Season 3, Episode 41: "Homeward Bound"
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Transcribed By: SteelWarrior

The comm device flashes zero.

Takato: There she is, our one way ticket home.

The wind blows.

Takato: Whatís that?

Takato looks over and sees a dust storm blowing their way, so he covers his eyes and the arc gets blown into a mountain side a few fete away.

Guilmon: I hope it doesnít blow our arc away.

Suzie is trying to cover from the dust storm and Henry picks her, Terriermon, and Lopmon up.

Henry: Itís okay Suzie.

He puts Suzie, Terriermon and Lopmon aboard the arc.

Henry: Everyone hurry up and get on!

Kenta: Jeri, come on. You gotta get up.

Takato looks over and sees Jeri holding her sock puppet staring blankly.

Kazu: Guardromon, a little help.

Guardromon: Of course!

He picks up Jeri.

Henry: Letís go! The arc could leave any minute!

The arcís track starts to retract.

Takato: But wait! Thereís still no sign of Rika!

Guilmon: Takato, get on!

The arc readies to leave but Cyberdramon holds on to it.

Takato: In a minute.

Guilmon: Then Iím coming down.

Takato: No!

Guilmon: Oh...

Henry helps Ryo on.

Takato: You promised Dad youíd go home remember? Heís making you a big batch of Guilmon bread.

Takato looks out for Rika.

Guilmon: Yeah...

Takato (thinking): Rika, where are you?

In the farther part of the physical layer Kyubimon is running with Rika and Impmon.

Kyubimon: Impmon was right...we are out of our teeny, tiny minds.

Rika: Weíll make it.

Kyubimon: Not at the rate Iím crawling along. I need more strength!

She jumps into the air.

Rika: I have just the pick-me-up.

Rika pulls out a card.

Kyubimon: Alright!

Back at the arc Jeri is moving her sock puppetís mouth.

Calumon: Hello? Hey Jeri whatís the matter? Oh why wonít you say anything to me, huh?

Kazu: Yeah kid, are you okay?

Kenta: Weíll be home soon, Jeri.

Calumon: Yeah, sooner than soon.

The arc starts to leave.

All: Huh?

Suzie: Weíre moving! Weíre moving!

Henry: Come on!

Guilmon: Hurry Takato!

Takato starts to run for the arc.

Takato: But theyíre not here yet!

Terriermon: Henry, donít you think weíd better go look for them?

Henry: Yeah.

Ryo: No, Iíll get them.

Takato: Huh?

Ryo: Cyberdramon.

Cyberdramon growls and they fly away.

Ryo: Weíll be back before ya know it!

Henry: Be careful!

Kazu: Rika is messing up the program, that is so like her.

Takato trips and falls.

Takato: Ow!

Guilmon: Oh no! Takato!

The arc starts to fly higher.

Henry: How do we stop this thing?

Terriermon: We gotta find the brakes.

Guilmon: Arc! Come on stop!

Terriermon: Or we could just yell at it.

Guilmon: Arc, please! Takatoís not on yet! We canít leave! Stop it!

Kenta: Guilmon, you do realize youíre talking to a boat?

Kazu: Takato, try and jump on!

Takato gets up.

Takato: Okay!

Henry: This isnít good.

In the Hypnos Building they can see the arcís track on the screen.

Yamaki: This is excellent! Look, the arc is itís heading back.

Janyu: Mm hm, letís just hope the children are on board.

Riley: Arc trajectory confirmed, calculating emergents point.

Tally: The track beam is strong and stable. Energy resource at 60%.

In the computer lab Dolphin is working on the computer.

Dolphin: Itís working! My little babyís coming home thanks to the centralized computer. Hot dog, I do believe I am a genius.

Babble: Hey genius, got the next calculations?

Dolphin: Piece of cake.

In Rikaís house her mom and Grandma are on the computer and they get an email.

Rikaís Grandma: Thank you very much. Phase one successful. Next, please proceed with the remaining calculations. All right.

She clicks the OK and it downloads something.

Rikaís Grandma: With everyone all over the world helping, weíll get Rika back in no time.

Rumiko: Oh Rika, please be on that arc.

Back in the Digital World, Takatoís running to get back on the arc after he couldnít grab Henryís hand.

Henry: No! Keep running! You can do it!

Guilmon: Takato!

Takato falls behind.

Guilmon: Takato!

Henry: Careful Guilmon, youíll fall!

Guilmon does fall but Henry garbs him and falls too so Guardromon grabs him.

