Season 3, Episode 42: "Reunion"
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Transcribed By: SteelWarrior

In Yokohama Rika is in a hotel room watching the Chaos on the news.

Anchorman: West Shinjuku has officially been closed to all traffic. Area residents were evacuated yesterday and...

The phone rings.

Rika: This wouldnít be happening if the D-Reaper hadnít followed us.

Rumiko: Yes weíre fine, I guess weíll be staying in a hotel room for a little while. If you need me just call my cell phone.

Rikaís Grandma is staring out the window.

Rumiko: Thanks, you too.

Rikaís Grandma: Honestly Rumiko, they wonít be setting up any photo shoots with all thatís going on.

Rumiko gets up.

Rumiko: Donít you think I know that? Sorry I just need to take my mind off all this.

Rikaís Grandma: I know, itís all so very strange.

Rumiko: Well one good thing has come out it.

Rikaís Grandma: Hm?

She looks at Rika watching the news and Renamon behind her.

Rumiko: At least we can be together as a family again.

Rika: Uh, huh?

She looks at her Mom.

Rika (thinking): Wow, Momís changed even more than me.

At senseiís place Henryís family and their mother are there with Henryís sensei.

Anchorman: Road blocks have been set up around the perimeter and the military is mobilizing but the city remains in a state of panic...

Mrs. Wong is trying to get Janyu on the phone.

Sensei: So you still canít get through?

Mrs. Wong: No.

She looks over.

Mrs. Wong: Huh?

Outside in Shinjuku the Monster Makers are in a van working.

Daisy: Thereís got to be someway to tap into the Hypnosí signal. Maybe if we recycled the power through the frequency modulator we can amplify the signal.

Babble: Weíre gettiní something, yeah itís weak but we are gettiní something.

Daisy: Excellent! Iím going to augment the impedances. Let me know if the connection gets stronger.

The signal shoots up.

Babble: There thatís it!

The signal goes down.

Babble: Shoot! Itís gone again.

Daisy: Iíll tweak the power cycle.

Babble: Itís back! No itís gone. No, oh itís back. Oh, make up your mind you piece of junk!

Yamaki: All right hereís the Hypnos log file, itís a record f everything that went in or out of Hypnos.

He hands Dolphin c.d.ís .

Dolphin: Thanks Yamaki, hey Curly, here ya go! Timeís a wasting!

Outside the van Janyu is on his cell with sensei.

Sensei: Glad you got through

Janyu: So am I, is everything okay?

Sensei: Yes, are you safe?

Janyu: Hm, you know something if I didnít know better Iíd swear you just handed the phone over to my father.

Sensei: Just be careful.

Janyu: Thanks, I will. Can you put Henry on for a minute?

In Senseiís place.

Henry: Is my Dad okay?

Sensei: Yes heís fine, he just wants to talk to you.

Henry takes the phone.

Henry: Hello?

Janyu: Henry, I know youíre gonna be sorely tempted, but so I donít lose all my hair, do me a favor and leave this to us, okay?

Henry: Yeah, okay Dad.

Janyu: Wait, did you just say okay?

On a train to Takatoís auntís house.

Takato: Itís almost weird being back in the Real World.

Guilmon: I guess so, itís always been weird for me.

Takato: Oh yeah, right. Huh?

He looks over and sees two people in he seats next to him.

Takato (thinking): Oh man, I totally forgot about having to keep Guilmon hidden from people. Maybe Iíll get lucky and this guy wonít notice anything.

The man is looking at Takato from the corner of his eye because e see Takatoís looking at him.

Takato: Uh, uh...

The man realizes what Guilmon is and tries to stay calm so he folds up his newspaper and leaves to the next car.

Guilmon: Golly, heís not friendly at all.

Takato: Iíll say.

Man: All right Iíll just warn the conductor, and the police, and the national guard.

Takato hears him and doesnít like what heís saying.

Takato (thinking): Uh-oh weíre in trouble. Man does this ever get easy?

Guilmon: At least, we have the whole car.

Takato starts taking off his jacket.

Takato: Uh yeah, thatís great. Here, ya seem a little cold.

He tosses the jacket on Guilmon.

Guilmon: Huh?

