeat whateverís trying to erase him.

Jeri: Digivolve?

Takato: Huh?

(Sock Puppet): Bad!

Takato (thinking): Great, now Jeri thinks Iím crazy and sheís crazier than Calumon.

Ms. Asaji: Well kids, the city wants me to talk about the tunnel beneath the park thatís for use when the rain causes flooding,but it seems like a pretty useless lesson to me.

Takato: Huh?

Ms. Asaji: I mean everybody already knows about the tunnel, right?

Takato: I donít.

Ms. Asaji: So this tunnel...

After school Takato runs to the hideout.

Takato: Oh, poor Guilmon must be bored out of his mind.

He sees Calumon jumping and talking to Guilmon.

Takato: Huh?

Calumon: Just one game of tag, please!

Takato (thinking): Calumon? Great...

Guilmon: Hey, Takatoís home!

Takato: So, you guys staying out of trouble?

Calumon: Nope.

Takato: Calumon, just where do you hang out when youíre not here? You must have a home, right?

Calumon: I can go wherever I want in the whole wide world. So I donít need to have a home, silly.

Takato: Arenít you...lonely?

Calumon: What do you mean lonely?

Takato: Like when youíre by yourself making pictures of all kinds of cool monsters and stuff, but thereís nobody around to look at your drawings with you

Calumon: Hm...nope, never felt like that. Seems kinda silly.

He hops away laughing.

Guilmon: Hey you know, it is silly.

Takato: Ugh...

In the Hypnos Building, Yamaki is having a meeting with the researcher.

Yamaki: Iím only going to go through this one more time, so do try to pay attention. The network of interlinked electronic devices around the world, the Internet, the stock markets and even wireless communications has essentially created a whole new plane existence, a digital plane. This system, Hypnos, monitors that world and records every exchange of information across it, looking for anything out of the ordinary. Simple enough for you?

Researcher: Do you keep track of personal data?

Yamaki: How else could we monitor criminal activity?

Researcher: If any of the general public found out about this, weíd be treated like criminals. Make sure to keep this very quiet.

Yamaki walks in front of him.

Yamaki (sarcastic): Ugh. Really? Gee, that never occurred to me. Listen, thereís really no need for any of you to worry, weíve got everything well under control.

Researcher: No, youíve got nothing under control, Yamaki. Youíve shown yourself to be powerless to stop those anomalies. Find a way to prevent them from bio-emerging and find the ones that have already come through, then eliminate them.

On the street, Takato and Guilmon are walking and people are staring at him gasping.

Guilmon: Maybe Calumonís right about not needing a partner.

Takato: Um...uh, Guilmon, do you wanna leave me?

Guilmon: No, do you want me to leave?

Takato: Sometimes Guilmon, you can be very confusing.

At a school, Takato is asking questions. While other girls are poking Guilmon.

Guilmon: Ow! Donít be so grabby. Takatomon!

Takato: Heís got these um, huge ears.

Girl #1: Uh huh, there.

Takato: This must be where Calumon has been hanging out so keep your eyes peeled.

They keep on walking but Guilmon senses something and starts to run down an alley.

Takato: Guilmon, whatís wrong?

He runs faster.

Takato: Why do I always end up chasing him?

He stops at a dead end to see Renamon.

Takato: Huh?

Guilmon growls at her.

Takato: Renamon!

Renamon: Who are you expecting, boys? Your mommys?

Takato: Very funny.

Guilmon: I donít think I have a mommy, do I? Wait, Takatoís my mommy.

Takato: Ah gees, Guilmon, donít call me that.

Renamon: Why not? Youíd make a better mother than a tamer, the way you baby your digimon.

Takato: Hey!

Renamon: Now are we going to fight or are we going to flap our gums all day?

Takato: Why do you wanna pound on Guilmon all the time, huh? It doesnít make any sense.

Rika appears from behind Takato.

Rika: It would if you werenít such a coward.

