Season 3, Episode 47: "His Kingdom for a Horse"

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(The D-Reaper's chaos covers the Hypnos building, with the Kernel Sphere resting between the towers. Jeri, Calumon and Beelzemon are still trapped inside, but Beelzemon is unconscious. Jeri's in a funk, and Calumon tries to cheer her up.)

Calumon: Ohh... I'm bored, don't you wanna play? Jeri? Oh... nothing's working... nothing, nothing, nothing. Beelzemon, you gotta wake up!

Jeri: Oh...

(Calumon jumps up, and his ears extend.)

Calumon: Hey, you moved! Look, moved!

Jeri: Where is...Leomon?

(Calumon's ears shrink again.)

Jeri: Not here...

(Jeri remembers back to Leomon's death, in "Lionheart".)

Leomon: Part of me will always be with you... remember...

(The word 'remember' echoes, like quite a lot of things in this episode.)

Jeri: No!

(End flashback. Jeri then remembers her mother's death. She's in a hospital, with her dad and some Spooky Medical Personnel. The D-Reaper grows...)

Young Jeri: Mama?

Jeriís Dad: Part of her will always be with us.

(Jeri's almost in tears. The D-Reaper grows...)

Spooky Doctor: There was nothing we could do. I'm sorry.

Spooky Nurse: Her spirit is with you.

(The line echoes. Young Jeri runs out of the room, and down a darkened corridor.)

Young Jeri: Where? Where?

Spooky Doctor: Where are you running?

Spooky Nurse: Run away, away...

Spooky Doctor #2: Away...or to nothing!

(His line echoes. The D-Reaper grows some more, and Young Jeri finds herself face-to-face with a horribly disfigured version of herself, with the puppet physically attached to her arm.)

Evil Jeri: Running away from destiny?

Spooky Medical Personnel: Destiny, destiny, destiny, destiny...

('Destiny' echoes. The D-Reaper grows, since Jeri's feeding it unwittingly with her negative thoughts.)


(Takato's Dad's van speeds along the road, with Guardromon and Renamon flying/running alongside it.)

Takato's Dad: That thing is absorbing several square miles each day. Nothing can stand against it. Pretty soon the entire city will be absorbed.

(A computer map shows the growth of the D-Reaper.)

Rika: Are we going to my house?

Takato's Dad: I'm really sorry, Rika, but I'm afraid it's just not safe there anymore. Mr. Wong and Yamaki are setting up temporary headquarters, and we're going to join them. They're moving as much of the Hypnos network as they can salvage. By the way, what happened to your friend Ryo?

Takato: I don't know. When we woke up, he was gone.

(Short flashback to the previous ep.)

Rika: That's so like him.

Justimon: Justice Kick!

(Justimon destroys several Bubbles.)


(Inside the makeshift HQ, Takato's Mom serves up riceballs.)

Takato's Mom: Get'm while they're fresh, riceballs for all! Hot soup on the way!

(The camera pans across the room. Almost every recurring adult character is present - all the parents, the Monster Makers, the Hypnos crew, and even Henry's Sensei. Daisy looks at a computer image of the Ark, surrounded by new add-on pieces.)

Daisy: It's just a little something I cooked up while you were sleeping. So, what do you think guys?

(Yamaki, Riley and Babel look over her shoulder at it.)

Babel: Hmm...put it through it's paces, woman.

Daisy: Get ready to weep - this is so smooth.

(Some of the extra pieces are attached to the Ark.)

Babel: Aw, you're breakin' my heart!

Yamaki: And it's not just another pretty face. This beautiful beast is solid Chrome Digizoid, the metal of the Digital World. She's as solid as a tank.

Daisy: Dolphin's baby is still willing to fly. All it needs is just a little help from it's friends.

(She attaches the nose to the Ark.)

Daisy: And my mother always told me, if you're nice to your friends, they'll be nice to you.

(Finally, she adds the wings. Shibumi walks over, eating a riceball.)

Daisy: There.

Shibumi: Mmm...very nice.

Yamaki: We've decided to name the Ark this time. We're calling it Grani.

Shibumi: And why, may I ask?

Daisy: Grain was a mythic war horse.

Shibumi: You people are weird.

(He turns and sees all the Tamers behind him. He moves to talk to Henry.)

