Season 3, Episode 28: "Blame it on Ryo"
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At the flag the wind blows.

Rika: Well this is just great. How much longer do we have to wait before something happens?

Kenta: I wonder where they are, not that I know where we are.

Kazu: So much for your idea that weíd find them if we just waited here.

Kenta: I said we might find them here, might, might!

Kazu: Might, might! The only thing Iíve found is sand in my underwear.

He throws a rock and gets up.

Kazu: I might as well be wearing sandpaper shorts.

The wind blows the other way.

Kazu: Oh gee, thatís new, the wind is blowing.

Kenta: Oh.

Rika: Alright, Iím looking around.

Kazu: What? Where are ya gonna go? What if Takato and them come by, weíll have to go out looking for you then, wonít we?

Rika: Hm...

Kazu: Well?

Rika: Alright, so itís not a perfect plan, but I donít see you coming up with anything better.

Kenta: But, we came up with the sitting still idea.

Rika: Yeah, thatís been workingí like a charm so far. Look, just stay here and sit on your brains until I get back, okay?

Kazu: Hm! Yeah well, we will!

She leaves.

Rika: Yeah well good.

Renamon: Thatís sure putting her in her place, make sure you donít leave in case the others come by.

Renamon follows.

Kazu: Hey, did you see how they looked at each other like they were talking without really speaking?

Kenta: Youíre paranoid.

Kazu: Only cause everyoneís against me!

Kenta: Iím not against you!

Kazu: Youíre not helping either!

On the search for Rika, Kazu, and Kenta.

Takato: Feels like weíve been walking for days.

Guilmon sniffs the air.

Guilmon: Smells like it too. Whew.

Henry: I just wish we had a better idea of where to start looking for Rika and the others.

Terriermon: Moumantai!

He jumps off Henryís head.

Terriermon: If weíre meant to find them we will, right?

He twirls on his fingers.

Takato: Heh, heh, heh.

Jeri: I sure hope that Rika and the others are all right, though.

Leomon: They could be anywhere, those streams of data send you to a different place every time.

Jeri: Yeah, but it only matters if theyíre safe.

Takato: And even if we were with them they still might not be safe cause we attract trouble like a magnet.

Terriermon: Hey! Relax already! Maybe theyíre waiting back by Takatoís goofy flag.

Jeri: Yeah, maybe they are.

Takato: Terriermonís right. Letís go take a look.

On Rikaís search.

Rika: Is there anything but sand and wind in this stupid world?

Renamon: Rocks.

Rika: Helpful as always, Renamon. Remind me to get you a stand up comedian upgrade card when we get home.

Renamon: Letís go.

Rika: Stupid sandy wind! Blech!

At the flag.

Takato: Shoot theyíre not here.

Guilmon: Not unless theyíre playing hide and seek reeeaaaaallllllly well.

Henry: This is ridiculous! Weíll never find Ďem like this. We should split up and go looking for them.

Jeri: I donít know, then weíd all be lost.

Terriermon gets blown off Henry.

Terriermon: Whoa!

Henry: Well weíve got to do something, instead of just wandering around and hoping we run into them.

Jeri: It does seem kind of pointless. If only we had some clues.

Guilmon falls back and sniffs the air.

Takato: What is it, boy?

Guilmon walks like a crab.

Guilmon: Hm, I smell Renamon!

Takato: You do?!

Guilmon: And she was here just a little while ago.

He sniffs the sir again.

Guilmon: I think she went over there. Yeah.

He points.

Takato: What is? And I thought Guilmon was weird, look.

Henry: Huh?

He looks over and sees Terriermon trying to walk in the heavy wind.

Guilmon: I think Terriermon is practicing to be a mime.

Henry: Itíd never work, heíd have to be quiet to be a mime!

At a village with cubes all over.

Kazu: You canít eat sand!

Kenta: What about a sandwich?

Rika: Youíve got to be kidding me.

Renamon: What?

