Season 3, Episode 26: "Kazu and Kenta's Excellent Adventure"
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Rika, Renamon, Kazu, and Kenta are still running from the data stream. The data stream catches them.

Rika: Oh!

Kazu and Kenta: Whoa!

The stream transports them and they start falling into a pit.

Kenta: A bottomless pit, no fair!

Kazu: Man, when you say bottomless you really mean bottomless!

All: Oh!

Kenta: Maybe not quite.

Rika: Oh, my back.

Kazu: Your back, my head.

Kenta: Do you guys mind? Some people are trying to pass out over here.

Kazu: Good idea.

All: Uh...

The wind stops blowing and Renamon starts to wake.

Renamon: Uh. Huh? Rika.

Rika: Five more minutes. Renamon!

She gets up.

Rika: Uh, Renamon where are we? Oh wait I remember, the Digital World. Huh! Is that what I think it is?

Renamon: Yes, planet earth.

Rika: But itís so far away. What if we canít ever get back?

Renamon: The world has changed since I left.

Rika: Huh?

Renamon: Look at how barren itís become.

Rika: Yeah, this is kind of how I pictured the inside of Kazuís head. Wait, are those houses?

Renamon: I believe so.

Rika: Whatís on top of them? They look like giant dish towels. I wonder what theyíre for.

Renamon: Yes, and I wonder why all the branches on the trees are pointing in one direction.

Rika: I donít know, Iíve got a really bad feeling about this, Renamon. Weíve gotta get back to the others, if we can.

Kazu and Kenta snore.

Renamon: What is that horrible sound?

Rika: Itís like a rusty freight train hauling bagpipes.

They see Kazu and Kenta sleeping and Rika walks over.

Rika: Are you kidding me? This is exactly why I didnít want them tagging along in the first place. Amateurs! Hey wake up! They both want to be called digimon tamers and then they fall asleep. If they ever do get a digimon they might as well just go and order them to jump off a bridge.

Kenta: Huh?

Rika: Well itís about time.

They crawl over.

Rika: Go home! Youíre as useless as hair on a fish!

Kazu: How are we supposed to go home?!

Kenta: Yeah right!

Kazu: And donít yell at us like youíre our teacher or something!

Kenta: Yeah right!

Kazu stands up.

Kazu: Although, you know, I wouldnít mind having a teacher as pretty as you.

Kenta stands up.

Kenta: Huh? What are you talking about, Kazu? Yell at her for yelling at us!

Kazu: I wouldnít talk to me like that if I were you.

Kenta: Why not?

Kazu: Because otherwise I might feel sorely tempted to tell Rika here a little story about how we took our physicals in gym class, and you couldnít do even one single pull up.

Kenta: Okay, okay, Iím sorry, Iím sorry.

Rika: Uh, why didnít I just let them sleep?

Kazu and Kenta: Hey! What do you mean by that!?

Renamon: Rika theyíre your friends.

Kazu and Kenta: We are?

Renamon: Huh. Even if they are a pain.

Kazu and Kenta: Hey!

Rika: Youíre right, Iíll try to treat them better.

The wind blows.

Rika and Renamon: Huh?

Kazu: Yeah well, youíd better treat us better!

Rika: Donít push your luck!

Kenta: Man there sure is a lot of old data floating around this place.

The wind blows hard.

Kazu: The wind is pickiní up!

Kenta: Gee ya think?

Renamon: Come on, letís find some shelter.

They run behind a rock.

Rika: Well I guess now we know why those tree limbs are all pointing in one direction.

A tire rolls by.

Kazu: Whoa! The windís sure gotta be strong to blow a tire around!

It hitís a tree and disappears.

Kenta: Good gravy, did a furniture store explode?

More stuff flies by and hits trees and rocks to get deleted.

All: Whoa!

Renamon: That flying debris will crush us!

Pots and pans hit the rock.

Kenta: Iím too young to be crushed!

Renamon: Weíve got to find a safer place than this rock!

