Season 3, Episode 44: "The Messenger"
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Transcribed By: SteelWarrior

On the news.

Anchorman: Good evening, this is the news at eleven. Topping our news tonight we have a special report on the alarming and dangerous situation developing in West Shinjuku. A mysterious red substance, which appeared a few days ago, is threatening to consume the entire city despite the militaryís best efforts. Taking you live to the disaster zone is our intrepid reporter...Mizaki.

In Shinjuku Mizaki is on TV.

Mizaki: Iím at the Shinjuku Train Station where the red mass is growing quickly. Itís already covered half the tracks here and shows no sign of stopping.

On TV the camera zooms in on the army trucks are driving away.

Mizaki: As you can see the army is maintaining a presence in the area despite the fact they were unable to contain the mass. One thing you might not realize is how hot it is here. It seems the heat is generated by the red blob itself, let me tell ya, under my coat Iím sweating like a pig on a stick.

At the school Guilmon and Terriermon are still sleeping.

Henry: Every time I wake up in school I think Iím in a nightmare.

Henry yawns and walks to the window where Takato is already there.

Henry: Whatís up?

Takato: I couldnít get any sleep last night.

He just stares blankly at the schoolyard.

Takato: And itís not cause Guilmon snored like a dump truck.

Henry: Something bugginí you?

Takato: Hm...

He looks down.

Takato: I saw Jeri yesterday.

Henry: What? Why didnít you say something?

Takato: Well I called her Mom in Matsumoto to tell her but she said Jeri wasnít gone till the evening.

Rika opens the class door and enters.

Henry: So?

Takato: So I saw Jeri in the evening, but thatís not possible cause it takes hours to get from Matsumoto to here, it just doesnít make sense.

Rika: You sure youíre not seeing things? Who knows, maybe your goggles were on too tight.

Henry: Huh?

The curtain billows.

Henry: Thatís funny, I donít remember leaving the window open.

The curtain stops blowing.

Takato: It was Jeri, or Jeriís ghost.

Rika and Henry: Huh?

Takato: I know it sounds crazy, I mean she couldnít here that fast if she hitched a ride on a jet plane and the way that she looked, I donít know.

Takato walks to Guilmon and pets him.

Takato: Thereís something about this that gives me the willies.

Rika walks over.

Rika: Oh please, you get the willies when you lose a sock. I just hope Jeriís okay, sheís been freaky ever since we got home.

Henry: She has been through a lot.

Takato: I know, but sheís not just upset itís more than that. Itís like somethingís broken...deep inside.

On the news a professor is being interviewed through TV.

Tetsuo Uchiharato: Itís my belief the red mass came through a network surveillance system called Hypnos, a government operation. It monitors the online activities of half the globe, but a system that large can also cause very serious damage.

Anchorman: Professor Uchiharato, didnít Hypnos have something to do with the giant pig that appeared in West Shinjuku a few months ago? I believe itís called a digimon.

On the screen it shows the event recorded when Vikaralamon attacked the city.

Professor: Ah you mean that monster that tore up half the city. Well of course, that King Kong sized pig and the red goop arenít natural occurrences. Theyíre obviously data programs that have found a way to appear in the Real World and the folks at Hypnos are the ones responsible.

Anchorman: Do you believe thereís any way out o this crisis?

Professor: At this point, itíll take a miracle.

Anchorman: Thank you professor Uchiharato.

On the screen it shows the D-Reaper rising and on a balcony a big dog growls at it with a blonde, gothic appearing girl next to him.

Anchorman: Wait! This just in! Weíve received footage of the red mass!

He plays the tape from inside the D-Reaper and it has the ĎRecorded Earlierí sign at the bottom.

Anchorman: And, oh...yuck!

They see the D-Reaper covering the camera.

In Shinjuku the winds blowing and on Takatoís bakery thereís a note.

Takato: Hey whatís this?

