Season 3, Episode 24: "The Journey Begins"
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Across the city everything is quiet.

Takato (thinking): Itís so quiet now, wonder how long thatíll last. Itís so wild how everythingís gone back to normal so quickly. Well maybe not so normal. But not bad considering the city was this close to being wiped off the planet. That last Deva was the most powerful yet. If we have to face another like it without being able to digivolve weíll be toast. And we have to find a way into the Digital World and rescue Calumon.

Under a plant a drop of water falls onto a small gate to the Digital World.

Takato (thinking): Itíll be dangerous and I canít go without telling my parents. Iíd tell Ďem about Guilmon and fighting lethal digimon, but Mom freaks when I get a bloody nose. Thisíll send her off the deep end.

In Takatoís house heís sitting at the table and his Mom walks over and puts her hand on his shoulders.

At Rikaís her Mom is hugging her tight.

Rumiko: Oh Rika, if anything happened to you.

Rika (thinking): Iíve never seen her so worried.

She looks at the wind chime.

Rika (thinking): I canít leave her, can I? Not without letting her know how I feel.

At Henryís heís typing on the computer.

Henry (thinking): Iíve scanned the network, still nothing. I hope the others are having better luck.

In the tunnel Guilmon walks down it.

Guilmon (thinking): Hm, now where would I be if I were a portal to the Digital World? This is sure making me hungry.

Outside the tunnel.

Guilmon (thinking): But everything makes me hungry.

He sniffs the air.

On the stairs to his hideout.

Guilmon: Wait a minute.

He sniffs the air again and looks at his hideout.

Guilmon: Could it be? Oh I hope, I hope!

He leaves.

In the city Renamon jumps across rooftops.

Renamon: Nothing.

Renamon (thinking): how hard is it to find one lousy portal? Rikaís not going to like this.

At Henryís.

Janyu: Henry! Get in here, ya troublemaker. Come on! chop, chop!

He opens the door.

Henry: Dad, whatís goiní on?

Janyu: Give me your portable digi-thingy.

Henry: Huh? You mean my digivice?

Janyu: Yeah, come on, Iíll arm wrestle ya for it.

He takes it out.

Henry: Since ya put it that way.

Janyu: Hm. When we designed the prototype we wanted to give kids a way to communicate with and control digimon on the network.

Henry: Maybe mineís broken, cause I canít control Terriermon at all.

Terriermon: It would take more than a piece of plastic to control me.

Janyu pushes a button and the holographic screen shows.

Janyu: Heh, heh, you know what I mean. But the plan was never for digimon to show up in the Real World.

Terriermon: Why not?

Janyu: Well, think about all the havoc Vikaralamon caused when he was here and multiply the result by a thousand. Not a fun thought, now is it?

Terriermon: Mm...

Janyu: There arenít enough SWAT teams in the world to take care of something like that, but obviously someone disagrees. And that someone is responsible for these digimon showing up. My friends and I are working to stop this from happening, in the mean time stay out of trouble, I donít want to tell Suzie somethingís happened to her big brother.

Henry: Kay.

Suzie walks down the hall in her slippers to Henry and Janyu.

Suzie: Hewwo!

Terriermon stands still.

Suzie: Everybody, dinner is ready. Tewwiermon, want some din-din? Well of course you do.

She squeezes him.

Janyu: Tell your mother weíll be down in a minute.

Suzie: I wonít, but Tewwiermon will.

She walks out with Terriermon.

Janyu gets up and starts top leave.

Henry: Uh...actually, Dad.

He stops.

Henry: Thereís uh, thereís something I need to tell you.

He turns.

Janyu: Uh, tell me at dinner, okay? I smell corn beef and cabbage and Iím starving.

He leaves.

Henry: What do I do now?

At Jeriís restaurant.

Man: Mm, this baked eel is really tasty.

Jeri runs down the steps to the fridge and opens the door.

Man: Hey there, Jeri, how are you?

Jeri: Just peachy, thanks.

