Season 3, Episode 30: "An Imperfect Storm"
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In a cavern everyone sleeps and Takato wakes up.

Takato: Guilmon, hey boy, wake up.

Guilmon: ...breakfast ready? Just give me one of everything.

Takato: Itís the middle of the night, itís not eating time.

Guilmon: Aw, can I have breakfast anyway?

They walk out and see Henry and Terriermon.

Guilmon: Please?!

Takato: No itís our turn to keep watch. Hey Henry, why doní you go get some sleep, weíll take over.

Henry: Thanks guys, just make sure the two of you stay awake. Huh? Oh.

He picks up the sleeping Terriermon by the ears.

Terriermon: Does this mean we have to wake up now Henry?

Henry: Dude, youíre makiní me look bad.

Terriermon: Sorry.

Takato and Guilmon: Good night.

Takato: Iím worried about Rika.

Guilmon: Hm? I bet she and Renamon are having so much fun their faces are all crampy.

Takato: Heh, yeah, I bet youíre right. But where could they be?

In a forest somewhere Rika sleeps against one of side of a tree and Renamon tries to on the other with the Digi-Gnomes floating around them giggling.

Renamon (thinking): Annoying little pests, how can she sleep through all this stupid chatter? Iím starting to sound like Rika, how disturbing.

In the desert Beelzemon rides his bike.

Beelzemon (thinking): Now this is the way I always imagined myself.

Beelzemon: Unfortunately thereís still one problem. I got plenty of power, a brand new mean, lean body and machine, not to mention intelligence and looks. But none of it means anything without haviní someone to fight. I need a challenge. Alright where is everybody!?

He rides off.

The next day everyone is awake and standing on the cliff.

Takato: Hey Henry I was thinking about Rika.

Henry: Yeah, whatís up?

Takato: Well she knows where the flag is so instead of us aimlessly searching maybe we should just go there and wait for her to come.

Henry: Hm...

Terriermon: Hm...

Guilmon: Hm...

Terriermon: Hm!

Henry: Yeah maybe that is a better plan. I am worried about Calumon, but if we regroup with Rika and Renamon weíll have a better chance of finding him. Alright itís settled, letís go back to the flag.

Terriermon: Original idea.

On the way to the flag.

Kazu: Dude, why are you so quiet today? Youíve usually embarrassed yourself at least time times by now.

Kenta: I should feel worse about Rika missing but I just donít like her very much.

Kazu: Atta boy, Kenta! Needless guilt. Hey, she is always bagginí on us cause we donít have our own digimon.

Jeri: You just havenít gotten to know her, I like Rika.

Kazu: Youíve got Leomon, of course sheíll talk to you. But anyone without a digimon is slime.

Leomon: Donít give up just yet.

Kenta: Huh?

Leomon: I have no doubt that your partners will appear eventually.

Kazu: Well Iím glad somebody else believes it besides me. I wonder which partner Iím gonna end up with, maybe Angemon now that would be real power.

Kenta: Right, and Iím gonna be the new Digimon Emperor. Thereís no way youíre gonna get Angemon, maybe a Sukamon if youíre lucky.

Kazu: Youíd be lucky to get Dorkmon, your majesty!

Jeri: Hey did you really mean that? You think those two goofballs will get digimon partners someday?

Leomon: No, but if I didnít say something theyíd never shut up. Thisíll keep them busy for a while. Just my humble attempt to bring a little joy into the lives of some poor, misguided youth.

Jeri laughs.

Kazu: Ooh, Iím injured.

At the flag site.

Takato: Oh no! the flagís gone!

Jeri: Takato, are you sure this was the place?

Takato: Well...

Henry: Definitely! It was right by these three rock formations.

Kenta: Then, someone took the flag?

Guilmon: Hm?

Kazu: No genius they moved the rocks.

Guilmon sniffs the ground.

Takato: What is it, boy?

He blows a hole in the ground.

Guilmon: Huh? Hey I smell Calumon.

Takato: That means he was here.

Guilmon: Yep and not that long ago.

Terriermon: Now that Calumonís a real criminal will he be punished with a public flagging?

All: Uh.

Terriermon: What? I thought that was a reasonable question.

Leomon: Despite the heinous criminal allegations, if Calumon was here at least we know he escaped the Devas.

Takato: Hey youíre right and thatís not all, if he did come here to take the flag it must mean that heís looking for us too. And that makes us one giant leap closer to finding him.

At Rileyís Yamaki watches the news.

Anchorman: West Shinjuku has officially been declared a disaster area. Unstable structures could collapse at any t-

Yamaki: Disgusting.

Riley: Breakfast will be ready in a minute. Would you mind clearing the table off for me, Mr. Boss man?

Yamaki looks out the window.

Yamaki (thinking): Itís like a bad dream. I wonder if thereís anything left at all.

