Season 3, Episode 35: "Give A Little Bit" 
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Transcribed by: SteelWarrior

In the Real World the red energy beam is still shining.

Mr. Wong: Honey, Iím going into the office for a while.

Henryís mom is packing a suitcase for Suzie, but she doesnít know where Suzie really is.

Mrs. Wong: Janyu, did your father tell you what the weather is like in Hong Kong right now? Will Suzie need a heavy jacket or just sweaters? I guess I should pack a jacket for her just in case.

Mr. Wong: Yeah, that sounds like a good idea, Iíll see you later.

Mrs. Wong: Stop right there! Janyu, weíve been married long enough for me to know when youíre hiding something from me, Suzieís not in Hong Kong!

She starts crying.

Mrs. Wong: I dreamt...she was with Henry, wherever he is in that terrible place you wonít even discuss with me.

Mr. Wong: Iím sorry.

Mrs. Wong: Thatís not good enough!

Behind a door their other two children are watching and listening.

Mrs. Wong: Our children are disappearing! Whatís going on!

Mr. Wong: I canít tell you, not yet.

Mrs. Wong: When can you tell me?!

He leaves and she drops to the ground crying.

Mrs. Wong: When?

At the South Gate Megidramon is growling at Beelzemon.

Takato: Guilmon!

Suzie: Iím scared.

Kyubimon: Something about this just doesnít feel right.

Rapidmon: I know Guilmonís a virus type but I never imagined heíd turn into this, itís creepy.

Henry checks his D-power on Megidramon.

Henry: Megidramon, a virus type mega. I agree with you guys, I donít think this was supposed to happen.

Takato: That canít be Guilmon...not the Guilmon I created.

Megidramon growls at Beelzemon then shoots his tail out and grabs Beelzemon, Megidramon growls again then tries to eat Beelzemon but he holds his mouth.

Beelzemon (thinking): I must admit, this is not a very attractive side of you pineapple head.

Saliva falls on Beelzemon and it steams.

Beelzemon: Now youíre drooliní on me!

Jeri cups her face in her hands and cries again.

Jeri: Heís horrible!

Takato: Horrible? Sheís right, and itís my fault. I made him digivolve, I created him with my anger, my hatred.

The ground starts to crack into huge chunks and pieces.

All: Huh?

Rika: As if things werenít bad enough already.

Henry: Oh no, look at Megidramon. I think heís responsible for this.

The hazard sign on his chest glows in a pattern.

Henry: I shouldíve realized this before thatís a hazard sign on his chest! He could destroy the whole Digital World!

Suzie: Henry! Help me!

Henry: Huh?

He turns around and sees Suzie slowly drifting away on another broken chunk.

Suzie: Make it stop!

Henry: Iím coming!

He jumps onto it.

Suzie: Henry!

Henry: Rapidmon!

Rapidmon: On my way!

He grabs them and puts them on a different not moving piece.

Rapidmon: Whoopsy daisy!

Henry: Just in time, thanks buddy.

Rapidmon: Iíve never let you down before and Iím not about to start now.

On the screen of the Hypnos Building tons of hazard signs are blinking on and off.

Yamaki: The whole layerís about to collapse, what could be that powerful?

Janyu arrives.

Janyu: Whatís happening?

Yamaki: Total chaos, something that Iíve tried to prevent. As near as I can tell an enormously powerful digimon is disrupting the Digital World.

Janyu: What about the children? Have you gotten any...word from them?

Yamaki shakes his head.

Yamaki: I havenít been able to reach them, Iím sorry. I suspected that they were at the center of this, but being right gives me no pleasure.

Janyu: But theyíre, theyíre just children. What could they have possibly done to deserve this?

He hits himself on the head.

Janyu: And now when we were so close to completing the arc to rescue them. Weíre too close to fail.

Yamaki: I know this may be hard to accept, but Iím confident theyíll make it out, theyíre a very resourceful bunch whoíve put me in my place more than once.

Janyu: True, but still if not the same, theyíre out there all alone.

Yamaki: Theyíre not alone, they have their digimon.

In the Digital World red beams are shooting up everywhere.

Ryo: I hope those other kids are alright.

One shoots up right behind him.

Ryo: Huh?

