Season 3, Episode 12: "Divided They Stand" 
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Transcribed by: SteelWarrior

In the Hypnos Building.

Tally: Sir, Iíve detected a disturbance in the network data stream.

Yamaki: Origin?

Tally: Um, Iím sorry sir, Iím not sure.

Yamaki: Hm.

Yamaki has a flashback to when the kids brought back the little girl to her mother.

Takato: Letís get her back before anyone notices.

They drop her off then run.

End flashback.

Yamaki: Those kids are a nuisance.

In the park, Kazu and Kenta are playing the card game and Takato arrives late.

Takato: Aw man.

Kazu and Kenta: Huh?

Takato: You started without me.

Kazu and Kenta: Um...

Takato: Whatís wrong guys? Why did you run away yesterday?

Kazu: Um, stuff to do, you know.

Flashback to yesterday when Takato brought the two of them to meet Guilmon.

Kazu: Yeah, right youíre so full of it.

They see bright yellow glowing eyes.

Kazu and Kenta: Huh? Uh!

Guilmon sneezes and they run out of the cave scared.

Kenta: Mommy!

End flashback.

Kazu: How did you make him look so real?

Takato: Well he looks real...because he is real.

Kazu: Yeah right. Hm...

He remembers the yellow glowing eyes and Ďgrowlí.

Kazu packs up his cards and puts them away.

Takato: Hey I just got here. Donít put it off.

Kazu: Youíre beginning to freak us out dude.

Takato: What do you mean?

Jeri walks by on the sidewalk.

Kazu: I mean you made a digimon out of rubber eyes and a flashlight and youíre trying to mess us up with it.

They leave.

Takato: Youíre crazy, why would I do something like that? Come on guys! I know itís freaky, but heís a real digimon! You begged to see him and then you ran away before he could even say hi!

Jeri: Uh...

On the street Yamaki is walking, clicking his lighter open and close.

Yamaki: I donít think the little fools realize what a dangerous game theyíre playing. Itís time to enlighten them.

Rika walks into her house.

Rika: Hm?

She turns and looks around.

Rika: Is she really gone? I knew all that partner stuff was nonsense.

She keeps looking.

Rika: She never really cared about me, no matter what she says.

She walks over behind a corner to look.

Rika: If she cared, sheíd be here. She was just using me. Hm...

In the Hypnos Building.

Tally: A wild one, it appears erratic. Tracers set to monitor progress.

In a baseball diamond a beam shoots up and from it a digital field.

Inside the digital field a hole opens up and three Flybeemon fly out of it ad Renamon appears before them.

Flybeemon: Hm?

The 1st Flybeemon flies toward Renamon but she disappears and reappears behind him.

Renamon: Things not what they seemed?

Outside the digital field Rika arrives.

Rika: Renamon!

Calumon jumps out from behind a bush.

Calumon: Rika! Whatís wrong?

She hesitates to enter so just watches.

Inside the digital field the 2nd flies to Renamon grabbing her attention. Then the 2nd tries to attack with her back turned but she swats him away like a fly with her tail. Then she slashes at the 2nd.

2nd Flybeemon: Huh?

He disappears.

Renamon: One down, that was easy enough. Hm?

From behind Renamon the 3rd appears and shoots a stinger at Renamon.

Renamon: Uh! Where did that come from?

She falls to her knees and looks around.

Renamon: Rika, where are you?

Renamon (thinking): Rikaís not coming, I have to do this alone.

Outside Henry and Terriermon arrive.

Henry: Rika, why are you outside? Youíre missing the fight, thatís not like you. Whereís Renamon? Is she in there?

Calumon: She needs you.

In the digital field.

Flybeemon: Lightning Sting!

Electricity forms on their wings then they shoot it at Renamon making her fall.

Renamon: Uh!

Outside Rika grasps her D-power then turns and runs with Calumon following.

Calumon: Where ya going?

Henry: Rika!

Terriermon: Whatís with her?

Inside the digital field the Flybeemon move in on the seemingly injured Renamon.

Renamon: Hm.

She jumps to her feet on the pitcherís mound then jumps past the Flybeemon into the air.