Rika: Hey, look at that! Those big dish towels must be to stop this wind!

Renamon: Yes or to gauge how strong the wind is.

Kazu: Can we talk about this when weíre not about to be crushed?!

All: Whoa!

They run away as a piano hitís the rock theyíre hiding behind.

Kazu and Kenta run ahead of Rika and Renamon and trip.

Kazu and Kenta: Whoa!

Renamon: Hold on!

She grabs Rika and they float up.

Kazu and Kenta: Whoa! Oh!

They hit the door and it turns open.

Kazu: We gotta stop hitting stuff.

Rika and Renamon slip in.

Kazu and Kenta: Oh...

Rika: I wonder who lives here.

Digimon: We do! Uh, we do live here, donít we?

Two digimon, one male and one female appear.

Renamon: Huh?

Male digimon: The real question is, who would be so rude as to barge in unannounced without so much as a cookie!?

Rika gets their data.

Rika: Jijimon, mega level, special attack Claw of Doom. Babamon, mega level, special attack Empress Haze. Hey, wow, what do ya know, theyíre married.

Jijimon: Thatís right, happily married for forty years, and not so happily for ten after that.

Kazu and Kenta laugh nervously.

Babamon: Donít listen to this coot, he just likes to hear himself talk. Lock the door already!

They turn and pick up a piece of wood.

Jijimon: Thatís it, thatís it, pick that up. Thatís good. Put it here, then slide it down and oh thatís good.

They put it in the holders on the door.

Babamon: They know what theyíre doing!

They take their sticks and walk across each other in a circle.

Jijimon: Donít talk back to me you evil little shrew! Let me get at cha!

They hit their broom end against each other.

Jijimon: Everyday the same.

They put them to each other and try to force the other away.

Jijimon: I love you so much!

They both are hit back.

Babamon hits and misses.

Jijimon: Take that!

He hits and misses.

They both miss.

Jijimon: Now youíre gonna get it!

Babamon almost hits Kazu and Kenta.

Jijimon: Thatís it! Oh get back here!

They chase each other across the room.

Rika: Why are they fighting anyway?

Renamon: Maybe this is how youíll be when youíre old, Rika.

Rika: Very funny, Renamon.

Jijimon chases Babamon down the stairs.

Jijimon: Come back so I can wallop you already!

Babamon: Ha! You donít even know what that word means!

They put their brooms against each other again

Jijimon: I love you so much!

They stop to catch their breaths.

Rika: Why are you fighting?

Babamon: Whatís that?

Rika walks down.

Rika: I said, why are you fighting? Are you having a loversí spat or something?

Jijimon: It passes the time.

Rika: Passes the time?

Babamon: What, like you have something better to do when the wind is blowing? Fightingís the best part of entertainment.

Jijimon: Oh what do you know from best and worst? Well worst you know, Iíve had your cooking.

Babamon: You want another swat? Cause Iíll swat you so good.

Jijimon: You couldnít swat the broad side of a board!

Rika: I donít get it, youíre happily married, but you fight each other for entertainment?

Jijimon: My guess is youíve never been married.

Babamon: We donít have to fight anymore.

Jijimon: Why, youíre leaving me?

Babamon: We can fight them, fool.

Jijimon: That might be the best idea youíve had in years.

Babamon: Youíre right.

Jijimon: Okay Mr. And Mrs. Interlopers, have we got a proposition for you.

Babamon: You get to keep us from being bored while the wind blows.

They ready their brooms.

Kazu and Kenta: Canít we all just watch TV?

Renamon jumps in front of Rika.

Renamon: Youíll have to fight me first.

Jijimon: The yellow oneís got spunk, maybe we should just eat.

Babamon: Eh whatever.

They hit their brooms together and skip away.

Jijimon and Babamon: Weíre gonna make some food now, weíre gonna make some food now.

Kazu and Kenta: Now these are my kind of digimon.

In the kitchen.

Babamon: I hope they like my cooking, well they better or Iíll smack them a good one upside the head for sure.

