Season 3, Episode 9: "Not As Seen On TV" 
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Transcribed by: SteelWarrior

Takato is standing in front of Growlmon who is growling making Takato too scared to move.

Takato (thinking): Heís huge, heís huger than huge.

A leaf passes by Growlmon and it gets burned up, Takato slowly backs away.

Takato (thinking): I know I wanted him to digivolve, but now heís so scary. I probably look like an appetizer to him.

He has a flashback to when he was drawing Growlmon.

Takato (thinking): Why didnít I make him smaller?

Growlmon growls at him more.

Takato (thinking): Iím just a big jalapeno pepper with legs.

Takato hangs his head down in fear.

Takato (thinking): At least maybe Iíll give him indigestion.

A single tear falls and Takato looks up.

Takato: Huh?

He sees that Growlmonís the one crying.

Growlmon: Doní

Takato: Oh...

Growlmon has tears that form in his eyes and Takato starts to move over and hug him.

Takato: Iím so sorry. Iím not afraid of you.

Takato starts to cry too.

Growlmon: Was I really that scary? I mean when I was fighting?

Flashback to the battle.

Growlmon: Dragon Slash!

He then physically attacked DeviDramon.

Takato (thinking): Only if you find huge, scary things scary.

Growlmon: Takatomon, I want to go back to being Guilmon so you wonít have to be afraid of me anymore, okay?

Takato: Thatís a good idea. Letís go back to the park, relax, and figure out what to do. It shouldnít be that hard. Right?

In the park Takato is pushing Growlmon into the hideout.

Takato: Come on!

Growlmon: Push harder!

Takato: I am pushing hard.

Growlmon: Harder! Harder!

Takato: Iíll give ya harder.

Takato sees the gate bend.

Growlmon: I think now Iím stuck.

Takato: Uh...itís just no use, we have to figure out a way to get you to digivolve back to Guilmon.

Growlmon: Seriously, Iím stuck.

He takes out his digivice.

Takato: Hm, maybe I can use my digivice.

He hits it.

Takato: Come on you stupid thing.

Growlmon: Could you get some butter or something?

Takato tries throwing his digivice forward, left to right, and in circles.

Growlmon: Takato unstick me!

Takato: Okay youíre unstuck, but youíre still big as a house, well actually as big as a condo. LetĎs see...the digivice must do something. If I could just find the right button.

D-power: To set clock press one.

Takato: Oh! Hold on! Digi-Modify! Digivolution De-activate!

Nothing happens.

Takato: Ugh...I thought if I slashed the card backwards youíd de-digivolve, but that was a big goose egg. Is de-digivolve even a word?

Growlmon: I uh no.

Takato: Wait, Iíve got it!

Takato runs into the bushes, and Growlmon looks nervous. Then a black object swings down from a tree branch yelling "Blah" scaring Growlmon to falling backwards.

Growlmon: Whyíd you do that?

The black object was Takato hanging from a branch.

Takato: I thought maybe if I scared you youíd turn back into Guilmon. Uh, another goose egg. Okay, just let me think for a minute, digimon are made of data and when they digivolve they add a whole bunch more data to their old data so they can grow even bigger. Less data means smaller size.

Growlmon: Ooh, can we have goose eggs for dinner?

Takato: Oh, of course! Thatís it! Weíll work off the data!

Later Growlmon is running on the track field with Takato coaching him.

Takato: Feel those muscles burning! Now work through the burn, love the burn, be the burn! No pain no gain, right?

Growlmon: I just like no pain better.

Takato: Come on Growlmon, weíve gotta sweat that extra data out of you.

Growlmon walks on his hands.

Takato: Good, work that upper body, push it to the max. Now give m everything youíve got. Good! Now run! Run! Run.

Growlmon collapses.

Takato: Boy this looked a lot easier on TV. Okay, shower off.

Growlmon is sitting in the pond at the park making upset noises cause the waterís cold.

Takato: I know Growlmon, digivolving takes a lot of energy. So maybe if we cool you down, itíll get rid of some of that energy and youíll change back.

Growlmon sneezes.

Takato: Oh great, heís catching a cold. Iím gonna go down in history as the worst digimon tamer ever. Wait a minute, tamer, digimon need a tamers energy in order to digivolve.

He starts moving his arms up and down getting ready to jump in.

