Season 3, Episode 31: "Kazu's Upgrade"
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In the Land of the Digimon Sovereign Calumon floats to a red castle in a ball with a cage door.

Calumon: Oh, and I thought Impmon was my friend. But I guess he doesnít know the meaning of the word, he probably doesnít even know the meaning of meaning, except for the mean part. Well, at least the sunsetís pretty.

He looks again and sees a pointy castle.

Calumon: Wait, if thatís a sunset then the sunís gotten awfully pointy. Oh, I donít like the looks of that.

In the desert the kids walk.

Kazu: Uh, I wonder if this worldís ever heard of the word shade.

Jeri: I hope Calumonís okay.

Leomon: If Calumonís so important that theyíd kidnap him then theyíll treat him well, Iím sure.

Jeri: Do you think thatís right, Rika?

Rika: I donít know, Jeri. Grow up.

Jeri: Wh-what?

Rika: Quit acting like a baby.

Jeri: Huh, what do you mean?

Rika: Youíre a tamer now, so get tough.

Jeri: Uh, oh.

Guilmon: Oh...

Jeri: This is so new, Iíll try harder.

Rika: We just donít have the luxury of being soft, you have to learn that this isnít a game, Jeri. Thereís serious stuff at stake here.

Renamon: Rika, she said sheíd try harder so let it go, would you.

Rika: Mm, Renamonís right, Iím sorry Jeri.

Jeri: hm, hm.

Guilmon, Kazu, Kenta, and Leomon smile.

Renamon: Hm.

Kazu: Now that weíve gotten todayís argument out of the way can we get back to finding Takato and the guys?

Guilmon: Whyíd you have to remind me about Takato?

Kenta: Guilmon, maybe you could become my partner digimon instead. What do ya say?

Guilmon: Takatoís my tamer, havenít you been paying attention?

Kenta: Hey! Come on buddy! Imagine us as digimon tamer and partner, itíll be great!

Guilmon runs and Kenta chases.

Kenta: Iíll make you banana splits everyday!

Kazu runs after them.

Kazu: Guys wait!

He sinks into the ground.

Kazu: Whoa!

The rest do.

All: Ah!

Kenta and Guilmon watch.

Guilmon: Uh?

Kenta: Where did they go?

They sink too.

They all fall into a pit and end up in a forest with a lake in the middle.

Renamon falls first and catches Rika.

Kazu falls on his back and Leomon holding Jeri falls.

Kazu: Nice catch, Renamon.

Kazu (thinking): This just canít get any worse.

He looks up.

Kazu: Ah!!!

Guilmon and Kenta: Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!

They fall on Kazu.

Jeri: You guys okay?

Kenta: Yeah, except for being really hurt.

Guilmon: Oh. Now weíll never find Takato.

In a bright light Takato, Henry, and Terriermon fall.

All: Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Takato: Where are we goiní anyway?!

Henry: You really think I have any idea?

Terriermon: Moumantai!

Henry: Oh moumantai yourself!

In the forest.

Rika: Oh, well thereís plenty of shade here.

Renamon: Yes, but where is here?

Guilmon smells the water.

Digimon: Orochimon!

Jeri: Whoís that?

Rika: Heís over there, come on!

They run to the sound.

Renamon: Rika!

Digimon: Orochimon come out!

He picks up a boulder.

Digimon: Thisíll get his attention.

He throws it in the lake.

Digimon: And hopefully do a little damage!

Jeri steps on a twig and it catches the Digimonís attention.

Digimon: Hm? Well, arenít you a motley bunch. And what do you want, I wonder.

Rika: Go on, Renamon.

She jumps in front of Rika.

Jeri: You too, Leomon.

He walks forward and grabs his sword.

Leomon: Hm.

Kenta: Guilmon!

Guilmon: Huh?

Kenta: Heh, heh. Okay I know Iím not your tamer, but would you mind anyway?

Guilmon: Donít worry Kenta, Iíll protect you guys.

Digimon: So Orochimon has sent you to fight, has he?

Guilmon: Huh?

Leomon: Orochimon? Who in the world is that?

Digimon: Well heís the digimon who rules this area.

Renamon: And who are you?

Digimon: A humble servant in the fight for good, Andromon the Just.

Guilmon: Just what?

Rika gets his data.

Rika: Well heís not lying, Andromon, ultimate level.

They look at Andromon and a wave emerges behind him.

Kenta: Look!

All: Uh!