Rika: Wasnít that Kazuís voice?

Renamon: Hm, it couldíve been.

Rika: What part of Ďstay hereí didnít they understand?

She turns around and sees Kazu and Kenta walking to them.

Kenta: I told you we shouldíve gone the other direction.

Kazu: No, I said we should go the other direction.

Rika: Ugh.

Kenta: Well whyíd you listen to me? You never listen to me.

Rika: I have never met two more useless guys.

Renamon turns around.

Kazu: Iím not gonna carry you!

Rika: Even the Devas were more helpful.

The wind stops blowing and they see Rika and Renamon.

Kazu: Hey, we thought weíd come and help you.

Rika: Uh.

She turns.

Rika: Mm, I thought I told you to wait by the flag.

Kenta: Yeah, but right after you left we kinda got to thinkiní that you might need our help if you ran into trouble or something. Heh, heh.

Rika: Why would I? Oh, didnít you guys think?! Oh! Forget it! Letís just go back!

Kazu: soon?

Rika: Takato and the others may have come back to where the flag is.

Kenta: That would be just awesome!

Rika: Uh, useless.

Renamon: Rika, another data stream is coming!

They see a data stream far away.

Rika: Youíre right, weíd better get out of here quick before it carries us off to who knows where. Come on, letís go.

She and Renamon turn and run.

Kazu: Hey whatís the rush?

Kenta: Yeah weíve got plenty of time. Itís miles away.

Rika: Huh?

The data stream changes direction and goes straight for them.

Kenta and Kazu: Whoa!

Rika: Whoa!

They get sucked up.

Rika: Miles, huh?

Kenta: Maybe less.

They get transported to a world of clocks.

All: Uh!

Kenta: Thatís about as much fun as a kick in the head.

He picks up his glasses.

Kenta: Now I know what a pretzel feels like.

Kazu: Where are we anyway?

He puts on his glasses.

Kenta: Inside some weird giant clock?

Renamon: Regardless weíre not any closer to finding the others and it doesnít look thereís any easy way out of here.

Kenta: Maybe itís a grandfather clock and if we find the grandfather heíll take us out.

Rika: Oh...

Kazu: Donít be ridiculous, itís a giantís wristwatch.

Rika: Oh....oh...

Kenta: Iím ridiculous now?

Kazu: Face it, you were always ridiculous.

Rika: Quiet!

Kazu and Kenta: Huh?

Renamon: Huh?

Rika: Iím so sick and tired of your awful suggestions! Have either of you ever had a good idea?!

Both: Uh...

Kenta: Well...once.

Rika: The two most useless people alive and Iím the babysitter stuck putting everything back together when you mess it up! Whyíd it have to be me?!

Kazu: Hey you think this is all fun and games for us? You think we enjoy your snotty attitude and talkiní behind our backs?

Rika: Hm!

Renamon: Hm!

They hear a ticking.

Kazu: What is that ticking?

Kenta: I donít know, maybe this really is a clock.

Rika: Maybe itís a bomb, but I guess you can handle that yourself.

Kenta: Well if you wanted to help you could.

Renamon: If we have to.

Rika: Mm hm.

They walk to the ticking source.

Kenta: Hey look, it is a clock.

Kazu: Yeah and not a very good one.

The clockís hour hand is stopped and the minute hand is going crazy while the second hand is stuck at 59 and 60.

Kazu: Thatís how the clock always looks to me in math class.

Kenta: I think the second handís just stuck.

Kazu: Should we unstick it?

Rika: Might as well, otherwise this ticking is gonna drive me crazy.

Digimon: No, stop!

Rika: Huh?

She fixes the clock and it gongs.

Little digimon: Oh the horribiminable. what have you done?

Kenta: Fixed it.

Little digimon: Oh tragedness.

Kazu: Okay, who the heck are these guys?

Rika gets their data.

