Season 3, Episode 36: "The Battle Within" 
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Transcribed by: SteelWarrior

The area theyíre on glows brightly towards the sky.

Guilmon: Guilmon bio-merge to...

Gallantmon: Gallantmon!

Guardromon: Remarkable.

Henry: Whoa, thatís amazing he must be Guilmonís true mega form!

Rika: Yeah Iíll say, but whereís Takato?

Beelzemon: Hey whatís going on here, huh?

Gallantmon: Beelzemon, you rejected every friendship offered to you, in return you betrayed the and destroyed a valiant soul. I cannot forgive what you have done.

Beelzemon: You canít forgive me? I donít recall ever asking you to forgive me! Weíll talk about forgiveness when I wipe you out of existence!

Beelzemon runs toward Gallantmon yelling with his nails jetted out.

Gallantmon: So be it!

Gallantmon raises his sword and runs to Beelzemon yelling. They jump towards each other Beelzemon uses his claws but Gallantmon blocks it with his sword and they drop to the other side.

Beelzemon (thinking): Heís strong.

Gallantmon (thinking): This isnít going to be easy.

Terriermon: Are they dancing or fighting?

They run to each other and match attacks creating lighting.

Terriermon: Uh!

Renamon: Does that answer your question?

Henry: Gallantmon, exalted knight digimon, his Lightning Joust and Shield of the Just attacks are unstoppable.

Renamon: At last, a mega on our side.

Suzieís in awe.

Suzie : Whyís your mouth open?

Lopmon: Why is yours open?

Gallantmon: There is no excuse for your actions! I will see that justice is served!

Kenta: Wait! Where is he? Whereís Takato?

He looks around and sees Jeri kneeling on the floor.

Kazu: Maybe Sir Lance-A-Lot swallowed him.

Kenta: Yeah right.

A bright light works its way up and then splits apart Gallantmon landing near the kids, Beelzemon away from them.

Kazu and Kenta: Wow...

Beelzemon: Youíll excuse me if Iím not impressed your highness, but I got a deal to close.

Beelzemon pulls out his guns and points them at Gallantmon.

Beelzemon: And you happen to be in my way.

Gallantmon: Even now, you show no remorse for what you have done. I have no choice, but to destroy you!

He moves his sword making his cape blow.

Beelzemon: Right.

Beelzemonís motorcycle falls from the sky and lands on Beelzemon and Gallantmon becomes wary of it. Then Beelzemon rides the bike over to Gallantmon and he jumps forward to attack too.

Beelzemon: Bring it on!

He shoots at Gallantmon but Gallantmon uses the shield to deflect the hits.

Gallantmon: That wonít stop me!

They land opposite to each other and Gallantmon seems tired.

Gallantmon: Ugh...

Gallantmon turns around.

Kazu: Oh man...

Kenta: Kazu, snap out of it, I think Takatoís gone.

Kazu: Huh? Are you sure?

He looks over to the waterfall.

Kazu: What? You think he got flushed down the falls?

Kenta: Iím not kidding, what if he did? He might be hurt or dead or something.

Kazu (thinking): I hate it when heís right.

Renamon: Uh...

Rika: Whatís wrong?

Renamon: Iím supposed to be protecting you, but Iíve failed.

Rika: Your job is to rest now. You havenít failed anything.

Beelzemon is circling Gallantmon on the bike, shooting at Gallantmon.

Beelzemon: Whatís wrong exalted one? I thought my weapons would deflect your royal highness.

Gallantmon: Huh? Whatís he doing?

Beelzemon is riding so fast he appears to disappear.

Beelzemon: Now you see me, now you donít!

Gallantmon: But how?

Beelzemon rides right in front of him.

Beelzemon: Darkness Claw!

He scratches up Gallantmon leaving him knocked down on the floor.

Terriermon: Beelzemon body slammed him! If I could just digivolve Iíd whoop that rat!

Suzie backs away scared.

Henry: Suzie! Donít move! Stay right where you are!

Jeri looks at her D-power.