Shibumi: May I borrow your digivice?

Henry: Huh?

Shibumi: I know it's a personal thing, but I need it.

Henry: Uh, ok.

(He hands it over.)

Terriermon: Hey, you're darn tootin' it's personal, what do you need it for anyway?

(Shibumi presses a button, and a slot opens on the top of Henry's digivice. He inserts a cable.)

Henry: Terriermon, would you-

Shibumi: For Grani. Without our help it won't be able to emerge into this world. Put simply, we're making our ideas real.

Henry: Mmm.

Shibumi: Only this is more teleportation than creation.

(A series of diagrams (which make no sense to me, how about you?) appear as he talks.)

Shibumi: Grani's original data was damaged, and returned to the Digital World. It could've just dispersed into digital streams, but Grani is self-aware, and wouldn't let that happen. Grani held on to an image of itself that Daisy was able to rebuild. But it still exists as data only, until we give it a form in the real world. That's where the digivice comes in. It teaches data to behave.

Terriermon: Kinda like you.

Henry: But you don't listen. I bet Grani will, though. You're gonna make a copy of the digivice's program, right?

Shibumi: You're pretty quick.

(Guilmon spots two people he hasn't seen before - Jeri's Dad, and her Stepmom.)

Guilmon: Huh? Takato!

Rika: Who's that?

Takato: Jeri's Dad and Stepmom finally showed up.

Takatoís Mom: They must be devastated by her disappearance!

(A computer screen shows lots of dots.)

Kenta: So what is this, anyway?

Kazu: Looks pretty boring to me.

MarineAngemon: Me too.

(The dots are 'eaten'. MarineAngemon is currently resting on Kenta's head.)

Kenta: Is it a game?

MarineAngemon: Bad game.

Tally: It's the D-Reaper's original form.

Kenta: You gotta be kidding me. That thing-

(He points to the D-Reaper blob, clearly visible from the HQ's window.)

Kenta: -used to be that thing?

MarineAngemon: Uh-uh.

Janyu: It evolved just like the digimon. Probably even learned how by assimilating their data.

(Suzie tugs at her dad's leg.)

Suzie: Daddy, listen, listen, I saw Calumon and Beelzemon go into the nasty red stuff, but I never saw them come out! Someone needs to go get them out of there now!

Curly: You're right, we don't know if it's your friends but somebody is in there. You're a smart girl.

(Suzie smirks. Janyu and Curly laugh.)

Curly: It appears that the core information is centered in that red sphere.

(She indicates the Kernel Sphere.)

Dolphin: Why don't we just call it what it is - the D-Reaper's brain. Now, how do we give it a lobotomy?

Curly: An apt metaphor, as always.

Dolphin: Thank you, Curly. But we still need a practical solution. What we really need is a scalpel the size of a bus.

(Takato appears from nowhere.)

Takato: No, you'll hurt her!

Dolphin: Huh?

Takato: What if Jeri's in there? You might hurt her!

(Takato looks behind him for no reason, and sees Jeri's Dad leaving the room. He follows him to the lift area.)

Takato: Wait!

(He dashes up to him, panting for breath.)

Takato: Please don't be mad at her! Please, it's not her fault!

(Jeri's Dad just looks at him.)

Takato: I really mean it, it's not her fault! You have to believe me, you just have to!

(He walks into the lift without saying a word.)

Takato: Mr Katou, please, please just don't be mad at her. Oh...Jeri...


(On a street somewhere in West Shinjuku, Justimon dashes round a corner, hiding from several Bubbles.)

Justimon (Cyberdramon): Why did we have to run from them?

Justimon (Ryo): This isn't working!

Justimon (Cyberdramon): You didn't give it a chance!

(Part of a much larger Agent darts around and slams him to the floor.)

Justimon (Ryo): Now d'you get it?


(Back in the HQ, Rika's Mom is talking to Jeri's Stepmom.)

Jeri's Stepmom: I don't know what to do. I've tried so hard to be a good mother for Jeri, but nothing - nothing I do ever seems to be right.

Rika's Mom:'s hard being a stepmother. It's hard to be a mother, period. It's like...uh...oh...

(She looks up and notices Rika heading outside.)


