Season 3, Episode 8: "A Question of Trust" 
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Transcribed by: SteelWarrior

Takato: Okay, lets see. Hm, Iíll just add a bunch of spikes down his back and put a few stripes below them, nah thatís just dumb, now I canít write on his back. Ah well, they still look cool, now what will I call him? Uh, Gillimon? Goalie? Growl! Growlimon! Growlmon. Of course, Growlmon, now whatís his attack?

Outside Takatoís house, thereís a couple talking at the park.

Man: Uh, Iíve been doing a lot of thinking.

He puts his hand on hers.

Woman: Oh...

Man: Oh, not that. Not about that. You see itís just um...

Woman: Itís cold...out here.

Man: Thatís it, exactly.

Woman: And a fire would be nice.

Man: Uh huh.

Woman: And a comfy couch.

Man: Uh huh...

Woman: With me?

Man: Uh huh.

Impmon: A fire? Allow me. Ba boom!

He lights his finger and it fire blazes straight up, making the man and woman run away screaming.

Impmon: What? Ooh, I forgot the couch.

Impmon laughs uncontrollably.

At the hideout, Guilmon is digging a hole to fine bread he buried.

Guilmon: Ah ha! Tasty, pretty bread.

Guilmon bites at the bread making one drop and roll over to the fence where Impmon is.

Guilmon: Hm? Oops, come back here.

Guilmon reaches for it, but Impmon gets it and eats it.

Impmon: A little dry you know?

Impmon holds out his hand.

Impmon: Donít just stand there you big, red lump give me some more. Come on.

Guilmon: Okay.

He hands it to him and Impmon and he eats it.

Guilmon: You must really like that bread.

Impmon: What makes you say that? More.

Guilmon hands him another.

Impmon: More.

Guilmon hands him another.

Guilmon: Okay...

Guilmon watches Impmon eat.

Guilmon: Um, excuse me sir, do you think you can leave a little for me? Takato wonít be back until tomorrow.

Impmon: Hm...Do you hear how stupid you sound?

Impmon jumps up onto the gate.

Guilmon: Ooh.

Impmon: You digi-pets are the same, Takato this, Takato that.

Impmon occasionally eats some bread between rude comments.

Youíre living in a cage my lumpish friend. Are you really happy being locked up like an animal in the petting zoo? Maybe you are, youíre pretty simple.

Guilmon: Uh huh, of course Iím happy, Takatoís my friend and thatís pretty simple.

Impmon chokes on the bread and falls from the fence.

Impmon: What did you say? Takatoís your...friend? Wrong buddy boy, friends donít lock their little red pals up in cages.

Impmon jumps away from the hideout onto steps.

Impmon: Now look what youíve done, you have made me sick to my stomach. I think Iíll have to go somewhere and puke my guts out.

Guilmon: Huh?

Guilmon takes the last piece of bread out and eats it.

The next day, Takato is at school.

Ms. Asaji: Listen up class, there have been numerous reports of a child playing in Shinjuku Park after dark.

Class: Huh?

Takato: Huh?

Ms. Asaji: I donít think I need to remind you of this, but just in case I do no wandering around after dark, okay?

Class: Okay!

After class.

Kazu: Guess what I heard? Hah, get this guys thereís some kind of pint sized pyromaniac loose in the park. Wish Iíd thought of that.

Kid: Me too.

Kenta: How do we know you didnít, Kazu?

On the other side of the classroom the girls are talking about it too.

Takato: Huh?

Girl #1: So you wanna know what I heard? This will really make you mad.

Girl #2: Really? Tell us.

Girl #1: Some kid is going around picking on couples in the park while theyíre kissing, can you believe it?


Girl #3: Aw thatís terrible.

Girl #4: It must be a boy.

Girl #1: Yeah, itís a boy all right. Come on.

Girl #3: Confess!

Kazu: Donít look at me.

Kenta: Confess to what? We havenít done anything, girls never play fair!

Jeri puts her stuff in her desk and talks to Takato.

Jeri: No one thinks it was you, donít worry Takato.

Takato: Uh...

Takato (thinking): Oh Guilmon, what have you gotten us into this time?

Outside, Takato is talking to Henry.

Henry: You think it was Guilmon? I donít know Takato, he doesnít look like a kid to me.