Takato and Guilmon turn around to see Rika.

Takato and Guilmon: Huh?

Takato: Rika.

Rika: Why do you keep following me around? Are you in love with me, lover boy?

Takato: Iím not following you around okay? Ugh.

Rika: Hm.

Guilmon: Huh?

He looks at Rika and Takato back and forth.

Guilmon: Are you guys gonna fight?

Takato looks at him wondering.

Takato: Who?

Then he points to Rika then him and Guilmon nods.

Takato: Sheís a girl and sheíd kick my butt.

Rika makes a satisfied smirk.

Rika: Hm.

Takato: You know, fightingís not always the answer.

Rika: The Cowards Credo.

Takato: Look, maybe the two of us got off at the wrong foot. Iím Takato and youíre Rika, right?

Rika: Yeah, so what? What? Are you writing a book about me or are you in love?

Takato: Ugh...

At Rikaís house, Takato and Rika are talking while Guilmon is smelling flowers and things and Renamon is standing there.

Takato: I admit I saw you in a dream awhile back, and thatís whatís been really bugging me because I donít know what it means. But, donít get the wrong idea, Iím not following you around cause of that, I just had some questions about digimon, okay?

Rika: All right kid, donít get your underwear all bunched up.

Takato: What do you mean kid, weíre the same age.

Rika: Iím calling you kid because you donít know anything about anything. You show up talking about seeing me in a dream, do you know how weird that is?

Takato: Iím...Iím sorry, I just thought that...well that maybe we could work together.

Rika: We canít.

Rikaís Grandma: Rika!

Rika: Uh.

Renamon goes and grabs Guilmon and drags him behind the house holding him down so he wonít get into her sight.

Rikaís Grandma: You home?

She comes to the door and opens it to see Rika and Takato near the pond.

Rikaís Grandma: Oh, hi. Uh, Iím sorry, Iím just not used to Rika bringing boys home. Whatís your name?

Takato: Takato.

Rika: Heís not going to be here long. (to Takato): Youíre not.

Rikaís Grandma: Why donít I make a couple snacks for the two of you? Itíll only take a second to pop some cookies in the oven. How would you like them, Takato?

Takato: Thanks.

Rika: Thatís okay, Grandma heís not staying. (to Takato): Youíre not.

Rikaís Grandma: Well, bye. Hope you come see us again sometime.

Takato: Sure!

Rika: Youíre not.

Her Grandma closes the door and leaves.

Guilmon: Let go!

Renamon lets go and he falls down catching Takato and Rikaís attention.

Takato Um, so listen...what I wanted to ask you was whether or not digimon turn back into data? I mean do they ever just disappear and go back to their own world?

Rika: Of course.

Takato: Not like when you defeated Vilemon, but just like for no good reason?
Rika: Digimon are just data anyway, so...probably.

Takato: Doesnít that...make you sad at all?

Rika: Hm.

She looks over at Renamon and rethinks it.

Rika: Hm...

Later that night, Takato and Guilmon are leaving Rikaís.

Guilmon: Ow! Stop pushing!

Renamon: Move faster then.

Takato: Well thanks, Rika., itís not everyday you get to meet your dream girl. Hm hm, sorry I just couldnít resist.

Rika: Uck!

Takato: Bye.

Guilmon: Renamon, bye-bye.

Renamon: Hm.

Renamon turns her head and they start walking away.

Rika: Hey!

Guilmon: Huh?

Takato: Yeah?

Rika: You mention that dream again and Iíll send you to dream land for good.

She kicks up her leg as a threat.

Takato: Man, she canít take a joke.

In the Hypnos Building.

Riley: Got another weird reading.

Yamaki: For once itís not another wild one.

Riley: This was what was talking about, Iíve never seen data like this.

Yamaki: Send a tracer.

Riley: Already on it.

On the screen the tracer goes to a cloud thing and gets sucked in.