In the Hypnos Building the government people are rebuilding it.

Man: These systems are extremely complex. Thereís only one man qualified to run this operation without him thereís no way we can go online again.

Man #2: Donít worry, weíll eventually convince him to return, in the mean time I suggest you stay out of my way. While I appreciate your input this has become a matter of national security and itís my job to get Hypnos working again as soon as possible, with or without Yamaki. Is that clear?

Scientist: Sir weíre ready to go online.

Man #2: Do it!

Scientist: Here we go, key 1 operational! Uh, I hope weíre not making a big mistake.

Scientist #2: Key 2 operational.

Scientist #3: Confirmed, key 3 operational.

Scientist #4: Resonators activated and powering up.

Scientist #3: Data recall access confirmed.

Scientist #2: Going online in 3, 2, 1.

The screen turns on.

Man #2: Yes!

In the Digital World a storm starts.

Kazu: Jeez Kenta! Whatíd ya eat for lunch?

Kenta: Very funny!

Leomon: Jeri!

Leomon grabs Jeri.

Henry: We have to find some cover, run for it!

Takato: How can I run when I can barely stand?

A data stream comes.

Kazu: I think our ride is here!

Kenta: That thing is gonna suck us up like a giant slushy!

Kazu: Oh man, not again! This whole place is starting to suck.

Guilmon: Takatomon! Over here!

They turn and see Guilmon in a cave.

Takato: Go! Go!!!

The data stream passes and the kids are in the cave.

Henry: Whew! That was close.

Takato: Guilmon you saved us!

Guilmon: Ha ha, yeah.

Leomon: There must be some kind of energy disruption in the Digital World thatís causing these storms, itís not normal.

Henry: Energy disruption? What could that be from?

Terriermon: Maybe itís the same thing thatís making Takatoís butt glow.

Takato: Huh?

He sees something in his backpack light up.

Guilmon: Heh, heh thatís his backpack.

Terriermon: Same difference.

He takes out the com device and the screen glows.

Takato: Whoa! The communicatorís working!

Henry: But I thought it was fried!

In Rileyís apartment Yamaki gets an e-mail.

Yamaki: Hm?

He puts his headphones on and goes on the computer.

Riley walks in with food.

Riley: So much for quality time, did you forget about breakfast? Hello? Anybody home?

An e-mail is called up on the computer.

Yamaki: Uh!

Riley: An e-mail, well whoís it from?

Yamaki: Mm, it might be them.

He opens it and thereís a message from Takato saying ĎWE MADE IT! WEíRE ALL FINE!í

Riley: Is that really from Takato Matsuki? They made it, and theyíre alright. Well thatís a relief I was beginning to worry about them. Can you even hear me?

Yamaki stares at the screen.

In the Digital World the storm clears.

Kazu: thank goodness thatís over.

They walk out.

Kazu: Iím gonna be ralfiní up sand for a week!

Henry: Nice image Kazu, thanks.

Takato is in the cave.

Jeri: Hey arenít you coming?

Takato: In a sec. The power went off as soon as the storm was over. I e-mail got through all right.

In the forest Rika and Renamon walk with the Digi-Gnomes flying around them giggling.

Rika: Renamon what are these things?

Renamon: Theyíre called Digi-Gnomes, relax Rika, at least theyíre friendly. In fact why donít we rest here? Iíll go find us something to eat.

Rika: Well maybe you can find some Gnome repellant while youíre at it.

Renamon: Hm, hm.

She disappears.

In the desert Beelzemon rides.

Beelzemon: Huh? Hm, hm, hm, hm, hm.

Beelzemon (thinking): Alright.

He stops his bike, gets off, and walks slowly forward.

Beelzemon snickers.

Beelzemon: Well this isnít exactly what I had in mind, but I suppose a little target practice couldnít hurt. Idnít that right, little Chrysallimon?

The tower of purple dispenses and hundreds of Chrysallimon fly out.

Beelzemon: Ha ha ha ha ha, Iím gonna enjoy heariní you scream.

The Chrysallimon fly to him.

Beelzemon: Hm.

He takes out his guns.

Beelzemon: How bout a Double Impact!

He shoots at them and theyíre destroyed.

Beelzemon: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

He shoots more bullets and more are destroyed.

Beelzemon: This is way too easy.

He laughs as the Chrysallimon scream and get destroyed.

In the forest Calumon sits against a tree and his red triangle glows.

Calumon: Huh?

In the desert the Chrysallimonís data regroups and reconfigures itself into a new bigger digimon.

Beelzemon: Interesting, somehow they digivolved into Infermon.

Infermon: Spider Shooter!

One shot sends Beelzemon back a little.

Beelzemon: Aw, now ya hurt my feelings. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

He puts his guns away.

Beelzemon: Hm, hm. Time to have some real fun.

