Season 3, Episode 46: "When Is A Mon Justimon?"
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Transcribed By: SteelWarrior <>

Kazu: Whoa.

Sakuyamon: And who might you be?

He jumps into the air.

Digimon: A friend.

He slowly floats to the ground.

Guardromon: A really shiny friend.

He lands.

Sakuyamon: Well?

Kazu: Whoa.

Digimon: I am Justimon, Cyberdramonís mega form. Here to give the D-Reaper a taste of my Justice Kick!

He jumps up and kicks in the air and drops again.

Kazu: That could be the coolest dude Iíve ever seen.

Guardromon: What about me?

Kazu: Except for you of course.

Ryo: Hey.

Ryo (inside Justimon): Whatís happeniní guys?

Rika (inside Sakuyamon): Thatís so typical, canít you ever just walk in and say hello?

Kazu: Itís Ryo!

Guardromon: Ryo!

Ryo: I had a feeling you needed my help. If weíre going to save Takato and Guilmon and take out the D-Reaper, itís going to take all of us working together.

Something growls.

Ryo: Whatís that?

He looks over and sees ADR 06, Horn Striker jumping over a building.

Terriermon: Whoa, looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of reality.

Justimon: Everyone, scatter!

MegaGargomon: Uh.

Horn Striker knocks MegaGargomon down, inside MegaGargomon Henry yells.

Kazu: Henry!

Rika: That is it! I am tired of this jerk smacking my friends around! You want a fight, letís fight!

Sakuyamon: You heard us.

Rika (inside Sakuyamon): Bring it on!

Horn Strike growls at them.

Renamon: Letís go.

He moves in but Justimon kicks him away.

Justimon: Now get outta here!

Sakuyamon: Are you kidding? You canít beat the D-Reaper by yourself.

Horn Striker runs and punches the platform Justimonís on but Justimon jumps up.

Justimon: No, but I can keep him busy.

MegaGargomon: While we do what?

Justimon: While you guys rescue Gallantmon.

Horn Striker catches up with him in the air and tackles him in the forest.

Justimon: Go!

Terriermon: Try not to get killed while weíre gone!

Rika (inside Sakuyamon): Then letís go!

Henry (inside MegaGargomon): And fast.

They fly to the D-Reaper leaving Kazu and Guardromon behind.

Kazu: What are we supposed to do?

Guardromon: Fight gallantly?

Kazu: Cool.

Guardromon: Fear not Ryo, the cavalry cometh!

They run to the fight.

Kazu: Weíll save you Ryo, then you can save us!

In the building.

Yamaki: The red mass is expanding. The D-Reaper seems to be isolating our weaknesses and using them against us. Is there anything in the original programming that can help us?

Tally is watching with binoculars.

Shibumi: So far, nothing.

Janyu (thinking): How are you able to exist in two laces at once? There has to be a bridge or a common link.

Heís looking at the D-Reaper in the Digital World attached to the Real World from his computer.

Janyu (thinking): Wait.

Janyu: Shibumi, I think I found something.

Shibumi: What is it?

Janyu: The D-Reaperís consciousness, the kernel of artificial intelligence.

Shibumi walks over.

Shibumi: This changes everything, Janyu. Weíve been working under the assumption that the D-Reaper is two separate entities, one in the Digital World and one in the Real World.

Janyu: But if the D-Reaper is a single entity with a single consciousness, then all of its agents must be plugged into and controlled by that consciousness.

Shibumi: Correct. So if we can somehow sever that connection.

Janyu: Then the kids might just have a chance.

In the D-Reaper Jeri is laughing but canít be seen.

Takato: Jeri where are you?

From behind a tree her sock puppet reaches out.

Jeri Clone (puppet): Ta, ka, to.

Takato: Huh?

Sock puppet: The being known as Jeri has shown the collected your weaknesses, subject Takato.

Takato: What does that mean?

Sock puppet: I forgot my flute.

Takato: Uh.

Flashback to class when Takato was drawing Guilmon when he shouldíve wrote his apology to Ms. Asaji, Jeri walks in class and uses her puppet to take out her flute.

Jeri: There it is, bad flute.

Puppet: Bad.

Takato: Okay...

Takato is standing up and Jeri leaves but sticks her puppet in the door.

Puppet: Rah! Youíd better hurry up and write that apology.

End flashback.

Takato: Uh.

Puppet: Youíd better hurry up!

A big blue hand bursts from the puppet ripping it to shreds catching Takatoís attention.

Takato: Uh!

