Season 3, Episode 22: "The Boar Wars"
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Takato runs into the alley between his bakery and the next building and goes inside.

Takato: Iím home!

He goes into his room, sets his stuff down and goes back downstairs.

In thee main room.

Mrs. Matsuki: Go ahead have a free sample, theyíre only two dollars.

In the back room he gets some bread.

Takato: Another perfect crime. Hm, hm, hm, hm.

He carries his stuff to the door.

Takato: And now to slink away unnoticed.

He twists the knob.

Mrs. Matsuki: Takato!

Takato: Uh!

Mrs. Matsuki: What are you doing?

Takato: Um, nothing, Mom.

Mrs. Matsuki: Uh huh. And would that nothing include going out without doing your homework, again?

Takato: Iím just going to the park.

Mrs. Matsuki: Iím constantly amazed by how much of your homework revolves around the park.

Takato: But Mom-

Mrs. Matsuki: Donít Ďbut Momí me, mister! Youíre going to be in college before you know it, you need to study once and a while, Takato, unless you plan on getting a degree in playing in the park.

Takato: Hm.

He twists the knob.

Takato: Iíll be back later and Iíll do my homework then!

He shuts the door and stands there for a minute.

Takato: Sheesh! She mustíve gotten her degree in nagging with a minor in yelling.

The ground shakes.

People: Huh?

Takato: Looks like another earthquake.

At Henryís Suzie is holding onto Terriermon tight.

Suzie: Henry is it over?

Henry is looking out the window.

Henry: I think so, yes.

Suzie: Next time, make it be over sooner.

Anchorman: And now, another exclusive channel one earthquake report.

Henry turns to the TV.

Earthquake guy: The recent earthquake was measured at a magnitude of 4.0. Seismologists are having trouble pinpointing the epicenter citing strange readings.

Henry: Uh! Hm...

Henry (thinking): I wonder if those strange readings were caused by digimon.

He walks over to Suzie.

Henry (thinking): Or if the earthquake was. Iíd better check this out.

He holds his hands out.

Suzie: No.

Henry: Suzie, give him to me.

Suzie: No, Tewwiermon will protect me.

Henry: Iíve got to go out for a while, youíll be fine without him.

Suzie: I want daddy.

Henry: Heís at work, now let go.

Suzie: Uh, uh!

Henry: Come on Suzie!

Suzie: Uh.

He takes Terriermon and starts to leave while Suzie curls into a fetal position and cries.

Suzie: I wish you werenít my brother.

Henry: Iím sorry Suzie, I-I gotta go.

On the street.

Terriermon: You always say I donít have any tact, Henry, but I donít know if Iíve ever been that mean.

Henry sighs.

Terriermon: So whatís the matter, Henry?

Henry: What?

Terriermon: Well I know you wouldnít act this way if everything were fine.

He stops.

Henry: Huh?

He turns his head.

Terriermon: Jeez, whatís the matter now? Huh?

He turns around.

Terriermon: How many problems can one guy have at the same time?

He goes back to a store with a poster in the window.

Henry: Look at that.

Terriermon: Okay, you have a problem with that poster?

Henry bows in the doorway.

Woman: Hello Henry.

Henry: Hi, can I borrow that chart?

Girl: I thought guys only liked posters with girls in bikinis.

Rika and her Grandma walk by.

Henry: It just reminded me of something. What are you two doing?

Rika: Going shopping again.

Rikaís Grandma: All she owns is jeans.

Henry: Right. Hey, I was gonna go meet Takato and the others at the park, wanna come with me, Rika?

Rika turns to her Grandma.

Rikaís Grandma: Iíll cover for you.

Rika: Thanks, Grandma.

Her Grandmaís cell rings.

Rikaís Grandma: Hm? Oh.

She turns.

Rikaís Grandma: Hello?

Rumiko: So?

Rikaís Grandma: She only wanted more jeans.

Rumiko: Put her on.

She hands Rika the phone.

Rikaís Grandma: Your Mom.

Rika: I donít like dresses.

Rumiko: How about some post-shopping shopping?

Rika: Oh...

Rumiko: Itís a great way to relax.

Rika: Sorry, but Iím going to the park.

Rumiko: Th-the park? But, honey you canít do any shopping there.

Rika: Look mother, Iíve got plans with my friends, okay.

She gives it back.

Henry: Bye.

They run off.

Rikaís Grandma: Hi Rumiko, itís me.

Rumiko: Mom, what am I gonna do with her?

Rikaís Grandma: Oh honey sheís fine, sheís just at that age where her friends are more important than her looks.

