Season 3, Episode 34: "Lionheart" 
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Transcribed by: SteelWarrior

Digimon: Deep in the land of the Four Digimon Sovereign there was once a shining light, this light gave digimon the ability to digivolve and become greater and more powerful than ever before. Then, one day that light disappeared until...

Calumon falls into the center of the four areas for the Sovereigns.

Calumon: Oh!

The cage carrying Calumon breaks and he falls into s giant tube with cushioning at the bottom.

Calumon: Oh...hey! Whatís the big idea?

He tries to jump out but theirs an invisible barrier blocking him.

Calumon: Oh!

He tries again.

Calumon: Oh!

He sees a 3D red triangle spinning outside of the container.

Calumon: Whatís that funny looking thing? Itís too big to be an ice pop.

He flies over as close as he can.

Calumon: Ooh, itís pretty. Oh....oh? And it looks real...familiar!

He flies back scared.

Calumon: It feels like Iíve been here before. A long time ago.

He shakes his head.

Calumon: Iíve gotta get outta here! Okay Calumon, time to get tough. Iím a digimon maybe I have some special attack too. Harry Glowing Blistery Ball! Big Noogie-Poke-You-In-The Eye Power Beam! Aw nuts...guess this means Iím stuck here for good, unless...

He looks up.

Calumon: Someone rescues me. Oh...

In the desert part of the Digital World.

Kenta: Hey, who wants to hear another knock-knock joke?

No one answers.

Kenta: Uh, guys? Hm, Iím so bored. Canít we head home already?

Kazu: Hey knock-knock boy! We havenít found Calumon or Takato and youíre yappiní about home? What do you miss your mommy?

Kenta: No, all Iím saying is weíve been here for days and we havenít...found diddly squat.

Kazu hangs his head upset along with Kenta.

Kazu: Hm.

Growlmon: Hey Kenta, whatís a diddly squat?

Kenta: Never mind, but thanks for the piggy back ride.

Growlmon: No problemo, thatís Spanish for no problem. I think.

Leomon laughs a little.

Leomon: Jeri, how are you holding up?

Jeri: Oh, Iím just peachy. What about you, Kyubimon?

Kyubimon: Iím fine.

Rika: Weíre all fine, but weíd be better if we knew where Takato was.

At the Land of the Sovereign.

Suzie: Who wants to hear another rhyme? I do! I do!

She grabs Terriermon and Lopmonís ears.

Suzie: 1, 2, 3, 4 whoís the bunny I adore? 5, 6, 7, 8 my new bunny smells like cake!

Henry: Hm, I canít believe Suzieís here. Itís not safe for her and my parents, theyíre probably climbiní the walls by now.

Takato: Donít worry, after we find Calumon and the others weíll get her back pronto.

Digi-gnomes fly around them.

Takato: Hey, well look whoís here! Whatís up, guys?

Henry: Itís the digi-gnomes, if they were digimon maybe we could understand them.

A digi-gnome starts talking to Takato.

Takato: Sorry fella, I donít speak gnome.

Suzie: Oh look, the fireflies are back.

Henry: They must be trying to tell us something. If the digi-gnomes are the ones who brought the blue cards to the Real World there had to be a reason for it, something thy want us to do.

Takato: Yeah, like what?

Henry: I donít know, but I have a funny feeling itís important.

Takato and Henry: Huh?

They see them fly towards the center.

Takato: Maybe they know something about Guilmon! Huh, wait up! Hey I have some questions about my digimon! Come back!

They disappear.

Henry: Huh, hey Lopmon.

Lopmon: Yes, Henry?

Henry: Do you know a digimon named Calumon? Uh here.

Takato shows Lopmon the drawing.

Henry: This little guy.

Lopmon: Well of course I know who he is, heís the one who holds the key to digivolution. The Sovereign need this power to protect our world from those who want to destroy it. Thatís why they created us Devas out of data of digimon that are now gone. To help them on their quest.