Jeri Clone: Your thoughts betray you, your fears will be your downfall. Hm, hm.

Guilmon: Takato, donít listen, thatís not Jeri.

Takato: Any second Iím gonna wake up from this dream!

Jeri clone: A dream? Like the one that became Guilmon? Itís always digimon, digimon with you.

Takato: Huh?

Flashback to when Kazu wanted a rematch and Jeri and Nicky walked by giggling.

Jeri: Donít you ever get tired of digimon? Itís all you ever talk about.

End flashback.

Takato: Itís hot, my head feels all fuzzy for some reason.

Guilmon: Takato, snap out of it. Takato. Takato!

Jeri Clone: Each human mind is so different, so imperfect. That will change. One by one they shall be wiped clean, until this Real World is no more.

On the street a Chaos bubble rises from the cracks.

Impmon: How can you run so fast with those little legs, huh?

Calumon: I have bouncy feet.

Impmon: Maybe we can hurry a little bit slower, what do ya say?

Calumon: No, Jeriís in there.

Impmon stops.

Impmon: Hey wait a minute! Are you telling me you know where Jeri is?

Calumon stops and turns.

Calumon: Well not exactly but Iím positive that sheís around here somewhere.

Impmon: Iíve gotta help her, she wouldnít be in this mess if it werenít for me.

Flashback to when he killed Leomon as Beelzemon.

Beelzemon stabs Leomon through the stomach.

Leomon: Ah!

Leomon falls backwards, Jeri starts crying, and Leomonís data begins to disappear.

Leomon: Be brave Jeri, a part of me will always be with you. Remember you have a lionís heart.

End flashback.

Calumon: Will you snap out of it? Come on, letís go.

Impmon: All right, all right already. Lead on, creampuff!

Calumon tries to stop then turns around and bumps into Impmon and they see another Bubbles flying to them. Calumon hides behind Impmon and Bubbles stops.

Calumon: Maybe itís friendly.

Impmon: Donít you have enough friends?!

Bubbles holds out one arm and prepares to fire while Calumon and Impmon run then trip after he fires.

Impmon: Aw man I got dirt up my nose!

Bubbles moves in and Impmon turns around.

Impmon: We donít have time for this!

Impmon flows yellow then digivolves to Beelzemon.

Calumon: Hey you got wings.

Beelzemon: Go Calumon.

Calumon: Okay.

He turns and flies away, but the Bubbles puts his arm to Calumon and fires but Beelzemon grabs his cord and turns the attack up.

Beelzemon: Oh no you donít.

He throws him the other way.

In the deserted part of town Antylamon stands there.

Suzie: Antylamon! Can you hear me!?

Antylamon: Yes Suzie.

In Senseiís house Suzieís communicating with Antylamon through her D-power.

Suzie: Look around the street, is anyone there?

Antylamon: You see what I see, and I see no one.

Antylamon looks around.

Suzie: I see street signs. Oh, but Mom wonít let me drive anymore.

Antylamon: Should I look left or right?

Suzie: Right, you know to tell which way that is? You have to make an R...with your finger.

Antylamon: Make an R with my fingers? All right.

She tries.

Suzie: Thatís really more of on O.

On the screen Calumon flies by.

Suzie: Uh, Calumon!

In Shinjuku Calumon flies up.

Calumon: Gotta go. Gotta go. Gotta go. Gotta go!

Behind him more Bubbles appear but Beelzemon blocks them.

Beelzemon: Okay buds, letí s have some fun!

He holds out his arm and it turns into his gun.

Beelzemon: Corona Blaster!

The Bubbles shoot at Beelzemon but the blast from Beelzemonís attack destroys the Bubbles.

Calumon: Beelzemon hurry! I think I found Jeri!

Calumon hitís the air.

Calumon: Hey come on, let me in, let me in.

Beelzemon flies over to where Calumon is and Calumonís seemingly sitting on air.

Calumon: Come on already, come on, oh.

Beelzemon: Calumon, wha are you waiting for?

Beelzemon tries to enter but an invisible barrier blocks the way.

Beelzemon: I got it.

Calumon: I canít see anything, but I can sure feel it.

He tries to kick it open.

Calumon: Come on, open! Can you hear me!

Beelzemon: I donít think itís listening.

Beelzemon flies back.

Beelzemon: So letís knock a little louder. Double Impact!

Calumon flies back.

Calumon: Oh. Hit him again! Hit him again! Harder! Harder!

He shoots at the barrier and it finally shows up and Beelzemon punches a hole where the cracks are and the hole barrier appears.