Rumiko: What? More important than her looks? But. What? I mean she- oh, oh no, I think Iím gonna faint.

Rika and Henry run across a bridge.

Under the bridge, deep inside is Impmon who sits against a wall.

Impmon: I bet those human loviní digi-slaves and their partners are laughiní it up thinkiní about me takiní it on the chin from that mule, Indramon. Everyone hates me. Iíd hate me too if I were everyone. Just a loser who canít...digivolve.

At the hideout.

Kazu: Looks like I win again, I rule.

Kenta: Oh man, I want a real digimon.

Kazu: Yeah, me too. Then Iíd really rule.

He gets up.

Kazu: And Iíve been practicing, look. Digi-Modify! Matrix Digivolution Activate! What do ya say guys, impressive, huh?

Guilmon and Calumon: Uh...

Kenta: So tell me something, why do you think you get to have a digimon but the rest of us donít, Takato?

Takato: Hm, I guess the digimon could just tell Iím superior.

Kenta: You wish.

Flashback to Leomon arriving.

End flashback.

Takato: Hey I bet there are tons of digimon like Leomon and the more they keep showing up the better chance there is that one of them will pick you as a partner.

Kenta: That would be really cool, I mean if he didnít just leave like Leomon.

Flashback to Jeri crying.

Jeri: Goodbye Leomon.

End flashback.

Kazu sits down.

Kazu: Yeah, but itíd be cool to have one even for a little while.

Takato: Uh-oh.

Kazu: Whatís eating you, Takato?

Takato: That.

He turns and sees Jeri looking at the ground.

Kazu: Huh?

Takato: Hey whatís wrong, Jeri?

She picks her head up.

Kazu: Come over already, donít be shy.

She marches over.

Jeri: I wanna learn how to play the card game, now whoís gonna teach me how to use these?

She holds out her cards and thereís about three or four decks worth.

Kenta: Whoa!

Kazu: Jeri.

Jeri: Whatís wrong, donít I have enough cards or something?

Kenta: Iíd say you got plenty.

Kazu: Wow. Whatíd you do, go out and spend your whole allowance?

Kenta: Yeah and somebody elseís too, it looks like.

Takato: Iíve got half that.

Kazu: Hey, Iíve been lookiní for this one forever.

Kenta: Which one does she have?

Jeri: Careful theyíre alphabetized.

Kazu: Jeri, why donít you trade me this card for three of mine, okay?

Jeri: Um...

Kenta: Three cards, Iíll give you five of mine.

Jeri: I donít wanna trade, I wanna learn how to play.

Kazu: Iíll throw in three free lessons, what do ya say?

Kenta: Me too.

Takato leans in.

Takato: Uh, youíre drooling guys.

Rika: Learn from someone who can really play.

All: Hm?

They turn and see Rika, Henry, and Terriermon.

Kazu: Hey I rock.

Kenta: Yeah, right.

Jeri: Really!

She takes her cards from Kazu and Kenta and runs to Rika.

Kenta: Aw.

Kazu: Oh...

Jeri: Thanks Rika, I donít know what to say.

Rika: Well Iím sure youíll think of something.

They sit on the steps and Henry walks to the others.

Rika: Okay, youíve got attack cards, defense cards, and upgrade cards. Get familiar with the attack cards, weíll use them a lot.

Kenta: If she gets as good as Rika, weíre gonna lose all our cards.

Kazu: Didnít you already lose most of your cards to me?

Rika: Itís always a good idea to keep a strong card in reserve. Huh?

Jeri: Rika, do you think Leomon will ever come back?

Rika: Donít know, but if he doesnít youíll find a better digimon.

Jeri: Yeah.

Calumon jumps on Jeriís head.

Jeri: Uh.

Rika: Like Calumon.

Jeri: Donít think I didnít ask.

Henry puts down the poster.

Kazu: What, no bikini girls?

Henry: Doesnít this remind you guys of anything?

Terriermon: Um, a petting zoo?

Takato: Wait I know, itís the Chinese Horoscope. Rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. So, what about it, Henry?

Henry: The Devas.

All: Huh?

Rika turns her head fast.

Rika: Huh?

Henry: Have you guys noticed that all of the Devas have had animal forms.

Takato: Now that you mention it, yeah.

Henry: I think thereís a connection. Mihiramon-tiger, Sandiramon-snake, Sinduramon-rooster, Pajiramon-sheep, Vajramon-ox, Kumbhiramon-rat, Indramon-horse.

Rika: So weíve still gotta deal with a rabbit, a dragon, a monkey, a dog, and a pig.

Kenta: Thereís five more of those things, how are you guys gonna beat Ďem all?

