Season 3, Episode 38: "Azulongmon Explains All"
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Transcribed By: SteelWarrior

In the Hypnos Building.

Daisy: And if I tweak the algorithm the aero message disappears. Pretty good work, donít cha think?

On the computer screen The Monster Makers are designing an arc.

Tao: Itís gotta be better than pretty good this arc has to be perfect. This stupid piece of junk sure takes its time processing. Iíll be an old man before itís done. Donít say it.

Babble: If you mean asking how you could possibly get any older, Iíd never say that, you fossil.

Yamaki: Heís right, even with Hypnos this taking too much time, we need more juice.

Babble: Donít worry, people everywhere are helping. Weíve got the processing power of the whole planet.

Something comes up on the screen.

Babble: Hm.

Tao: What is it Babble?

Babble: Solution on the sticky encryption problem. See weíll be fine.

Daisy: This is the kind of work Iíve always wanted to do. Itís just like old times when we were first making digimon, remember? Hm.

Babble: Listen, I like to joke around and reminisce as much as anyone, but keep working. Lives depend on this.

Daisy: I know that, but itís still pretty exciting.

Tao sighs and looks at the arcís design.

Tao: Hang on guys, just a little while longer and then all of you will be home, safe and sound. I promise, all we need is just a little bit more time. I just hope that a little bit isnít too long.

Back in the Digital World Zhuqiaomon is flying over the tamers.

Zhuqiaomon: You thought you could stand up against me, fools? Your defiance has done nothing but seal your doom.

All: Uh.

Terriermon: Oh, this is not gonna be good.

Zhuqiaomon: Sonic Zephyr!

He flaps is wings and gales gust down destroying rocks and blowing all the tamers and digimon back.

All: Whoa!

Rika: Weíve gotta fight back! Digi-Modify! Matrix Digivolution Activate!

D-power: Matrix digivolution.

Renamon: Renamon digivolve to...

Kyubimon: Kyubimon! Kyubimon matrix digivolve to...

Taomon: Taomon! Talisman Spell!

She makes another big barrier for the kids and digimon to be protected in.

Takato: Uh!

Takato looks up and sees rock pieces and covers himself realizing thereís a barrier.

Takato: Uh, thanks Taomon.

Taomon: Itís not over yet.

Takao: Hey I better thank you while I can

Rika: Look! Heís coming around again!

Zhuqiaomon: Your puny shield is no match for my power.

He flies right up to the shield.

Taomon: Weíve got to get out of here now!

Taomon jumps to the top of the shield and pushes it up.

Rika: You did it!

Guilmon: Thatís what I call a close call, how long can you keep this up Taomon?

Taomon: Uh...

Taomon falls to her knees.

Guilmon: I guess not long.

Suzie: Oh no, heís coming back!

Zhuqiaomon: Thereís no escape!

Taomon pushes them out of his away.

Henry: Heís gaining on us!

Zhuqiaomon: How observant!

He misses them but his tail hits them knocking them away spinning.

Takato: This is worse than a carnival ride.

Henry: Weíll never beat him if we just keep running away.

Takato: Well weíll never beat him if weíre destroyed either, what do we do?

Henry: I donít know.

Suzie: Hey cut it out!

Rika: Thereís gotta be something we can do.

Takato: Yeah, get beaten up.

Taomon is breathing heavily from controlling the shield.

Terriermon: Mm hm.

Guilmon: Mm hm.

The shield flies up and Zhuqiaomon follows it, then Guilmon and Terriermon jump out the side of the shield.

Takato: What are you doing?

Henry: No, come back!

Guilmon: Pyro Sphere!

Terriermon: Terrier Tornado!

The hits glance off Zhuqiaomon.

Zhuqiaomon: Your efforts are futile, surrender, you canít possibly win.

Terriermon: If you think weíre gonna give up youíve got about a million other things coming!

Guilmon: Pyro Sphere!

Terriermon: Terrier Tornado!

Zhuqiaomon: You are nothing more than irritating insects, your powers are just as insignificant. Surrender or be destroyed.

Terriermon: I donít suppose thereís third choice.

