Season 3, Episode 43: "Beelzemon's Big Day"
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Transcribed By: SteelWarrior

The tamers and digimon run over to get a better view.

Rika: Whoa!

Henry: This sure isnít gonna be easy.

Takato: Yeah but really, when has it ever been easy for us?

Rika: Why are they even bothering? Shooting at that thing isnít gonna do any good.

Henry: Hey I donít see us doing any better. Please if you know the way to defeat it, I would love to hear it.

Rika: Well weíre not gonna get anywhere with that kinda attitude.

Takato: Come on guys, weíve gotta figure this out. Should w digivolve, throw pinecones at it? Or just pray?

Two big eyes appear in front of them.

All: Wha?

Takato: What is that? Itís staring right at us.

More eyes appear.

Takato: I mean really staring right at us.

The eyes belong to the wings of The Searchers as they fully show themselves.

All: Whoa.

Takao: Okay, Iím freaked out.

On Searcher moves forward to the tamers, stops and stares at them making the tamers nervous and two more move forward.

Takato: What are they?

Henry: Are they digimon?

Terriermon: I donít think so.

The Searcher tilts its head.

Terriermon: Iíd know if they were.

Guilmon: Maybe theyíre the D-Reaperís pets. But why would he keep all of his birdies on a leash?

Takato: Iím not sure I wanna find out.

Renamon: They must be some sort of advanced scouts.

The Searcher nods.

Rika: You sure theyíre not here to weird us out? Cause theyíre doiní a great job of that.

Henry: Why are they just staring?

Terriermon: Well you guys are a pretty goofy lookiní bunch.

Guilmon tries to touch it but Takato pulls his hand away.

Takato: Guilmon!

Guilmon: Huh?

Takato: Are you nuts?! If that thingís part of the D-Reaper then if you touch it all your data will disappear.

Guilmon: I know that, I just needed a little reminder.

More Searchers appear.

Henry: Guys, whatís wrong with this picture?

Takato: Do you think that we should um...

Henry: Run like crazy? Good idea.

They all run.

Guilmon stays and stares back at the Searchers.

Takato: Guilmon! What are you doing?

Guilmon: Staring contest.

Takato: Come on!

Takato runs back and pulls Guilmon.

Guilmon: But I was winning!

They all run and all the Searchers turns to watch.

Rika: Theyíre not following, maybe theyíre afraid of us.

Renamon: Or so unconcerned about us that weíre not worth chasing.

Henry: Way to stay positive Renamon. We gotta find some place to hide!

Takato: Hey, I know a place where no one think weíd go! The school!

The next day, the tamers and digimon wake up at Takato and Henryís school.

Takato: The only thing worse than waking up and going to school is waking up and being in school. Huh?

Henry and Terriermon are sleeping on desks, Rika is laying on the bookshelf with Renamon sleeping, sitting next to her, and Guilmon is sleeping on the windowsill.

Takato gets up and looks out the window, waking Guilmon, he sees the D-Reaper on the city and gets depressed.

Takato: Hm...

Guilmon: Morning already?

Takato: Yeah.

Guilmon: Hm.

Takato: I was hoping it was a dream.

Henry: Well it isnít and weíre the only ones that can deal with it.

Rika and Renamon get up.

Takato: Huh?

Rika: Well Iím awake.

Terriermon: Five more minutes.

Takato: Ha ha.

Guilmon: Hey Takato, can we eat soon, please?

Takato: You know some of us arenít hungry all the ti...

Guilmon: Huh?

Takatoís stomach growls and Guilmon and the others hear it.

Terriermon laughs along with Takato and Guilmon.

Guilmon: Thatís not what your stomachís saying. Ha ha.

At Takatoís house he opens the side door with a key.

Takato: Well, we can get breakfast here.

All: Nice job!

Takato: Well, we have to make it first.

All: Oh...

Inside the bakery Takato looks for the ingredients.

Takato: Come on guys, how hard can it be? Okay thereís gotta be some kind of bread mix around here.

He looks in the fridge.

Takato: You mean my parents make this stuff from scratch? Maybe this wonít be so easy. Well at least weíve got all the bread makings

Henry: But can we make it?

Takato: We can make something.

Rika: Yeah, but will that something kill us?

Takato turns on the faucet.