Takato: Clear a space Growlmon, cause Iím coming in there too!

He jumps in and screams.

Growlmon: Itís uh, cold huh?

Takato: Yeah, itís...refreshing.

Takato sneezes.

Later, Takato helps Growlmon work off the energy by running with him.

Takato: Okay, weíll work out together.

They jump rope and Growlmon seems happy Takatoís helping him.

Then theyíre running the track.

Takato (exhausted): Just a few more laps Growlmon, and...uh...uh...

They both fall on the ground.

Takato: Okay thatís it! Time to get tough!

At a wishing bell Takato rings it then closes his eyes and puts his hands together.

Takato: I wish that Growlmon will turn back to Guilmon very, very soon. Well come on, you gotta wish too, Growlmon.

Growlmon pulls on the bell.

Takato: Alright! Youíre trying to ring the bell not tear it down.

Growlmon: Sorry.

Takato: Okay now do what I do.

He closes his hands together and Growlmon copies.

Takato: I wish that Growlmon will turn back to Guilmon very, very soon.

Growlmon: I wish that I will turn back to Guilmon very, very soon.

Takato and Growlmon both clap their hands twice.

Takato and Growlmon are behind a house.

Takato: Okay, this is the plan. You spend the night here, Growlmon and hopefully in the morning youíll be back to Guilmon. Hopefully.

Growlmon: Okay, in the morning will you bring some bread?

Takato: Aw, you bet. Bye.

Takato leaves.

Growlmon: Bye...

Takato: Donít worry Growlmon, everything will be fine!

Takato runs out of the park.

Jeri: Takato?

Takato: Huh? Jeri, uh hi Jeri.

Jeri: Where have you been?

Takato: Oh, nowhere. You know, just around. So uh, see ya.

Jeri: Do you need help?

Takato: No thatís okay, well um...I donít know really...

Takato (thinking): I canít believe Iím gonna say this.

Takato: Would you help me Jeri?

Jeri: Oh...

Takato: You se, I have a problem with my partner, I mean my friend. You see lately heís gone through a change, and I mean a big change. And I just want things to be the same again.

Jeri: Oh.

Jeri (thinking): Hm, I bet Takato has a crush on a girl and she got taller than him, so he feels weird around her so he wants her to be the same size as him. I know just how he feels, that growth spurt I went through last week made me feel so awkward.

Jeri: Wait! I get it!

Takato: You do?

Jeri (sock puppet): Uh huh. Jeri likes you Takato, but only as a friend, donít worry there are plenty of other people in the world. You see?

Takato: Uh yeah, thanks Jeri...

At Takatoís house his dad is reading the paper and his mom is washing the dishes in the kitchen.

Takato: Mom! Dad! Why are girls crazy?

Takatoís Mom: Theyíre not! Theyíre husbands make them that way.

Takatoís Dad: Yeah, thatís the other way around. Theyíve done studies you know.

Takatoís Mom: Oh? Were those the same studies that proved pizza and ice cream are good for you?

Takatoís Dad: Uh yeah, thatís right.

Takato (thinking): Am I the only one in the world whoís not crazy?

Behind the house, Growlmon is sleeping and Calumon is bugging him.

Calumon: Are you asleep? Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Come on, letís play.

In Takatoís bedroom heís trying to sleep.

Takato (thinking): What am I going to do? Poor Growlmon.

Growlmon (muffled): I donít know how to knock.

Someone knocks on his window and Takato hears it and gets out of bed.

Takato: Huh?

Calumon (muffled): Like this.

Louder knocks on the window.

He opens the curtain to see Growlmon on his terrace.

Takato: Growlmon! (whispers) What are you doing here?

Growlmon: Calumon said that 2 oíclock in the morning is the very best time to play.

Takato: Calumon?

Calumon jumps up and down.

Calumon: Hey! Hi!

Takato: What about all that trouble we went through to hide you yesterday?

Calumon: Aw nuts, heís mad again.

Calumon runs away.

Growlmon: Bye.

Takato opens the door and steps out.

Takato: Calumon gets weirder and weirder every day. Now what are we gonna do about you?

In the park Takato is there talking to Henry.

Takato: Uh sorry to get you up so late.

Henry: Thatís okay, I was just sleeping.

Terriermon: Oh, not just sleeping, snoring too!

Takato laughs.