Riley: What?!

Yamaki: The tracer was absorbed. What is going on?

On the street, Takato and Guilmon are walking home.

Takato: Rikaís a barrel of laughs, huh?

Guilmon: What about Renamon? Her idea of a joke is to punch me in the funny bone.

Takato: (laughs) Man, I was hoping that Rika would have more answers for me, something that would make this problem go away.

Guilmon: Hm? Hm...

Takato: Iíve always loved digimon and Iíve always thought it would be cool to have a real one of my very own and then like magic you appeared and everything was great, but now Iím not even sure if youíre going to be able to stay with me or not, Guilmon. I guess I thought if I could learn more about digimon Iíd be able to stop whateverís trying to erase you. Iím scared Guilmon.

Guilmon: You know what? Calumon told me that being scared is pointless, itís kind of like trying to ice skate on sausages.

Takato: I guess youíre right, Guilmon, but I just wanna spend as much time with you as possible, you know?

Guilmon: Yeah.

Takato laughs.

Guilmon: Hey, letís do something really fun tomorrow. We could play tag until we dropped or eat until we canít move.

Takato stops seeing that Guilmon is disappearing again.

Takato: Uh, itís happening again. Guilmon!

Guilmon: I feel weird. I must be dreaming again, right?

Takato: Guilmon.

Guilmon: Everythingís fading.

Takato: No.

Guilmon: I think Iím going away.

Takato goes to Guilmonís side hugging him tight, crying.

Takato: No, Guilmon, please hold on! I just got used to having you around, I canít imagine life without you anymore. You canít go.

Guilmon: Iíll do my best to stay here.

Guilmon starts flashing bright and dim as he starts to disappear, Takato keeps hugging until Guilmon starts fading and he passes through falling to the ground.

Takato: Guilmon.

Guilmon turns into data and scatters.

Takato: Please, donít leave me. Guilmon! No.

Takato (thinking): Heís gone, Guilmonís gone. I canít believe it. Itís like he was never here, and thereís nothing I can do.

He pulls out his D-power cause itís beeping, then sees itís the compass to find his digimon.

Takato: Whatís this?

Takato: Thatís Guilmonís signal.

He looks around to see where itís coming from.

Takato: The tunnel!

In Henryís apartment, Takato is on the phone calling for Henry and Suzie picks up and annoys Takato a little

Suzie: Hello. Hello. Hello.

Takato: Stop saying hello and get Henry, uh please?

Suzie: Itís some angry kid, for Henry!

Takato: Iím not angry!

At Takatoís house, his parents are waiting for Takato to eat dinner.

Mr. Matsuki: I hope Takatoís alright, heís never been out this late before, has he?

Mrs. Matsuki: Oh we were the same way when we were kids, always running around, playing, losing track of time.

Mr. Matsuki: I vaguely remember, that was about the time the dinosaurs died off, right?

Mrs. Matsuki: Oh stop, weíre not that old.

Mr. Matsuki: I hope heís okay, though.

Mrs. Matsuki: Iím sure heís fine, I may be harsh on him form time to time, but I do trust his judgment.

Mr. Matsuki: Yeah...

Mrs. Matsuki: But, since heís not here, letís eat all the ice cream we saved for dessert and tell him it melted.

Mr. Matsuki: Um...I already ate it.

At Rikaís house, her Grandma is on the computer and she walks in the room.

Rikaís Grandma: So I said, girlfriend as if, donít go there. (she laughs.)

Rika: Granny chat. Hm...

Rikaís Grandma: You know, Iíd bet your mom would get you a computer if you wanted one.

Rika: Computers are boring.

Someone knocks on the door.

Rikaís Grandma: Maybe thatís your mother now, would you get that, honey?

Rika walks to the front door to see that Takato and Henry are standing on the other side.

Rika: Ugh, great.

In the Hypnos Building.

Yamaki: My little Yuggoth program should disinfect the area.