Renamon: Diamond Storm!

The ice leaves rain down on them destroying them, allowing Renamon to absorb their data.

Renamon: I did it, I destroyed them without Rikaís help. Hm.

On the street Rika is walking.

Rika: Renamon just wanted me to help her digivolve, Iím not falling for it anymore. I donít need her.

Calumon: Oh...humans can be so silly. Sometimes theyíre up and sometimes theyíre down. They gotta learn to go with the flow.

Back at the baseball field Renamon jumps over the fence.

Henry: Renamon, Rika was here I think sheís worried about you.

Renamon: She is? Are you sure?

Terriermon: She was all white faced and jumpy, you know? She was in a bad way.

Renamon: Rika? I doubt it.

Henry: Renamon, you two fit together, you should be partners not enemies.

Renamon: Partners.

Terriermon: Ha ha! Bout time, I want to play!

Calumon runs over and Terriermon and him belly high five and fall back.

Renamon: Partners, you keep using that word. Am I supposed to know what it means?

Henry: Itís like this, Terriermon and I are both friends and equals.

Renamon: Equals.

Henry: Exactly, we know each others strengthís and weaknesses.

Renamon: Hm.

Terriermon: Guess what? Henry taught me tai-chi, do you want to learn?

Calumon: How do you do it? Hm?

Terriermon: You start like this.

Terriermon makes a stance and Calumon copies.

Calumon: Like this?

Henry: Both of you mustíve had something in common or you wouldnít have become partners in the first place. It was no coincidence, Iím sure of it.

Terriermon: This is gonna take longer than I thought.

Calumon: Whoa! Whoa!

Later on Henry is talking with Takato.

Henry: It was one strange conversation I could tell you that. What would you have said?

Takato: Bout Guilmon? I donít know, itís hard to put in words. Heís not exactly your average digimon, huh? Heís my friend, I can rely on him no matter what. But Renamon and Rika...they donít seem to understand that. I wish we could help.

Henry: Me too.

Takato: So weird, I bet itís just eating her up, huh?

Henry: Iíd imagine that it is, but with her ya just never know.

They turn a corner.

Henry: Huh?

Takato: Hey, whatís the holdup?

He sees a man in a suit right in front of them.

Takato: Uh, uh...

He walks up.

Yamaki: Are you Takato Matsuki?

Takato: Uh, yeah. Yeah, thatís me.

Yamaki: That must make you Henry Wong.

Henry: What about it?

Yamaki: You were hanging around the Shinjuku guardrail yesterday, werenít you?

Takato: Uh.

Yamaki: Youíve been under observation. This game youíre playing is dangerous. I suggest you find a new hobby.

Henry: Just you are you anyway? And what do you care what we do? Huh?

Jeri: Takato!

Henry, Terriermon, and Takato: Huh?

Yamaki: Consider this a warning.

Yamaki turns and runs while the two turn and look from where that came and Henry sees him and follows.

Henry: What? Hey wait a minute! What do you mean warning? This isnít exactly normal adult behavior, you know?!

Henry runs after him.

Takato: Wait! Henry! Uh.

Jeri catches up.

Jeri: Takato!

Jeri: Hi Jeri.

Jeri: Hi, I know itís not nice to listen to other peopleís conversations but I just couldnít help it.

Takato: Wha?

Jeri: Why were you arguing with Kenta and Kazu?

Takato: Arguing?

Jeri: It sounded like you were arguing about a real digimon.

Takato: A real digimon?

Jeri: Would you stop repeating me!? Is it true?

Takato: If I told you that it was would you believe me? You wouldnít be scared?

Jeri: Iíd believe you, I want to see him! Please!

Takato laughs then realizes what she said.

Takato: Wha?

He sees she really does want to see Guilmon.

Takato: Uh...

His face turns red.

At the hideout.

Takato (thinking): This may be the absolute dumbest thing Iíve ever done.

Jeri: Does he live here?

Takato: Huh? Yeah, thatís right.

Jeri: A real digimon?

Takato: Amazing, huh? Wait till you see him. I created him you know.

Jeri: You did? Wow! What kind of digimon is he?