Zhuqiaomon flies over them knocking them to the water below yelling.

Takato: Guilmon!

Henry: Terriermon!

They finally hit the ocean and Zhuqiaomon flies up next to the shield.

Zhuqiaomon: Do you see how foolish it is to defy me?

They pop their heads out of the water.

Suzie: Weíve gotta save Tewwiermon!

Takato: Zhuqiaomon, please! Stop this!

Zhuqiaomon: Your fate is sealed.

Guilmon and Terriermon swim to shore.

Zhuqiaomon: These two will be the first to go, say goodbye to your friends.

Takato: Please donít, it just canít end this way.

Zhuqiaomon: And yet it will, no one will stop our digivolution. Blazing Helix!

Four fireballs from Zhuqiaomonís four wings form and shoot down going in a double helix at the two digimon.

Lopmon: Theyíll never be able to withstand that.

Takato: Taomon do something!

Taomon: Iím sorry Takato.

Takato: No!

Hey arrive at some rocks and see the fire flying down above.

Azulongmon: Lightning Whip!

Blue lightning garbs the fire.

Zhuqiaomon: What is this?

The lightning brings the fire to the water and they both get extinguished.

Blue clouds form in the sky.

Terriermon: Whoa.

Guilmon: Uh-oh.

Zhuqiaomon: Who dares defy me in my own domain? Show yourself!

Azulongmon appears from the clouds.

Azulongmon: Cease your attack Zhuqiaomon!

Azulongmon roars and the kids are amazed.

Kids: Whoa.

Zhuqiaomon: You! What do you want with me?

Azulongmon: Youíve been a fool Zhuqiaomon.

Zhuqiaomon: What?

In a cave Kazu, Kenta, Jeri and Guardromon are watching the blue sky and Zhuqiaomon.

Kenta: Kazu, whatís that big, blue cloud?

Kazu: Obviously some kind of blue cloud.

Back in the shield Takato checks Azulongmonís information.

Takato: Azulongmon, heís one of the four Sovereign, I donít get it, whyís he fighting Zhuqiaomon?

Henry: Good question.

Lopmon: I hope the two of them havenít decided to join forces, they could finish us off in one shot if they wanted.

Rika: Oh thatís just great, we canít even beat one Sovereign. Why donít we just fight all the digimon at once?

Zhuqiaomon: How dare you?! The humans may cost us our one chance of survival!

Azulongmon: But not all believe as you do.

Guilmon: Terriermon whatís going on?

Terriermon: You got me.

Azulongmon: I ask you to put aside your senseless quest to destroy the humans.

Zhuqiaomon: Senseless? They are an infection. They must be destroyed. Blazing Helix!

Azulongmon makes his body a circle.

Azulongmon: Aurora Force!

A big, blue and white ball appears in the circle and stops the fire but blows the kids away.

All: Oh nuts!

Takato: Did he save us?

The blast is so powerful Terriermon and Guilmon canít see.

Back in the cave.

Kazu: Whoa! Thatís the biggest goiní down Iíve seen all day.

Kenta: I hope that cloud doesnít come our way.

Back at the fight Azulongmonís lightning and Zhuqiaomonís fire attack each other.

Takato: Tell me something, why are they both fighting? Arenít they both Sovereign?

Henry: I guess even they have disagreements.

Rika: Youíre not kidding.

Fire blazes next to them and they shield their eyes.

Azulongmon: Enough! This fight is as pointless as your vendetta against the humans!

Zhuqiaomon: The humans endanger our future and they destroyed my servants!

Azulongmon: True, but you sent the Devas to attack them first.

Zhuqiaomon: I did it to push forward our digivolution, if we can overcome the humans and their shackles then we shall become powerful enough to fight our true enemy.

Azulongmon: Yes that is one theory, but some of us believe that itís our digivolution itself thatís left us vulnerable. If we wish to defeat the true enemy weíve got to stop advancing, not digivolve further.

Zhuqiaomon: That is why you changed the catalyst into the form of a digimon, to hide it.

Azulongmon: It wasnít I, however it was a wise decision.