Back at the South Gate the hazard sign keeps glowing and pillars keep coming out of the ground then sinking back into it.

Takato: Please! Guilmon you have to stop this! Listen to me!

Beelzemon: Did Caturamon set me up? Was this his plan all along? To have me destroyed?

A bright light appears from the sky and Makuramon flies in with his Primal Orb surrounding him.

Makuramon: Just what do you think youíre doing? If you donít end this foolish battle immediately youíll destroy the entire Digital World. Caturamon was a fool to create a Mega as pathetic as you.

Beelzemon: Iím not pathetic!

Makuramon: The truth hurts doesnít it? Of course youíre pathetic! Youíre a pawn in a game you canít even understand!

Beelzemon: Thatís enough!

He letís go of one hand and reaches for Makuramonís face and grabs it.

Makuramon: Get youíre hands off me! Iím a Deva, youíre nothing! Less than nothing! You hear me!?

Beelzemon: You talk too much monkey boy, but you do have something I need.

He makes a grimace smile and starts to crush Makuramon.

Beelzemon: Ah!

Makuramon: This canít be happening! Ma ka!

He gets deleted and Beelzemon absorbs his data.

Rika: I canít believe it.

Kyubimon: Thatís it! He must be stopped.

Kyubimon jumps over to the fight.

Rika: Donít! I canít lose you!

Rapidmon flies in.

Henry: Rapidmon, no!

Rapidmon: Henry, he loaded a Deva, just swallowed him up like an ice cream cone. Heís gotta be stopped or weíll all be dessert.

Henry: Uh...

Rika: Oh, fine weíll beat them both. Digi-Modify! Matrix Digivolution Activate!

Kyubimon: Kyubimon matrix digivolve to...

Taomon: Taomon!

Beelzemon starts to push Megidramon off him.

Rapidmon: Tri Beam!

Taomon: Talisman of Light!

Beelzemon: Ha ha ha ha ha, Primal Orb!

They get trapped in two giant spheres.

Henry: Thatís Makuramonís attack, Beelzemon mustíve absorbed his power when he loaded his data. Get outta there!

Rapidmon: I donít think I can, Iím a bunny in a bubble. Ugh.

Taomon tries to use a spell.

Taomon: Ohm!

It fades away and Rika looks scared.

Rika: Uh...

Beelzemon: Why donít the two of you stick around for dinner, after monkey boy Iím in the mood for a little rabbit stew and french fried fox tail.

Their data starts become unstable.

Rika: Taomon...

Henry: Theyíre both trapped like flies, totally helpless. What now? Huh?

He pulls out a card.

Henry: Rika! Use the Alias Card!

Rika: The Alias Card? Oh.

Rika and Henry: Digi-Modify! Alias Activate!

Renamon and Terriermon fall out of the bubble but their ultimate data gets stolen by Beelzemon.

Terriermon: That was a close one.

Renamon: And he stole all our ultimate power.

Beelzemon yells as he pushes Megidramon away.

Takato: Uh...

Beelzemonís shoulder begins to grow and Rapidmonís right ear grows from his right side and Taomonís left guard appears on his left side.

Beelzemon: More power!

He stops the things from coming out.

Beelzemon: Must control it.

He readies his fist for a punch and then punches him three times.

Jeri: I canít stand it! Make him stop!

He punches him more times, then laughs and kicks him right in the chest which makes Megidramonís hazard sign shatter and break and Megidramon finally falls over.

Takato: Guilmon! No.

Megidramon hitís the floor and Beelzemon laughs at him.

Henry: He beat Megidramon.

Terriermon: Yeah, and it went right to his head.

Beelzemon laughs louder and the whole gang is scared.

Kazu: Heís what I call a really lousy winner and thatís creeping me out.

Takato: Iím sorry Jeri.

Jeri backs away scared.

Jeri: I just canít take anymore Takato, I canít.

Takato: I know I donít like it either.

He takes one step towards her.

Jeri: Stop.

Takato: Huh?

Jeri: Donít come near me, Guilmon was so sweet and cute and look what you did to him.

Takato: Huh?

Takato looks over at Megidramon.

On the Hypnos computer screen the hazards signs disappear.