Jeri: I canít believe youíre gone, itís my fault, I wasnít strong enough to be your tamer. Leomon, Iím so sorry.

Beelzemon rides up behind Gallantmon.

Gallantmon: Huh?

He turns and sees Beelzemon, Gallantmon seemingly gets run over.

Beelzemon: Huh?

He turns and sees Gallantmonís cape flying away.

Beelzemon: Where are you? Coward!

Gallantmon comes flying down from the sky.

Gallantmon: Lightning Joust!

Lightning forms on the sword and shoots down at Beelzemon.

Beelzemon: Huh?

Beelzemon looks up.

Beelzemon: You donít scare me!

Beelzemon shoots at the lightning.

Gallantmon: Well I should!

He comes raining down and Beelzemon gets off the bike as the impact occurs.

Beelzemon: Aw nuts!

The bike explodes making the land rift and separating Suzie from Henry.

Suzie: Henry!

Henry: Suzie! No!

Inside the red castle of Zhuqiaomon, a fire burns in front of Caturamon and Zhuqiaomonís shadow is on the wall.

Zhuqiaomon: Perhaps Beelzemon is worthy of the gifts we have bestowed upon him after all. But there is another who has betrayed me, this cannot go unpunished. Destroy the traitor!

Caturamon: As you wish.

Caturamon vanishes like Renamon.

Outside the land is still rifting Suzie and Lopmon away from Henry.

Suzie: Henry!

Lopmon: Heís coming, Caturamon.

Caturamon appears on a land near Lopmon.

Caturamon: What a tragic waste, a Deva who prefers the company of humans to the glory of the Sovereign.

His land rises above Lopmonís.

Suzie: What does he want? Did you do something bad?

Lopmon: No heís the one thatís bad.

Caturamon: You must be punished for what youíve done, traitor!

Suzie: Huh? Donít!

Suzie protects Lopmon.

Lopmon: Suzie let go, heíll hurt you.

Suzie: I wonít let the bad doggy hurt you!

Caturamon: Disgusting! I must remove this worthless human.

Lopmon: No donít! itís me you want, sheís innocent.

Caturamon: Innocent? A human trespassing into the Land of the Sovereign is unforgivable! I shall destroy you both!

He jumps down and turns into a giant hammer.

Henry: No! donít!

Terriermon: Leave her alone!

Terriermon jumps to save her.

Terriermon: Suzie!

Caturamon: Feel the wrath of the Sovereign!

He hits Terriermon and Terriermon goes falling.

Terriermon: Ow! Ah!

Suzie: Tewwiermon!

Caturamon is behind Suzie and Lopmon.

Renamon: Hold on!

Renamon jumps over to where Suzie and Lopmon are and grabs them

Renamon: Got cha!

Caturamon: No! Stop!

A land ridge is exploded.

Caturamon: Huh?

Gallantmon merges from the flames.

Gallantmon: You may be able to defeat a rookie, Deva. But you cannot defeat me.

Gallantmon puts on his cape and walks over.

Gallantmon: Prepare yourself.

Gallantmon puts his hand up and it transforms into a sword.

Gallantmon: Lightning Joust!

Gallantmon keeps it on the tip of the sword runs over and shoots it.

Caturamon: No! Uh! Long live the Sovereign!

His data is sent flying and Gallantmon goes to retrieve it.

Beelzemon: Iíll take that!

Gallantmon: No!

Beelzemon absorbs the data as he jumps higher.

Beelzemon: Ha ha ha ha! That filthy dog Caturamon finally got what he deserved! And now all that beautiful power is mine!

Suzie runs into Henryís arms.

Henry: Suzie!

Suzie: Henry! I was so scared! And Tewwiermon got hurt! And...

Henry: Suzie let go of Lopmon.

Suzie: No!

Henry: Sheís a Deva! Itís dangerous just being near her!

Lopmon: Oh...

Henry: Iím sorry, but itís for your own good!

Suzie: But, Henry...look.

She holds up her digivice.

Henry: Uh...

Suzie: Donít you see? Lopmonís my partner! I canít! I canít!