They see a snake digimon with 8 heads emerge from the water.

Kazu: Run!

Kenta: Donít have to tell me twice!

The kids run away and the digimon prepare to fight.

Andromon: Stand back! Itís my fight! Gatling Attack!

Two missiles shoot from his chest at Orochimon and do nothing.

Andromon: Oh dear.

Two heads hit Andromon into a tree.

Jeri: Orochimon, ultimate level, special attack Inferno Blast.

Guilmon: An ultimate? Heís gonna be difficult to defeat if I canít digivolve.

Kenta: Well, give it a shot would ya?

Leomon: Donít worry, we shall protect you.

The black head looks at the kids and focuses on Jeri.

Kenta: How bout sometime today, huh?

He moves his head closer to Jeri.

Leomon: Hey, step back beast!

Leomon stands in front of Jeri with his sword.

Leomon: Or slither back!

Orochimon: Hm.

Light reflects off Leomonís sword and Orochimon moves back.

Jeri: Uh, uh...

Kenta: Heís leaving! Leomon you did it!

He sinks into the water looking at Jeri.

Orochimon: Hm, hm, hm, hm, hm, hm.

Kenta: But why was he...staring at Jeri?

Kazu runs to Andromon.

Kazu: Andromonís hurt. Is he even alive?

Jeri: Yeah, but just barely.

Rika: Huh?

She looks over and sees smoke.

Rika: Hey, look over there, maybe itís a village where we can get help.

In the light.

Takato: I never thought falling could get so boring. We gotta find a way to get outta here.

Henry: Might as well try. Grab hold!

He grabs Takatoís hand and reaches for Terriermon.

Henry: Uh, Terriermon!

He grabs Terriermonís ear.

Henry: Hold on!

He swings them to the black on the side.

At the village.

Jeri: Yep itís a village alright.

Rika: Nothing gets past you, does it?

Jeri: Well I-hey!

Guilmon, Renamon, and Leomon set Andromon down.

Jeri: Something smells familiar.

Rika walks to the window.

Rika: Yeah, seems to be coming from in here.

She looks in the window.

Rika: Check it out guys.

They look.

Kazu and Kenta: Huh!

Guilmon: Oh.

They see Gekomon tossing each other data packets.

Guilmon: Hey, what are those guys doing?

Kenta: Looks like a factory.

Rika: Duh!

Guilmon smells the air.

Jeri: You smell that too?

Everyone smells the air.

Jeri: Itís milkshakes.

Leomon: Hm?

Kazu and Kenta: Yeah!

Jeri: Theyíre the specialty at my familyís restaurant, Iíd recognize that smell anywhere.

A Gekomon comes out from behind barrels.

Gekomon: Well you canít have any of ours.

They turn.

All: Huh?

Gekomon: And make sure you keep your grubby hands off the equipment.

Inside the Gekomon are mixing the milk.

Gekomon: Thatís 100% pure digital data theyíre mixiní in. get it dirty and the shakes are worthless.

Leomon: Look, we just want to get some help for our friend, Andromon.

Gekomon: That lousy Andromon!

Jeri: Lousy? But heís a humble servant in the fight for good.

Gekomon: Great! Theyíll be more trouble!

Renamon: Whatís wrong?

Leomon: Yes he seems like a nice enough guy.

Gekomon: You have no idea what heís done to us!

Guilmon: Well we would if you told us.

Kenta: Donít be childish, we need his help, Iím sure heíd tell us if he wanted to.

Guilmon: According to you and Takato everythingís childish.

Gekomon: Uh, I didnít want to have to tell this story again, but...

Flashback to the Gekomon singing by the lake.

Gekomon (narrating): We used to live in peace, happily filling the air with our beautiful singing. But that didnít last long.

From the sky falls Orochimon into the lake.

Orochimon: Rah! You slimy singers shall serve me!

Gekomon: Serve you? But how oh big teethy and fangy one? All we know how to do is sing.

Orochimon: Thas produce milkshakes!

Gekomon: But youíre so large, oh sure to be causing lots of pain one. We could never make enough shakes to-

Orochimon growls at them.

Gekomon: Okay, okay! Data shakes a plenty cominí right up!

Orochimon smiles.

End flashback.

Gekomon: Well I hope youíre happy, making me relive that horrible memory.

Jeri: But I donít understand what that has to do with Andromon.

Gekomon: I was going to get to that part next, havenít you heard of building dramatic tension?

