Season 3, Episode 13: "Juggernaut" 
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Transcribed by: SteelWarrior

In a building Takato and Guilmon are in a fight with Darkrizamon.

Takato: Ready Guilmon? Digi-Modify! MetalGarurumon's Blaster Activate!

Guilmon: Metal Blaster!

Darkrizamon drops to the floor, Guilmon growls, and Takato makes a sigh of relief.

Takato: Darkrizamon was one tough cookie, but you did it.

Guilmon: Mm, did you say cookie?

Takato: I can't believe you're thinking of food right now.

Outside helicopters are flying around the building.

Takato: Huh?

Bright light engulfs the room.

Takato: What's going on?

Helicopter pilot #1: Target confirmed, strike team standby, initiate retrieval sequence.

Guilmon: Are we supposed to fight them Takato?

Takato: No, I mean I have no idea. Maybe we should scram before we find out.

Darkrizamon: No, I want to stay. Make me stronger, make me digivolve!

Darkrizamon gets up.

Takato: Huh?

Two balls are thrown on the floor and they lets out smoke.

Guilmon: Takatomon where are you?

Takato: Guilmon, where are you? Guilmon?

The smoke clears and Darkrizamon is right in front of Takato.

Darkrizamon: Please!

Takato gets scared and from behind Darkrizamon is shot at and she falls.

Guilmon: You okay?

Takato is shaking.

Takato: Uh huh.

Next to Darkrizamon Yamaki appears.

Yamaki: Well aren't you going to thank me? After all I did save your life.

He turns to Takato.

Yamaki: That deserves something.

Takato: Huh!?

Yamaki: This is dangerous work little boy, shouldn't you be napping?

Takato: Wh, who are you?

Yamaki: I'll ask the questions. Who do you think you are attacking digimon on your own? Do you think this is a game?

Yamaki signs some paperwork given to him by a scientist.

Yamaki: They are lethal creatures, who should be contained. In fact for your safety I should take your little red friend there too.

Takato: Leave him alone, he's nothing like Darkrizamon!

Yamaki: Hm, so young, so naive.

Takato: Who ya calling naive?

Darkrizamon makes sounds of life.

Takato: I don't believe it, she's alive.

The scientist leaves.

Yamaki: And dangerous, maybe I should take your friend, he could become dangerous too.

Takato: No! You'll have to go through me!

Yamaki: Well, probably more trouble than he's worth, right?

He starts to walk away.

Yamaki: Ha ha ha ha ha, don't say I didn't warn you, little boy.

Yamaki disappears and Darkrizamon is gone with him.

Helicopter pilot #1: Mission complete, returning captain to headquarters.

Takato: Who is that guy?

In the hideout.

Takato: You uh, did great tonight Guilmon.

Takato walks to the door.

Guilmon: Takato.

Takato: Yeah?

Guilmon: I'm getting better, huh Takato? If I keep winning I'll get stronger and stronger and then I'll digivolve again, just like you want me to.

Takato: Yeah, sure you will.

Guilmon: Waiting's hard, I wanna digivolve right now. I wonder when I'll change again.

Takato: Change?

Flashback to when Growlmon absorbed DeviDramon's data and how big he was.

End flashback.

Takato: No more fights.

Guilmon: Huh? But no more fight means no more data, how will I get stronger? I thought you wanted me to digivolve.

Takato: I don't, you'll change!

Takato runs out of the hideout.

Guilmon: Huh? Oh, what I do? Takato?

On the street Takato runs home and behind him a building glows.

Riley: Something's appeared on my radar.

Tally: Uh, and I thought we were gonna have a quiet night.

Riley: Hm, it looks like a wild one, but I, I can't be sure. The signal's almost unreadable.

Tally: Huh, maybe it's a glitch in the program, those engineers are so unreliable.

Riley: Uh, now the tracer's acting erratic.

Tally: I'm telling you it's those engineers, they're always going to karaoke parties instead of checking the equipment like they should.

Riley: According to the tracer it's right under us. But, uh that's impossible.

Riley takes off her goggles.

Calumon is running around the Hypnos floor.

Calumon: Calumon zoom, zoom! Here zoom, there zoom! Calumon zoom, zoom! No underwear zoom! Ha ha ha.

Tally takes off her goggles and sees Calumon smiling looking back.

Tally: Oh, so cute.

Yamaki rides the elevator to the research lab.