Calumon: Oh. Weíre cominí Jeri!

In the building Tally watches with her binoculars.

Tally: Did you see that? There were two digimon there a moment ago and now theyíre...gone.

He Monster Makers gather at the windows.

Tally: Do you think theyíve been deleted?

Janyu: No, at least I hope not.

Back at the barrier Beelzemon tries to open the hole more.

Beelzemon: Open wide!

He holds it.

Beelzemon: This suckerís tough!

Calumon: Yay!

Beelzemon: As soon as...itís go in and get her!

Calumon: Ready when you are.

Beelzemon opens it wider.

Beelzemon: Get in!

Calumon: Here I go!

He tries to get in and wiggles through.

Calumon: Or do I?

Beelzemon: Ah, you and your creampuffs. Get going chubby!

Beelzemon pushes Calumon in with his head.

Calumon: I gotta go on a diet.

After Calumon gets inside bales come and grab Beelzemon.

Beelzemon: Ah great, outta the frying pan...

The cables set him against the wall and hold him there, Calumon turns and looks.

Calumon: Oh.

Beelzemon: Calumon, go!

The cables wrap him tighter.

Beelzemon: Save her!

Calumon continues to fly to the sphere where Jeri is.

Calumon: Oh. Oh Jeri, you donít look so good.

Beelzemon: Whatever it takes Jeri, Iíll make things right!

On a streetlight Antylamon watches.

Antylamon: A moment ago I could see them clear as day, but now...

Antylamon (thinking): Are they in trouble?

In Senseiís Suzie watches through her D-power.

Suzie: Oh no, Calumon and Beelzemon are gone. If you go after them youíll be gone too. Oh whereís Henry, heís never here when thereís an emergency.

Back inside the D-Reaper Calumon is against the sphere.

Calumon: Jeri, oh I missed you so much. Iím glad youíre alright, can you hear me? Oh, why wonít you talk to me? Donít you recognize me? All of your friends have been so worried about you.

He gets no response and sits down.

Calumon: Oh. Jeri, if you only knew how much we love you.

A hole appears in the sphere and Calumon drops in.

Calumon: Oh!

Calumon lands and looks at Jeri whoís not doing anything.

Calumon: Are you taking a nap? Oh, Iíd give anything to make you happy again.

In the city.

Kenta: Where are they? They couldíve at least left us a trail of bread crumbs or something. Iím a tamer not a psychic. Give me a break

He opens his shirt and MarineAngemon flies out.

Kenta: Huh?

Overhead MegaGargomon flies over.

Kenta: MegaGargomon, wait for us! Hey come on you guys, hold on a second!

He runs to them.

Kenta: Sure they get to fly, but I have to run. MarineAngemon, can you carry me for a while?

MegaGargomon and Sakuyamon fly over the D-Reaper.

Henry: I hope Justimon can hold on till we get back. This is where we last saw Gallantmon.

They stop.

Renamon: Before the D-Reaper took him.

Terriermon: Can we get in?

Sakuyamon: Leave it to us.

Sakuyamon taps her scepter then flies up.

Sakuyamon: White hot burns the fire, as true friendshipís strongest bond.

She glows.

Rika (inside Sakuyamon): No wrong can obstruct.

She takes her scepter and slices the sky again creating petals that form a barrier for her and MegaGargomon.

MegaGargomon: So this is gonna protect us right?

Sakuyamon: Thatís the plan.

They proceed towards the D-Reaper.

Henry: Then here we come Gallantmon!

Terriermon: Yeah! I hope...

The barrier touches the D-Reaper and they start to enter.

Henry: Weíre through!

Sakuyamon: Oh no!

Terriermon: Whatís happened to this place?

Renamon: Azulongmon was right, wherever the D-Reaper appears it leaves nothing but a wake of devastation and chaos.

Rika: Com on guys, letís make a little chaos of our own.

In the forest the Jeri Clone is saying what Jeri once said.

Takato: Uh, uh.

Jeri Clone: Youíre wrong Iím not nice at all. When my real mother died I swore I wouldnít let anyone take her place, when my new stepmother came...

Takato closes his eyes and he cries.

Takato: No. Uh, uh, Jeri, make it stop!

Takato turns away and his tears fly.

Takato: Please!

Jeri Clone: She wanted to be my friend, but I never gave her a chance. You see Iím not nice Iím awful.

The Jeri Clone turns and Guilmon holds Takato back from going to Jeri.

Takato: Jeri, no! Jeri!

He gets loose and runs to her.

Guilmon: No, please donít!