Riley: Shouldnít we study the phenomenon sir?

Yamaki: Donít get soft on me now Riley. This little anomaly or whatever it is has caused me more grief than itís worth. And itís about to become nothing more than an unpleasant memory.

His com device makes funny noises.

Riley: But sir, unapproved programs are strictly forbidden.

Yamaki: Forbidden? Those fools upstairs canít even begin to understand this technology let alone the idea that thereís a whole digital world out there. Who do they think they are to forbid me anything?

Riley: Yes sir.

On the com deviceís screen, a little bar fills up under the word Yuggoth.

On the street, Takato is leading the other to back where Guilmon disappeared to.

Takato: This is it you guys, this is where he disappeared.

They keep walking.

Renamon: Rika.

Rika: Uh.

They turn around to see that Renamonís hands are disappearing.

Takato: Itís happening to Renamon, too!

Rika: Donít move.

Henry: Terriermon.

Terriermon jumps up on the stone wall.

Terriermon: Check it out.

He holds up his ears to show they are fading away too.

Takato: Itís happening to Terriermon.

Henry: Whatever it is thatís causing this it seems only to affect the digimon. Renamon youíd better leave before you start to disappear too.

Renamon: Rika?

Rika: Itís okay, you can go.

Renamon disappears.

Terriermon: I suppose you want me to go too, huh? Fine.

Terriermon walks away.

Rika: Donít order my digimon around, got it? Sheís mine.

Henry: Iím just trying to keep them out of danger.

Rika: Why bother? Digimon are just data who cares if they disappear?

Takato: Be quiet! I donít care what you say, Guilmon was my friend. And Iíll do everything I can to find him, with or without you.

Henry pulls out his D-power.

Henry: Iím getting a signal, come on, letís go and find Guilmon.

Takato and Henry walk away.

Rika (mocking): Letís go and find Guilmon, waste of time.

She sees them jump a fence.

At Takatoís house, his mom is washing the dishes and his dad is reading the paper.

Mrs. Matsuki: Heíll be home any minute now, Iím sure of it.

Mr. Matsuki: Heís probably turning the corner for home, right now.

Mrs. Matsuki: Yeah, but it is getting kind of late isnít it?

In the Hypnos Building, Yamaki closes a little door for the Yuggoth program.

Yamaki: Done.

Riley: Iíve got to state my objection one more time sir, this program could cause widespread network damage.

Yamaki: And Iíve got to warn you one more time, that youíre walking on thin ice, Riley. Start the program before that ice breaks and drown.

Riley starts up Yuggoth.

In the tunnel.

Takato: Why donít they make tunnels that arenít dark and scary?

A door opens behind them and Rika emerges from it.

Takato: Hey, Rika! You decided to come! Thatís awesome!

Rika: Hm.

Takato: Uh, you know whatever.

Rika: A tamer doesnít walk away from danger.

Henry: Yeah, right. Enough talking, letís go find Guilmon.

Takato: Yeah! Um, it is kind of scary down here though, right guys?

Rika: Oh brother.

After walking awhile.

Rika: How long is this stupid tunnel anyway?

Takato: My teacher said it goes all the way to the nest town.

Rika: Thatís so stupid.

Henry: Yeah, so you say.

Takato: Itís too bad they donít have one of those people movers, you know like at the airport, thatíd come in handy about now, donít cha think?

Rika: Itís not funny, you know, I donít wanna walk all the way to the next town just to find your little fiend.

Henry: Well if it makes you feel any better Rika, the tunnel might flood and we could all swim there.

Rika: Itís just my luck to be stuck down here with a couple comedians.

Takato: Would you guys can it?

Takato gets a straight on reading from his digivice.

Takato: Look.

Henry: Forget the digivice, take a look at that.

Takato and Rika look to see a digital field, with no wild digimon in it.

Takato: What is it?

In the Hypnos Building, Riley is closing in on the target.