She stats crying and Henry gets u and backs up.

Henry: This is so crazy! I canít believe Iím even having this conversation! She shouldnít even be here!

Renamon: Iím going to get Terriermon.

Rika: Okay.

Renamon leaves.

Gallantmon is still going at it with Beelzemon, Gallantmonís slashing at Beelzemon while Beelzemonís jumping away from it.

Terriermon is hurt on a ridge in a space between land rifts and above Renamon comes down to get him.

Renamon: Hold on Terriermon, Iíve got you.

Terriermon: Mouman...tai.

Above Kazu and Kenta are looking into the waterfall and at the bottom.

Kazu: Takato! Hey Chum Lee, you down there!

Kenta: Just a thought, but if he really did fall down there isnít it possible that he might not be able to answer you?

Beelzemon jumps out of the bottom scaring Kazu and Kenta.

Beelzemon: Hello boys!

Kazu and Kenta: Oh man!

Guardromon: Donít worry, Iíll protect you from this fiend.

Kenta: Uh...

Beelzemon: Protect this!

He kicks Guardromon away.

Kazu: Uh! Guardromon!

Guardromon: Ow.

Kazu: Are you alright? Youíre not broken again are you?

Guardromon: I think weíve got him on the run, donít you?

Kazu: Donít even think about it Guardromon, thereís just no way you can stand up to this guy.

Guardromon: Point taken.

Kazu (thinking): Iíve never felt more like a wuss in my whole life. But that psycho biker has gone off the deep end, if he does to Guardromon what he did to Leomon Iíll never forgive myself.

Beelzemon stares at Kenta and Gallantmon head butts Beelzemon away.

Gallantmon: You canít stay here, itís much too dangerous! Run!

Kenta is too scared to move.

Beelzemon: Too late, you shouldíve listened to him!

He shoots at Kenta.

Gallantmon: No!

Gallantmon protects Kenta.

Gallantmon: Stay down! Itís almost over!

Kenta: Oh wow, he protected me. Huh?

Gallantmon runs back to the fight.

Kenta: That sounded like...Takato.

Gallantmon charges at Beelzemon and his gun is dropped.

Guardromon: Gotta move! Gotta go! Gotta run! Gotta move!

Kazu: Earth to Kenta, hello?

Kenta: Iím, uh. I just felt it, you know, inside, that big digimon is, is Takato.

Henry and Rika: Huh?

Henry: What are you talking about? You mean Gallantmon?

Kenta: Mm hm.

Gallantmon charges at Beelzemon again knocking him away.

Kenta: Somehow I just know that Gallantmon and Takato have like, joined together. Takato has actually become part of Gallantmon now.

All: Huh?

Kazu: Okay, thatís weird.

Gallantmon is running fast carrying Beelzemon.

Beelzemon: Iíve had enough of this!

Beelzemon climbs off Gallantmon and jumps on his head to make him fall but Gallantmon lands and slides on his feet. Beelzemon is coming down from above.

Inside Gallantmon (Takato): Heís coming!

Gallantmon: Now!

Gallantmon jumps out of the way.

Kazu: Oh man, if Takatoís in there, then heís toast! We gotta do something!

Beelzemon jumps to Gallantmon and disappears.

Beelzemon: Itís your move!

Gallantmon: Where is he?

Beelzemon comes from the front and kicks Gallantmon in the face knocking him down.

Kazu: I gotta help Takato! But how?

Beelzemon: This is too easy. Huh?

He sees his gun and runs for it. Gallantmon gets his head up.

Beelzemon: Say goodbye, pineapple head.

Beelzemon points the gun at his face.

Beelzemon: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Inside Gallantmon Takato screams.

Henry and Rika: Uh!

Beelzemon steps on Gallantmonís shoulder and pushes him back.

Beelzemon: If you wonít say it I will, goodbye.

Henry: Takato!

Rika: What do we do?

Renamon walks up with Terriermon.

Renamon: Nothing, heís on his own now.

A mini missile with a safety guy on it zooms by and hits Beelzemon.

