Season 3, Episode 25: "Brave New Digital World"
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Takato: Well ladies and gentlemon, weíre officially the pioneers of the Digital World.

They walk through a space thatís green with numbers and symbols floating around.

Rika: Oh please, just stay focused. Weíre here to find Calumon.

Renamon: And be careful, the laws of the Real World may not apply here.

Henry: Youíre telliní me, I almost got hit in the mouth with a floatiní question mark.

Jeri: Guys wait up, itís too bright. I...canít see.

Rika takes Jeriís hand.

Rika: Here.

Jeri: Huh?

Rika: Hold on, kay?

Jeri: Thank you Rika, much better.

Takato holds onto Kazu and Kentaís shoulders.

Takato: Alright guys, letís go.

Kazu and Kenta: Yeah.

They proceed walking.

Kazu: Where are we anyway?

Renamon: A data field, an ocean of digital information.

All: Ah!

Theyíre all transposed to another position not exactly the right way.

Kenta: Might wanna let go, Takato. I think Iím gonna be sick.

Kazu: IĎm right behind ya, dude.

They start to be transposed again but it stops.

Takato: Whoa.

Henry: It must have been a data surge. Maybe new information changes spatial relationship.

Takato: Iíll have to change something too if this keeps up.

Rika and Jeri float across the field.

Rika: But which way is up and which way is down?

Renamon: Itís all the same, up or down depends on you.

Rika: Well that makes a whole lot of sense.

Rika and Jeri are upside down.

Jeri: I think.

Rika: Hm?

Jeri: that way is down.

She points up. (Jeriís upside down so up is down to her)

Renamon: Oh dear.

Everyone starts to shake and fall.

Rika and Jeri: Ah!

Takato, Kazu, and Kenta: Ah!

Henry: Ah!

They all fall through the layers to the Digital World.

Takato: All right guys, I know itís a little late, but we need a plan.

Rika: Now what ever gave you that idea, Takato?

All: Ah!!!

They pass through one layer.

Terriermon: Moumantai!

Rika: Youíre kidding, right?

Jeri: Ah!

Takato: Ah! Here it comes!

They begin to fall through the layer thatís like a circuit board.

The bread falls from Takatoís backpack and floats in the layer.

Guilmon: Oh no! Weíre losing all the bread!

He frantically tries to get the bread.

Takato: Well guys, itís been real. Nice working with you.

On the ground.

Takato: Where am I? Hey I made it! Iím alive. What is this?

He picks up some dirt and drops it.

Takato: Is this dirt? Hu-huh?

He sees Guilmon in another hole shaking the backpack.

Takato: Guilmon, are you okay?

Guilmon: Itís gone, the bread went bye-bye.

Takato: Huh?

He looks up at the sky and sees a giant sphere sending data streams out.

Takato: Is that earth?

He gets up.

Takato: Wait a minute, did we fall all the way from up there? Uh.

Guilmon: My poor bread.

Kazu gets up.

Kazu: Thereís just no way.

Kenta gets up.

Kenta: Uh...

Jeri: Itís so far away.

Kenta: Canít believe we werenít hurt.

Jeri: Rika, are you alright?

Rika pats dirt off her.

Rika: All things considered, yeah, Iím fine.

Leomon: Welcome to the Digital World, ladies. Do you need a hand?

Leomon offers Jeri help up and Renamon does the same for Rika.

Rika: Weíve got to find a new way of getting here.

Henry looks out of his hole.

Henry: Uh, so this is the Digital World?

Terriermon: What did you expect? Everything to look like a video game?

Henry: No, I guess I pictured somethiní different.

He gets up and looks around.

Henry: I just never thought it would be so real.

Pink spheres pass by.

Kazu: Dude, check it out! Theyíre like digital tumbleweed.

Guilmon: Push harder.

Takato pushes Guilmon out of the hole an Guilmon falls.

Takato: Uh. Hey whatís that?

He looks over at the pick streams.

Kazu: I donít know, it looks like a movie premiere.

Takato: Wow, itís so beautiful.

Rika looks through her binoculars at the source.