Infermon flies at Beelzemon and he jumps up and readies his nails.

Beelzemon: Darkness Claw Attack!

He slashes Infermon and Infermonís deleted.

Beelzemon: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh yeah, come to poppa. Iíve waited so long for this.

He loads the data and laughs.

On the cliff above the dog Deva appears.

Beelzemon: Huh? Caturamon.

Caturamon: Stop wasting time, we kept our promise, now itís your turn.

Beelzemon: Iím in, letís get it over with.

In the forest Rika sits against a tree stump with Digi-Gnomes around her.

Rika: I wish sheíd hurry up, Iím tired of resting. I wonder if these flying night lights know where to find water.

The Digi-Gnomes smile at each other.

Digi-Gnomes: Ah!

They grab Rika and pull her.

Rika: Hey! What are you doing?

They pull her.

Rika: Slow down! That tickles! Where are you guys taking me? Huh?

They stop in front of a lake that reflects the cherry blossoms in the water.

Rika: Beautiful. She jumps out onto a rock and cups some water in her hands.

Rika: Amazing.

The Digi-Gnomes laugh and turn.

Digi-Gnomes: Huh?

The yell to Rika.

Rika: Huh?

She looks at them and looks to the side and rapids come.

Rika: Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Renamon hears Rika.

Renamon: Hm? Rika!

She jumps away.

The rapids carry Rika downstream.


A thick stick wrapped on a vine is thrown out, Rika grabs it and sheís pulled to the land.

Rika: Thanks...Renamon. Uh!

She sees Calumon next to the vine wrapped around the tree.

Calumon: You sure picked a silly time to go swimming Rika, Rika.

Rika: Calumon!

Calumon: Oh!

They run to each other and Rika grabs Calumon.

Rika: Where have you been? We searched everywhere.

Calumon: Iím not sure I searched everywhere, but I tried.

Renamon: Rika!

Rika: Huh?

They see Renamon running to them with a tidal wave behind her.

Renamon: Hold on!

She grabs them, the tidal wave is right behind them, and they shoot up from a hole in the ground.

Rika and Calumon: Ah!!!!

They start to drop after the water goes down.

Rika: Renamon!

Calumonís red triangle glows.

D-power: Digivolution.

Renamon: Renamon digivolve to...

Kyubimon: Kyubimon!

They land safely.

Rika: That was pretty impressive. Thanks.

Calumon: What a ride.

Rika: Where are we?

Kyubimon: I believe itís the same place we were transported from the last time.

In the Hypnos Building.

Scientist: Running the files right now, sir.

Man #1: What?

Man #2: Pick it up from where we left off.

Man #1: Itís bad enough that you started up Hypnos again without him, but how can you even think of re-launching the Juggernaut after what happened?

Man #2: The question is how can we not?

He walks away.

Man #2: But thank you for your opinion.

Man #1 gets a phone call.

Man #1 (thinking): Iíve got to put a stop to this before itís too late.

In the desert Guilmon smells the ground again.

Guilmon: I smell Calumon.

Takato: You already told us that, boy. Are you getting delirious from hunger?

Guilmon: Well yeah, but I actually meant that heís on his way here right this minute. And not only that, heís got Kyubimon with him.

Takato: Are you sure, Guilmon?

He points.

Guilmon: Yeah, here they come!

They look and see Rika riding Kyubimon and the flag on her back.

All: Huh!

Terriermon: Youíre right, that nose of your knows all!

Takato: Kyubimon! Rika! And sheís wearing our flag!

Terriermon: Actually sheís wearing Calumon!

They arrive and Calumon flies to Takato.

Calumon: Yay!

Takato: Alright youíre back! Welcome home!

Rika gets off Kyubimon.

Henry: We were worried about you.

Rika: Sorry about that.

Jeri holds the sleeping Calumon.

Guilmon: Poor Calumon, he needs to play.

Jeri: Right now he needs to sleep.

Guilmon: Oh...

Rika: Now that we found him can we get back to the Real World? Iíve had about as much of this place as I can stomach.

Takato: I bet our families are worried sick about us by now.

Henry has the com device.

Takato: Um, just one problem. How are we gonna get back home?

Terriermon: Hey, what cha doiní, Henry?

Henry: Iím tryiní to send an e-mail to Yamaki. I thought he could help us find a way outta here but this thing doesnít seem to work unless thereís a storm.

Kazu: Hey dude, why donít we just ask Ryo? We knows how to get outta here.

Kenta: Yeah, he rocks.

Rika: Please, he doesnít know.

Kyubimon: Rika, why do you get so bent out of shape when you hear Ryoís name?

Rika: Ugh, Iíd like to bend him out of shape.

On the cliff above stands Beelzemon unnoticed.

Beelzemon: Time for a little payback.