Everyone is leaning on the stone wall or sitting on the grass above it.

Kazu: Yeah, itís too bad we all donít have digimon that can fight. Okay, Iím makiní myself depressed. And itís gettingí late, Iím outta here.

Kenta: Yeah, weíll figure out how you can beat those Devas tomorrow. Wait a minute.

Kazu: Huh? Why? Whatís the matter, Kenta?

Kenta: I donít really know, itís just...doesnít it seem like thereís something really weird going on around here?

He points at everyoneís shadows.

Kenta: Something thatís just not right?

Kazu: You mean the way youíre pointing at everyone?

Kenta: Duh, I was counting.

Kazu: You have to use your finger to read too?

Kenta: No! Well yes, but thatís not what I meant.

Calumon: Uh, does this count as weird?

The weird kid is staring right at Calumon.

They all turn.

Takato: Itís that kid again.

Kazu: He defines weird!

Jeri: Why is he staring at me?

Kazu: Jeriís got a boyfriend!

Takato: What are you doing here anyway? What do you want?

Kazu: Besides raising the level of strange in the park.

Weird kid: Maka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone covers their ears.

Calumon: That hurts more than Kentaís singing.

Kenta: Hey!

The kid jumps down onto the bike path, back facing them.

Kazu: That kidís a freak with a capital F.

He turns his head completely around and looks at them.

All: Ew.

Kenta: Yuch, my neck hurts just looking at that.

Takato: Maybe heís really a robot.

Jeri: Come on, letís try talking to him, guys. He probably just wants to be friends.

Jeri runs after him.

Takato: Wait a minute, Jeri!

Kazu: Donít we have enough friends already?

In the Hypnos Building.

Riley: Iím detecting another wild one. The computerís having trouble pinpointing it, but it looks like itís coming from somewhere in the West Shinjuku area.

Yamaki: West Shinjuku? Pinpoint location now!

Riley: Trying to get a lock on the target. Whoa, look at that!

Tally: Thereís a massive amount of data coming in, itís too much!

Yamaki: What is the problem?

Tally: Weíve never seen this much data at once, itís overloading the system.

Yamaki: No!

Tally: Iíve managed to shut down some unnecessary systems so the computer wonít crash, but itís just a temporary fix, sir.

Yamaki: Get me the chief cabinets!

Riley: Already on it.

On the screen the man in the car appears.

Man: This had better be important, Yamaki.

Yamaki: Just a wild one that could wreck the city.

Man: Wreck the city, does this have anything to do with the earthquake?

Yamaki: I donít know, sir. Weíre still looking into it.

Man: Get at it and report back to me immediately. Donít make me think my trust in you is misplaced, Yamaki. I wonít broke another disappointment.

Yamaki: Iím aware of that, sir.

Man: Hm.

The screen shuts off.

Yamaki: Iíll show you, Iíll show everyone.

In the tunnel bridge thing.

Impmon (thinking): Friends. Feh, who needs Ďem anyway?

On the street the kid stops and turns his head to see the kids progression and returns to normal and runs.

Jeri: Wait!

The rest follows.

Takato: I think he was staring at Calumon.

Terriermon: Huh?

Rika: Hm?

Takato: Maybe thatís why Jeri was attacked before, because of Calumon.

Flashback to the fight with Kumbhiramon.

Calumon: Yay Leomon! Yay Leomon! Yay!

End flashback.

Takato: We donít really know anything about the little guy, but Iíve got a feeling that kid does.

Rika: He could be dangerous.

Henry: Yeah.

Calumon: Faster Jeri, faster! Whoa!

The weird kid turns his head and smiles evilly.

Weird kid: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Guilmon: Takato! Slow down!

Guilmon trails behind the rest.

He stops to catch his breath and he sense a digimon.

Terriermon: Henry!

They all stop.

Henry: Whatís that matter, Terriermon?

Guilmon sniffs the air.

Takato: Whatís wrong, boy? A digimon?

Jeri and Calumon stop and a pole falls down in front of them.

Henry: No itís an earthquake!

Takato: Hey Jeri, are you alright?

Jeri: Yeah, Iím okay. But that boy got away.

Takato: Good, who knows where he was leading us.

In the tunnel debris falls from the top.

Impmon: Huh?

He laughs.

Impmon: What, so even the earth wants to get rid of me now?

In the Hypnos lab Janyu is on a big machine that runs across the middle of the lab.

Janyu: These readings are very puzzling. Letís run full spectral analysis on the new data.

Yamaki: New data? Why wasnít I informed?

Janyu: Yamaki, you startled me. Iím sorry, but we just now collected it.

