Season 3, Episode 10: "The Icemon Cometh"

English Version Written by: Adele Lim

Original Air Date: October 6, 2001

Transcribed by: Patamon_Princess

[In the building.]

WOMAN: It's a wild one, but I've never seen anything

like it. It's trying to bioemerge. I don't know what

it's bringing along, but it's bigger than a bread box.

Unbelievable. Oh! Sir, it succeeded.

[In the city.]

REIKA: Digivolving. I don't understand it.


TAKATO: Guilmon!

GUILMON: Guilmon, digivolve to...

GROWLMON: Growlmon!

[End Flashback.]

REIKA: I've seen hamsters with more battle experience

than Guilmon, but still, he could digivolve. And so

could that weenie little rabbit.


LEE: No!

TERRIERMON: Terriermon, digivolve to...

GARGOMON: Gargomon!

[End Flashback.]

REIKA: And when it happened to Renamon...


REIKA: Please, no. Renamon!

RENAMON: Renamon, digivolve to...

KYUBIMON: Kyubimon!

[End flashback.]

REIKA: It's what I've wanted for the longest time. I should be satisfied. Still, I feel like there's something I'm missing. What was that?! Mom! I could of sworn I felt something.

[Calumon appears in front of Reika.]


[From above, Impmon watches.]

IMPMON: Ha, ha, ha! They are so stupid, it hurts. They

hang out with humans so much they start acting like

them. It makes my fur stand. Have they no pride?

[Back on the city street.]

REIKA: I don't have any food. So why are you following


CALUMON: Want to play!


CALUMON: Here I go!

REIKA: what are you doing?

CALUMON: Eskimo kisses!

[From down the street, Reika's mom approaches.]


REIKA: hi, mom. What are you doing here?

REIKA'S MOM: What a day! Ugh! We had a photo shoot,

but before we could start, these people showed up

wanting my autograph, asking me the secrets to my

youthful good looks. They just wouldn't leave me

alone. We couldn't get anything done all day. Being

famous and popular can be a pain in the neck. You are

so lucky you don't know how that feels.

REIKA: Yeah. Lucky me.

REIKA'S MOM: Well, gotta go. Wait. Reika! I think your

toy is just adorable!

REIKA: (to Calumon) You had to be cute, didn't you?

[Later in the day, Impmon is in some trees and fights

some crows.]

IMPMON: Bada boom! Ah, fight back, you cowards! I

guess my firepower's just too much for you, huh I'll

have to wreak havoc elsewhere.

[Outside Reika's house, Calumon is still following


REIKA: Listen, you little squirt, I'm immune to your

ootsy cutesy act, so scram!


REIKA: Keep going, shorty.

[Calumon leaves as Renamon appears.]

REIKA: Renamon?

RENAMON: You called?

REIKA: where have you been?

RENAMON: Watching you from over there.


RENAMON: You don't look well, Reika. Is there

something troubling you?

REIKA: Nothing. I'm fine.

[That night, Renamon is sitting outside when Impmon



IMPMON: Oh. Hey, fine and foxy. so we meet again.

RENAMON: Oh, it's just you.

IMPMON: what do you mean 'just me'? Come back here!

(to himself) Oh, check out miss high and mighty. Maybe

a good fight will knock her off her perch. (to

Renamon) Hey, I heard Terriermon call you a fat tailed

bully! If I were you, I'd teach that egg shaped

loudmouth a lesson! Huh? what? You're going to let him

get away with that?

RENAMON: Terriermon won't fight.

IMPMON: why not?

RENAMON: His tamer has forbidden it.

IMPMON: Huh? Ugh. What kind of digimon doesn't fight?

Those rotten humans. They've made him a pet. A

DigiPoodle. But if Terriermon can't fight back, I can

whup his doughy patootie or steal his lunch and get

away without a scratch. Think of the possibilities.

[At Reika's house, her mom is trying to get her to try

on some dresses.]

REIKA'S MOM: Well, what about this dress with the lace

and poofy sleeves? Or this one? Try it. It'll make you

look more like a girl.

REIKA: Am I being punished for something? I told you

before, I can't stand cute things like this.

REIKA'S MOM: Uh, well, what about that stuffed toy I

saw you holding?

REIKA: That was for a science project. We had to

measure the effects of gravity on small objects, so I

threw it off a bridge.


REIKA: I'm outta here.

[Reika leaves the room, while here mom holds the dress

up to herself and looks in the mirror. Reika's

grandmother pokes her head into the room.]

REIKA'S GRANDMOTHER: Well, I guess she's still into

tomboy chic.


REIKA'S GRANDMOTHER: Reika just has her own style,

that's all. Honestly, dear, there are more important

things in life than looking pretty.