Rika: Those beams are gigantic and they lead right up to the Real World. Theyíre everywhere. What are they, do you think?

Henry: They must be streams of data being transferred between our world and this one. Anytime you use a computer I bet it sends one of those beams to extract the information from down here.

Kazu stabs the pole into the ground.

Kazu: There we go! Thatís one small step for mon and one giant leap for monkind.

Kazu puts rocks around it to hold it up.

Kenta: Bad.

Takato: This place is humongous.

Guilmon: Can we go search for the bread now?

Takato: You never give up, do you? We came here to find Calumon, enough with the bread.

Guilmon: Oh...

Kenta: Hey! Over here!

All: Huh?

They turn.

Kazu: Weíre the first humans to step foot in the Digital World, picture time. Now letís get busy.

Kenta: Smiles everyone!

Takato laughs.

Kenta: Leomon, forget it.

Rika: Oh terrific, another camera test.

Terriermon and Henry: Huh?

Renamon: Hm?

Kenta: Letís make sure to get our flag in the shot. Okay everyone get in tighter.

They move closer.

Kenta: Remember, the camera is your friend.

He takes a picture.

Kenta: Leomon, could ya?

He bends down.

Kenta: Thank you.

He gets in the picture.

Kenta: Hm, hm, hm.

He takes a picture of Kazu, Guilmon, and Takato.

Kenta: Ha ha, nice.

He takes on of Rika and Jeri sitting next to the flag.

Kenta: Ooh, very nice.

Someone takes a picture of him pulling Terriermonís ears.

He sets the camera for a group shot and runs over.

Kenta: Okay, group shot. Everyone try to be natural.

The camera falls back and takes a picture of the sky.

Kenta: Aw nuts!

Everyone laughs.

Rika: Now that Kentaís little fashion shootís over, shouldnít we start looking for Calumon?

Takato: Rikaís right. Who knows, maybe this can help.

Takato takes out the com device Yamaki gave him.

Guilmon: Whatís that? Some kind of food finder?

Takato: No, Yamaki said it was a com device. What? System error, thatís weird. Iíll reboot. Hm, the data streamís must be messing with the signal. Iím not getting anything.

Kenta: Oh man!

Takato: Huh?

He turns around.

Kenta: What gives? Somethingís wrong with my camera.

Henry: Let me see it.

He looks at the pictures.

Henry: Thatís weird, theyíre pixilated.

Kenta: Theyíre pixi-whated?

Henry: Fuzzy, Kenta, theyíre fuzzy.

Jeri: Oh no wallet size, too bad.

Kazu: I donít get it, it worked fine when we were back in the Real World.

Kenta: Mm hm.

Takato: Hey guys.

Henry, Terriermon, Kazu, and Kenta: Huh?

Takato: Hm, this thingís fried too. It wonít connect.

Henry: Hm...I wonder.

He looks up.

Henry: Those data streams must be interfering with anything thatís digital. As long as weíre anywhere near them the electronics we brought with us will probably be useless.

Takato: So basically youíre saying that weíre...cut off?

Rika: Brilliant deduction, Sherlock.

Jeri: Um, how are we gonna...get home?

Takato: Uh.

Jeri: If we canít communicate how are e supposed to find our way back? I donít want to be stuck here forever.

Kenta: Whoís gonna fed the school-I mean, my hamster?

Kazu: We lost a lot of supplies in the fall and I donít see any convenient stores anywhere in this desert.

Kenta: Man a mega slushy sounds good right now.

Rika gets up and walks away.

Rika: Mm.

Takato: Come on you guys, you sound like youíre giving up before youíre even trying. Look, the digimon all traveled to the Real World from here somehow so we just have to find that portal, okay? If thereís a way in thereís gotta be a way out, right?

Renamon: Exactly.

Leomon: Good point, Takato.

Takato: See, now thatís what Iím talkiní about. Come on, didnít we all come hereto rescue Calumon?

Jeri: Huh, yeah.

Henry: Right, then letís go...find the little guy.

Terriermon: Moumantai.

