Season 3, Episode 29: "Goliath"
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In a distorted place.

Takato: What is the deal with this place?

Jeri: Everythingís warped.

Takato: Itís makiní me dizzy.

Henry: Everything makes you dizzy, Takato. I wonder if the data in this areaís unstable. Terriermon: Moumantai! This place is just another part of your friendly digital dimension. Youíre not in Kansi anymore, you know.

They pass by a table with food on it.

Guilmon: Huh? Oh look, itís chocolate.

He takes one and eats it.

Guilmon: Mm.

He gets the taste of it and goes dizzy.

Takato: Guilmon whatís wrong?

Guilmon: Not chocolate.

Terriermon: Let me see.

He jumps onto the table and takes a bite into one and gets the same _expression Guilmon has.

Leomon: You shouldnít eat everything you see, especially around here. Things arenít always what they seem to be.

Guilmon: I could try, but when I see food my brain shuts off.

Terriermon: I donít believe this, Iíve finally become Guilmon.

Kenta (far away): Where are all the digimon?

Takato: Huh?

He turns around.

Kazu (far away): I think saw you coming and ran away.

Takato: Someoneís coming.

Henry: Well whoever it is sure is chatty.

Jeri: Maybe itís Rika and the boys.

They see Kazu, Kenta, and Ryo walking down the hill.

Takato: I see the boys but that doesnít look like Rika.

Kazu: Hey, hey, hey! We have returned!

Takato: Itís about time!

They run over.

Takato: You had us worried.

Kazu: Yeah, we ran into some trouble, nothing I couldnít take care of.

Ryo and Cyberdramon walk to them.

Jeri: Who is that?

Kazu: That my friends is the legendary tamer Ryo.

Kenta: He rocks!

Kazu: If tamers were cars, heíd be the monster truck.

Ryo: Aw come on, I wish you guys wouldnít say that.

Takato: Uh! Wow! I canít believe itís really you. Huh? Donít tell me thatís your partner.

Ryo: Yeah, that is Cyberdramon.

Takato walks over.

Takato: Awesome! Huh, nice to meet cha fella.

Cyberdramon growls at him.

Takato: Oh man...hey I donít think he likes me very much.

Ryo walks over, touches Cyberdramonís arm, and laughs.

Ryo: Donít take it personally, heís not the socializing kind. Heís really just a puppy on the inside, once you get to know Ďem.

Cyberdramon growls.

Ryo: Play nice, boy.

Terriermon: Puppy, huh?

Cyberdramon sits on one knee.

Terriermon: Iíll believe it when I see it. Whoís Ryo?

Henry: Heís the famous tamer who disappeared after winning a major digimon tournament. Some think heís the greatest tamer of all time.

Terriermon: He must be to keep Cyberscarymon there under control. That digimon looks meaner than Rika.

Henry: Try not to provoke him.

Terriermon: What? Me? Never.

Jeri: Wait a minute Kenta, how come Rikaís not with you guys?

Kenta: She got all mad and you know just took off.

Jeri: She went off on her own?

Kenta: Yeah.

Takato: She wouldnít have done that unless one of you said something to make her really mad.

Kazu: What cha lookiní at me for?

Ryo: Actually, I think all of this fault.

Kazu: Hey, itís not your fault. Itís her, Rika, sheís nuts.

Henry: Kenta, tell me what happened.

Kenta: Kazu kept saying that Ryo is a better tamer than she is and the only reason sheís Digimon Queen is cause Ryo wasnít around to kick her butt anymore.

Takato: Way to go, Kazu. Sheís gonna be mad till the next millennium.

Henry: This is really bad, itís dangerous out there, something could happen to her.

Jeri: But Rikaís so strong and she has Renamon with her. Iím sure sheíll be fine.

Takato: Jeriís right, I hope.

In the clock world.

Renamon: Rika weíve been walking for hours.

Rika: How observant, Renamon. Whatís your point?

Renamon: Well thereís no sign of an exit and we still donít know where weíre going. Not that Iím not happy to drag my tail in the sand all day, but donít you think we shouldíve gone with Ryo?

Rika: Oh please, that hack couldnít tame his way out of a wet paper bag.

Renamon: Just a suggestion.

Back in the warped place.

Kazu: Hey Ryo, how about some pointers on beiní a bodacious tamer?

Kenta: Whereíd you get your radical outfit?

Kazu: Outfit shmoutfit, whereíd you get Cyberdramon?

Kenta: Yeah! Does he have a twin brother or something?

Jeri: Maybe we should ask Ryo about our mission.

Henry: Finally, a reasonable suggestion.