Suzie: Lopmon, you talking funny, I donít understand.

Henry: Sheís trying to say that she was created by the Digimon Sovereign, Suzy.

Suzie: Hm.

Takato: Uh, Lopmon, do you have any idea where Calumonís being held?

Lopmon: Yes I do.

Flashback to Calumon floating over a walkway.

Lopmon: I saw him being taken across the Phoenix Gate one day.

Calumon is depressed as heís floating in the cage.

End flashback.

Henry: The Phoenix Gate?

Lopmon: That is where the Digimon Sovereign Zhuqiaomon lives, itís just beyond the South Gate I used to guard.

Henry: Hm. Wow, the Land of the Digimon Sovereign. We made it.

Takato: Well if we know where Calumon is then...letís get him!

Henry: No!

Takato: Huh? But why? Whatís the matter?

Terriermon: Moumantai! I know youíre worried about Suzie, but she is a tamer you know.

Suzie: Yeah!

She pulls out her D-power and Lopmon runs over to the gate.

Lopmon: Hold it right there! Weíre not going anywhere!

Takato: What now?

In the container where Calumon is fire burns all around the outside of it and Calumon is scared by it.

Zhuqiaomon: Keep of the Light, you must know youíre not a digimon like the others. You have a power inside you, a power we need.

Calumon: Thereís no way Iím giving you my insides! And I am too a digimon.

Zhuqiaomon: Once you were the light that gave us the power to digivolve you must give us that light again, resistance is useless. You cannot escape your destiny or this cage.

He leaves.

Calumon: Oh...

At the South Gate.

Lopmon: Please youíre mad to try and face the Sovereign and I canít help you.

Henry: Your Deva powers are gone, but you can still fight.

Lopmon: The Sovereign made me and they can destroy me just as easily.

Suzie walks over to Lopmon.

Suzie: No Lopmon.

Lopmon: Suzy, you donít understand. Iíve changed, I donít wanna fight or hurt anyone.

Suzie: Course you donít, nice bunny.

Terriermon: Okay, but what now? Calumonís not gonna rescue himself.

A big, loud thunder sound happens.

Takato: Aw nuts! Whatís that!

Henry: I donít know, but something tells me itís not good.

The sky urns fiery red.

Caturamon: The time has come for me to do my masterís will!

Back in the desert area.

Growlmon: Um, Leomon, do you know how you became Jeriís partner?

Leomon: Well how did you become Takatoís?

Growlmon: Gee Iím not really sure, one day he thought me up and poof, I was there. It feels like weíve always been together, like sausages and sauerkraut.

Leomon: Oh I see, what about you Kyubimon?

Kyubimon: It was no accident, I wanted the strongest tamer so I could digivolve, no one but the best. The choice was clear, it had to be Rika.

Rika: Got that right.

Kyubimon: Itís strange, I donít know exactly how I came to the Real World. All I know is we were suddenly together and thatís all that mattered.

Jeri turns and looks at Leomon then turns back.

Jeri: But Iím not strong at all, especially for a tamer, Iím sorry you have to be stuck with me, Leomon.

Leomon: Jeri.

Jeri: Huh?

Leomon: You have the true heart of a lion. Thatís all you need, itís not strength or power that makes a good partner itís heart. Besides, thereís no one else Iíd rather be with.

Jeri: Uh...Leomon, thank you.

Growlmon: Leomon, youíre so smart and so strong. Howíd you get to be like that anyway?

Leomon: I donít know about smart but Iím strong because I fought all my life, like most digimon I thought it was the only way.

Growlmon: Maybe I can be like you if I spend my whole life fighting too.

Leomon: Fighting isnít everything, you have your own destiny.

Growlmon: Yeah I guess, Iíll ask Takato heíll know. Oh I miss him, where could he be?

At the South Gate.

Takato: Look Henry, I know you donít wanna leave Suzy, so why donít you just stay with her and Iíll go? And Terriermon can come with me, if thatís okay with you.