Henry: Come on.

Takato: So Henry, you said you had an idea of a place that you could hide Growlmon?

Henry: Yeah, do you remember that huge tunnel beneath the park where Guilmon disappeared that one time?

They arrive at the tunnel.

Takato: Are you listening to yourself? We canít keep him here! Heíll go to that other world and disappear!

Henry: I doubt it, I think that was just a fluke.

Takato: Okay.

They go deeper into the tunnel.

Takato: Iím sorry Growlmon, but this seems like the only safe place for you. So stay here until I come get you in he morning okay?

Growlmon: K...

Takato: Seriously donít leave, even if Calumon finds the best playground ever.

Henry: See ya later.

Terriermon: Have fun without us!

They all leave, making Growlmon upset.


Impmon: Ha ha ha, Another night of fun for Impmon. Now I just actually have to find some fun.

He walks inside the cave and starts tip-toeing when he sees Growlmon sleeping.

Impmon: Oh, hello, what do w have here? Careful, careful, careful. Hey, are you gonna sleep all night or what?

Impmon pokes Growlmon a couple of times then defends himself, then pokes him more then Growlmon swats him away.

Impmon: So, you wanna play rough?

Impmon stand sup and yells at him.

Impmon: Seriously get up! I didnít come all this way just to watch you sleep! Iím a busy guy! I gotta go and make up well what I gotta do is none of your business!

Growlmon opens one eye and Impmon backs away cautious.

Growlmon: Impmon?

Impmon: Yeah?

Growlmon: Iím not supposed to play with you.

Impmon: Uh, why?

Growlmon: Cause Takato said youíre a bad influence.

Growlmon goes back to sleep.

Impmon: I get it, they were right. I guess size doesnít matter, youíre bigger but youíre just as boring as ever. Arenít ya? Well? Ba Da Boom!

He shoots a flame ball at Growlmon waking him up scared.

Growlmon: Hot!

Impmon laughs.

Impmon: You could use some exercise big boy.

Impmon chases Growlmon out of the tunnel by shooting fireballs at him.

Impmon: Whoo Hoo! Mush doggy, mush! Ba Da Boom! You know youíre right! Iím a bad influence! But Iím just so good at it! Ha ha!

The next day, Takatoís Dad is outside taking out the dirt garbage.

Takatoís Dad: Why canít you ever take out the heavy stuff?

Takatoís Mom: I donít know, how come you never help out with the laundry?

Takatoís Dad: Thatís different.

Takato is in the bread room, taking as many as he can by shoving them in his mouth and pockets.

Takatoís Mom: Of course it is dear.

A bell rings as Takato leaves.

His parents: Huh?

Takato: Iím taking the day old bread.

His parents: Huh?

Takato: And the day old, day old bread.

His parents: Huh?

Takato leaves running on the street with two bags of bread and a piece in his mouth to the tunnel.

Takato: Growlmonís gonna be so glad to see me, well the food anyway.

He arrives at the tunnel to see no Growlmon.

Takato: Uh, heís gone! Uh.....

Takato drops the bags onto the floor.

Takato: Does donít leave have another meaning?

At the school Takato is talking with Henry.

Henry: You sure he didnít just walk down the tunnel?

Takato: Yeah, I walked up and down that tunnel so many times I wore a groove in the floor.

Henry: Hey Terriermon.

Terriermon: Yep?

Henry: Go see if you can find Growlmon.

Terriermon: Iím on it!

He starts to run.

Terriermon: Since I guess I have no choice.

He leaves.

Henry: Hm. Hey, itíll be okay.

Takato (upset): Mm hm....

In the middle of the park.

Terriermon: Growlmon! Hey Growlmon! Letís see, if I were a great, big dinosaur looking for fun Iíd go...Oh, whoíd know where heíd go, dinosaurs are weird! Growlmon come on, this isnít fun anymore!

Terriermon is in the sidewalk of the park and a couple walk through so he jumps in the bush.

Man: But honey, itís just a toupee.

Woman: Yes, but you wear it on your chest.

They pass by and Terriermon gets out of the bush but his ear gets caught in a branch.

Terriermon: Growlmon! How could something so big be so hard to find? This should be like trying to find a haystack in a haystack!

Terriermon jumps into the playground and looks around.

Terriermon: Where could he be hiding?