The kids are listening to the entire conversation.

Suzie: What are they saying? And caní t they hurry it up?

Lopmon: Azulongmon is trying to convince Zhuqiaomon not to destroy us, so I say give him all the time he needs.

Rika: You mean heís our ally?

Takato: Well it sure is nice to know that thereís someone whoís finally on our side.

Henry: Whoís this true enemy theyíre talking about?

Lopmon: I donít really know, but some say itís not even a digimon.

Rika: Does that mean itís a human?

Lopmon: Not human either.

Takato and Rika: Hm.

Lopmon: Itís different from the digi-gnomes too. Itís a big mystery, I only hope weíre around to solve it.

Suzie: Why wouldnít we? Oh...

Zhuqiaomon: Youíre so arrogant Azulongmon, you think youíre so superior, but youíre no better than me. You burst into my realm with your high and mighty stance and youíre right and Iím wrong, but you donít have any more proof than I do.

Azulongmon: And just what have your ideas gotten you, Zhuqiaomon?

Zhuqiaomon: The catalyst.

His eyes glow red.

In the cave where Calumon is heís still trying to get out.

Calumon: Gee, would it have killed them to put in an elevator when they were built this? Or an escalator or stairs or anything?

Back outside.

Azulongmon: Youíre playing a dangerous game Zhuqiaomon.

Zhuqiaomon: This is no game. Donít you understand? I will use the catalyst to save us.

Back in the cave.

Calumon: Or a rope?

Calumon slips on a rock.

Calumon: Oh! Oh! Oh!

He hangs on to another rock.

Back outside.

Henry: They used that term catalyst again, weíre sure thatís Calumon?

He looks at Lopmon.

Lopmon: Mm hm.

Zhuqiaomon: Digimon were meant to be free from humans, it is our right, it is our destiny.

Azulongmon: Now whoís being arrogant? What if youíre wrong? Look at how powerful a creature was created when humans and digimon digivolve together. Maybe that is our destiny, maybe thatís what will save us from our true enemy.

Zhuqiaomon: I wonít even discuss that abomination! I refuse to believe that is the answer! It canít be.

Azulongmon: Are you sure? Sure enough to risk the existence of the entire Digital World?

Zhuqiaomon: Yes, the humans will be our undoing!

Guilmon finally gets to shore.

Guilmon (thinking): I should enter the run, swim, and get beaten up triathlon.

Zhuqiaomon: Enough! Youíre so sure that youíre right, prove it by stopping me, if you can. Blazing Helix!

Takato: Donít do it Zhuqiaomon, please!

Takato thinks about Jeri.

Takato (thinking): Iíve got to make him understand.

The fire goes down to Guilmon and a bright light is right above him.

Guilmon: Takato!

Takato: Heís wrong. Humans and digimon are meant to fight together!

Takato runs to jump out of the shield.

Henry: No, Takato!

Rika: What are you doing?

Takato jumps over.

Takato: Guilmon!

He holds his digivice up and it glows along with him. Takato passes by Azulongmon and Zhuqiaomon while Zhuqiaomon is still firing down.

Zhuqiaomon: What?

Azulongmon: Now weíll see.

Takato flies by the fire and beats it down.

Lopmon: Come on Takato, you can do it.

Takato reaches the ground with a barrier around him and the fire hits as he touches.

D-power: Bio-merge Digivolution.

Takato: Bio-merge Activate!

Guilmon: Guilmon bio-merge to...

Gallantmon: Gallantmon!

Gallantmon is blocking the fire.

Inside Gallantmon Takato makes the motion to throw the fire and Gallantmon does.

Zhuqiaomon: This digivolution is powerful.

Gallantmon: Lightning Joust!

He throws it at Zhuqiaomon and Zhuqiaomon moves away.

Zhuqiaomon: But not powerful enough! You too shall be defeated!

Gallantmon (Takato): Not until you see that humans and digimon are more powerful when they wok together!

Gallantmon flies up and fights with Zhuqiaomonís foot to start with.

Zhuqiaomon: Youíll never survive that long, Phoenix Fire!