Rika: The tall oneís Clockmon, champion level, special attack Tempest Fugit. The other guy is Hagurumon, rookie level, special attack Cog Crusher.

Kazu: Clockmon?

Kenta: Hagurumon?

Clockmon: This is not gonna be good!

Hagurumon: Get ready, here it comes!

Nothing happens.

Clockmon: Well maybe not.

The bird in the clock pokes in and out.

They all gulp.

The ground shakes.

Kenta: Whatís goiní on?!

Renamon: Uh...

Kenta: Is it an earthquake?

Kazu: uh, weíll never make it home.

All the floating gears stop moving.

Kazu: Oh well that wasnít so bad, now was it?

Rika: All the gears stopped, whatís happening?

Hagurumon: When the gears are moving everythingís super perfectional, but when they arenít.

The ground shakes again and under a pile of gears and sand emerges a giant digimon, who gets his claws out, puts them on the ground and pushes himself up, spreading his wings.

Kazu: Good gravy!

The dragon digimon growls.

Rika gets his data.

Rika: Megadramon, a virus dragon digimon, uh-oh, heís ultimate level. Special attacks are Parry Force and Dark Side Attack. He looks tough.

Megadramon looks at Rika.

Rika: Uh!

She holds her D-power to her chest.

Kazu: Whyís he lookiní at Rika?

Kenta: That canít be good.

Renamon: I must protect my tamer!

Hagurumon: A tamer! Wow!

Clockmon: Youíre kidding?! That means sheís been to the Real World before! Oh what I wouldnít give to have the chance to see that world, it would be fabulous, it would be wonderful! Well itíd be okay, I guess.

Hagurumon: Youíve been there? Really and truthfullinganessly?

Renamon: I have.

Hagurumon: Most magnifirent. Itís said that if you load the data of a digimon who has a tamer, youíll gain the power to go to the Real World.

Clockmon: Thatís why Megadramonís interested in your tamer, heís a scoundrel! Heís a beast! Oh heís not all bad, I guess.

Renamon: Thatís absurd, it takes more than just data to get to the Real World.

Rika: Uh! Heíll never load your data, Renamon! Youíre a way better fighter than him! Now sick him!

Renamon: As you wish.

Megadramon and Renamon advance on each other.

Hagurumon: Oh, most frightenist!

Renamon dodges his arm and goes for his shoulder but knocks her away with his head.

Rika: Uh! No! Digi-Modify! Digivolution Activate!

D-power: Digivolution.

Renamon: Renamon digivolve to...

Kyubimon: Kyubimon!

She runs in.

Clockmon: Wow a digivolution is amazing, itís incredible! Eh itís okay, I guess.

Hagurumon: Iíve never seen it before.

Kyubimon keeps going.

Hagurumon: I want to digivolve like that too.

Kyubimon: Fox Tail Inferno!

Megadramon: Parry Force!

He flaps his wings and blow the fire back.

Rika: No! look out!

The fire lands all around her and one hits Hagurumon knocking out a gear.

Hagurumon: My best gear!

Clockmon: Youíre injured and dazed! Ah youíre okay.

Megadramon flies in.

Kazu: Jeez Louise!

Kyubimon: Dragon Wheel!

The fire follows him.

Megadramon: Dark Side Attack!

Tons of missiles shoot from his armor and hit the fire dragon with Kyubimon in it.

Kyubimon: Uh!

Rika: Kyubimon!

She falls.

Rika: No!

She runs to her and Megadramon flies down.

A new dragon digimon flies in and damages Megadramon.

Rika: Huh!

The dragon digimon flies next to Megadramonís face and Megadramonís face is scratched.

Kazu: Who the heck is that guy?!

Kenta: He rocks!

Rika gets his data.

Rika: Cyberdramon, another ultimate! Special attack Desolation Claw!

Kenta: Well heíd better use it soon.

Cyberdramon lands and Megadramon flies in laughing.

Cyberdramon turns.

Cyberdramon: Good try, but not good enough!