Takato: Hey thatís right! Can you see him with a backpack?

Takato thinks of Guilmon with a backpack on.

Takato and Henry: Full of food?

They start laughing until Terriermon drops down form the tree.

Terriermon: Wise up guys, they just think itís a kid cause itís too small to be an adult.

Henry: Did I ask you?

Terriermon hangs there.

Henry: Didnít think so. Anyway, I heard the principal telling the teachers they have to start patrolling the park tonight.

Takato: But thatís horrible, theyíre gonna catch Guilmon this time for sure.

In the Hypnos Building.

Riley: Sensors indicate a digital anomaly.

Yamaki: Another confounded wild one I suppose? Put a tracer on it, Riley.

Riley: It wonít lock. Itís getting away from me.

Yamaki (thinking): Itís time for a more global approach.

In the hideout Guilmon is burying again.

Takato: Why are you burying your dinner?

Guilmon: Because then I get to dig it up later and eat it.

Takato: Ha ha ha, I had to ask. Logic is not your middle name.

Guilmon: Nope, donít have a middle name, ha ha.

Takato: Promise me youíll stay inside tonight, okay?

Guilmon: Okay, hm, hm, hm, hm, hm.

He continues digging.

Takato runs down the spiral staircase to leave.

Takato: I am so late.

He stops to look back at the hideout.

Takato (thinking): Please listen just this once.

Then he continues home. Meanwhile in the middle of the park Ms. Asaji and Mr. Morey are patrolling.

Ms. Asaji: Oh, this is silly.

Mr. Morey: Huh?

Ms. Asaji: It was just a silly childish prank, you donít see the principal out here patrolling the park, do you?

Mr. Morey: Oh, Ms. Asaji, isnít it our responsibility to see to the moral safety of our charges? Theyíre so impressionable, so innocent, and this...

Mr. Morey sees couples all around.

Mr. Morey: Ms. Asaji!

Ms. Asaji: Oh, Morey, will ya grow up?

Mr. Morey: Ms. Asaji itís not safe for a woman alone.

Ms. Asaji: Mr. Morey!

Mr. Morey: Uh, yes?

Ms. Asaji: I think I left my oven on or something , I need to get home right away.

Mr. Morey: Wait! donít go! Who will protect the children?

In the hideout.

Guilmon: Box the bread, bury the box.

Impmon whistles for his attention.

Guilmon: Huh, hey! Did you come for more bread? Sorry, but I just buried it.

Impmon: Hoping itíll grow?

Guilmon: Ooh, I never even thought of that.

Impmon falls forward a little.

Impmon: I was making fun of ya pineapple head, donít you get it? But how could you? How are you gonna learn anything locked up in a stupid cage? Come with me my little rent a cycle and have some fun.

Guilmon: Huh? Me go with you?

Impmon: That is, if youíre not afraid of the dark.

Guilmon: Not afraid! Not afraid! Not afraid!

Impmon jumps down the steps.

Guilmon: Huh?

Impmon: Good grief.

Impmon turns around to see Guilmon isnít following.

Impmon: Chicken.

Guilmon: Donít like chickens, Takato said promise me youíll stay inside tonight so I stay.

Impmon: Blech! Takato told me to stay inside. If Takato told ya to set your foot on fire, would ya do it? I think not, so why listen to him this time? Hm? Ah forget it, youíre no fun.

Impmon walks away.

Guilmon: Aw, but I am fun, really.

Guilmon runs down the spiral steps.

Guilmon: Wait for me!

On the sidewalk, Takato is walking.

Takato: Something...just doesnít feel right.

Takato gets stopped by a cop.

Takato: Uh...

Cop: I say, boy are you the one?

Takato: Uh...the one?

Cop: The one interrupting the progress of human courtship.

Takato: I donít know.

Cop: Boy, are you or are you not interfering with the oscillatory activities of consenting adults.

Takato: I donít understand!

Cop: What part donít you understand?

Takato: Well, all of it.

Ms. Asaji walks above seeing the whole thing.

Cop: You mean to tell me you donít comprehend your native tongue, boy?

Takato: Yes sir, uh, uh no sir, uh, whatever you want and I mean that sir.

Cop: Boy, youíre starting to annoy me.

Takato: Me too, sir.