Terriermon: Aw come on, how bout it Henry?

Henry: Well, okay, but Iím not sure itís a good idea.

Takato: Not to worry, if it gets hairy weíll scedaddle right back. Iím not crazy, I donít wanna pick a fight with anyone powerful enough to create those Devas, but if Lopmonís right and the Digimon Sovereign only wanna protect this world maybe I can just talk to them.

Henry: What if, huh?

An explosion occurs behind Takato and they all shield themselves from it.

Suzie and Lopmon: Ah!

Takato: What was that?!

They turn and see Beelzemon.

Beelzemon: Hello kiddies!

Takato: Beelzemon!

Beelzemon: Youíre not with your friends now, are ya punks? Oh well, I guess Iíll just have to annihilate them later.

He pulls out his guns.

Takato: Why are you doing this? What did we ever do to you?

Beelzemon: Itís nothing personal, itís just business. And Iím a business man.

Terriermon: Henry!

Henry: Right! Digi-Modify! Matrix Digivolution Activate!

Terriermon: Terriermon digivolve to...

Gargomon: Gargomon! Gargomon matrix digivolve to...

Rapidmon: Rapidmon!

He lands right in front of Beelzemon.

Beelzemon: Ha! Iíve eaten bigger digimon for breakfast!

Rapidmon: Is that supposed to impress me?

He jumps up.

Rapidmon: Rapid Fire!

The attacks hit dead on, but Beelzemon doesnít have a scratch on him.

Beelzemon: No, but you know what? I bet this will.

Rapidmon: Huh?

Beelzemon: Double Impact!

He shoots his guns and they send him flying.

Henry: Rapidmon, no!

Suzie: Tewwiermon!

Rapidmon crashes to the ground.

Takato: I feel...totally useless. Guilmon, Guilmon where are you?

Beelzemon laughs at them.

Beelzemon: Is that all you got? Thatís pathetic!

Takato: Guilmon!

In the desert, Growlmon hears Takatoís call.

Growlmon: Huh?

Kazu: Hey Growlmon, whatís going on?

Growlmon: Itís Takato, I can hear him.

All: Huh?

Jeri: I think I heard him too.

All: Huh?

Kenta: Are you sure? I didnít hear anything.

He listens.

Takato (far away): Guilmon!

Leomon growls as a data stream approaches.

Kazu: Data stream 12 oíclock! We gotta scram!

Jeri: Isnít Takatoís voice coming from there?

Kyubimon: YouĎre right, well, you know what this means?

Kenta: No, and please donít tell me.

Growlmon: Iím coming Takato.

Kazu: Hold on a minute, youíre not actually thinking of going in there are you? Donít we usually run away from the nasty data stream?

Growlmon: Iím going, Takatoís calling me.

Leomon: Weíd better make up our minds quickly.

Rika: Right, I say we go, anythingís better than schlepping around in the sand. What do ya say?

Kyubimon: Thatís so like you.

Rika: I canít be anyone else.

Growlmon: Guardromon, youíd better grab on.

Guardromon: Oh, good idea.

He climbs on Growlmonís tail.

Guardromon: Ready.

Growlmon: Okay everybody, hold on tight.

Kazu: Come on Kenta, donít tell me youíre scared.

Kenta: Uh...okay, I wonít.

Leomon reaches for Jeri.

Leomon: Jeri.

Jeri climbs on.

Rika: Here it comes! On your marks! Get set!

Kyubimon: Hm.

Kenta: Not again.

They all get sucked up.

All: Whoa!

As they leave that area of it Caturamonís shadow appears.

Caturamon: Soon those foolish children will be gathered in one place to meet one fate. The fate of all who dare defy The Digimon Sovereign.

At the South Gate Suzie starts to cry and Henry tries to comfort her.

Henry: Oh, Suzie.

Lopmon: Oh.

Henry looks angrily towards Beelzemon whoís laughing at them.

Henry: Rapidmon! Talk to me! Are you okay?!