Mr. Katou: Shouldnít you be in bed by now?

Jeri: I just want some juice.

She grabs a carton of juice.

Mr. Katou: Oh, itís juice one minute, cookies the next.

She grabs a glass and kicks off her sandals and runs upstairs.

Man: She is a growing child.

Mr. Katou: Thanks for the observation, but at this rate sheíll be as tall as a tree. And donít spill anything in bed!

Jeri: Yes Dad!

She opens her door and goes in, humming.

She looks at a picture of her mother as she passes by.

Jeri: Hm?

She sees her sock puppet in her brotherís arms.

Jeri: So thatís where you went.

She takes it.

She sticks her arm out the window.

Puppet: Woof!

She sticks her body out to see Leomon.

Jeri: Hi.

Jeri: I brought you some juice.

She puts the glass with juice down on the windowsill.

Leomon: You are too kind.

Jeri: I know.

He takes it and sniffs it.

Jeri: Go on, itís good for you.

He drinks and she sits on the terrace with him.

Jeri: Leomon, whatís the Digital World really like?

Leomon: You sure you want to go?

Jeri: Of course I want to, I hardly ever get the chance to travel.

Leomon: Well, itís beautiful but itís dangerous.

Jeri: Oh I donít care about danger, as long as youíre there with me. I just hope I live up to being your partner.

Leomon: Huh?

Jeri: Sometimes I think Iím not good enough.

Leomon: Huh?

He holds his hand up to touch her but puts it down.

Leomon: Youíre such a little thing, have a lionís heart.

Jeri: Oh...well thatís why weíre perfect for each other, but I do have one little favor to ask...

Leomon: Huh?

At Takatoís heís on the phone.

Takato: No luck? Oh thatís too bad, Henry came up empty too. Weíll find it sooner or later, I guess we should just keep searching.

At Rikaís.

Rika: Brilliant advice, but weíre running out of places to look. Catch ya later.

She hangs up.

She walks to her room and Renamon appears in her doorway.

Renamon: Rika, Vikaralamonís effects are wearing off. We have to find the portal soon, but when we do...

Rika: What is it?

Renamon: I donít want you to come. The Digital World wasnít made for humans, thereís no telling what-huh!

Rikaís Grandma walks in on them and Renamon stares at her.

Rika: Grandma! I can explain!

Renamon starts to back into Rikaís room.

Rikaís Grandma: Please, donít go. At my age, I thought I was seeing things.

She turns to the pond.

Rikaís Grandma: Iíve always known you had a guardian angel.

Renamon leans on her knee.

Rikaís Grandma: But in my wildest dreams I never thought it would be a talking fox. Oh well, youíve always been a special girl.

Rika: So you donít have a...problem with her?

Rikaís Grandma: Not at all, I think sheís simply beautiful. I guess sheís one of those creatures Iíve been hearing about on the news?

Renamon: My names is Renamon. And Iím sorry if Iíve caused any trouble.

Rikaís Grandma: Oh, youíre not trouble at all. Youíll add some excitement to my life.

Rika: Grandma, Iím gonna be going away for a little while.

Rikaís Grandma: But why, Rika? Where are you going? You really should be telling your mother.

Rika: I canít, please, donít tell Mom. She wonít understand.

Rikaís Grandma: Sheíll be worried about you but Iíll do what I can, Rika.

She turns to Renamon.

Rikaís Grandma: Youíll protect her?

Renamon: I will protect her with my life, I promise you.

Rika: Uh.

Rikaís Grandma: Thank you, Renamon.

Rika turns to the sky.

Rika (thinking): They shouldnít worry about me, everything will be fine.

Rika: I-I hope...

The next day Takato runs to the hideout.

Takato: Guilmon! Where are ya?

He goes in.

Takato: Guilmo-uh, uh.

He looks at the giant hole.

Takato: Someoneís been busy. Uh, Guilmon...

Guilmon: Takato!

Takato: Uh!

He hears the voice coming from the hole in the ground in the wall.

Takato: Whatís up?