Flashback to the Gekomon mixing shakes.

Gekomon (narrating): To keep the peace, we devoted all our energies to makiní milkshakes for that hideous creature.

The Gekomon pour milkshakes into holders.

Gekomon (narrating): Everyday weíd have to drag them down to the lake and if we didnít heíd attack us.

The Gekomon pull a big barrel of milkshakes to the lake.

Gekomon: Come and get your milkshake! Here shaky, shaky, shaky, shaky milkshakes!

Orochimon gets up and strikes into the milkshake and drinks it.

Gekomon (narrating): You know, I really think heís really starting to mellow out.

Gekomon: That thing has got a sweet tooth the size of Mt. Fuji.

End flashback.

Jeri: But Andromon?

Gekomon: Iím gettiní to that! Relax already! See everything was going along nice and peaceful, but then this blowhard comes along and says he wants to fight Orochimon and set us free or some garbage.

Flashback to Andromon first talking to the Gekomon.

Andromon: We can win! With your help I can defeat Orochimon and drive him out of the pond forever!

Gekomon: Hey donít rock the boat! Or at least not our boat, rock your own stupid boat!

Andromon: Very well then, I will.

He turns and leaves.

Gekomon (narrating) :But would he listen? No! now he and Orochimon fight like itís goiní out of style. And every time they do they wreck everything around here. You know how many times weíve had to rebuild this factory?

All: No.

Gekomon: Well itís a lot of times, whatíd ya think I was gonna say?

End flashback.

Gekomon: Itís his own stupid fault heís hurt! So if you think Iím gonna help this guy your two seeds shy of a milkweed pod!

Kazu: Look I know youíre upset, but Andromonís just doing what he thinks is best to help you guys.

Leomon: Thatís right and we wouldnít need much help from you at all, just a couple of the data packets you put into the milkshakes.

Kazu: Really thatís it?

Leomon: I believe so.

Kazu grabs Gekomonís hands.

Kazu: So help us already!

Gekomon: But heíll find out.

Kazu: Youíve gotta learn to stand up for yourselves or someone like Orochimon will walk all over you.

Gekomon: Youíre right, I will. Starting tomorrow.

Against a tree Kazu pours milkshake onto Andromon.

Jeri: This is weird.

Kenta: Why? Milkshakes always make me feel better.

Renamon: The data will heal him.

Andromon feels pain.

Jeri: Well at least heís awake now, right?

Leomon: Yeah.

Rika: What are those data packets anyway?

Guilmon holds the data packets.

Leomon: Theyíre like medicine for digimon, they restore data thatís been destroyed or corrupted.

Jeri: What would we do without you, Leomon?

Kazu: Is this guy like the bravest digimon or what? Fighting Orochimon all by himself.

Andromon glows.

All: Uh!

He de-digivolves.

Rika: He turned into Guardromon, champion level. Special attack Guardian Barrage.

Renamon: He mustíve lost a lot of energy during the fight.

Rika: Yeah but at least his wounds have healed.

Orochimon reaches his tail out and grabs Jeri.

Leomon: Jeri!

Rika: Weíve gotta do something!

Jeri: Ah!!!!!!!

Kenta: But Guilmon canít digivolve, Guardromonís out cold, and how do you defeat this guy anyway?

Orochimon runs through the forest with Leomon, Renamon, Guilmon, Rika, and Kenta following.

Leomon: Donít worry Jeri, Iíll save you!

Jeri: If you wouldnít mind!

Kazu: Hey wait up!

Guardromon: Oh nuts and bolts.

Kazu: Uh, huh?

He stops and turns.

Leomon: Jeri!

Guilmon: Leomon wait!

He dives in.

Guilmon: Heís too strong for you to fight alone!

Leomon swims faster.

Guilmon: Takatomon, where are you when I need you?

Orochimon: Inferno Blast!

Leomon dives under.

Orochimon swims away.

Jeri: Oh no Leomon! You better not have hurt him, you big, mean, old snake in the grass! Ah!

At the shore Leomon pops up.

Leomon: I failed you, Jeri.

Guilmon: Donít worry Leomon, weíll get her back.

Leomon: Even if it costs me every ounce of my data.

In the middle of the lake is a mountainous island.

Orochimon: Sling us some shakes, servant!

Jeri: Okay, man heís even meaner than the customers at the restaurant. Um, you didnít hear that part, did you?

Orochimon: And serve speedily, wretch!