Rapidmon: Henry, heís too strong.

Beelzemon: No kidding? Compared to me you guys are the amateur hour, you know that? Pathetic humans and your digi-pets you make me wanna throw up, kick your butts, and then throw up again!

Takato: Wait a minute! Youíre Impmon, remember?

Beelzemon: Hm?

Takato: You went to camp with us, and played in the water with us, we even saved your life once, youíre our friend!

Beelzemon: nothing but a bad memory!

He points the gun and the data stream falls right nest to Takato and the others while the stream is so bright they have to shield their eyes.

Takato: Huh?

The stream disappears to reveal the rest of the gang.

Takato: You found us!

Rika gets off Kyubimon.

Rika: Finally, where have you guys been?

Growlmon: Takato, I missed you so much.

Takato: Me too.

He has a flashback to when they were in Shibumiís library with the old data turning into Guilmon.

Takato (thinking): But what if...what if I lose him again? If Mizunoís right, heís just data.

Growlmon: Whatís the matter, Takato?

Takato (thinking): And data could just be...erased.

Kyubimon: Beelzemon thereís still time!

Beelzemon: Can it!

Takato: Huh?

Beelzemon: You talk too much you know that? You think youíre so smart? Well in a second youíre gonna be history!

He shoots at her and sheís sent flying.

Guardromon: Thatís uncalled for! Guardian Barrage!

Beelzemon makes a circle with the motorcycle to block them.

Beelzemon: You want trouble? You got it!

Beelzemon rides in.

Guardromon: What?! Oh no!

Growlmon: Pyro Blaster!

He shoots at Beelzemon but he dodges, then he shoots another and he dodges again.

Kazu: Get outta the way!

Kyubimon runs and knocks Beelzemon off the bike and they both crash.

Beelzemon: Iíll teach you!

He gets up.

Rika: Kyubimon! Come on! You have to get up!

She struggles to.

Rika: To digivolve!

Kyubimon: Iím trying.

Beelzemon gets up.

Kyubimon: Dragon Wheel!

He points his guns but the fire surrounds his hands and he drops the guns yelling. Kyubimon jumps back and collapses.

Rika: Kyubimon!

The fire wears off and Beelzemon is ticked off.

Beelzemon: Nice try there fox face.

He walks over to her with his nails jetted outward to hurt her with.

Growlmon: Donít you touch her!

Takato: All right thatís it! Get him Growlmon! I donít care who he used to be heís nothing but a monster now! Take him down!

Jeri: Huh, Takato.

Beelzemon runs toward Growlmon and punches him in the face knocking him down.

Beelzemon: So much for friendship, huh pineapple head? Donít worry Iíll deal with you later.

He walks back to Kyubimon.

Beelzemon: Right after I wipe out your uppity friend. All right chatty, any last words?

Kyubimon: Impmon...please...

Beelzemon: Be quiet!!!!

Rika: Oh no! Kyubimon please get up! You have to get away!

Rika searches through her cards for something to help her with.

Rika: These stupid cards are useless! I canít do anything!

Beelzemon raises his claws.

Beelzemon: Enough! I must destroy you once and for all! Ah!

Kyubimon: Donít blind.

Beelzemon: I said quiet!

He drives his claw to her, but is stopped right before he touches her.

Beelzemon: Huh?

He looks behind him to see Leomon stopping him and Jeri is scared.

Jeri: Huh?!

Leomon: I donít know who you are, but I do know youíre being used. This power youíve been given, is it worth hurting these children to keep it?

Beelzemon tries to break loose.

Beelzemon: You donít know anything!

Leomon punches him in the face twice.

Leomon: To have power is not to be strong. You see, I know that better than anyone.

Leomon looks at Jeri and she is scared still.

Jeri: Uh, Leomon.

Leomon: Do what you must Beelzemon, but I will not let you hurt these children!

Beelzemon is very ticked and annoyed and he lets out s scream and stabs Leomon in the stomach and it goes through to the other side.

