Season 3, Episode 45: "The D-Reaper's Disguise"
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Transcribed By: SteelWarrior <>

Alice: Donít go.

Dobermon: I have to do this, Alice...for all of us.

Alice closes her eyes and looks away as Dobermon flies up.

Dobermon: The Digimon Sovereign are fighting the enemy in the Digital World, but the enemyís most evolved part has emerged way toward here in your world. Only you, the tamers, can stop it by fighting as one with your digimon. To aid you, I bring a gift from the Digimon Sovereign.

Dobermonís body turns into pink light as he shoots up more.

Dobermon: Remember, the fate of the world lies in your hands!

The pink light splits into red and blue light and Dobermon disappears.

Alice: Dobermon.

The ground shakes.

Takato: Whatís happening?

The red and blue light goes down to the tamers and makes circles around them and Alice who is watching the light.

Henry: Iím canít be sure, but I...I think heís giving us the power to bio-merge.

Taomon falls to the ground.

Rika: Then letís do it before itís too late.

Takato: Dobermonís right, weíre the only ones who have any chance of saving this world. WarGrowlmon letís do it!

Henry: Rapidmon!

Rika: Taomon!

Taomon, Rapidmon, and WarGrowlmon get up and the tamers hold their D-powers up.

Takato (thinking): This doesnít work weíre sunk.

In Henryís mind heís standing naked with his eyes closed then he opens them and he has green checkered boxes running across his body and heís on a floor thatís green with light green boxes running across it.

Henry (thinking): I think I was pretty selfish when I was younger, I had so many brothers and sisters the only way I could be heard was to assert myself. When I learned martial arts from Sensei he taught me that we learn to fight in order to avoid fighting, but I used my power against the neighborhood kid and I hurt him. After that I always felt that I had to hold back, that fighting was wrong. But this is different, this is a battle that means something.

His D-power glows in his hand.

Henry (thinking): Fighting for a purpose is different than just fighting to fight. This is something I have to do, something only Terriermon, my friends, and I can do.

Henry glows white with a green border.

Henry: Bio-merge Activate!

Terriermon: Terriermon bio-merge to...

MegaGargomon: MegaGargomon!

In Rikaís mind sheís standing naked with her eyes closed then she opens them and she has blue checkered boxes running across her body and sheís on a floor thatís blue with light blue boxes running across it.

Rika (thinking): Sometimes, I canít believe Iím the same person who thought about fighting digimon and downloading their data. Being the best was the only thing that mattered, but now that Iím friends with Henry and Takato and the others I realize that thereís more to life than just fighting. And that thereís courage and friendship too. What makes it tough now is that I have to worry about someone else besides just me.

Her D-power glows in her hand.

Rika (thinking): Now, I donít know if I want to fight at all, after seeing all the pain itís caused. I mean, look at Jeri. But this isnít really about fighting, itís about having the strength to do what needs to be done to save the world!

Rika glows white with a blue border.

Rika: Bio-merge Activate!

Renamon: Renamon bio-merge to...

Sakuyamon: Sakuyamon.

In Takatoís mind heís standing naked with his eyes closed then he opens them and he has red checkered boxes running across his body and heís on a floor thatís red with light red boxes running across it.

Takato (thinking): The first time I bio-merged with Guilmon I didnít have a clue what was going on, I mean, I always knew I had an active imagination, but I never dreamed Iíd actually become a digimon. But then when we merged and I felt Guilmonís strength flowing through me, it was like a feeling of safety and strength unlike anything Iíve ever known.

His D-power glows.

Takato (thinking): Thanks to him I know what it is to feel a part of something much greater than myself. And now, the fate of not one but two worlds rests on our shoulders. But I know I can do it as long as I have my friends, all my friends by my side, nothingís gonna tear us apart. Nothing.

D-power: Bio-merge Digivolution.

Takato: Bio-merge Activate!

Guilmon: Guilmon bio-merge to...

Gallantmon: Gallantmon!

Henry: All right, letís show this thing it canít push us around!

Terriermon: Well you know, any more than it already has.

Sakuyamon floats down.

Guilmon: We can do anything if we work together.

Takato (thinking): And something tells me itís gonna take everything weíve got.

On the ground Alice watches Gallantmon on the roof with red and blue energy left from Dobermon floating around her.

Alice: Oh Dobermon, I wish there had been more time. Oh.