Jijimon: Always with then worry, your cooking hasnít killed me after all these years.

Babamon: Donít think I wonít smack you too!

Kazu and Kenta watch from behind a pot.

Kazu and Kenta: Ha ha ha.

Renamon: They donít seem to be bad digimon at all.

Rika: So do you think we can trust them, Renamon?

Renamon: I donít see why not.

Kazu and Kenta run over.

Kenta: Smells great!

Babamon: Okay everybody, dinnerís done!

Jijimon: Youíd better eat before we change our minds.

Babamon: Donít listen to him.

They bow their heads and Rika, Renamon, Kazu and Kenta follow.

Jijimon: Well, what are ya waitiní for, the food wonít eat itself. Donít get excited, itís nothing special.

They run over and see the entire table full of food.

Rika: Holy cow! Nothing special?

Jijimon: Eh, I told ya we shouldíve made holy cow.

Kenta: Yum!

He grabs a sandwich.

Kazu: Yeah! Iíll say!

He takes a long sandwich.

Rika: Wow, everything looks great.

Renamon: Thank you.

Jijimon and Babamon hit their wine glasses against each other.

Jijimon and Babamon: Hey!

Jijimon: And now a grape juice toast to the meeting of new friends and now all that other junk.

Kazu and Kenta stuff their faces.

Kazu and Kenta: Mm hm, mm hm, mm hm.

Babamon: Later, if you want, you can take a bath.

Jijimon: They get to take a bath and I donít?

Babamon: They wonít leave a ring around the tub!

Jijimon: Hah! You should talk with the leaving of the crumbs in the bed and the couch and just about everywhere else!

Babamon: I canít even look at you right now. Start the fire!

Jijimon: Fine!

He blows at the fire.

Kenta (singing): Gettingí all pruny!

Kazu (singing): Like a raisin in Juney!

Jijimon: Huh?

In the bathroom there is not actual tub but a room filled with water and Kazu and Kenta are singing.

Both: Soakiní in the bath!

Kazu: Soakiní!

Kenta: Soakiní in the bath!

Kazu: in the bath!

Kenta: Actiní loony!

Kazu: Hopiní you stop singiní sooney!

Kenta: Hey!

In the living room.

Renamon: Good thing we canít hear them singing in hear, I thought my ear drums would bleed.

Babamon: By the way, the beds are all made so I wonít hear any word about leaving before the morning.

Rika: Thank you, thatíd be great.

Babamon: Itís so nice to have guests that donít beat each other up, for a change, ya know?

Rika: Hm, hm, hm.

She drinks her tea.

In the bath.

Kazu and Kenta: Bath, bath, bath, bath, bath, bath!

Kazu: Itís been really neat!

Kenta: But you lost the beat!

Kazu: I can still smell your feet!

Kenta: My feet donít smell!

Both: Bath!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jijimon is listening and clapping his hands and trying to whistle.

Jijimon: Shoot, I never could whistle. Babamon, whereís my plastic whistle?

Babamon: Why do you want that?

Jijimon: Listen! Donít talk back to me!

Rika: Weird place.

Renamon: Better than outside.

Outside the wind keeps blowing.

Babamon: Donít you yell at me!

Renamon: Well, maybe...

Later Rika is on her bed and Renamon sits on the ground.

Rika: Oh yeah. This is the life, lying on a big comfy bed.

She yawns.

Renamon: Rika.

Rika: Hm. Yeah?

Renamon: Iíve been thinking.

Rika: Uh-oh.

Renamon: Very funny.

Renamon lies back.

Renamon: When the wind dies we should look for Calumon.

Rika: Iím sure heís fine.

Somewhere in the Digital World Calumon jumps from rock to rock.

Calumon: Oh. Hello? Man this place is boring, nothing interesting ever happens.

A data stream comes from behind and sucks up Calumon.

Calumon: Oh. Whoa!

In Kazu and Kentaís room.

Kazu: Kenta, you awake?

Kenta (sleeping): All pruny...

