Season 3, Episode 14: "Grow Mon Grow" 
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Transcribed by: SteelWarrior

On the street Calumon is running away from someone.

Calumon: Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.

He turns while running.

Calumon: Leave me alone!

He trips and falls forward.

Calumon: What do you want from me, you big bully?

Impmon lights a fire on his finger.

Impmon: Nothing pally, just your data.

Calumon: Oh.

Impmon: What's the matter?

Impmon looks up to the sky and all the people are too.

In Henry's apartment Terriermon is clawing at the window.

Terriermon: Must go now.

Henry: Hey Terriermon, are you okay?

He walks over to Terriermon.

Back in the city Rika is moving through the crowd.

Rika: Move! Uh, outta my way!

She breaks through the crowd.

Rika: Hm.

Renamon stand on the bridge overhead Rika.

Takato and Guilmon run out of the park.

Takato: Whoa it looks like the sky's on fire.

Yamaki: Goodbye.

He takes off his sunglasses.

Yamaki: Beasts of mayhem, time to go away. The world will soon be free of this hideous pestilence forever.

He looks at his com device that has Juggernaut on it.

Yamaki: Hm hm hm hm hm hm. Hm?

He looks and sees Takato and Guilmon running to the bridge he’s on.

Yamaki: Well look who's come to marvel at my brilliance.

He turns around.

Takato: Hurry!

Guilmon: I am.

Takato: Come on we're almost there!

Guilmon: Bout time.

They get onto the bridge and see wild digimon flying up.

Guilmon: Uh-oh.

Takato: This doesn't look good. What's that?

Another digimon screams as it flies up and Takato turns around and sees Yamaki.

Takato: What's happening, Guilmon, they're all leaving.

Guilmon: Takato.

Guilmon's head starts to go up then stops as Takato turns around.

Takato: Hey are you all right? You don't look so good buddy.

Guilmon: Thanks a lot, but actually I am feeling weird.

Guilmon starts to go up again then stops.

Takato: Guilmon!

He falls back then looks around.

Takato: Um, hey are you molting or something?

Takato: This is bad.

Another digimon flies behind Guilmon and it catches Takato's attention then sees that it's going up to the vortex.

Takato: It's like some huge digimon vacuum cleaner. What. what is happening?

He looks and sees the digimon start to turn into data then get sucked into the vortex.

On the Hypnos computer screen the digimon are getting sucked in the vortex and they scream.

Tally: Ah! That sound! Make it stop!

She takes off her visor thing and covers her ears.

Riley: Hold on! It'll be over in about eighty seconds. We have to finish this!

On the screen the vortex flashes red.

Back outside Takato is still watching the digimon get sucked in.

Takato: Why is this happening?

Yamaki: We had no other choice.

Takato: Huh?

Yamaki steps forward to Takato.

Yamaki: Let's just say we're controlling an infestation, all vermin must go.

Takato: But you can't just destroy all the digimon, Guilmon's my best friend.

Yamaki: Really? This foul beast?

He tries to touch Guilmon but Guilmon growls at Yamaki and Yamaki pulls his hand away.

Yamaki: Hm, you naive little boy. This thing isn't capable of friendship. It's nothing more than a dangerous artificial life form.

Yamaki leaves.

Takato: Wait a minute! That's not true! Digimon are digimon

He looks at Guilmon.

Guilmon: I uh know.

Takato: Well they're cool that's all, and this one happens to be my best friend! Lots of them are friendly! Hey are you listening?!

Guilmon sniffs the air.

Guilmon: Takato.

Takato: Huh?

Guilmon: It's coming.

Takato: What is? Whoa!

A blue beam comes down from the vortex's center.

Yamaki gets a call from Hypnos on his ear piece.

Riley: An anomaly has infiltrated the Juggernaut! It's coming through the vortex!

Yamaki: What?!

He looks at the com device and it has a #d picture of the vortex with something coming through it.