Yamaki (thinking): Those clueless tamers and their digimon, so oblivious to what I'm cooking up in my little lab. They'll find out soon enough and they'll be surprised.

In a giant test tube Darkrizamon stands there.

In the main floor Tally is looking under something for Calumon.

Tally: Hello? Where'd it go? You saw it too, right?

Riley: I think that leftover enchilada you had for lunch is making you see things. Come on, give it up.

Tally gets up and still looks for him.

Tally: I'm telling you it walked and talked, and rhymed.

Riley: And I'm telling you it's your lunch. Serves you right for eating four day old food.

Tally: Maybe you're right.

In the lab.

Darkrizamon: What is this place? Let me out! I don't want to go back!

Scientist #1: Sir, uh we're ready to initiate the data scan, but the creature may not survive.

Yamaki: Huh, you say that as if I should care. It's not as though that thing down there is flesh and blood, you know.

Scientist #1: Excuse me sir, but it has a real body, it's a life form.

Yamaki: A worm is more of a life form than this thing, they're just packets of data, computer code, zero's and one's. Their ability to appear in our world is a fluke, but our monstrous friend here is not without its use. By analyzing its data we can learn how digimon are created and how they can be destroyed. Proceed with the scan, I want full power.

He nods to the guy next to the machine and he turns it on.

Scientist #2: Yes sir.

Darkrizamon: Oh! No! let me out of here!

Scientist #1: Its particles are dissipating.

Yamaki: Don't stop until we have all of its data. We're only steps from achieving our ultimate goal.

Darkrizamon: No!

Scientist #1: It's gone.

Scientist #2: Its data hasn't disappeared though, just the body. Should I save the data?

Yamaki: I don't see the point, we got all the information we needed from the scanning procedure, eliminate anything that's left.

Scientist #2: Wha-what? Uh yes sir, destroying all particles now.

The test tube glows blue as it deletes the data and Yamaki watches.

Yamaki: Get used to it, we'll scan as many as we have to till they're all gone.

At school the next day the bell rings and Takato talks to Ms. Asaji who's outside rubbing her forehead.

Takato: Uh, morning Ms. Asaji.

Ms. Asaji: Huh? Oh it's you Takato, all right what are you hiding under your shirt today?

She can see something in his shirt bulging out.

Takato: Uh, oh it's my lunchbox.

He covers his D-power.

Takato: It's just really small cause I'm uh...on a diet.

Ms. Asaji: Huh, it's too early in the morning to start causing trouble. I haven't even had my first cup of coffee yet.

Takato smiles.

Takato: I won't cause any trouble, not me.

Ms. Asaji: I've said this before, boys who break the rules grow up to become thugs and zoo keepers.

Takato: But what's wrong with being a zoo keeper, Ms. Asaji?

Ms. Asaji: Oh Takato don't be silly, for one thing you don't get any respect, you have to work all day with animals who never do what you tell them to do.

Takato: Gee that kina sounds like what you do now.

Ms. Asaji: What?

Takato: Uh, he he he he he, nothing. Bye Ms. Asaji.

Ms. Asaji: Uh, well at least animals don't make wisecracks.

Mr. Morey: Morning Ms. Asaji, and what a lovely morning it is. Good to see you're keeping the students in line.

She starts to walk to the school.

Ms. Asaji: Uh, put a sock in it Morey.

Mr. Morey: Wha? What I say? Ms. Asaji, hello?

In class Kazu, Kenta and another kid are talking and they see Takato.

Takato: Hey there.

Kazu: Oh yeah, uh hey yourself.

Takato: Uh!

Jeri sees the boys aren't really friendly.

Jeri: Hm!

Later in class.

Ms. Asaji: The topic for today is vegetables. To many of you vegetables are like homework assignments

Takato (thinking): I've always wanted Guilmon to become stronger and digivolve just like in the card game, but that man's right this isn't a game.

He looks at his drawings of Guilmon, Growlmon and Growlmon's next form.

Takato (thinking): Guilmon's totally different when he digivolves, what if he ends up like the bad digimon we fight against and stops being my friend?

He scribbles out the ultimate form and a note ends up on Takato's notebook.

Takato (thinking): I don't want him to become a monster.

Takato: Huh?

He looks and sees Jeri looking at him then he opens it and sees Guilmon dressed as a little boy.

Takato giggles.

Takato (thinking): At least Jeri doesn't think he's a monster.

