Season 3, Episode 11: "Much Ado About Musyamon" 
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Transcribed by: SteelWarrior

In Rikaís room sheís holding her card pack and then throws it in the garbage where we can see the D-power is there too.

Rika: I hate digimon.

The next day Takato is playing the card game with Kazu in the dinosaur thing.

Takato: Digi-Modify! All right watch and learn boys, Iím coming in for an aerial attack. Hyper wings! Ha ha, youíre grounded pal.

Kazu: Huh?

He looks at the cards.

Takato: Thatís it I win.

Kazu: I canít believe you beat me.

Kenta: Amazing. What a game, Iíve never seen a combo like that before.

Takato: Not too shabby huh?

Flashback to the fight between IceDevimon and Guilmon.

Guilmon: Pyro Sphere!

IceDevimon dodges it.

IceDevimon: Frozen Claw!

Guilmon grabs the claw.

Takato: Digi-Modify! Hyper Wing Activate!

Guilmon flies IceDevimon to the ceiling and plants his head there.

IceDevimon: Let go!

Guilmon flies down a little.

Guilmon: Pyro Sphere!

IceDevimon: No!

He gets deleted and Guilmon absorbs his data.

Takato: I Guess having real life experience kinda pays off, huh? Itís hardly eve a challenge anymore, playing the card game.

Kazu: What do you mean by real life experience?

Takato: Oh, too bad but we seem to be out of time.

Kazu: Quit playing dumb, Chum Lee I heard what ya said. Now whatís up dude?

Takato: You must be imagining things, well I gotta fly, itís been real.

Kenta: Aw come on, just one more game.

Kazu: Hey, get back here goggle brain! I want a rematch!

Takato: Sorry, buh-bye.

Takato runs over to the hideout.

Guilmon: Aw! No more?

Takato: Iím sorry but this is all we have left right now. Iíll bring you some fresh bread later with peanut butter, alright?

Guilmon: Hm, kay.

Guilmon takes a bite of bread.

Takato: Weíre a great team arenít we Guilmon? Thereís not a digimon around thatís strong enough to beat the two of us.

Guilmon tosses the last piece of bread in his mouth.

Guilmon: Yeah.

On the street Henry is walking with Terriermon n his head.

Henry: People are giving me weird looks, you shouldnít have come.

Terriermon: I had to! Suzy woulda had me in tights and a tutu y now. Itís embarrassing.

People gather at the side of the bridge.

Man: Thereís some kind of strange fog over by the west gate bridge.

Woman: My the weather changes fast here.

Henry: Here they come!

Terriermon: Digimon!

Henry looks nervous.

In the Hypnos Building.

Tally: I canít seem to secure a tracer lock on the anomalyís data.

Riley: We wonít make it in time, itís going to bio-emerge.

Yamaki: Use Yuggoth! Stop that thing!

Riley: Itís too late sir, itís already begun. Full breach estimated in sixty seconds. At this point the application of the Yuggoth program could be extremely dangerous.

Yamaki: Donít question me! Circumvent the safety grid and release the program now. That wild one is a ticking time bomb! Apply!

On the street Henry is looking nervously down at the roads seeing cars all blocked up.

Terriermon: I realize how nice the view is from up here but how long do you think itíll stay this way if we donít check it out?

Terriermon jumps down off of Henryís head and starts running to the field.

Henry: Hey, Terriermon wait!

Terriermon: Come on, Henry!

Henry grabs Terriermonís ear.

Henry: Gotcha!

Terriermon: Hey that hurt!

Henry: Weíve gotta go home now.

Terriermon: What?

Henry: Weíre going home.

Terriermon: Wait a minute, please donít tell me youíve changed your mind about Suzy and the tutu cause I wonít do it.

Terriermon tries to run, but Henry grabs him by the ear again.

Terriermon: Henry, let me go, I wanna see it!

Henry: Terriermon, how many times do I have to tell you?

Terriermon tries to get away.

A man a woman run down the stairs.

Man: Did you see that?

Woman: I hope not.

Henry: Will you stop? Why donít we let someone else handle this for a change?