Takato: Heís tough and baby can he fight. His special attack is Pyro Sphere.

He opens the gate.

Jeri: Huh.

Jeri sees yellow glowing eyes and gets scared.

Takato (thinking): Whoops, this could get ugly.

Takato: I was just kidding, itís fake. You know, rubber eyes, flashlight. I had ya goiní there didnít I? You know how us boys are.

Jeri: Huh? But you.

Takato: Iím sorry if I...

Guilmon pokes his head through the darkness.

Guilmon: Hey Takato, Iím hungry, did you bring some bread?

Takato looks upset and Jeri points at Guilmon and yells.

Takato: Ugh!

Guilmon: You brought a friend instead.

She grabs Guilmon and hugs him.

Jeri: Cute!

Takato: Did you say cute? You meant cool, didnít you?

Guilmon: I donít mind cute, but who is she?

Jeri: Oops, Iím sorry.

She grabs his hand and shakes it.

Jeri: Iím Jeri.

Guilmon: Iím Guilmon, nice to meet cha. Is she your girlfriend?

Takato: Uh, well sheís a friend.

Jeri: Guilmon guess what? Iíve got a little present for you.

She reaches into her pocket and puts something on Guilmonís nose.

Jeri: Iím gonna put it right here.

She puts it on Guilmonís nose then moves away to show itís a flower sticker.

Jeri: Perfect.

Guilmon: Not bad. What do you think?

Takato: Itís cute...all right.

Takato (thinking): I canít believe I just said that.

Atop a building Renamon stands staring into the city.

Renamon (thinking): I won the fight, why do I feel like I lost? Something doesnít feel right, something is missing.

Renamon sees Impmon run across another building.

Renamon: Now what is he up to?

Impmon looks down into a kids bedroom and sees two little kids pulling both arms of a teddy bear.

Impmon (thinking): Humans, look at íem. Dogs have more sense.

Ai: Come on! Itís my turn!

Mako: No way, momma said heís mine!

Ai: Oh yeah? Well you gotta share!

Impmon hears Aiís voice from the past.

Ai: Impmon!

Impmon: Huh?

Impmon has a flashback to when he was that teddy bear.

Ai: Mako is a bad boy and broke my toy, so go and teach him a lesson! Ya hear me?

Impmon: Bad boy?

Mako: It was broken in the first place! Besides, what about the video game you took from me?

Ai: I did it because you always take mine without my permission!

Mako: Yeah, but momma said I could use it and sheís the boss, so take that fat face!

Ai: Youíre a big liar! Iím gonna send Impmon after you and you can bet heís gonna find out the truth!

Impmon: Huh?

Mako: Impmon! Sheís a big brat and a big, fat liar!

Ai: Donít believe that weasel! Now get him before he breaks something else!

Mako: Impmon!

Mako pulls Impmon to him.

Ai: Impmon!

Ai pulls Impmon toward her.

They argue until Impmon canít take it anymore.

Impmon: Knock it off!

End flashback.

In the window Impmon sees the kids rip the bear in half and start crying and he shudders.

Impmon: Hm?

He turns and sees Renamon.

Impmon: Well what?

Renamon: What is wrong with you?

Impmon: Hm! Not a blasted thing toots, now toodles!

Impmon jumps away.

Later that evening Impmon is walking next to a billboard humming something with Renamon following.

Impmon: Hm, quit following me!

Renamon: I have a question.

Impmon: And you think I care? Actually I do care, surprised? I care because Iím sure itís something stupid!

Renamon jumps of the billboard onto the rail with Impmon.

Impmon: Hm, Iíve learned not to expect much from you human loving digi-duds, but maybe thereís hope for you darling, coming to yours truly for the answers. So tell me foxy, what can I do ya for?

Renamon: Why donít you have a partner?

Impmon starts to lose balance.

Renamon: Why should a digimon have a partner?

Impmon: You got me, no self-respecting digimon needs a partner specially a human.

Renamon: Are you sure?

Impmon: Of course I am, humans are selfish, Iíd stay far away from them if I were you. Theyíre trouble with a capital T. Iím sorry fox face, did I go too fast for you? Ah forget about it!