Yamaki: But.but that's impossible! This program is flawless, I designed it myself! Nothing can get through there! This cannot be happening! What have I done!?

From the vortex a giant rip appears in the sky exposing the digital plane, shaking the ground.

Takato and Guilmon: Uh!

Yamaki Uh!

On the Hypnos' screen it shows the digimon from the top of the vortex going to the bottom then the screen flashes Warning red.

Computer: Warning! Vortex breach imminent! Warning! Vortex breach imminent!

In the pool where the blue light came from the light fades.

Outside it's calm for the moment.

In Takato's kitchen his Dad is watching the baseball game, reading the paper while his Mom is just there.

Mr. Matsuki: Hm, hm, hm, hm.

Mrs. Matsuki: Huh.

Mr. Matsuki: Hm?

Announcer: And this could be it, ooh there won't be any stealing today. And here we go again

The screen goes snowy then shuts off.

Outside a voice from the vortex is heard by Yamaki who's crouching down.

Digimon: Humans created us, but now we are free! The time has come to claim our place in the Real World! You have but one purpose to serve the digimon!

Yamaki looks at the rip.

Yamaki: No, you're wrong! Who are you?!

A digital field drops to the roof of the Hypnos Building.

Digimon: Ha ha ha ha ha, I am only a representative of those who are to be your masters!

Yamaki gets up.

Yamaki: Ugh, I can't let you do this! I will never be a servant to any of you data scum!

Digimon: It's because of you that all this happened. I should thank you. You have opened the portal to the Real World for all of us.

Takato: If our worlds overlap we could all be destroyed.

The digital field starts to cover both of the Hypnos buildings and the ground.

Takato: We've gotta find a way to plug up that hole!

Yamaki: Stupid! I never should have allowed children to interact with digimon!

He punches the wall.

Takato: Hm.

Yamaki: What was I thinking?

Takato puts on his goggles and Yamaki walks off the bridge.

A blue beam wraps around the buildings.

Henry walks with Terriermon on his shoulder to the digital field and they pass Yamaki then they both stop realzing each other's presence.

Yamaki: You.

Yamaki turns around.

Henry: Yeah, me. What do you want?

Henry turns around and Yamaki grabs him, knocking Terriermon down.

Yamaki: It's your fault!

Terriermon: Huh? Leave him alone!

Yamaki let's Henry go.

Yamaki: You're not worth it.

He walks away and Rika walks up.

Rika: Hey, who's the thug?

Henry: Trouble.

Yamaki: You

Renamon appears behind Rika.

Yamaki: Ignorant digimon loving freaks! You and your disgusting pets, now look what you've done!

Terriermon: Yep, that was definitely rude.

Henry: You ready?

Rika: Mm hm.

Below the digital field Takato and Guilmon stand.

Takato: We've gotta get up there.

Renamon runs by.

Takato: Uh.

Takato takes off his goggles.

Takato: Renamon.

Renamon jumps up the building side.

Guilmon: That's the way up.

Takato: Right.

Henry and Rika arrive.

Henry: Don't go yet.

Takato: Kay, why not? What's up?

Rika: Not you.

Rika takes out her D-power and scans the area for a digimon.

Takato: I meant up there.

Rika: So did I, be quiet. Hm

Rika takes off her sunglasses.

On the rooftop Renamon jumps up and crouches down and looks for the digimon.

Renamon (thinking): Where are you?

On the ground Rika's waiting for data.

Rika: I don't get it there's nothing there.

Henry: It doesn't make any sense.

Takato: It's a digital field, there's gotta be something there.

Rika: Hold on.

On the screen a tiger digimon stands there.

Rika: There you are. But why am I not receiving any data? What kind of digimon is this?

Terriermon: Who cares? What's he gonna do, bite me? We can take 'em! Ya ready?

Henry: Yep.

Rika: Wait! Renamon can handle this.

Rika starts to run to an angle where she can see the fight better.

Rika: I'll make her digivolve!

Takato: Rika! You can use this card!

Takato throws the card to Rika and she catches it.