Jeri Clone: Leomon said everyone has their own destiny.

She turns around and looks at a scared Takato.

Takato: Uh, uh...

Jeriís face splits and turns into data and it reveals that sheís really ADR agent 01, Jeri Clone and so does her clothes to show sheís blue skinned with a red dress.

Takato: Ah!

Jeri Clone flies up.

Jeri Clone: Hm, hm, hm, hm, hm, hm.

Takato: Youíre not her, youíre no Jeri!

Guilmon runs to Takatoís side.

Guilmon: Yeah I know, thatís what Iíve been saying.

Jeri Clone: Sadness isnít necessary you know, it can just be deleted.

Takato: Where is she?! Tell me what youíve done with her!

In the sphere Calumonís sitting there next to Jeri looking sad too.

Calumon: Oh...

Jeri lifts her head and opens her eyes.

Jeri: Uh.

Calumon: Jeri? Oh...

Back in the forest the Jeri Clone is laughing and chasing Takato and Guilmon and as she flies by trees she puts her hands out and they disappear

Takato: Run faster Guilmon! If she catches us weíre done for!

Rika (inside Sakuyamon): Over there!

Sakuyamon flies over.

MegaGargomon: Sakuyamon, no! Wait for us!

MegaGargomon follows.

As Sakuyamon flies down Searchers fly past her weakening her.

Sakuyamon: Uh, uh, uh.

MegaGargomon: Are you okay, Sakuyamon?

Takato and Guilmon are still running, they rip and fall and Jeri Clone moves in, but MarineAngemon flies in before them.

MarineAngemon: Hm, hm, hm. Poo!

MarineAngemon shoots a little heart at the Jeri Clone.

Jeri Clone: Huh. Uh..

She flies back and MarineAngemon flies forward.

MarineAngemon: Kahuna Waves! Hm, poo! Kahuna Waves! Poo!

The hearts burst next to her and she gets scared.

MarineAngemon: Poo! Poo! Poo! Poo! Kahuna Waves!

She gets scared and flies away.

Jeri Clone: This is not possible!

Takato: Huh.

Guilmon: MarineAngemon got rid of scary Jeri.

Kenta: Takato.

Takato and Guilmon: Huh?

They turn and see Kenta walking up.

Kenta: Now do you see what happens when you guys head out without me? Gee whiz.

Takato gets up.

Takato: Kenta.

Kenta: The two of us wouldíve been here faster but I werenít sure exactly where here was.

MarineAngemon flies to Kenta.

MarineAngemon: Heís here.

Kenta: Oh not again.

A Chaos bubble rises.

Kenta: MarineAngemon, time to go poo, buddy.

MarineAngemon: Poo!

He shoots the heart at the bubble and it disappears.

Takato: Wow Kenta, you saved us.

Kenta: Hey youíre right.

Guilmon: Who knew.

MarineAngemon turns around.

MarineAngemon: Huh, uh.

Sakuyamon drops to the floor, tired, and MarineAngemon flies over.

MarineAngemon: Poo! Poo! Poo!

The hearts burst but they help Sakuyamon.

Renamon Thatís much better.

MarineAngemon: Mwah!

He shoots one more and it pops on her cheek.

Renamon: Iím glad everyone is alright.

Rika: Kenta, what are you doing here?

Kenta: Iím a tamer too, remember?

Terriermon: Finally weíre all together again, now letís get outta here.

Henry: Well first weíre gonna need a door!

MegaGargomon: Gargo Missiles!

They fly out.

MegaGargomon: Now letís finish what we started.

At the fight with the Horn Striker he knocked Guardromon down on top of Kazu.

Kazu: Ow!

Justimon: Justice Kick!

Horn Striker is knocked down and Guardromon gets up.

Kazu: Try that again Captain Monkey butt!

Guardromon: Monkey butt!

Horn Striker lifts up a huge chunk of the ground.

Kazu: Oh man, didnít you know I was kidding?

Guardromon: Well I wasnít.

Horn Striker throws it at Justimon.

Guardromon: Guardian Barrage!

The missiles destroy the chunk right before it hits Justimon.

Kazu: Yeah! Dude, we did it!

Justimon: Nice work guys, thanks!

Kazu: Guardromon, díyou hear that? He said thank you to us, do we rock or what?

Guardromon: We certainly do.

Kazu: And who on this whole planet is cooler than us?

Guardromon: Nobody!

Kazu and Guardromon hug each other cheering.

Horn Striker moves in on Justimon.

Justimon: Try this on for size, Thunder Clap!