She notices the energy looks like hearts.

Takato: We canít let Dobermonís gift be in vein. The D-Reaperís gotta be stopped, now!

The ADRís Creepy Hands and Bubbles move in.

Guilmon: You hear that, you big ball of badness? Iím drawing a line in the sand, well in the air!

Gallantmon holds out is arm and it turns into his sword.

Guilmon: And you wonít get past it!

Gallantmon flies in.

On the other side of the building the excess energy turns into Dobermonís head.

Alice: Oh you came back.

It hovers over and licks Alice on the cheek and she giggles then it turns back into energy.

Alice: Oh, no donít go yet!

It floats up a little.

Alice: No.

It disappears.

Alice: Dobermon.

On the other side Gallantmon jumps down with his shield protecting him from a barrage of hits by the ADRís.

Gallantmon: Rah! Lightning Joust!

It explodes some Bubbles.

In the second building Tally watches.

Tally: Yamaki! I means sir! Look, itís the digimon, theyíre fighting the D-reaperís agents again.

Yamaki looks over and daisy gets up.

Yamaki: Theyíve come back?

Janyu: The children, we canít just let them fight that thing on their own.

On the street.

MegaGargomon: Mega Barrage!

The missiles hit some more Bubbles and the D-Reaper itself.

Back in the building.

Janyu: Thereís gotta be someway we can help them. Think guys!

Dolphin: Howíd a bunch of hackers get mixed up in so much trouble?

He picks up and looks at his picture with Alice.

Dolphin: Or cause so much trouble for our children?

He looks at Alice holding on to his arm smiling.

Dolphin: Iím sorry Alice.

Janyu starts to leave.

Yamaki: Janyu.

Janyu: Iíve gotta do something.

Yamaki: Like what?

Janyu: Hm!

In the battle.

Sakuyamon: Crystal Sphere!

She cerates a giant barrier that moves to the agents destroying them.

MegaGargomon: Mega Barrage!

Alice watches the explosions.

Alice (thinking): Goodbye Dobermon.

She turns and walks away.

Alice (thinking): You did something no one else could, you gave them a chance.

In the building.

Janyu: I canít just stay here!

Yamaki: Janyu you canít help them now. Wasnít it you who always said that each person has things they must do, things only they can do?

Janyu: I know, but theyíre children.

Yamaki: Theyíre the only ones capable of fighting the D-Reaper.

In Rikaís house her Mom and grandma watch the news.

Anchorman: The digimon have resumed their attack, but it is unclear who has the upper hand.

In the fight Sakuyamon floats in the air.

Sakuyamon: Amethyst Wind!

Pink petals fly from her.

Back at Rikaís her Mom starts crying and her Mom holds her hand to comfort her.

Anchorman: The digimon appear to be doing some damage, but the danger for them remains extreme.

In the fight the petals fly to the agents destroying them.

Gallantmon: Lightning Joust!

He shoots the lightning at the agents destroying them.

In the building.

Yamaki: Youíve already done more than you think Janyu. You helped create the digimon that are out there fighting.

Janyu: Mm...

Yamaki: Without your creation thereíd be no hope at all.

Outside in the fight, inside MegaGargomon Henry is yelling and thrusting his fist outward.

Henry: Letís get him!

Terriermon: Iím gettiní, Iím gettiní!

MegaGargomon runs to Creepy Hands.

MegaGargomon: Power Pummel!

He punches but Creepy Hands blocks it creating dust flying about.

In the building.

Yamaki: Your son and his friends are living out what you always talked about. Digimon and humans, both of them working together in harmony. Trust in them to win the fight.

Janyu: I do believe in them, itís just...heís my son Yamaki.

Yamaki: I know, so use your weapons as a programmer to help him. We need you here.

Janyu: Well then, what are we all doing standing around? If weíre gonna stop that thing or at least give those kids a fighting chance weíd better get hacking.

All: Mm hm.

They all walk to their station.

Janyu: Thanks Yamaki.

Yamaki nods.

Back outside the punch and block created a huge crater which the Creepy Hands is in not moving.

Terriermon: Hey, hey, did that actually work?

Creepy Hands starts to move and sends up his ears to grab MegaGargomon.

Henry: Huh, of course not.

The ears wrap MegaGargomon and Creepy Hands uses that as a help up.

Henry (inside MegaGargomon): Ah, itís got us!

Some Pendulum Feet fly in.