REIKA'S MOM: Really? Like what?

[In Reika's room, Reika senses something outside.]

REIKA: Renamon?

RENAMON: Yes, Reika?

REIKA: go and see what's out there, okay?

RENAMON: As you wish.

REIKA: Well, who was it?

RENAMON: No one.

REIKA: Don't lie to me. I know something's out there

What's that look for?

RENAMON: Don't worry. I'll do everything I can to

protect you.

REIKA: You don't need to protect me. I don't know why

you even say stuff like that.

RENAMON: Because, Reika, I'm your partner.

REIKA: Let's get his straight. I don't buy all this

stuff about partners and feelings.


REIKA: I don't need you. I don't need anybody!

[The next day, in the park, Takato is practicing his

card swiping techniques while Guilmon, Lee, and

Terriermon watch.]

TAKATO: Okay, here we go. Digimodify! Activate! So,

how'd I do?

LEE: Not bad.

TAKATO: Not bad?

LEE: Let's just work on strategies, okay? Have you

heard of combos?

TAKATO: Sure. Uh, I think I have. That's when you use

two or more cards at a time, right?

LEE: Right. and if you use them in succession, you can

get some pretty potent results. It's a good thing to

keep in mind.

TAKATO: Yeah. That and the other million things you've

told me.

[Impmon appears in a tree above them.]

IMPMON: Well, if it isn't the dum-dum club.


IMPMON: Did you miss me, boys?

LEE: Just ignore him.

TERRIERMON: Easy for you to say. You can't smell him.

TAKATO: Let's go. Guilmon, come on.

IMPMON: I just want to have a friendly fight. Give you

all a nice, friendly butt-kicking. He won't fight?!

Well, here's my chance to blast some sense into him.


LEE: Terriermon, don't touch him!


IMPMON: Bada boom!

TERRIERMON: Terrier Tornado!


LEE: Terriermon, what did I just tell you?

TERRIERMON: I didn't actually touch him, now.

LEE: You are incorrigible.

[Somewhere else.]

RENAMON: Terriermon and his tamer. Their relationship

is so different from mine and Reika's. I wonder, if I

acted more human, would she accept me? Would she

finally let me get close to her?

[In the city, Reika's seeing unusual shapes that only

she can see.]

REIKA: What do you wa... Uh, nothing. Huh? Huh? Get

out of the way. Hey, I saw you, you creep. Now come

out! Huh?

[Reika's sucked into a digital field. She opens her

eyes to find herself in a white digimon's arms.]

DIGIMON: Welcome to my humble abode.

REIKA: Are you a digimon?


REIKA: So this is a digital field?

DIGIMON: Exactly. Beautiful, isn't it? It suits you


REIKA: It suits me?

DIGIMON: The way you treat people. How you think.

You're cold as ice. You have no time for warm weak

relationships. Yes. You always expect perfection from

yourself and others. You demand it. I am the only one

who understands you, Reika. That is why we're destined

to become partners.

REIKA: Partners? Us?


REIKA: No. I can't. I already have a partner.

DIGIMON: Renamon?

RENAMON: Reika, where are you?


REIKA: I don't need you. I don't need anybody.

[End flashback.]


REIKA: What have I done?

DIGIMON: I want to show you something.

REIKA: What is it?

DIGIMON: To prove I'm worthy to be your partner. I've

set up a little show and tell so you can see my power

for yourself.


LEE: Whoa.

TAKATO: Hey, guys. what are you doing? Wait for me!

[Back in the digital field.]

DIGIMON: For years, I have hunted hundreds of digimon

and absorbed their data. They were friends to some,

maybe even partners.


DIGIMON: But as you once said, they are merely

stepping stones.

REIKA: I never said that.

DIGIMON: Ah, but you did. I fight to digivolve. You

make your digimon do the exact same thing.

REIKA: No. I couldn't see it before, but there's more

to digimon than fighting. I would eat dirt before I'd

ever let Renamon become what you are. A monster.

DIGIMON: Better a powerful monster, than a weak

nobody. Is that what you really want? To be a nobody?

REIKA: I'll tell you what I don't want to be. The

partner of some freak show digimon. You think you know

everything about who I am? Well, you don't! So just

spit it out, hornhead. What do you want?

DIGIMON: Ah, you have no idea how exquisite you are

when you're angry. I've been searching so long for

someone like you with a heart of ice and a will of

stone. And now my search is over. I want you to be my


REIKA: In your dreams, pal.

DIGIMON: Don't play hard to get. You want to be the

strongest digimon tamer. I want to be the strongest

digimon. We're perfect for each other.

REIKA: Never.

