Season 3, Episode 32: "Shibumi Speaks"
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Takato, Henry, and Terriermon swim to the surface.

Takato (thinking): Just a little further, just a little further! Oh why does just a little further have to be so far away?

On the streets of the Real World.

Man #1: At last we meet Mr. Mizuno or would you prefer Shibumi? Youíre a very difficult man to find. Now if youíll be so kind as to come with us.

Shibumi runs and the men follow.

Man #2: Hey! Come back!

Man #3: Hey!

They get to a fence and Shibumi hits it.

Man #2: Wait we just want to-

He jumps on the boxes next to it and the men fall.

Man #1: Shibumi wait!

He disappears in a cloud of smoke.

In the cavern are Takato, Henry, and Terriermon.

Takato: Man this whole world is against me. Iím never gonna get back to Guilmon.

Henry: Come on, donít give up Takato. Iím sure weíll find a way outta here.

Takato: Hm...

Terriermon emerges from the water.

Henry: Any luck?

Terriermon shakes dry.

Terriermon: Only bad luck.

Henry: Well thatís par for the course, not even any other caves like this one?

Terriermon: Mm um.

Henry: You sure?

Terriermon: You wanna check?

Takato: Now what are we gonna do?

Henry: Weíll think of something.

Takato: Yeah like what?

Henry: Well, gee, I donít know, but maybe we can build a submarine out of all your negative energy.

Takato: Youíre right, sorry.

He turns around.

Takato: Hey maybe we can dig our way out of here.

Henry: Yeah good idea. Digi-Modify! Digmonís Drill Activate!

Terriermon gains a drill and runs to the wall and starts drilling.

Terriermon: You guys owe me huge for the headache Iím gonna get.

In a building in the Real World.

Mr. Shiota: Wait, wait, what? Theyíre here and theyíre not here? What kind of explanation is that? Look, just tell me where this ĎDigital Worldí is and Iíll go and get Kazu myself, okay?

Mrs. Shiota: Yeah whatís the big secret?

Daisy: Getting there is not quite so easy, Iím afraid.

Mrs. Kitagawa is crying.

Mrs. Kitagawa: Oh my poor Kenta.

Mrs. Matsuki runs to her side.

Mr. Kitagawa: Itíll be okay honey, trust me or trust Janyu or trust someone I guess. Sheís upset because Kenta left a note by the coffee pot instead of saying goodbye.

Rikaís Grandma: Goodbye? Well, Iím sure theyíll be coming back.

Mr. Shiota: What proof do you have of that?!

Mr. Katou: People!

Rikaís family: Uh?

Mr. Shiota: Huh?

Mr. Katou: We could argue about this all day, but Mr. Wong here can explain everything, if you would just pipe down for one minute and stop interrupting!

Mr. Shiota: Fine!

Mr. Katou: Youíre doing it again!

Janyu: I know this is a tense time for all of us, but we all want whatís best for our children, donít we? Now where did I leave off anyway?

Mr. Matsuki: You were saying something about why it had to be children. What does that mean?

Dolphin: Iíll field this one, I was one of the first ones to make digimon back in the 80ís, when we programmed those early digimon we based them on stories or dreams of our children. And now it seems those creatures, that we created, have an affinity for kids, digimon simply like children. I also think that the bond between the digimon and the children is based on imagination and belief. You need a childís power of belief to open a gate to the Digital World.

Rumiko: But how do we get that? I mean, I donít know if Iíve ever...had that.

Rikaís Grandma: Youíll have to find a deeper belief or we may never see Rika again.

All: Oh!

Mr. Katou: What if they canít get back?

In the cave water pours in from the hole Terriermon drilled.

Henry: Digi-Modify! Frigimonís Subzero Ice Punch Activate!

Terriermon runs to the water with Frigimonís hands.

Terriermon: I sure hope this works.

He touches the water and it freezes.

Takato: Whoa that was a close one.

Henry: Now what? We canít dig our way out if thereís only water on the other side of this rock.

Takato: Got me. Hey wait there must be some card we can use.

He pulls out the com device.

Takato: Hey what about this?

Henry: No way.

Takato: Well now whoís being negative? I mean it worked once before, didnít it?

Henry: But itís all wet, how can it work now?

Takato: Hey itís worth a try.

He turns it on and it works.

Takato: Uh, it turned on. Hold on, what is? Whoa!

Henry: Whatís wrong now?

Takato: Nothing, somethingís actually right for a change. Itís an e-mail from Yamaki.

Henry: Hey.

Takato takes out the stylus.

In the Real World.