Riley: Iíve pinpointed the energy field.

Yamaki: Well done. Prepare to delete the area.

Back at the cloud thing.

Takato: Guilmon must be inside of that thing, I know he is! Guilmon!

Rika: Donít be stupid, how could you possibly know that?

Takato: I donít know how, I just feel that heís in there.

Takatoís D-power glows and a beam shoots out of it, then Henryís and Rikaís.

Takato: Whatís going on?

Henry: The digivices connect us to our digimon, maybe we can use them.

Henry points his at the cloud, then Takato sees and copies, and so does Rika.

Takato: Look, somethingís happening!

Henry: It opened.

Takato: Guilmon! Hold on, Iím coming!

Takato puts on his goggles and runs in.

Henry: Hey! Wait!

Henry does the same.

Rika: Stupid.

Rika follows.

After running in all of them are floating around.

Takato: Uh, uh, uh.

Rika: Whoa!

Henry: Maybe the digital world from the TV show is real and weíre in it.

Takato: Guilmon, I think I see him.

He starts to go after him, but heís flying rather than walking.

Takato: Cool, this is how I fly in my dreams.

Henry: Wait up.

Henry goes after.

Rika: Ugh, you and your dreams.

She follows again.

They fly to see Guilmon tied up in energy.

Takato: There he is! Guilmon, wake up!

He opens his eyes.

Guilmon: Right now? Five minutes.

Takato smiles and laughs a little.

Takato: Donít worry boy, Iíll get you out of there, somehow.

A crash happens.

Henry: Whatís that?

In the Hypnos Building, Riley is monitoring the cloud.

Riley: Sir, some unusual data has entered the zone created by the energy field.

Yamaki: I donít care just run the program, delete everything now.

In virtual reality the Yuggoth program goes after the field.

In the zone, they see the zone being erased.

Takato: Whatís that?

Rika: Look!

Rika notices the binds holding Guilmon start to get erased.

Rika: Itís being erased!

Guilmon: Uh...

Takato: I canít reach him in time. Help!

Henry: Hey!

Rika: Huh? Oh.

Takato goes back enough for Rika and Henry to grab one arm and toss him back a little then throw him to Guilmon. Guilmon sees him coming, then breaks through the binds.

Takato: I though I was gonna lose you for sure.

Guilmon glows red and makes a red path leading to the outside.

Henry and Rika: Whoa!

Henry: Heís created a road for us!

Rika: Yeah, well Renamon couldíve done the same thing.

Henry and Rika float down and start running to the outside.

Takato: You okay?

Guilmon: Skating on sausages.

Henry: Have your reunion later, weíve gotta get out of here before weíre erased.

Takato and Guilmon nod at each other.

Takato and Guilmon: Mm hm.

The zone gets deleted slowly behind them as they run out.

In the Hypnos Building, the zone on the screen gets erased.

Riley: The zone has been deleted sir.

Yamaki: Problem solved.

In the park they all run to the center.

Takato: I never would have gotten Guilmon back without your help, I donít know how to thank you guys.

Guilmon: Thatís easy, just say thank you.

Terriermon: Moumantai.

Renamon: The little one didnít even do anything.

Terriermon: Well neither did you.

Rika: Look at you, blubbering over data.

Rika walks away and Renamon vanishes.

Takato laughs.

Mr. Matsuki (Far away): Takato!

All four of them: Huh?

Mrs. Matsuki (Far away): We bought more ice cream!

Takato: That could only be my parents.

Henry: You were really brave, you know that?

Takato: Yeah, first time for everything.

Henry: Well something tells me youíd better get used to it.

Henry runs to his house.

Takato: You were brave too, you know.

Guilmon: Thatís because of you.

Takato looks at Guilmon happily.

Takato: Good night, Guilmon. Tomorrow Iíll bring you some ice cream.

Guilmon: Yay! Ice cream! Ice cream!

They both run home.