Season 3, Episode 23: "A World Apart"
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Computer: Juggernaut power at 95%. 100%. Engage program.

From the two tower tops of the Hypnos Building two green beams shoot into the Juggernaut above it.

Vikaralamon presses on.

WarGrowlmon jumps down in front of Vikaralamon.

WarGrowlmon: Hold it, hog breath.

He stops.

Rapidmon: Ew, whatís that smell?

WarGrowlmon: Heís a pig, what do ya expect?

Taomon: This is definitely not kosher.

The tamers turn the corner.

Tamers: Uh.

In Takatoís house his Dad is watching the news and packing.

Anchorman: The giant animal has now made its way to Meji Street. An emergency evacuation order has been issued for all residents of the Shinjuku district. Please leave the area immediately.

Outside police are ushering people out of Shinjuku.

Cop: Everybody remain calm. Please keep moving, thereís nothing to worry about. We have everything under control.

Mrs. Matsuki hangs up the phone.

Mrs. Matsuki: The stupid phoneís not working and I canít find Takato. I donít care what they say, Iím not leaving without him.

Mr. Matsuki: With all the police barricades he may not be able to get back here. Weíll have a better chance of finding him on the street.

Mrs. Matsuki: Iím not going anywhere!

Cop: Scuse me, maĎam.

Mrs. Matsuki: Uh! Huh?

She turns to see two cops outside the door.

Cop: You got five minutes to leave, sorry, but Iím securing the area.

Mrs. Matsuki: But, my son never came home. We canít just leave without him.

Cop: In a few minutes your home might not be here, I suggest you cooperate.

They leave and the door shuts.

Mrs. Matsuki: Mm, mm! I canít believe this is happening!

She takes off her headscarf.

Mr. Matsuki: Well on the bright side we were thinking about redecorating.

She turns to him.

Mrs. Matsuki: Mm!

At the fight.

Henry: Rapidmon!

Rapidmon: Rapid Fire!

The missiles hit and do nothing.

Vikaralamon: Bad move, buggy. Boar Bomb!

He shoots ink at Rapidmon.

Rapidmon: Ah! P.U.! Not only am I stuck, but now I stink too!

Vikaralamon: Youíre mine, insect!

Taomon: Talisman of Light!

The light cuts through the ink.

Rapidmon: Wow, you give art appreciation a whole new meaning.

Taomon: Itíll take more than my brush to beat this Deva.

Rapidmon: Can ya at least paint him a new face? Ew.

Vikaralamon: I hard that! You shall all pay dearly!

WarGrowlmon: Sorry, but we donít carry cash.

Vikaralamon: Boar Bomb!

Takato: Heís erupting, get away from him!

WarGrowlmon: Uh-oh, he sprung a leak.

WarGrowlmon cuts through the ink and growls at Vikaralamon. His jets light up and arms light up and he flies to the pig.

WarGrowlmon: Plasma Blade!

Vikaralamon: Fusion Ball!

The ball catches WarGrowlmon and throws him back with WarGrowlmon trapped under.

WarGrowlmon: Aw nuts!

Takato: Hold on buddy, Iím cominí! Donít quit WarGrowlmon! Come on, you gotta get up now!

WarGrowlmon: I canít!

Vikaralamon keeps moving and he makes street signs fall right in front of Henry and Rika.

Vikaralamon: Boar Bomb!

He shoots it at Taomon and Rapidmon.

Rapidmon: Ah!

Henry and Rika: Uh.

Taomon: Hm!

She gets her shoulders and had above the goo.

Vikaralamon: Time to open the gate.

He laughs.

In the sky, where the rip is, there are tons of digimon silhouettes laughing.

In the helicopters.

Army guy: Commander, I canít get any closer.

Commander: Acknowledged, hold your position.

Army guy: Yes sir, awaiting your command.

Henry: Uh, now what?

Rika: Looks like your pal Yamakiís ripped open the sky again.

Henry: Like this day wasnít bad enough.

Henry (thinking): And about to get worse.

In the Hypnos Building.

Yamaki: Status?

Tally: Juggernaut has reached network control level 4, sir.

Riley: I hope weíre not making a mistake here.

Yamaki: Amazing that you and your friends are actually responsible for creating such a foul menace.

Janyu shuts his eyes tight.

Yamaki: Observe.

A screen on the computer shows up and Vikaralamon is on it.

Janyu: Uh.

Yamaki: This hideous swine is your latest abomination.

Janyu: I never designed that.

On the street.

Takato: Uh, WarGrowlmon.

WarGrowlmon: I think Iím done, can somebody turn this thing off.

Takato: How am I supposed to help him?

Rika: What can we do? We donít have any decent cards left.

