Season 3, Episode 39: "Song of Sakuyamon"
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Transcribed By: SteelWarrior

On the ledge.

Rika: Do we have a plan or are we just gonna stand around all day?

Kazu: Well...why donít you come up with something?

Rika: Fine, I say we climb on Zhuqiaomon and fly around to scope things out.

Kazu: Oh thatís smart, letís ask the digimon Sovereign who wanted to turn us into digi-casserole if heíll give us a piggy back ride.

Rika: Chicken.

Kazu: Iím not chicken!

Zhuqiaomon growls.

Kazu: Never mind.

He laughs nervously.

Zhuqiaomon sees bubbles rising from the pit before them and growls again.

Takato: Zhuqiaomon, whatís wrong?

Zhuqiaomon: The true enemy is nearby, I see the Chaos that brings in my mindís eye.

Henry: Well I guess the true enemy is closer than we thought.

Takato: Oh great and we still havenít found Calumon.

Guilmon: Um...Mr. Azulongmon, will you help us? Please?

Azulongmon: Of course, the catalyst must be retrieved at all costs. Prepare yourselves children, it is time. A blue cloud surrounds the tamers and digimon.

Henry: Whatís

Kenta: Hey, whereíd everything go?

Kazu: Why canít the digimon Sovereign just tell us what theyíre gonna do?

Azulongmon holds the cloud with the kids inside.

Kenta: I think he ate us, weíre doomed!

Rika: Thatís ridiculous.

She makes a hole through the cloud then blows through it and looks out.

Rika: Huh? Uh, weíre flying!

Kenta: Oh, I think Iím gonna be sick again.

Kazu: Totally.

Rika: Itís freaky.

Guilmon: I like it. Ha ha, it feels like weíre in a big poof of cotton candy.

Takato looks at Jeri and Guilmon looks at the cloud.

Guilmon: Well what do you think Takato? Takato?

He turns and sees Takato looking at Jeri.

Takato: Uh, just a minute, Guilmon. Hey Jeri, are you doiní okay?

Takato walks over to the upset Jeri.

Takato: Jeri you were always so cheerful, and kind, and nice, so itís just...weird to see you like this.

Jeri: Youíre wrong Iím not nice.

Takato: Huh?

Guilmon: Huh?

Rika walks next to Guilmon.

Jeri: When my real mother died I swore I wouldnít let anyone take her place, so when my new step-mother came...she wanted to be my friend, but I never gave her a chance. You see Iím not nice, Iím...awful.

Takato: Thatís not true! Youíre the nicest person I know.

Takato walks away.

Guilmon: Whatís wrong with Jeri?

Renamon walks over.

Renamon: Her heart is full of sadness.

Rika: I know, itís because Leomonís gone isnít it?

Renamon: Because she was powerless to stop it.

Rika: Poor Jeri.

Rika looks at Jeri then Jeri slowly sits on he floor holding her D-power, staring into nothing.

Jeri: My mother then Leomon, Leomon said everyone has their own destiny, maybe mine is to be alone.

At Baihumonís domain, Ryo and Cyberdramon are looking down into the chasm.

Ryo: I donít see anything, you sure about this Cyberdramon?

Cyberdramon: My ultimate enemy was here, I can still smell him.

Ryo: What about Baihumon? Whereíd he go?

Ebonwumon head #1: Probably still fighting the enemy.

Ebonwumon head #2: Yep, heís a stubborn one, that one.

From the chasm Baihumon emerges growling and tired.

Ryo: There he is!

Baihumon jumps over Ryo and lands near Ebonwumon.

Ryo: Whoa.

Ebonwumon head #2: Baihumon, you look terrible.

Ryo checks Baihumonís data.

Ryo: Baihumon, a mega, Guardian of the West. Heís one of the four Digimon Sovereign. Uh, wow.

Baihumon growls loudly then falls over right in front of Ryo and Cyberdramon.

Ryo: Whatís wrong with him?

The dust makes Ryo cover his eyes.

Ryo: Uh.

Ebonwumon head #1: Heís exhausted, you try fighting the true enemy and see how you feel.

Ryo: You know Cyberdramon whatever did this to Baihumon isnít just an opponent itís a natural disaster.