Takato: Great, weíve got water.

He turns it off and goes to the stove.

Rika: Well thereís nothing more filling than water.

Takato: And the gas is working. So, looks like weíre all gonna be making bread this morning.

Guilmon: Finally! Guilmon bread! Ha ha!

Rika: Well itís official, weíre all gonna get food poisoning.

Renamon: Rika!

Rika: Hm?

Terriermon: Okay! I get dibs on Rikaís share!

Henry: Thatís if Guilmon doesnít eat the whole thing first.

Takato: Come on letís get started. Now where are those hairnets?

Outside the van Riley is standing there and in a different building Yamakiís scientists and the Monster Makers are there.

Janyu: Put the land runners on the table and Iíll grab the monitor.

He lifts it.

Janyu: Oh, I thought these were supposed to get smaller and lighter, not turn into lead.

Yamaki is staring out the window and Janyu walks to him.

Janyu: Well everythingís just about hooked up. Yamaki, are you okay?

Yamaki: I suppose. Just trying to get a better idea of what our enemy is up to.

Janyu: Having any luck?

Yamaki: No, but it seems to be avoiding the Park.

Daisy walks up.

Daisy: Maybe itís because of all the organic life.

Janyu: I donít know Daisy, I mean thereís plenty of biological life all over the city. That didnít seem to stop it from coming here.

Yamaki: I agree, the organic component may not be a factor. I just wish we had more information about that thing.

He turns to Janyu.

Yamaki: Still we should look into the Park, the key to defeating the D-Reaper may lie there. Iíll go investigate, you guys keep working here.

Janyu: Just be careful.

In the bakery Guilmon sneezes from the powder and causes all the powder to float around the room.

Guilmon: Huh?

Takato protects himself and stares at Guilmon strangely, Henry and Terriermon look at Guilmon, Terriermon giggles at him and Rika laughs at Guilmon and Renamon seems shocked Rikaís laughing.

Later they puts the bread into the oven.

Takato: Now we just wait for it to bake.

Guilmon: Oh, we always have to wait for everything.

Terriermon: You always have to eat everything.

Minutes pass by and everyone changes position while Guilmon just stares into the oven, watching the bread bake.

Guilmon: So? Whatís your point?

The timer goes off and they all are excited.

All: Ah.

They all have their bread in their hands.

Renamon: Well Rika, what do you have to say for yourself now? Hm?

Rika: Just pass the butter, will ya?

They all laugh.

In another part of town two women run away scared from Impmon whoís holding up his note from Ai and Mako.

Impmon: Donít be like that, I ainít gonna bite cha or nothing. Uh...

Another man walks by.

Impmon: Ah. Hey, do me a favor bub and read this, huh?

He looks up and sees Impmon.

Man: But youíre, I canít. Ah!

He bolts past Impmon and Impmon is wondering why everyoneís running away from him.

Impmon: Huh? Come on, what did I ever do to you? Canít you tell when somebodyís trying to be friendly, you big jerk!

He looks at the note.

Impmon: Oh, Iíll never get this thing figured out.

Henryís Sensei: Maybe I can help.

Impmon: Huh? Seriously? Uh, thatíd be swell, mister. Uh, just read this for me would ya?

He turns to note around and shows Sensei.

Sensei: I suppose I could since you asked so nicely.

He looks at it.

Sensei: Let me see. ĎImpmon, weíve gone to visit our grandma in Hongo,í and itís signed Ai and Mako.

Impmon: Hongo? Is that some kind of buffalo?

Sensei points to the train station.

Sensei: Itís a stop on the subway, just board the train and then ride it for five stops, thatís Hongo. Youíll be there before you know it.

Impmon: Five stops, huh? That doesnít sound too hard, thatís a lot pally.

Sensei: Youíre welcome.

He starts to run to the subway then stops.

Impmon: Hm.

Sensei: Yes?

Impmon: How come you ainít runniní away screaminí like all the others?

Sensei: The answer is simple, your outer form is unimportant. Itís your inner life that defines your true nature and not a misperception of malice.

Impmon: I have no idea what you just said, but it sure sounded good.

Impmon continues to the subway.

Impmon: Okay, four stops to Hongo, no five? Four? Iíll find it.

Sensei (thinking): Good luck my little friend.