Takato: And it looks good on ya too.

Conductor over microphone: All Hachiouji passengers and transfers for the Yokohama Line disembark at the next stop. And if there are any passengers aboard with animals we ask that you remove them immediately.

He takes out a piece of paper with directions on it.

Takato (thinking): So much for the train, I hope we donít have to walk the rest of the way. Oh well, at least Iím back home with my family.

Flashback to when he got to the Park and his parents were hugging him and then Jeri being tended to by Yamakiís men and Rika.

Takato (thinking): I only wish everyone could be as glad about being back. I wonder if Jeri will ever be happy again. Itís like something inside her broke when she lost Leomon.

End flashback.

Guilmon: You okay Takato?

Takato: Yeah buddy, just thinkiní about some stuff.

They get off the train and Guilmon is still wearing the jacket.

Takato: We sure have had our share of trouble, havenít we boy?

Guilmon: And maybe part of someone elseís share.

Takato: Yeah, and something tells me thereís more on the way.

News guy: Ooh! Ooh! There he is!

Tons of news people crowd around Ryoís car to ask him questions.

News guy #1: Ryo, the world wants to know where youíve been all this time.

News guy #2: Does your reappearance have anything to do with that red blob?

News guy #3: Would you sign an autograph for me? I...I mean for my daughter?

But his Dad puts him in the car, shuts the door.

Ryoís Dad: Please, Ryo is very tired. Why canít you all just leave us alone?

On the ride back home.

Ryoís Dad: Ryo, do you really think itís wise to keep this thing?

Ryo yarns.

Ryo: I really am tired, Dad this thing kept me safe the whole time I was gone. And you can call him Monodramon.

Monodramon: Monodramon, thatís my name!

Ryoís Dad: And I suppose you wanna let him live in your room?

Ryo: I think thatíd be best, unless you want the couch eaten.

Ryoís Dad: Ugh...

Ryo: Huh?

Ryoís Dad: Hm.

Ryo: Whatís the matter Dad?

Ryoís Dad: You think this is funny?

Ryo: Sorry.

Ryoís Dad: I just worry, you know?

Monodramon: Whatís this?

He pushes the radio.

Radio: Police caution that any attempt to...

Monodramon: Whatís this?

He pushes the windshield wipers.

Ryoís Dad: Would you stop touching everything!

Monodramon is scared.

Monodramon: Gee Iím sorry.

Radio: ...that even the paranormal are investing, but so far all theyíve been able to tell is internet connections and some electronics have been disrupted...

In Shinjuku Impmon is walking around.

Impmon: Well the old neighborhood looks as boring as ever.

He jumps the fence to his old house.

Impmon: Hm.

He looks around.

Inside the house Impmonís on the couch flipping through channels.

Impmon: Stupid cable, always on the fritz. Hm.

Impmon checks to see for Ai and Mako.

Impmon (thinking): Jeez, they probably donít even remember me.

He opens the door wider and sees toys all over the ground and the room dirty.

Impmon (thinking): I mean they donít, so what, right? Still, itíd be nice to see íem.

He looks on the dresser and sees Ai and Makoís picture and a note, he knows itís for him cause his pictureís on it.

Impmon (thinking): Wait, is that a note?

Impmon: Wha?!

At Jeriís house her little brother is chasing Calumon.

JeriĎs little brother: No youíre it!

Calumon: I donít know what it is, but I love it!

He trips and starts to cry.

Calumon: Oh, did you wanna be it now?

Jeriís step mom opens the door and aids him.

Jeriís step Mom: Is everything okay? Did you fall down? Oh.

She helps him up.

Jeriís step Mom: There ya go, there isnít even a bruise. See?

He stops crying.

Jeriís step Mom: All better now.

Calumon: Momís have magical powers.

Calumon senses something behind him and looks.

Calumon: Oh?

He sees Jeri right next to him.

Jeriís brother: Mom...look at Jeri...

Jeriís step Mom: Jeri, are you okay? Do you want the bathroom dear? Itís just right down the hall and to the left.

She walks forward a little.

Jeriís step mom: Huh?

Jeri gets down on all fours and pins her brother down and breathes heavily.

Jeriís step mom: What are you doing?