Janyu: Stay calm.

Mr. Shiota: Why donít you stay calm?

Mr. Katou: Excuse me?

Mr. Shiota: Sorry. Calming...

Yamaki gets off the elevator at the floor with the parents and Monster Makers.

Babble: Weíll try to get in touch with the other programmers on the project and see what we can do. Janyu, weíll be sure to keep you informed about progress.

Yamaki: And Iíll be glad to help too.

Janyu: Hm? And how do you propose to help us?

Yamaki: Iíve got something here you might be interested in.

He holds up his laptop.

Janyu: Does it have to do with Juggernaut? Thatís what we saw in the sky yesterday, wasnít it? Even after everything thatís happened you plan to use it again, donít you?

Yamaki: That was an accident.

He opens his laptop and sets it on the table.

Yamaki: Here, take a look at this.

Mr. Matsuki: Uh, hey, itís from Takato!

All: What?!

Mr. Matsuki: He says heís fine, he says their fine! Their fine!

Janyu: How did you get this, Yamaki?

Yamaki: Well before they left, I gave them a gift, one of my communication devices.

Janyu: Can you talk to them right now?

He types something on the laptop.

He gets an e-mail.

Yamaki: Iíll tell them weíre here.

Mr. Matsuki: Wait, they sent an SOS. No.

In the cave.

Takato: Thereís an answer!

Henry: Whatís it say?!

Takato: Let me see. Holy cow!

Henry: What? Whatís goiní on?

Takato: All of our parents are there, every one of Ďem. All of them want to know how weíre doing. I shouldnít have sent that SOS. Now theyíre gonna think that something really horribleís happened to us. Oh well, I guess I better get writing. Okay, how do you say that we almost drowned and now weíre trapped in a cave with no way out and make it sound reassuring? Itís better than school?

Henry walks to the water.

Henry: Huh...

Terriermon: Whatís wrong?

Henry: Iím just wondering how the com device worked when it was all wet.

Takato: Uh, let everyone else talk? Well okay. Hi, this is Rika, Takato finally gave me the stupid stylus so I can write. Iím fine. This is Jeri, Iím uh peachy. Ha ha, perfect.

Henry cups some water.

Takato: The water, I wonder...oh...

Takato: Hey Henry, what do you think Kazu would say to his parents? Something snotty, right?

Henry: Probably yeah, uh can I talk to my Dad for a minute?

In the Real World.

Mr. Matsuki: Itís amazing isnít it? What did Henry have to say?

Mr. Wong: Iím not sure yet, I think heís writing a novel.

In the cave.

Henry: Kay, now hereís what I think happened, when we touched the water we thought we were supposed to get wet so we did, but this device didnít know to think that so it didnít get wet and it didnít break. So all we have to do is believe that we wonít drown and we can breathe the water! What do ya think?

Takato (thinking): Breathe the water? Has he gone crazy?

In the Real World.

Janyu: Hm, I donít know. I suppose it might work.

Yamaki walks up.

Yamaki: No need to guess, tell him it will work.

Janyu: Huh?

Yamaki: All he has to do is truly believe.

In the cave Henry is about to submerge in the water.

Takato: Iím not being negative, Iím just not sure itís a good idea.

He goes under.

Takato: Henry!

Terriermon: Oh moumantai, Takato!


Henry (thinking): Okay, here goes nothiní.

In the Real World.

Mr. Shiota: Well whatís happening? Whatís going on?

Janyu: I donít know yet, weíre just going to have to wait.

Mr. Shiota: Aw nuts.

In the cave.

Takato: I hope heís okay, heís been down there a long time. Now where was I? Oh, yeah, 90. Man, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95. Henry!

Henry comes up and Takato helps him up.

Takato: You sure had me worried, you okay?

Henry: It worked great, here touch my hair.

Takato: Huh?

Henry leans over and Takato touches Henryís hair.

Takato: Itís dry.

Terriermon: Henry, does that mean the next time youíre yelling at me I can pretend youíre not?

Henry: You can, but Iíll yell louder.

In the Real World.

Janyu: Yeah!

Yamaki: I knew it would work, Iíll let you know if I hear from them again.

Mr. Matsuki: Thank you so much.

Yamaki closes his laptop.

Janyu: Yamaki, I know we havenít always seen eye to eye, but if youíd like to help us weíd be glad to have you on board.

He holds out his hand.

Yamaki: Thanks, Janyu.

He shakes it.

Babble: Well alright.

Daisy: Now if only Shibumi were here.

Yamaki: Thatís not going to happen.

Daisy: What do you mean? Why not?