He slams his hand on the ground and electricity runs to Horn Striker.

The blast sends Horn Striker back and he hits a building.

Kazu: Way to go!

Guardromon: Excellent, dude!

Kazu: We won!

Guardromon: All right!

Justimon walks to them and from the duct cloud he emerges again.

Kazu and Guardromon: Uh!

Justimon turns around and sees, but Horn Striker grabs him by the neck, throws him to the ground and stomps on the land. He takes his foot away and thereís no one there.

Horn Striker: Huh?

Justimon: Nice try, bigfoot.

Horn Striker reaches for Justimon an he punches the building and pulls his hand out laughing, opens his fist and sees no one again.

Justimon: Justice Kick!

Renamon: Thatís enough!

Rika (inside Sakuyamon): Spirit Strike!

Kazu: Sakuyamon!

Guardromon: And MegaGargomon!

MegaGargomon: Iíve brought you something, Mega Barrage!

The missiles all hit Horn Striker but they do nothing.

Takato, Guilmon, Kenta, and MarineAngemon run to Kazu.

Kenta: Kazu, you miss me?

Kazu: Yeah, like I miss the chicken pox.

Kenta: Oh good one.

Horn Striker gets up.

Ryo: Whereís this guy getting his power?

Ryo (inside Justimon): That red cord!

Justimon: Letís do it.

He makes a big, red sword from his hand, the Horn Striker strikes and misses, Justimon jumps on his back and tries to cut the cable but Horn Striker jumps back up knocking Justimon back.

Justimon: Well that couldíve gone better.

Horn Striker prepares to bite Justimon, but something pulls his cord.

Antylamon: I beg your pardon.

Antylamon is hanging onto the cord.

Ryo: Nowís our chance.

Justimon: Bolted Blade!

The blade cuts the cable, Antylamon drops, and the Horn Striker dissolves.

Antylamon: Uh, huh. Teamwork triumphs again. Iím glad I could help, I was almost too late.

Justimon jumps down.

Justimon: You arrived jus in time, thanks Antylamon.

Antylamon: It was my pleasure.

Later everyone is at Rikaís.

Kazu: So I was like ĎOh no!í and Guardromon fires his missiles and they go Ďboom!í and knocked the rock away from Justimon, and then Ryo said thanks. If it wasnít for us weíd all be D-Reaper dinner right now.

Ryo and Henry are listening.

Ryo: Kind of an overstatement, huh?

Henry: Well, yeah. But, you gotta admit you and Kazu truly are the big heroes of the day.

Suzie: Henry!

Ryo and Henry: Huh?

They turn and see Suzie running to them.

Suzie: Henry, come quick! You have to help!

Henry: Whatís wrong?

Suzie: Calumon and Beelzemon have disappeared, theyíre gone!

Henry: Wait, what do you mean they disappeared? Where?

Suzie: Into the big, red ball.

Terriermon: We rescue two, we lose two more, figures.

Suzie: Iím worried.

Lopmon: Itís all my fault.

Suzie: Lopmon!

Suzie hugs Lopmon.

Lopmon: They vanished before I could stop them, so I came to help you guys.

Henry stands up.

Henry and Terriermon: Uh.

Ryo: Hey, Suzie.

Ryo catches their attention.

Ryo: Youíre a tamer, arenít you?

Suzie: Course I am.

Ryo: Then youíll need this.

He walks over and gives her a card.

Ryo: Itís a modify card, I think itís time you had one.

Suzie: Wee! My first modify card!

She looks at it and itís the Goliath card.

Suzie: Oh this is so great, now I can digi-modify just like Henry! Ha ha ha ha!

Lopmon: Oh boy, I canít wait.

Rika is in her room and Guilmon walks past.

Guilmon: Takato where are you?

Rika sighs.

Rika: We never really got a chance to thank her.

Renamon: Who?

On the street Alice starts to walk home.

Dobermon: Alice...

Alice: Huh?

She turns and sees the energy floating then it disappears.

Alice: Huh...

Alice keeps walking then disappears.

Back at Rikaís.

Rika: That poor girl, Alice.

On a hill Takato looks out into the city.

Takato: Huh Jeri, where are you?

Guilmon: Takato, are you okay? I wish you wouldnít b so sad, Iím here with you now. Nothing can beat us when we stick together, right?

Takato: Hm, thatís just it Guilmon, Jeri is out there all alone, we have to find her.

In the sphere Calumon is looking at Jeri.

Calumon: Oh....oh...Jeri.

Calumon (thinking): Can you even hear me?