Ryo: Thatís right, I forgot to ask. Why are you guys in the Digital World?

Takato: Oh yeah. Our friend, Calumon, was kidnapped and weíre here to rescue him. You havenít seem him around, have you?

Ryo: Around here? I donít know, what does he look like?

Takato: Maybe thisíll help.

He takes out the picture.

Takato: Heís a little guy who doesnít like to fight.

Ryo: A digimon that doesnít like to fight? Well thereís a first time for everything.

Takato: Heíd rather eat his weight in creampuffs. Thereís somethin about him that helps other digimon digivolve.

Ryo: So who do you think mightíve kidnapped him?

Takato: The Devas, theyíre not the friendliest folks so we gotta find him before anything bad happens.

Ryo: The Devas?

Takato takes out Makuramonís picture.

Takato: Hereís one of Ďem, they serve someone called the Digimon Sovereign.

Flashback to Makuramon stealing Calumon and floating up.

Takato: This one, Makuramon, was the digi-napper, we tried to stop him but that monkey was too quick. Before we knew it he escaped to the Digital World.

Flashback to Vikaralamon destroying the city.

Kazu: Those Devas are totally out of control.

Henry: You should see the destruction they caused back home.

Jeri: I was more terrified than Iíve ever been.

Kenta: That pig Deva was like a giant Vaaco, well with a snout.

Takato: We finally stopped it but not before it wrecked a lot of the city.

End flashbacks.

Takato: If they could digivolve theyíd be...unstoppable.

Ryo: I see, then I think...we should rescue your friend as soon as we possibly can.

Digimon: Rah!

Kenta: Ah!

He jumps back and they see scarecrow digimon.

Kenta: W, w, w, w-whereíd they come from?

Henry: Are they digimon?

Guilmon growls.

Leomon: Stay back, they could be dangerous.

Ryo: Donít worry, these digimon are harmless. It just takes a while to get used to the way they pop up like that.

Kenta: Iím gonna have nightmares for weeks.

Jeri: They give me...the jeebies.

They rock side to side.

Makuramon rides the dragon looking for Calumon.

Makuramon: Majiramon would you step on it? We have to find that no good runt before Caturamon does. He canít have gone too far on those stumpy little legs. I will not be humiliated by a knee high rodent!

On the ground Calumon looks for the tamers with the flag on his back.

Calumon: Takato! Guilmon! Where are you? My tummy hurts, my feet hurts, my toes-well I donít have any toes, but if I did theyíd hurt. Oh I wish I were back in the Real World where there are nice people and creampuffs.

He stops.

Calumon: When will someone find me?

He hears a howl.

Calumon: Huh? Whatís that?

He sees a dog digimon run up to him.

Calumon: Hello Mr. Dog, Iím looking for Takato, Guilmon, and maybe a really big box of cookies.

The dog flicks some nails at Calumon and laughs.

Calumon: Where I come from we shake hands.

The dog looks mad and sniffs around Calumon.

Calumon: Oh, what are you doing now, huh?

Dog: Ah, I smell lunch.

Calumon: Whatís on the menu?

Dog: You! You! You! You!

Calumon: Oh!

He runs away and the dog chases.

Calumon: Oh bad doggy!

A Gekomon and an Otamamon watch on a rock.

He chases faster.

Calumon: Oh what I meant to say was nice doggy, nice doggy! Oh!

In the warped place.

Jeri: A castle, what do you think, Leomon?

Leomon: Hm...itís interesting.

The castle is twisted.

Ryo: I know it looks funny, staring at it gives me a headache. But itís safe and we can spend the night here.

All: Huh...

They walk in.

Terriermon: This place is bigger than Kazuís ego.

Henry: Yeah or your mouth.

They look up and see the Real World through a window.

Takato: Wow.

Guilmon: Ah...Iím sleepy, Takatomon. Whenís bedtime?

Day turns to night.

Takato: Well now I guess.

Jeri: I donít know about you guys, but Iíll never get used to that.

Takato: Yep.

Ryo opens a door with many beds in it.

Ryo: Well, here we are.

Jeri: Wow.

Takato: I know what ya mean, Iíve forgotten what beds even looked like.

Kazu: Itís like camp! Ha ha ha!

Kenta: But without the counselors.

Jeri sits on a bed.

Jeri: Ha ha ha, itís comfy.

Terriermon bounces on his.

Terriermon: Yeah and bouncy, bouncy, bouncy.

Jeri: I wish Rika was here, I wonder where sheís sleeping tonight.

Ryo: Hm...

He drops his head.