Megadramon swoops in and Cyberdramon jumps up and scratches Megadramon to the ground.

Megadramon gets up.

Cyberdramon: Desolation Claw!

His hands light up and he scratches at the air and makes a ball of black-green energy that he shoots at Megadramon.

Kazu and Kenta: Whoa!

Megadramon sinks into the sand.

Boy: Cyberdramon! Back off!

Kenta: What?

They turn and see a boy.

Boy: Thatís not the opponent weíre looking for!

Kazu: Whoís that?

Kenta: Yeah and whoís he lookiní for?

The wind blows his clothes.

Hagurumon: Itís Ryo! Our protecterly guy!

Rika: Uh!

Rika (thinking): Itís him! I canít believe heís here.

Ryo: Cyberdramon, whatíd I say?

Cyberdramon: Rah! Desolation Claw!

Ryo: So, itís to be the hard way, is it?

He walks over.

Rika: Uh, huh?

Kenta: Whatís he gonna do?

Kazu: I donít know, but Iím gonna stick around to find out.

He takes out his D-power, same color as Rikaís but the ring and outside colors are inverted, from his pocket.

Kenta: Huh.

Kazu: Whoa.

Ryo: Cyberdramon, obey!

He tosses a light whip at I grabs Cyberdramonís arm.

Ryo: Stop it! You will obey me Cyberdramon!

Cyberdramon stops and lets Megadramon sink.

Ryo: Oh finally.

The whip disappears and Rika and Kyubimon walk over.

Rika (thinking): He doesnít even remember me!

Ryo wipes his forehead.

Ryo: Whew!

He turns to Rika and Kyubimon.

Ryo: Huh? That was a close one.

Rika: Uh.

Ryo: The nameís Ryo, nice to meet cha.

He takes her hand and shakes it.

Ryo: Huh, doesnít speak much, does she? Hello?

Rika: Ugh! Iím Rika and this is Kyubimon.

Ryo: Youíre lucky he didnít hurt you.

Rika: Hm?

Ryo: You have to be careful around here, you know. Some digimon believe the data from a digimon with a tamer will get them into the Real World.

Kyubimon: Yes, I-

Rika: Yeah, we already knew that.

Ryo: Oh, uh sorry. Just tryiní to give you guys some help.

Clockmon: Ryo! Hagurumonís not moving!

Ryo: Well letís see what we can do to help. Oh, it seems youíre missing the gear. Here ya go.

He puts the gear in.

Hagurumon: Magnifirent!

Ryo: Hey no problem, Iím happy to help out when I can.

Rika: Ugh! Can you believe this guy?

Ryo: Thereís still one little problem that hasnít been solved.

Clockmon: Oh no! itíll be the end of us! Itíll be tragic! Eh I guess it wonít be that bad.

Ryo: Ha ha, donít worry, Iím on top of it.

He walks to the clock Rika Ďfixedí, takes out a pocket knife and stabs into the clock, fixing it and making all the gears turn again.

Clockmon: He did it! Weíre saved! Oh I guess it wasnít that big a deal after all.

Ryo: Great, everythingís set.

Hagurumon: Thanks Ryo.

Ryo: Please Iím glad to do it.

Rika: Ugh!

Ryo: Let me know if you need anything else.

Hagurumon: Okay.

Clockmon: Thanks Ryo, we will.

Ryo: Um, was there something else, guys?

Hagurumon: Ryo, do you think that maybe someday Iíll be able to go to the Real World?

Ryo: Sure, just keep dreaming and you can make anything happen.

Hagurumon: And, and maybe Iíll get a tamer like you?

Ryo: You bet, buddy. Of course you will.

Hagurumon: Oh most outstandish! Iím gonna work out, eat a lot, and oil my gears everyday.

Ryo: And Iíll see you in the Real World.

They turn to Cyberdramon.

Hagurumon: Youíre tamerís the bestingist.

They leave.

Ryo: See ya later, guys.