Ms. Asaji walks down to save Takato.

Ms. Asaji: Takato I am so sorry about that.

Takato and Cop: Huh?

Ms. Asaji: You see officer I was walking him home, when we ran into one of my friends.

In the middle of the park Impmon is walking around with Guilmon following.

Guilmon: Are we there yet?

Impmon: No.

Guilmon: Are we there yet?

Impmon: No! Uh, yes.

They pop their heads out of bushes and Impmon is looking around.

Guilmon: Excuse me, but am I supposed to be having fun?

Impmon: Just watch and learn.

They go back under the bushes. At a statue, a young couple are talking.

Hiroshi: Hiroko.

Hiroko: Hiroshi.

Hiroshi: Hiroko.

They hug.

Guilmon: Oh thatís nice.

Impmon lights his finger again and makes the fire circle the two making them scream.

Impmon: Blah!

Impmon pops out of the bushes making them run.

Impmon: Did you see their faces? That was absolutely priceless!

Guilmon: Huh?

Impmon: Ha ha! Oh, Hiroko, Hiroshi.

Guilmon: Was that it? I donít get it. Iím going home.

Guilmon gets out of the bush and goes to the hideout.

Impmon: Hm? Where ya going, Iím just getting warmed up!

Impmon lights another fire and keeps it on his finger.

Impmon: Hey what do you think youíre looking at, huh? Ba Da Boom!

He tosses the fire a statue.

Ms. Asaji is walking with Takato in the park.

Takato: Thank you, Ms. Asaji. I donít what to say.

Ms. Asaji: Say youíll stay out of the park at night from now on. Howís that for something to say?

Takato: Yes maíam, uh but Iím not the one.

Ms. Asaji: I never said that you were, Takato, but you have to admit it does look very suspicious.

Takato (thinking): Suspicious? Oh, whatís more suspicious than a big, red dinosaur?

Takato thinks of what theyíd do if they found Guilmon. The police tossed him in a caged truck and drove away with Takato chasing him.

Takato (thinking): Theyíll lock him up and Iíll never see him again. Or worse, theyíll think heís a vicious monster, a threat to society.

In the dream, the cops shoot at Guilmon.

Cop #1: Heís a threat to society!

Cop #2: Yeah!

Takato: I wonít let them do it!

Takato turns around and runs back to the hideout leaving Ms. Asaji.

Ms. Asaji: Takato! Oh...

Takato is running to the hideout.

Takato (thinking): I have to be the lousiest tamer on the face of the earth. Whyíd I have to make him so big?

He gets to the hideout and sees no one there.

Takato: Guilmon!!! No, you promised me you wouldnít go outside. Iíll never see you again, except on the news: Digimon Autopsy.

Guilmon sees Takato.

Guilmon: Who are you talking to, huh?

Takato turns around.

Takato: Huh?

Guilmon: Do you have a new friend?

Takato stands in front of Guilmon.

Takato: Where have you been, huh?

Guilmon: Oh, Takato I wish you had been there. I scared some people and they screamed really loud and they ran away but it really wasnít any fun so I cam home and here I am.

Takato is upset by the story.

Takato: I canít believe it, it really was you...Thatís it!

Guilmon: Huh?

Takato: Guilmon! Uh, I just canít take this anymore, ya hear me! Iíve had it with you! Iíve had it!

He runs away.

Guilmon: Oh, Takato whatíd I do wrong?

Guilmon is sad and makes his ears go down.

In the middle of the park Impmon is harassing more people.

Impmon: Eh, Humans are beginning to bore me.

He puts his arms on his head and walks away.

Impmon: Always so predictable, so pathetically...huh?

He sees DeviDramon bio-emerging.

Impmon: Thatís more like it! Someoneís bio-emerging! Ba boom!

He runs to the building near DeviDramon and his eyes glow a bright red.

Impmon: Hey, you there, four eyes. What cha doing huh? Oh, Iím sorry little baby Dramon canít get out of the mean old digital field.

DeviDramon looks at him and we can see Impmon through five eyes.

Ha ha! Guess youíre not so tough now, huh? Ha ha! What do you say to that? Not a thing.

Impmon puts hands next to his head and flails his fingers and sticking out his tongue, teasing DeviDramon. Then he roars.