He scans the area.

Terriermon: Hm...

Checks again and this time he sees kids playing a sleeping Growlmon.

Terriermon: Hm...Growlmon!

Terriermon runs back to Takato and Henry at the school.

Terriermon: The park! With the thing! With the kids on his tail! Snoring! Growlmon!

Henry and Takato: Growlmon?!

Takato and Henry, carrying Terriermon, run to the park where Terriermon said and they stop to see no Growlmon.

Takato: Where is he?

Henry: Are you sure you saw him here Terriermon?

Terriermon jumps down and looks confused.

Henry: Terriermon, is this some sort of game?

Terriermon: Itís not a game, he was here.

Takato starts to run to try and find him.

Takato: Growlmon!

Growlmon: Takato! Over here.

He looks around to see Growlmonís head poking out of a bush.

Takato: Growlmon! Wha-what are you doing in the bushes?

Henry and Terriermon go running over.

Terriermon: See? I told you it wasnít a game.

Henry: First time for everything.

Takato is at the bush.

Takato: Growlmon, what were you thinking? I told you not to leave the tunnel.

Growlmon: I know, but I couldnít help it.

Henry and Terriermon arrive at the bush.

Takato: Couldnít help it? It seems like not leaving the tunnel is a pretty easy thing to do.

Growlmon: It is, when Impmonís not throwing fireballs at you.

Takato: Huh?

Growlmon: He woke me up and then Ba Da Boomed me right out of the tunnel.

Flashback to Impmon harassing Growlmon out of the tunnel.

Impmon: Whoís hungry? Iím grilliní up some dinosaur steaks! Ha ha! Ba Da Boom!

Growlmon: Ow!

Impmon is chasing Growlmon all over the park.

Impmon: I guess you want yours to go, huh?

Impmon jumps on Growlmonís back.

Impmon: Just relax, allís you need is a little bit of tenderizing.

Impmon starts pounding his skin.

Impmon: And maybe a pinch of salt.

Growlmon watches and decides not to take anymore, he turns around making Impmon fall off.

Growlmon: Pyro Blaster!

The fire goes right above Impmonís head but the fire does burn some of his ears.

Impmon: Aw nuts, thatís gonna leave a mark. Now see here, Iím not gonna fight you if youíre gonna fight back!

Impmon runs.

Impmon: Lousy pineapple head!

Growlmon is so tired he walks over to the playground.

Growlmon: Iíll for a minute.

He falls asleep.

End flashback.

Growlmon: And when I woke up a bunch of kids were playing on me. Iím sorry Takato, I didnít mean to break my promise.

Terriermon: Forgive him already.

Takato: Itís okay, Growlmon.

Growlmon: It would have been better without the burning.

Terriermon: Henry, people!

Henry reaches down and grabs Terriermon and Growlmon hides his head.

Woman #1: And he wears it on his chest!

Woman #2: No!

Woman #1: Oh look, little boys playing with dolls, how cute.

Woman #2: Aw.

They pass by and Henry and Terriermon both make sighs of relief and a little disgust.

Takato: So Henry, where do you think that we could hide Growlmon? I donít wanna send him back to the tunnel if heís just gonna be harassed by Impmon again. Itís gotta be someplace he canít be seen.

Henry: Thatís it! Camouflage!

Growlmon: Oh, that sounds painful.

Takato: Weíre just gonna paint you, like putting on makeup.

Growlmon: That sounds even more painful.

Takato: You know what? Thereís paint left over from when my parents painted the store.

Growlmon: But, whoíd wanna put makeup on a store?

In the middle of the park Takato, Henry and Terriermon are painting Growlmon.

Takato: Hold still Growlmon.

Henry: Itíll be over soon.

Terriermon is painting Growlmonís toes and Growlmon starts laughing making Henry and Takato drop their paint all over him and them fall over. Terriermon laughs hysterically then falls backwards into some paint making Takato, Henry and Growlmon laugh. After awhile they finish.

Henry: All done Growlmon.

Takato: Man, you look great!

Terriermon: That must be one ugly store.

Takato: Okay now, letís test it out. Go hide Growlmon.

They all turn their backs.

Growlmon: Okay...

He leaves into the bushes.

Takato: Ready or not, here we come! You ready? Growlmon?

They all turn back around to try and find him.

