Season 3, Episode 40: "Janyu's Ark"
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Transcribed By: SteelWarrior

Zhuqiaomon: This is our battle to fight not yours.

Azulongmon: Zhuqiaomon is right, you must return to your own world, there is nothing more you can do here.

Takato: But we canít just leave you, youíll have to fight the D-Reaper all on your own.

Guilmon growls and more Chaos surges upward making Zhuqiaomon fly out of the way.

Azulongmon: You can and you must, staying here can only end in tragedy.

Jeri has her sock puppet out.

Jeri: But itís already ending in tragedy.

Jeri (sock puppet): Leomon said it was destiny.

Jeri: Destiny isnít very nice is she?

Jeri (sock puppet): Destiny has been a very bad girl.

In the Real World a helicopter is flying over the city and a news broadcast is being heard.

Anchorman: Due to the recent unexplained earthquake activity West Shinjuku residents are being advised to evacuate their homes Law enforcement is patrolling the area, but there has been no sign of looting. Donít worry folks, the looters are as afraid of the monsters as you are.

In the Hypnos Building Yamaki is listening to the broadcast.

Yamaki (thinking): They should be. Itís a good thing they donít realize this could be only the tip of the iceberg. I wish I had the same luxury.

Yamaki contacts the Monster Makers.

Yamaki: Janyu whatís you status? How long before the arc is operational?

In the computer lab.

Janyu: Not long, we just need a little bit more time.

Dolphin: Too bad we donít have it, Daisy run another check on the calculations.

Daisy: Iíve run so many checks I see numbers in my sleep.

Babble: You slept? Bad girl.

In the physical layer of the Digital World Beelzemon is walking through the winds and a school of Chrysallimon.

Beelzemon (thinking): Well bright boy, youíve really messed things up this time. Now what are you gonna do? Nothing. Because youíve fouled that up too thatís why. Youíre so pathetic.

Beelzemon sees Jeriís face in his head coming to him.

Beelzemon: What are you lot lookiní at huh?

He sees her face again.

Beelzemon: And you, what do you want!?

Chrysallimon jump onto Beelzemon and starts draining his power.

Beelzemon: I didnít mean it! Take it back! Take back the power!

He drops to his knees.

Beelzemon: I donít want it! Ah!

His red scarf flies off and heís lying down being drained of his power.

Beelzemon: I donít want it.

Back at Zhuqiaomonís domain, Renamon senses something.

Renamon: Hm.

Rika: What is it Renamon?

Renamon: Iím not sure.

More Chaos surges.

Zhuqiaomon: That thing is toying with us.

Azulongmon: You give it too much credit.

It falls back down.

Ryo: I donít know, Zhuqiaomon may be right, itís just playing with us.

Suzieís in a corner scared.

Suzie: Thatís not playing!

Lopmon runs over.

Lopmon: Donít worry Suzie weíll be home soon.

Ebonwumon and Baihumon arrive at Zhuqiaomonís domain.

Ebonwumon head #1: Hey Fly boy OíCranky, has the true enemy returned to disturb our peace?\\

Ebonwumon head #2: Is it willing to negotiate?

Zhuqiaomon lands next to Ebonwumon and Baihumon.

Zhuqiaomon: No, it will be long before you sleep again my friend. This is the day we have feared.

Baihumon: Then it is time to make our final preparations, will the catalyst cooperate?

Azulongmon: He must or we shall surely perish. Catalyst, the time has come for you to acknowledge your true nature. The truth in your heart, you are the light of digivolution itself. A power unimaginable and so dangerous that the ancient ones granted my wish, you became a digimon. And for a time the light remained concealed from the true enemy, but that time has passed. And we need you to reveal the light to us.

Calumon runs.

Calumon: Who me? Okay. If you think I can help.

Calumon flies up near Azulongmon.

Calumon (thinking): Oh, heís awfully big.

Terriermon: Calumonís awfully small.

Henry: Yeah, no kidding.

Calumon flies up and floats high above all four Sovereign.