Kazu: Jijimon and Babamon are really pretty cool, arenít they?

Kenta: Absolutely, yeah.

Kazu: Yeah.

Kenta: Uh yeah.

He turns, pulls the covers over, and falls asleep.

Kazu: You think theyíd want to become our partners? Hm?

Kenta snores.

Kazu: Howíd you fall asleep so fast? Hm, some tamer youíll be. I can stay up for days cause Iíve got an iron will and-

He falls asleep.

Kenta (sleeping): Dreaminí in Juney...

Kazu (sleeping): Jijimon, Babamon, we can be partners. Weíll finally be digimon tamers. Such nice little digimon.

In Kazuís dream are Jijimon and Babamon.

Jijimon: Ha! The little, stringy one wants to be our tamer? Heís only good for one thing.

They laugh scarily.

Jijimon: Claw of Doom!

Babamon: Empress Haze!

Kazu: Uh!

Kenta: Uh!

They wake up and sit up.

Kazu: I think theyíre gonna....maybe attack us or something.

Kenta: Like with fiery sticks and flames coming out of their heads.

Kazu: Thatís exactly what I was thinking!

Both: Uh!

Kazu: We canít just sit here and let Ďem beat us up.

Kenta puts on his glasses.

Kenta: I guess youíre right.

Kazu: Be tough.

Both: Like tamers.

They stand up looking at the door.

Kenta: You go first.

Kazu: You go first!

Both: Together.

They walk up the stairs.

Kazu: Open it.

Kenta: I am.

They look through and see Jijimon and Babamon sitting next to the fire.

Jijimon: I canít help it! Iím a naturally loud person! What? You gonna sue me now?

Kazu and Kenta: Uh...

Jijimon: Look, I got the fire going. That at last should make you happy and maybe melt the ice around your cold, frozen, black heart!

Babamon: I just didnít want you to wake them up!

Jijimon: Hey honey, itís been nice, huh? With the having of the guests and all that.

Babamon: Nicest day in years.

Jijimon: Who wouldíve thought it possible that we could spend the whole windy day not fighting.

Babamon: I canít believe it either.

She walks over to him.

Babamon: And itís all because of a couple of nice strangers who just happen to blow through our doorway. We should give thanks that we were blessed with their visit.

They turn to the fire and put their hands together.

Jijimon and Babamon: So nice.

Kazu and Kenta shut the door.

Kenta: Wow, how much of a heel do I feel like?

Kazu: Tell me about it. Without them weíd still be out in the wind.

Kenta: Yeah, getting crushed by refrigerators or blown off a cliff somewhere.

Kazu: And we donít even have any lip balm. Our lips would be so way chapped by now.

Both: We should both be giving thanks for Jijimon and Babamon, not the other way around. Okay.

They put their hands together.

In the living room.

Jijimon: Weíre still gonna fight later though, right?

Babamon: Oh yeah, next time you make me mad. Which should be any minute now.

Jijimon: Whew! Thatís a load off.

The next morning the wind is still blowing but not as hard.

Kazu: You canít be thankful for the food, Iím thankful for the food.

Kenta: Well why canít we be thankful for the same thing?

Kazu: Cause it makes the bath and all the other stuff feel bad.

The winds dies.

Kenta: Hey the wind stopped.

Renamon: Time to go, boys.

Rika: Thank you both for all your hospitality.

Jijimon: What, so soon youíre leaving?

Babamon: But you canít go yet, you just got here.

Rika: We have to, our friends are waiting.

Babamon: Oh well, fine then.

Rika: Thanks again.

Rika and Renamon turn and walk upstairs, but Kazu and Kenta donít.

Rika: Are you coming?

Kazu: Actually, no. Weíve gotta ask Jijimon and Babamon something.

Rika: Like what?

Kenta: You know, like a question.

Rika: Ugh! Fine, I donít have time to play twenty questions with you guys. Catch up with us when you can.

Rika and Renamon leave.