Henry: Hey Ryo, doesnít anyone live in this place?

Ryo: No, this castle has been empty since I first found it. So you guys can stay here for as long as you want.

Kazu: Oh yeah! We can stay in this castle forever.

Kenta: No parents, no school, no gym shorts! Why would we ever leave?

Jeri: Because weíre here on a rescue mission, not to play hooky.

Kazu: Youíre always raininí on my parade.

Henry: Sheís also always right.

Takato: Hey, has anyone noticed, we havenít eaten in a while?

Guilmon: I ate something that I thought was chocolate, but it wasnít.

Terriermon: Donít remind me.

Kenta: Itís strange but I donít feel hungry.

Takato Yeah and youíre always hungry.

Ryo: Havenít you figured it out yet? In the Digital World you only eat when you feel like it. The last time I had dinner, or any other meal for that matter, was more than two weeks ago.

Takato: Wow, thatís one heck of a diet Ryo...

Ryo: Eh, you get used to it.

Jeri: There sure is a lot of stuff to get used to around here.

Later that night everyone is sleeping but Takato and Jeri.

Jeri: Takato do you miss home?

Takato: Uh actually I hadnít really thought about it that much.

Jeri: Really...

Outside a digimon walks the halls mumbling.

Kenta: Uh, who goes there?

He sees a digimon pass by the door.

Kenta: Ah!!!!

Kazu gets up.

Kenta: What is that?!

Henry: Whatís goiní on?

Ryo gets up.

Ryo: Oh thatís Knightmon, you donít have to worry about him, he roams the halls at night looking for more enemies to decapitate.

Kenta: Did you say decapitate? What if Knightmon comes in here and thinks weíre his enemies?

Ryo: Huh? Oh I never thought of that. Look just donít pick a fight with him or anything. You know, stay out of his way, youíll be fine.

Kenta: Yeah okay, but what if he has a bad night?

Ryo turns over and goes to sleep and they hear him snoring.

Kenta: Or if he um...Ryo? Is he sleeping already?

Kazu: Heís either really brave or heís lost his marbles.

Henry: I donít know, maybe you need nerves of steel to survive this long in the Digital World.

Takato: Obviously.

Kazu: I donít know if Iím cut out for this.

Kenta: Me neither.

Knightmon walks away and Takato stares up at the ceiling while the others sleep.

Takato (thinking): Oh why canít I sleep?

Kazu and Kenta are sleeping deep.

Takato (thinking): A typhoon couldnít wake them up.

He gets up.

Takato (thinking): Uh, I wonder if I brought something to read.

He goes through his backpack.

Takato (thinking): Gosh look at all this stuff. Whyíd I pack this? We donít need a flashlight we need a miracle.

He has everything on his bed and sees something on the bottom.

Takato (thinking): Huh? Wait a minute, whatís that?

Takato: I didnít put that there.

He takes the yellow tape off and sees a note and charm.

Takato (thinking): A good luck charm?

He opens the note.

Takato: From Mom.

The notes read in his Momís voice.

Takatoís Mom: Dear Takato, thereís so much I wanted to tell you before you left, but there wasnít time. So Iím writing this letter to tell you how proud your father and I are of you. In the Real World his Mom is in his room and cries on his pajamas.

Takatoís Mom: It seems like only yesterday you were a little baby putting spinach up your nose. You always knew how to make me laugh, but look at you now, so independent and so brave. I know Iíve been hard on you sometimes, telling you to get your head out of the clouds and into the schoolbooks. But the truth is I love everything about you.

Takatoís Dad walks upstairs with a first product of Guilmon bread and sees her crying.

Takatoís Mom: Even the quirky parts, you get that from your father. Iíll make you a deal, I wonít worry myself sick over you if you promise me youíll come home safe and sound. Lots of love, Mom. P.S. The Guilmon bread still needs a little work. P.P.S. The lucky charm carries all my love with it.

In the castle Takato cries on the charm.

Takatoís Mom: We miss you, son.

Takato: Thank you, Mom.

Jeri: Takato.

Takato: Hm?

He wipes his eyes.

Jeri: Are you alright?

Takato: Oh yeah, Iím fine.

Jeri: Well you donít look fine.

Takato: I uh, just have trouble sleeping. I think itís cause Iíve got something in my eye.

Jeri: Are you crying?

Takato: No, of course Iím not.

She puts her shoes and walks over.

Takato: Huh?

Jeri: Takato, what is that?

Takato: Itís just something mother gave me.

Jeri: Is it for luck?

Takato: Uh huh.

Jeri: I bet she misses you a lot.