Rika: What was that?

Kazu: That was the sound of sweet revenge.

Guardromon: Guardian Barrage!

He sends out six more missiles.

Beelzemon: You annoying...

More hit him and Gallantmon gets up and head butts Beelzemon into a rock.

Kazu and Kenta cheer.

Gallantmon: Huh?

He looks over and sees the others.

Takato (inside Gallantmon): Thank you Kazu!

Guilmonís voice: Thank you everybody! All right, letís go!

Takato (inside Gallantmon): Yeah, letís get íem!

Rika: Kenta was right, they have merged somehow.

Henry: Guilmon and Takato have become one indestructible fighting machine.

Gallantmon holds up his sword.

Gallantmon: Lightning Joust!

The blast sends Beelzemon flying and yelling until he crashes.

Jeri: Stop.

Beelzemon shoots at Gallantmon.

Gallantmon: You canít hurt us anymore.

He tries to test that by shooting still.

Gallantmon: You just never learn.

Beelzemon is out of bullets.

Beelzemon: Huh?

He checks his gun.

Gallantmon: Beelzemon, your judgment day is at hand. For the horrible things you have done, now you must pay the ultimate price!

Gallantmon holds his shield in front f him and it glows.

Gallantmon: Shield of the Just!

The shieldís triangles around the middle glow one by one until the whole thingís lit up and a big, bright red, beam shoots out of the center and towards Beelzemon.

Jeri: No!

Beelzemon is thrown back by the continuing blast.

Beelzemon: This canít be...happening!

Smoke fills the air and it clears away to leave Beelzemon kneeling on the ground in pain and Gallantmon places his sword on his shoulder.

Gallantmon: where it ends.

Beelzemon: How could I have lost? I was supposed to be invincible. What are you waiting for? Go on, do it.

Jeri stands up.

Jeri: No.

Beelzemon: Do it!

Takato (inside Gallantmon): I can never forgive you for what youíve done to Leomon, he was my friend. How can you be so cold? Youíre not even sorry for what you did!

Gallantmon: Goodbye Beelzemon!

He lunges his sword forth to stab Beelzemon.

Jeri: Stop it!

Gallantmon purposely misses and lands under Beelzemonís arm cause of Jeri.

Takato (inside Gallantmon): Jeri, why?

Jeri: Heís not worth it Takato.

Gallantmon: What are you saying?

He pulls his sword away.

Gallantmon: He deserves this, you know that.

Jeri: Please, donít do it. I couldnít bear it if anyone else got hurt. Please.

Gallantmon: Jeri...

Jeri: Please.

Takato (inside Gallantmon): Iím sorry Jeri.

Beelzemon: I donít get it, why are you protecting me? I destroyed your partner.

Beelzemon gets up and looks at her and Jeri starts to cry again.

Jeri: I hate you...for doing that. But even if you died it wouldnít bring Leomon back. Itís my fault heís gone and if you destroyed each other then that would be my fault too. I just canít let anyone else get hurt because of me.

Jeri drops to the floor crying and Gallantmon de-digivolves back to Guilmon and Takato.

Takato: Iím so sorry.

He goes to comfort her but decides to let her be.

Guilmon (sad for Jeri): Mm...

Beelzemon (thinking): Humans...

Beelzemon has a flashback to when he was Impmon and Ai and Makoís digimon and them pulling at each arm.

Mako: He is mine!

Ai: He is not!

Mako: Is too!

Ai: Is not!

Beelzemon (thinking): They were so selfish I didnít want to have anything to do with them.

Impmon: Knock it off!

Flashback to Impmon scaring Calumon on a building.

Impmon: Friendship? Forget about it! What good are friends? You run around being all cute, and cuddly, and nice for them and whatís that done for you, huh? You canít digivolve, youíre not even a real digimon!

Calumon: I am too!

Impmon: Yeah right, well then tough guy why donít ya just fight me and take my data? Hm?

Flashback to Impmon jumping on cars.