Guardromon: Not if I can help it!

Terriermon: Moumantai, weíre coming!

Guilmon grabs Terriermonís ear and Lopmon hangs onto Lopmonís and Calumon grabs onto Lopmonís ear to make a chain for Takato grab on. He does grab Calumon.

Takato: Itís working!

Terriermon: Good thing my ears are cramping!

Takato: Huh?

He sees Calumon canít hold him.

Takato: Oh no! Calumon!

Takato letís go but Calumon re-grabs him but he falls too.

Takato and Calumon: Ah!

Guilmon: Arc! You gotta stop! Please! Listen to me! Stop!

In the Hypnos Building the arcís tracks stop.

Yamaki: What? Whatís going on?

Janyu: What on earthís happening? Why did the arc stop?

Yamaki: Get Dolphin! Now!

Back in the Digital World the arc stopped and Takato runs under it.

Takato: Hey look it stopped. But why?

All: Come on Takato!

From behind the dust.

Ryo: Hey! Wait for us!

Takato: Hm?

Ryo: Hey!

Takato: Is that who I think it is?

Rika and Kyubimon ride up. While Ryo and Cyberdramon fly up.

Ryo: Look what the cat dragged in!

Takato: Rika! Hm, hm, alright Rika! I knew youíd make it!

Back in the Hypnos Building, Dolphinís checking something.

Curly: Whatís going on here Daisy?

Daisy: Iím not sure, but it seems as if the arcís artificial intelligence is somehow acting on its own.

On the screen Yamaki appears.

Yamaki: The arcís not responding Dolphin! Has the program gone renegade?

Dolphin: Impossible! I wrote that AI program myself!

Yamaki: Think! Where did you get the code from?

Dolphin: If memory serves from the Digimon Core Program!

He runs and gets the files and clears the table for it. He then flips through the pages.

Dolphin: I used the same artificial life program that we used to create the digimon to power the arc. Itís the only way I could get the machine to work. Here this is it! But even so, this shouldnít have caused the arc to think for itself.

Back in the Digital World Rika holds out her hand.

Rika: Hey there, need a lift?

Takato: Yeah!

She grabs Takatoís hand and she pulls him aboard.

Rika: Going up?

Kyubimon jumps aboard the arc and de-digivolves as she enters.

Cyberdramon flies up next and de-digivolves to his rookie, Monodramon and he lands on everyone.

All: Ah...

The arc closes and starts up again.

Kazu: Well Ms. Tardy what do you have to say for yourself?

Rika: Sorry.

Kazu sees Impmon in her arms.

Kazu: Hm, itís him. Rika, are you out of your chicken fried mind? You went back to save Impmon?

Rika: Mm hm.

Kazu: Well, Iíve said it before and Iíll say it again, youíre crazier than catfish.

Guardromon: Crazier than catfish.

Kazu turns around.

Kazu: Hm? Hey, come up with your own line!

Kazu hears something and listens for it and Guardromon copies.

Kenta: Huh? Um guys.

A glowing object comes out of Kentaís pocket.

Kenta: A digivice!

The D-power is followed by MarineAngemon.

MarineAngemon: Well, hello, hello!

Kenta: MarineAngemon, I get it. Youíre my tamer, I mean my partner! And youíre a mega! That makes me a tamer to a mega! Oh, I think Iím gonna faint.

Outside the arc a digi-gnome flies by giggling.

Henry: Amazing! I wonder how he ended up in Kentaís pocket.

As the arc rises the digi-gnome floats down giggling and waving.

Kazu: Iím amazed heís still breathing. Have you seen what Kenta keeps in his pockets?

Inside the arc Rika is still holding Impmon.

Impmon (thinking): She shoulda left me...after what I did.

Kazu tries to touch MarineAngemon but Kenta pulls him away.

Kenta: Hey!

Kazu: Kenta, I just wanna touch him.

Kenta: Nu uh! Youíre just trying to freak him out.

Kazu: Come on!

Kenta: Back off nosey!

Impmon (thinking): I donít deserve to be here. Donít they know that?

Rika: Would you clowns knock it off!

Kenta: You canít boss me around, I am a tamer. Neh!

Back in the Hypnos Building they see the arc is back on track.

Janyu: Itís moving! What did we do?

Yamaki: Thereís nothing we can do, but wait. And hope it doesnít change its mind again.

Riley: The arcís progress has resumed. Re-calculating route coordinates.

In the computer lab Yamakiís scientists are running around like crazy.