Yamaki: Itís a long story. But Iíll give you the short version, I had men looking for Mr. Mizuno or Shibumi, but when they found him, he ran off and then disappeared into thin air.

Janyu: What are you saying? Shibumi vanished?

Takato, Henry, and Terriermon are swimming underwater, Takato holding his breath.

Henry: Huh? Takato, itís okay, just breathe.

Takato: But-

He chokes on water.

Terriermon: Ha ha ha, you sure are funny, Takato.

Takato: Yeah, ha ha.

Terriermon giggles and bounces off the floor.

Henry: Come on!

Takato drops on his butt and swims up.

Terriermon: And so graceful.

Takato: Yeah, Iíll give ya graceful.

They swim and see a circle drawn on a wall.

Henry: Hey whatís that?

Takato: Vertical hopscotch?

Terriermon: I take it back youíre not funny.

Henry: Wait a minute, are those cracks? Maybe itís a door.

They swim over.

Henry and Takato try to open it.

Terriermon: Stand clear!

Henry: Huh?

He hitís the top of the door and it opens.

Terriermon: Oh! Thereís another headache.

They go through and the door flips closed.

They see three tadpole digimon pop up behind the rocks.

Henry gets their data.

Henry: Otamamon, rookie level, special attack Stun Bubble. I doubt theyíll give us any trouble.

Takato: Hey little guys.

They swim away scared.

Digimon: Eee!

Takato: Huh!

Another digimon swims out from behind a rock.

Henry: Uh, this could be fun.

Takato: Why donít the nasty digimon ever get scared and swim away?

Henry: Divermon, ultimate level, special attack Striking Fish?

Divermon: Striking Fish!

He throws his spear at them.

Henry: Oh I get it now!

Takato: Wait, why are you attacking us?

Divermon: Striking Fish!

He throws it at Terriermon who dodges it then he throws Terriermon away.

Henry: Hey!

Divermon swims down but Henry moves away.

Takato: Be careful!

Henry runs away from Divermon.

Divermon dives at Henry, but he moves out of the way and Henry kicks him in the head, knocking away his spear to Takato.

Takato: Got it!

Henry: Ah!!!!!!

He has Divermon in a headlock and rams him into the rocks.

Terriermon: You set him up, Iíll knock him down! Terrier Tornado!

He knocks Divermon down and the Otamamon go to his side.


Henry: So you thought we attacked the Otamamon?

Takato: Weíd never attack these little guys.

Divermon: Sorry about that, sometimes I get overprotective, sorry, sorry, and sorry again.

He and the Otamamon bow their heads.

Divermon: Hm.

Otamamon: Mm hm.

Terriermon: Moumantai, no one got hurt.

Takato: Except for you. Is there a way out of here?

Divermon: Uh, youíre mad and you wanna leave right?

Takato: No, weíre just looking for a world thatís not completely made of water.

Divermon: Not made of water? Whatís the point?

Henry: So you donít know of any worlds like that?

Divermon: Sorry. Wait a minute, there is a legend about another world.

They arrive at a tube jetting out from the wall.

Divermon: Okay, now some creatures have gone through this pipe and never returned and some say it leads to a whole other world.

Terriermon: Okay Iíll go check it out.

He swims into it.

Divermon: No! Wait! Stop! Donít! Oh I am gonna to have to work up one big apology for this.

Electricity shoots out from inside the tube and Terriermon falls out.

Terriermon: Jeez Louise, who plugged in the big toaster?

Divermon: Oh sorry about that, I shouldíve warned you, double sorry!

Takato: Now what do we do?

Henry: Well if this pipe is the only way out weíll have to get through it somehow. Hey, hold on a minute. The Otamamon spit out bubbles filled with air, donít they?

Divermon: The real trick is getting them to stop.

Terriermon jumps on Henry.

Terriermon: Oh I get it.

The Otamamon spit out the air bubbles around Takato, Henry, and Terriermon and form a huge bubble.

Takato: Wow, here I though weíd never come up with any good ideas.

The bubble floats up into the pipe.

Henry: Itís only a good idea if it works.

Takato: Now whyíd ya have to tell me that?

Hey float along the tube.

In the Real World Suzie plays with a bunny with a taped horn on its forehead.

Suzie (thinking): When will they come back?

She looks out the window.

Suzie: Tewwiermon, Henry.

In the tube.

Takato: What if weíre in a giant straw and somethingís sucking us up?

They reach the end of the tube and thereís a bright light.

Takato: Ah!!!!

Terriermon and Henry: Oh...