Takato: Okay, anyone know whatís going on?

Calumon (thinking): Iím ready, um I think.

He looks at the Sovereign.

Ebonwumon head #1: Little mystery we must protect the sanctity of our homes.

Baihumon: We are all that stands between our world and complete destruction.

Zhuqiaomon: It is your duty to give us back the light.

Azulongmon: It is your duty as the catalyst, but you are now more than that. You are also a digimon, as Calumon you have earned the right to choose your destiny. Will you help us?

Calumon: Now thatís a silly question, of course I will.

Calumon rises a little higher with his eyes closed and hands together.

Calumon (thinking): Azulongmon is very nice, and I donít wanna disappoint him.

He starts spinning in a circle.

Calumon (thinking): So I wonít. Iíll dig right down inside and find that stuff he needs.

Of Calumonís four forehead triangles the middle red one glows bright yellow.

All: Uh.

Thousands of digi-gnomes gather around Calumon and circle him.

Azulongmon: Ancient ones hear me, grant the wish in his heart.

Takato: There are so many of them!

Calumon (thinking): Okay, down the throat, oh ha, that tickles.

The digi-gnomes transform into a giant aura around Calumon to grant his wish.

Calumon (thinking): Nope, not there. Wait a minute, there it is. Oh, thatís not so deep. It was there all along, and itís warm and bright. Just like playing with a friend, oh, like something youíve just gotta share.

Above the aura a 3D Triangle appears and floats down to grant Calumonís wish.

Calumon: Shining Digivolution!

Rainbow light goes around to the Sovereign, giving them power, and all digimon around the Digital World turning them into mega digimon.

In the Chuchidarumon village the light gets to them and they all come out and the light digivolves them.

In the Clock World, Clockmon and Hagurumon see the light too.

Clockmon: Oh, the light, itís horrible, itís awful, itís wonderful!

He grabs Hagurumon.

In the Gekomonís World the light reaches them and they hold on to each other cause theyíre scared.

In he physical layer of the Digital World the Chrysallimon are all piled on Beelzemon and they see the light then split into three groups that turn into three Diaboromon. The Diaboromon leap away to the Land of the Sovereign, leaving Impmon there lying down in the sand, hurt.

Back in the Land of the Sovereign Calumonís wish is still going and in the horizon digimon are flying to the Land of the Sovereign

Zhuqiaomon: They have come!

Henry: I donít think Iíve seen this many digimon.

Renamon: Calumonís light is an irresistible beacon.

Rika checks some digimonís data.

Rika: Gryphonmon, mega level. Phantom beast type digimon.

Guilmon: Uh...

Takato checks data as well.

Takato: Check it out, Hollowmonís another mega. A sacred beast type digimon.

Boltmon lands on the ground.

Kazu: Dude thereís Boltmon! And Pleciomon sweet! And uh, GrandKuwagamon! Oh man, I always wanted that card!

Kenta: What?! Jijimon and Babamon!

Jijimon and Babamon are riding their brooms.

Babamon laughs like a witch.

Jijimon: Ah I like the life with the hay.

Takato: Look at them, every single oneís a mega! I bet they all digivolved to save the Digital World from the D-Reaper . He did it, Calumon did it.

Calumonís light ends and he falls over from exhaustion.

Calumon: So tired, Rika...

Rika catches him.

Rika: Calumon, youíre my hero.

Calumon: Really?

Guilmon: Really, truly, I always knew you had it in you.

Calumon: Me too.

Takato: Wait a minute, what happened to the digi-gnomes?

Henry: They used their life force to deliver Calumonís light to the other digimon.

Terriermon: It was the biggest wish they ever granted.

Far behind everyone else another mega crashes into the ground.

Mega digimon: Ah!

Kenta: That mustíve hurt.

Kenta runs back and pulls the digimon out of the ground tail first.

MarineAngemon: Oh!

Kenta: Okay, thereís no way youíre a mega.

Rika checks his info.

Rika: Wrong again Kenta, meet MarineAngemon, mega. Special attack Kahuna Waves.