Dolphin: You can do it, keep on trucking arc. Just a little more. All those kids are depending on you to bring them home. Oh no the trackís off course, by 12.4 degrees!

Babble: Hey no sweat, Iíll take care of it!

Daisy: Listen up! Someone has to tell the childrenís parents that the emergents point has changed. Itís now in the middle of Shinjuku Park.

She tacks the point on a map of the city.

Back in the Digital World the arc is breaking through the barriers to earth.

Guilmon: And then Takatoís Dad said heíd bake a bread that looks just like me. I donít know how heís gonna do that cause I donít look anything like a loaf of bread. Well maybe when I curl up for a nap.

Takato: Guilmon who are you talking to?

Guilmon: The arc, silly.

Takato: What? The arc?

Guilmon: Well why not? Itís a real good listener Takato, I asked it to stop when you couldnít get on and it did.

Takato: So thatís what happened.

He his hand on the glowing red screen.

Takato: Well, if you can hear me, thank you arc.

Takato (thinking): If it wasnít for you weíd be doing the back stroke in a sea of Chaos by now, instead of going home.

Takato: Huh?

He looks over at Jeri in the corner with her sock puppet.

Takato (thinking): Oh Jeri, weíll get you back. I promise.

Rika puts her hand on the puppet.

Rika: Donít worry Jeri, weíre almost home.

Takato: Oh.

Rika: Hang in there, kay?

Ryo: So, tell me something Rika.

She looks at Ryo.

Ryo: What do I get for saving your life, not once but twice? Hm?

Rika: How bout twice the whoopiní?

She puts her fiat to his face, playfully, then takes it off.

Ryo: Yeah right, you wish.

Rika and Ryo both laugh. Henry looks at Impmon. And the arc suddenly stops.

Kenta: Why do I get the feeling this isnít just turbulence?

Chaos bubbles rise to the arc.

Henry: Whatís happening?

Guilmon: Um, it looks like the light track is disappearing. What does that mean Takato?

Takato: Huh? Well, I think it means weíre in trouble!

The com deviceís screen has a red dot in the center and the arcís inside is flashing red and making an alarm.

Takato: Huh? What now? Weíre hanging in the middle of nowhere. Ugh, what else could go wrong?

Suzie: Uh Henry, it sounds like weíre falling.

Lopmon pries herself out of Suzieís grasp.

Lopmon: I think the arc has lost all of its strength.

Kazu: Aw man, when things go wrong. Weíll never get outta here.

Kenta: But we were so close.

Henry: With the tracks gone the arc wonít be able to find its way back home.

Takato: Arc, can you hear me?

All: Huh?

Takato: I know you can hear me, please youíve gotta help us. Youíre our only chance of getting out of here. Just a little further and weíll be home. Our parents are depending on you, please help us.

From the red sphere in front of Takato two cables come out and attach themselves to the com device and email Takato.

Takato: Huh?

The message reads OK and Takato makes a sigh of relief.

Takato: Thanks.

Guilmon: I told you, itís a real good listener.

All: Huh?

From the outside of the arc it starts to fire up and heads up and in the back it starts to disappear from the Chaos.

Henry: Everybody hold onto something!

Kenta: Guys, the arc! Itís starting to disappear!

The arc shoots up past the barriers to earth.

Kazu: Hey arc! Dude, you get us outta this and I will hand wash you every day of the week! Vacuum your insides, you name it!

Kenta: MarineAngemon, Iíll miss you.

From the front window a blinding light makes the tamers cover their eyes.

Takato (thinking): Come on arc, you can do it. I know you can.

In the Real World everythingís calm in Shinjuku Park until the arc starts to come out of the pond. Yamakiís men and the kidís parents are driving to the Park.

In the park a bright light beam shoots out of the pond and the cars stop in front of the sidewalk and everyone gets out.

Janyu: Thatís normal right?

Yamaki: That depends on how you define normal, Janyu.

The parents and Yamakiís agents all run to the pond in time to see the arc come through.

People: Uh...

The tamers and digimon slowly walk out of the arc and they stop, the light fades away and the kids look at their parents.

Rika: Hm.

Terriermon giggles.

Suzie waves, Kazu looks at them, Kenta cries, and Ryo gives a thumbs up.

Ryo: Hm, hm. Hm.

They all run to their parents, except for Jeri.

Yamaki takes off his sunglasses.

Takatoís Mom hug him and Dad pets Guilmon.

Rikaís mom hugs her.

Henry and Suzie are hugged.