Renamon: Rika, shouldnít we-

Rika: No, finding Calumon is more important than those two dips. Besides, apparently they have their own little game plan to pursue.

In the house Kazu and Kenta are on their knees.

Kazu and Kenta: Jijimon, Babamon, will you be our partners?

Kenta: Pretty please?

Jijimon and Babamon: Whatís all this about partners?

Kazu and Kenta: We promise weíll be the best digimon tamers there ever were.

Jijimon and Babamon: Tamers?

Kazu and Kenta run to the digimon.

Kazu and Kenta: Thatís right! Digimon Tamers!

On a big rock.

Rika: This is stupid, how are we supposed to find one little digimon in this crazy place?

Renamon: He better not just be playing hide and seek.

She looks up with her binoculars.

Rika: Hey, do you think if we made it back to the top we could make it back to the Real World?

Renamon: Perhaps.

Rika: But how can we get up there?

Renamon: We canít climb it.

Both: Huh?

Cloth from the houses floats up.

Rika: But we could fly up.

Renamon: Weíre going to need a lot of cloth.

Rika: I bet I know where we can get some.

They look back at the village.

In the house Kazu and Kenta fake modify.

Kazu: Digi-Modify!

Kenta: Digi-Modify!

Jijimon and Babamon turn to each other.

Jijimon: This is getting better and better, with these kids we could digivolve.

Babamon: Think of the fights weíd have.

Kazu: Thatís the spirit!

Kenta: So what do ya say, guys? Are we digimon and digimon tamers or what?

Jijimon: Ooh, digi-modify.

Kazu: If I could digivolve you know what Iíd be?

Kazu imagines what heís look like.

Jijimon: What? Are you gonna tell us or should we start with the guessing? Look, heís gonna move, look.

He turns around and puts on a cape and flips up his visor.

Kazu: Iím BlackWarKazumon!

Kenta: Digivolve me now!

Babamon: Digi-modify!

Kenta: Alright, Kenta digivolve to...

He imagines what heíd look like.

Jijimon: Eh again with the pausing.

Babamon: So, theyíre dramatic.

Kenta: MegaMightyKentamon!

They growl.

Jijimon: Okay, you both make a lot of noise, but can ya fight?

Babamon: Yeah, go to it, MegaMightyKentamon.

Kazu: Maga!

Kenta: Maga!

They back up and start to punch and hit the air.

They get closer and fight.

Kazu: Kenta not the hair!

Babamon: Get him! Itís better than our fights.

Jijimon: Less gab, more jab.

Kazu has Kenta in a headlock and runs with it.

Kazu and Kenta: Hm?

Kazu: Hold on a minute, how come to two of us are fighting and not them?

Kenta: I donít know, just seemed like the thing to do, I guess.

Jijimon: Donít give up now!

Babamon: Youíre so close to doing real damage.

They toss them their sticks.

Kazu: Well I guess if it makes them happy.

Kenta: Then itís worth the bruises.

The turn to each other.

Kenta: Okay!

Kazu: Feel the full power of BlackWarKazumon!

Kenta: Yeah whatever.

They run at each other.

They hit at each other with the brooms.

Kazu jumps up and tries to hit Kenta but breaks a vase instead.

Jijimon: I like the kick and the flying and stuff.

They put the brooms against each other.

Jijimon: Such anger, such power!

Babamon: Such great entertainment!

They turn and give the peace sign.

Kazu and Kenta: Yeah!

Jijimon: What are ya stoppiní for, itís just gettingí good.

On the rooftop Renamon tosses Rika the cloth.

Renamon: I hate to just take this.

Renamon hears a voice.

Kazu: BlackWarKazumon will triumph!

Renamon: Hm?

Kenta: MegaMightyKentamon special attack will stop you!

Rika: Huh? What in the name of all thatís good are they up to now?


Kazu: Special attack?

Kenta: Yeah! Uh, uh. Broom of Magic!

He sweeps the broom making dust.

Jijimon and Babamon run upstairs to see them.

Kazu: Broom of? Great attack.