At Shinjuku the army is still there waiting for orders and Riley and tally are watching.

Tally: Well I guess thereís no sense in getting comfortable.

Riley: Thatís for sure.

Riley looks over at the D-Reaper .

Riley: If that thing doesnít make us move the military will.

In the base of the army Yamaki is there.

Leader: Look I appreciate the offer of help, but weíve got it covered.

Yamaki: But you donít know what youíre up against.

They receive a phone call.

Army guy #1: The missile is up and ready to be deployed sir.

Leader: Excellent launch it.

Arm guy #1: Launch missile.

Yamaki: But this isnít the kind of enemy you can fight with conventional weapons!

Leader: Donít worry this isnít a conventional missile.

Yamaki: What?

The missile is shot and it heads for the D-Reaper leaving behind a long cable.

The missile reaches the D-Reaper and gets stuck in it.

In the headquarters.

Leader: You see we understand the need for intelligence too Mr. Yamaki. Thisíll let us see inside the life form.

On the screen a picture of inside the D-Reaper is shown.

Leader: Hey, what in the world?

Yamaki: Its looks like theyíre absorbing the building.

Army guy #1: Sir, weíre losing picture.

Inside the D-Reaper the D-Reaper is absorbing he camera.

Leader: Is it just attacking the camera because itís there? Or does it know weíre watching it?

The cameraís view is cut off.

Yamaki: Looks like it knows the value of surveillance too.

On the subway Impmon is thinking about what Sensei said to him.

Impmon: My outer doesnít matter, my inner tells, uh. Hm.

He looks around and sees people staring at him.

Impmon: Hm? Hm? Yeah Iím talking to myself, so what?

All the people are sitting and standing away from Impmon.

At Takatoís house.

Takato: Ah, thatís the best bread I ever had.

He sits back in his chair while Guilmon is admiring his Guilmon bread and eating it.

Henry: Yeah it turned out great. Now if we could only beat the D-Reaper by baking bread weíd be set.

Renamon senses something.

Renamon: Huh?

Renamon stands up.

Rika: What is it, Renamon?

Renamon: A car.

All: Hm?

Takato: What?

Renamon: I wasnít sure at first, but itís definitely a car. And itís coming this way.

Takato: Who is it?

Henry: And why would they be coming here? Sounds like trouble.

The doorbell rings and they all get up to answer it.

At the door Takato opens it to see Yamaki, Riley and Tally.

Takato: Yeah um, who is it? Huh? Yamaki!

Yamaki: I had a feeling youíd be here.

Takato: Yeah, but what in the world are you doing here? And you brought friends, wait a minute I know you. You come here all the time to buy bread and those day old bagels.

Riley: Hey, howís it going?

Yamaki: Those bagels were day old?

In the other building.

Janyu: Great! Weíre all set up.

Daisy: Now comes the hard part. Hm?

Daisy turns and sees Shibumi on the stairs.

Janyu: Daisy, what is it?

She points to the stairs and everyone looks and sees Shibumi.

Shibumi: Am I too late to help?

Dolphin: Shibumi!

Shibumi: In the flesh, surprisingly enough.

Janyu: Shibumi youíre alive!

Curly: Where have you been all this time?

Shibumi walks down the stairs.

Shibumi: I was having a mid-winterís dream.

Flashback to him in the hospital I his coma.

End flashback.

They all gather around him as he gets down farther.

Shibumi: When I woke up I knew you needed some idea of what you were up against.

Janyu: Are you saying you actually know what that thing is?

Shibumi: Yes of course, the D-Reaper.

In Takatoís house.

Yamaki: The D-reaper? How did it get here?

Henry: We first saw it in the Digital World. Somehow it followed the arc that brought us home.

Yamaki: Hm, now itís all starting to make sense. I wonder if this is what attacked Hypnos before.

In the building.

Shibumi: The essence of the D-Reaper is that it deletes anything thatís exceeded its allotted space. Anything thatís grown beyond its boundaries becomes a target to be eliminated. It really is quite an elegant little program.

Daisy: Yeah well that elegant little program is about to turn our city, and maybe even our whole planet, into an elegant little wasteland. So what can we do about it?

Shibumi: The D-Reaper was around long before we started work on the Digimon Project. When we expanded the network the beings within the network began to develop into more advanced forms of data.