Henry: Maybe it doesnít matter what card we use, Rika.

Rika: Huh? Okay did that pig monster eat your brain?

Henry: No, Iím serious. The only time the cards have been helpful to our digimon is when weíve believed in them. All we have to do is just believe in ourselves this time.

Rika: Okay, itís worth a try.

Henry and Rika: Digi-Modify! Radiant Faith Activate!

In the Hypnos Building.

On the very top of the screen two shiny dots appear.

Yamaki: Yes, the time has come to erase your mistake.

On the screen is Henry and Rika in their modify poses.

Janyu: Henry! Thatís my son out there!

In the ink Rapidmon and Taomon shine and they fly out of the ink.

Rapidmon: Well itís about time!

Taomon: Yes! Talisman Star!

The talisman cuts through the ink.

Vikaralamon: No!

Her shine fades.

Taomon: Your turn Rapidmon.

Rapidmon: Okay, I have a snack for ya, bacon butt. Rapid Fire!

The missiles go into his mouth.

Vikaralamon: Ah!

He stops moving.

Rapidmonís glow fades.

Rapidmon: We got him now guys, should I send him to hog heaven? Huh?

His data starts to scatter.

Rapidmon: Whoa! Whatís...happening? My brainís draining. Alright, who unzipped the sky? Over the Hypnos Building is the source.

Taomon: Talisman Spell!

A big barrier forms around Taomon.

Taomon: Rapidmon, come here!

Rapidmon: Okay!

He jumps back into it.

Taomon: This should protect us.

Rika: Something badís happening up there!

Henry: And our problemís just beginning.

In the Hypnos Building.

Tally: Juggernaut has reached level 5. Holding steady at full power.

Yamaki laughs.

Yamaki: Full power, I love to hear that.

He turns to Janyu.

Yamaki: Watch carefully, the world is about to change forever.

Janyu: Uh, Iíve seen enough!

He turns and leaves.

Yamaki: Face it Janyu, thereís nothing you can do to stop this.

In the hallway two guards run to Janyu.

Cop: Iím sorry sir, but youíre not allowed to leave this room!

Janyu: I hate to do this, but my son needs me.

Cop: Hold it right there. You canít-

Janyu does his taichi stuff and he drops to the floor.

Cop #2: Hey!

He does it again and runs.

Janyu: Henry!


Henry: Hello? Earth to Takato. Would ya wake up?

Takato: Oh Guilmon.

Henry: We can still help him.

Takato: Iím so afraid of losing him.

Rika: Whatís this about?

Takato: When Guilmon digivolve a part of him seems to disappear. Sometimes I donít even recognize him. I canít believe how serious things have become. Iím glad that heís powerful, but Iím afraid of losing our friendship.

Rika: Youíre not losing anything, goggle head.

Takato: Huh?

Rika: Everyone has to grow up sometime, itís natural. Taomon could be the most powerful digimon ever, but sheís still my best friend.

Takato: Really?

Henry: Besides, heís still just a bread snarfing doofus on the inside.

Takato: Well thatís true.

Green light beams open from the sky over the digimon.

Vikaralamon: Ah!

Vikaralamon begins to be sucked up.

Rapidmon: Uh-oh. Looks like our yangís gettiní yanged.

The barrier begins to get erased.

Taomon: My protection spellís being deleted.

Rapidmon: And weíre next!

Kazu, Kenta, and Jeri are watching the sky from a distance and Calumon is covering himself.

Calumon: I donít know anything. Leave me alone. Your game is bad. No, I canít go back!

All: Huh?

Jeri: Whatís the matter, Calumon?

Kazu: Heariní voices is a bad sign.

Kenta: Whoís he talkiní to anyway?

Calumon: I donít wanna go, please donít let them take me.

Vikaralamon is still being warped up.

Rapidmon: Henry! A little help!

Henry: How can I help them when even that giant pig Vikaralamon is about to be deleted? Think Henry.

Janyu: Henry!

Henry: Huh?

He turns.

Henry: Uh, Dad! I

In the Hypnos Building the entire computer screen glows green.

Yamaki: Juggernaut is entering its final phase, in a few minutes digimon will be history.

0ís and 1ís write out across the computer screen.

Yamaki: Why is this happening?

Tech guy: Hard to say, sir. Itís a reverse pulse code thatís overriding Juggernaut from a layer of data somewhere deep in the net.

Yamaki: Itís that ancient machine language again. Reverse assemble!

Riley: Itís decoding.

In the park Jeri backs up.

Jeri: Uh, uh.

Next to a temple steps is the weird kid.

Kenta: What do you want?

He leans his head down and looks at Calumon.

Kid: Hm.

Jeri backs away again.

Jeri: Huh.