Jeri: All better now, all better now.

Her little brother starts to cry.

Jeriís step mom: Jeri let go of him, okay?

She looks at her step mom.

Jeriís step mom: Jeri?

Jeri smiles.

Calumon: Oh...

He retracts his ears.

Calumon: If thatís what it is, I donít wanna be it ever again.

At a train station Takato is calling his Mom.

Conductor: The Orange Line is currently experiencing technical difficulties, a maintenance crew is attending to the problem, thank you for your time.

Takatoís Mom: Takato? Takato, is that you?

Takato: Mom.

Takatoís Mom: Oh, it is, yes it is. Oh Takato, come home. I know you wanna go out there and save the world but itís too dangerous! Please, just come home!

He takes the phone away from his face and starts to hang up.

Takatoís Mom: Hello, Takato? Are you okay? Takato, I know youíre there, answer me!

He turns the pone back.

Takato: Iím sorry Mom, I love you but I have to do this!

Takatoís Mom: Takat!

He hangs up cutting her off.

Guilmon: Takato.

Takato: Come on, letís go!

Takato grabs Guilmon and they run out of the station.

At the West Shinjuku Gate the army is there.

Army guy: Sir, everythingís on track! The area is secure and the command post has been outfitted with the Eagle Eye surveillance system. Weíve got helicopters patrolling on a 5-10 grid and using varying radio frequencies so they canít be jammed. The men are now equipped with defense shields bio-terror gear. Sir, we are good to go!

Army guy #2: All units prepare to move out on my order!

In the hotel room Rika is watching and biting her thumb.

Anchorman: The military is confident but even they acknowledge that they donít know what theyíre up against.

Renamon: This isnít something that can be fought with guns, theyíll be crushed.

Rika stands up.

Rika: I know, weíve gotta do something. Uh...

She sees her mother, holding bag, standing by the door.

Rumiko: You two are going out there, arenít you?

Rika: Mom...

Rumiko: You know, back when I got married everyone tried to tell me I was too young.

Rika (thinking): Here we go again.

Rumiko: But I didnít listen. Turns out my daughter is as stubborn I was. You should be allowed to make your own decisions.

Rika: Huh?

Rumiko: Like I did.

She walks to Rika.

Rumiko: If you are going out there maybe you could wear this for me.

She hands her the bag and Rika pulls out a shirt with a full heart t-shirt instead of a broken one.

Rika: Oh Mom.

Rumiko: Well I just thought it might bring you luck, besides...

She opens her jacket to show sheís wearing a full heart t-shirt that red and pink.

Rika: Oh Mom!

Rumiko: We match.

Rika: Oh Mom.

They both laugh.

Rika: Hm.

Renamon: Thank you.

Rika puts on her jacket over her new shirt and leaves with Renamon.

Rika: Letís go!

Renamon: Right!

Rumiko: But, be careful!

The door slams shut.

Rumiko: Oh, I hope Iíve done the right thing. Have I done the right thing, Mom?

Rikaís Grandma: I think you did. She wouldíve gone anyway, but now she goes knowing that you love her.

Rumiko: I know. I know, you think that love is enough to keep her safe?

Rikaís Grandma: Mm hm.

At Shinjuku the men are preparing to go inside the D-Reaper to take some footage.

Man #1: The cameraís ready to document the phenomenon, I just wish I were.

Army guy #1: Sir, the divisions are fully mobilized!

Leader: Thanks private, youíre dismissed.

Army guy #1: Sir yes sir!

Leader: Men, take a good, long look up there, thatís the enemy. And we will defeat it, I assure you! We have to.

The D-Reaper has engulfed many buildings and a huge part of the city.

In the Hypnosí van, Janyu is on the computer.

Janyu: Yamaki, youíd better come look at this.

Yamaki: Janyu, is this?

Janyu: Mm hm, thatís right. A record of Hypnos being taken over by something.

On the screen 0ís and 1ís start to develop on the screen.

Janyu: Something thatís not a digimon, you can see its signature in the code if you look hard enough.

Yamaki: Then itís not just digimon...that have the power to come into this world.

Janyu: Unfortunately not, but what that thing is I have no idea.

At Senseiís place.