Guilmon walks to where Takato can see him.

Guilmon: Well come down and see. Ha ha.

He walks down.

Takato: Huh?

Takato jumps down.

Takato: So what did ya find, boy? Buried treasure?

Guilmon: The portal.

Takato: Uh, huh!

He sees Guilmonís hand start to fade when he puts it near the portal.

Guilmon: Look.

He pulls his hand away.

Takato: Hey no!

Guilmon: I smelled something, and it wasnít the muffin I buried last week, so I started digging and I found this.

Takato: Good job. Do me a favor, just keep away from it for now, kay?

On the way to the Digital World is Makuramon carrying Calumon in a cage.

Makuramon: Cheep up, shorty, youíll be back in the Real World soon. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Calumon: But when?

Makuramon: After youíve helped us become its masters!

In another way to the Digital World Impmon slowly falls through a green space with numbers and symbols in it.

Impmon: Mm...have I died and gone to heaven? Wait a minute, in heaven Iím supposed to feel like a million bucks, but I feel like a turkey with the stuffiní beat out of it. Oh well, least I know Iím alive.

In class.

Ms. Asaji: Today weíll discuss a book about a strange troll called Wakami the Weird. Notice the use of adjectives when Wakami is described as...

Takato (thinking): I canít believe Iím going on the biggest adventure of my life.

Takato has drawings of Calumon, Impmon, and Guilmon in his notebook.

Takato (thinking): Hang in there Calumon, weíre cominí for ya.

Ms. Asaji: Takato!

Takato: Huh?

Ms. Asaji: Can you repeat anything Iíve just said?

Takato stands up.

Takato: I, uh....uh...

Ms. Asaji: Itís detention for you and I want an essay on the importance of paying attention.

Takato: Yes, Ms. Asaji.

Ms. Asaji: Takato I donít understand you. Donít you care about your grades at all?

Takato: I guess I do.

Ms. Asaji: Well you seem to care about your funny little drawings more. I hate doing this, but if youíre not punished, youíll never amount to anything.

Jeri raises her hand.

Jeri: Ms. Asaji.

Ms. Asaji: Huh? Yes?

Jeri stands up.

Jeri: I wasnít paying attention in class either.

Ms. Asaji: What? But, Jeri...

Kazu stand up.

Kazu: I wanna amount to something too.

Ms. Asaji: Huh?

Kazu winks at Takato.

Ms. Asaji: I, uh...

Kenta stands up.

Kenta: Hey donít leave me out of the action.

Ms. Asaji: Itís an all out...mutiny. Go on! Stand outside! You will all stay after school and write essays! Understood!?

Outside class stand Takato, Jeri, Kazu, and Kenta.

Kazu: This is the noblest thing I have ever done.

Kenta: Dude, you just wanted to cut class.

Kazu: Whatever, Iím just psyched weíre goiní to the Digital World.

Jeri: This could be the last class we attend all year.

Takato: Uh...

Kenta (thinking): No more soccer...

Kazu (thinking): No more soccer!

Jeri: Well, should we ask for extra homework?

Boys: Hm...nah!

They laugh.

Jeri: It was just a suggestion.

Kazu: Youíre crazier than a fruit bat, Jeri.

After school in class.

Takato: We should tell Ms. Asaji weíre not gonna be in school.

Kenta: Weíre gonna get busted.

All: Hm...

Takato: Oh, I wonder if the sky in the Digital World looks the same.

In Rileyís apartment.

Yamaki: Years of work, research, my brilliant plan to wipe out the digital plane...all flushed down the toilet.

Yamaki (thinking): Failure...does not become me.

Anchorman: According to government sources, the large boar that appeared in Shinjuku was an artificial life form called a digimon. We have been told this was just a freak accident, apparently the rampage was due to incompetence of a certain network official who has since been reprimanded. Up next, killer chimpanzees.

Riley opens the door and walks in to see Yamaki staring out the window.

Riley: So, youíre just gonna sit here and mope?