Takato: Why donít the bad guys ever just stay down?

Renamon: Iíll make it stay down.

Sakuyamon taps her scepter, flies up and holds her hand out and she glows.

Sakuyamon: Spirit Strike!

The Pendulum Feet send out the Spheres to destroy the attack, but the spirits fly past them, then they send their hooked feet to stop them, but they fly past that and wrap up the Pendulum Feet and it destroys them.

Creepy Hands still wraps MegaGargomon and some Searchers fly in.

Rika: Seems like no matter how many of those things we take down, more just take their place.

Gallantmon: Then weíll keep taking them down!

Riley and Tally watch the news.

Anchorman: The battle rages on with no clear victor in sight.

Yamaki walks to Daisy.

Yamaki: Hey Daisy, remember the arc you programmed to bring the children home from the Digital World?

Daisy: Mm hm.

Yamaki: Do you think thereís anyway you could somehow reestablish a connection with it?

Daisy keeps typing.

Daisy: I guess so, but why? Itís powerless now.

Yamaki: It contacted me.

Daisy: Uh, huh?

Yamaki: Thatís right, I received a message on my handheld asking for instructions. The arc still has some power but not a lot. I think we could still use it against the D-Reaper somehow.

Daisy: Maybe.

Yamaki: Iíd like this to stay between us until weíre sure, I donít wanna give the others false hope.

Yamaki holds out his hand and Daisy shakes it.

Daisy: Okay, Iíll get started on it right away.

Yamaki: Hm, hm.

In Kentaís house heís watching the news.

Anchorman: Some wonder whether these digimon are truly helpful or will ultimately turn on humanity. But for now the city has adopted the policy Ďthe enemy of my enemy is my friendí and is watching wearily to see what will happen next.

MarineAngemon: Whatís that mean?

Kenta: That they donít know a good thing when they see it.

At Kazuís house.

Guardromon: Kazu, Iím being attacked! Oh!

Kazuís Mom is kicking Guardromon.

Kazuís Mom: Rusty bucket of bolts! I told you not to stand in my flower bed, didnít I?

Kazu gets up.

Kazu: Hm.

Guardromon: This is normal behavior for your mother? Iím surprised that your not all covered with dents. Oh.

Anchorman: ...with both sides trading violent volleys...

Kazu: Even if youíre not mega weíve gotta try and help.

In Senseiís house Suzie is holding Lopmon, watching the news.

Anchorman: The battle continues to rage with ferocious violence, shaking the buildings with each attack.

Suzie: Henry.

Lopmon escapes from Suzieís arms.

Suzie: Where are you going?

Lopmon: Suzie, I canít just sit here and watch this on TV anymore. We canít ignore this battle.

Lopmon turns.

Lopmon: Those are our friends and our family that are fighting out there Suzie, they need help and youíre the only who can give me strength.

Suzie: Me?

Lopmon: Yes, youíre my tamer, itís time to act like one.

Suzie: Okay.

She grabs her little purse and take out her digivice.

Suzie: Do I need a jacket?

At the fight Gallantmonís lightning is destroying Searchers.

Henry: Nice D-Reaper.

MegaGargomon backs away.

Gallantmon: Oh no!

Takato (inside Gallantmon): Henry! Guilmon, heíll be erased!

Gallantmon drops to the floor.

Guilmon: Not if I can help it.

He starts to run over.

Guilmon: I just hope Iím not too late.

Gallantmon flies up.

Guilmon: Rah! No oneís erasing my buddies!

He knocks Creepy Hands away.

Takato: You okay?

Terriermon: Oh yeah, and hereís a little gift to show the D-Reaper just how okay I am.

He readies his missiles.

MegaGargomon: Mega Barrage!

Inside MegaGargomon Henry yells.

The missiles hit and hurt Creepy Hands.

Gallantmon: Shield of the Just!

The blast finally destroys Creepy Hands.

Terriermon: We actually destroyed that thing? Ha, that was easier than I thought.

Henry: Yeah right.

In Rikaís house all the parents are watching the news, in Kazuís house he is too and the same for Kenta.

Anchorman: With a mighty explosion, it looks as if the tide of the battle has turned in favor of the digimon, but we are still waiting for the smoke to clear to be certain.

Kenta gets up.

In the building Yamaki, Riley, Tally, and Janyu are watching the news.