Suzie: If you wanna fit in you have to learn to talk right.

Lopmon: Oh Suzie, do I have to?

Suzie: Hey, thatís perfect Lopmon! Now try ĎI donít wanna go to bed yet!í

Lopmon: But, I do.

Suzie: No, you never want to go to bed.

Lopmon: Uh...

Lopmon urns to Terriermon.

Terriermon: Moumantai.

Lopmon sighs.

Lopmon: Iím so exhausted.

Suzie: Hey! What did I just say about bed?

Suzie yawns.

Suzie: Oh, now youíve got me doing it too.

Lopmon: Oh...

Terriermon: Huh? Ooh, did something just attack?

He falls back asleep.

Henry: You were right Sensei, the Devas didnít think they were evil because they believed in what they were doing.

Sensei: Hm, itís like the clouds.

He looks outside and Henry does the same.

Henry: Clouds?

Sensei: What do we know about clouds?

Henry: Theyíre cumulous?

Sensei: True, but they also move between us and the sun creating areas of shadow. And as the clouds move they move the shadows with them. The dark becomes light and the light becomes darkness, so it is with the perception of truth.

Henry: So can you know whatís true? Or do you just have to trust that what youíre doing is right?

Sensei: Very few things are absolute, Henry. Not even our own existence, for example take the border between the Real World and the Digital World.

Henry: What do you mean?

Sensei: To the average person thereís a clear distinction between those worlds, that one contains living beings and the other does not. Isnít that right? But you see that both are real and both contain living creatures, so perhaps thereís no distinction between them at all and no real border.

In Shinjuku thereís no one around and Takato and Guilmon are walking, Guilmon still with the coat on him.

Guilmon: Takato can I take this off? Iím hot.

Takato: Well, I donít know Guilmon.

Guilmon: Well I sure do, I feel like a big, olí, boily lobster under here.

Takato: You kinda look like one.

Guilmon: Hey!

Takato: Oh what the heck, thereís no one around. Go ahead.

He takes off the jacket and sees what Takato said.

Guilmon: Wow youíre right, this place is empty.

Takato: Yeah all the sane people have left.

Guilmon: Do you think we can beat the D-Reaper?

Takato: I donít know buddy, but we gotta try.

On a bridge to the D-Reaper Kyubimon is running with Rika on her back and Rika sees traffic cones to tell people to stay away.

Rika: Thatís not gonna stop anyone.

Kyubimon jumps the hurdles an continues.

Back at Shinjuku there are army guys blocking the way to the Chaos and Takato and Guilmon are behind another building.

Guilmon: How are we gonna get past those guys?

Takato: I donít know, but we gotta come up with a plan.

Guilmon: Ooh!

Takato: What? Do you have an idea?

Guilmon: No, I just like it when we come up with plans. Ha ha.

Takato: Guilmon.

Guilmon: Hm, sorry.

Takato: Maybe you can digivolve and break through. No, thatís not gonna work. If we do that theyíll probably just think weíre the enemy, and they already donít trust digimon.

Guilmon: But if thereís no other way, then maybe I should just go ahead and digivolve.

Takato: Wait a sec, just give me some time to think.

Guilmon: Oh...

Takato: Hm...

Guilmon: that enough time?

Takato: Guilmon!

At Senseiís Henry and his Mom are sitting, talking about Henry going to the fight.

Henry: Iím pretty sure Takatoís gone down there and I know Rikaís there.

Henryís Mom: And you want to go too?

Henry: Yes! But after talking to Sensei Iím all confused, I mean I know that the D-Reaper has to be stopped but how can I be sure that fighting it or whatever is the right thing. Plus I told Dad I wouldnít go.

Henryís Mom: So what are you gonna do?

Henry: I donít know, I donít think I have a choice.

Henryís Mom: No choice?

Henry: Huh?

Henryís Mom: Of course you have a choice, Henry! You donít automatically have to rush out and put yourself into danger, you know? I mean you could get seriously hurt out there all of you could!

Henry: Oh Mom.

Henryís Mom: The choices you make affect other people. Sometimes it affects them greatly, like when they have to sit home worrying about what might be happening to you Henry.

Henry: Mom, I...