Hagurumon: I think Ryo likes me.

Clockmon: He loves you! He adores you! But I think he likes me best.

Hagurumon: Oh youíre just jealouseasonal.

Rika: Whatís with this guy? Stupid perfect hairdo, stupid perfect teeth, always knowing just the perfect thing to say even though heís probably lying. He really bugs me.

Kazu and Kenta: You think it is?

Kenta: Um, Mr. Ryo, sir?

Ryo: Guys, you can just can me Ryo.

Kazu and Kenta: We can call him Ryo!

Kazu: Ryo Akiyama?

Ryo: Um, yeah.

Kazu and Kenta: Yeah!

Ryo: Uh, whatís wrong?

Rika: Hm...

Kazu and Kenta bounce up and down happily.

Kazu: Wait till the guys back home hear that we fought alongside Ryo Akiyama! Heís won every digimon tournament there ever was! Weíre gonna be the most popular kids in school!

Kenta: I canít believe itís Ryo Akiyama! Heís the most famous tamer ever! Itís totally amazing!

Ryo: Hey, itís nice to meet you too. I havenít seen any other kids since I came to the Digital World, it gets kinda lonely.

Kazu: Well, youíll have plenty of company now, cause itís not just us our friends are here, somewhere in this world, too.

At the village of cubes.

Terriermon: Unless you were following the smell of big blocks of stone, you really messed up.

Guilmon: I canít help it, the smell disappears here.

Takato: Great, how are we ever gonna find them?

Henry: They probably got sucked up by another data stream.

Jeri: Maybe theyíre exploring that cave, it wouldnít hurt to look, right?

Terriermon: It might.

Takato: Letís go.


Jeri: Sure is creepy.

Terriermon: Itís not creepy, itís really, really frightening.

Leomon: Smell anything, Guilmon?

Guilmon: Lots of stuff, oh you mean Renamon? Ha, no.

They stop in front of a huge hollow block.

Jeri: What is that?

Guilmon: Beats me!

He sniffs the inside.

Guilmon: Check it out.

They walk over.

Jeri: Is it dangerous, Guilmon?

Guilmon: No, I think itís okay.

Jeri: This even stone?

Henry: I donít know, what do you mean?

Jeri: Itís so smooth.

Henry: Yeah.

Takato: Hey Jeri, Iím really sorry about dragginí you into all of this?

Jeri: Are you kidding me? This is so great, Iím Leomonís tamer!

Takato: Hm, hm, hm, hm, hm.

Henry and Terriermon shake the cube.

Takato: Huh?

Henry: Guys, would you knock it off? We really shouldnít mess with this until we figure out what it is.

Guilmon and Terriermon: Oh...

Jeri: Hey, that looks like fun!

Jeri and Takato and get in.

Takato: Yeah.

Jeri: Come on Leomon, donít be shy.

Leomon: Huh? Iím not.

He gets in.

Henry: Hey this kinda feels like beiní in an elevator, doesnít it?

All: Elevator?

The cube shrinks.

All: Ah!

Takato: Whew, thatís over.

It expands.

All: Ah!

It goes into a hole in the back through a world of waterslides.

Over the desert flies Makuramon on the giant dragon, looking for Calumon.

Makuramon: Faster! Faster! When we find what the Sovereign seeks you and I will be rewarded beyond our wildest dream and severely punished if we do not. Maka!

At the flag Calumon runs to it.

Calumon: Itís Takatoís goofy flag! Oh! Uh they must be nearby!

He looks at it.

Calumon: oh, they sure captured Rikaís scowl, uh then again I donít think Iíve seen her any other way.

The wind blows the other way.

Calumon: Maybe I can make her look happier.

He jumps up and tries to take the flag off.

Calumon: Oh, ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh!

He falls.

Calumon: I guess the wind wants her to stay all scowly. Hey! I can use this to show other digimon what my friends look like! Oh! Try to stop me now wind!