Leomon lets out a long scream of pain and the others watch as he falls to the ground, Kyubimon is very angry at Beelzemon and lunges at him.

Kyubimon: Uh, you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He kicks her and she falls back again.

Rika: Kyubimon!

Leomonís data starts to appear and wear away.

Leomon: Why canít see? Why wonít you try to understand the truth?

Jeri is standing away watching and crying, shaking her head no that itís all a bad dream.

Kazu: I donít believe it, I donít believe he got Leomon.

Kenta: We could be next, we gotta get outta here. I canít take this.

Henry: Leomon, it canít be.

Takato is looking so ticked off at Beelzemon.

Leomonís body is completely gone leaving his head and neck and Jeri is standing the helpless and crying

Jeri remembers what Leomon told her. Leomon: Be brave Jeri, part of me will always be with you. Remember, you have a lionís heart.

She watches as the rest of Leomon fades away and her D-powerís screen goes to static.

Jeri: No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beelzemon absorbs his data.

Beelzemon: No, to have power is to be strong. Iíll keep loading data till no one can stop me! No one! No one!

Growlmon: But he...was just trying to help us and you...

Growlmonís eyes turn mad.

Takato: How could you? How could you do this horrible thing!? Iíll make you hurt, Iíll make you pay!

A bright red forms around Takato. And Growlmon marches forward, but heís digivolved to WarGrowlmon. And Takato and WarGrowlmon both yell at the top of their lungs.

Jeri: Whatís going on? What is happening to the two of you?

Kazu: Jeri, whatíre you doing? Come on, get outta the way!

Jeri: Donít touch me! Everyone just leave me alone!

She starts crying.

Kazu: Jeri.

Beelzemon: Nice outfit, but youíre still no match for me you big lump! Just so you know metal mouth, when Iím done with you Iím gonna finish your friends off one by one.

Takato Youíre wrong, youíre the one whoís finished.

WarGrowlmon flies in to attack but Beelzemon jumps up and away.

Beelzemon: Take this you big dump truck!

He shoots at WarGrowlmon but they do nothing and he jumps up and bites Beelzemon.

Takato: Finish him! Do it! Tear him apart!

Jeri: Donít do this.

Beelzemon slashes at WarGrowlmon.

Takato: You cannot lose, I wonít allow it! I...order you to digivolve! Digivolve, now!

He points the D-power up.

In the cage where Calumon is the order makes him give off the light.

Calumon: Huh? Oh, oh no. Oh!

The light goes through the entire Phoenix Gate and gets to WarGrowlmon.

Beelzemon: Huh?

WarGrowlmonís hazard sign glows.

Henry: The mark on his chest is glowing! Whatís happening to him?

A storm brews up behind him and he growls.

In the Hypnos Building.

Riley: Red alert! I repeat red alert! Data are converging in massive amounts at the core of the Digital Field.

Yamaki: But that could lead to...a network meltdown.

Tally: This is the biggest Iíve seen sir, thereís just no telling what effect this might have on the Real World.

In the city a bright red beam shoots out and Mr. Wong sees it.

Mr. Wong: Somethingís happening in the digital plane, but what?

On his computer the hazard sign blinks on and off.

Mr. Wong: No! Henry! Suzy! If anything happens to the two of you...itís all my fault.

In the Digital World WarGrowlmon is surrounded by a red energy and digivolves.

Henry: Heís digivolving!

Takato: Do it, thatís it digivolve. Thatís it, digivolve! I order you to digivolve to Mega!

WarGrowlmon changes inside the energy.

Takato: Mega.

The energy leaves to show a newly digivolved Megidramon.

All: Oh, uh...

Takato: Guilmon, what have I done to you boy? Iím sorry.

Megidramon moves in as Beelzemon moves away. He roars at Beelzemon.

Jeri: No!!!

Takato: Uh...uh...

Takatoís D-power cracks in his hands, he drops it to the floor, and it is erased.