In the Hypnos Building, the tracer is on.

Riley: Confirmed! Yuggoth has find the wild one.

Yamaki: Make sure that itís completely destroyed, I want nothing left.

Riley: Yes sir.

In the field before the real and digital worlds a digimon runs across and the tracer follows.

Digimon: No!

On the street the field is disappearing.

Henry and Terriermon: Whoa.

Cards and traffic lights are working fine so they pass through.

Terriermon: guess someone else handled it.

In the Hypnos Building, on the screen the target has been destroyed.

Riley: Termination of wild one is confirmed.

Yamaki: Tally, get me an analysis of the impact on the Real World, right away. Plus all the data youíve got on the point of termination. No matter how they play it being living creatures theyíre nothing more than trash on the internet to me. Ha ha ha.

The digimon: I will...have my...

Yamaki: Huh?

The digimon: Revenge.

On the street Henry and Terriermon are walking.

Terriermon: Hey, Henry. You never explained why you wouldnít let me fight before, whatís up with that?

Henry: Nothingís up, I just donít want you to fight, okay?

Terriermon: Rika was right, you are starting to sound like a broken record.

Henry: Leave her out of this. Itís just that on the net digimon only exist to do battle.

Terriermon: So because Iím here now you want me to lay around like a house pet, is that right?

Henry: Are you gonna let me explain or not?

Terriermon: Henry, you once told me that my very existence in the Real World was wrong, is that still true? Is that how you feel about me?

Terriermon jumps off his shoulder.

Terriermon: Cause if it is Iíll sign up for the Ms. PrettyPants treatment right now. You just say the word.

Henry: Hey, you know thatís not what I meant. Weíre a team.

Later that night Henry is taking a bath.

Flashback to the street.

Terriermon: You never explained to me why you wouldnít let me fight before, whatís up with that?

End flashback.

Henry: Hm.

Henry cups some water then splashes some on his face.

In his bedroom Terriermon is sitting on the bed.

Flashback to on the street.

Henry: Nothingís up, I just donít want you to fight okay?

End flashback.

Terriermon falls back on the bed.

Terriermon: Ií gonna have to fight sometime, but when?

Suzie: Okay mommy.

He hears Suzie coming and pretends heís a toy. Suzie opens the door.

Suzie: There you are, Tewwiermon.

Henry steps out on the terrace drinking milk from the carton.

Henry: Huh?

He sees Renamon on the water tower.

Henry: Renamon!

She jumps down.

In Henryís room, Suzieís making Terriermon do funny faces.

Terriermon (thinking): Oh, I think Iím gonna be sick.

Suzie: And upsy daisy!

She falls backwards n purpose with Terriermon.

Henry: Iím gonna get some more milk, kay? Iíll be right back.

He leaves.

In Henryís room, Suzie is bottle feeding him milk.

Suzie: Nummy, nummy, delicious milk.

She takes the bottle away and heís dribbling.

Suzie: Oopsy, little spill, letís clean you up. And now itís time for party.

Suzie giggles and Terriermon falls forward crying.

Terriermon (thinking): If she comes near me with a diaper Iím outta here.

Outside, Renamon is jumping off a sign and running with Henry following.

Renamon: Hm.

Henry (thinking): I think she wants me to follow her.

Renamon: Catch me if you can.

In Rikaís room sheís trying to get to sleep.

Rika (thinking): Guess I didnít make any friends yesterday.

Flashback to the rooftop.

Rika: I hate Ďem.

Takato: Huh?

Rika: I hate digimon, all of them!

Henry, Terriermon, and Guilmon: Huh?

Calumon: Oh...

Kyubimon: Uh...

End flashback.

Rika (thinking): Who needs them anyway?

Rika: Huh? Renamon?

Her trash can is knocked over and Calumon is standing on top of it holding her D-power and cards.

Calumon: Nope, just me. How come you through this away, huh? How come?

Rika: Get out of my room you overgrown rat.

Calumon is sad.

Calumon: Youíre not happy are you? Hey!

He flies over to the sleeping bag.