MarineAngemon: Hi!

He garbs a hold of Kentaís leg and hugs him.

Kenta: Hey, what are you doing? I kinds need that leg. Let go already!

MarineAngemon lets go and looks at Kenta.

Kenta: Now what are you doing? Come on the others are waiting.

MarineAngemon goes up to Kentaís chest.

Kenta: Are you lost little digimon? Go on, thatta way now, fly and be free!

He tosses MarineAngemon up and MarineAngemon looks back sad.

MarineAngemon: Oh...

He continues to fly forth.

Sock puppet (Jeri is not talking for it): So sad, what a sad little digimon. Itís not necessary you know, sadness can be deleted.

Jeri: Huh?

The sock puppet turns and growls.

Sock puppet: Letís go find the way! Rah!

Jeri goes.

Back in the Hypnos Building.

Janyu: The arc is finally ready!

Hypnos scientists: Yeah! Yes! All right!

Back in the Digital World Takato gets an email from Yamaki.

Takato: Huh? Itís a message from Yamaki!

Henry: Whatís it say?

Takato: Weíre sending an arc to bring you home.

Henry: All right, perfect timing. Donít cha think?

Rika: An arc? What are you to talking about?

Henry: You know like Noahís Ark. Itís sort of a digital boat theyíre sending from the Real World.

Guilmon: Is it big?

Terriermon jumps on Guilmonís head.

Terriermon: Big as it needs to be, weíre going home!

Suzie: Yay!

She carries Lopmon around running yay and he other kids are laughing cause theyíre happy.

Henry: Iíve never been so relieved in my life.

Takato: Me neither.

Kazu: Wait a minute, whereís Jeri?

All: Huh?

Kazu: Isnít that just like a girl?

Takato: She canít have gone very far.

Takato runs out a little.

Takato: Jeri, where are ya? Weíre goiní home! Jeri! Jeri? Whereíd ya go?

In the Real World, Takatoís parents get a phone call.

Mr. Matsuki: Matsuki residence. Takatoís finally coming back!

Back in the Digital world theyíre all looking for Jeri.

Takato: Jeri, come on! Weíre finally going home! Please answer me!

Takato (thinking): Poor Jeri, what if sheís gotten lost somewhere?

Guardromon: I found her! Look over there!

They see Jeri sitting behind a rock and run over there.

Takato: Jeri you scared us half to death!

Kazu: You sure picked a weird time to play hide and seek.

Takato: Jeri what were you doing over here?

Jeriís body is entirely pale and she holds up her sock puppet.

Takato: Um, Jeri?

Kazu (whispers to Takato): Bathroom, Iíll bet.

Takato turns red ad laughs embarrassed and Jeri smiles and closes her eyes.

Back in the Hypnos Building Riley is talking to Yamaki and Janyu.

Riley: I finally reached all the other childrenís parents, theyíll meet us.

Janyu: Oh thank you Riley.

Riley: May I ask you something?

Janyu: Yes, of course.

Riley: What exactly is this program youíve created?

Janyu: It was originally designed as an interface program, you see it gave human beings a direct connection to the internet, weíve modified its parameters to make it into an arc to retrieve the children.

The phone rings.

Riley: Okay.

Yamaki (emailing to kids what will happen): First a beam of light will appear, thatís the arcís track, pay attention this is important, you have to be at the end of the track before the timer reaches zero.

Takato reads the email aloud.

Takato: Before the timer reaches zero. That sounds easy enough.

A beam of light shoots into the screen.

Rika: Depends on how much time we have.

Takato: Hm, only 40 minutes.

On the screen it counts down to zero.

Rika: So what do you think will happen if we donít get there in time?

Takato: I donít really wanna think about that.

In the Hypnos Building.

Janyu: It took us three weeks to calculate the trajectory for the arcís track. If we miss our window, weíll have to start over at the beginning. I suggest we get it right the first time, because we might not have the luxury of a second chance.

Back in the Digital World the Chaos is surging again.