Takato takes the note off the side and reads it.

Takato: Kids, come to Rikaís house at once.

Rika: Huh?

Takato: Our parents.

Rika: This canít be good.

On the news again theyíre showing more ĎRecorded Earlierí footage like the Searchers flying off the building.

Anchorman: There are now reports of strange beings in addition to the red mass.

The Pendulum Feet appears on screen.

Anchorman: Are they flesh? Fowl? Or are they more destructive, vicious digimon? To answer this question, we have with us Mr. Rob McCoy, a member of the original team that created these digimon. Thank you for joining us.

They go to a screen on the TV with Dolphin in it.

Rob (Dolphin): First Iíd like to clear any misconceptions people have of digimon, these are artificial intelligence programs, not monsters.

Dolphin knocks over a picture.

Dolphin: Well I mean they are monsters, digital monsters to be exact.

He sets it back up.

Dolphin: Theyíre just not all destructive, wreaking machines like the giant pig.

Flashback to Dolphinís son drawing and him going over to look at them.

Dolphin: The digimonís ability to evolve comes from their relationship with children, which makes sense of course. Because childrenís minds are rich in imagination, digimon feed off of this creativity to become smarter and stronger.

End flashback.

Dolphin: So itís unlikely digimon would wanna harm our world, the red mass and beings around it are actually part of an old clean up program called D-Reaper which somehow also managed to evolve.

On the street the kids walk to Rikaís.

Rika: Guys, hold on a minute, I donít think we should go.

They stop.

Henry: Why not?

Rika: Why not? What if itís a trap or something?

Takato: Rika, my folks arenít like that. Maybe they just wanna talk.

Renamon appears.

Renamon: You know Rika he may be right, we should trust them.

Rika: I donít believe this, you guys are so naÔve.

They continue walking.

Something passes by on the other side of the street.

Takato: Huh? Uh, is that?

He sees Jeri by the streetlight.

Takato: Uh, Jeri!

White light surrounds Jeri.

Jeri: What is this chaotic world? These creatures mind what they act on their own, but there is no value in the one. Only pain and doubt outside the collective.

Takato: Uh, Jeri!

She disappears.

On the news Curly is explaining something to the people from the second building by using the Pendulum Feet as an example.

Curly: As you can see, the beings and the red mass are connected by some kind of cable. We believe these drones are not individual entities but agents created by the D-Reaper program. They operate as a collective, much like bees in a hive.

On the computer screen the 0í and 1ís turn into something.

Curly: D-Reaper works by absorbing data and reducing it to zero. But when it absorbs digimon on the network it somehow acquires the digimonís ability to emerge and operate in the Real World.

Back on the street the others run to Takato whoís where Jeri was.

Guilmon: Takato what is it? Whatís wrong?

Takato: Jeri, I just saw her she was right here.

Rika, Terriermon, and Henry: Huh?

Rika: Did you see anything?

Henry: Not me.

Renamon appears.

Renamon: Rika, I sensed a presence.

Rika: Really? Was it Jeri?

Renamon: I donít know.

Takato: She looked so, so empty.

In the building three people are walking with ski equipment.

Guy #1: Where we settiní up?

Guy #2: Who knows.

Guy #3: Whereís the donuts?

From above Yamaki stands watching and Riley walks up.

Riley: Youíre blaming yourself for all of this, arenít you?

She hands him coffee and he takes it.

Riley: You know someday the network will no longer be a free world, itís unavoidable. And there will always be someone trying to control it. You just happened to be the first one to try, Yamaki, thatís all.

He chokes on his coffee then swallows.

Yamaki: I have no intention of being the first in a lye of fools, Riley.

Riley: No, just need some rest.

Yamaki: Letís see, the city is engulfed in mass chaos, all thanks to a program I somehow let into the world, I donít think this is time for a nap now do you?

Janyu: Hey.

Janyu runs to Yamaki and bumps into him.