In the Hypnos Building everyone hears the kid talk.

Kid: As simple and pathetic as you are, you humans created us and the world we live in.


Kid: You polluted your world and then started messing with ours. We had to evolve and adapt just to survive.

Jeri: You still havenít said what you want.

Kid: The only way to protect our world is to destroy anyone who threatens it. But we need to become stronger and you ignorant children have something that can help us. You hold the key and you donít even know it.

In the Hypnos Building everyone listens to the voice.

Kid: At this point, we really donít care if you humans want to wipe yourselves out. Weíve got plans, my foul friends, and youíre in the way! And thatís a problem.

Yamaki: Shut him down!

In the tunnel the digital field is still there.

Digimon: Whatís wrong? Feeling sorry for yourself?

Impmon: Oh what now? Just leave me alone, will ya?

Digimon: You crave power, donít you?

Impmon: Yeah, so what? I crave cheeseburgers too.

Digimon: You have the ability to digivolve, we all do. I can help you.

Impmon: Heís gotta be lyiní.

At the park.

Kid: Hm, hm, hm, hm, hm, hm, hm.

He walks to Jeri humming.

Jeri: Huh, go away.

Kid: Hm...

He turns his head all the way around.

Kid: Well give me what I want!

Jeri: Ah!!!

Calumon: I canít go back there! Please donít let them take me, Jeri! Iím scared! Please! Please! Please! No!!!!!

Jeri: Please go away.

Kazu: Dude you canít have Calumon! How bout Kenta?

Kenta: Hey!

A green beam envelops the kid and he turns into a monkey digimon.

Monkey: Hm, hm, hm.

All: Huh.

Monkey: I am Makuramon.

Kazu: Maybe he wants a banana, anybody got one?

Makuramon holds his orb up and screams into the sky.

Makuramon: Maka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He jumps up.

In the park.

Mrs. Matsuki: He comes here to play with his friends all the time.

Mr. Matsuki: Uh, now thatís a good hiding place.

They turn to the hideout.

Inside they pick up some bags.

Mr. Matsuki: These are from our bakery. Hm...

Mrs. Matsuki: Looks like he inherited your appetite.

The barrier keeps being deleted and Taomon and Rapidmon are still being warped up.

Taomon: We need a new plan here.

Rapidmon: No, we need a miracle.

Henry: Taomon and Rapidmon are in trouble. If we donít do something theyíll be deleted!

Janyu: Juggernautís at full power, Iím afraid there is nothing we can do now.

Henry: Mm.

Takato: What about...Guilmon?

Rika: Huh? Look up there!

They all see Makuramon throw his orb into the vortex.

In the Hypnos Building everyone is running because the building is crashing.

Yamaki: Whatís happening to my system?!

Scientist: Complete failure, we have to evacuate.

Tally tries to get down.

Yamaki: Weíre not leaving.

She falls on her back.

Tally: Ah! I knew something like this would happen.

Scientist: The Juggernaut data stream is imploding, the entire place could go up like a bomb.

The walls start to break up.

Yamaki: Thereís got to be something you can do. Shut it down and start it up again!

Scientist: Thatís impossible at this point, the entire programís been corrupted! Itís over sir, get out while thereís still time.

He turns.

Yamaki: Hold it! Are you abandoning your duty?

Scientist: No, sir. Iíve just decided that my life is more valuable than your cause. It seems that artificial intelligence has become too smart for your own good.

He leaves.

Scientist: Goodbye sir.

Yamaki: Huh?

He sees Riley at the stairs looking at him.

Yamaki: Riley, go on, get out of here.

Riley: Good luck.

She leaves.

Hypnos starts to break up.

Outside the core sends a light to Vikaralamon reviving him.

Vikaralamon: Iím back, human filth! Still wanna play?

All: Uh!

Janyu: Weíve gotta find a safer place. Come on, letís go!

Rika: But Taomon.

Janyu: Sheíll be alright Rika, come on.

In the barrier.

Taomon: I donít know what happened, but Iím ready to fight again and so is the pig.

He moves on and the helicopters move in.

Army guy: Fire!

Missiles are shot at him and nothing happens.

Vikaralamon: Fusion Ball!

The helicopter flies away.

Army guy: Whoa!

Janyu: Keep running!

Jeri: Takato!

On the other side of the street are Jeri, Kazu, and Kenta.

Takato: Huh?

Henry: Guys, where have you been?

Jeri: We were with that creepy kid, Makura. Heís really one of the Deva digimon.

Rika: Huh?

Kenta: Yeah, and he said some pretty weird stuff.

Army guy: Fire!

More are shot.

Vikaralamon: Ah!

Janyu runs to them.