Ebonwumon head #1: Donít get too comfortable down there, Ugly Mc Chaos. Weíre on to you!

Terriermon: Gee, Henry this feels like old times, us runniní away from a fight and all.

Henry: Yeah, but Iím not beiní a pacifist this time, this may be our only way back home Terriermon.

Azulongmon: Tamers, I still donít completely understand your destiny in this upcoming battle, but I feel it will play out in your own world. You must return.

Zhuqiaomon: You digimon who have chosen human partners, I still detest your choice. I may never overcome my disgust, my feeling that your actions are an abomination against digital kind! However, I will respect your decision, go...with the human beings.

Lopmon bows to Zhuqiaomon.

Lopmon: My Sovereign, your generosity and wisdom are without bounds, thank you.

Terriermon jumps in front of Lopmon.

Terriermon: Thanks Ouster, itís been real.

Henry: Aw nuts, there he goes again. We better get outta here before Zhuqiaomon throttles him. Somehow we have to get back to where we entered the Digital World.

Takato: Mm hm.

Azulongmon: Calumon.

Calumon: Yeah?

He flies up.

Azulongmon: You may live the rest of your life as a digimon, if that is your wish.

Calumon: Oh thatís my biggest, happiest wish ever!

He flies down to the others.

Azulongmon: Goodbye tamers, here is my gift to you. May you travel in safety.

A big, blue cloud from the sky flies down and the tamers get on it to fly back to where they started.

Ebonwumon head #1: Watch out for the bumps in the road!

Ebonwumon head #2: Be safe little ones!

Takato: Ha ha, we will! And thanks for everything, weíll never forget you!

Guilmon and Terriermon: So long sovereigns.

Calumon: Bye!

More Chaos surges.

Zhuqiaomon: The Chaos!

Azulongmon: No!

The Chaos flies right up to the Real World.

Takato: Uh, ah!

In the physical layer Impmon lifts his head. And he sees it hit the Real World and dissolve but not before causing damage.

Back in the Hypnos Building.

Dolphin: Come on! What is going on? The Hypnos processor seems to have been knocked out. Ugh, we might as well be calculating on our fingers and toes.

Janyu: This canít be happening, not now. We have no time for dead reckoning, we need the computer.

Yamaki: The timing, it canít be just an accident.

Back in the physical layer of the digital World the kids arrive where they first came.

Terriermon: Alrighty then, weíre back where we started. Uh, now what?

Takato: I donít know, Yamaki made it sound like the tracks would be obvious.

Takato looks at the clock.

Takato: We only have 30 minutes left, why doesnít anything ever work out like we plan?

Ryo: Yeah and itís almost time for nightfall.

Renamon: Thatíll make it difficult.

Rika: Will make what difficult? Renamon whatís wrong? You seem really distracted.

Renamon: I feel his presence.

The old data rolls by carrying Impmonís scarf and Renamon catches it.

Rika: Heís alive?

Renamon: I think so, Rika will you go with me to find him?

Rika: Of course.

Renamon: Weíre leaving, Rika and I have something we must do.

They rush over to Rika and Renamon.

Takato: What are you talking about?

Henry: No way thatís crazy talk.

Terriermon: Hey have you guys gone round the bend? Weíre going home.

Renamon: I know but this is important and weíll be back in time.

Takato: How important can it be? Well okay.

Ryo: Itís not okay, but I bet youíre gonna do it anyway.

Rika: Mm hm, weíll be back by nightfall.

Renamon: Iíd better carry you then.

Renamon picks Rika up and runs to find Impmon.

Renamon: I think I have some idea where he is.

Kenta: Weíll never see them again.

Kazu: Of course we will Chum Lee, she just has to do things her way. Once she gets an idea in her head thereís no stoppiní her.

Henry walks away and looks at the Real World.

Henry: Like you Dad.

In the Hypnos Building Yamaki squeezes his lighter.

Yamaki: Unacceptable! I cannot believe this is the end of it, but how can we possibly do the necessary calculations without the Hypnos system?