Jeri: Why do boys always have to be so snotty? Jeesh.

She pours some milkshake into the bowl.

Orochimon: Your service pleases us.

Jeri: Thanks, I always do get the biggest tips.

Orochimon: You shall live.

Jeri: And thatís my best tip yet.

One head takes the bowl from another.

Jeri: You know, if you guys just have some patience and wait your turn Iíll feed you all.

Orochimon: You shall, for you shall stay our servant always.

Jeri (thinking): If I can just get them full of warm shakes maybe theyíll fall asleep and I can escape.

Jeri: Of course, master.

Orochimon: Thou does please us or be destroyed!

Jeri: Right, please you good, displease you horrible death.

Jeri (thinking): Drink up then itís nighty night for all of you or else itíll be nighty night for me.

On the land.

Leomon: Hm! Even if Jeri is used to working in a restaurant hereís no way she can handle a tough customer like Orochimon. Itís my fault for letting her get into danger in the first place.

Rika: Sheíll be fine, weíll save her.

Renamon: Of course, but we better get to her soon.

Leomon looks at his fist and growls.

At the tree Kazu fans Guardromon.

Kazu: Man, I sure hope those guys are okay.

Guardromon: Oh, did you say someone needs help?

Kazu: Guardromon youíre awake.

He gets up and falls down.

Guardromon: Orochimon.

Kazu: Youíre still too weak to fight.

Guardromon: How shameful, who are you anyway?

Kazu: Kazu.

Guardromon: Thank you Kazu and I think I know a way to rescue your friend.

Kazu: Huh?

At the shore.

Leomon: Weíve got to go after her.

Guilmon: But how are we supposed to get across the water?

Kenta: I think we need a big boat or something.

Rika: Thereís no something about it, thatís exactly what we need.

Leomon: Well then letís build a boat!

Kazu: Hey you guys!!!!!! Guardromonís come up with an amazing plan for us to save Jeri!

All: Huh?

He reaches them.

Kazu: Man Iím out of shape.

At the factory.

Gekomon: Itís time to deliver the milkshakes boys! Put on your traveliní flippers!

A Gekomon hitís a gong and the Gekomon move out hauling a carrier of shakes.

Gekomon: And this time donít be takiní any free samples, got it Johnson?

Johnson: How come Orochimon has all the fun?

Gekomon #2: You wanna tell him you drank his milkshakes?

Johnson: Okay, nobody touches the shakes.

They reach a hill and see Guardromon and stop.

Gekomon #2: Hey check it out, itís Guardromon.

Gekomon #3: Whatís he doiní in the middle of the road?

Gekomon: Hey shorty, yeah you, get outta the way already!

Guardromon: Orochimon has kidnapped one of these kind people, we need your help to get her back and maybe to defeat Orochimon once and for all.

Leomon: Yes, please help us, we canít do it without you. Gekomon: Hm. Hm.

He turns his head away.

Rika: Please help us.

Gekomon: Hm, nah!

Guilmon: Hm, but we said please.

Kazu and Kenta: Pretty please even?

Gekomon: Hey quit tugginí on my heartstrings already, we wonít fight Orochimon cause we love peace. And we love keepiní ourselves in one piece.

Guardromon: Slaving over milkshakes, always worrying about attacks by Orochimon, is that the peace youíre talking about?

The Gekomon look at each other.

Guardromon: I thought that peace for you Gekomon meant singing all day, or at least what you call singing.

The Gekomon look at each other again.

Gekomon: Okay, if it means we can sing again weíll help you.

Guardromon: Thank you, good friends.

Gekomon: So what do we have to do?

Guardromon: Just deliver the milkshake trunks as usual, weíll take care of the rest.

The Gekomon swim the trunks across the water.

The trunk lids are slightly open.

Kenta: I sure hope this works.

Kazu: It has to!

Leomon: Hold on, Jeri, Iím coming.

Guilmon: Tell her weíre all coming, sheíll feel better that way.

Gekomon: Weíre almost there, guys!

At the mountainous island all the heads are asleep except for the main one.

Jeri (thinking): Finally theyíre asleep. The plan worked like a charm, well a charm with one big, huge, gaping flaw I guess.

Jeri :Are you sure you donít wanna take a nap?

She pours more milkshake.

Jeri: How bout some more milkshakes, huh? Theyíre rich in milky goodness.

Orochimon: Hm, hm.

He drinks some.