Takato: She does, but Iíll see her soon, all we have to do first is find Calumon. And once we do that then we can all go home.

Jeri: Hm, hm. What would your Mom think if she saw you with Cyberdramon?

Takato: Are you kidding me? Iíd be grounded till I was a hundred.

They laugh.

Takato: You know what Jeri?

Jeri: What?

Takato: Iím really glad you came along.

Jeri: Me too.

The next day Calumon is tired and walking in the desert.

Calumon: Must keep going, donít wanna be doggy chow. Calumon is brave, Calumon never gives up, Calumon is toast. Oh.

He falls face forward.

A motorbike comes and stops in front of Calumon.

Calumon: Huh?

He looks over.

Calumon: Hi. Um...could you help me, oh please, oh please?

He gets up.

Calumon: Iím lost and Iím trying to find my friends. I can show you a picture of Ďem.

He pulls the flag forward.

Calumon: I know they all look kind of fuzzy, but if you squint and use your imagination...

Beelzemon revs up the bike and rides away making a cloud of dust Calumon chokes on.

Calumon: Oh, hello? Aw nuts, well I guess thatís a big no. But he didnít have to go and make the air all coughy. Oh, oh, oh. If Takato doesnít find me soon that silly monkey will or Doggymon. Whyís everyone here so mean? Oh...gotta keep going, like a train. Chug-a-chug-a-chug-a.

At the distorted place the kids are at a staircase leading up and down out of the area.

Ryo: Come on you guys, these stairs will take us to another plane in the Digital World.

Kenta: Why bother? There probably wonít be any cool digimon there either.

Kazu: Yeah, the digimon weíve seen are all either freaky or creepy.

Terriermon: Sounds like the two of you.

Kazu: Hey!

Ryo: Well you can stay here if you want...with Knightmon...

He turns to the stairs.

Kazu: Since you put it that way, come on!

They all go to the stairs.

Henry: You sure have a way with words, Ryo.

They go down.

In the desert Calumon walks.

Calumon: Chug-a-chug-a-chug-a.

He sees an old data packet roll by.

Calumon: Oh what a pretty ball. Can I play with you? Can I? Can I? I know some really good games!

He chases it.

Calumon: Wait for me!

He rolls like the ball laughing.

Calumon: We! This is fun!

He passes a rock with three Woodmon on it.

Woodmon #1: Okay whatís up with the little guy?

Woodmon #2: Beats me. Kids today are crazy.

Woodmon: I got two words for ya, sun stroke.

Calumon chases the ball, singing.

Calumon: I was having a yucky day, but now, woo-hoo, I get to play. Other digimon were so mean, the nastiest youíve ever seen. I donít need them, not at all, my brand new friendís a big, pink ball. Running here and running there like a hyper teddy bear! Rah! Happy doodle oh what fun! I wish I had a chocolate bun! Or a cookie or a cake or a fizzy chocolate shake! Who needs snack, I have a toy. My crazy bally, huh what a joy!

Digi-Gnomes fly next to Calumon and his red triangle glows.

Calumon: Iím so happy I donít care Iím still not wearing underwear!

The track he left in the sand glows white.

Calumon: What a pretty light.

The Digi-Gnomes giggle.

Woodmon: Oh...

The Woodmon digivolve into Cherrymon.

Cherrymon #1: What happened?

Cherrymon #2: I donít know, but it felt great.

Calumon: Wow. Did that?

Makuramon sees the light and Majiramon flies to it.

Makuramon: Ah ha, unless my eyes are deceiving me thatís the light of digivolution. Get a move on!

The kids get off the stairs at the desert.

Takato: Nothing out of the ordinary here, just sand and more sand.

Henry turns and see Majiramon.

Henry: Huh?

All: Huh?

Henry: And a thirty foot flying dragon!

Jeri: Itís Makuramon!

Takato: I bet Calumonís nearby!

They run to the light.

Kenta: Last one there has to wrestle the dragon! At the light.

Calumon: Wow, itís as bright as a bug light.

The Digi-Gnomes and Calumon see Majiramon flying.

Calumon: And here come the bugs!

The Digi-Gnomes fly away.

Calumon: Donít go! Please donít leave me! Come back!

He chases them.

Majiramon flies over the light.

Makuramon: Our little friend is close by, I can smell him. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Calumon trips and falls over into a chasm.

Calumon: Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Makuramon: Come out, come out, wherever you are.

He sees the kids down below.

Makuramon: Huh, it appears we have visitors.

Cyberdramon growls and runs in.

Ryo: Cyberdramon come back!

Majiramon flies down.