Janyu: Moumantai.

Yamaki and two scientists: Hm?

Janyu: Moumantai, I have an idea.

In the Digital World Rika and Renamon are on a stone pillar looking for Impmon.

Rika (thinking): I never thought Iíd be doing this.

Rika: Youíre telling me you actually heard Impmon call out?

Renamon: Yes, there has always been a connection between us. Then when we became Sakuyamon, I felt...

Rika: What?

Renamon: I felt a deep protective feeling, not just for those I like but compassion for all living creatures. Did you feel it too Rika?

Rika: I did but I have to admit itís a little overwhelming. There are so many people who need our help.

Renamon: Weíll start with Impmon, because every wave begins with a drop of water.

Rika looks into the horizon.

Rika: Yeah, but waves donít talk back. They also donít make good friends.

Renamon: If he gets too mouthy Iíll gag him with his bandana. Letís go.

Renamon grabs Rika and jumps from one rock formation to another.

In the Hypnos Building.

Janyu (thinking): Just hold on kids, weíll find a way to get to you. I promise.

Riley: Iím getting some strange readings, what are you doing?

Janyu: Weíre integrating the processing powers of the computers of people all over the world. Friends, colleagues, total strangers, weíre not proud.

Yamaki: So thousands of smaller computers make up one supercomputer. Has it been done before?

Janyu: It has, but not for such a time crucial problem. Medical researchers were the first to try it, but then again no one expects them to cure cancer in 15 minutes.

In an old womanís home sheís drinking tea by her computer and gets an email from Hypnos.

Woman: Is this a joke? Please help us save a large group of children, sure doesnít sound like a joke.

People on trains, in cafes, homes, schools and other places are also getting the same email.

At Rikaís house her mom walks in her momís room.

Rumiko: Mom what are you doing on the computer? Rika needs us.

Rikaís Grandma: Yes Rumiko and weíll be there for her. Youíre always so dramatic dear.

She gets the email too.

Rikaís Grandma: Oh.

Rikaís Grandma (thinking): Rika no, I may never see you again.

Back in the Hypnos Building Janyu takes off his glasses and makes a sigh of relief.

Janyu: Ah, itís working.

Riley: Itís amazing, weíre getting power from all over the planet.

Dolphin: All right people this is it, you should have all the juice you need by now. Itís time to fly my friends, letís do it.

Yamaki (thinking): I never knew people could work together so quickly and flawlessly.

Yamaki: A perfect team, these Monster Makers.

Yamaki puts down his lighter.

In the Digital World thereís only ten minutes left.

Takato: The tracks should be here by now.

Calumon: But where?

Guilmon: Up there Takato, look!

The arc is starting to beam down.

Henry: Rika, Renamon, where are you?

Ryo: Theyíll be back, maybe we can delay the arc when it gets here.

They run to the arcís landing point.

Impmon tries to crawl and Rika and Renamon find him.

Rika: Impmon!

Renamon: Impmon!

Rika: Impmon!

Impmon: Renamon?

Renamon kneels to him.

Renamon: Impmon, can you stand?

Impmon pushes her away, stands up, and tries to out up a "Iím okay" barrier.

Impmon: Hm, course I can.

Rika: We want you to come home with us.

Impmon: You out of ya teeny, tiny minds? I ainít goiní anywhere!

Rika takes the bandana and ties it around his neck.

Impmon: Hm, well maybe if ya asked me real nice, youíre not just playing a joke?

Rika: If so the jokeís on us.

Nightfall happens when sheís talking.

Rika: Come on.

Back at the arcís tracks the tamers just arrive before the arc.

Henry: This is the point of no return.

Takato looks at the countdown and it says two seconds left and then one and zero.

Takato: Looks that way.

The arc starts to ride down the track to the kids.

Takato: Thereís the arc, itís almost here!

The arc arrives and opens its door an Takato gets another email from Yamaki.

Takato: Hurry and get on! You donít have much time. Oh man you guys, we better do what he says. But what about Rika and Renamon? We canít just leave them behind.