(Rika sits outside the building, on a stone wall. Her thoughts are littered with flashbacks, primarily from "Jeri's Quest" - most of which she wasn't there for, so how she could think of them, I have no idea.)

Rika: Boy, do I have a lot to learn. How could I have been such a dork? Jeri always seemed happy enough. She actually seemed to enjoy things - I mean, she smiled all the time. All I ever though about was me and my stupid problems. I never even thought about what her life was really like. She lost her mom, then her partner. I mean, oh, fine - my parents are divorced, and I don't get to see much of my dad, but I could. At least he's still alive. Poor Jeri... No more feeling sorry for myself. I got it good...

(In the Kernel Sphere, Jeri looks very sad.)

Calumon: I don't think she'll ever play again...


(Someone's driving Takato's Dad's van towards the police barrier set up near the D-Reaper.)

Guard: Stop, what do you think you're doing?

(The two guards stand in the road and try to flag him down, but have to dive out of the way when they realise it's not stopping. The same guard gets on the phone to Yamaki at the HQ.)

Guard: He almost ran me down. I traced the plates to a Mr. Matsuki. Name ring any bells?

(Takato's Dad blusters into the room.)

Takato's Dad: Some rat-fank (what?) has stolen my van. Aw, darn it, I must've left the keys in it again...

Yamaki: Mr. Matsuki is here with me. Thank you for informing us.

Takato's Dad: Sorry, Yamaki.

Yamaki: Who could've taken it...?


(Jeri's Dad, that's who! He's driving like a maniac towards the D-Reaper's chaos.)

Jeriís Dad: Jeri...Jeri...

(He parks up near the red blobbyness, and throws his coat off. He starts shouting at the D-Reaper.)

Jeriís Dad: Jeri! Jeri! Jeri!

(His cries reach all the way up to the Kernel Sphere.)

Jeriís Dad: Jeri! Jeri! Jeri!

Calumon: Huh? Jeri, come on, do you hear that? Someone wants you!

Jeriís Dad: What have I done?

(Jeri's Dad remembers back to when he had to take care of Jeri on his own. He struggles to get Young Jeri out of her dress, eventually pulling it up over her head - but lifting Jeri up in the process. She drops to the floor with a thud. Jeri's Dad hangs some other clothes on a washing line.)

Jeriís Dad: I'm not very good at this...

(Another flashback, probably from "Reunion" - now he's shouting angrily down the phone, with Jeri's Stepmom at his side.)

Jeriís Dad: You just tell her that. She got where she is on her own, she can just get home on her own. Tell her that. Goodbye!

Jeri's Stepmom: Why don't I just go and pick her up, ok?

Jeriís Dad: She has to learn to take responsibility for her actions.

(Jeri's Stepmom nods sadly.)

Jeriís Dad: I'm doing this for her own good. If she doesn't see the consequences of her actions, she'll never learn.

(End flashback.)

Jeriís Dad: Now I see the consequences of my actions...

D-Reaper: Destiny, destiny, destiny, destiny... (repeats)

(Of course, the D-Reaper uses Jeri's voice.)

Jeriís Dad: Jeri...peaches...

Takato: Mr. Katou?

(He looks behind him and sees Takato, Rika, Kazu and Kenta, plus their respective digimon.)

Jeriís Dad: It's her! It has to be her!

(A huge Agent with a great deal of mouths rises up from the chaos. This is a Paratice Head. All of the mouths are still chanting "destiny".)

Takato: Wow...

Jeriís Dad: That voice - it's hers! How can it be? Where is she? Jeri!

Takato: It's not her! The D-Reaper has stolen Jeri's voice and hidden her somewhere!

(Paratice Head continues to chant.)

Takato: Stop it! Stop using her voice!

(He runs towards the huge Paratice Head.)

Renamon: No, wait!

(A long tentacle extends from the Paratice Head, and stops just short of Jeri's Dad. A video camera pops out of its end.)

D-Reaper: Initiating memory scan. Subject - Jeri Katou.

(It cycles backwards through Jeri's flashback from the beginning of the episode, then highlights the face of Jeri's Dad.)

D-Reaper: Scan completed. Tadashi Katou. Organic lifeform. Species - human. Father of- father...father... (repeats)

Guilmon: What's wrong with it?