Impmon: Ooh, Iím so scared. Ha ha ha ha ha! Big baby Dramonís gonna take Impmonís head off? Thatís so sweet.

Impmon unknowingly makes a rip in the cloud and DeviDramon pokes his head through.

Impmon: Nani nani, poo poo. Baby Dramonís doo doo! Whoís the man? I am! Hoo ya! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Impmon is holding his stomach, laughing not seeing DeviDramon coming through. Then he sees him bio-emerging.

Impmon: Come on, I didnít mean it. Iím laughing with ya.

DeviDramon grabs a hold of the Building Impmonís making it shake, and Impmon fall off, making DeviDramon laugh. Then he looks up into the sky and roars loudly.

Impmon: Uh-oh...

DeviDramon takes off.

Impmon: Uh, this is whatís called a tactical error.

In the hideout Guilmon smells something then goes over to the gate and looks out.

Guilmon: Huh?

In the middle of the park, Ms. Asaji is there and hears flapping.

Ms. Asaji: Huh?

DeviDramon growls and flies past her.

Ms. Asaji: That...was no pigeon.

DeviDramon flies over the town where the people are.

Man #1: What is that? An airplane?

DeviDramon flies over and the winds he makes knock over a sign making people scatter.

On the street Takato is running to the fight, and sees DeviDramon flying in circles over a building.

Takato: Guilmon!

Takato sees and runs to the hideout.

At Rikaís house, she is looking at her cards and Renamon appears.

Renamon: Are you ready to fight Rika?

Rika: Is that a rhetorical question?

She puts her cards in her carrying case, grabs her D-power and leaves.

DeviDramon lands atop of a building and at looks the city.

DeviDramon: Who out there is worthy of me?

He sees Guilmon walking on a bridge.

DeviDramon: Ah ha!

Guilmon looks up wondering.

Guilmon: Huh?

He sees DeviDramon fly down.

In Yamakiís office, DeviDramon flies past the window.

Yamaki: Thatís enough, this is becoming a personal embarrassment.

He gets up out of his chair.

Outside DeviDramon is flying down to Guilmon still and Takato arrives.

Takato: Guilmon!

He flies past Takato and then Guilmon making big winds gust.

Guilmon: Ooh.

Takato checks his info.

Takato: Whoa, DeviDramon. Man, he gives the evil eye a whole new meaning. Hm, champion level, virus type. Ouch! That Crimson Claw attack of his looks nasty. Uh, Guilmon!

Guilmon is growling at him and DeviDramon growls back.

Rika arrives and starts to take out a card but Renamon stops her.

Rika: Uh, Renamon.

Renamon: Not this time.

Rika: Huh?

Renamon: I canít, this is Guilmonís fight.

Rika: Oh...ugh.

Henry: Rika! Whereís Takato?

Rika: Hm, up there.

Terriermon: Right in the line of fire. (laughs)

Henry: That doesnít help.

Guilmon: Pyro Sphere!

DeviDramon slices it up and flies into the air.

Takato: Right, Digi-modify! Power Activate!

Guilmon: Pyro Sphere!

He shoots it at DeviDramon but he blocks it then laughs at him.

Takato: Uh! Aw man! That shouldíve worked!

He goes through his pocket to find another card.

Takato: Digi-modify! Hyper Wing Activate!

Guilmon gains wings but is knocked away by DeviDramonís hit.

Takato: No way!

Guilmon is slammed into a wall and the wings fade.

Takato: Digi-Modify! Speed Activate!

DeviDramon reaches to grab Guilmon but he runs away quickly behind DeviDramon.

Guilmon: Uh-oh.

DeviDramon knocks him down with a swing of his tail.

Rika: Speed is useless here, does he have any idea what heís doing? Oh for goodness sake heís his own worst enemy.

Rika runs on top of the bridge.

Henry: Heís a basket case.

Terriermon: Huh?

Henry runs to the bridge too, but Terriermon jumps off.

Terriermon: Hm...

Guilmonís knocked on the ground.

DeviDramon: Had enough? Rookie?

DeviDramon laughs at him.

Takato: Get off him!

Impmon is standing on a sign.

Impmon: A left! And a right! And a fight, fight, fight! Ha ha! Now thatís entertainment! Look at him go! Old pineapple head is gettiní sliced, diced, minced, and...Oomph!