Takato: Hm.. Wow, he takes this hiding thing seriously. Where are you, Growlmon?

Growlmon: I canít just tell you, you have to find me.

Terriermon: Well if I have to look for him, you have to look for him too!

Takato: Hm, is that him?

Terriermon: Thatís a stick.

Takato: Oh yeah, but see that knot? If you look at it from a certain angle...

Terriermon: It still looks like a stick. Maybe he just left.

Henry: No one will be able to find him.

Takato makes a sigh of relief.

Takato: Great.

Rika: Pathetic.

All: Huh?

They turn around to see Rika.

Rika: A person may no be able to see him, but any digimon who wanted to could find him in a heartbeat.

Henry: Prove it.

Rika: Renamon.

Renamon appears.

Takato: you come from all the time? Do you just wait around to scare us?

Rika: Renamon.

Renamon: Yes Rika?

Rika: Find him and teach him a lesson.

Renamon: My pleasure, Rika.

Renamon scans the area.

Renamon: There.

She points.

Takato: Uh, wait!

Takato blocks her.

Rika: You guys arenít tamers, youíre a joke. Digimon arenít supposed to hide theyíre supposed to fight.

Henry: Hm! You better just back off Rika!

Rika: Or what? Youíll run off and hide on me? Ooh, Iím so scared.

Renamon and Terriermon growl at each other and Henry looks mad at Rika. Then thunder is heard from above.

Takato: Come on you guys, thereís really no reason for us to fight over Growlmon, is there? Canít we be friends?

It starts to rain.

Takato: Huh? Hey it wasnít supposed to rain today.

Terriermon: Since when has the weatherman ever been right? Hello? Someone wanna answer me? Fine!

Growlmon: Um, Takato, I think weíre going to have a problem.

Takato: Problem? Why?

Takato sees Growlmonís paint is running.

Henry: The rainís making the paint run.

Terriermon: Ah so heíll be brown instead of gray and green, whatís the big deal?

Henry: No, itís making the paint run off.

Takatoís face turns red cause heís upset.

Terriermon: Oh...

Growlmon: Mm....

Rika: You guys used water based paint? Youíre even more pathetic than I thought.

Rika turns and walks away.

See ya later, losers. Renamon.

Renamon vanishes.

Takato starts to cry and runs to Growlmon.

Takato: What are we gonna do Growlmon? I canít afford oil based paint.

Henry and Terriermon: Oh...

Takato: Why does everything I do always go so wrong? If only you could turn back into Guilmon.

Growlmon: Please donít cry Takatomon, my arms are starting to run.

Henry and Terriermon: Oh...

The rain stops.

Henry: Itíll be okay Takato.

Terriermon: Yeah, if first comes to worse we can always move to Antarctica.

Henry: Terriermon!

Terriermon: What? Well we could.

The sunlight breaks through to the ground.

Takato: Thanks guys. Sorry for the...waterworks.

The light catches Henry and Terriermonís attention.

Henry and Terriermon: Huh?

Terriermon: Hey it stopped raining, Takato look!

A rainbow is forming in the sky.

Terriermon: Geesh, would you look already?

He stops crying to see the rainbow.

Henry: A rainbow, wow.

Terriermon: Ooh, itís pretty whatever it is.

Takato stares at it.

Terriermon: Now those are the colors we shouldíve painted Growlmon.

Henry: Terriermon, we wanted him to blend in, not stick out like a sore thumb.

Terriermon: Well heíd blend in fine if we were in the sky wouldnít he? Uh, Iíve gotta explain everything to you.

Growlmon glows white.

Terriermon: Huh? Whatís happening to Growlmon, Henry?

Henry: Those flecks of light must be digital matter, it looks like the rainbow is pulling them out of him. Maybe the sunís just kina drying him out. I donít know, itís weird.

Terriermon: Not as weird as what I found between Growlmonís toes when we were painting him.

Henry: True.

Growlmon de-digivolves.

Henry and Terriermon: Whoa...

Takato: Growlmon! I mean Guilmon! Whoever you are, youíre back to being Guilmon!

Guilmon looks to see heís back to Guilmon.

Takato: Things are finally normal again, well as normal as they get.

They all just stare up at the rainbow.

Terriermon: So...we need to find a rainbow every time he wants to change back to Guilmon? How come no one wants to answer me today?