Impmon jumps over to the edge.

Renamon: How can we digivolve or increase our strength unless we have a partner?

Impmon: Ah, come on! You not really buying that one? The powerís inside of you! Forget all the rest!

Renamon: How do I find it?

Impmon: Uh, I guess youíre not very bright. Donít expect me to tell you what to do you gotta figure it out for yourself.

Renamon: I see, I think I get what youíre trying to say.

Impmon: You get what Iím trying to say? Youíre just a know-it-all like the rest of them, ĎI get it, I get ití, well youíre not Einstein and frankly you make me sick to my stomach!

Renamon: Iíll leave you alone then.

She turns and leaves jumping up buildings till she disappears.

Impmon: Youíll wha?

Impmon jumps down and back.

Impmon: Hey I got a lot more to say, donít ya want to hear? Ah, Ba Boom.

Outside Takatoís bakery Yamaki is opening and closing his lighter.

Yamaki: Hm, how quaint.

Renamon is standing on a buildingís outlet thing.

Renamon: Do I need Rika to fulfill my destiny?

In Rikaís house she just gets back and her Grandma pokes her head in.

Rikaís Grandma: Youíre back late today, where have you been? Hey would you mind running out and getting me some potatoes? I need them for a special recipe Iím making.

Rika: Why?

Rikaís Grandma: Well because, it wouldnít be potato soup without them. Arenít you hungry, dear?

Rika: I hate potatoes, and I donít want any food.

Rikaís Grandma: Hm...

Rika opens her door , slams it shut, and then tosses her D-power in the trash again.

Rika: Uh...

She lies her head on the table. Her Grandma then opens the door.

Rikaís Grandma: Would you like to talk about it?

Rika doesnít answer.

Rikaís Grandma: You barely ever speak to me, how am I supposed to know what you want? Iím trying to understand you, but you always treat me like Iím the enemy. I was your age once you know? If you just give me a chance I might be able to help. Please Rika just tell me whatís wrong.

Rika: Just forget it, you wouldnít understand.

Rikaís Grandma: Oh, maybe youíre not old enough to understand this, but no one can make it in this world on their own. People are meant to be together, youíre expecting way too much out of yourself, Rika.

Rika just lies there.

Back on the outlet thing.

Renamon (thinking): I hate to admit it, but Impmon could be right.

Later that night in the park a digital field appears and a digimon jumps from tree to tree.

On the outlet Renamon sees the digital field.

Renamon: I must rely on the power within me, I am alone in this world.

In Rikaís room her D-power glows in her trash can.

Rika: Wha?

She sees the glowing then just closes her eyes and covers her ears.

In the digital field Renamon stands there listening to the digimon screeching and from behind her Harpymon flies down and tries to claw Renamon, but Renamon jumps out of the way.

At the hideout Jeri is leaving.

Jeri: See ya.

Guilmon: Bye-bye.

Jeri: Iíll come visit again.

Takato: Oh, uh okay. Anytime.

She leaves, and Guilmon starts to sneeze from the sticker on his nose.

Takato: Guilmon, do you think she likes me?

Guilmon: Well.

Guilmon sneezes and Henry runs up.

Takato: Hey Henry!

Henry: He got away from me. Whoever he is he sure is sneaky.

Takato: Yeah, I noticed.

Henry: He knew way too much about us.

Guilmon hears Harpymon screeching.

Takato: Huh? Something the matter Guilmon?

Guilmon runs to the fight.

Takato: What is it?

Terriermon jump off Henryís shoulder and follows to the fight.

Henry: Wha?

Terriermon: Thatís either a digimon or a train wreck.

Henry: Huh?

They follow.

In Rikaís room the D-power is still glowing and Calumon is in the room.

Calumon: Oh, Iíd better see what it wants.

Calumon jumps in the trash can knocking it down with him in it.

Calumon: Ooh, well itís not saying much but the light sue is pretty.

Rika: Give it here!

Calumon: Huh? Oh...

Rika looks at it then puts it down.

Calumon: Bu Rika.

She covers her ears and closes her eyes again and he picks it up again.

Calumon: Whatever it said didnít go over very well.