Impmon falls off the sign but manages to hang on.

Impmon: Little less enthusiasm old boy, less on the boom more on the ba.

He climbs back up.

Impmon: Serves ya right for walking out on me! Iíve outdone myself with this one, ha ha! This is much more fun than humans! Left! Right! Come on! Come on!

From a tree behind Impmon Terriermon hangs on by his ear to a branch and hears Impmon.

Terriermon: Mm hm, I knew Guilmon didnít have it in him. Not clever enough.

Terriermon giggles then falls out of the tree.

Terriermon: Oh!

Impmon hears something.

Impmon: Iím seeing things.

He wipes his nose.

Impmon: Itís either that or a dog-eared bunny rabbit just flew by. Sheesh!

Guilmon gets slammed into a wall again.

Takato: Guilmon!


DeviDramon raises his claw, and Takato searches his pockets.

Takato: Uh, Iím running out of cards. Aw, man.

He drops all of his cards on the ground.

Takato: Oh!

Henry, Rika, and Terriermon come running.

Terriermon: Yo! Hey there! Takatomon! Guess what I just found out? Guilmonís innocent, well mostly innocent.

Takato: Huh?

Terriermon: He was set up by that nasty little puppy kicker Impmon. Now, go tell him youíre not mad anymore.

Takato: Oh, I was wrong.

DeviDramonís tail goes to Guilmon and it splits into three parts to trap him against the wall.

Takato: You have to get up!

Guilmon: I am....trying...

Takato: You just have to try harder.

Calumon flies in.

Calumon: Oh...

Takato: I donít want to lose you, youíre my best friend.

Guilmon: Ií friend? Youíre not...mad?

Takato: I canít stay mad at you, and itís my fault for not trusting you, Guilmon.

Guilmon: Trust me?

DeviDramon pus the squeeze on Guilmon.

Takato: Guilmon!

Calumonís forehead symbol glows bright red and he is thrown back by it.

Calumon: Oh!!

D-power: Digivolution.

Takatoís D-power and Guilmon glow and DeviDramon is covering himself from the light.

Guilmon: Guilmon digivolve to...

Takato: Bullís-eye, baby. Growlmon! Guilmon digivolve to...

Takato and Growlmon: Growlmon!

Growlmon roars loudly into the sky.

Calumon: That hurts my ears!

He flies away scared.

Growlmon steps forward and DeviDramon flies back both growling at each other.

Growlmon: Pyro Blaster!

DeviDramon flies out of the way but it hits the Hypnos Building. Inside it Riley is scared.

Riley: I canít believe this is happening.

Yamaki: That would be because it isnít.

Riley: What?

Yamaki: All data=auto erase. The public will know nothing of this debacle. Riley, youíll be in charge of inventing a convincing cover story.

Riley: Youíre joking, right?

Outside the fight is still going on, and Growlmon is pulling his claw out of the wall and DeviDramon is flying overhead.

DeviDramon: Back for more?

Growlmon growls and DeviDramon circles once then flies in.

Growlmon: Dragon Slash!

A retractable blade on his arm comes out and glows then he slashes at DeviDramon, he misses then DeviDramon tries to physically attack Growlmon.

Under the bridge Takato, Rika, Henry, and Terriermon run to the other side.

Takato: Uh...

Rika, Henry, Terriermon: Whoa...

Takato: This is good.

They both attack each other then Growlmon I pushed in font of DeviDramon.

DeviDramon: Going up?

He grabs Growlmon and flies up.

Takato: Well maybe itís not so good.

In the sky Growlmon struggles to get down and DeviDramon finally does let go and he goes crashing to the ground and Takato runs to pavement where heís about to fall.

Takato: Growlmon!

Takato runs to the crash zone, but he canít see cause itís all smoky.

Takato: Growlmon!

Growlmonís eyes turn red and he gets up, growling.

Takato: Whoa. Wow.

DeviDramon flies down.

Growlmon: Pyro Blaster!

He shoots it straight up, and the brightness and heat of it makes the tamers cover their faces, and DeviDramon is completely destroyed.

DeviDramonís data is absorbed by Growlmon.

Tamers, Renamon, and Terriermon: Oh...

Growlmon roars up into the night sky.