Ryo: When Cyberdramon smells a fight heís totally out of control, itís like Iím not even here. I donít exist!

Takato: But that dragonís too powerful.

Henry: Yeah, youíre right.

Cyberdramon: Desolation Claw!

The blast hits Majiramon.

Makuramon: Majiramon, I do believe that lizard in a tin can is trying to pick a fight with you. Iíll just get out of your way while you reformat him.

He jumps onto a rock plateau.

Majiramon roars and flies into the clouds turning them black and flow into from the center of where he entered.

Jeri: Whatís he doing?

Takato: I donít think we wanna find out.

Majiramon: Flaming Arrowheads!

Fiery arrowheads rain down on Cyberdramon.

Henry: We have to do something and quick!

Ryo: Cyberdramon!

He drops to his knees and Majiramon flies down.

Leomon: Hang on! Weíre coming!

Leomon runs in.

Guilmon: Takato!

Takato: Yeah!

Terriermon: Henry!

Takato and Henry: Digi-Modify! Digivolution Activate!

D-power: Digivolution.

Guilmon: Guilmon digivolve to...

Terriermon: Terriermon digivolve to...

Growlmon: Growlmon!

Gargomon: Gargomon!

Leomon jumps in front of Majiramon.

Leomon: Fist of the Beast King!

The hits does nothing, he drops, and Gargomon flies up next.

Gargomon: Bunny Pummel!

He falls after nothing.

Growlmon: Dragon Slash!

The blade bounces off.

Takato: Man heís not even slowing down!

Majiramon blows out yellow fire and the kids run away along with the Cherrymon.

Henry: Got any ideas?

On the plateau.

Makuramon: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I just love a good fire.

Majiramon floats down laughing.

Kenta: Wha!!!!! What happens now?!

He lands, shaking the ground.

Kazu: I think this is the part where our lives flash before our lives.

Ryo: Ready?

He take out 6 cards and separates them.

Leomon is swatted away.

Ryo: Set?

Gargomon is hit away.

Ryo (thinking): Go!

He takes one card out.

Majiramon squeezes Growlmon.

Ryo readies his D-power.

Kazu: Weíre officially toast!

Ryo: Digi-Modify! Goliath Activate!

Cyberdramon roars and grows bigger than Majiramon.

Takato: I donít...believe it.

Kenta: That was some card.

Cyberdramon grabs Majiramonís arm.

Takato: Heís really puttiní the squeeze on him!

Makuramon: Hm.

Cyberdramon grabs Majiramonís head and lifts him over his head.

Makuramon: I think thatís my beat it!

He leaves.

Cyberdramon squeezes down on Majiramonís head and Majiramon starts to be deleted head to toe, his data scatters, and the sky returns to normal.

Cyberdramon: Rah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He turns into his normal size.

Jeri: Awful.

Kazu: Awesome.

Kenta: Yeah, oh man.

Henry: Unbelievable! No digimon could go through such a drastic change and still fight so flawlessly, those two really are the ultimate fighting combination.

Takato: What card did you use?

Ryo: Itís a Goliath card.

Kazu: Dude, I will trade you anything for that puppy.

Ryo: Sorry, but only the most experienced tamers can master this card.

Growlmon: Oh.

Leomon: Huh.

Gargomon: Whoa.

Cyberdramon growls and turns.

Ryo: Cyberdramon calm down!

He tosses his light whip.

Takato: Um Ryo, is there something wrong with him?

Ryo: He wants to continue fighting, so he has no choice but to find another opponent.

Henry: Yeah but right now?

Ryo: Fighting is in his blood, itís the only thing he really hungers for. To him, battling that dragon was just a small appetizer.

Cyberdramon growls.

Ryo: He wonít stop until heís completely satisfied...and I have to go with him.

Takato: Huh?

Ryo: I wish I could stay and help you find Calumon, but I canít control Cyberdramon when he gets like this. Good luck with defeating the Devas and saving the world and who knows, maybe weíll meet again some day.

Cyberdramon runs and Ryo follows.

Takato: Uh...bye.

Ryo stops and turns.

Ryo: Oh and say hi to that wildcat Rika for me. Ha ha ha!

He turns and runs.

Takato: Uh, okay!

Growlmon: Bye-bye!

Ryo jumps up onto Cyberdramonís shoulder and he runs.

Leomon: Cyberdramon wonít find peace or satisfaction until he finds his ultimate enemy and if he never finds that enemy he may be doomed to keep fighting until the end of time.

Jeri: How terrible.

They watch Cyberdramon run with Ryo on his shoulders.