Calumon: Letís play! Thatíll make you happy!

Rika: Oh please!

Rika lies back down pulling the sleeping bag making Calumon fall.

Calumon: Oh!

Rika: Leave me alone!

Calumon: Maybe later this will make you...happy!

He sets them near Rika.

Calumon: Happy! Happy! Happy!

He lands near her feet.

Calumon: How about now? Well?

She puts her head down.

Rika: Hm...

In the park Henry is drinking from the water fountain and Renamon is sitting on a piece of equipment.

Henry (thinking): For some reason, Terriermon feels like he has to fight. Why would I purposely put my friend in danger? He just doesnít understand that if anything ever happened to him because of me, Iíd never forgive myself.

Henry has a flashback to the first time Terriermon digivolved. Gargomon is out of control.

Henry: Gargomon!

End flashback.

Renamon: Until recently I thought my only purpose here in the Real World was to fight and load the data of those I defeated. Digivolving and vanquishing my enemies were the only things that made me feel worthy and Rika, her only attachment to me was being a tamer who could make me stronger but now Iím not so sure.

Henry: Thereís gotta be a bigger reason why me and my friend were chosen to be digimon tamers in the first place.

Renamon: Hm.

Henry: It would help both of us if we could just figure that out. What do you think? Renamon? Hello?

In Henryís room Suzy is sleeping on Terriermonís ear and heís trying to get free from it and he does and falls off the bed but gets back on.

Terriermon: Sheís sure a lot cuter when sheís asleep.

He puts the blanket over her.

At Rikaís house.

Rika: Hm.

She looks over at her D-power and cards.

The next day the school bell rings and everyone leaves.

Henry: Huh?

He sees Takato looking up at the sky.

Henry: Hey, what are you doing out here? Have you taken up bird watching or something?

Takato: I was hoping another digimon would show up, Iím ready for another battle.

Henry: Huh?

Takato: I wanna use that combination on Guilmon again.

Henry: I think you need a vacation.

Kazu: There you are! Thought you could escape me, huh?

Kazu puts Takato in a headlock.

Takato: What do you want?

Kazu: Revenge Takato, for that stupid combination you pulled on me yesterday. I want a rematch.

Kenta: Yeah! Apparently you think youíre hot stuff now, think you could take us again, big shot?

Takato: You sound pretty tough from way over there.

He breaks loose of the headlock.

Takato: Iíll take you both on, anytime with whatever youíve got!

Kazu: Iím ready now! Say your prayers cause youíre going down!

Takato Letís go!

Jeri and Nicky walk by giggling at them.

Jeri: Hey donít you boys ever get tired of digimon? Thatís all you talk about.

Takato turns red.

Nicky: Oh you know, Jeri, kids will be kids.

They giggle at them again.

Kazu and Kenta: Maybe we are just kids but at least we have a hobby! Now scram!

Jeri at laughs at them and Takato turns red again.

Jeri: Come on Nicky, we have more important things to do.

Nicky: Such silly boys.

They walk away laughing.

Kenta: Girls, I donít think Iíll ever understand them..

Kazu: Well, Chum Lee ya ready?

Takato: Sure, yeah. Hey Henry! Are you coming along, to...

He sees Henry isnít there.

Takato: Whereíd he go?

On the street.

Terriermon: Are we going shopping?

Henry: Weíre doing nothing, you were supposed to be home, remember?

Terriermon: I might never go home after what she did. Suzieís chamber of horrors is worse than battling any digimon.

In the dinosaur.

Takato: Come on!

Kazu: Patience, grasshopper. Guess what? Iíve won Mr. Invincible!

Takato falls back.

Takato: Ugh! I canít believe I didnít see that coming!

Kazu: I hope you enjoyed your little victory yesterday cause youíll never have one again.

Kenta: Yeah, all your gonna feel is pain when we keep whoopiní you.

They both laugh and Takato gets up angry.

Takato: Well itís just a stupid card game anyway! I have much more important things to do with my time!

Kazu and Kenta: Huh?

Takato: Winning a real digimon is what sets apart the boys from the men!

