Season 3, Episode 33: "Rabbit Transit"
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In the giant D-power.

Takato: Are we going up? My ears are popping.

Henry: Mizuno said the Land of the Digimon Sovereign was above us, maybe weíre goiní there.

Takato: So uh, how do we steer this thing?

Henry: I donít think we need to, itís probably guided by the digital space-time fabric.

Takato: Uh huh...ugh, sometimes I miss the Real World, at least I understand stuff there.

Terriermon: I miss the pastries of the Real World.

Henry: Is there anything you miss that canít be found in a lunchbox.

Terriermon: Well...I guess thereís...Suzie.

Henry puts his hand on Terriermonís head.

Henry: Well if you miss being Princess PwettyPants that much...

He grabs his ears and shakes them.

Henry: And being cuddled.

Terriermon jumps away.

Terriermon: Thatís not funny! Thinking about it still gives me the jeebies.

Henry: Sorry!

Henry and Takato laugh.

Terriermon: Poor Suzie, I hope sheís not lonely.

Henry: Please, she only has a million dolls to play with.

Terriermon: Yeah, but theyíre not as cute as me, she said so.

Henry: Oh brother.

The D-power goes up a tube.

In Henryís apartment Suzie sits on the couch.

Suzie (thinking): Poor Princess Suzie was all alone, her big brother Henry had run away with her best friend, Princess PwettyPants. But did Princess Suzie cry? Or make squishy faces all day? No. Even thought Princess Suzieís mommy didnít think so she was a big, brave girl who could tie her own shoelaces. Not having a doll named Tewwiermon, Princess Suzie did the next best thing, she became Tewwiermon, floppy ears and all.

Suzie falls forward with her head and arms on the floor and legs on the couch.

Suzie (thinking): Which she could do because she was also a very talented actress. Princess Suzie found out acting could be very boring. If only she had a captive audience.

Her Mom walks by vacuuming.

Suzie (thinking): Huh! Here comes an adoring fan now!

Suzieís Mom: Sweetie, what are you doing?

Suzie: Iím acting.

Suzieís Mom: Uh huh, I have an idea, why donít you act like youíre cleaning your room, Suzie?

Suzie: I am not Suzie, I am Tewwiermon. Tewwiermon does not clean rooms he flops on the floor like this with his tooshie in the air.

Suzieís Mom: Well if youíre Terriermon, then I guess you wonít want ice cream for dessert.

The phone rings.

Suzieís Mom: Oh, Iíll get it.

She runs to it.

Suzie: Maybe I should go back to being Princess Suzie.

Janyu walks in with the paper under his arm, humming.

He walks by the couch seeing Suzie flopped down.

Janyu: Iím not even gonna ask.

Suzie: Daddy.

Janyu: Yes?

Suzie: Letís go playground.

He keeps walking.

Suzie: If you take me, I wonít tell mommy about ink prints all over the bathroom sink.

He drops the paper and turns to her.

Janyu: Mm?

Suzie: Mommyíd be super mad if she found out.

Janyu: Hm.

Suzie turns her head.

Suzie: Letís go!

In the park.

Janyu: Remember kiddo, donít wander off too far!

Suzie: Is here too far? How bout here? Or here!

Janyu: Daddy loves you sweetie, but Iíll still put a leash on you if I have to.

Suzie runs aside the pond making faces and looking at the reflections.

Janyu (thinking): So young, so sweet, so totally out of my control.

She runs off laughing.

Janyu (thinking): Sheís becoming more and more like her mother every day.

Yamaki walks up by Janyu.

Janyu: Huh?

He turns.

Janyu: Yamaki.

Yamaki: Sorry to bother you on your day off, I see youíre doing uh, father-daughter bonding stuff.

Janyu: Mm hm, is something wrong?

Suzie rocks on a duck on a spring.

Yamaki: No, no, itís just somethingís been bugging me. And I thought you were the best person to ask.

Janyu: Never a day off, huh?

Yamaki: Itís about your friend, Shibumi.

Janyu: What about him?

Yamaki, Suzie, and Janyu are sitting on the bench.

Yamaki: Even when you guys were young programmers working together, he never really did fit in, did he?

Janyu: Itís hard to fit in anywhere when youíre that brilliant, but youíre right, thereís something that set him apart from the rest of us.

Suzie gets up and looks at the pigeons in front of them.

Janyu: He wanted to create an artificial intelligence, which could exist and eventually evolve independent of any human control.