DIGIMON: Hmm. Are you thinking of that pitiful excuse

for a digimon of yours? Renamon, is it? You've never

settled for second best before. Why start now? Why

waste your time with beauty when you can tame the

beast? But go ahead. Summon her. Perhaps you prefer a

live demonstration of who the superior digimon is.

REIKA: No way.

DIGIMON: Then I'll just have to call her myself.

TAKATO: This is it. Does anyone have any bright ideas?

LEE: Just one. Let's try not to get ourselves creamed.

TAKATO: Who left the freezer on?

LEE: Look, it's Reika. Hmm. IceDevimon. Whoa, a

champion fallen angel digimon.

ICEDEVIMON: And I thought you didn't have any friends.

TAKATO: Let her go, now!

ICEDEVIMON: My new tamer and I were just getting


LEE: she's not your tamer. Reika has Renamon.

TAKATO: I think it's time for a little upgrade, don't


REIKA: Let me go, you frozen freak.

TAKATO: What do we do?

LEE: This is not going to be easy. He's much stronger

than any digimon we've ever defeated before. What we

really need is an effective strategy to deal with him.

TAKATO: Like a kick in the pants.

LEE: I wish it were that easy. Hmm.

TAKATO: Ready, Guilmon?

GUILMON: Mm-hmm.

TAKATO: Go get him. Ready, set, and go!

LEE: Here's your chance, Terriermon!

TERRIERMON: It's about time. Goody, goody.

TAKATO: Time to fight.

[IceDevimon let's go an attack, freezing Guilmon and

Terriermon where they stand. Takato jumps on top of

the ice, trying to break it.]

TAKATO: Guilmon, no!

LEE: Terriermon!

TAKATO: Got to... get them... out of there.

ICEDEVIMON: I hear one becomes quite warm just before


LEE: You're so twisted, it's scary.

TAKATO: DigiModify! Key, activate! Uhh. I don't get


LEE: Where's Renamon?

REIKA: Renamon's gone.


REIKA: I don't need you. I don't need anybody.

[End flashback.]

REIKA: Even if I called...

ICEDEVIMON: come on, Reika. Fess up. Did you two have

a fight? It just proves she's too weak to handle a

special trainer like you. You need a partner who

understands you. Who appreciates you, and who craves

your cold strength. Embrace the future I offer you.

REIKA: I don't believe it.

ICEDEVIMON: Ahh. The infamous Renamon. I'd love to sit

and chat, but I have to destroy you.

REIKA: no.

RENAMON: Diamond Sto...

ICEDEVIMON: Frozen Claw!

RENAMON: Ahh! Uhh. Diamond Storm!

ICEDEVIMON: Frozen Claw!


LEE: Reika, she has to digivolve now!

REIKA: I can't let her digivolve. She might end up

like IceDevimon.


ICEDEVIMON: Why do you look at her like that? A

digimon is only useful if it can fight. Tell me. Why

do you care for this pathetic creature?

REIKA: She's my friend. I care because Renamon's my

friend. Oh.

DIGIVICE: Digivolution.

RENAMON: Renamon, digivolve to...

KYUBIMON: Kyubimon!

REIKA: Why did you digivolve?

KYUBIMON: Fox Tail Inferno!

REIKA: Where are you going, frosty?

KYUBIMON: Dragon Wheel!

ICEDEVIMON: Tundra Freeze. Avalanche Claw!


REIKA: Kyubimon.

LEE: We have to do something. Got it.


LEE: I have an idea. Digimodify! Expansion, activate!

[Terriermon expands, shattering the ice around both

him and Guilmon.]

LEE: It worked.

TAKATO: All right, you guys? Now it's our turn.

ICEDEVIMON: I don't think so, boy.

KYUBIMON: Fox Tail Inferno!

TAKATO: Are you ready, Guilmon?


TAKATO: Let's get him!

GUILMON: Okey-dokey.

TAKATO: Digimodify! Speed, activate! Ha! Back for more


GUILMON: Pyrosphere!

ICEDEVIMON: Frozen Claw!

TAKATO: digimodify! Hyper wing, activate!

LEE: That's it.

TAKATO: Let's go!

GUILMON: Pyrosphere!


[Guilmon destroys IceDevimon and absorbs his data. The

digital field disappears, leaving them on top of a


KYUBIMON: Reika, are you okay?

REIKA: I hate 'em.

KYUBIMON: Well, he's gone now.

REIKA: Not him?

ALL: Huh?

REIKA: I hate digimon. All of them.

ALL: Huh?

TAKATO: Oh, Reika, you don't mean that. Kyubimon, wait

a minute! Where are you going? Hey, what's wrong with

you? Aren't you guys supposed to be friends?


DAVIS NARRATOR: Is it possible? Does Reika really hate

all digimon? To find out... keep watching Digimon:

Digital Monsters!