He looks at Jeri and she's making her hands open and close like it's her sock puppet.

Takato (thinking): Although she would scream like a banshee if she saw Growlmon. I hope Guilmon never changes.

At Henry's house Terriermon is on his computer playing a game.

Terriermon: Stand back denizens of the Digital World, Terriermon's back.

On the screen digimon cards are there and four digimon keep popping up.

Terriermon: Whoa. Must've pressed the wrong button.

The door slams shut and Suzie's there so Terriermon plays stuffed animal.

Suzie: I wonder what I'll find in here.

Terriermon falls from the computer chair.

Suzie: Oh look, it's an orphan. All alone in the world, no one to love you, or change your diapers.

She picks Terriermon up.

Suzie: Suzie Sunshine will rescue you. I'll bathe you and dress you and use a big powder puff on you. You'll be my little princess PrettyPants. Oh yes you will.

Suzie giggles.

At the Park Kenta is swinging and stops with Kazu next to him.

Takato: Uh, hey guys.

He walks up.

Kenta: Uh hey.

Kazu: Hi.

Takato: So, what's up?

Jeri walks on the side walk with her puppet.

Jeri: Ruff! Ruff! Ruff!

It catches their attention.

Jeri: What are you boys doing today, playing digimon?

Kenta: No way, digimon's for kids.

Kazu: Yeah, it's all pretend.

Takato: Well Guilmon's real.

Kazu: Oh not that again. Listen dude, you're not scaring anyone with that oversized stuffed dinosaur of yours, okay?

Kenta: Uh, yeah.

Jeri: But Guilmon's not a toy.

Kenta: Whatever, we're just not into playing digimon anymore, it's lame.

Takato: You don't have to dump on it, if you don't like it then don't play.

Jeri: Uh-oh, what's wrong with them? I know.

She uses her sock puppet.

Jeri (sock puppet): Boys are silly, sometimes they fight even when there's nothing to fight about. It's all just pretend right?

Jeri: Yeah, that's right.

Kazu: Kenta, let's go hang at my place.

Jeri (sock puppet): Oh!

Kenta: Yeah, let's leave Takato with his kiddie game.

They walk away.

Takato: It's not a game.

Jeri: Where'd they go? Did I say something wrong, Takato?

Takato shakes his head.

Takato: It's not you.

Jeri (sock puppet): Ruff! Hey are you gonna play with Guilmon today?

Takato: Jeri, I'm not just playing!

Jeri: Uh.

Takato: I...I gotta go.

Takato runs home and Jeri takes her sock puppet in her other arm and holds it.

In the Hypnos Building Yamaki is having a meeting with four people through computer.

Man in car: Yamaki, I'm very disappointed. We've spent millions on Hypnos and what do you give us? One digimon floating in a tank in your lab. If that's all we needed I'd have hired a dog catcher.

Woman in office: Catching them after they bio-merged isn't good enough, can't you keep them from appearing altogether? If the media finds out about these so called wild ones think of the panic it'll cause.

Yamaki: Yes ma'am, but Hypnos is the only reason there haven't been any media leaks in the first place.

Man in office: Enough talk, let's just let the army handle it so I can get on with my lunch.

Man on golf course: I uh lost my briefing so I'm a little lost, what are these digiman or whatever they're called.

Woman in office: It's digimon you twit, ugh I'll explain it again. Years ago a team of scientists created artificial life programs also known as digimon.

Man on golf course: Oh you mean like pets, like my cat Muffy?

Woman in office: No you dolt, they're advanced forms of intelligence, in fact they were so smart the scientists couldn't control them.

Man on golf course: Sometimes I can't control Muffy, like when she spits hairballs on the couch!

Woman in office: Mention Muffy again and I'll drop-kick you to the next time zone!

Yamaki: The program was shut down and digimon became a mere children's game or so we thought, somehow they survived and even worse developed the ability to synthesize proteins to take form here in the Real World.

Man in office: So they're like a pack of freak circus animals, what's the big deal?

Man on golf course: I agree, I mean who doesn't love the circus?

Yamaki: Sir, these are not performing monkeys, they have unlimited powers of destruction and indefinite life spans. They're a threat to humanity. You've rejected my proposal before, but the only solution is to completely eliminate them, in the Digital World and here. I have a plan that uses the digimon's own data against them, it's quite elegant really and there's no cause for hesitation. It's not as if we're destroying living, breathing creatures, they're just faulty programs which should never have been created in the first place. Think of lives we'd save, the chaos we could avert by striking early.