He pulls the flag out.

Back in the clock world, itís nighttime and theyíre surrounding a fire.

Ryo: Well I hope you find your friends soon.

Kenta: Yeah me too, but first we have to find us. We keep getting lost.

Ryo laughs.

Kazu: So, how long have you been here anyway, Ryo?

Ryo: I donít know, what month is it?

Kenta: October.

Ryo: Wow, I didnít realize Iíd been here so long.

Kazu: It must be so cool to be on your own. No chores or homework, Iíd be in heaven!

Kenta: Why, you always make me do all your chores and homework anyway.

Kazu: Donít embarrass me in front of the Ryo man.

Ryo: It does get lonely though.

Kenta: Well whyíd you come here, Ryo?

Ryo: Cause of this guy, heís hard to control. Heís not really the kind of digimon youíd take to like a birthday party, unless you want him to smash the cake, break all the presents and burn down the house. But someoneís gotta keep him in line.

Kazu and Kenta: Cool.

Ryo: Yeah.

Kazu: Itís like summer camp, but instead of learning arts and crafts you learn buttkickology.

Rika: Whatís the big deal? So some stupid kid fell into the Digital World and canít get out, who cares? I bet he wants to go home to his mommy, but he canít figure it out. Some hero.

Kazu and Kenta: Rika!

Kazu: Young lady, I am not about to stand by and let you badmouth the coolest guy in two worlds.

Rika: What are you gonna do about it?

Kazu: Oh, well I, I just, Ryo?

Kenta: Sit down.

Kazu: Donít listen to her, Ryo. Sheís just upset cause you beat her in that digimon tournament.

Ryo: What?

Kazu: Yeah, you blew away the Digimon Queen!

Rika: I donít know what youíre talking about. You make it sound like Iím weaker than him, which Iím not!

Kazu: Come on! Youíre just upset with Ryo because you came in second, but itís not his fault you played badly!

Kenta: Kazu.

Rika: Oh what do you know, you didnít even make it past the third round of that tournament! You talk big, but you wouldnít even know what to do with a digimon even if you could get one which you canít!!!

Ryo: Kay, relax. I do remember you.

Rika: Well, gee thanks. That means so much to me, oh great one.

Ryo: were good.

Rika: Still am!

Kazu: Arenít you forgetting something? He did save Kyubimon today, you know, we wouldíve been in serious trouble without him.

Rika: Well I donít remember asking for hero boyís help!

Ryo: Listen, it just looked like you were in trouble so I-

Rika: Yeah, well I wasnít.

Ryo: So I take it you guys donít know how to get outta here, huh?

Kazu and Kenta: No.

Kazu: Kenta doesnít really know much of anything.

Kenta: Hey, cheap shot.

Kazu: Ya notice he doesnít deny it?

Ryo: I can get ya home, but you have to go through another dimension first.

Kenta: We have to find our other friends.

Ryo: No problem, I can help with that too. Itís nice to meet new people, make new friends, well sometimes.

Rika: Hm!

Kazu: We get to travel with the Ryo Akiyama, isnít that awesome Kenta?!

Kenta: Yeah, uh is that okay with you, Rika?

Rika: I donít see why we need this guy at all.

Kazu: What?

Rika: How do we know thereís no direct way to the Real World?

She gets up and looks at earth.

Rika: I bet there is and he just doesnít even know it.

She walks away.

Ryo: Why would I lie about that?

Rika: I donít know, but Iím not stickiní around to find out. Kyubimon.

Kyubimon gets up and follows.

Ryo: Uh. Whatíd I do to get her so upset?

Kazu: Who knows, sheís weird, always calliní us stupid and stuff cause she thinks sheís better than us.

Kenta: Youíre always calling me stupid.

Kazu: Um thatís different.

Kenta: Right. Is she gonna be okay?

Ryo: Itís tough to say, thereís a lot of dangerous stuff out there, one misstep...and sheís in trouble.