Anchorman: The question is can these digimon truly defeat this entity or are they just simply delaying the inevitable?

In the city.

Gallantmon: See D-reaper we can take whatever you throw at us. So why donít you just give it up and surrender?

Renamon: Gallantmon we canít just talk to it, we must destroy it.

MegaGargomon: Sakuyamonís right! The time for talkingís over!

They run and fly in to fight.

MegaGargomon: That thingís still moving? Jeez, how many times do we have to destroy it before it stays destroyed?

In Kentaís house his Mom opens the door.

Kentaís Mom: Kenta, I made PB and J for you. Kenta?

She looks around the room and sees nothing.

Kentaís Mom: Oh.

She runs to the door.

Kentaís Mom: Kenta!

In the fight Gallantmon flies at the D-Reaper.

Gallantmon: D-Reaper, this ends right now!

Takato (thinking): Yeah and hopefully not for us.

The D-Reaper makes a hand an grabs Gallantmon who tries to escape.

Sakuyamon: Let go!

She hitís the hardened D-Reaper with her scepter.

Takato: Itís no use Sakuyamon, get out of here before it grabs you too.

The hand pulls Gallantmon into the D-Reaper.

Sakuyamon: Gallantmon, no!

Rika (inside Sakuyamon): The D-Reaperís pulling him inside, Takato!

The hand keeps pulling down.

MegaGargomon: Weíve gotta save them before theyíre deleted!

On the way to Shinjuku Kazu rides Guardromon.

Kazu: Hurry up already the guys are in trouble!

Guardromon: My chips donít run on nagging, you know.

Kazu: Hey less lip more zip, huh.

At Senseiís.

Suzieís sister: Suzie! Itís time for Bernard the Dinosaur! Suzie?

She runs into the main room.

Suzieís sister: Suzie answer me!

Outside Suzie holds her D-power.

Suzieís sister: Uh, Suzie, thank goodness.

She runs to Suzie whoís staring into the city.

Suzieís sister: Suzie, you okay? Whatís going on? What happened to your friend, Lopmon? Huh?

Suzie points to behind the house and Antylamon walks out from behind it.

Suzieís sister: Uh, thatís little Lopmon? Whoa, what a growth spurt!

Antylamon walks toward the fight.

Suzie: Thatís not Lopmon, thatís Antylamon. Sheíd say hi, but sheís busy saving the world, and stuff.

Suzieís sister: Mm, okay...

Gallantmon is still being pulled inside the D-Reaper.

Inside Gallantmon Takato is freaking out.

Gallantmon: Aw nuts!

The hand finally gets to the actual D-Reaper and goes in.

Takato opens his eyes inside Gallantmon and sees the buildings being broken down.

Takato: I donít know whatís more amazing, that weíre inside the D-Reaper or that weíre inside the D-Reaper and weíre sill alive.

Guilmon: Takato! I donít know if I can hold our mega form much longer.

Gallantmonís body begins to fade as he descends.

Takato (inside Gallantmon): What do you mean, weíre gonna be deleted?

Guilmon: No way! Well I donít think so, maybe. Weíd better land.

Takato (inside Gallantmon): Okay, but land someplace safe. Huh?

He sees the park and its sidewalk.

Takato (inside Gallantmon): Hey what about over there?

Guilmon: Yeah, that looks safe. At least as safe as we can get in here.

He starts to land and they de-digivolve as they hit the ground.

After walking a couple minutes.

Takato: I donít get it, why is there any place that look safe in here?

They look around.

Takato: Hey, why isnít it eating the trees the way itís eating the buildings? Does it hate vegetables?

Guilmon: I uh no.

Jeri: The organic materials couldnít be analyzed.

Takato: Huh?

They turn and see Jeri walk out from behind a tree.

Takao: Jeri! What are you doing here? This is the most dangerous place there is, you shouldnít be...wait a minute, what are you doing here?

On the street Impmon and Calumon are walking.

Impmon: Come on shorty, pick up the pace, would ya?

Calumon: Oh...

Calumon stops and looks at something.

Impmon: Hey, walking means not stoppiní suddenly, ya know?

Calumon points.

Calumon: Look at that Impmon, I wanna go over there!

Impmon turns and looks.

Impmon: Huh? What are you crazy? That thingís a giant eraser to us!

Back in the D-Reaper.

Takato: Why did you run away before? Didnít you see me? Well, I guess it doesnít matter, Iím just glad youíre all right. Iíve bee worried about you.