Cyberdramon: I must defeat him.

Ebonwumon head #1: Hold on there Mr. Feisty McAngry! I hope youíre not talking about fighting Baihumon, cause I wonít let ya! Iím no spring Sovereign, but I can still give ya the old 1-2!

Ebonwumon head #2: Yeah, heís one, Iím two.

Ryo: He wants to defeat what Baihumon was fighting and weíd better find it soon.

Ryo jumps on Cyberdramon flies away.

Ryo: I just hope you know what youíre getting us into Cyberdramon.

Ebonwumon head #1: Ah, kids today, canít tell if theyíre being brave or just plain crazy.

Ebonwumon head #2: Definitely crazy.

Cyberdramon flies out of Baihumonís domain.

In the center where Zhuqiaomon kept Calumon raindrops fall from the center orb connecting the four domains.

Azulongmon: I hope we are in time to save the catalyst.

Terriermon: Really? No kiddiní? So, what do you say ya step on it, huh!

Henry: Terriermon!

Terriermon: I know.

Azulongmon dives into the chasm and stops at a platform floating.

Azulongmon: We have arrived.

The cloud disappears leaving the kids there and they look down.

Henry: I donít see any sign of Calumon.

Terriermon: Or the bottom either.

Kenta: Must be way down there.

Kazu: Aw man, why couldnít he have put Calumon in a nice meadow or something?

D-Reaper bubbles start to rise from the chasm.

Henry: Wait a minute I see something.

Takato: What is that? A lava lamp?

Azulongmon: It is Chaos.

The Chaos rises and hits another platform disintegrating it completely.

Takato: Yeah Iíll say.

More rises and disintegrates more platforms.

Henry: Iíve never seen anything destroy so effortlessly.

Kazu: Oh, thatís nasty. How much of that stuff is there?

Kenta: I sure hope Calumon is okay.

Azulongmon: I never thought the true enemy would come so far so quickly.

Zhuqiaomon: The Chaos, I must put and end to this. Now!

Zhuqiaomon flies down into the chasm.

Takato: Zhuqiaomon!

Azulongmon: Strange isnít it? How the catalyst is both the source of our power and the key to our destruction.

Henry: But why?

Azulongmon: The true enemy is drawn to the power the catalyst gives us, it seeks it out and devours everything in its path.

Henry: So youíre saying that wherever Calumon is.

Azulongmon: You can be sure the enemy will appear leaving a wake of devastation.

Takato: Poor Calumon, it seems like someoneís always chasing him.

Kenta: I have nightmares like that.

Kazu: Me too.

From over the ridge Cyberdramon growls.

Kenta: Someoneís coming!

Takato: Hey itís Cyberdramon!

Kazu: And Ryoís with him.

Cyberdramon and Ryo descend.

Kazu: Dude, he is so cool.

Kenta: Yeah, did he get taller?

He and Cyberdramon arrive on the platform.

Ryo: Hey itís the whole gang, I didnít think youíd be here.

Henry: Are we glad to see you.

Ryo: Same here. Hey Rika, youíre lookiní good. Youíre not gonna leave again on my account are ya?

Rika: Please, what are you doiní here anyway?

Ryo: Rika you havenít changed a bit.

Rika: How observant of you Ryo, you havenít changed either.

She turns her head.

Rika: Youíre still as annoying as ever.

Kazu and Kenta: Rika!

From the chasm Zhuqiaomon emerges moaning.

Guilmon: Zhuqiaomon.

Takato: Your wing!

Zhuqiaomon: I couldnít even get close, the Chaos overwhelmed me.

Azulongmon: I warned you not to underestimate the true enemy. It doesnít eat, sleep, or feel pain, it exists only to destroy.

Henry: So how can we defeat this Chaos?

Terriermon: Yeah, I mean how are we supposed to kick its butt if it doesnít even have one?

Henry: Good point.

Ryo walks over to the edge and looks down.

Henry: Maybe we shouldnít even try.

Takato: Henry what do you mean?

Henry: We should just focus on getting Calumon.

Kazu: If the Chaos hasnít had him for lunch.

Takato: Donít say that!

Think about it, Calumonís about as tough as butterscotch pudding.

Deep in the chasm Calumon is still climbing up.