Rika: Digi-Modify! Digivolution Activate!

D-power: Digivolution.

Renamon: Renamon digivolve to

Kyubimon: Kyubimon!

Rika: Oh yeah, now we're talkin'.

On the roof.

Kyubimon: How about a dance, big boy?

She runs up to the tiger digimon who growls at her.

Kyubimon: Tough guy, huh?

She and him pass by each other showing the tiger digimon is about three times as big as Kyubimon.

Kyubimon: Dragon Wheel!

The tiger digimon's tail turns into three pieces and he turns around.

On the ground Rika is watching the tiger digimon run towards Kyubimon.

Rika: It's huge.

She looks up and sees the blue fire shoot out across the building.

Back on top.

Tiger digimon: Samurai Tiger Tail!

The three tail pieces hit Kyubimon.

On the ground nothing is shown on the projection.

Rika: Come on!

They look up and see Kyubimon falling over the building side with her data starting to scatter.

Takato: Kyubimon!

Rika (thinking): Kyubimon, no!

Kyubimon de-digivolves and continues to fall.

Rika (thinking): Renamon!

Terriermon: Hm!

Terriermon runs to the side of the building.

Terriermon: That's it I'm goin' Henry!

Henry: Hm.

Terriermon: That tiger's toast!

Henry: Digi-Modify! Digivolution Activate!

D-power: Digivolution.

Terriermon: Terriermon digivolve to

Gargomon: Gargomon!

Gargomon starts up his cannons.

Gargomon: Gargo Lasers!

He shoots them at the ground and it propels him to the top.

Henry: Go get him!

Gargomon: Huh?

He sees Renamon falling next to him.

Gargomon: Uh.

She crashes into the ground and Rika runs to her side.

Rika: Renamon. Uh.

She bends to Renamon.

Rika: Renamon, are you?

She touches Renamon and Renamon wakes up.

Renamon: So…strong. Ultimate possibly even…mega…

Rika: Don't try to talk.

Takato, Henry and Guilmon run up.

Takato: Is Renamon alright?

Renamon: Can't move.

Henry takes out his D-power and it projects a screen and looks for the tiger too.

Henry: Nothing. Oh man, there's just no data on this guy at all! We're fighting completely blind here!

Takato: Hm. If Kyubimon was defeated that easily then we don't stand a chance.

Gargomon is standing there looking for the digimon when he appears behind him Growlmon.

Gargomon: Huh?

He leaves.

Gargomon: Uh.

Gargomon watches him as he walks around.

Gargomon: Here kitty, kitty!

He shoots at the tiger who runs out of the barrage.

On the ground the kids see the shots.

Henry: Gargomon!

Henry runs to a better angle.

On top of the building the tiger leaps to the second top.

Henry: I've gotta help him.

Gargomon shoots at the second top.

Henry: Without any data on that thing, I won't know if I'm using the right cards.

The tiger jumps back and behind Gargomon.

Henry: Hm, he's gone around the other side. Gargomon!

On top of the building Gargomon's hooting at nothing but doesn't know it.

Gargomon: What's the matter, little fraidy cat? Okay, where are you? Come on out and fight!

The tiger runs and Gargomon stops the barrage and turns around to shoot there but runs out of bullets.

Gargomon (thinking): Aw nuts

He checks his guns for more ammo but there is none.

Gargomon (nervous): Ah ha ha ha

The tiger runs up.

Gargomon: Ah!

The tiger slams Gargomon with his tail.

Henry (thinking): Gargomon.

They see Gargomon hit by the tail, de-digivolve, and fall over the side.

Guilmon: That's enough! My turn!

Guilmon runs to the side.

Takato: Huh? Hey!

Guilmon: I'm gonna need a lot of peanut butter after this one!

Takato: Uh, here goes nothin'.

Takato takes cards from his pocket.

Takato: Come on boy.

D-power: Digivolution.

Guilmon: Guilmon digivolve to

Growlmon: Growlmon!