Gallantmon blocks the fire and is sent back a little.

Gallantmon (Guilmon): We want to protect this world as much as you do.

Zhuqiaomon: Spare me your lies, I know you only want to help the humans take over the Digital World. Well you shall not succeed as long as I live.

Gallantmon (Guilmon): But itís not a lie.

Zhuqiaomon: Silence!

Zhuqiaomon flies back and he creates winds that send Gallantmon back, but he withstands it.

Gallantmon (Takato): If the only way to make you believe is to defeat you, then so be it!

Gallantmon flies with his sword ready to Zhuqiaomon as Zhuqiaomon flies to Gallantmon.

Zhuqiaomon: I cannot allow you to take over my world!

Gallantmon (Guilmon): We donít want to.

Azulongmon sends his chain to stop them.

Azulongmon: Thatís enough!

Gallantmon: Huh?

Zhuqiaomon: Huh?

Azulongmon: This fighting is pointless, the true enemy is what we should be focusing our energies on, not each other. Zhuqiaomon, give the humans a chance, they really do wish to help.

Zhuqiaomon: Ugh...

Gallantmon (Takato): Thatís what weíve been trying to tell you.

In the West Land of the Sovereignís Ryo and Cyberdramon are flying up a mountain.

Ryo: Thereís the white castle, so we must be close.

Cyberdramon is carrying Ryo as he flies up.

Ryo: Gee, I hope weíre supposed to go after Baihumon, itíd be awfully embarrassing if we attacked the wrong guy, huh?

They arrive on top and Cyberdramon puts Ryo down.

Ryo: Man he could be anywhere.

Cyberdramon: Heís close, I sense his presence.

Ryo: You think he could be in that forest down there?

Cyberdramon: If I fly in and knock it all down weíll know.

Ryo: No, it might be a trap.

Cyberdramon growls.

Ryo: What is it?

Cyberdramon: That!

The forest shakes.

Ryo: Huh? Holy cow!

Ebonwumon head #1: Oh, whyíd you have to wake me Mr. Wakey Rouser man? I was having the nicest dream, well might as well see who it is.

Ebonwumon head #2: Yeah, all right.

Ryo checks Ebonwumonís data..

Ryo: Ebonwumon, mega beast digimon, heís one of the Sovereign. So Ebonwumon this land is your domain, not Baihumonís?

Ebonwumon head #1: Oh itís Baihumonís all right, Iím just watching it for him.

Ebonwumon head #2: Psst! Ask him.

Ebonwumon head #1: Okay, okay Mr. Earnest So Eager! Hey do you what it means when you dream youíre riding in a fountain, pouring a glass of juice, and going over a waterfall?

Cyberdramon: Rrr, Iíve had enough of this talking itís time to fight! Now letís lay it down!

Ebonwumon head #1: Easy there Fighty McBattle. If youíre thinking of going up against the creature you sense, it ainít me.

He points his heads over at a chasm.

Ebonwumon head #1: Heís that way.

Ebonwumon head #2: Yeah, yeah itís that way. Go on, check it out.

Ryo: What are you talking about? I donít see anything.

A bright light shoots up out of the chasm.

Ryo: Whoa!

They hear Baihumonís growls.

Ryo: Can you tell whatís going on?

Cyberdramon growls fiercely at the chasm.

Cyberdramon: Thereís a great battle...between Baihumon and something else.

Ryo: Something else?

Ebonwumon head #1: Hey Enthusiastic von Eager, leave it to Baihumon, youíd be toast if you get involved.

Cyberdramon growls again.

Ebonwumon head #2: Aye, something else.

Back at Zhuqiaomonís domain, Kazu, Kenta and Jeri ride Guardromon to the others.

Kazu: Guardromon, you sure werenít built for comfort.

Guardromon: Hm...

Kazu: Hey guys!

Kenta waves.

Guilmon: Huh?

They land in front of Takato and Guilmon.

Kazu: Are you a sight for sore eyes.

Takato: Yeah you too. How you doing, Jeri? Are you okay?

Jeri: Maybe we shouldnít have come, here all weíve seen is pain.