Renamon: It doesn't understand the word. The D-Reaper and we digimon don't have parents, it's a new concept for it.

Rika: Conceptualize this!

D-Reaper: Initiating memory scan. Subject - Tadashi Katou.

(The D-Reaper initiates another flashback, from "The Journey Begins". Jeri is carrying drinks upstairs (to Leomon))

Jeriís Dad: Shouldnít you be in bed by now?

(Jeri ignores him and goes upstairs.)

Jeriís Dad: Don't spill it!

(Back to reality.)

Jeriís Dad: I'll do anything you want. Just give her back to me. Pleas give me back my little girl! Take me instead, take me! Please!

D-Reaper: Memory scan interrupted. Conflict encountered. Attempt resolution of inconsistencies. Attempt failed...failed...

(Now it's gotten stuck on the word "failed". If I were the D-Reaper, I'd get that thing down to the local Radio Shack.)

Rika: Of course you failed, you stupid thing! How could you possibly understand human emotions?

(The D-Reaper expands a little more, and the camera retracts back into the tentacle.)

Jeriís Dad: No, wait!

(He jumps onto the tentacle as it snakes back to Paratice Head.)

Jeriís Dad: Gimme back my daughter!

Kazu: What are you doing?

Rika: Renamon?

Renamon: Let's do it.

(Cue biomerge animation!)

Computer Voice: Biomerge Digivolution.

Rika: Biomerge, activate!

Renamon: Renamon, biomerge to...

Sakuyamon: Sakuyamon!

(Sakuyamon leaps up and grabs Jeri's Dad just as he is thrown off of the tentacle. Inside the Kernel Sphere...)

Calumon: Jeri, look, is that your dad?

Jeri: Huh? My daddy? Daddy's here?

D-Reaper: Latent memory scan activated. Subject - Jeri Katou. Initiating memory scan.

Takato: Stop it! Get out of Jeri's head and quit messing with her feelings! Biomerge, activate!

Guilmon: Guilmon, biomerge to...

Gallantmon: Gallantmon! Lightning Joust!

(The blue energy vaporizes the Paratice Head's hand.)

Gallantmon (Takato): All right!

Gallantmon (Guilmon): It worked!

(The hand swiftly reforms.)

Gallantmon (Takato): Oh no!

Gallantmon (Guilmon): Guess not...

(The hand grabs him, and a few of the mouths start whacking him.)


(At the HQ, the adult crew (plus Henry and Suzie) watch the action.)

Curly: Why would the D-Reaper care about the relationship between kids and their parents? Why not just delete it along with everything else?

Shibumi: It's scared out of it's digital mind.

Yamaki: It's scared?

Shibumi: In that one way, it's just like us. It too has a fear of the unknown.

Janyu: The unknown - of course.

Terriermon: Mr. Mitsuno, not trying to be ruse or anything, but aren't you done with that yet?

Shibumi: Moumentai.

Terriermon: That's a really irritating thing to say.


(Justimon leaps in from off-screen.)

Justimon: Justice Kick!

Gallantmon: Justimon!

Justimon: You ok?

Sakuyamon: Enough chit-chat.

Gallantmon: Right!

(All three of them leap up at Paratice Head, but get caught by many mouths. Inside the Kernel Sphere...)

Calumon: Jeri, your friends are here!

(Jeri's eye twitches slightly.)

Calumon: We're in here, we're in here, we're in here, and we're really lonely!

Jeri: Lonely...

Calumon: Jeri?

Jeri: Lonely is my destiny...

(Can you guess what Paratice Head's mouths start doing? That's right, they chant "destiny" again!)

Sakuyamon (Rika): No! We can choose our own destiny!

(The mouths don't let up their assault on the three Biomerged digimon. Jeri's Dad's back in the van, and speeding towards the foot of Paratice Head.)

Kazu: What are you doing, stop!

(He dives out of the van at the last second, letting it crash into Paratice Head.)

Jeriís Dad: Take that, you monster!

(No damage is seen on Paratice Head.)

Jeriís Dad: No!

(Paratice Head throws the three Megas away, and one mouth-tentacle descends on Jeri's Dad. Gallantmon leaps in front of him, plunging his lance through the tentacle, but gets caught and bashed by multiple mouths. Guardromon and Justimon head behind Paratice Head.)