Yamaki: Huh?

Janyu: The coffee breakís over my friends. I just got the original data on D-Reaper.

Yamaki: Ha ha, but howíd you get it?

Janyu: Pal of mine in Germany saved a copy, thatís the great advantage of having nerdy friends, they never delete anything. This may be just the lucky break weíve been looking for.

Shibumi calls Tao from downstairs.

Shibumi: Tao! Come on, while weíre still young!

Janyu: Keep your hat on, you old goat.

He runs down the stairs.

At Rikaís house they open the door.

Rika: Um, hello?

Their parents are standing there.

All: Huh.

Mr. Matsuki: Hey, welcome home. Ha ha ha, well to Rikaís home anyway, hope youíre hungry.

They see food spread out over a long table and sit at the table.

Takao: Holy mackerel!

Terriermon jumps around the room singing.

Terriermon: Buns and beans and sauerkraut, Iím gonna eat till I pass out!

He gets to Henry who pulls him to sit.

Guilmon: Ooh.

He smells the bread shaped as his face.

Guilmon: Is this what I think it is?

Mr. Matsuki: Yep, well I promised ya didnít I? Do ya like it?

Guilmon: Guilmon bread! Guilmon bread! I like bread shaped like my head!

Takato: Well I think...

Guilmon: Guilmon bread! Guilmon bread!

Takato: Thatís a yes.

Rikaís Grandma: Your mother and I cooked all day, now eat up before it gets cold.

Rika: Wow.

She turns to her Mom.

Rika: You cook?

Rumiko: Hm? Of course silly, Iím not just all looks you know.

Mrs. Matsuki: Well go on already, arenít you hungry?

All: You better believe it.

Guilmon and Terriermon bury their faces in his food and the tamers eat normal.

Henry: Mom, whereís Suzie?

Mrs. Wong: Well your Sensei was nice enough to look after her for a while.

Henry: Oh...

Terriermon: Henry, check it out, I can fit twelve buns in my mouth!

Mrs. Wong giggles.

Mrs. Matsuki: Oh Takato.

Takato: Yeah? Whatís up?

Mrs. Matsuki: Well I knew you missed them so I brought your toothbrush and your favorite pajamas with the teddy bears on them.

Takato: Mom.

In the schoolyard.

Calumon: Hello? Aw nuts, where did everybody go?

Impmon is behind him.

Impmon: Boo!

Calumon: Whoa!

Calumon flips over with a rope wrapped around him.

Impmon: Youíre pretty light on your feet for somebody who eats his weight in creampuffs.

Calumon: You shouldnít sneak up on people like that! Sheesh!

Impmon: Eh, so what cha been up to, ya digital dough boy?

Calumon: I was with Jeri, then poof she disappeared. I donít know what happened to her, now Iím all by my lonesome.

Impmon: Hm...Jeri, it was her partner

He walks away.

Calumon: Impmon now what are you doing, hm?

Impmon: I got this stabbiní pain in my head, I think itís called a conscience. I gotta do something about it.

Calumon: Oh...

In a Press Conference.

Researcher: Hypnos is a classified government program it is not responsible for the recent developments in Shinjuku.

Reporter: But why have you kept Hypnos for so long? Is it true that it intrudes on private information on the net? And didnít the red mass emerge from the Hypnos network? What is the government trying to hide sir?

Researcher: Uh, no comment.

Reporters: No comment? What do you think youíre trying to pull? What is this?

On the news.

Anchorman: We interrupt this press conference to bring you breaking new developments in West Shinjuku.

On a bridge the dog and girl, Alice, run away from the Bubbles, ADR #04.

The dog turns and growls at the Bubbles.

Alice: Uh, Dobermon!

The Bubbles shoot at the floor and it breaks up sending big wood chips

Alice: No!

At Rikaís house the food is gone.

Guilmon: Oh, I ate so fast, I forgot to breathe.