Henryís Mom: What?

Henry: Hm...Mom I know that youíre worried about me, but believe me, weíre the only ones who know what weíre up against in Shinjuku. Only Takato, Rika, and I have a real shot at beating it. We canít just sit back and ignore it and hope that this thing will go away because itís not going to.

Henryís Mom: Oh Henry, I guess I shouldíve known you would say something like that. Itís just amazing to me, every day you seem to get more and more like your father.

Henry: And thatís bad?

Henryís Mom: No, itís good, it just sometimes gets you into trouble. There was onetime when your father was just starting out, just trying to build a name for himself. This poor friend of his was living in Hong Kong and his house burned down, your father didnít hesitate one bit, he quit his job even though he didnít know if he could get another one, then went to help. Said he couldnít call himself a friend otherwise.

In the van.

Janyu: Hereís a copy of the log file.

He hands the c.d. to Curly.

Yamaki: I donít understand. Why did it attack Hypnos and appear here? Did Hypnos mark a weak point between the worlds? Or did Hypnos enable it to appear? Maybe this is all my fault, what have I done?

Janyu puts his hand on Yamakiís shoulder.

Back at Senseiís.

Henryís Mom: So I guess I canít fault you for wanting to help your friends.

Henry gets optimistic sheíd let him go.

Henry: Yeah?

Henryís Mom: But I still donít want you to go.

Henry: Oh.

Henryís Mom: Henry, I donít know what to tell you. I know you probably have to go out and save the world, but we just got you back and I donít know if I can stand the thought of losing you again.

In a bedroom.

Lopmon: A bath? I donít need one.

Suzie: Perfect! You sound just like me!

Lopmon: Uh...

Terriermon walks by.

Terriermon: Psst!

Lopmon: Hm?

Terriermon waves at her.

Lopmon: Youíre leaving?!

In the main room Henry is standing while his Mom is still on the ground crying.

Henryís Mom: Henry, if you have to go then go.

Henry starts for the door.

Henry: Donít worry, Iíll be fine.

Henryís Mom: I hope so Henry, I really do.

Henry turns and puts his hands together an closes his eyes to show respect for his Mom.

Henry: I love you Mom, I just...have to go. Just remember that, okay?

In Shinjuku the army moves forward with tanks with men marching behind.

Leader: Just remember to stay behind the tank, men. Itíll protect you if that thing attacks.

Army guy: Sir, but what about us guys inside the tank when it attacks?

Leader: All right cut the chat! Weíre gettiní close.

Army guy: Yes sir, but do we have to get this close?

They move in on the D-Reaper.

At Jeriís house.

Jeriís step mom: Jeri? Jeri where are you?

Her little brother is playing with a toy car.

Jeriís little brother: Vroom! Vroom! Vroom! Vroom!

Jeriís step mom: Masahiko, do you know where Jeri is?

Masahiko :She went out somewhere.

Jeriís step mom: Out somewhere? Outside?

Masahiko: No, there!

He points to a corner.

Jeriís step mom: What do you mean? The laundry room?

He continues to point.

Jeriís step mom: Well if you put it that way.

She steps forward. And looks into the darkness.

Jeriís step mom: Hello? Jeri?

No answer.

Jeriís step mom: Jeri? Are you back there?

No answer still.

Jeriís step mom: This isnít funny anymore. If youíre just hiding Iím going to be very upset with you.

She turns on the light and sees nothing at the end.

Jeriís step mom: Jeri?

In Shinjuku the men continue to march.

Leader: Men, weíre about to walk into the belly of the beast. Letís stay strong. This is the most important thing youíll ever do.

Camera guy: Sir Iím getting some strange readings here, the battery levelís all over the place and uh!

The extension cord is stopped and heís jerked backwards catching the menís attention.

Camera guy: Hey! Uh!

Heís pulled and he letís go letting whatever trying to take the camera take it.

Camera guy: Man down! Man down!

Leader: Itís attacking! Maintain your positions!

On the way to Shinjuku Takato and Guilmon are walking down the street and stop at the flood tunnel at the other end of town.

Takato: Here we go.

Guilmon: Here?

Takato: Yeah, donít you remember? Weíve been here before, it connects to that big underground waterway.