Janyu: The digimon have exceeded their parameters. That explains why the D-Reaper is attempting to delete them, but why is it in our world?

Shibumi: Digimon arenít the only beings that have evolved, it seems the D-Reaper thinks that mankind has developed far beyond its allotted space as well.

In Takatoís house.

Yamaki: Listen Takato, itís vitally important you tell me everything you know about this thing. Do you have any idea what it wants with us?

Takato: Believe me if we knew weíd tell you.

A loud bang sound occurs.

All: Huh?

They all rush outside and see the D-Reaper is being striked at again.

Guilmon: Donít these guys ever rest?

Takato: Theyíre starting to fight the D-Reaper again.

Yamaki: I told them they canít beat it that way. Theyíre only putting themselves in danger.

At the fight.

Army guy #1: Birds are in position and ready, the tanks are gonna go too.

Leader: Fire at will!

All the helicopters and tanks shoot at the Pendulum Feet.

In Hongo Impmon looks for Ai and Mako.

Impmon: Man, this Hongo place is big enough to hide a small country. But what if I never find them? If I donít...then theyíll never know how sorry I am.

On a rooftop.

Impmon: Whatís the use? Iím never gonna find Ai and Mako, but I know theyíre close by I can feel it.

Ai and Mako walk out of the house heís on top of walking their dog which is barking at Impmon.

Impmon: I donít believe it.

Ai: Whatís wrong?

They look up and see Impmon.

Mako: Oh.

Ai: Itís Impmon, hi.

Impmon looks at the dog.

Impmon: Yay, Impmonís back! Impmon came back to us!

Impmon: Hi guys, whatís up?

Back in Shinjuku the army is still shooting at the D-Reaper, but it has no affect.

Army guy #1: Sir, reports are coming in! the enemy remains unharmed!

Leader: Thatís impossible, the shots were on target.

The Pendulum Feet begins to spin and move towards them.

Leader: Ah!

Army guy #1: Sir, thatís not a real confidence builder.

Army guy #2: Sir, what should we do?

Leader: Uh, I donít know. Maybe it canít be destroyed.

Outside the fight zone the van arrives.

Takato: Stop here!

The tamers and digimon run out with Yamaki, Riley, and Tally following.

Takato: See that little guy flying around? Maybe itís the D-Reaper and the rest is just its field. So we might not have to fight the whole thing, just the little guy.

Terriermon: Finally, we get to fight a little guy.

Henry: But what if youíre wrong?

Takato: Then weíre really no worse off than when I came up with this idea. And thereís only one way to find out if Iím right or not.

Tamers: Digi-Modify! Matrix Digivolution Activate!

D-power: Matrix digivolution.

Terriermon: Terriermon matrix digivolve to...

Renamon: Renamon matrix digivolve to...

Guilmon: Guilmon matrix digivolve to...

Rapidmon: Rapidmon!

Taomon: Taomon!

WarGrowlmon: WarGrowlmon!

They all fly in.

Takato: Itís up to you now guys!

Yamaki: Amazing. So this is digivolution.

At Ai and Makoís Grandmaís house theyíre playing with the dog.

Grandma: Okay you two, Iím going to go out shopping, so be good while Iím gone, all right?

Ai and Mako: Kay!

Grandma: And remember, by being good I donít mean gluing your brother to the floor again. The neighbors still laugh at me, toodles!

Ai: Impmon, you can come out now.

Impmon taps his fingers against the wood of the doghouse.

Impmon: Dogs stink.

Back at Shinjuku Pendulum Feet shoot Chaos balls at the digimon.

Takato: Careful, those might erase you!

WarGrowlmon defends himself.

Henry: Go get him Rapidmon!

Rapidmon: Rapid Fire!

The missile destroys the ball.

Rika: Go Taomon!

Taomon: Talisman Spell!

The shield protects her and destroys the ball.

On the opposite side the army sees the digimon attacking the D-Reaper.

Army guy #1: Sir, something is engaging the enemy!

Leader: What?! Give me those binoculars!

He looks through.

Leader: This is nuts, we canít just sit back and rely on a bunch of kids and their digital pets.

Yamaki walks out from behind him.

Yamaki: Really?