He falls back.

Guilmon: I need a bigger tummy Takato, draw me one?

Takato: Okay.

Guilmon: Youíre a pal.

Terriermon: Draw him some self control.

Henry: And just how many buns have you had?

Terriermon: Two, three, twelve.

He eats some more.

Terriermon: I lost count.

Mrs. Wong: Henry could learn a thing or two from you Terriermon, heís handsome but skinny as a mosquito, right?

Henry blushes.

Henry: Right.

Renamon puts her chopsticks down and Rika turns around to her mini table away from the others.

Rika: Renamon?

Renamon: Hm? Oh.

She puts her hands together and thanks for it.

Renamon: The food was delicious, thank you.

RikaĎs Grandma: Youíre very welcome, why donít you join us?

Renamon: No, I canít.

Terriermon: Moumantai, that thingís too big to go anywhere.

Renamon looks up.

Guilmon: I know how it feels.

In the building the Monster Makers are working on the computers again.

Shibumi: Huh?

Something comes up on the screen and itís 12 circles that get big then small.

Shibumi: This is the D-Reaper program thatís causing all these problems?

Janyu: Shibumi, you actually saw the D-Reaper in the Digital World, does it operate the same way here?

Shibumi: No, oddly enough it acts very differently here. You see, in the Digital World it neutralized objects simply by touching them, but in the Real World itís developed a much more complex approach. Like itís use of drones or agents.

Babble: Hey check it out.

Shibumi: Huh?

Babble: I pulled up a satellite picture of the area. Take a look of the red mass, it stays way the heck clear from the Parkís and areas with a lot of greenery.

Janyu: Looks like the D-Reaper and I have something in common, we both hate our greens.

Babble: Tao, my man, you havenít changed one bit.

Shibumi: The trick is finding someway to use it to our advantage.

At Rikaís house Takato is moving his feet in his sock.

Takato: Thanks Mom and Dad, if Guilmon could sit up Iím sure heíd thank you too.

Takatoís D-power starts to glow in his back pocket.

Takato: Huh?

He gets it out.

Rumiko: Hm...

All the parents seem upset from the D-powerís signal.

Henry: Iím getting a huge activity reading.

Rika: Renamon whatís going on?

Renamon: Iíll find out.

She disappears.

Takato: Letís go boy.

Henry: Right come on! Uh...

Rika: Uh...

Takato: Uh...

They are about to leave when they see their parents and the parents get up.

Takato: Weíre sorry, we didnít want this to happen, honest, but we....we have leave.

He looks down.

Mr. Matsuki: Weíve discussed it and we decided we donít want you to go.

Takato: Uh.

Mr. Matsuki: The fact is any other kid would never be allowed to rush into danger like this and you know it, but youíre not any other kid, youíre all very special.

The digimon are outside watching and the parents walk and move aside.

Mr. Matsuki: And whether we like it or not, youíre free to do what you think is right.

Takatoís Dad holds Takatoís hands while his Mom hugs him.

Mrs. Matsuki: Honestly, between you and your father itís a wonder my hair hasnít gone totally gray.

Outside Guilmon watches.

Guilmon: Hm...

Mrs. Wong hugs Henry.

Mrs. Wong: I almost lost you once Henry, and the thought of losing you again is too much.

She lets go.

Mrs. Wong: But this is just too important for me to stop you.

Henry: Really? Thanks Mom.

Behind the rock Terriermon watches.

Terriermon: Hm...

Rika: Youíre okay with this Mom?

Rumiko: Of course Iím not, I wish you had nothing to do with any of this.

Rika puts her head down.

Rumiko: I wish you were still a baby I could keep safely at home.

Rumiko hugs Rika.

Rika: Oh Mom.

Rumiko: But youíre not, are you.

Rikaís Grandma: Take care of yourself dear.

Rika: I will.

Outside the digimon watch.