Yamaki: Janyu, sounds to me like he was trying to create life itself.

Janyu: I mean the rest of us were young and ambitious, but we never wanted to play god.

Suzie reaches for the flying away pigeons.

Janyu: We knew digimon werenít real, but...Shibumi...he believed he could change that.

Suzie: Daddy, I want to go play over there.

Janyu: Okay, just make sure I can see you.

She runs over.

Suzie: Okay!

Janyu: He thought that digital creatures were as real as you or me.

Yamaki: That life was life.

Janyu shuts his eyes.

Janyu: And after seeing them with my own eyes, Iím beginning to believe it myself.

A blimp flies overhead.

Suzie: Ooh! Aero plane! Huh! Wait for me!

She runs to the jungle gym to catch up.

Janyu: The card my son showed me had a strange code in it, it was Shibumiís, Iíd recognize it anywhere.

He looks over at Suzie who runs up the slide.

Janyu: As for what it does...Suzie, thatís far enough!

A green cloud with the numbers, like when the tamers went to the Digital World, descends over Suzie.

Janyu: Huh?

Yamaki: What is that?

Janyu gets up and runs over.

Janyu: Uh, Suzie!

She makes it to the top and looks at the sky.

Suzie: Ooh, another aero plane.

The giant D-power flies over the sky and on the bottom glass window she sees Terriermon.

Suzie: Huh! Oh, Tewwiermon.

The D-power flies away.

Suzie: Tewwiermon, wait!

Janyu runs up the slide.

Janyu: Suzie!

He trips and falls on Yamaki whoís behind him.

Suzie: Tewwiermon! Wait!

She reaches up and starts to float into the cloud.

Janyu: No! Suzie!

She floats higher.

Janyu: Come back!

She disappears.

Janyu: Suzie!!!

The green disappears.

Janyu: Is this my fault, for being a part of that stupid experiment!?

He gets up and Yamaki walks over.

Yamaki: Donít blame yourself, Janyu. Thereís nothing you couldíve done. Itís as if the Digital World was reaching out just for her.

Janyu: Sheís just a baby!

Yamaki: Maybe thatís the reason she was chosen, because she has the belief of a child.

In the Digital World somewhere Suzie is dropped off.

Suzie: Hello? Tewwiermon?

She looks at the Real World in the sky.

Suzie: Huh, so pwetty. Hello moon.

From behind a rock a Tapirmon runs out.

Suzie: Huh? Maybe he knows where Tewwiermon is. Yeah.

She starts chasing him.

Suzie: Hey! Wait! Come back!

He runs into a small hole and Suzie tries to go in, but the dust makes her get out.

Suzie: Whereíd you go? Mm, that was fun.

She wipes her face.

Suzie: Hm?

She sees a Digi-Gnome jumping on a rock giggling.

Suzie: Hello.

Four more appear.

Suzie: Your new friends look like...fairies!

They fly.

Suzie: Ooh, or really big fireflies.

They fly past and away her and she follows.

Suzie: Wait! Have any of you seen my friend, Tewwiermon?

They fly away faster.

Suzie: Why does everyone run away from me? Iím nice.

She starts to slow down.

Suzie: I...wish I could fly too. My foots hurt.

She catches her breath.

Suzie: Itís hot.

She takes her coat off and puts it on a rock.

The coat starts shaking and a cackle is heard.

Suzie: Huh?

She turns and sees her jacket being carried away by a Kiwimon.

Suzie: Come back with my coat!

She follows him.

Kiwimon shreds up the coat.

Suzie: Uh! Oh no! Bad birdy!

Kiwimon stops and turns around.

Suzie: Youíre gonna be in big trouble when my mommy finds out!

He shoots a bomb at Suzie and it lands right in front of her, exploding, making her fall down.

Suzie: Thatís not very nice at all, youíre supposed to say sorry, not throw things that go boom!

Kiwimon cackles into the sky and runs away leaving Suzie on the ground, sad.

Suzie: I wanna go home...

She starts walking.

Suzie: Henry...Tewwiermon...where are you?

She looks up.

Suzie: Huh?

She sees the old data tumbleweed.

Suzie: What are those? Theyíre so pink and pwetty.

They roll past her and sheís happy.

She touches one and it zaps her.

Suzie: Ow! Ow! That hurt! Everyone here is mean or trying to give me boo-boos. I donít like this place.

She starts crying.