Kazu: Real digimon? Who ya trying to kid here pal? Youíre a loser and a liar.

Takato: I am not!

Kenta: Ha ha ha! Yeah and I got the Loch Ness monster in my bathtub, you wanna se him? Show me a real digimon.

Takato: I will!

Kenta: Give it up.

Takato: Iím not lying!

Kazu: Okay then prove it.

Takato: Well...

Kenta: Hey come on, Nessieís waiting.

Takato: Alright, you asked for it and youíre gonna get it. Follow me.

Kazu and Kenta: Huh?

Kazu: Kay...

Kenta: Alright...

At the hideout.

Takato: Now you gotta swear that you wonít tell anyone about this.

Kazu: Whatever.

Kenta: I swear.

They stand behind Takato.

Takato: Guilmon.

They come out from behind Takato.

Kazu and Kenta: Uh...

They march forward after no response.

Kazu: Yeah right doofus, youíre so full of it.

They see glowing yellow eyes and get scared, Guilmon starts to sneeze then lets go.

Kazu and Kenta: Ah!

They run out of the hideout.

Kenta: Mommy!

Takato laughs at them.

Guilmon: Takato, did you call me?

Takato: Yeah, were you asleep?

Guilmon: Well it was my nappy time.

Guilmon starts sniffing the air.

Takato: Sorry, I didnít bring any bread with me this time.

Guilmon: I donít care about that. I smell a digimon.

Takato: Yeah!

In the city the fog covers the street again.

In the Hypnos Building,.

Riley: Tracer is locked and Yuggoth has been deployed.

Yamaki: Say goodbye.

On the computer screen Yuggoth is sent after it but is cut in half.

Riley: Impossible!

Yamaki: What was that?

Riley: The wild one we terminated earlier just completely destroyed Yuggoth.

Yamaki drops his lighter and he hears the same voice from before.

The digimon: Iím going to enjoy my revenge on you pathetic humans! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Yamaki: I need to know where he is now!

Tally: Iíve lost him, heís just bio-emerged.

Outside the fog gets really thick and cars canít move because of it.

Man in car: Whoa, somebody needs a tune-up.

The digimon lands on his car.

Man in car: Ah! Whatís going on!?

He jumps out of his car and it is cut in half.

Man: Help me!

He jumps onto a motorcycle guy and Takato and Guilmon are running to the fight.

Takato: Hurry, Guilmon!

Musyamon: Greetings.

Takato takes off his goggles and sees Musyamon.

Takato: Uh...

Takato checks the D-powers data on him.

Takato: Whoa, itís the samurai master, Musyamon. A champion level wizard type, he can slice and dice an entire city with his Shogun Sword.

Musyamon raises his sword.

Musyamon: Vengeance is mine!

He runs over to attack Takato and Guilmon but they move outta the way.

Takato: Digi-Modify! Hyper Sonic Activate!

Musyamon and Guilmon both run different directions but com close and Musyamon strikes but Guilmon jumps and kicks him away.

Takato: Digi-Modify! Mega Pyro Sphere Activate! Let him have it!

Guilmon: Pyro Sphere!

Musyamon dodges.

Musyamon: Taking orders from a human? Pathetic!

He charges at Guilmon again.

Guilmon: Oh boy.

Guilmon dodges then Musyamon kicks him.

Takato: Hey come on, you canít give up now, you can do it.

Outside the digital field.

Terriermon: Looks like weíve got company, Henry.

Henry: Donít even think about it.

In the Hypnos Building, somethingís moving on the screen.

Riley: Iíve confirmed the bio-emergents point coordinates at the West intersection of the Shinjuku big guard cable.

Yamaki: Excellent!

Outside people are waiting at a crossing light.

Man: The fogís so think I canít see the signal.

Terriermon: Come on, Henry. Arenít ya curious?

Henry: Uh...

A little girlís balloon flies into the field and she chases it.

Girl: Where are you going?

Henry: Hey! Stop right there! Come back! Stop!

Henry puts on his glasses and chases her, the little girl is sitting in the middle of the field crying.

Henry: There you are!