Kazu: Yeah, but where do we even begin?

Kenta: Where are we anyway?

Takato: Well see, thatís a problem.

Rika: Hey, goggle heads!

Takato and Guilmon: Huh?

They look up and see Rika on a rock tower looking with her binoculars.

Rika: Thereís something on the horizon! I think theyíre towers!

Takato and Guilmon: Huh?

They look over.

Rika: Or maybe a bunch of antennae.

Kazu: Thatís a long ways away. Are you sure?

Henry: Sheís right that does look like an antenna.

Kazu: That means there might be a city. I wonder if they have digital chili dogs.

Kenta: Mega slushies here we come!

Henry: Well?

Takato: Yep! I see it! Letís move!

Jeri: Um, do you think...Calumon might be there?

Takato: Well, weíll find out. If not Iím sure thereís someone there that can help us find him.

Makuramon is still on his way to the Digital World.

Calumon: Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Makuramon: Hold on pee wee, weíre almost there.

Calumon: Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They pass through the circuit board layer and Calumonís cage gets stuck.

Makuramon: Whatís going on? You canít get away from me that easily, rodent.

Calumon: Youíre silly.

Blue rings emit from the cage and white sparks form around it.

Calumon: Pretty.

The sparks touch Makuramonís hand on the cage.

Makuramon: Iím losing my power. This is impossible, Iíve got to get more energy!

Calumon: Youíd better hang on. Ha ha ha.

Makuramon falls yelling.

Calumon: Bye!

The white sparks stay around Calumon.

Calumon: Oh! What a silly monkey. Ha ha ha.

On the ground.

Kenta: Uh, are we there yet?

Kazu: I think my feet fell off.

Rika: Suck it up, boys. According to Henryís calculations we should be there any second.

Kenta: We better be, I have enough sand in my shoes to start my own private beach.

Kazu: At least youíve only got it in your shoes. Iím finished.

He collapses and Kenta follows.

Takato: Good idea, letís take a break.

He sits.

Takato: Huh!

Jeri: Hey, donít these rocks look familiar?

Takato: Uh?

Jeri: They look a lot like antennae. Oh no, donít you guys get it? This is the city, itís just a bunch of rocks, it was a mirage.

Rika: It canít be, I could swear it was an antennae.

Henry: We all thought so too, Rika.

Rika: Yeah, but we wasted so much time because of me. I hate that!

Henry: It was an easy mistake, donít blame yourself.

Takato: Wow, did somebody make these things?

Leomon: It appears to be natural, but itís just fragments of human made data.

Kenta: So what are we supposed to do now?

Takato: I have an idea, letís eat!

All: Yeah!

Guilmon: But Takato, we have no food, we lost it in the fall, remember?

Takato: Oh I forgot...

Kazu: No sweat, you can have my gummy fleas.

Jeri: And Iíd be happy to share my cookies.

Guilmon: Oh...

Jeri: I mean, we are a team, arenít we? Hm, hm, hm.

Takato: Hm, hm. I donít know about the fleas but Iíd love a cookie.

The digital tumbleweed flows down from a hill.

Takato: Huh? Whatís that?

Leomon: Itís just a packet of old data.

Henry: Um guys, itís uh cominí right at us.

All: Uh...

Takato: Maybe they want some cookies too.

Henry: Thereís nowhere to go!

The data packets run past them and some data scrapes off scaring Kazu and Kenta to running from them.

Kazu and Kenta: Ah!

Renamon grabs them by the shirts.

Renamon: Just hold it right there, you two. Would you stop running, itís just old data, completely harmless.

Hey leave.

Renamon: They must be sensing something.

Takato: Huh? Are you sure? I donít see anything.

Renamon: Look, down by the end of the rock towers. Itís coming.

At the end of the rock towers darkness engulfs them.

Kazu: Whoa! Check it out!

The darkness works its way to them.

Takato: Itís...turning dark.

Kenta: Um, he, this normal?

Takato: Uh, I hope so.

Renamon: Nobody panic.

The darkness sweeps across the ground.

All: Whoa!