Jeri: Sleep already, youíve already had like twelve cows worth of milk.

Gekomon: Special delivery.

Jeri: Huh?

Gekomon: Another batch of milkshakes for ya, oh gruesome one.

Orochimon: Ah!

He drops the bowl.

Leomon and Guilmon move the lid off one of the boxes. Rika, Kazu, Renamon, and Kenta move the lid off the other.

Orochimon moves in, Leomon and Renamon bust out of the box and punch Orochimon and land.

The Gekomon run away as Guardromon breaks through the other box and Guilmon does as well.

Jeri runs to them.

Jeri: Iíve been feeding him warm milkshakes to get him tired so I can escape. He should be so tuckered out by now heíll be easy to defeat.

Gekomon: Oh no!

Jeri: What do you mean Ďoh noí? Thatís good, right?

Gekomon: It would be good except the data in the milkshakesíll make him stronger.

Jeri: Oh no, I forgot that.

Leomon: Donít worry Jeri, weíll beat him no matter how many milkshakes heís had.

All the heads get up.

Guilmon: We shouldíve had some milkshakes too, after all, thereís nothing more important than a healthy diet.

Jeri: But what guys get hurt? Itíll be all my fault.

Leomon: No itíll be Orochimonís fault.

One gray head goes after Leomon but he jumps up and gets his sword and jumps on the neck and stabs it.

Orochimon: Ah!

Rika: Get him Renamon!

Renamon jumps up.

Renamon: Power Paw!

Her fists and feet glow and she kicks one head and deletes it.

Kenta: Iím not your tamer, but get in there!

Guilmon: No argument here, Kenta! Pyro Sphere!

He deletes one head.

Leomon deletes a head and Orochimonís tail strikes Leomon in the back, Renamon, and throws Guilmon.

Orochimon snickers.

Leomon: Whatís so funny?

Orochimon: Nothing, except that the snakes you sought to silence are simply simulations.

Guilmon: What? Theyíre fake?

The three heads deleted grow back.

Jeri: Oh o! will we ever be able to defeat him?

Leomon: Uh, everyone go after the center head only!

Leomon blocks Orochimonís tail with his sword.

Orochimon: Inferno Blast!

Leomon jumps back after being in the fire.

Renamon jumps up.

Renamon: Diamond Storm!

The ice leaves hit.

Renamon: Heís not even hurt.

Guilmon: Pyro Sphere!

Orochimon: Ah!!! Inferno Blast!

Jeri: This really is all my fault, if I just hadnít given him all those stupid milkshakes.

Kazu: Jeri youíre a tamer now and as much as I hate to admit this, Rikaís right, you gotta get tough!

Guardromon: Nothingís working, weíve got to change our tactics. If only I werenít still too injured to fight.

Jeri: Weíve got to change our tactics? Wait a minute.

She takes out 4 cards.

Jeri: Uh, perfect!

She pick a LadyDevimon card out of the 4.

Jeri: He wonít be expecting this! Digi-Modify! LadyDevimon Activate!

Kazu and Kenta: LadyDevimon activate?

Leomon glows , gets up, and roars.

Leomon: Darkness Wave!

He shoots a black beam at Orochimon who snickers then gets deleted.

Leomon: That wasnít so tough.

Jeri: Yeah right.

Rika: Nice job.

Kenta: Now thatís what I call being a tough tamer!

Gekomon: As thanks for gettiní rid of Orochimon hereís our most beautiful song. Okay everybody, are you ready? A one and a two and a.

They start singing and theyíre singing sounds like burps.

Guardromon: That gets worse every time I hear it.

Kazu laughs and a glowing ball floats in front of Kazu.

Kazu: Huh?

Guardromon: Eh?

Kazu: Oh...

The ball floats down to Kazuís cupped hands.

Kazu: A digivice? For me? No way. I canít believe it, Iím really a tamer.

Guardromon: I canít believe it, youíre my partner.

Kazu jumps on Guardromon.

Kazu: Oh thatís right buddy! Iím your partner!

Rika: Huh?

Jeri: Hey congrats.

Kenta: Great, now everyoneís got a partner except me! Iíll probably get stuck with Boringdramon or something!

They all laugh.

Kenta: No fair!

Guilmon: Not everyone has a partner, where are you Takato?

Takato, Henry, and Terriermon: Ah!!!!!!!!!!!

After being in the dark area Takato, Henry, and Terriermon are submerged in water.