Yamaki: Well now, that sounds like a brilliant idea.

Riley: You canít shut yourself off just because Hypnos is gone.

Yamaki: Hypnos has nothing to do with it.

Riley: There must be something you can do. Are you listening to me?!

Yamaki (thinking): Actually....maybe there is something I can do.

He calls up a profile of Takato and Guilmon on his laptop.

Yamaki (thinking): Those children and their digimon may still have a chance.

Yamaki: Uh...

At school the kids leave the classroom.

Jeri: Goodbye, Ms. Asaji.

She closes the door and they leave.

In the teacherís lounge Ms. Asaji is grading tests.

Ms. Asaji: I need a break from this.

She sighs.

Ms. Asaji: Well, might as well see what they wrote.

She picks up Takatoís book.

Ms. Asaji reads the book.

Takatoís voice is heard while she reads: I think youíre a great teacher Ms. Asaji, so Iím sorry if Iíve offended you.

Ms. Asaji: Hm.

Takato: Also, I wonít be in school after today, please donít take that personally either.

Ms. Asaji: Huh?

Takato: P.S. if I donít make it back, you can have the fruit-roll-ups in my locker.

Ms. Asaji: Uh.

She grabs Jeriís book.

Ms. Asaji: Uh, uh.

Jeri: Weíre going because itís our duty as responsible citizens.

Kazu: Weíre off the kick butt in the Digital World, that could be educational, right?

Kenta: Iím coming clean before I go, I stole the class hamster.

Ms. Asaji: Whatís...going on?

Outside Henry and Terriermon sit on a bench and the rest walk over.

Takato: Hey Henry!

Henry: Hm, hm.

Kazu: By the time she reads those weíll be long gone.

Ms. Asaji: Stop!

Takato, Jeri, Kazu, and Kenta: Aw nuts.

Ms. Asaji runs up and catches her breath.

Ms. Asaji: Wait! What is this? What do you mean youíre not coming back, huh?

Takato: Like we said, we gotta go the Digital World, uh...

Ms. Asaji: You have to do nothing of the sort! Wait a minute, are you the children who were seen with the digimon?

Terriermon: You talkiní about me?

Ms. Asaji: Huh.

Jeri: Ms. Asaji, we didnít want you to worry. You see, we couldnít just leave without saying anything to you.

Kazu: and you donít want us around, weíre nothin but trouble.

Kenta: Why donít you speak for yourself, doofus?

They laugh.

Ms. Asaji: Is this supposed to be funny?! How do you think this makes me feel? Youíre all, youíre my responsibility! And those creatures could be dangerous, they could have rabies! And who will take care of you? For goodness sakes youíre only kids! You canít even get through P.E. without getting hurt!

She cries.

Takato: We know you care for us, Ms. Asaji, but we were meant to do this.

Ms. Asaji: Uh...

Takato: You donít have to worry, weíre gonna go tell our parents now. So weíd appreciate it if you donít tell anyone else till tomorrow.

Jeri: I promise weíll be fine.

Kazu: And besides Iíll be there to keep an eye on them.

Ms. Asaji: You canít.

Terriermon: Come on lady, moumantai.

Ms. Asaji: Huh?

Henry: Moumantai, it means donít worry.

Takato: Goodbye Ms. Asaji.

They bow, turn and leave.

Ms. Asaji: Wait, please.

Terriermon: Buh-bye!

Terriermon holds his ear up and waves.

Ms. Asaji: Impossible, theyíre just children.

She falls to her knees, crying.

In the park.

Rika: Youíre telling me we searched every block in the city and it was here the whole time? Typical.

Henry: Guilmon, I donít know how you got to it without a bulldozer, but Iím impressed.

Guilmon: Why, thank you.

Kazu: Man, we are so gonna party.

Kenta: Can we barbecue there?

Jeri: Weíre there on a mission, uh not fun.

Kenta: Wha?

Kazu: You lost me.

Rika: Hold it, you guys donít even have partners, so why are you coming along again?

