Season 3, Episode 17: "Duel with the Deva"
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In a distant city.

Salesman: Itís three for the price of two!

Man: I donít even want one!

Outside a kid, walks with seven digimon cards.

Kid: And seven completes my collection.

A man pulls put a digimon card from his yellow coat pocket.

Kid (thinking): My lucky number finally paid off.

The man in the yellow coat bumps into the kid making him drop the cards.

Kid: Ah!

The man tosses his card with the pile.

Kid: Uh, hey thanks a lot.

He turns to his cards and starts picking them up.

Kid: Whoa, where did that come from?

He picks up the card dropped.

Kid: But thatís...number eight. I canít have eight, Iíd better get rid of this thing.

In the park, Henry, Kenta, Jeremy, and another boy are looking at cards.

Jeremy: Itís pretty weird lookin.

Boy: Hey Jeremy, isnít that your family portrait?

Him and Kenta laugh.

Jeremy: Very funny, itís probably a fake.

Kenta: Guess youíre right, want it back?

Jeremy: Nah, keep it.

Kenta: I donít know...

He stands up.

Kenta: you take it.

He gives it to a confused Henry.

Henry: Uh...

Boy: Come on letís go, see ya later Henry.

Henry says nothing.

Jeremy: Fine, donít say thank you.

He looks up laughing nervously.

Boy: Whatís wrong with him?

Kenta: I donít know, but that stupid card wonít help him.

They laugh as they walk away.

Terriermon slides to Henryís side.

Henry: Now that was pretty rude, wasnít it?

Terriermon: Yeah but a cardís a card, give it a swipe.

Henry: Okay.

He takes out his D-power and tries to slide it but it glows and wonít go through.

Henry: Uh, okay...

He takes it out and it turns into a blue card.

Henry: Whoa!

Terriermon bounces up and down on the slide.

Terriermon: Told ya so Henry! Ya see! Ya see! You should listen to me more often.

Henry: I donít know, this is weird.

Later that night Henryís father goes inside

Janyu: Iím home.

Suzie: Daddy!

She runs over wearing a sun hat.

Suzie: Am I pwetty?

Janyu: Pwetty as a princess.

Suzie: Ah, mommy! Daddy said Iím as pwetty as a princess.

Mrs. Wong: Let me fix your crown, your majesty.

Janyu: Uh, honey.

Mrs. Wong: Yeah?

Janyu: Uh, by any chance did anyone from work call here today?

Mrs. Wong: No, why?

Suzie takes the hat and holds it over her head dancing and smiling.

Janyu: Uh, no reason.

Henry comes out from the corner.

Henry: Uh Dad, could you help me with something?

Janyu: Uh, sure.

Henry: Great.

In Henryís room.

Janyu: Okay, let me plug in my reader here. Mm hm.

He turns on the reader.

Henry: What is that thing?

Janyu: Itís a, kind of a, high tech scanner. Well letís solve your mystery.

Henry: Hm?

Janyu: The equipmentís all fired up and ready to go. Letís see what cha got.

Henry takes out the blue card from his pocket.

Henry: Here it is.

Janyu: Hm...okay.

He puts the card in the drive.

Janyu: Speak to me, oh mysterious one.

0ís and 1í2 run down the screen.

Henry: What do those numbers mean?

Janyu: Not sure yet.

Janyuís eyes open in wide-eyed shock.

Janyu: Huh!

Henry: What? Whatís the matter?

Janyu: I thought I saw something, but itís just a bunch of meaningless data, thatís all.

Henry: Huh, are you sure?

Janyu: Positive, so tell me, where did you get this card?

Henry: One of my friends gave it to me, why?

Janyu: Oh no reason.

The drive opens up showing the blue card.

The next day in the park Henry and Takato are talking to Kenta and Rika is leaning against the swing post.

Henry: Come on Kenta think, where did Jeremy get the card from?

Kenta: We just traded cards, I never asked.

Takato and Henry: Hm...

In the city.

Jeremy: Yeah, he wore number 7, I met him on the other side of town. That way.

He points.

On a train.

Takato: And the young detectives set off on their perilous journey, in hopes of finding the answer to the great blue card mystery.

Henry: This isnít a game.

Takato: Huh?

Under a bridge Henry is talking to another kid.

Henry: So he always hangs out by the big steps, huh?

Kid: Mm hm.

On another train.

Takato (thinking): This is great!

Rika (thinking): This is stupid.