Guardromon: Guardian Barrage!

Justimon: Voltage Blade!

(Guardromon's missiles free Gallantmon, and Justimon severs the giant agent's life cord with his blade. It disintegrates.)

Gallantmon: That was fun. Now what? Aah!

(Everyone looks up at where the Paratice Head was, and sees a much, larger agent there - an Optimizer.)

Gallantmon (Guilmon): I don't think that was such a good idea, Takato...

Gallantmon (Takato): Yeah, no kidding!

(Many Bubbles appear from the Optimizer's interior and start blasting down at the tamers.)

Kazu: Guardromon!

Guardromon: Of course, Kazu!

(He files upwards to the Bubbles, dodging shots, but eventually gets shot down. He lands, and his eyes spin in their sockets.)

Kazu: Are you all right? You don't look so good...

Guardromon: Why are all the buildings spinning...?

(Gallantmon and Justimon jump up and slice at the Bubbles, destroying them, but they are soon replaced by even more Bubbles.)

Justimon (Ryo): Aw, nuts!

Gallantmon (Takato): We need to destroy the big one or we're toast!

Gallantmon (Guilmon): Well, it's not getting any smaller. Let's go!

(More Bubbles appear and start firing down at them. Justimon and Gallantmon jump up and defend the shots, but the combined force proves too much, and they fall back down.)

Gallantmon: We need a new plan...


(On the computer screen at the HQ, Grani moves around.)

Yamaki: Grani's alive! I think it's trying to emerge!

Shibumi: Then why don't we make it so?

Babel: Alright, how?

Shibumi: The usual way, of course. With a blue card! Digi-Modify!

(He produces a blue card, and slashes it in Henry's digivice - getting a flash of animated background as he does so! Grani begins to emerge.)

Babel: Isn't that a beautiful sight? Here he comes!

(A digital field appears over the battle with the Optimizer.)

Riley: A digital field has appeared in the sky over Shinjuku park. Emergence is imminent.

Tally: Grani is coming out to play!

Shibumi: Showtime!

(Grani appears, its armor completely discolored.)

Henry: But why isn't it going anywhere?

Shibumi: I have no idea! Did we forget something?


Gallantmon (Takato): We gotta get up there.

(He jumps up towards the Optimizer.)

Gallantmon (Takato): Higher, Guilmon!

Gallantmon (Guilmon): Sorry,'s just too big!

Gallantmon (Takato): That's ok, Guilmon - we'll figure something out.

(He lands on the ground and unwittingly sends a burst of red light up to Grani. Grani glows, and its armor turns red and yellow. In the HQ...)

Henry: All right Grani!

Babel: Yeah!

Shibumi: Forward into battle, boys and girls!

(Gallantmon lands on Grani, and uses it like the Green Goblin's hover-board from Spider-Man.)

Gallantmon: Now that's more like it!

(He files up on Grani, slashing all the Bubbles as he goes. HQ...)

Terriermon: I want one!

Henry: Huh?

Yamaki: Of course. Every knight needs a loyal steed to ride into battle. We named you well - Grani, after Siegfried's horse.

Gallantmon: Lightning Joust!

(He flies to the top of the Optimizer, then inside it, and uses the attack to cut the central life cord. The Optimizer is destroyed. At the HQ, everyone celebrates - Shibumi accidentally whacks Babel on the head.)

Babel: Hey, watch it!

(On the battlefield, Grani lands.)

Gallantmon (Guilmon): Just in time. Thank you.

Gallantmon (Takato): Guilmon, you know who or what this is?

Gallantmon (Guilmon): Of course! It's the Ark, silly!

Gallantmon (Takato): Huh? Now that's unexpected.

(Later on, when everyone's split back into their individual forms, Takato shouts up towards the Kernel Sphere.)

Takato: Jeri!

(Inside the Sphere, Jeri seems to hear him.)

Jeri: T-Takato?

Takato: Oh, Jeri... I don't want you to suffer. I'll get you out of there if it's the last thing I do!

(Ryo and Rika, supporting Jeri's Dad, nod. Kazu and Kenta do the same.)

Davis: Woah, that Grani's one sweet ride! Now we're getting somewhere! Keep watching Digimon - Digital Monsters!

---To Be Continued---