Takato: Itís a whole world of waterslides.

Henry: Maybe they all lead to different universes.

Takao: This oneís headed right into that big bubble.

Henry: Maybe itís like an underwater city and maybe we can find a tube there thatíll take us back to the Real World.

Takato (thinking): Or at least get me back to Guilmon.

Takato: Hold on, weíre about to hit the bubble!

They enter the bubble and their bubble pops.

All: Whoa!!!

Takato: So much for good ideas, what do we do now?

Henry: We can swim down a tub if we have to. Whoa.

They see the Digi-Gnomes flying above them.

Takato: What are they? Some kind of digimon?

They fly away.

Henry: Come on, letís follow those things.

They lead the three to a library.

Henry: Thatís weird, it looks like a library.

Takato: Oh great, weíre in a whole different world and I still canít get away from homework.

Terriermon opens the door.

Terriermon: whoa.

Takato: Should we just...go in?

Terriermon: Maybe weíre supposed to.

They go in and drop to the floor.

Takato: Someone must be here, thereís electricity.

Henry: And someone had to read all these books, right?

Takato: I guess so. Man this is like a studying nightmare, you couldnít get through all these books if you read for a hundred years.

Terriermon: Two hundred for you.

Takato: Yeah...hey!

Henry and Terriermon laugh.

Takato: Itís kinda creepy, where is everyone?

A door opens.

All three: Huh? Uh!

They see a giant D-power hanging from the ceiling.

Takato: Is that a giant digivice or is it just me?

Terriermon: Well it sure doesnít look like you.

Takato: Ha ha, funny.

Henry: Iíd hate to meet the tamer who owns that digivice.

Takato: Yeah, heíd have to be a giant.

Terriermon: Hey someoneís here.

Both: Huh?

The look down and see a man, transparent, sleeping.

Henry: It looks like heís asleep.

Takato: Yeah and it looks like heís transparent too.

Henry: Is he even human?

Takato: I donít know.

They walk down the steps.

Henry: Um, excuse me sir, are you awake?

Man: Hello, been a while since Iíve seen someone solid.

Takato: Well thatís something you donít hear everyday.

Man: What do you want?

Henry: Who are you? Are you...human? Or some kind of digimon?

Man: My name is Mizuno and as to being human...well the answer is yes. At least I used to be.

Henry: How in the world did you get here?

Shibumi: I could ask the same thing of the three of you, but why waste time with meaningless questions? I already know who you are and how you got here because well...Iím the one who created you.

Takato and Terriermon: Hm?

Henry: Uh huh...

Takato: Weíre just as real as you are, you didnít create us.

Shibumi: Are you sure? Maybe youíre all dreaming like me, maybe all beings everywhere are dreaming about what they will become and when we all wake, we will begin our evolution.

Terriermon: Jeez, even my reams make more sense than this.

Takato holds out his D-power.

Takato: Hey hoe come our digivices look like that big thing youíve got hanging from your ceiling?

Shibumi: Theyíre arcs...for transporting data.

Henry: Arcs?

Takato: Okay.

Henry: I heard my Dad mention them once, youíre not one of his old friends are you? His name is Janyu Wong, he used to work with a group of programmers called Monster Makers.

Shibumi gets up.

Shibumi: What? You men Tao. I remember. That was a long time ago, so youíre his son?

Henry: Yes I am, my name is Henry Wong.

Terriermon jumps on his shoulder.

Terriermon: Iím Terriermon.

Takato: Iím Takato, can you help us get home? Shibumi: Well I suppose I could, but I canít really promise you anything. Ití see...getting all the way back is...not as easy as youíd think.

Takato: Can we use one of these digivices or arcs?

Shibumi: Perhaps.

Book floats to him and opens.

Shibumi: One of the functions of the arcs is to act as toolboxes to store, organize, and connect data. They can be used to bring kindred pairs together just like the animals on Noahís Ark. But not even Iím sure of all they can do.

Digi-Gnomes carry a book to in front of the kids.

Takato: Hey what are those giggling guys anyway?

Shibumi: Theyíre digital gnomes, I call them Digi-Gnomes.

Henry: Are they some kind of digimon?

Shibumi: No.

Terriermon: Bout time you gave us a straight answer.

Henry: Terriermon.

Shibumi: Theyíre another form of artificial intelligence that evolved on their own. It just seemed logical to call them Digi-Gnomes, at least to me.

Takato: Well did they evolve from digimon?

Shibumi: Not really, they evolved from the Digital World itself. You see, just as the human body is made up of cells and digimon are made up of data, the Digital World is a living thing made up of digimon and other creatures and as the digital creatures evolve so does the Digital World.