At the big steps.

Number 7 kid: Actually I found that card in Akihabarra.

Henry: Where in Akihabarra?!

Number 7 kid: By the electronics. Um, why?

Henry: Thanks a lot.

Number 7 kid: Wait! Whatís so important about that card? I wasnít even sure if it was real one.

Henry: I was thinkiní the same thing until I had it checked out, itís actually very rare.

Number 7 kid: Man I knew it!

Rika: Youíre hiding something, spill it!

Number 7 kid: Uh well...I didnít think it was important, but the way I found the card was weird. This man bumped into me and then all of a sudden it was there.

Takato: What did he look like?

Number 7 kid: Well uh...

Takato: Was he skinny, fat, short, tall or something in between?

Number 7 kid: I remember one thing about him...he was wearing a yellow jacket...

In an apartment somewhere in the city, a man types on his computer and on the coat rack is the yellow jacket.

Later that night Henryís Dad is doing his Taichi on the rooftop of the apartment building.

Flashback to Janyu and his college friends making digimon on the computer.

Janyu (thinking): It was all so simple back then, exciting and fun. Happy times. I canít believe itís come to this. What am I gonna do?

Flashback to the mysterious man in the hallway.

Man: I need to find one of your old playmates who refuses to grow up. We have reasons to believe that he may still be working on the project to this very day.

Flashback to the project being shut down.

Janyu: I just couldnít understand why they had to shut down the project, we had come so far. I thought Iíd never see them again, but then this strange card appears, brought to me, by my own son. Thereís no way I can tell him what those codes really meant. I still donít understand the one myself. How can I lie to my own son? What am I supposed to tell him?

The next day Takato, Henry, and Terriermon are at the hideout.

Guilmon: Aw nuts, not again.

Takato: Hey Iím sorry boy, but you know they wonít let me take you on the train, youíre too big.

Guilmon: Hm...youíre lucky Terriermon.

Terriermon: I know.

Guilmon: Hey!

In the city.

Janyu: Oh, my cell phone. Iíd better go back for it.

In the park Takato, Henry, and Terriermon are walking and Impmon jumps out from a tree.

Impmon: So, whereís the loser patrol headed today?

Terriermon jumps off Henry.

Terriermon: Hm, what do ya want this time?

Impmon: Jeez, take it easy there helicopter head. I thought you might be interested in a little rematch.

Henry is staring away from the digimon.

Terriermon: Why not, I could use a little exercise.

He turns to Henry.

Terriermon: What do ya say Henry, can I fight Ďem?

He sees Henry staring away.

Terriermon: Hello, earth to Henry?

Takato: Huh?

They turn and see Mr. Wong.

Janyu: Huh?

Terriermon: Oh!

Janyu: Uh....

Takato, Henry, and Terriermon are staring at Mr. Wong.

Impmon: Whatís the matter ya little wing-eared weenie, Iím talkiní to ya here. Or do ya have to ask to do that too? What a disgrace to digimon.

Janyu steps forward slowly and Impmon proceeds to Terriermon.

Janyu: Did he say digimon?

Impmon: Huh?

Janyu: You are a digimon arenít you?

Impmon jumps back.

Impmon: Better get back Jack!

He tosses a fireball at Janyu who blocks it with his briefcase.

Henry: Oh Dad!

Janyu: Itís not possible, youíre only a game.

Impmon: I got your game right here, letís play!

He tosses another that blows against Janyuís sleeve burning it a little.

Impmon: Ha ha!

Henry: Dad are you alright?!

Janyu: Yeah.

Janyu drops to his knee holding his arm and Terriermon jumps in front of him.

Terriermon: You wanna play? Play with me.

Impmon is shocked.

Impmon: Eh? Youíre protecting him?

Terriermon: Hm!!

Impmon: Whatís the matter, one master not enough you have to have two?!

He backs up.

Impmon: Yeach, all you humans make my skin crawl.

He runs away.

Impmon: Iíll deal with you later pee wee.

Takato: Mr. Wong, you okay?

Janyu gets up holding his arm.

Janyu: Henry, we need to talk.

Henry: No, I canít!

He grabs Terriermon and they turn away running.

Takato: Uh, nice to see you again Mr. Wong!

He follows.

Janyu: Henry! Hey!

In the Hypnos building two anomalies are on the screen.

Tally: Yuggoth has been activated, tracking...

Yuggoth is in the network chasing the anomalies and gets deleted.