Takato and Guilmon: Huh?

Henry: I know it hurts Jeri, but we have to bear the pain and press on. Now who is this true enemy?

Azulongmon: We donít know. We donít even know itís name, none of us has ever had contact with it.

Zhuqiaomon: Whatever it calls itself we know what it wants, to destroy us and the Digital World.

Rika: Where did it come from?

Azulongmon: No one is sure, but itís been here since the formation of this world. Long ago it disappeared and hid itself deep beneath the layers of the Digital World.

Takato: Beneath the Digital World?

Azulongmon: Yes, allow me to show you.

Kazu: Cool! Visual aids.

Azulongmonís eyes glow and the ocean leaves, from the middle a hole appears in the dry land.

Kenta: And you always make fun of me for my love of charts and graphs.

Kazu: Nerdy is as nerdy does, Kenta.

Takato: Uh...

Azulongmon: Imagine this hole is the Real World, surrounded by the layers that make up the Digital World.

As he talks more rings appear around it.

Azulongmon: Its physical sub-structure is six layers deep., thatís where you first arrived.

Azulongmon remembers how they got to the Digital World.

Azulongmon: In the beginning this is all there was to the Digital World, it was empty, stark, inhospitable.

Kazu: Just like a party at Kentaís house.

Kenta: Hey!

Henry: Um guys, letís not make the ultra powerful digimon angry by interrupting him, okay?

Kazu and Kenta: Sorry.

Azulongmon: Are you finished?

Kazu and Kenta: Yes.

Kenta: Itís just...

All: Kenta!

Kenta: Sorry!

Azulongmon has a flashback to when the Digital World first started out, with all the digi-gnomes happy and cheerful playing with all the new-born baby digimon. Then a black starts to be in view over the horizon.

Azulongmon: The early digimon, our ancestors, lived on that physical layer with the digi-gnomes and the true enemy.

Kenta: Talk about a full house.

Azulongmon: Eh hem!

Kenta: Sorry.

The black starts to race forward deleting land and digi-gnomes as it got closer.

Azulongmon: In those early days the true enemy destroyed many of our ancestors and digi-gnomes. Those were dark times indeed, there seemed to be no defense against the true enemy. Nothing was able to stop its unending destruction, it spread a dark hall across the Digital World.

On the outer layer of the simulation darkness spreads from it.

Zhuqiaomon: And its come back to wipe us out of existence.

Azulongmon: It is our greatest fear.

Back at Baihumonís domain.

Ryo: Seems to have quieted down, huh? So why does that only make me more nervous?

Cyberdramon: Something dangerous is still down there.

Ryo: Something so dangerous that we canít beat it?

Cyberdramon: If it scares the Sovereign that much it might be something that no one can beat.

Back at Zhuqiaomonís domain.

Henry: So why id the true enemy come back now?

Azulongmon: Youíre getting ahead of yourself, one day the true enemy just disappeared.

Eight circles appear between the 5th and 6th layers on the simulation.

Azulongmon: With that threat gone digimon began to digivolve, new worlds were created. Though the physical layer of the Digital World continued to exist, few lived there.

Azulongmon shows them the new worlds of the Digital World, like the clock world, Gekomonís world, and other places.

Azulongmon: Instead we digimon expanded into new worlds, for the most part we lived in peace and harmony.

Kazu: Man, how come we havenít seen any of that peace and harmony?

Azulongmon: We Sovereign digimon created our own level and focused our efforts on protecting the Digital World.

A new layer appears between the circles and 6th and itís the Sovereign layer.

Azulongmon: But the power we achieved awoke the slumbering true enemy. So you see itís our own fault, unless we can find a solution we will be the cause of our own destruction.

At Baihumonís domain more rumbling in the chasm is heard.

Ryo: Maybe weíll get to see this thing sooner than we think.

Rocks crumble and Ryo starts to fall but Cyberdramon catches him and flies up and they can see the rocks that fall in are blasted.

Ryo: Whoa! Something big is going on in that gorge and I want to know what.

More blasts and boom happen causing more rocks to fall in.