Tally: The disturbance appears to be...neutralized. I think theyíre out of danger.

Janyu: Oh, thank goodness. I feel so helpless.

Yamaki: We are helpless. I was such a fool building this place. To think that I could control things in the Digital World, when the only thing I can do is watch and pray.

Janyu: I think we can do more than that if youíre willing to help.

Yamaki: I would like nothing more than to make up for my misguided past, but youíre already working with the brightest minds of your generation. What could I do?

Janyu: You underestimate yourself, I envy your ability to create and to imagine.

Yamaki: Then I think itís about time for me to create something worthwhile.

Janyu: It certainly is.

Yamaki: This facility and my resources are yours to use as you see fit. If those kids are gonna save the world then the lest I can do is to give them a fighting chance.

At the South Gate Beelzemon is on his knees cause heís trying to control the power.

Henry jumps from one piece to another.

Henry: Come on Suzie, Iíll catch you.

Suzie looks down then jumps over.

Renamon walks to Rika and Takato jumps to Megidramon whoís fallen.

Takato: Oh Guilmon.

He walks over to him.

Takato: Iím so sorry boy, Jeriís right, this is all my fault.

Takato has a flashback to when he first met Guilmon, sneaking him up to his room and other moments.

Takato: You were like a dream come true.

Past Takato: Whoa. I canít...believe it.

Takato: There you were, a living, breathing digimon and I had created you.

Past Takato: Guilmon.

Takato: I thought I could control you and it seemed to work.

Past Takato: Iím proud of you, boy.

Takato: I figured if I created you then that made you a part of me, right? It felt like you were a part of me.

Past Takato: Growlmon!

Takato: Though I have to admit you frightened me sometimes, you got pretty big.

Past Guilmon: Iím still me.

Past Takato: Really?

Past Guilmon: Always.

Takato: Data, DNA, whatís the difference? You were always you, but I never thought about what would happen if I couldnít control myself.

Past Takato: Right, boy?

Guilmon: Hm, hm.

End flashbacks.

Takato: Now I know.

Jeri is separated from everyone else.

Kenta: Come on Jeri, you canít just stay over there by yourself, itís not safe. Please?

Jeri is staring out at nothing clutching her D-power in her hand even though itís making a static noise.

Kazu: Aw nuts, I think sheís totally zoned out, poor kid. Iíll just have to rescue her.

He backs up a little in order to jump.

Beelzemon groans.

Kenta and Kazu: Huh?

Beelzemon is yelling cause he can control the power.

Beelzemon: And now, no one can take me! I am invincible! Iíll load the Sovereign themselves!

Henry: If heís successfully assimilated yours and Taomonís attacks weíre in serious trouble.

Terriermon: Weíre in trouble.

Suzie: Donít worry when Lopmon digivolves heíll be sorry.

Lopmon: Suzie, the Sovereign took away my power to digivolve.

Suzie: I donít care what he did, weíre in trouble and you have to digivolve!

Henry: Stop it Suzie, youíre just making it harder for her.

Suzie starts to cry.

Suzie: Henry!

Henry: Uh...

Rika walks over and tries to calm her down.

Rika: Come on Suzie, Renamon wonít let anything bad happen to you. Terriermon and Guardromon are here to help, not to mention me and Henry, youíll be fine I promise, youíll see. Iím not very good at this am I?

Kenta: What do you want?

Beelzemon: Whatís he want? Iíll tell you what I want, to finish the job. Unlike you miserable, puking humans I keep my promises.

He looks over at them.

Beelzemon: Aw, youíre so cute, youíre so afraid of me youíre about to wet your pants. I canít tell you how gratifying that is, it brings a tear to my eye.

He starts to walk over to them.

Guardromon: Oh dear!

He pulls out his guns and it makes Suzie cry more.

Henry: What now?

Rika: Huh?

She looks over and sees Takato with Megidramon and Jeri standing there.

Rika: Takato! What are you doing?! Get outta there! You too Jeri, come on!

Beelzemon walks closer still.

Takato: Guilmon was always Guilmon until I messed him up. No matter how big he got he was always my friend, my partner, but I let him down. I acted like a fool, I really wanted Beelzemon to suffer for what he had done, it wasnít enough to just defeat him he had to hurt. Itís bad enough that I felt that way, but itís worse for Guilmon. I made him a monster.