Man in car: This proposal, what's it called?

Yamaki: Juggernaut.

Man in car: The boundary between the Digital World and ours is thin, how do we know what effect Juggernaut will have on the Real World?

Man on golf course: Yeah, how do I know you won't blow up my swimming pool?

Yamaki: I wouldn't worry about that, Juggernaut may cause some complications online, but hang ups on the net happen every day. I doubt anyone will even notice.

Man in office: These might not be simple complications, you know how I feel about your previous work Yamaki, but the chief’s right it's too risky. The general public is bound to suspect something.

Yamaki: Sir, no one knows that Hypnos even exists.

Man on golf course: Well I'm not getting in trouble over this, can't we just test this uh Jugger-whatever and see what happens? And if Yamaki gets discovered, huh we'll deny having anything to do with him.

Man in car: Good idea, for once you've come up with something we can actually use. Got it Yamaki?

Yamaki: Yeah I got it, we'll continue testing.

The window blinds open and the meeting ends.

Yamaki: Bunch of fools.

In the Park later Takato and Guilmon are talking with two little kids poking Guilmon's tail.

Kid #1: Go on, he doesn't mind. See?

Guilmon: You still mad at me?

Takato: I'm not mad, I'm just worried about cha that's all.

Little kids run around the Park.

Guilmon: But why?

Takato: When you digivolved you scared the pants off me, how you looked, your eyes.

Guilmon: It was just me.

Takato: But you barely even knew who I was, what if one day you like quantum digivolved and like totally forgot me or who you used to be?

Guilmon: I wouldn't forget you, you're my friend. Hm, Takato no matter how much you change you're still you and no matter how much I change, I hope you know I'm still me too, kay?

Takato: Guilmon.

Guilmon: Yeah?

Takato: You are totally amazing, it's like it was only yesterday that you were thinking and talking like a baby, but look at you now you see thing so clearly, maybe even better than I do sometimes.

Guilmon: Ha, I get it off of you, Takato.

Takato: You know what? I wish I could change too.

Guilmon: Takato digivolve!

Takato: Takato digivolve to MegaTakatomon! Roar! How!

He stands up and howls, barks and the little kids stop and look at him.

Takato: Guilmon, I'm sorry for actin' all weird, you know, yesterday?

Guilmon: Why? You said you were only worried about me, right?

Takato: I know, but I should've realized even though were Growlmon on the outside, were still the same bread snarfing goof on the inside, right?

Guilmon: Right.

They both laugh and howl.

In the Hypnos Building.

Tally: Hey Riley, what do you think that is?

Tally points to a giant machine, juggernaut.

Riley: Hm...well whatever it is it ain't pretty.

Tally: We sure didn't get authorization for this.

Riley takes off her goggles and out her compact mirror and looks at herself.

Riley: Yamaki does what he wants, if I were you I wouldn't ask too many questions. Just know all his projects mean bad news for somebody.

At Rika's house.

Rika: Renamon, when you fought Harpymon you didn't load her data, that's the first time I’ve seen you do that, why?

Renamon comes out of the ground next to Rika.

Renamon: I didn't need to.

Rika: But how will you digivolve?

Renamon: I think digimon with human partners don't need to absorb data, something special about their relationship with their tamers makes them digivolve.

Rika: I guess the two of us are like that, huh?

Renamon: I guess so.

Rika twiddles her feet in her socks.

Rika: I never thought I'd feel this way, it's kinda weird.

Renamon: What?

Rika: It's like I can't remember what I used to be so angry about. I don't even feel like poking fun at Takato and Henry's silly digimon anymore.

Renamon: Huh, you're right, that is weird.

In the hallway to Henry's apartment Janyu walks to the door and a mysterious man appears next to him as he starts to open the door.

Janyu: Huh?

Man: You are Mr. Wong I presume.

Janyu: What? Uh, thanks but I'm not interested in buying anything.

Man: I'm no salesman Mr. Wong, think of me as a ghost from your past. From when you and your reckless friends thought you could do anything, like creating digital life forms on the net. They're out of control now, Mr. Wong, someone has to pay the price.

Janyu: Why don't you just tell me what you want?

Man: I need you to help me find one of your old playmates, one who refuses to grow up, who is working on the project right now.

Janyu: I don't know anything.