Rikaís Grandma: Itís hard to think while other kids are out playing tag youíre out saving the world. With all our worrying we probably havenít told you how proud we are of you, well we re. But if you donít come home in one piece youíre all in big trouble, got it?

All: Got it!

All the tamers ride on a growling Growlmon out of Rikaís house to the fight.

Gargomon: Wait for me!

Gargomon runs out and slides.

Gargomon: Whoa!

In Shinjuku Mizaki is still talking on the news.

Mizaki: The red mass is interfering with our transmission so I donít know how long Iíll be able to stay on, but for the moment it seems rather quiet here in West Shinjuku.

A big boom happens near the D-Reaper and riding the D-Reaper are more Bubbles.

In the building.

Yamaki: What in the world is going on?

He sits in his chair.

Yamaki: Iíve gotta keep it together.

He gets an email.

Yamaki: Hm? Now what?

He opens it to see the com device.

Yamaki: It canít be.

Flashback to the arc sending Takato the message "OK".

And then flashback to the arc sinking back into the Digital World.

End flashbacks.

Yamaki: Takato said the arc communicated with him through my device, but the arcís gone. Someone mustíve hacked in and copied its signature.

Riley: Yamaki itís the children, theyíre headed right for the red mass.

Yamaki: What?!

Outside Kyubimon runs over and Growlmon, Gargomon, and the kids run to the D-Reaper too.

Henry: Itís over there!

Gargomon: All right, whoís up for a round of target practice?

Gargomon jumps on Growlmonís head and he starts running.

Growlmon: Yeah! Go get íem!

Gargomon jumps off Growlmonís head to the Bubbles.

Gargomon: Gargo Laser!

The laser destroys one of the Bubbles.

Growlimon: Pyro Blaster!

The bubbles run away but the fire destroys them.

Kyubimon: Theyíre after something!

Two figures run away from the Bubbles.

Takato: There, look!

Itís Alice and Dobermon running but two more bubbles stop them.

Rika: Kyubimon!

Kyubimon: Fox Tail Inferno!

The fire destroys them and they run up and see Alice laying on the floor.

Henry: Hey, uh are you okay?

Takato: Who are you? Is that you Jeri?

She starts to get up, does and stands next to Dobermon in silence and looks at the tamers.

Takato: Uh, itís not.

Rika: Yeah, no kidding.

In the building Yamaki is getting a transmission.

Yamaki: Who the heck are you and why are you contacting me?

Dolphin: It is the arc! But I canít decipher the message.

Shibumi: Could it be a warning? A clue of some kind?

Yamaki: Uh!

He gets up.

Yamaki: Uh, the children!

On the bridge.

Alice: Youíre the tamers, weíve been searching for you.

Takato: That would be us, do we know you?

Alice: I know you.

Rika: How about a little more information there, Blondie?

Growlmon: Takato.

Takato: Yeah, what is it Growlmon?

Growlmon: Thatís no doggy, thatís a digimon.

Takato looks at Dobermon.

Takato: Huh?

Dobermon: Are these children the ones I seek?

Alice: I think so, I wish they werenít.

In the building Dolphin is working on the computer

Yamaki: Dolphin, when you built the arc you used the Digimon Core Program, right? So does that mean the arc itself will behave like a digimon?

Dolphin: They do share the same programming language, but that doesnít make them the same.

He holds up a picture frame and looks at it.

Dolphin: You know like humans and pigs are both carbon based life forms, but that doesnít make us pigs.

Yamaki: Listen I just wanna know if the arc is self aware. Itís capable of acting on its own, weíve seen it.

Flashbacks to the arc stopping progress then starting up again.

End flashback.

Yamaki: But is it possible for the arc to think independently and make decisions, like a person?

Dolphin: I wouldnít have though so.

He takes his hand away from another picture frame.

Dolphin: but every time Iíve underestimated digital life forms Iíve been dead wrong.

The picture contains Dolphin, someone else and Alice.