Leader: Huh?

Yamaki: Theyíre doing better than you, sir.

In Hongo Impmon is on the couch with Ai and Mako giving him everything.

Ai: Drink this.

They put down two glasses with drinks.

Mako: This too.

Ai: Oh hold on.

Mako: Yeah.

They run back and return.

Ai: Snacks.

Mako: Eat up, yummy.

Ai: Ooh, I almost forgot.

They run back.

Impmon: Come on guys, you donít need to go to all this trouble, Iím fi...

They bring they teddy bear they ripped in half.

Ai: Do you remember our teddy bear, Impmon? Heís all fixed up now.

Mako: Mommy sure did a good job on him, huh?

He sees the sewn patch.

Ai: You remember donít you?

Flashback to Impmon on the rooftop overlooking Ai and Mako rip their teddy bear in half, fall on the ground crying and Impmon shuddering.

End flashback.

Ai: Mako and I decided weíre going to share all of our toys from now on, Impmon.

Mako: Itís because of all our fighting that you left, isnít it? Thatís why we decided to stop fighting and share so that way youíd never leave again.

Ai: Weíre so sorry Impmon.

Impmon looks like heís going to cry and turns his head.

Ai: Please forgive us.

Mako: Pretty please Impmon?

Impmon: Forgive you? Yeah sure.

Ai and Mako turn to each other happily.

Back at Shinjuku.

WarGrowlmon: Atomic Blaster!

Rapidmon: Bunny Blaster!

They shoot at Pendulum Feet but he creates the barrier Taomon did.

Taomon: Oh no.

The blasts hit the barrier making an explosion.

Taomon: That was the same as my shield.

The smoke clears leaving Pendulum Feet unharmed.

He opens his mouth and shoot WarGrowlmonís Atomic Blaster back at WarGrowlmon sending WarGrowlmon back and on the ground Takato feels every hit and is thrown back as well.

Henry: Huh, Takato! Rapidmon, watch out! Heís copying our attacks somehow!

Rapidmon: Do you ever have any good news?

From behind Rapidmon Pendulum Feet shoots more Chaos balls at him and they hit him.

Rapidmon: Ah!

Henry feels his pain and is sent back too.

Pendulum feet moves to Taomon spinning like two blades cutting Taomon.

Taomon: Ah!

Rika feels the pain too.

In Ai and Makoís Grandmaís house Impmon is eating a banana.

Ai: How is it?

Mako: Itís yummy, huh?

Impmon: Mm hm...

Ai: Do you want some more?

Mako: Cause we can make more.

Ai: Do you want to watch TV?

Mako: Ooh yeah.

He grabs the remote and turns it on and itís showing the digimon being attacked by Pendulum Feet.

Anchorman: The fight with the entity has been joined by strange monsters called digimon.

The broadcast catches Impmonís attention.

Anchorman: Whether the cure will be worse than the disease remains to be seen.

Impmon: Iíve gotta go.

Ai: What?

Mako: Oh.

Ai: Youíre really gonna leave us again?

Mako: But you just got here, I donít want you to go, did we do something wrong?

Ai: Whatever we did weíre sorry, please donít go.

Impmon: I donít wanna go I...have to.

He turns to the TV again to see his friends.

Impmon: My friends are in trouble, they need my help.

Ai and Mako turn to the TV too.

Ai and Mako: Huh?

Anchorman: The entity seems to be defeating them.

Ai: Will you come back?

Mako: You will wonít you?

Impmon: You bet, Iíll be back in time for supper I promise.

Impmon runs out of the house to Shinjuku.

Ai and Mako: Impmon wait!

They follow him.

Impmon: Hm?

Mako: Here thisíll help.

Impmon: Huh?

Mako: Itís my favorite and you can blast all the bad guys with it.

Impmon: Mako...awesome!

Impmon takes the gun.

Impmon: They wonít know what hit íem.

Ai: Impmon...

She walks to Impmon.

Ai: We sure love you.

She kisses Impmon on the cheek and he blushes.

Impmon: Whoa! Donít be sappy.

He backs away embarrassed.

Impmon: Youíre making me all embarrassed here with that junk.

Impmon turns.

Impmon: But, I love you too.

He starts to run toward Shinjuku.

Impmon: I canít believe I just said that.