Yamaki: Itís useless.

Riley: Itís coming from the Juggernaut core again.

Yamaki: Obviously, except this time there are two of them.

In the city.

Terriermon: Moumantai Henry, moumantai.

Henry sighs.

Takato: Rika what are we supposed to say at a time like this to help him?

Rika: Maybe you should try something different Takato, like keeping your nose out of where it doesnít belong.

Takato turns his head forward and droops it.

Takato: Hm....I have to do something.

Calumon flies out from the subway.

Calumon: Wow, this place looks like a fun place to play. Itís a little loud though.

He flies over the streets.

Calumon: Ow!

He lands on a box.

Calumon: thereís too many voices, it make my head all scrambly.

He retracts his ears.

On the street.

Kid #1: Pick a card, any card.

Kid #2:

Takato, Rika and Henry are leaning against a guardrail against the street.

Takato: I wonder if our manís gonna show up.

Rika: Maybe heíll introduce himself, keep dreaming Sherlock.

Takato: It could happen.

In the TV store theyíre looking into.

Saleswoman: Itís on special, today only.

The TVís go out.

Guy: Whoa.

Saleswoman #2: What happened?

Saleswoman: Whatís the matter with this thing?

She tries changing the channel.

Guy: No wonder itís on sale.

Takato: That canít be good for business.

Terriermon: Huh? Uh-oh.

Terriermon points to a vortex in the sky.

All: Huh?

In the Hypnos Building.

Riley: Theyíre bio-emerging!

In the city a digital field spreads from both sides of the vortex and two digimon jump out onto the street.

Takato: Who ordered the steak?

Henry: Terriermon, get him.

Terriermon: Hm!

He runs over.

The ox one jumps down from the bridge he landed on, snickering.

The sheep one runs to the ox one.

Sheep one (thinking): Time to wreak a little holy havoc.

Terriermon: Oh.

Ox one (thinking): Beautiful day for a stampede.

Henry: I donít think Terriermon can handle them alone!

They cross each other.

Henry gets data.

Henry: Pajiramon, Deva beast digimon, ultimate level. Vajramon, same nasty type, same nasty level.

People run away screaming and Vajramon stops at a point.

Vajramon: It begins here.

Pajiramon runs to the bridge and a man runs out from hid car.

Man: Iím never eating lamb chops again!

Pajiramon: And ends here.

From the vortex a digital field expands to where Vajramon and Pajiramon are.

Vajramon grabs some CDís and eats them.

Owner: Whatís that crazy bull doing?!

He eats more.

Owner: Why are you eating my store?!

Vajramon: Hm?

He turns around.

Vajramon: Hm.

Owner: Never mind.

The man, woman, and owner run up the stairs.

Vajramon: Enjoy your meal.

Pajiramon is on the bridge and is singing and putting everyone to sleep except the tamers and Terriermon who have their ears covered.

Takato: Wow and I thought my singing was bad.

Henry: I bet that theyíre unstable since they just bio-emerged.

Pajiramon jumps down and breaks a window and sucks in CDís.

Takato: Theyíre eating all the digital equipment, that must be what they need to stabilize their bodies before attacking.

Rika: Then we better clear the table before they finish their meal.

Terriermon: Iíll send them home.

Renamon appears behind them.

Renamon: Weíll do it together.

Henry: Which one do ya want?

Rika turns to Vajramon.

Rika: Iíll take the glutton with the horns.

Henry: Deal, letís go.

Henry and Rika: Digi-Modify!

Henry: Thorís Hammer activate!

Rika: Crystal Fire Activate!

Terriermon runs carrying a giant hammer.

Renamonís fists and feet turn into blue fire.

Renamon: Taste this bull-head!

She jumps toward him.

Terriermon: Eeyah!

He hits Pajiramon with the hammer.

Renamon kicks Vajramon right in the face but he doesnít even notice.

Pajiramon: Hm?

Vajramon: Hm?

Takato: No way!

Terriermon jumps up with the hammer.

Terriermon: Maybe I didnít make myself clear the first time!

He tries to strike but Pajiramon head butts the hammer knocking Terriermon down and the hammer out of his grasp and keeps her foot on him.

Pajiramon: So you are the pathetic little digimon that answers to humans, what is your name, traitor?

Terriermon: None of your business!

Vajramon: Hm, and you?

Renamon: You wonít remember it anyway, once I load your data.