Kazu: Oh man! Who turned off the color?

Jeri: Is it nighttime now?

Henry: How weird, no dusk just darkness.

Kazu: That was the fastest sunset Iíve ever seen.

Kenta: More like a switch.

Rika: I guess...thatís how it works here.

Takato: Uh huh.

A data stream passes by the rocks.

Jeri: Hey look.

Takato: That data streamís hitting pretty close to us.

Henry: If that hit us...what would happen?

Renamon: Those streams pull massive amounts of information from the surface of this world and transfer it to wherever the user specifies.

Leomon: If it did hit us who knows where I might end up.

On op of a rock antennae a flame runs.

Rika: Hm?

Renamon: Rika, what is it?

She points.

Rika: We have company.

Takato: Where, I donít see anything.

A fiery digimon appears on the rock.

Rika: Right there.

The digimon laughs.

Kazu: Whoa, whoís that dude?

Rika: Meramon and from the looks of it, heís not too happy.

Renamon: Be on guard everyone, letís see what heís up to.

Henry checks Meramonís data.

Henry: Meramon, champion level. His special attack is Magma Blast.

Terriermon: Great.

Henry: Yeah, wonder what he wants.

Meramon: Magma Blast!

He shoots fireballs down at them.

Terriermon: Does that answer your question?

They all run from the area the fireballs will fall.

One falls right in front of Takato and Guilmon.

Takato: Hey!

Guilmon: Pyro Sphere!

It curves to hit Meramon, but Meramon jumps down.

Takato: Uh-oh.

Meramon lands and punches Guilmon.

Rika: You ready?

Renamon: Yes.

Leomon jumps up.

Leomon: Thatís enough! Fist of the Beast King!

Takato: Guilmon!

Meramon: Huh?

The fire fist hits Meramon making a crater with him in it with dust flowing out of it.

Leomon lands and Takato runs to Guilmon.

Takato: Guilmon, are you okay?

Guilmon: Mm hm.

Meramon reaches out of the dust.

Meramon: Well I hope youíre happy, you evil fiends have finally defeated me. Go ahead, absorb my data, Iím ready for you!

Takato: We wouldnít have hurt you if you hadnít attacked. Did the Devas send you?

Meramon: Devas? Hey wait, youíre not a digimon.

Takato: Huh? Well no, Iím a human being.

Meramon: What? Human? Are you from the Real World?

Takato: Yeah, we came here to rescue a friend and then you attacked us.

Meramon: I beg your pardon, I thought you were those monstrous creatures. Iím so sorry.

Later the kids and Meramon are sitting.

Takato: Hey Meramon, maybe you can help us.

He points to a drawing of Calumon.

Takato: Okay this is our friend Calumon, he was kidnapped by this creature, Makuramon.

He points to Makuramonís picture.

Takato: So, have you seen them?

Meramon: Let me see, Iím very well traveled throughout this part of the world so thereís always a chance.

Kazu (whispers): Hey Kenta, donít cha think Meramon would make a great partner for me?

Kenta (whispers): I was thinking...for me.

Kazu: Hm.

Meramon: Iím sorry, but I donít remember seeing them.

Takato: No dice?

Meramon: No, Iím afraid not. You know, I thought traveling to the Real World was only a myth, now I long for the day when I become powerful enough to go there on my own.

He holds his arm up to the sky.

Meramon: Every night I look at it, so close, so beautiful.

Takato: Yeah it sure is. I wonder when weíll see it again.

On the last barrier to the Digital World, Impmon starts to fall through.

Impmon: No, please. Okay, okay, I changed my mind. I-I donít need to digivolve. I was just kidding.

He falls.

Impmon: Why me!?!?

Across the sky Impmon falls and it looks like heís a shooting star.

Takato watches while everyone else is asleep.

Takato: A shooting star! Oh...this place never ceases to amaze me. And all Meramon dreams of is fighting and getting strong enough to go to the Real World. I wonder why.

Henry: He just canít help it.

Takato: Hey, couldnít sleep either?

Henry: No way, not a wink, too wired. How bout you?