Kenta and his mom cry as they hug as his dad looks ticked at Kenta.

Kazuís Dad pushes down his head and Guardromon is scared of Kazuís Dad while his mom cries.

Ryo stands there next to his Dad who is looking away and Monodramon stares.

Impmon sees everyone else with loved ones.

Impmon (thinking): I told them that I donít belong.

He walks away.

Rika is wrapped in a blanket, drinking hot cocoa and sees Impmon walk in the Park.

Rika: Huh? Impmon...

Riley: I just found Jeriís parents, theyíre staying with relatives in East Matsumoto.

Yamaki: So when will they be here?

Riley: Thatís the thing, they wonít.

Takato is drinking hot cocoa too and hears it.

Takato: Huh?

Riley: You see, her father said she left on her own so she could come back on her own.

Takato: Uh.

Takato looks over at Jeri who is in a blanket being attended by Yamakiís men.

Riley: We could send one of our operatives to take her there, but to be alone...the poor thing.

Takato: Wait, Iíll take her home!

Yamaki: Hm?

Riley: Huh?

Takatoís Mm: Wha?

Takato: Listen to me, Jeriís all by herself. She needs to be with someone she knows right now.

Takatoís Dad: But...Takato, thatís so far away.

Takatoís Mom: Honey, let him go.

Takatoís Dad: Really?

Takato: Really?

Takatoís Mom: Well itís not like we wonít know where you are this time. Besides we trust you.

Takato: Hm.

Takatoís Dad: My little boyís all grown up.

Takato looks over at Jeri and sees Rika put another blanket on her.

Takatoís Mom: Now remember Takato, as soon as youíve gotten Jeri home safely go straight to your auntís house. Weíll be waiting for you. Is...that okay?

Takato: Mm hm, yeah Mom, thanks.

Yamaki punches in something on his laptop.

Yamaki: All right then, the streets out of Shinjuku are closed off so youíll have to take train.

A crash happens and they all see the arc being pulled back down.

Dolphin: Oh no! The arc! Itís disintegrating! My baby!

Takato: Goodbye arc.

Takato (thinking): And thank you.

The arc fully disappears.

Guilmon: Aw, I feel like Iíve lost a friend.

Takato: Me too boy.

At the train station Guilmon is nervously looking out the car.

Guilmon: Oh, oh. Time to go but no Takato. Why does this keep happening?

Takato: Hold on! Coming through!

Takato runs into the train car carrying lunchboxes and Calumon flying next to him.

Guilmon: I was worried, it was like the arc all over again. Except I canít tell the train to stop.

Takato: Thereís no need to.

The door closes.

Guilmon: Ooh, whoís the extra lunchbox for?

Takato: Guilmon.

Guilmon: Just asking.

The door to the car opens and Takato, Guilmon and Calumon enter and stand there.

Takato: Uh, hey Jeri.

Guilmon stand behind Takato scared.

Jeri just stares at them.

Takato: Uh...

Ticket guy: Ah! Thereís a monster on board!

Takato: Huh?

Ticket guy: Ah, stay back! I know jujitsu!

Takato: Wait! Itís okay, I paid for him!

He shows the tickets.

Takato: I know heís kinda big, so I got him an adult ticket.

Ticket guy: Who cares about the ticket? That thingís a digimon, right? And digimon are dangerous, that monster should be in a cage!

Takato: You take that back! Heís a good digimon and donít call him a monster heís very sensitive! Right?

Guilmon: Yeah.

Ticket guy: Ha, what do you think I am? Dumb or something?

Takato: No.

Ticket guy: Hm, that thing is a natural born menace.

Takato: Well Guilmonís a baby, he couldnít hurt a fly.

Guilmon: Iím not a baby, Iíll show you. Guilmon digivolve!

Takato knocks Guilmon to the ground.

Takato: Guilmon cut it out! This isnít helping!

Guilmon: But Iím not a baby! Let me show íem!

Ticket guy: I told you heís a menace to society!

They heard Guilmonís stomach growl.

Takato and Ticket guy: Huh?

Guilmon: Hungry, I just want my lunchbox.

They heard Guilmonís stomach growl again.

Ticket guy: Hm? Ha ha ha ha, hey, I never heard of a monster wanting a lunchbox. Your friendís pretty funny.

He bends down to pick up the lunchboxes.

Takato: Yeah, thatís Guilmon. Heís a riot.

Ticket guy: He reminds me of my kid brother, except for the claws of course. Here ya go.