Ryo: On second thought maybe we can just ask around and find out.

Back at Zhuqiaomonís domain.

Zhuqiaomon: It is the catalyst that helped us digivolve beyond what we once were. Sonic Zephyr!

He blasts at a rock turning it into a 3-D triangle.

All: Uh...

Azulongmon: We had to convince the true enemy that we werenít digivolving to the point where it would become necessary to eliminate us. So the catalyst was hidden, in the form of a digimon.

In the cave Calumon is still trying o escape.

Calumon: Or a dumbwaiter, or a hot air balloon, heck Iíd tie myself to a duck if he could fly me out of here.

Back outside.

Zhuqiaomon: But how? You donít have that kind of power.

Azulongmon: True, but something else does.

Digi-gnomes fly to them.

Azulongmon: Ah, right on cue.

Takato: The digi-gnomes!

They see the digi-gnomes carry someone.

Takato: Hey, no way, itís Mr. Mizuno!

Shibumi: I heard there was trouble in the Land of the Digimon Sovereign and I wanted to see it for myself, so the digi-gnomes were gracious enough to bring me here.

A digi-gnome flies around Takato.

Takato: Hey.

Takato holds his arm up for the digi-gnomes to sit on.

Takato: They helped Azulongmon and Mr. Mizuno, not to mention me and Henry itís like they grant wishes or something.

Azulongmon: Yes, thatís a good way of putting it.

The digi-gnomes follow around Mr. Mizuno.

Kenta: So who is this guy?

Henry: Heís a friend of my dadís.

Rika: Heís human?

Takato: Mr. Mizuno, do you know the name of this true enemy that lived with the digimon and digi-gnomes when the Digital World was first created?

He turns and looks at them.

Shibumi: Hm?

Guilmon: Looks like a yes to me.

In a hospital somewhere in the Real World Mr. Mizuno seems to be in a coma.

Shibumi: Its name...D-Reaper.

Back in Zhuqiaomonís domain.

Takato: D-Reaper ?

Henry: Yeah, but what exactly is it?

Shibumi: When the network was first created a program was designed to control the growth of artificial intelligence. The D-Reaper deleted any AI programs that exceeded theyíre original parameters. I would imagine thatís why the Sovereign have been fighting so hard to stop its return.

Kazu: Yeah, no wonder they freaked.

Shibumi: But they shouldnít have. D-Reaper was a relatively simple program written to do only one thing, it shouldnít have the strength to destroy such advanced digimon as the Sovereign, unless...maybe itís mutated.

Shibumi thinks the D-Reaperís form might be changed like it being red and being bubbles.

Takato: Mutated? You mean like it grew another arm or something?

Shibumi: I think it mustíve incorporated the data of what it devoured and learned to use it, which means the D-Reaper may have digivolved past the digimon and now is more powerful than they are.

Rika: Terrific, whatís the bad news?

Back in the hospital Shibumi starts to wake up, but can still hear Rika.

Rika: Mr. Mizuno?

Shibumi: Not yet. Please not yet I havenít finished.

Back in the Digital World Shibumi was there in spirit only so he disappears after waking from the coma.

All: Huh?

Takato: Whereíd he go?

Henry: I donít know, Mr. Mizuno!

The digi-gnomes fly away.

Kenta: What if the D-Reaper got to him?

Back at Baihumonís domain more explosions happen in the chasm.

Ryo: Thereís gotta be a way to find out whatís in that chasm, but what if whateverís in the darkness is just trying to lure us in with that light show? You know Iím really tempted to go exploring.

Cyberdramon growls.

Ryo: I guess we shouldnít, I feel so powerless.

Cyberdramon growls again.

Ebonwumon head #1: Better to feel powerless than to feel dead there Mr. Irate McAngry.

Cyberdramon growls again.

Back in the cave Calumon is still trying to get out.

Calumon: I canít believe it, there really is a top.

He looks up and sees red bubbles like what Shibumi thought of when he thought of the D-Reaper mutated.

Calumon: Those look pretty dangerous.

He looks around at them.

Calumon: Maybe theyíre even more dangerous cause theyíre pretty.