A Digi-Gnomes carries a blue card.

Takato: Hey itís a blue card!

Shibumi: Well, it may look like a card to you, but itís really an algorithm, a mathematical formula.

Henry: A formula? I donít get it, how does it work?

Shibumi: Iím sure Tao and the other forgot about digimon when the project ended, but I wanted to complete our work. So, I created an algorithm that would allow digimon to evolve on their own, beyond what we humans could imagine for them. I originally wrote the algorithm to prove that digimon were more than just toys, that they were a true life form that could grow on their own. But I gather that the blue cards have a different meaning for the two of you, so how do you guys use the algorithm I wrote?

Takato: Well I donít know about the algorithm part, but we use the blue cards to become digimon tamers.

Shibumi: Hm, that makes sense.

A Digi-Gnome sits on Terriermonís head.

Terriermon: Iím glad you think so.

Shibumi: The Digital World is all about communication and all communication is about bringing things in touch. Seems the blue card algorithm is being used for a purpose I didnít quite intend,, to bring digimon and people together as partners.

Two Digi-Gnomes point Takatoís digivice.

Takato: Huh? What are they doing?

A blue light beam shoots out and Takatoís picture of Guilmon appears.

Terriermon: Whoa.

Takato: Hey, thatís my drawing of Guilmon.

Shibumi: It seems the Digi-Gnomes used packets of data to create him when you dreamed him up, probably an attempt to communicate with you. Or maybe Guilmon dreamed his data into existence and you simply became aware of him.

Takato: Huh?

Terriermon: Does that mean I was created especially for Henry?

Shibumi: Perhaps.

Henry: Yeah created especially to annoy me.

Terriermon: Hey!

Henry: Well am I wrong?

Terriermon: Admit it Henry, youíd be lost without me.

Henry: Looks like Iím lost with you too.

Shibumi: Or maybe Henry was created for you.

Takato: Then Guilmon is data.

Henry: So do you know of a way to get out of here and back to the Real World?

Shibumi: Yes, the highest plain.

Henry: So weíve gotta keep going up? Man, how many levels are there to this place?

Shibumi: There is only one more level above this one and it is the level which the four most powerful and most evolved digimon have made their home.

Takato: Oh great.

Henry; The most powerful digimon, you mean the Sovereign?

Takato: Wait a minute, thereís four of them? If theyíre like Azulongmon from the TV show they must be huge. Do they protect the Digital World?

Shibumi: It is rather ironic, donít cha think? The digimon have tried to evolve into larger and stronger forms to set themselves apart from the humans who created them, but theyíve ended up taking on the forms of ancient gods of the humans. Digimon and humans will never be able to separate themselves from each other, they live in the same world really. And itís only when thatís recognized that the next evolution will begin.

Takato: If they protect this place then theyíre good, right?

Henry: Thatís not what Sensei says, he says that good and evil can switch definitions depending on your perspective. Letís just hope that our perspective is the right one.

Shibumi: The Sovereign, as you call them, seem to want to accelerate digivolution in order to resist something. It seems theyíre afraid they wonít survive unless they find a way to defeat whatever they feel is coming for them.

Henry: Wonder what theyíre afraid of.

Takato: Yeah, what could defeat the Sovereign?

Henry: Could it be like someone Yamaki used to be? Or maybe it could be us!

Shibumi: Maybe itís me, ha ha ha ha ha ha!

All three: Okay...

A beam shoots down from the button of the digivice above.

All three: Huh?

The ceiling turns blue.

Henry: Oh.

Terriermon: Wow.

Shibumi: That is all I can tell you now, the rest you must learn on your own, Iím afraid.

Takato: But what about you?

Shibumi: Iím very tired, I must sleep now. Ah to sleep, a chance to dream...

The digivice floats in the giant bubble.

Takato: Man that guy had a lot of information, but I think Iím more confused now than I was before.

Terriermon: Hm, is that possible?

Takato: Ha, maybe the Digi-Gnomes can erase digimon too.

Takato looks down from the viewing window.

Henry: Takato, you seem quiet all of a sudden.

Takato: Sorry, I was just thinking about Guilmon and if what that guy told us was really true. Then if Guilmon is a part of me, and heís data, am I data?

Henry and Terriermon: Hm...

Terriermon: Whatís the big deal? Whatís wrong with data? All digimon are like that.

Takato: I guess. Itís just that...itís weird.

Takato (thinking): I can handle being data, but if I lose Guilmon Iíll lose a part of myself forever...