Man: Don't lie Mr. Wong, it's unbecoming.

Janyu: Whoa are you?! Huh?

He turns to see a frightened Henry where the man was.

Henry: Uh, hi Dad.

Janyu: Uh, Henry.

Henry: Is there something wrong? Who were you yelling at?

The door opens up and Suzie emerges with Terriermon.

Suzie: Daddy you're home!

She turns to Henry.

Suzie: Henry, say hello to Princess PrettyPants!

She holds Terriermon up who's dressed like a baby and he starts to cry.

Henry: Uh, okay hi there.

On a rooftop Calumon looks out.

Calumon: Oh, that building I was in, I don't like it after all. There's something funny about it, something not nice.

From in front of Calumon Impmon pops up and scares him and makes Calumon fall backwards.

Impmon: Ooh, did I scare the adorable Calumon? Not so tough when you're tumbling like a sack of potatoes, huh fat face?

Calumon: You're a big meanie, weenie! No wonder you don't have any friends!

Impmon: Ah what good are friends? You run around bein' all cute and friendly and what's that done for ya? Ya can't even digivolve. No tamer wants you as a digimon, they just put up with you cause what's the word I'm looking for? Oh yeah, pathetic.

Calumon: Impmon, is there anyone you do like?

Impmon: Nah, you pretty much all make me sick.

He walks on the rail.

Impmon: What a young digimon like you needs isn't friends but some good advice, and it's your lucky day cause I'm in the sharin' kind of mood.

He stops.

Impmon: Life, my friend, is all about survival of the fittest, that's when the best and the brightest, that's me, wipes the floor with the meek and the weak, that's you. So if I blast you to Kingdom Come and absorb your data like I'm plannin' on doin', don't take it personal it's just nature takin' its course.

Calumon: Oh

In the Hypnos Building.

Scientist: Operation Juggernaut, initiate.

Riley: I'm getting an abnormal reading. Sir, is this all part of the project we're testing? The Juggernaut?

Yamaki: Yes, but it's nothing to be concerned about, we're just giving it a test run. Using data from the digimon we've captured I've constructed a digimon composite to act as bait. Instead of us hunting for them, they'll come to us.

Tally: You're brilliant, sir.

Yamaki: Well that's your first accurate observation.

Behind the Juggernaut system a blue beam shoots up.

In the hideout Takato has his cards out.

Takato: Hey Guilmon now that we're back on track I have all these attacks I wanna try.

Guilmon is digging.

Takato: And maybe we should have a team name too like Awesome Twosome, or Dynamite Duo. What do you think?

The ground starts to shake.

Takato: An earthquake?

Guilmon (thinking): It's coming.

In Henry's house.

Janyu: Dinnertime everyone! Who wants take-out?

Suzie: I do! I do! I do!

Henry and Suzie's older sister comes out of her room.

Henry's sister: Hey Dad, smells great I'm starving.

Henry's Mom: Now no smart comments about how this stuff's better than my cooking.

She sits down while the sister gets something to drink.

Janyu: So what do you want? Fried frog or pickled pig feet? Mm, mm.

Henry's sister: Oh Dad give me a break. I'm not eating fried frog.

Janyu You never know, you might like it.

Henry: Hey, uh Dad.

Janyu (whispers): Don't worry I made that up, but don't tell your sister, okay?

Henry: Actually I wanna know about that digimon project you used to work on.

Janyu: Let's talk about that later, okay son?

Henry: Oh, okay.

Henry's sister sit down.

Henry's sister: So wher's the frog?

After dinner in Henry's room the curtain is hitting against the window.

In the dining room.

Henry: Huh?

In Henry's room Terriermon is jumping at the window.

Terriermon: Whoa! Whoa!

Henry walks in.

Henry: Uh, Terriermon.

Terriermon: It's got me Henry like a magnet. Can't resist it!

Henry: What is happening to you?

Outside in the sky above Hypnos the blue beam shoots up into the sky.

Man: Operation Juggernaut activated.

Rings form from the middle out.

Man: Data stream dispatched! Projected response, immediate.

On Yamaki's com device the Juggernaut system is shown.

Yamaki (thinking): Those digimon won't know what hit them. Let's see the kiddies deal with this.

Outside the hideout Takato looks into the sky and Guilmon is ready to fight.

Takato: The sky.

Guilmon: Takato something's coming. A digimon, and it's really big.

Takato: Uh...