Calumon: Okay itís not like Iím butterscotch pudding or something, I am brave and stupendous and not a scaredy cat.

He climbs a little more then falls back down but manages to hold on.

Calumon: Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!

Chaos works its way up dissolving more platforms.

Calumon: Oh itís no use, Iím still scared. Someone help me, anyone.

Chaos bubbles increase rapidly.

Azulongmon: Uh, the Chaos is increasing, hold on tight!

Azulongmon pushes the platform to the other side of the chasm and lodges it in the wall making the kids collapse.

All: Whoa!

Kazu: Oh, my head hasnít hurt this bad since I had to listen to Kentaís knock-knock jokes.

Kenta: Hey!

Kazu: Come on dude they are pretty bad.

Takato: You guys we have to come up with a plan and quick.

Henry: Yeah, but the canyonís way too deep and the Chaos seems to be everywhere. Itís like everythingís against us.

Jeri: We seemed destined to fail.

Takato: Donít say things like that Jeri, we canít give up.

Everyone seems depressed.

Rika: Renamon.

Renamon: Mm hm.

Kazu: Hey Rika, what do you think youíre doing?

Rika slides down.

Rika: Whatís it look like Iím doing?

Renamon follows.

Ryo: Rika, come back! Itís too dangerous!

Rika goes farther down and slips but Renamon catches her.

Ryo jumps off the platform and walks down to bring her back.

Ryo: Iíve never met anyone so stubborn.

Cyberdramon floats next to him.

Ryo: Weíd better go get her, sheís gonna hate me even more for this.

Takato: Rika!

Kenta: Ryo! Be careful!

Kazu: Yeah, Rika.

Takato: Why are they doing this? Are they crazy?

Kazu: Dude, thatís what Iíve been saying about Rika from day one, the girlís crazier than a soup sandwich.

As they go down farther Takato sees the Chaos is building higher.

Takato: The Chaos! Uh, uh, uh...

Down in the chasm.

Rika: If we fall, how long do think it would take to hit the bottom?

More Chaos rises and Renamon ad Rika push against the wall to stay away from it.

Renamon: It might be best if we donít think about it.

Rika starts to fall but Renamon grabs her and pulls her in.

Rika: Um, Renamon can we change our destiny?

Renamon: Yes of course.

Rika: Well then, do you think we can somehow change Leomonís destiny?

Renamon: Thatís different.

Rika: So we canít change it, knew it.

Rika jumps down.

Renamon: We cannot alter the past Rika, but we can choose to accept it and let it make us stronger.

Rika: Well what about Jeri? Is she destined to be sad?

Renamon: For a while, whether she stays that way is her choice. We are all responsible for our own destinies. But...

The chaos rises again and Renamon and Rika go up against the wall again.

Rika: But what?

Renamon: Thatís something Jeri has to learn for herself. We cannot learn for her.

Rika: I just...want her to be okay.

Renamon: We all do.

Rika and Renamon: Huh?

They hear something from below and Calumon is climbing up.

Calumon: I can, I can, I can, I can, I whoa! Oh, aw nuts.

He climbs on a big rock and they see him.

Rika: I donít believe it!

Calumon: Rika! Over here!

He trips and falls on he rock then runs to Rika while she runs to him.

Rika: Calumon!

He jumps into her arms.

Calumon: Iím so happy youíre here! I was so cold, and lonely, and scared.

Rika: I know, everythingís alright now.

The Chaos rises higher because of Calumon and one Chaos bubble floats next to Rika.

Renamon: Watch out!

Renamon pulls her and her backpack gets caught in the Chaos.

Rika: Uh!

As the Chaos rises it disintegrates it.

Rika: My backpack! That was close.

Calumon: No kidding.

Renamon: Right, come on, letís go.

A big Chaos bubble goes right in front of Rika but Cyberdramon slices it in half.

Ryo: Get in here quick!

Ryo pulls Rika into a small indent in the wall.

Ryo: What is wrong with you, putting yourself in danger like that?

Rika: Hey what are you yelling at m for? Youíre down here too, arenít you!

She looks down at the Chaos.

Rika: Ugh, so what are we supposed to do now? The Chaos is everywhere.

Ryo: Weíll be trapped soon, but I think I have an idea.