Takato: Same thing. Hey why did you say he canít help it?

Henry: Well, heís like all digimon. I think they just donít know any other way to live. And until they met us, Terriermon, Renamon, and Leomon were the same way.

Takato: Yeah but thatís so sad. Guilmon never-

Heís about to touch Guilmon, but Guilmon sniffs the air.

Takato: Uh.

Guilmon: Hm?

Takato: Whatís up?

Terriermon wakes up.

Terriermon: Huh?

Leomon wakes.

Leomon: Hm?

Renamon: Hm.

Takato: What-whatís the matter?

Guilmon growls.

Renamon: I hear something.

Rika: What is it, Renamon?

Renamon jumps up.

Henry: Whatís that sound?

Takato: I donít know.

She jumps onto a rock antennae.

Renamon: Hm!

She looks over.

Henry: Jeri wake up. Do you hear that?

Jeri: Hear what?

Rika: That!

She sees dust kicked up.

Renamon: Huh?

Rika gets data.

Rika: Jagamon, ultimate level plant digimon that travel in herds.

Jeri rubs her eyes.

Jeri: Are they mean?

Rika: I donít know, it doesnít say.

Takato: Oh great.

Renamon: It looks like theyíre turning. Theyíre coming right at us, letís move!

She jumps down.

Leomon picks up Rika and Jeri.

Renamon: Now!

Takato: Huh?

Renamon: Come on sleepyheads.

She grabs the sleeping Kazu and Kenta.

Takato: Uh, uh.

Henry runs.

Henry: Donít just stand there, run for it!

The Jagamon get closer and Takato grabs Guilmon.

Takato: Letís get outta here!

Guilmon: Takato! Quit pushing!

He pushes Guilmon onto the ledge but canít get there himself.

Takato: Iím slipping guys. Uh!

Henry: Going up?

Henry and Guilmon pull Takato up as the Jagamon stampede.

Takato: Uh! Uh. Oh man that was close!

Henry: Youíre telliní me. Is everyone alright?

Jeri: Uh huh. Look, on the other side of that gorge.

Henry: Huh?

Takato: Meramon!

Meramon: Magma Blast! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The Jagamon split and some stampede Meramonís way carrying him away.

Meramon: Whoa! Whoa!

Takato: No.

Meramon: No!!!!

Heís deleted.

All: Uh.

Takato: What-what happened to him?

Renamon: Iím afraid heís gone.

Rika: Just like that?

Renamon: Yes, itís the law of the Digital World.

Takato: Why?

Renamon: Things here can be cruel sometimes, Takato.

In the cage.

Calumon: Oh...look at all the pretty flying fishies.

Shining fishies fly across the cage.

Calumon: Hi. Hey there guys, oh I wanna learn how to do that. Will you teach me? Please?

He passes through the bars and falls to the Digital World.

Calumon: Oh, ha ha ha ha. Here I go!

During his fall night changes to day.

Calumon: Hey, hey this is easy! Iíll race you down, okay? Ha ha ha ha ha.

On the ground.

Kazu yawns.

Kazu: Oh man, did I sleep good?

He gets up and sees the tamers standing with their digimon.

Kazu: Huh? Theyíre up early, maybe theyíre giving Rika some personality lessons. Kenta, wake up!

He shakes Kenta.

Kazu: Quit beiní a lazy blob, dude.

Kenta gets up.

Kenta: Huh? Hey who took my blue blankey.

Kazu: Grow up.

The leaves sticking out of the ground start to twitch.

Kazu: Hey, breakfast anyone?

He grabs a leaf.

Takato: Goodbye...Meramon.

He puts a rock to hold down Meramonís picture on a rock rile.

Leomon: Your fire burn bright, my friend.

Kenta: We canít eat this!

All: Hm?

They all look up to see Kazu an Kenta pulling the leaf off a Jagamon.

Kazu: Hold him, Kenta.

Kenta: I am holding him.

Rika: Guess whoís awake.

Henry: Oh no.

Jagamon: Please let go of my tail, Iíll do anything you want, I promise!

Rika: Hey!