He hands Takato the boxes.

Takato: Gee, thanks mister.

Ticket guy: Iíll just pretend I didnít see him, okay?

Takato: Yeah, okay.

Ticket guy: So long now. Hm, crazy kids.

He walks away.

Takato: Oh, that was close. Guilmon whyíd you try to digivolve?

Guilmon: I donít know, I canít think when Iím hungry.

Later Guilmon is eating his food.

Guilmon: Still hungry, but too sleepy to eat.

Guilmon falls asleep.

Takato looks at Jeri and sees her food gone untouched.

Takato: Huh? Um, Jeri, you havenít eaten anything. Uh, arenít you hungry?

She doesnít answer.

Takato: Well, guess not.

Takato looks down at the floor.

Takato: You know Jeri, Iíve always wanted to tell you, youíre the nicest girl Iíve ever met. I think, uh, I mean you always talk to me and stuff when no one else would. And it may sound silly, but I sometimes Iíd imagine that you might kinda like me.

Takato gets all red and bashful.

Takato: The way that I like you.

He realizes what he said and quickly lifts his had up.

Takato: Well, I mean itís not like I think about you all the time cause I do! Uh, this is hard. What Iím trying to say more than just a friend, Jeri is that you. I really do.

Jeri: Uh.

Takato: Uh, I hate seeing you this way.

He gets up.

Takato: When this whole thing started, I was so happy.

Calumon falls over without Takato holding him up.

Takato: Cause you were a tamer and got to come to the Digital World with us.

Takato sits in another row.

Takato: Then Leomon died...and you became so sad. I thought if I brought you back home to the Real World maybe youíd be yourself again. But now you just sit there not saying or doing anything, I keep thinking, how much of this is my fault? That if I had never brought you to the Digital World youíd still be happy, but youíre not. Iím so sorry Jeri.

Takato starts crying.

Takato: Iím sorry you had to go through all that, that I couldnít help save Leomon. I just would talk to me Jeri!

Takato starts crying had.

Jeri: Protein-26.4 grams, saturated fat-15.7 grams.

Takato: Huh?

He turns and sees Jeri reading the calorie list thing on the lunchbox.

Jeri: Carbohydrates-102.2 grams, sodium-4.6 grams.

Takato: Um Jeri?

They arrive at the Matsumoto Train Station.

Takato: Wake up Guilmon, weíre here.

Guilmon: Whereís here?

Takato and Guilmon walk Jeri down the stairs, with Calumon overhead, and her father is waiting with a cab.

Takato: Watch your step Jeri. Thatís it. Look thereís your Dad.

Her Dad looks ticked at Jeri.

Takato: Uh...


Jeriís Dad bows and then Takato does as well.

Takato: Uh, hello Mr. Katou. I...

Her Dad grabs her and swings her to him and he glares at her then turns to Takato.

Jeriís Dad: Thank you, for bringing her back home.

Takato: Um, your welcome.

Jeriís Dad: Come on young lady!

He grabs her and pulls her into the cab and Takato sees her face.

Takato: Uh...

Mr. Katou slams the car door shut.

Takato: Bye, Jeri.

They drive away.

Guilmon: Bye-bye...

In the cab Calumon looks out the back window.

Calumon: Oh.

Takato: Come on buddy, letís go.

Later Takato and Guilmon are in the train station and thereís a news report on but Takato and Guilmon are sleeping.

Anchorman: This just in, there are reports of strange sightings along the evacuated Shinjuku area and recently, Shinjuku houses stayed must...

At Jeriís house the cab arrives and Jeriís step mom opens the door and sees them pull up.

Jeriís step mom: Mm...

Mr. Katou steps out of the cab and pulls Jeri out.

Jeriís step mom: Jeri!

She hugs Jeri can Calumon pops up behind Mr. Katouís shoulder.

Calumon: Oh...

Jeriís step mom: Iíve been so worried about you, but youíre safe now.

In the Train Station Takato wakes ad listens to the news.

Anchorman: We have just received footage of the strange apparitions from the Shinjuku area.

Takato: Huh?

He stands up.

Anchorman: Great quantities of a red, formless matter appeared and began engulfing the city.

He looks at the screen and sees The D-Reaper taking over buildings.

Takato: Uh...

Anchorman: Eye witnesses say the substance is increasing at an alarming rate. Experts canít...

Takato: This canít be happening.

Guilmon wakes up.

Guilmon: Whatís going on Takato?

Takato: The Chaos, it followed us home.