He looks at Rika.

Calumon: Oh...

At the digital field Takato and the others arrive.

Takato: Renamonís in a fight!

They see Harpymon flying down and trying to claw Renamon but Renamon is escaping and Takato checks Harpymonís data.

Takato: Whoa itís Harpymon, thatís one nasty digimon with a screech like nails down a chalkboard. Renamonís gonna have a tough time dealing with her Wind Seeker attack.

Henry: Rika!

Takato: I donít see her anywhere.

Guilmon and Terriermon run in to help Renamon.

Harpymon: Wind Seeker!

She flies up, flaps her wings and then a blue blade flies at Guilmon and Terriermon but they dodge it.

Renamon: Diamond Storm!

Harpymon misses the attack the flies to Renamon while Renamon smacks Harpymon to the ground. From behind the mist Rika emerges.

Takato and Henry: Hm?

Henry: Rika!

Takato: Just in time.

Terriermon: Hey, hey! Renamon, look who finally made an entrance.

Renamon sees Rika and Rika looks at her as well.

Renamon jumps up and strikes Harpymon knocking her to the ground.

Renamon (thinking): Impmon was right, I willed myself strength and it came.

Rika (thinking): Renamon was powerful without my help, I knew she didnít want me.

Takato: Sheís frozen like a statue.

Henry: Isnít she gonna finish off Harpymon and load her data?

Rika: Uh...

Renamon: I could load the data of every opponent I fight and take them apart one by one.

Renamon closes her eyes.

Renamon: But whatís the point after itís all over?

Harpymon struggles to lift her head then gets up.

All: Huh!

Renamon opens her eyes to see Harpymon ready to attack.

Harpymon: Wind Seeker!

The blasts blows Renamon back and on the ground.

Rika: Uh!

Henry: Oh no!

Renamon: Uh...

Rika: Oh, uh!

Harpymon flies to Renamon and starts clawing at her but Renamon moves to the other side before Harpymon can.

Rika: Huh.

Rika reaches for her card case then notices itís not there.

Rika: Oh no.

She has a flashback to the night before when Calumon put her card near here then she just goes to sleep, end flashback.

Renamon is still turning from Harpymonís claws while Rika looks around for something to help her with.

Rika: Uh.

She grabs a stick then runs to Harpymon.

Henry: Rika come back!

Rika takes the sharp end and stabs Harpymon right in the back making her scream and turn to Rika.

Takato: Rika!

Henry: No!

Calumon: Oh, oh, oh.

Calumonís forehead symbol glows.

D-power: Digivolution.

Renamon: Renamon digivolve to...

Kyubimon: Kyubimon!

Harpymon flies back.

Harpymon: Wind Seeker!

Kyubimon: Fox Tail Inferno!

Harpymonís blade doesnít even leave before Kyubimonís fire burns Harpymon making her scream and turn into data, and Kyubimon just letís her data flow away.

Rika: Youíre not loading her data?

Kyubimon: No.

Rika: But, why not?

Kyubimon: Because I donít need it anymore.

Rika: I donít understand.

Kyubimon: I donít need an opponentís data, because I have you.

Rika: Uh, because of me?

Kyubimon: Rika, you just saved my life. Why did you do it?

Rika: Someone had to do it, you saved my life once.

Kyubimon: You were just repaying a debt?

Rika: No, thatís not what I meant. Youíre my partner.

Kyubimon: And thatís what partners do. We protect each other, is that what youíre saying?

Rika: Mm hm, something like that. Weíll watch each others back.

Takato: Uh...I donít get it.

Henry: Itís obvious they were worried about each other, problem is theyíre too hard-headed to admit it. The other ones playing silly games until they drop.

Takato: Being honest with each other would be too hard.

The four of them laugh.

Later that night.

Takato: Iím always honest with you, arenít I Guilmon?

Guilmon: Yeah, you told me I was cute.

Henry: No way, he mustíve meant you were cool, right Takato?

They leave.

Yamaki: Canít they see the danger? Data walking around like living, breathing creatures. I cannot allow this obscenity to continue. There is simply too much at stake. Iím sorry children, your time is up.

Yamaki laughs.