Beelzemon stops and looks at Takatoís way seeing him there defenseless.

Beelzemon: Aw what a touching sight, a boy and his pathetic digimon. Iíll put íem out of their misery.

He points the guns at them.

Takato: No!

No one noticing, Megidramon opens his eyes and theyíre red.

Beelzemon: Say goodbye!

Henry: Takato get outta there!

Rika: Itís too late Takato!

Kazu: Are you crazy man?!

Terriermon: Run away!

Kenta: Get outta there now!

Everyoneís yelling get out, run!, and other things then they all yell in slow motion to him. Beelzemon shoots his guns and the bullets slowly move towards him.

All: Takato! Takato!

The bullets get closer and Beelzemon laughs.

Takato (thinking): Guilmon, youíll always be my friend.

Megidramonís eyes fade to normal.


Takato: Guilmon!

In Takatoís mind heís back in his room.

Takato: Huh?

He sees and Agumon toy.

Takato (thinking): Okay...this is strange. Hm, hm.

He runs to his desk and starts to color in his Guilmon picture more.

Takato (thinking): Itís all the same, but different. Am I supposed to do something? What can I do? Oh Guilmon I wish we could all just start over. Iíd have been a lot more careful if Iíd known you were gonna be real. And you were about as real as they come, I donít understand why Rika thought that data couldnít be real, you were real! Wasnít that proof enough? You were my friend.

Takato hears Guilmonís voice.

Guilmon: Weíll always be friends Takatomon and thatís pretty real.

Takato: Huh?

A big red ball comes down from the sky and catches Takato in it.

Takato: Guilmon!

Takatoís in a room with thousands of Guilmon falling and floating all around it.

Takato: This is different, now what do I do? There must be a thousand Guilmonís here.

He shakes his head.

Takato: No wait I canít! I donít wanna start over! Thereís only one real Guilmon and heís the one I want! Nothing else matters! Not data, not DNA! Just my friend!

A red path forms at his feet leading to the real Guilmon who is injured.

Takato: Oh! Guilmon Iím coming boy!

Takato runs to him and while running the other Guilmon disappear.

Takato: Just hang in there, you can do it!

Guilmon opens his eyes.

Takato: Hold on!

Guilmon: Takatomon?

The whole red ball thing ends.

Takato: Guilmon, youíre back.

Guilmon: Is it time for lunch, Takato?

Takato: Mm hm, you can have anything you want, Guilmon.

Rika: Takato! Watch out!

Takato: Huh?

The bullets come zooming at them.

Rika: Takato!

Guilmonís eyes turn red and Megidramonís tail comes out of nowhere and smacks the bullets away.

Guilmon: Right! Thatís enough!

Takato: You sure youíre okay?

Guilmon doesnít answer, but the land theyíre on is glowing.

Takato: Yeah, course you are. Weíre together, we can do anything!

Guilmon: Mm hm.

The light underneath shines brightly.

Beelzemon: Weíre not gonna do this again are we?

He readies his nails to slash with.

Takato: I wish I could fight him with you Guilmon, Beelzemon wouldnít stand a chance against the two of us together.

Guilmon: Iím sure thereís a way Takato, maybe you just have to wish for it really hard. It worked when you needed a blue card.

Takato: All right then, I really want to fight with Guilmon!

The area theyíre on glows brightly towards the sky.

Guilmon: Guilmon bio-merge to...

Gallantmon: Gallantmon!

Guardromon: Remarkable.

Henry: Whoa, thatís amazing he must be Guilmonís true mega form!

Rika: Yeah Iíll say, but whereís Takato?

Beelzemon: Hey whatís going on here, huh?

Gallantmon: Beelzemon, you rejected every friendship offered to you, in return you betrayed the and destroyed a valiant soul. I cannot forgive what you have done.

Beelzemon: You canít forgive me? I donít recall ever asking you to forgive me! Weíll talk about forgiveness when I wipe you out of existence!

Beelzemon runs toward Gallantmon yelling with his nails jetted out.

Gallantmon: So be it!

Gallantmon raises his sword and runs to Beelzemon yelling.