Beelzemon (thinking): I didnít need friends, especially if they were humans. Humans didnít care about anything but themselves and even when they did show you a little attention itís only cause they wanted something from ya. They used up digimon like we were slaves or something. Well I wasnít gonna take it anymore.

Impmon: Look more weaklings.

He takes an ice cream cone from a little girl.

Impmon: Iíll take that!

He eats it making the girl cry.

Dad: Hey that was bubblegum, raspberry, almond crunch.

Impmon: How about a Ba Da Boom upside the head crunch? Ba Da Boom!

He lights a fire and throws it at the guy.

Dad: My shoulder! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot!

Impmon: Well thatís just a little present for ya, and Iíve brought enough for everyone!

He throws fire at everyone there.

Impmon: Ba Da Boom!

Flashback to Impmon standing up to Indramon.

Impmon: You think I need a tamer to beat you? I donít need anyone!

Beelzemon (thinking): All I wanted was to have the power to digivolve on my own. Was that too much to ask?

Flashback to Impmon in the cave where Caturamon first contacted him.

Beelzemon (thinking): Huh? I donít think so! Then just as I hit bottom, opportunity knocked.

Impmon: What do you want from me?

Beelzemon (thinking): But thereís always a catch.

Impmon: Youíre saying that if I go back home, youíre gonna help me to digivolve? Iíll bite what do I have to do?

Caturamon laughs.

Beelzemon (thinking): What choice did in have, hm? Caturamon was right, there was no place for me in the Real World. Ai, Mako they never wanted me, except to torture each other.

Flashback to when Caturamon took him to show what Ai and Mako are doing without him.

Flashback to when Caturamon grants his wish to digivolve.

Caturamon: Then surrender your soul!

Impmon: Huh?

Beelzemon (thinking): I didnít care how I got it, The Sovereign made me an offer I couldnít refuse. At last, I had my power.

Flashback to when Beelzemon wanted to test his power.

Beelzemon (past): Iím gonna enjoy hearing you scream.

The Chrysallimon move towards him and Beelzemon shoots his gun at them.

Beelzemon (past): Try my Double Impact!

Beelzemon (thinking): At last I was the one in control, the power was intoxicating. It was addicting, I couldnít get enough. I had to have more! I would do anything for it! Anything!

Beelzemon (past): Ha. This is too easy. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Flashback to Leomon punching Beelzemon.

Leomon: To have power is not to be strong.

Leomon looks at Jeri.

Jeri: Uh, Leomon.

Leomon: Do what you must Beelzemon, but I will not let you hurt these children!

Beelzemon stabs Leomon through the stomach and other side, Leomon screams in pain as the others watch in fear as Leomon slowly collapses.

Leomonís data starts to fade away and Jeri cries watching it helplessly.

Leomon: Be brave Jeri. Part of me will always be with you, remember you have a lionís heart.

His data is completely erased and Beelzemon absorbs it.

Beelzemon: No, to have power is to be strong. Iíll keep loading data till no one can stop me! No one! No one!

End flashbacks.

Beelzemon: I am nothing now.

Beelzemon walks away and disappears into the day.

Guilmon: Huh?

Takato: We did it, sure feels good to be me again.

Guilmon rubs his head on Takatoís chest.

Guilmon: And my me is happy to be with your me, but as Gallantmon we were a real fighting team.

Takato: Yeah youíre right, we really did fight together didnít we?

A new D-power appears in front of Takato and itís gold this time and it falls into Takatoís hands and he and Guilmon clasp it.

Takato: Well whatever happens now, I absolutely know weíll always be together.

Guilmon: Mm hm.

Kazu: Hail the conquering heroes!

Takato: Hey! Thanks you guys!

In the West Area of the Sovereign Ryo and Cyberdramon stand.

Ryo: Um Cyberdramon, do you have any idea where we are?

Cyberdramon growls.

Ryo: Whatís wrong?

Cyberdramon: Iím sensing the presence of a new opponent, more powerful than weíve ever seen.

Ryo: And yet youíre not running over me to find him, itís not like you. This one must be really bad.

Ryo follows Cyberdramon to his new opponent.