Yamaki: Well give it to me.

The machine runs o the edge.

Janyu: Iím afraid it wouldnít do you much good without further analysis. The digimon have evolved and we havenít yet got an accurate picture of exactly how. Weíll need more time.

Yamaki: More Janyu? Iíve already been more than generous with the amount of time youíve had. Now just give me what youíve got so far. The time has come to act swiftly against the digimon, before itís too late. Your son and his friends can no longer play this dangerous game.

On the street.

Henry: And all the earthquakes, maybe theyíre tied to the Devas too.

Guilmon growls and runs.

Takato: Whatís wrong now, Guilmon?

Takato: Huh?

Guilmon runs past them and Terriermon jumps on.

Henry: Hey, Terriermon!

Terriermon: Now itís a digimon!

All: Uh.

Henry: Well wait up!

Renamon appears on the car next to them.

All: Huh?

Renamon: If we wait for you weíll be too old to fight it.

Henry: Hey.

Renamon jumps away.

Henry: Come on, letís go.

Guilmon stops in a park and sniffs the air and continues.

Renamon appears in a tree and jumps along to another with the kids below following.

They stop at a wall of trees and look up with the kids behind them.

Henry: Whereís the digimon?

Terriermon: Jeez, give it a second.

The digital field appear right after he said that.

Terriermon: Howís that for timing?

The field expands making the kids shield their eyes.

In the Hypnos Building.

Riley: Another massive data spike, itís that wild one again. Stand by, the computerís getting a lock. Sir, itís bio-emerging!

Yamaki runs up the steps.

Yamaki: Ready the Juggernaut program.

Riley: But sir, without analysis of the new data-

Yamaki: Spare me your theories, do it!

Riley: Engaging program.

Yamaki: Good. At last these digimon will see what the Juggernaut is really capable of and just how easily we can defeat them.

In the park the digimon look up.

Terriermon: Itís gonna be big!

Henry: How can ya tell?

Renamon: Weíre looking up, arenít we?

A giant pig appears.

All: Whoa...

Kazu: Is that a mountain?

Kenta: With teeth?

Takato: No, that is one seriously big pig.

In the tunnel a bright light appears at the end.

Impmon: Nobody loves me, everybody hates me. Think Iíll-huh?

He sees the light.

Impmon: A digital field? Whatís goiní on? Oh sure okay I get it, time for me to go home, right? Iím not good enough for this world, but I donít wanna go yet.

In the park Takato gets the pigs data.

Takato: Well thereís your pig Deva, Vikaralamon. Heís ultimate level.

Kazu: Check out the sky!

They look up.

Takato: What are those sparkles?

Henry: Maybe some kind of digital energy. It looks like the digital bits Growlmon threw off the first time he turned back into Guilmon.

The pig turns to the road.

Kenta: Itís on the move!

All: Uh...

Rika: Yeah, but whereís it headed?

Takato: We gotta stop it.

People on the street run away screaming.

Henry: Well at least it wonít be hard to spot.

Kazu: And I thought Takato needed a haircut.

Takato: Hey, you know Iíve been tryiní to get one for weeks but weíve been busy.

Kazu: With hair like that that thing would make one heck of a street sweeper.

Kenta: Oh yeah great, the streets will be cleaned but all the buildingsíll be knocked down.

Guilmon: Now Takato!

Takato: Mm hm.

Renamon: Rika!

Rika: I know, I know.

Terriermon: Me too!

Henry: Mm hm.

Takato: Now, Kazu and Kenta you have a job to do too. Itís up to you to make sure Jeri and Calumon stay safe.

Kazu: Go run and hide, you got it!

Kenta: Stomp on that oinker!

Jeri: Mm hm.

Calumonís red triangle lights.

Takato: Mm hm.

He turns around.

Tamers: Digi-Modify! Digivolution Activate!

D-power: Digivolution.

Terriermon: Terriermon digivolve to...

Renamon: Renamon digivolve to...

Guilmon: Guilmon digivolve to...

Gargomon: Gargomon!

Kyubimon: Kyubimon!

Growlmon: Growlmon!

Vikaralamon keeps moving.

Takato: That thingís worse than an earthquake, itís an earthquake with attitude.

Henry: The whole cityíll be rubble if we donít stop it!

Rika: What are you two, the Obvious Brothers?

Takato: The army, they have no idea what theyíre up against.

In the helicopters above.

Army guy: Target acquired, itís...a giant pig?!

Army guy #2: Sir, we havenít been practicing our giant pig maneuvers, oh wait, do we have giant pig maneuvers?

Army guy: All roast with extreme prejudice.