He walks outside the indent to Cyberdramon.

Ryo: Cyberdramon, letís do it. Digi-Modify! Avenging Knight Activate!

Cyberdramon gains two jousting swords and he growls. He then flies down into the cave a little and places the swords in the wall.

Rika: Some plan genius.

Ryo: Watch and learn.

Cyberdramon: Desolation Claw!

He blasts at rocks making them crumble off and fall onto the swords and because of the swords the rocks canít fall.

Cyberdramon: Desolation Claw!

He blasts in every direction making rocks make a big pile.

Ryo: See, what I tell ya? Nowís our chance.

Rika nods her head.

Rika: Hey Ryo, that was pretty good, for a boy.

Ryo: Very funny.

He starts to climb up.

Ryo: All I did was delay it, those rocks wonít hold forever. Itís just a matter of time before the Chaos breaks trough.

Under to rocks the Chaos starts to dissolve them slowly, but they canít see it.

Ryo: We have to get out as soon as we can.

Rika: Or weíll end up like my backpack.

Calumon: Oh, oh...

The red of the Chaos starts to seep through the cracks between rocks.

In the top part of the chasm.

Zhuqiaomon: This is unacceptable! How can you allow those humans...

Azulongmon: Itís for a good cause Zhuqiaomon.

The kids are repelling down the side of the chasm with Azulongmonís beard to find Rika and Ryo.

Kazu: So what do you guys think of my idea? Do I rock or what?

Henry: Well I have to admit, only a warped mind like yours would think up repelling down a bottomless pit on Azulongmonís beard.

Takato: Hey it seems like that red stuff has slow down a little.

Henry: Maybe Rika and Ryo found a way to block the Chaos.

The digimon and Jeri are back on the platform, Guilmon looks over the edge.

Guilmon: I hope Takatoís okay.

Terriermon: Moumantai, they look kinda silly, but I bet theyíll be fine. That is as long as Azulongmon here doesnít sneeze, or hiccup, or decide to shave.

Azulongmon: Hurry children! Your time is running out!

Down at the bottom of the chasm the Chaos starts to get through the rocks and the bubbles rise again.

Ryo: Rika, you go first.

Rika: Okay.

Calumon: Bye!

Renamon: That barrier wonít hold for long.

From above they can hear the other kidsí calls.

Takato: Rika!

Henry: Anybody down there!

Kenta: Hello?

Rika: Hey you guys!

Calumon: Hi!

Kenta (far up): Weíve come to rescue you!

Rika: What? Do I look like I need rescuing?

Ryo: Actually I think we all do.

More Chaos bubbles rise and Ryo bats one away with his card holder and it disappears after.

Ryo: Uh. Hurry weíre running out of time.

He sees Rika not moving, just staring into the chasm.

Ryo: Rika what is it? Whatís wrong? Would you say something, youíre making me nervous.

Rika: Iím no going Ryo.

Ryo: What are you saying?

Rika: Weíre just kidding ourselves, thereís no way we can escape. At this rate the Chaos will get us and everyone above too.

Ryo walks over to Rika.

Ryo: What else can we do?

Rika: I want you to take Calumon.

She hands Calumon to Ryo.

Ryo: What? Where are you going?

She slides down the ridge and walks down.

Rika: To stop the Chaos.

Ryo: What? Donít be crazy, youíll kill yourself. Rika, come back! Rika!

Renamon follows Rika.

Higher up, the other kids hear Ryoís call to Rika.

Kenta: Hey, whatís going on?

Takato: Thereís something wrong.

Henry: I hope Rikaís okay.

Back in the chasm.

Ryo: Rika! Donít do this! Please!

Rika slides down the pit and Renamon does the same when she stops she slips but Renamon grabs her.

Rika: Thanks.

Renamon: Rika, go back.

Rika: No.

Renamon: Please.

Rika: No way.

Renamon: Listen to me for once, please, Iím begging you.

Rika looks into the pit.

Renamon: Go back now and thereís a chance youíll survive, stay and youíll be walking into certain death.

Rika: Youíre staying.

Renamon: Iím a digimon, fighting is my way of life, not yours. What kind of partner would I be if I let any harm come to you? Rika, why wonít you answer me?