He revs up his bike.

Takato: Hey at least our final moments here are peaceful ones.

Guilmon: Iíd rather they be fun ones, can I wake up Calumon now?

All: No!

Beelzemon rides his bike across the canyon and down the wall to be in front of the kids.

All: Whoa!

Leomon: Who are you?

Beelzemon: This is gonna be fun. Hm, hm, hm, hm, hm, hm.

Terriermon: Well at least heís got a sense of humor. But thereís something oddly familiar about him.

Terriermon glares at Beelzemon.

Terriermon: Hm...

Henry tries to get his data.

Henry: I canít get any data on this guy. You a Deva that was kicked out of the program?

Beelzemon: I got my own program.

Kyubimon: Huh!

Beelzemon (thinking): And you guys are gonna pay the price to guarantee a success.

Kyubimon: Could it be?

Flashback to Renamon first meeting Impmon on the wire.

Impmon: Hello, fox face.

At Rikaís.

Impmon: Huh? Who are you calliní weak!?

In the tunnel under the train.

Impmon: Itís just not fair!

To the fight with Indramon.

Impmon: I wanna digivolve!

End flashbacks.

Kyubimon (thinking): It is!

Kyubimon: Impmon!

All: Huh?

Gargomon: I knew it!

Beelzemon: Impmon, hah. That loser doesnít exist anymore. This is my true form, the nameís Beelzemon!

Kyubimon: Tell me, what did you promise them?

Henry gets his data.

Henry: Beelzemon, mega level, his Double Impact and Darkness Claw Attacks are almost always lethal.

He takes out a gun and points it at Kyubimon.

Beelzemon: Make that always.

Takato and Guilmon: Uh.

Kazu and Kenta: Uh.

Beelzemon: Itís a simple trade, your lives for my life.

In the Hypnos Building.

Scientist: Sir, the Juggernaut program is loaded and ready.

Man #2: Good, run the first test immediately.

In the Digital World.

Guilmon: Impmonís sure a lot scarier than I remember him.

Kazu: This trade only applies to kids with digimon, right?

Kenta: Mm hm.

Jeri: I knew Impmon had issues, but I never thought he could be so evil.

Calumon: Oh, oh...

Rika: I donít really care who he is! Digi-Modify! Matrix Digivolution Activate!

D-power: Matrix Digivolution.

Kyubimon: Kyubimon digivolve to...

Taomon: Taomon!

In the Hypnos Building.

Scientist: Juggernaut sequence commencing. Heaven help us.

In the Digital World another storm starts.

All: Whoa!

In Henryís apartment.

Suzie: Daddy, whatís that?

Janyu: A bad idea.

They see the green vortex over Hypnos again.

Suzie: Oh...

In the Digital World.

Taomon: Talisman Spell!

A barrier forms around them.

Beelzemon: Aw nuts!

He starts to drive away.

Beelzemon: Iíll finish this later!

He rides up the wall.

In the Real World.

Man #2: Good, shut down the test sequence.

Scientist: Sir thereís a problem. The system wonít respond, I canít stop it.

Man #2: What do you mean?!

Scientist: Itís supposed to automatically shut down after the test. Thereís no manual override. Itís completely out of control, sir!

Computer: Non-functioning. Juggernaut engaging now.

Man #2: Donít...just stand there like potted plants, somebody do something!

The door opens revealing Yamaki and Riley.

Man #1: Itís about time you showed up.

Yamaki: See what happens when I leave you alone? Now let me through so I can clean up this mess.

The second guy turns to the first.

Man #2: This is all your fault.

In the Digital World lightning strikes all around.

In the dust appears Caturamon.

Caturamon: Itís over for you and your humans.

Taomon: No just yet.

Rika gets his data.

Rika: Caturamon, ultimate level, exalted beast digimon. That guyís a Deva!

Caturamon: Howl of the Heavens!

A sound wave shoots out, destroys the barrier, and the kids fly up.

All: Whoa!

Leomon grabs Jeri.

Leomon: Got cha!

Calumon floats up.

Calumon: Oh!!!!! Help!!!!

Caturamon grabs him and flies away.

Calumon: Oh!

Takato: Calumon!

Taomon: Talisman Spell!

The barrier forms around everyone but Henry, Terriermon, and Takato.

Henry: Ah!!!

They fly into data streams.

Takato: Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Henry and Terriermon: Whoa!!!!!!!!

In Hypnos.

Yamaki: Alright Riley, letís do this. Shut down resonators 2 and 4.

Riley: Iím in. Got it.

Yamaki: Now, terminate Juggernaut!

Riley: Confirmed, termination complete!

Man #1: Yes!

The sky returns to normal.

In the Digital World the storm ends and the barrier floats and down and disappears.

Kazu and Kenta: Oh.

Guilmon: Takatoís gone...