Kazu: Why should you get to have all the fun? Weíre coming so we can find our own partners and you canít stop us! Right?

Kenta: Right!

Takato: Okay troops, we meet here tomorrow at o-600 hours. Weíll embark on a perilous journey into a dimension fraught with danger hereís to for unknown to man. So remember to pack a toothbrush. To adventure!

All: Yeah!

They raise their hands into the air.

Kenta: Iím packiní my lucky underwear,

Rika: Iím packiní air freshener.

They all leave.

Takato: So, ya ready buddy?

Guilmon: Yeah.

He hiccups then giggles.

At the bakery a woman is about to leave.

Mrs. Matsuki: Thank you, come again.

Sheís about to leave when Takato and Guilmon enter, she freaks and runs out.

Mrs. Matsuki: Takato.

She sees Guilmon.

Mrs. Matsuki: Huh! Oh dear lord!

Takato: Donít freak, Mom.

Mrs. Matsuki: Itís too late for that!

Mr. Matsuki pokes his head in.

Mr. Matsuki: Homey, whatís wrong?

Guilmon turns around.

Guilmon: Hi.

Mr. Matsuki: Uh! Is that what...was in the cardboard box?

Guilmon: Oh boy.

In the living room Guilmon walks to the TV and sees his reflection.

Guilmon: Hello handsome! Ha ha.

He turns to Takato whoís sitting in the chair talking to his parents.

Takato: His name is Guilmon, heís a digimon I created. I drew pictures of him and one day he just appeared and I kept him a secret cause I knew you wouldnít let me keep him. You donít even let me keep goldfish.

Mrs. Matsuki: A digimon? You mean like that horrible monster at Shinjuku?

Guilmon: Monster?

Mrs. Matsuki: Uh...

Mr. Matsuki: Letís hear what he has to say.

Takato: My friendís Henry and Rika have digimon too, theyíre nothing like the bad digimon. In fact, Guilmonís the best friend Iíve ever had.

Guilmon: Aw...thanks Takato. See, Iím not a monster.

Takato: If you want to know the truth, we and are digimon keep the bad ones from making trouble. I never told you, well cause youíd ground me for life. And I didnít want you to worry. But now a little digimon called Calumon has been kidnapped and we have to go to the Digital World to rescue him.

Mrs. Matsuki: You canít! Especially not with that creature!

Takato: But see Calumon has these powers which the bad guys might use to destroy the city and besides Calumonís my friend too.

Mrs. Matsuki: Nonsense, why canít a grown up deal with this?

Takato: Well theyíve tried, but weíre the only ones...who can do anything about it. Weíre leaving tomorrow morning.

Mrs. Matsuki: Oh...

Takato: We donít know what weíre in for, so Iíll need to pack as much food and bread as possible. I know this is asking a lot, but I need you to trust me just this once.

Mrs. Matsuki: Out of the question! Youíre not tracing into goodness knows where with these monsters!

Takato: Please let me go.

Mr. Matsuki gets up.

Mr. Matsuki: Hm.

Takato: Huh?

Mrs. Matsuki: Huh? Oh, in any case I canít let you miss school.

Takato: But Mom, if we donít do this soon there might not be a school to go to.

Mr. Matsuki starts to knead bread.

Takato: Donít you get it?

Mrs. Matsuki: Honey, say something!

Mr. Matsuki: Let him go.

Mrs. Matsuki: Huh?

Mr. Matsuki: Obviously heís been able to take care of himself so far.

Mrs. Matsuki: But heís...just a baby!

Mr. Matsuki: No heís not and itís time we learned to trust him.

Mrs. Matsuki: But heís still my baby!

She cries on his shoulder.

Guilmon: Iím a baby.

She runs to his other shoulder.

Mr. Matsuki: So, youíre Guilmon. Now it makes sense, one of Takatoís friends wanted me to make Guilmon bread.

Guilmon: Bread shaped like me? Ooh, Iím gonna be a bread roll, yummy!