Suzie: ...Henry...Tewwiermon!!!!!!!!

Pulses are shot out from Suzie and they travel to Terriermon.

On the D-power.

Terriermon: Uh! That was Suzie!

Henry: Wait a minute, whatíd you say?

Terriermon: I just heard Suzieís voice.

Takato: Huh?

Henry: You sure?

Terriermon: Would these ears lie? Sheís close too.

Henry: We have to get to her.

The D-power rocks and switches direction.

Takato: Whatís happening?

Terriermon: Donít look at me, I didnít touch anything!

Suzie trips and falls onto solid ground.

Suzie: Ow! Now where am I?

She gets onto her knees.

Suzie: Oh, thatís where.

Suzie: Daddyís gonna be so mad. Water!

She runs to the sound.

Suzie: Maybe itís a river! At camp...they said...if you get lost...follow the river and youíll find other people...who can help you get home and give you hot chocolate and, ah!

She gets to the edge and thereís a waterfall across from the ridge and she nearly falls off from it.

Suzie: Aaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She falls back and runs from the edge.

Suzie: No help or hot chocolate there. Stinky no good waterfall! Where am I?

She looks over to a bridge.

Suzie: Hey, whatís that?

She walks over.

Suzie: Oh...mommy would make me take a ten year time out if I went on that bridge. I wonder where it goes. And is that uh...a....a bunny?

She walks over to the giant bunny.

Suzie: Um...hello.

Rabbit digimon: Hm?

She looks down.

Suzie: You are a bunny! Youíre bigger than a parade balloon, did you know that? You must be the biggest bunny in the universe! So...wanna be friends?

The giant bunny stands straight up with Suzie talking to her.

Suzie: Hey you know what? I canít have a bunny cause daddy says bunnies get scared to death by cats and there are too many cats in the building.

Suzie runs in front of the bunny.

Suzie: But you wouldnít be scared, would you, I mean youíre bigger than a thousand cats put together. Youíre very tall, you must take a lot of vitamins.

Suzie makes a big smile.

Suzie: Iím so excited! Youíre the biggest bunny Iíve ever seen!

She runs around in a circle then goes back in front.

Suzie: How do you do? Well, can you hear me up there?!

Bunny: Mm hm.

Suzie: Youíre very smart, can you speak? Bet cha can.

Bunny: Iím afraid you cannot stay here, little human.

She looks down.

Bunny: You must go home.

Suzie: I want to, but how can I?

She walks forward and stops.

Suzie: Nobody wants to help me. Itís kinda hard to look up all the time. Could you bend down? Please?

Bunny: Hmm....

She bends down a little.

Suzie: More please!

She crouches down to her knees.

Suzie: Ha, ha ha.

Suzie crouches down.

Suzie: So, where are we?

Bunny: This is the Land of the Four Digimon Sovereign.

Suzie: Huh, are you a Digimon Sov...ereign?

Bunny: I am Antylamon, I protect the Digimon Sovereign.

Suzie: Please to meet you, Antylamon.

Antylamon turns her head to the right.

Suzie: Iím Suzie.

She giggles.

Suzie: Iím looking for Tewwiermon, he looks a lot like this.

She sprawls out on the floor.

Antylamon: he sick?

She gets up.

Suzie: No silly, wanna help me look for him? Do ya?

Antylamon: Hm, thatís impossible. I must guard the South Gate.

Suzie: Pwetty please!

Antylamon: I canít leave my post, I have to-

Suzie lies on her back kicking and punching the air.

Suzie: I wanna see Tewwiermon! If you help Iíll hold my breath till I faint!

She lies on the ground with her eyes closed then opens them.

Suzie: Please?

She shuts one eye smiling.

Antylamon: Oh.

She puts her hand on her head.

Antylamon: Oh...

The water rages on.

Antylamon: Just no pulling on the ears.

Suzie: I promise! I promise!

Antylamon: Alright, hold on.

Antylamon steadily gets up with Suzie holding her ears, sitting on her head.

Suzie: This is fun.

The Digi-Gnomes fly by.

Suzie: Oh! Hello again, fireflies!

Antylamon: Alright kid, playtimeís over, come on you need to get off my head.

Suzie: No!

Antylamon leans her head back and then tosses Suzie down.

Suzie: Whoa!

Antylamon catches Suzie is her hands and Suzie doesnít move.

Antylamon: Hey, kid, are you alright? Come on this isnít funny.