Vajramon: Ooh.

Henry: Let him go right now!

Pajiramon steps forward holding Terriermon.

Pajiramon: Iím afraid I canít do that.

Vajramon: Weíre wasting time here, our orders were to vanquish them and load their data, or have you forgotten our duties?

Pajiramon: I have forgotten nothing.

She looks at Terriermon then tosses him into the air and prepares her bow and arrow.

Pajiramon: You should feel honored to be absorbed by me, little slave.

A yellow bolt arrow shoots up.

Henry: No, look out!

Calumon is still on the box and his red triangle glows.

Calumon: Ooohhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Terriermon: Terriermon digivolve to...

Gargomon: Gargomon!

Gargomon jumps down from the digital field shooting at Pajiramon.

Gargomon: Yah!!! Still hungry, I brought dessert!

He lands.

Vajramon looks and turns to Renamon.

Vajramon: Arenít you going to digivolve? Iíd hate to just take your data without seeing that.

He takes out his sword.

Renamon: Pig.

Vajramon is ticked.

Vajramon: Hm, what did you say?!

He slashes at her but she jumps up.

Renamon: Diamond Storm!

He blocks it by spinning his sword.

Vajramon: Oh surely you can o better than that.

Renamon: Diamond Storm!

He keeps spinning and laughs.

Gargomon is shooting at Pajiramon and sheís moving to stay out of the way.

Pajiramon: This is getting tiresome.

He stops shooting at her.

Pajiramon: Vajramon, stop fooling around! We have to destroy them!

Vajramon laughs.

Vajramon: Speak for yourself, this is fun.

Rika: Heís toying with her.

Takato hands Henry a card.

Takato: Take this, it just might give Gargomon an edge.

Henry: Oh. Digi-Modify! Hyper Speed Activate!

Gargomon shoots at her while running.

Gargomon: Iím cominí to get cha you big wooly bully!

Pajiramon: Enough! Thunder Stomp!

Her stomp stops him and makes him fall.

Gargomon: Whoa!

Pajiramon: Relax, stay awhile.

She shoots her bows to keep him in place.

Renamon: Diamond Storm!

Vajramon blocks it again.

Gargomon: I canít move anything!

Henry: Donít do it!!!

Pajiramon: Itís my job.

Gargomon (thinking): Ah, itís never too late to change your career.

Gargomon: Henry do something.

Henry: Gargomon!

Vajramon tries to slice Renamon but she jumps on the sword.

Renamon: Cool it, beefcake.

Vajramon: Ooh feisty.

Renamon: You have no idea.

Vajramon: Letís find out, shall we?

Pajiramon runs over to Gargomon ticked.

Pajiramon: Wha-oh.

Takato feels for a card in his pocket.

Henry: Leave him alone!

Pajiramon stomps on Gargomon.

Pajiramon: This is for shooting at me you nasty little rabbit!

Takato: Try this!

Henry: That last one almost killed him!

Henry searches for a card.

Takato: Hey Iím just tryiní to help.

Henry: Got one! Digi-Modify! Rock Armor Activate!

Gargomon: Whhhoooaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gargomon turns into stone and Pajiramon keeps stomping.

Pajiramon: Thunder Stomp!

Henry: Uh....

Takato: What about this?

He hands Henry a card.

Henry: Kay. Digi-Modify! (nervous) Program Pause Activate!

Gargomon keeps getting pounded on.

Henry: Gargomon...

Takato: None of my other cards even look useful. How about the blue card, we havenít tried that!

Henry: The blue card?

Takato: Weíve gotta try!

Henry: But I canít do that, we have no idea whatíll happen.

Takato: Well weíre about to lose him!

Henry: Uh...

Pajiramon: Well it was fun. Say goodbye.

She has her bow pointed at Gargomon.

Henry: Here goes nothin. Digi-Modify! Matrix Digivolution!

His D-power screen glows.

Pajiramon: Huh?

Henry holds his D-power up and a light beam shoots from his D-power and ends.

Takato: Well it seemed like a really great idea at the time.

He takes his D-power down and looks at the blue card.

Pajiramon: Hm, pathetic humans.

She points it to Gargomon again.

Henry: Please donít do it!

On the box.

Calumon: Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A red beam shoots out and catches Takatoís attention.

Takato: Huh?

In the sky the beam dissolves and then a thick white light shoots down on Gargomon.

Pajiramon: Whatís happening!?

Gargomon: Wha...