Mr. Matsuki: Iíll even make it life size. Just look out for my boy, okay?

Guilmon: Promise, I promise. Guilmon bread! I canít wait! Can it have peanut butter filling?

Takato walks to the door.

Guilmon: Huh? Please?

Takato: I canít believe me. I wonít let you down. I promise.

At Henryís.

Suzie: Jump Tewwiermon!

She trips on his ear on the couch.

Henry: Suzie.

Suzie: Henry.

Henry Listen, Iím going on a little trip tomorrow.

Suzie: A trip! What fun! One day Iíll be a big girl and go on trips too!

Henry: Yeah, and thereís somethiní else you should know.

Suzie: Whatís that?

Terriermon gets up and Suzie turns around.

Suzie: Huh?

Terriermon: Yep, Iím not a doll Suzie. Iím a lean, mean digi-machine, not Princess PwettyPants. Although that does have a ring to it.

Henry: Sorry I never told you.

Terriermon: Try not to miss us too much when weíre gone, okay?

Henry: I uh sent Dad an e-mail, but itís a surprise do donít tell anyone before we leave okay?

Terriermon: Weíre going stealth, like shadows.

Suzie: Tewwiermon!

Henry: Uh, Suzie.

She hugs him tight.

Suzie: I knew you were real. Youíll come back soon, wonít you?

Terriermon: Okay, just calm down.

Suzie: I wuv you Tewwiermon.

Henry laughs nervously.

At Rikaís she walks in wearing a dress.

Rumiko: Huh! Rika.

Rika: So how do I look?

Rumiko: Just radiant. You look beautiful in anything, well of course you do, youíre my daughter.

Rika smiles.

Rumiko: You donít know...what this means to me. Thank you.

Rika: Youíre welcome.

Rika (thinking): Goodbye Mom.

The next day Jeri and Leomon are walking to the hideout.

Kazu: Jeri! Leomon! Top of the morniní to ya!

Jeri: Hi guys.

Kazu: Guess what? I told my folks this was a school trip and they gave me permission.

Kenta: I left mine a letter next to the coffee pot. What about you, Jeri?

Jeri: Huh? Well, I uh...had Leomon talk to my Dad.

Henry and Terriermon pass behind her and Terriermon waves.

Terriermon: Hey guys!

They run over.

Kenta: Wow Jeri, youíre a braver man than I am.

Jeri and Leomon follow.

Rika: Weíre just going for a couple of days, whatíd you pack, Kazu, your whole room?

Kazu: Eh, lighten up.

Rika: Uh!

Jeri: Hey guys, whereís Takato?

Guilmon: I donít know, maybe heís playing hide and seek.

Rika: Uh.

Takato comes running with a backpack full of bread and the Tamersí Flag.

Takato: Here comes the cavalry!

Kazu: Itís Chum lee!

Takato: Sorry Iím late.

He holds up the flag.

Kazu: What the heck is that?

Kenta: I think thatís us.

Kazu: Iím not that ugly.

Takato: Itís a Tamersí Flag!

Rika: Not this again.

Jeri: I think itís wonderful.

Takato: Aw, thanks.

Kazu: Wonderful? I got no nose!

They all laugh.

Rika hears something behind them.

Rika: Hey, whoís there?

Yamaki comes out from behind a bush.

Kenta: Itís creepy dude.

Henry: What do you want?

Takato: Uh.

Yamaki: So are you kids taking off?

Henry: Yeah.

Takato: And you canít stop us!

Yamaki: I canít let you go, not without this anyway.

He tosses Takato a handheld computer.

Takato: Huh, huh?

He takes off his sunglasses.

Yamaki: Itís a com device so you can stay in touch. Now go get Ďem.

Takato: I donít believe it.

He turns.

Takato: Right! Digimon Tamers, now itís on till the Digital World!

All: Yeah!

They all raise their arms.

The kids go down the tunnel.

Leomon moves a rock out of the way for Jeri.

Kenta gets stuck in the tunnel with the flag.

They look into the gate.