Jeri: Your concern is illogical, this being is in no physical danger, sheís a very interesting sample.

Takato: Huh?

Jeri: It was easy to assimilate the being you call Jeri because her data was so similar to the D-Reaper. Her thoughts were focused on destruction and what you humans call sadness and despair.

Takato: Jeri whatís the matter with you?

He grabs her shoulders

Takato: Snap out of it! This isnít funny!

Jeri grows a big grin.

Jeri: Sheís proven to be invaluable in the D-Reaperís study of humans.

Jeriís legs begin to grow cracks in them.

Takato: Hey Jeri stop!

He shakes her a little.

Jeri: But your kind does remain difficult to decipher.

Guilmon: Takato, thatís not Jeri.

Takato: What are you talking about Guilmon? Of course it is, just look at her.

She has the same grin on her face.

Guilmon: Takato itís not!

Takato: It just has to be her!

Outside the D-Reaper Calumon and Impmon are still watching.

Calumon: But I know Iím supposed to be there!

Impmon: Yeah well, things arenít always what theyíre supposed to be.

Calumon: Yeah well I donít care, Iím going!

Impmon: Huh? Hey!

He opens his ears and starts to fly over but Impmon body slams him down.

Impmon: Youíre being mean Impmon!

Impmon pushes his face down.

Impmon: Hey, mean would be lettiní you run in there and be erased quicker than you could say Ďis this the delete key I see before me?í

He lets Calumon up.

Calumon: Huh?

Impmon: See?

Calumon: Wow Impmon, I didnít know you cared.

Impmon: Surprised me too.

Calumon: Iíll bet.

In the D-Reaper.

Jeri: D-Reaper sampled the being known as Jeri in order to analyze the life forms that created the network...and the D-Reaper. You are confusing creatures, disorderly, illogical, and without respect for boundaries.

The white in Jeriís eyes turn o the color of the D-Reaper and Jeriís voice changed a little.

Takato: Stop talking that way Jeri!

She glows a red aura around her.

Takato: Huh?

Jerií hair spreads out a little and the cracks in her leg grow as she does and Guilmon prepares to fight.

Guilmon: Itís one of the D-Reaperís agents!

Jeri keeps growing taller and she lifts her head and sprouts blue wings and Takato backs away.

Takato: Uh, what have you done with her?

Jeri Clone: Because of your apparent defects the D-Reaper has determined that all humans and digimon are to be deleted immediately.

Takato: What are you saying? Listen, tell me where Jeri is right now or youíll be sorry!

The Jeri Clone walks forward then stops.

Jeri Clone: The D-Reaper is unable to be sorry or to be sad or happy, those emotions are part of the reasons humans are to be eliminated. Youíd sacrifice yourself for Jeri, would you not? Your feelings of concern and compassion do nothing but make you weak.

The Jeri Clone walks forward and the tree next to her die as she passes, she reaches Takato and he backs away.

Takato: What you call weaknesses are whatís gonna help us beat you!

She stops.

Jeri Clone: Your defiance is pointless, you cannot win.

Takato: This isnít over, itís gonna take more than words to stop me!

The Jeri Clone tilts her head.

Jeri Clone: Mm hm.

Guilmon: Takato we gotta get outta here now!

Takato: I swear Iíll save Jeri if itís the last thing I do!

She turns.

Jeri Clone: Your emotion will get you nowhere. The D-Reaper will delete everyone.

She walks away.

Takato: Tell the D-Reaper itís gonna be deleted!

Outside the D-Reaper.

Terriermon: Weíve gotta save Gallantmon before itís too late!

Henry (inside MegaGargomon): Yeah but how? We canít just...

Kazu and Guardromon arrive.

Kazu: Look out below!

Terriermon: Huh?

Henry: What?

Kazu: Here comes the cavalry! Hey! Guys!

Renamon and Rika: What?

Rika (inside Sakuyamon): Itís Kazu!

They land.

Guardromon: Iíve come to offer my help.

Kazu: Hm, it was my idea, ya big lug nut.

Guardromon: Uh right. Huh?

From the sky a digimon flies down.

Renamon: Whoís that?

The digimon lands on a rooftop.

Rika (inside Sakuyamon): I donít know.

They look at the digimonís knees, head, and scarf floating down from his landing.

Kazu: Typical, always someone stealiní my glory.