Mako: Heís cominí back isnít he?

Ai: Of course, he said he would.

Impmon runs down the street with the gun.

Impmon: Who am I kiddiní? Promisiní to be back, a sought up little pip squeak with a toy gun. Iím gonna get torn apart. Still, I gotta help íem!

Impmon turns into Beelzemon and keeps running.

Beelzemon looks at the toy gun in his hands and it turns into a huge usable gun attached to his arm.

Beelzemon: You know Mako, this might just come in handier than you think. Excellent.

Beelzemon closes his eyes and big, black wings sprout from his back.

Beelzemon: Iíve never felt this kind of power before.

Beelzemonís eyes change from red to green.

Beelzemon: and this time Iím fightiní for whatís right!

He takes off flying.

Beelzemon: Feels pretty good when you got someone to fight for. Hey, who knew?

In Shinjuku the digimon are tired but the Pendulum Feet is fresh and tilts his head and looks at them.

Rapidmon: How can we beat this guy if he keeps turning his attacks against us? Itís like beating up myself.

Taomon (thinking): Maybe the D-Reaper canít be beaten, Iíve never felt fear like this before.

WarGrowlmon: What if we lose? What will happen to Takato and the others?

He looks at the tamers and how theyíre in pain.

Takato: If weíre really gonna beat this guy weíre all gonna have to bio-merge!

He holds out his digivice.

Takato: Rah!

Nothing happens.

Takato: Itís not working.

Henry: Weíre not data.

Takato and Rika: Huh?

Henry: It worked in the Digital World because we were data, but here weíre flesh and blood.

Rika: So are we supposed to just stand around and twiddle our thumbs while our digimon get beaten up?

Takato: Uh, I canít believe this! Is anything good ever going to happen to us?!

From the sky Beelzemon flies down.

Takato: Huh?

Beelzemon: One good thing coming up!

He flies to the other sand the D-Reaper.

WarGrowlmon: What? Beelzemon?

Taomon: What are you doing here?

Rapidmon: Looking to hit us while weíre down, huh? Thatís your style right?

Beelzemon: Hey, trash me if you want but I swear Iím here to help.

Rapidmon: Do you even know the meaning of the word?

Beelzemon: Iím on the level fellas, really.

WarGrowlmon growls at him.

Beelzemon: But I donít give a dirty handkerchief if you believe me or not, cause my partners believe in me.

Flashback to Mako giving Impmon his gun.

Mako: You can blast all the bad guys with it.

Flashback to Ai kissing him.

Ai: We sure love you.

And flashbacks.

Beelzemon: And Iím doiní this one for them. All right, bring it on!

Pendulum Feet spins toward Beelzemon with the blades.

Beelzemon: Is that all you got for me?

He holds out his arm and the tip of the gun opens and energy forms in it.

Beelzemon: Corona Blaster!

He shoots the energy at Pendulum Feet but he moves out of the way, but the wire heís attached to the D-Reaper is cutm, making him stop.

Taomon (thinking): He did it, this is our chance.

Taomon: Talisman of Light!

Rapidmon: Tri Beam!

WarGrowlmon: Atomic Blaster!

The attacks hit and destroy Pendulum Feet turning him into Chaos and disappearing.

Henry: Yeah.

Takato: You did it.

Later that evening the ids and digimon are at a street corner with Beelzemon.

Takato: Well, at least part of itís been destroyed.

Beelzemon: Yeah, thanks to me.

Taomon: Youíre right, thank you. We owe you an apology for not trusting you.

WarGrowlmon: Mm hm.

Rapidmon: Yeah, weíd have been sunk without you, Impmon.

Beelzemon: Impmon? Hey open your eyes, Iím not Impmon anymore Iím Beelzemon! You see, my outer finally matches my inner. Iím Blast Mode beautiful and donít you forget it.

Rapidmon: Sorry, didnít mean to make you upset...Impmon!

All the kids and digimon laugh except Beelzemon.

Beelzemon: Hey! Why you! Ah I shouldíve let the D-Reaper beat the snot out of you. Oh wait, wait, wait this is one of those friendship things. Ohh yeah I get it, youíre laughing with me, right? Right?

From behind a tree a dress disappears and Takato sees.

Takato: Was that Jeri?