She uses one finger and pokes Suzie three times.

Antylamon: Say something.

Suzie: That was fun! Can we do it again, huh please? Can we, can we, huh?

Antylamon: Uh mm.

Suzie: Meanie!

Suzie shuts her eyes and turns her head.

Antylamon: Hm...

She puts Suzie on her head again.

Antylamon: Fine.

The Digi-Gnomes fly by.

Suzie: Huh, bunny forward!

Antylamon walks.

Antylamon: Donít push your luck, kid.

Antylamon walks on with Suzie on her head giggling, and the Digi-Gnomes fly past.

Suzie: This is so much fun, I could stay here forever!

Antylamon: Donít get cawwied away.

In the weird bubble-tube part of the Digital World the giant D-power flies.

Takato: Hey this boat is going in a totally different direction, ever since Terriermon heard Suzie. But why?

Henry: I wonder changes direction depending on where we want to go.

Terriermon: Cool! Then since we want to see Suzie all we have to do is wish for it and this thing will take us to her!

Henry: I guess.

Takato: Yeah, but are you sure sheís in the Digital World?

Terriermon: Positive.

He turns around.

Terriermon: And we better find her soon. I bet sheís cryiní her little heart out.

In the Land of the Digimon Sovereign Suzie is giggling while Antylamon is walking around.

Suzie: This is great!

The Digi-Gnomes fly past them.

Suzie: Hey, hey, hey, can you run after them?

Antylamon: Sorry kid, but I donít see your friend Terriermon anywhere, we should head back.

Suzie: But I donít wanna.

Antylamon: Yeah, I know.

Antylamon tilts her head back to toss Suzie into her hands again.

Suzie: I want you to run.

Antylamon: Alright you asked for it.

She turns and starts running really fast.

Suzie: Woo!!!!!!!!!!!!

She runs past the Digi-Gnomes.

Suzie: Iím flying! Faster Antylamon, faster! Woo hoo!

Antylamon runs faster and creates dust where she was.

Suzie: Stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suzie is holding onto Antylamonís ears and they go back and forth with Suzie hanging on.

Suzie: Antylamon that was cool, hey can you do anything else?

Antylamon: Hm, hm, hm, hm, hm. Trust me, you ainít seen nothing yet.

Antylamon takes a long leap.

Suzie: Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!

She lands on a tall rock and takes off jumping again.

Suzie: This is better than a party! Higher! Higher! I wanna touch the moon!

Antylamon jumps really high.

Suzie: Yay! Bunny Jumping!

Antylamon lands and catches her breath.

Suzie: Antylamon, are you okay? Iím sorry. Did I wear you out?

Antylamon still breathes deeply.

Later Suzie and Antylamon are lying on the ground.

Suzie: I like chocolate bunnies and jellybean bunnies, oh and chocolate bunnies filled with jellybeans. Thatís funny, all of a sudden...Iím kinda hungry.

Antylamonís stomach growls.

Suzie: Uh-oh. Youíre hungry too, huh?

Antylamon: Apparently.

Suzie: You stay right there.

She gets up.

Suzie: Iíll go look for something to eat, okay?

She runs off.

Antylamon: Hm? Okay.

She watches Suzie run and then gets up.

Antylamon: Hm, cute kid. Goodbye, Suzie.

She turns and walks back to the South Gate.

Makuramon (thinking): I canít believe I lost that little rodent. The bosses arenít gonna like this. I need to fix this quick. Maka?

He sees Suzie walking below.

Makuramon: What do we have here?

He stands up and points.

Makuramon: I spy with my little eye a teensy human child. The Digimon Sovereign might have a use for her. She could be my one way ticket out of trouble.

He jumps down.

Suzie: Huh! A monkey!

He lands in front of her and stumbles, then walks over to her.

Makuramon: Youíre coming with me!

He picks her up.

Suzie: Ah! Ah! Ah!!!!!!!

Makuramon: Stop kicking and keep still you little brat!

Antylamon: Hm?

Suzie (far away): Let me go! Somebody help!

Antylamon: Suzie.

On the D-power they hear her too.

Takato, Henry, and Terriermon: Uh!

Suzie (far, far away): Help!

Antylamon runs to where she hears Suzie calling.

Makuramon walks away carrying Suzie.

Makuramon: I will eat my pointy hat if I donít get a golden banana for this. Huh?

Antylamon jumps from behind Makuramon to in front of him and she turns to him.

Antylamon: Let her go!