Takato: Good luck boy.

Growlmon flies up with the Hyper Wings and Terriermon falls down.

Takato: Uh.

Henry runs to where Terriermon will fall.

Henry: I got him.

He catches Terriermon.

Henry: Are you okay?

Takato: It's all up to Growlmon.

Terriermon: Henry

Henry: What is it?

He tilts his head and Terriermon whispers in Henry's ear.

Henry: Huh, we might still have a chance!

Takato: Huh?

Henry: He always circles around like a shark just before he attacks!

Takato: Huh?

Henry: That's when Growlmon can get him!

Takato: Okay, thanks.

Takato takes out his D-power and checks the area.

Takato: There he is! Uh.

On the roof Growlmon and the tiger pass each other.

On the ground.

Takato: Now Growlmon! Do it!

On the rooftop.

Growlmon: Dragon Slash!

He hit's the tiger and the tiger turns and growls at Growlmon.

Growlmon: Pyro Blaster!

The tiger breaks through the fire and bites Growlmon in the stomach.

Growlmon: Ah!

On the ground.

Takato: Uh.

Takato drops his D-power and it shows the digimon's name being Mihiramon.

On the top Mihiramon bites down and Growlmon's data starts to scatter then reassembles.

On the ground Takato grabs his shoulder and drops his cards all over the ground and drops to the ground too.

Takato: I can feel it, it's over.

Takato faints.

Rika: What's wrong with him?

Henry: Takato!

In the hideout.

Kenta: Kazu, are you jealous Takato's a tamer?

Kazu: Ha, me jealous of him? Hm. Huh?

He sees the blue beam.

Kazu: Whoa, what is that?

Kenta: Huh?

He sees the beam too.

Near the Hypnos Building people gather around and watch the blue beam in front of Hypnos and Jeri walks through.

Jeri: Takato. Uh.

She runs to the beam.

In Takato's dream he's holding his shoulder with big black clocks ticking around him.

Takato: Hm? Is this a dream?

He looks around.

Takato: Why am I feeling pain when Growlmon's the one who got hurt? And while we're at it where am I?

Growlmon: Tamer.

Takato: Huh?

He turns around and sees Growlmon.

Growlmon: Tamer, it's not over yet.

Takato: Hey! Growlmon you're alive! Oh, but you don't even recognize me, do you?

Growlmon: Of course, just seemed like such a serious moment.

Takato: Yeah, it was, but don't do that again, okay?

Growlmon: Okay sorry, anyway like I was saying, you've got to let me fight again. So we made a couple mistakes, no big deal. I know I can take him, but I'm really gonna need you help this time, are you in? Takato, I need you.

Takato: Uh, uh

Flashback to Rika aiding her injured Renamon and Terriermon falling from the top and him whispering to Henry.

End flashback.

Takato: But I'm not worthy. It's all my fault!

He starts to fly to Growlmon but he doesn't notice cause his eyes are shut.

Takato: You wouldn't have gotten hurt if it wasn't for me! I've been a coward Growlmon and I'm so sorry, but if you're really willing to give me one more chance, then I have no choice but to take it. Growlmon!

Hw holds his arms out to grab Growlmon with.

Growlmon: Takato!

Takato: We will fight, one more time! Together!

In real time Takato grabs Calumon's hand.

Calumon: Huh? Ooh

Takato: Ah! Hey, uh, uh hi Calumon.

He opens his eyes and sees Calumon extend his ears.

Calumon: Did anyone ever tell you, you talk in your sleep?

Rika, Henry, Renamon and Terriermon are gathered around him.

Henry: Welcome back, how ya feelin'?

Takato: Um

Rika: What a wuss, I can't believe you fainted.

Takato: What? (nervous) Ha ha ha ha ha.

Helicopters are heard from above.

All: Huh?

The helicopters shoot at Mihiramon.

Henry: Guns won't stop him, it'll take something a lot stronger than that.