D-power: Matrix Digivolution.

Gargomon: Gargomon digivolve to...

Rapidmon: Rapidmon!

The arrows drop on the ground.

Pajiramon: He disappeared.

Rapidmon appears behind Pajiramon.

Rapidmon: Wrong-o!

She turns around.

Rapidmon: He shoots!

He kicks her in the face.

Rapidmon: He scores! Ha ha!

Rika: Thatís Rapidmon, warrior digimon, ultimate level. His special attacks are Rapid Fire, Miracle Missile, and Tri Beam. Glad heís on our side.

Pajiramon: Stop!

Rapidmon: Iím right here!

He disappears and reappears in a new spot and misses the bows.

Rapidmon: Sorry here!

He does it again and she misses.

Rapidmon: No this way!

Pajiramon shoots again.

Henry: Weíre back in the game, Rapidmon!

Rapidmon dodges the attacks.

Rapidmon: Pretty cool, huh? Like the new look? Check this out. Rapid Fire!

He shoots bombs at Pajiramon.

Vajramon runs over to Pajiramon and Rapidmon.

Renamon: Letís see how he handles this.

Vajramon: Pajiramon!

Pajiramon turns to the kids.

Pajiramon: You foul insect, letís see what you can do when I have a human shield. Which one of you would like to go first?

Rapidmon: Not an option ya big sweater! Tri Beam!

Rapidmon makes his body into three pointy ends and a green shield beam appears and shoots down erasing Pajiramon and Ďdeletingí Vajramon.

Takato: We did it!

Henry: Yeah!

Rika: Mm hm.

Rapidmon lands.

Rapidmon: Mm! Yeah.

In the Hypnos Building.

Yamaki: They both just disappeared.

Riley: Not quite, Iím still getting a reading on one of them.

Over a long pond Vajramon reappears.

In the Wong apartment the family is watching the news.

Anchorman: Due to heavy fog and massive electrical outages in the Akihabara District today, train schedules all over the city were severely disrupted.

Mr. Wong enters and shuts Henryís door.

Janyu: I want to thank you for saving me.

Terriermon: I had to, youíre Henryís Dad.

Henry: Iím sorry I didnít tell you about Terriermon before, it was really hard for me to keep him a secret all this time. You actually took it a whole lot better than I thought you would.

Janyu: Itís okay, I understand. Thereís something I havenít told you either, Henry and itís time I did.

Henry: Really?

Janyu: Yeah, about twenty years ago my friends and I got together to do some designing on a voluntary computer project. We were just doing it for fun, but we ended up creating the very first digimon.

On the street Rika walks home and on a house Vajramon appears.

Back in the apartment.

Janyu: The project was called Fasio Vita, past of the AL movement, we experimented with creating artificial life forms on the computer. We even figured out a way to instill a survival instinct type mechanism, it functioned just like it does in wild animals. Nobody ever expected a bunch of college students to have such incredible results. We were actually able to give the little creatures individual personalities and fighting abilities. But unfortunately we never even got to see the final version of them. Just as our biggest breakthroughs happened the sponsors cut the funding and the project dried up. So all the digimon games that you and your friends play with were based on a research project that was never completed and that we never even got credit for.

Henry: Wow that really stinks.

Janyu: Oh, well that was a long time ago. At least the research wasnít wasted, kids all over the world have got something cool to play with. I do have a question for you Terriermon.

Terriermon: Huh?

Henry: Itís okay.

Janyu: About that blue card, when I was analyzing it I noticed that Shibumiís code appeared in the data, any idea who mightíve done that?

Henry: Hey, yesterday you said it was just meaningless data.

On the street Vajramon is front of Rika and Renamon jumps down behind Rika.

Rika: Youíre...still alive.


He points to Renamon.

Renamon: I understand.

She moves to Vajramon.

Rika: Wait, whatís happening? Renamon, where are you going?

Renamon: He wants to talk.

Vajramon: Thatís correct.

Rika: She can talk about whatever it is here.

Vajramon: Silence you iterate human.

Rika: Sheís not going.

Renamon: I need you to let me do this, Rika.

Rika: How can you possibly trust him? Renamon?

Renamon: I have questions that only he can answer. Donít worry I wonít be long.

Rika: What kind of questions?

Renamon: Iíll explain everything when I return.

Renamon and Vajramon walk away slowly.

Rika: It looks like Iím just gonna have to trust Renamon this time.