Flashback to the first time in the waterway and end flashback.

Guilmon: Oh yeah, big, scary underground waterway. Whenever I go in here it seems like something bad happens.

Takato: I canít believe that no oneís guarding it, but that works out great for us. Thisíll take us all the way to the center of the Park. I just hope that the D-Reaper doesnít have a trap or something waiting for us down here.

Guilmon: Well Iím not scared.

Takato: Then neither am I.

Rika: Hey goggle head!

Takato and Guilmon: Huh? Hm?

They look around for Rika and see her on top of the bridge.

Rika: You werenít thinking of going without me, were you?

Takato: Rika! No, no of course not.

Rika: So what are you doing down in that tunnel, then?

Takato: Oh well see, Guilmon and I were going to find a phone to call you and...hey wait a minute! You ere just about to go after the D-Reaper without calling me, werenít you?

Rika: Guilty.

Takato: Well come on.

Henry: What about me?

Takato and Rika: Henry!

Henry rides up to the side.

Terriermon: what about me?

Takato: Yeah, you too.

Terriermon: Thatís better!

Rika: Well hurry up already.

Takato: Yeah. What you think weíd try to do this by ourselves?

Rika: Weíd never do that.

Henry: Funny, cause thatís what it looks like youíre doing.

Rika and Takato: No! Nu uh!

Rika takes off her jacket.

Takato: Uh-oh, the jacket is coming off.

She tosses it in the air.

Rika: Thatís right boys, playtimeís over.

Back at Shinjuku the other army guys are helping the camera guy up.

Army guy #1: Are you okay?

Camera guy: Yeah, what was that?

Leader: Shake it off son, weíve got a job to do.

He sees the camera being dragged away.

Leader: Quick men, this might be our chance to surprise that thing.

They move in.

Leader: All right, stay sharp and move out.

They progress forward.

In the tunnel.

Guilmon: Well nothing bad has happened so far, but itís still scary.

Renamon: Wait till we face the D-Reaper .

Terriermon: Oh, whyíd you have to go and remind us of that?

Renamon: Because weíve got to come up with a plan to handle it.

Terriermon: You mean beating up on it isnít plan enough?

Renamon: If it frightens the Sovereign it is not to be taken lightly.

Terriermon: It canít be taken lightly, itís the size of a house!

Guilmon: I think Renamonís right Terriermon, I mean sheís always been right before so why not now?

Renamon: Why thank you.

Terriermon: Renamon and Guilmon sittiní in a tree!

Rika looks at Takato seeing him look at her.

Rika: Hm?

He turns red and turns his head.

Henry (thinking): Um, whatís goiní on here?

Rika: Well what?

Takato: Oh, nothing.

Rika: Mm hm.

Takato (thinking): Just keep walking, pretend sheís not staring at you, and keep quiet!

Takato: I just wanted to say that, that shirt looks good.

Rika turns red.

Takato (thinking): Oh, great job of keeping quiet.

Henry (thinking): Hm, just keep walking.

In Shinjuku the army is still following the camera.

All: Huh?

They see bird-like creatures, Agents of the D-Reaper #02 the Searcher(ADR), against the side of two buildings, but donít know what they are.

All: Whoa.

Leader: All right, relax, theyíre just sittiní here.

The ADRís fly off the wall.

Leader: Aw nuts!

They shoot upward.

Leader: Move it! Move it! And get me Air Support now!

Army guy: Sir yes sir!

At the end of the tunnel.

Takato: Sure was a long tunnel.

Guilmon: Some of us are still looking a little scared.

Takato opens the door and they all step out.

Guilmon senses something.

Guilmon: Hm? Hm, hey that sounds like fireworks.

They walk to where they can see things

Henry: Oh no!

Takato: Does this mean weíre too late?

Henry: I donít know, but Iíll tell ya what it does mean.

In the air the army is shooting at another ADR, itís ADR #03 the Pendulum Feet

Henry: Now we have to deal with the D-Reaper and the army.

Takato: Great, twice as much fun.

Rika: What are those birds?

Henry: The D-Reaper?

Rika: We know so little about it.

Takato (thinking): Yeah, except that it can destroy us all.