Rika turns at looks at Renamon.

Rika: We can choose our own destiny, right?

Renamon: Yes.

Rika: Then I choose...

The Chaos below breaks through the rocks.

Rika: To stay and fight...with you.

Rika and Renamon float out into the middle of the chasm.

Ryo: Rika!

Rika and Renamon glow yellow around their bodies.

Calumon: Ha ha!

The float down deeper into the Chaos and glow brightly.

D-power: Bio-merge Digivolution.

Rika: Bio-merge Activate!

Renamon: Renamon bio-merge to...

Sakuyamon: Sakuyamon!

Rika (inside Sakuyamon): The light, itís so warm.

Rika laughs.

Rika: Sakuyamon, I feel her strength, her power, her thoughts, I am Sakuyamon and she is me.

Ryo: Holy cow!

Calumon: Arenít they beautiful? Theyíve bio-merged.

Sakuyamon: I, Sakuyamon protector of all things true, will do my duty.

Sakuyamon glows.

Sakuyamon: River of Chaos, oh red sea of destruction, follow now my voice and feel the twin blades, of beauty! And of truth!

She uses her scepter to slash away the Chaos.

Sakuyamon: Then, fall before my light!

The slashes she made turn into bright pink light that illuminates the entire chasm.

Calumon: Oh.

Takato: Who in the world is that?

Kazu: She rocks.

Henry looks at Sakuyamon surrounded by petals floating by and checks her data.

Henry: Sakuyamon, a shaman data type digimon, mega level! Renamon and Rika bio-merged to mega!

Sakuyamon: Takato, are you alright?

Takato: Oh yeah.

Henry: You saved our lives Sakuyamon.

Sakuyamon: Itís nothing.

Ryo and Cyberdramon float next to Sakuyamon.

Ryo: I must admit Rika, you are unbelievable.

Calumon: Oh yeah.

Rika (inside Sakuyamon): Hm, hm, hm.

The pink light stops and Azulongmon and Zhuqiaomon fly out of the chasm and Azulongmon carries the kids.

Azulongmon: Excellent work children, donít you think Zhuqiaomon?

Zhuqiaomon: They did alright...for humans.

Terriermon: Did Zhuqiaomon just say something nice?

Calumon; So what have you guys been up to?

Guilmon: We were looking for you, what do you think we were doing silly?

Terriermon: What about you?

Calumon jumps on Azulongmonís chain.

Calumon: Well I thought about creampuffs mostly.

Kazu: Great, we looked death in the eye to save him and heís going on about creampuffs.

Rika (in Sakuyamon): Excuse me? Ryo and I were looking death in the eye, you were swinging on a rope like a monkey.

Kazu: Whatever.

They arrive back at Zhuqiaomonís domain.

Takato: I canít believe we finally did it. Thanks for your help Azulongmon.

Azulongmon: I did nothing. It was you, humans and digimon fighting together that stopped the Chaos.

Rika is tying her hair back up.

Jeri: Rika!

Rika: Huh?

Jeri runs over to Rika.

Rika: Whatís wrong?

Jeri hugs Rika.

Jeri: Oh Rika, I thought Iíd lost another friend.

Rika: Not a chance.

Calumon rushes over.

Calumon: Hi Jeri!

Jeri: Hm...

Jeri looks at him sad and he retracts his ears.

Calumon: Oh no, you look so sad.

Henry: Well I guess this means w can finally go home.

Takato: Home.

Guilmon: Where all the bread is.

The ground starts to shake.

All: Huh?

The Chaos shoots up from the center of the Sovereign Land.

Zhuqiaomon: The Chaos! I knew it, the humans only delayed its progress. Can nothing stop this madness?

The Chaos goes for the center orb that connects all four areas and disintegrates it.

Takato: Maybe itíll die down I a minute like a geyser.

Then the Chaos spreads itself into long arm type things that break up into pebbles that scatter everywhere.

Takato: Or not.

All: Uh!

Henry: No one can fight this, itís everywhere. What do we do?

A Chaos rock falls right next to Jeriís foot catching her attention.

Jeri: Huh?

Azulongmon: Itís time for you to leave, this is not your battle. We will stay to defend our world!

Zhuqiaomon: And we will fight to the bitter end!