Rika: Brilliant Einstein, what do you suggest? Even Growlmon crumbled like a stupid rag doll.

Takato gets up a little.

Takato: I haven't finished yet.

Henry and Rika: Huh?

Takato: We haven't finished yet. Growlmon is still willing to fight and as long as I'm still breathing I'll be right there by his side.

He grabs his D-power and puts his other hand on top of his cards.

Takato: It's time to use the power that brought us here in the first place!

A card under his hand glows blue and he takes it.

Takato: Are you guys ready? Cause we're gonna do this even if you're not.

Henry: He's got the card.

Rika: Okay, I'm with ya.

Takato stands up.

Takato: That's more like it, this battle…

He holds up the shining blue card.

Takato: Has only just begun! Digi-Modify! Matrix Digivolution!

Calumon: Huh? Crystal Matrix Activate!

On top of Hypnos Growlmon's data glows and Mihiramon is still biting Growlmon.

Mihiramon: Uh what?

D-power: Matrix Digivolution.

Growlmon: Growlmon digivolve to

WarGrowlmon: WarGrowlmon!

Mihiramon is sent back.

Mihiramon: What's going on?!

On the ground.

Henry: Our little boy's grown up.

Rika: I'll give ya that one.

Calumon falls back tired.

Calumon: Oh

Takato: Yeah! WarGrowlmon, cyborg type, ultimate level.

On top.

Mihiramon: Nice presentation, but no one beats Mihiramon! Samurai Tiger Tail!

WarGrowlmon is hit by the tail.

Mihiramon: How were able to digivolve to this level? Don't tell me a human had something to do with it.

On the ground Takato is moving to the hits.

Henry: What's wrong?

Rika: Um, you don't look so good.

Takato: I feel every hit. Alright that's enough.

On top.

Mihiramon: Oh, so you wanna play with the kitty, huh?

Mihiramon turns his tail end into a point with spikes on it.

Mihiramon: Armor Tiger Tail!

On the ground.

Takato: Right, time to take the tiger by the tail.

Takato steps forward.

Takato: Let's do this together.

On top, Mihiramon hits WarGrowlmon with the tail but WarGrowlmon grabs it.

On the ground.

Takato: As your tamer I say finish it.

WarGrowlmon: Well if you say so, tamer.

WarGrowlmon pulls Mihiramon toward him.

WarGrowlmon: You've been a very naughty kitty.

His cannons glow.

WarGrowlmon: Atomic

On the ground.

Takato: Blaster!

The cannons get loaded with red energy that shoots at Mihiramon.

Mihiramon: Ah! Fool! You and your humans, digimon could've had supreme power over both worlds! But you had to ruin everything!

Mihiramon gets deleted and WarGrowlmon's red beam shoots out past the helicopters, one holds Yamaki in it.

Yamaki: I can't believe it. Those kids were actually able to defeat him.

He looks on the rooftop and sees WarGrowlmon.

Yamaki: And all this time I thought they were just playing that stupid game.

The blue beam fades away.

Yamaki: This is going to require additional research.

On the ground people gather as WarGrowlmon flies down.

Kazu: Awesome!

Kenta: That is one big digimon!

Jeri walks over and WarGrowlmon gets close to the ground.

Jeri: Is that giant thing really Guilmon?

Kazu: Hm, amateur. He digivolved twice, that's his ultimate form, WarGrowlmon.

Jeri: Uh, did Takato leave?

Kenta points over to where WarGrowlmon is.

Kenta: No way, a real tamer never leaves his digimon. Takato rocks!

Kazu: You were pretty cool out there, Chum Lee.

Jeri: Uh huh, and cute.

Kenta: Oh yuck!

Kazu: Oh please!

Takato hugs WarGrowlmon's finger.

WarGrowlmon: Takatomon.

Takato: Huh?

WarGrowlmon: You are worthy, tamer. Thank you for fighting by my side.

Takato: I didn't do anything but trust you and, I guess, myself. Looks like we're gonna need a lot more peanut butter.