Janyu: Weíre all in danger if we stay here, come with me, we have to hide.

Takato: No.

Henry: What?

Takato: Iím done hiding. You were right, no matter how powerful our digimon become theyíre still our friends.

Henry: Mm hm.

Takato: And right now, our friends need us more than ever.

Rika: Uh huh.

Henry: Okay, then itís time we come together and use our combined strength.

Takato: Letís do it.

He runs to WarGrowlmon whoís still under the ball and starts screaming.

Takato: Mah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WarGrowlmon opens his eyes.

WarGrowlmon: Hm?

Takato: Mah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rika: Whatís he doing?

Takato: Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WarGrowlmon breaks through the ball, screaming.

WarGrowlmon: Rahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Takato: Mah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WarGrowlmon steps forward and growls.

His jets light up and he flies to Vikaralamon.

Vikaralamon: Fusion Ball!

Takato: Ah!!!!!!!

He makes the motion of his arms slashing.

WarGrowlmon slashes away the ball and pushes against Vikaralamon.

Takato makes a pushing motion and WarGrowlmon does it.

Henry and Rika: Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rapidmon: Whatís all the yelling about?!

WarGrowlmon (thinking): I hear you, Takatomon, I feel your strength. Together we can send this porker back where he belongs.

His pushing starts to work.

Vikaralamon: Stop now while you still have a choice!

WarGrowlmon: No way! As long as Takatoís with me, Iíll never give up!

He holds Vikaralamonís chin up.

WarGrowlmon: Raise your snout and say Ďahí. Ready, Rapidmon?

Vikaralamon is shooting Fusion Balls from his mouth into the air.

Rapidmon: Iím with ya! Hee ha, target practice! Iíll blast these hot, hoggy hairballs out of the sky.

The missiles destroy the Fusion Balls.

Rapidmon: Score!

Rika: Taomon, youíre up!

Taomon: Talisman of Light!

The light goes to the ink in the sky and destroys it.

Rika: Alright!

Takato: Mah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WarGrowlmon: Roll over!

He tosses Vikaralamon to his side.

WarGrowlmon: Atomic Blaster!

Vikaralamon: Ah!!!!!

Heís deleted.

The shining light fades.

WarGrowlmon (thinking): Whew, that was one mean sausage machine.

The city is in ruins.

Janyu: Oh boy, looks like now this has now become a war between the worlds.

Takato: Well...that was a scream...

Jeri: Takato!

Takato: Hm?

Jeri, Kazu, and Kenta run over and during the run Makuramon steals Calumon.

Kazu and Kenta: Huh?

Kazu: Calumon!

Henry: Uh!

Calumon: Help!!

Makuramon: Well you wouldnít give me what I came for so I had to take it. This creature doesnít belong here and itís my duty to escort him home.

Rika: Give him back, monkey boy!

Takato: Calumon is our friend, not just some piece of property.

Takato tries to grab him back but Makuramon jumps into the sky.

Makuramon: Buh-bye.

Henry: Uh!

Takato: Calumon!

Calumon: Oh!!!!!!!

From a building top jumps Leomon.

Jeri: Itís Leomon!

He reaches for Calumon.

Leomon: You odious, ignorant ape, youíre the one that doesnít belong!

Makuramon: Ah!

Makuramon hits his hand and floats up into the rift where a giant bird with a red aura appears sending out spikes.

Henry: Hey, get back!

Leomon is hit by the spikes and is sent down to the ground.

Jeri: Leomon!

Jeri holds her hand up and a glowing ball appears there.

Jeri: Uh.

She pulls back and Leomon falls.

Leomon: Uh...

Jeri holds her hands out and the ball floats down and turns into an orange rimmed D-power.

Jeri: My own digivice.

Janyu: Is it real?

Jeri: Mm hm.

She points it at Leomon and a beam shoots out and dissolves the spikes, healing him.

Makuramon: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

He disappears with the rift.

Later, ambulance trucks are heard.

Rika: Our entire town has been destroyed.

Henry: With Calumonís powers the Devas will wipe out the rest of the world. Weíve got to help him. But how?

Takato: Weíve gotta go.

Rika: Huh?

Henry: What do you mean?

Takato: To the Digital World. We have to go to the Digital World. Itís the only way to save him.

A wind blows.

Henry: Uh...okay...and how do you suggest we do that?

Rika: Same way we do everything, we wing it.

Takato: Yeah weíll come up with something.

They look to the sky.

Takato: We have to.

Taomon: Come on boys, letís go.

She cats a spell and vanishes.

Rapidmon: Iím with ya!

He flies away.

WarGrowlmon: Wait for me.

He digs a hole.

In the ruins of the Hypnos Building.

Yamaki: Itís over.