Kazu ands Kenta: Huh?

Rika: Jagamon, youíre in a lot of trouble for what you did last night!

Kazu: What do ya mean?

Rika: He and his friends caused a stampede that almost flattened us.

Kazu and Kenta let go of him.

Takato: Meramon...didnít make it.

Rika: Hm, explain yourself!

The Jagamon covers his head.

Jagamon: We only protect ourselves.

Rika: You hurt him.

Renamon: I think Meramon was trying to take over their territory, Rika.

Jagamon: Iím sorry! We didnít mean to hurt him!

Kazu: Heís sorry, see?

Rika: Well that just isnít good enough, see?

Henry: Stop it, Rika. Takato, show Jagamon the pictures of Calumon and Makuramon. Maybe heís seen them in the area.

Takato: Hi, have you seen him?

He holds up Calumonís picture to the scared Jagamon.

Takato: Itís okay, weíre not gonna hurt you.

He opens his eyes to see.

Jagamon: Hm?

Takato: Heís a little guy.

Jagamon: Hm...

Takato: Okay, uh...

He holds up Makuramonís picture in front.

Takato: How bout this one?

Jagamon: Uh!

The Jagamon herd pops up out of the ground.

Tamers: Uh.

Takato: Whoa, uh how ya doiní? Did all of you see him?

Jagamon herd: Uh...

Henry: Can ya tell us when?

Jagamon: Uh...

Takato: Oh, oh, okay, how about where?

Jagamon herd: Uh...

Jeri: Do you think we can believe them? I mean, donít you think itís strange that they saw Makuramon but not Calumon?

Rika: Oh. Listen up! Are you lying to us about seeing that monkey?

Jagamon: Lying? What is lying?

Takato: My turn. Now you remember seeing Makuramon, right?

Jagamon: Uh huh, uh huh.

Takato: Good, okay. Where?

He gets up and the herd follows.

Takato: All right, which way did he go?

They all point west.

Jagamon: That way! Heís over there in the desert where all those big lights are!

From the desert shoots up Makuramon riding a dragon digimon in a blazing fire.

The dragon reaches for the cage and pulls it out.

Makuramon: I told you Iíd be back and now!

He lets go of the cage and sees no Calumon.

Makuramon: Oh, how dare you defy me, you little twerp! Maka!

On the ground the kids walk.

Takato: Oh man, what a day, huh? Weíve been dropped, lost, starved, attacked, and stampeded.

Kazu: Yeah, if we were back in home Iíd be in social studies right now, catching up on my sleep.

Rika: Itís only going to get more intense, we havenít even faced Makuramon yet.

Takato: Weíll be ready for him and weíll get Calumon back too.

Henry: Yeah but at what price? You saw what happened to Meramon, this place can be brutal.

Takato: Guilmon I want you to be really, really careful while weíre here, okay? No funny stuff.

Guilmon: Hm?

Takato: You gotta promise me somethiní, that nothiní bad will happen.

Guilmon: Nothing badís...gonna happen. Donít worry.

Takato: But...promise me.

Guilmon: I promise, now about that bread.

Takato: Ha, huh?

He sees a data stream coming up behind Kazu and Kenta.

Takato: Guys look out!

Kazu: What now?

Takato: Be-behind you!

Kenta: Hm?

They turn and see the stream.

Takato: Huh.

Renamon: Itís a data stream.

Terriermon: Uh-oh.

Takato: Thatís not good.

Henry: Not good at all.

Renamon: Shouldnít we be running by now?

They all run away but Kazu and Kenta.

Takato: Yeah letís go!

Henry: Come on!

Kazu and Kenta: Uh!

They run away in the wrong direction.

Terriermon: Get the lead out, Henry!

Takato: Come on, Guilmon!

Rika: Guys! Youíre running the wrong way! Renamon, we have to go after them!

Renamon picks Rika up and runs.

Renamon: Right!

Henry: Wait!

Henry falls right before the data stream.

Henry: Rika!

Takato runs to Henry.

Takato: Are you okay?

Henry: If that thing hits them we may never find them again!