Army guy #3: Oh that reminds me, Iím going to have a barbecue this weekend and I really-

Army guy: Would you just target the blasted pig already?

Kyubimon: Letís send this porker packiní, boys.

She jumps out.

Kyubimon: Dragon Wheel!

Gargomon: Gargo Laser!

Growlmon: Pyro Blaster!

The hits do nothing.

All: Uh!

Kyubimon: He didnít even flinch!

At Hypnos.

Computer: Juggernaut power at 50% an building. All systems nominal.

Janyu runs to Yamaki.

Computer: 55%.

Janyu: Just whatís goin on here, Yamaki?

Yamaki: Something I shouldíve done a long time ago. This Juggernaut system will allow us to control the entire network.

Janyu: And then what?

Computer: 60%.

Yamaki: And then, Mr. Wong, Iíll simply use the system to destroy all artificial life in the Real World.

Janyu: Yamaki, have you lost your mind? If you do that all the childrenís digimon will be destroyed as well.

Yamaki: A small price to pay, I think.

Janyu: But why, we were just starting to make progress. Really starting to understand artificial life.

Yamaki: Are you willing to sacrifice the world and your son for artificial life!?

Janyu: Huh.

Computer: Power at 65%.

Janyu: It just such a waste.

Yamaki: I want you to see something.

They run up the stairs.

Yamaki: Take a look at your precious artificial life.

On the screen is Vikaralamon destroying the city.

Yamaki: That thing will flatten the whole city if we donít stop it. So you tell me, Mr. Wong, what choice do I have but to destroy it? Once this abomination is gone Iíll construct a firewall so theyíll never bio-emerge again.

At the fight.

Growlmon stabs Vikaralamon with his Dragon Slash.

Gargomon: Stinkiní pig!

Kyubimon: Fox Tail Inferno!

Growlmon: Uh, heís not even slowing down.

He breaks through a bridge.

The tamers run through an alley and behind Vikaralamon with the digimon.

Gargomon: Itís no use, nothingís working, not even insults.

Rika: Thereís gotta be something.

Kyubimon: Maybe if we could digivolve to ultimate too.

Tamers: Hm?

Takato: But we need blue cards and they donít just grow on trees.

He turns around and sees the rubble where Vikaralamon was.

Takato: Hm, and everyoneís depending on us to save whatís left of the city. Weíre the last hope.

Flashback to his Mom yelling at him.

Mrs. Matsuki: You need to study once and a while Takato!

End flashback.

Takato: I bet sheís worried about me or yelling about me.

Henry: We gotta prove we care.

Flashback to Suzie crying on the couch.

End flashback.

Henry: She probably thinks I hate her.

Flashback to Rika on the phone with her Mom.

Rika: Look mother, Iíve got plans with my friends, okay.

End flashback.

Rika: I guess...she really does care.

At Hypnos.

Computer: Juggernaut power at 80% and climbing.

Inside Janyu grabs Yamaki.

Janyu: I beg you, stop this!

Yamaki: Get your hands off of me!

He pushes Janyu down onto the rail.

Yamaki: Enjoy your rampage while you can, youíre about to be deleted.

Outside Takato stomps the ground.

Takato: Hm! I wish I had some kind of idea of what to do!

Henry: Actually, washingís not a bad idea.

He holds a card up and closes his eyes.

Henry: I want to protect my sister.

The card turns blue.

Henry: Oh.

Rika holds one up.

Rika: I want to protect my family.

Her card turns blue.

Rika: Uh.

Takato does as well.

Takato: I want to protect the whole darn city!

His card turns blue.

Takato: Hey it actually worked!

Tamers: Letís do it! Digi-Modify! Matrix Digivolution Activate!

D-power: Matrix Digivolution.

Gargomon: Gargomon matrix digivolve to...

Rapidmon: Rapidmon!

Kyubimon: Kyubimon matrix digivolve to....

Taomon: Taomon!

Growlmon: Growlmon matrix digivolve to...

WarGrowlmon: WarGrowlmon!

Takato: Get him!!!!!!

They fly up.

Rapidmon: Okay, you donít have to yell! Sheesh!

They fly in front of Vikaralamon, stopping him.

Vikaralamon growls.

Rapidmon: Not so confident now, are ya Mr. Big pig?

In Hypnos.

Computer: Power at 100%. Ready to engage Juggernaut program.

Yamaki: Do it! Destroy them all!

The lights on top of the two Hypnos towers light up.

Janyu: No!!!!!!


Henry: No!!!!!!!!!!

Rika: No!!!!!!!!!!

Takato: No!!!!!!!!!