They hit the brooms against each other again.

Jijimon and Babamon arrive to see them in front of the door fighting.

Babamon: Digi-Modify! Step on his neck!

Jijimon: Digi-Modify!

He belches.

Kazu and Kenta: Uh?

Rika opens the door and it pushes Kazu and Kenta away.

They see Rika.

Kazu and Kenta: Uh!

They run to Jijimon and Babamonís side.

Renamon: Whatís going on in here?

Jijimon: Well, little Miss Nosey, if you must know, our partners were having a fight.

Babamon: Thatís right, youíre lookiní at MegaMightyKentamonís new tamer.

Rika: What are you guys talking about? Being partners and tamers?

They take off their outfits.

Kazu: Well there was a little mix up. We were supposed to be the tamers.

Kenta: Yeah, but we ended up being the digimon.

Rika: Have you gone totally cuckoo? What about getting home?!

Both: Oh yeah.

Rika: Now come on, letís get outta here.

Rika and Renamon turn and Kazu and Kenta follow.

Kazu and Kenta: Oh...

Babamon: Wait!

All: Huh?

Babamon: You canít just run off with our partners!

Jijimon: And anyone who tries to stop our fun gets a noggin knockiní.

They run over with their brooms but Renamon catches them and moves them back, but hey break the brooms free and Renamon jumps onto the stairs where Jijimon and Babamon follow. Renamon jumps up and they go tumbling down the stairs.

Jijimon: Ooh, I like it!


Rika: Now are you two clowns ready to go?

Both: Right.

Kenta: Youíre a clown.

Kazu: Well youíre the whole circus, especially the baboons.

Theyíre on a cliff with their cloth hang glider.

Rika: When I give the signal everyone push off good and hard so we donít hit the rocks, okay?

Kazu and Kenta grab the wood bar.

Renamon: Yes Rika.

Both: Okay!

Jijimon and Babamon: Wait!

All: Wha?

Jijimon and Babamon are running to them.

Babamon: MegaMightyKentamon, we need your fighting skills!

Jijimon: BlackWarKazumon, our dishes need washing!

Jijimon: Donít abandon your partners! Please!

They take off but Jijimon and Babamon grab onto the tassels at the end.

Rika Theyíre gonna drag us down! Weíll never make it to the top!

Babamon: You can even have my best broom!

The tassels theyíre holding onto break and they fall.

Jijimon and Babamon: Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kazu: Jijimon!

Kenta: Babamon!

Both: Goodbye!

Jijimon and Babamon: So long!!!!!

They hit their door and fall into their house.

Kazu: You know, I had this kite idea too, but I thought Iíd let Rika do it.

Rika: Your digimon name is gonna be Blackwornandalotofpainmon.

Kazu: Oh man, I wonder if weíll ever be tamers.

Kenta: I donít know, maybe someday.

Kazu: Yeah, but first we gotta get home, right Rika?

Rika: Donít even try to kiss up to me now.

A fridge hitís the door to Jijimon and Babamonís.

Jijimon: Oh.

He gets up and so does Babamon.

Babamon: Theyíre gone.

Jijimon: And Iím already bored beyond belief without them.

Babamon: well you know what to do.

They prepare to hit their brooms against each other.

Both: Wait a minute!

Babamon: Letís sing!

Jijimon: Yes, their beautiful song.

Both: Gettingí all pruny! Like a raisin in Juney! Soakiní in the bath! Soakiní in the bath!

Jijimon: Oh my stars and garners woman, you have a voice like a thousand broken bottles raking across a chalkboard!

Babamon: What about you? You make screaming babies sound good!

Jijimon: Okay little missy, those right there are fightiní words!

They hit their brooms against each other.

Jijimon: I love you so much!

They hit at each other.

Jijimon: Take that!

They continue.

Jijimon: Just like old times.

Babamon: It is, isnít it?

Jijimon: Letís always fight again.

Babamon: Hiya!

Jijimon: Ow!

Outside Calumon whirls by the house.

Calumon: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!