Dolphin: Why the sudden interest Yamaki?

Yamaki: I think...

He pulls up the communication on the screen but itís blurry.

Yamaki: That the arc is trying to tell us something, Dolphin.

Dolphin: Say what?

In the Digital World the arc is rebuilding itself.

Back on the bridge Dobermon is growling.

Henry: Your partner looks kinda tense there.

She pets him and he calms down a little.

Alice: Dobermonís just on his guard. Alice: Heís been hunted mercilessly ever since he arrived in the Real World. It wants to stop him from his quest.

Rika: Okay, so whatís his quest?

Alice looks upset.

Dobermon: To deliver...a message.

Takato: A message? From who?

From underneath the bridge agents #5, Creepy Hands, warps his long arms around the bridge and crushes one end.

Henry: Heads up!

Fire beams shoot out and melt some glass and destroy half of the bridge and all the tamers and digimon run to the other side.

Gargomon: Run back!

Gargomon shoots at Creepy Hands and more Bubbles appear.

Takato: Watch out!

All: Digi-Modify! Matrix Digivolution Activate!

D-power: Matrix Digivolution.

Gargomon: Gargomon matrix digivolve to...

Rapidmon: Rapidmon!

Kyubimon: Kyubimon matrix digivolve to...

Taomon: Taomon!

Growlmon: Growlmon matrix digivolve to...

WarGrowlmon: WarGrowlmon!

Taomon: Talisman of Light!

The Bubbles take the hit and die.

Taomon: Uh...

The Creepy Hands go for WarGrowlmon but he grabs #5ís hands bu he head butts WarGrowlmon.

Rapidmon: Tri Beam!

Creepy Hands knocks Rapidmon to the ground.

Henry: Rapidmon!

Takato: That thingís way too strong, we gotta bio-merge now.

Henry: We canít, this isnít the Digital World. Our partners are data but weíre not, thereís no way we can bio-mrge here.

Alice turns to Dobermon.

Alice: There is a way, thatís why Iím here.

They all turn to Alice.

All: Huh?

Alice: Thatís why I brought him.

Takato: Dobermon, what do you mean?

Dobermon: This is my quest, I was sent here by the Digimon Sovereign to help you.

Takato and Henry: Huh?

Henry: But how?

In the building Dolphin is trying to understand the signal.

Janyu: It doesnít make sense, the arc appeared seriously damaged when its data retuned to the Digital World.

In the Digital World the Sovereign and digimon are trying to destroy the D-Reaper that is attached to the Real World.

Janyu: Itís power was almost depleted, how can it transmit anything?

Back on the bridge.

Dobermon: Thank you Alice, but you know what I must do.

Alice: Uh, I know.

Dobermon: Iíll never forget what youíve done.

Dobermon gets ready to leap.

Dobermon: For all of us.

He leaps into the air and flies upward.

Dobermon: The Digimon Sovereign are fighting the enemy in the Digital World, but the enemyís most evolved part has emerged way toward here in your world. Only you, the tamers, can stop it by fighting as one with your digimon. To aid you, I bring a gift from the Digimon Sovereign.

Dobermonís body turns into pink light as he shoots up more.

Dobermon: Remember, the fate of the world lies in your hands!

The pink light splits into red and blue light and Dobermon disappears.

Alice: Dobermon.

The ground shakes.

Takato: Whatís happening?

The red and blue light goes down to the tamers and makes circles around them and Alice who is watching the light.

Henry: Iím not sure, but I think heís giving us the power to bio-merge.

Taomon falls.

Rika: The letís do it before itís too late.

Takato backs up.

Takato: Dobermonís right, weíre the only ones who have any chance of saving this world. WarGrowlmon letís do it!

Henry: Rapidmon!

Rika: Taomon!

WarGrowlmon, Taomon, and Rapidmon get up.

The tamers all hold up their D-powers into the sky.