Girl: Why did you fly away?

Henry: Oh no!

He sees the fight between the two digimon.

Musyamon: Fight me you human coward.

Henry: This is bad.

Musyamon tries to shake off Guilmon from his sword.

Takato: Digi-modify! Hyper Wing Activate!

Guilmon: Something doesnít feel right.

Musyamon swings and Guilmon flies back a little.

Takato: Use the wings like last time, you can do it.

Guilmon: Iíll try.

He jumps of Musyamonís head and canít fly right.

Guilmon: I canít! Stop!

Musyamon: Is that the best youíve got?

Henry: Takato, watch out!

Takato: huh? Henry, help me!

Musyamon slowly approaches.

Henry: What now? If I do nothing then weíll all be made into sushi.

He laughs and walks.

Henry: I donít think I could talk us out of this one.

Musyamon stops in front of the little girl.

Takato: Uh.

Musyamon raises his sword and prepares to strike and the little girl yells.

Musyamon: Goodbye human.

Henry: We gotta stop him!

Terriermon: Well itís about time!

Henry: Digi-Modify! Hyper Sonic Activate!

Terriermon (thinking): Time to teach this bad boy itís not safe to play with knives!

He just about touches the girl when Terriermon head butts him.

Henry: Finish the job!

Terriermon: Okay.

Outside the digital field Calumon is on the bridge watching.

Calumon (thinking): Maybe thisíll help.

D-power: Digivolution.

Terriermon: Terriermon digivolve to...

Gargomon: Gargomon!

Henry: Oh...

Musyamon rushes at Gargomon readying his sword for an attack.

Gargomon: Boy, youíll never learn.

Gargomon shoots at him but dodges them with his sword then jumps up while Gargomon shoots at him.

Musyamon: Shogun Sword!

Gargomon: Charge!

They meet and Gargomonís attack is stronger.

Gargomon: Gargo Laser!

Henry (thinking): He did it.

Guilmon: Iíll save you.

Guilmon pulls down the balloon just as the sword gets erased.

Musyamon: No!

Musyamon gets deleted and Gargomon absorbs the data.

Guilmon: Great job, Gargomon.

Guilmonís wings fade away and he falls to the ground.

Guilmon: Ah!

He falls on his butt and the little girl runs over to get the balloon.

Guilmon: Here you go.

Girl: Wow, thank you.

The digital field clears.

All: Oh.

Henry: Letís go.

Gargomon: Iím going! Iím going!

Guilmon: Hold on!

Girl: Okay!

Takato: Letís get her back before anyone notices.

Guilmon sets her down near her mother.

Guilmon: Bye.

Girl: Mom.

The Girlís Mom: Hm?

Girl: Mom the digimon, they saved my life, can you see them? Theyíre real ones mom.

She looks into the crowd.

The Girlís Mom: Hm? Oh yeah, theyíre beautiful. Come on now, letís go.

As they leave Yamaki appears.

Near the park.

Gargomon: You okay with all this, Henry?

Henry: Yeah.

Henry (thinking): There really was no other choice.

Flashback to the fight, Musyamon raised his sword to attack the girl.

Musyamon: Goodbye human.

End flashback.

Henry (thinking): Guess Terriermon was right, sometimes you have to fight.

Henry: Terriermo...I mean Gargomon. I owe you an apology. There are some battles worth fighting.

Gargomon: Yep.

Henry: Now that weíre working together as partners I guess I need to learn more about taming.

Gargomon: Moumantai.

Takato: Hey Guilmon, I owe you an apology too.

Guilmon: Huh?

Takato: I really messed up today. I just kept swiping one card after another, I didnít even think about what might happen to you.

Guilmon: No problem I kinda like flying anyway. Toe-na-mai!

Gargomon: Moumantai?

Guilmon: Hm?

Takato: Moumantai. (sarcastic enthusiasm) Moumantai!

They all run.

Guilmon: Mou-tai-mai?

All: No Guilmon, itís moumantai!

Guilmon: Oops!

Thy all run laughing.

A few trees back.

Yamaki: Hm!

He snaps his light closed.