Makuramon: Antylamon!

He struggles to hold onto Suzie and holds him in front of her.

Makuramon: Mind your own business rabbit, the kid is mine!

Antylamon (thinking): Heís right, what am I doing?

Makuramon: Go back to guarding the South Gate like youíre supposed to!

Suzie bites his hand and escapes.

Makuramon: Ah!

He runs after her.

From the sky next to Suzie the giant D-power breaks through the sky.

In the D-power.

All: Ah!!!

Outside the D-power starts to break up while moving.

Suzie: Whatís going on?!?!

The rest of the D-power breaks away leaving a devastated Suzie.

Suzie: Oh...

Makuramon jumps for Suzie but she runs away.

Makuramon: Uh!

He jumps for her and Antylamon head butts him away.

Where the D-power dissolved, Takato, Henry, and Terriermon get up.

Takato: That was fun.

Henry: No kidding, where are we?

Terriermon: Thereís Suzie!

They turn and see Antylamon protecting Suzie and facing Makuramon.

Makuramon: Whatís the meaning of this!? Youíre gonna be in big trouble, my friend!

Terriermon runs closer.

Terriermon: Suzie!

Suzie: Hah! Tewwiermon!

She runs over and Makuramon jumps in front of her.

Suzie: Ah!

Antylamon tries head butting him again, but he jumps up with an opaque ball in his hand.

Makuramon: Youíll pay! Primal Orb!

He throws the ball at Antylamonís head.

Antylamon: Ah!!!!!!

She falls back.

Suzie: Oh! Antylamon!

She puts her hand on Antylamon.

Suzie: Are you okay?

Antylamon: Oh...

Antylamon looks at Suzie and in Antylamonís eyes is Suzie.

Suzie: Please be, please be okay.

Antylamon: Huh? Huh!

Makuramon throws another orb but Antylamon jumps out of the way and Suzie is moved away too.

Antylamon jumps in the air and the orb returns to Makuramon.

Makuramon: Yah!!!

The orb glows fiery red in his hand.

Makuramon: Yah!

She dodges it.

Antylamon: That does it!

It starts to turn back to her.

Antylamon: Bunny Blade!

Her hands turn into giant axes.

The orb returns and Antylamon reflects it and then cuts it.

Antylamon: Hm!

She glares at him.

Makuramon: Ah, traitor! Youíll rue the day you crossed me, I can promise you that!

He disappears into a rip.

Antylamonís hands return to normal.

Henry: I canít get any data on that digimon, letís see, the only Deva thatís left is the rabbit so-uh!

Takato: Deva! Weíve gotta get Suzie out of there now!

Suzie runs to Antylamonís side.

Suzie: You were great, really.

Henry, Takato, and Terriermon run over.

Henry: Suzie, no! get away from there! Itís dangerous!

Suzie: Hm?

She looks at Antylamon.

Suzie: Oh, silly Henry, whatís he talking about?

A bright ball appears next to Antylamon and floats down to Suzie.

Suzie: Huh...

They stop.

All 3: Huh?

Henry: Wait a minute, this canít be happening.

Suzie: What a pwetty ball.

She holds it up and it turns into a pink D-power.

Suzie: Whoa.

Takato: Unreal.

Henry: Suzieís a a Deva?

Size looks at it.

Suzie: What is this?

From a red, spiky, castle in the center a red beam shoots out and envelops Antylamon.

Suzie: Whoa! Whatís happening to you?!

Suzie: Oh...

Takato, Henry, and Terriermon: Oh...

Henry: I think weíre in for another surprise.

The red beam shrinks and disappears leaving a brown Terriermon.

Brown Terriermon: Boy, does that feel weird.

Henry: Check it out. Lopmon, rookie level, data beast type digimon. Sheís little but has a big special attack, Blazing Ice.

Terriermon and Lopmon look at each other, they lift their ears up at the same time.

Terriermon: Oh.

Lopmon: Oh.

Terriermon: You look like a chocolate flavored me.

They put their ears down and touch their face.

Terriermon: Only with two more horns, itís freaky.

They get closer and look at each other.

Suzie: At last I have a bunny of my own.

She grabs Lopmon and squeezes her.

Terriermon backs up a little and laughs nervously.

Suzie: To love and hug and take such good care of.

She loses balance and falls on Lopmon.

Takato and Henry laugh.

Suzie: Ow, that hurt!

Lopmon: You can say that again, oh...