Season 3, Episode 48: "Shadow of the Beast King"
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Transcribed By: SteelWarrior <>

On the town the D-Reaper has consumed the most of the town.

Tally: I donít believe it. The D-Reaperís insatiable, itís taken up most of the city, the freeways, even our communications systems.

In the headquarters Tally is looking out the window.

Tally: How do we know that weíre not going to be next?

Janyu: We donít.

Janyu turns around.

Janyu: So donít get too attached to this place, we might have to leave in a hurry.

Takatoís parents look at each other upset.

Takato (thinking): But what about Jeri? Sheís still out there somewhere and Iím not leaving until I find her.

In the brain Jeri is still sitting in silence.

Calumon: Ah! Beelzemon wake up! Weíre trapped! And the D-Reaperís gotcha in an octopus thingy! This is not a good time to nap!

In the headquarters the Monster Makers are checking Grani.

Operator guy: Level one systems check on Grani complete. Commencing with level two.

Riley: Daisy, as soon as weíre done running the system checks on Grani you can start installing the new equipment.

Daisy: The sooner the better.

Shibumi walks alongside Grani checking him out.

Shibumi: Wonderful.

He touches Grani.

Shibumi: Iíve never seen a more amazing piece of machinery.

Guilmon: Well I have.

Shibumi: Huh?

Guilmon: Ha, Takatoís parents have a machine in their store that makes bread!

Shibumi: Ha ha ha, well I guess thereís no way Grani here can compete with that.

Guilmon: Itís tough.

Grani moves his eye.

Daisy types something into the computer.

Daisy: Uh, Riley!

In the main room.

Yamaki: Alright, whatís all the commotion?

Riley: Just watch.

Riley types something on the computer.

Riley: We stumbled on this when we were going through Graniís memory. Theyíre images it recorded when it was in the Digital World.

On the screen a box appears snowy then clears showing images the Digital World in its current state as a wasteland being destroyed more by the D-Reaper .

Henry: Uh, look at all the destruction.

Rika: Uh, no!

Rika shuts her eyes.

Kenta: Uh.

Kazu: Uh...

Takato looks at the screen upset.

On the screen Zhuqiaomon flies by.

Lopmon: Oh no, Zhuqiaomon!

Ryo: They canít last much longer.

Dolphin: According to the data we pulled from Grani about 47% of the Digital World has already been deleted. At this rate the whole plane will be wiped out in a matter of days if not hours.

Yamaki: And it could be the same for us. Look at these images.

On the screen pictures of the D-Reaper show from around the world.

Yamaki: We just received satellite pictures from government intelligence.

Janyu: So weíre not the only ones under attack, where else has D-Reaper appeared?

Tally: Uh, a more accurate question is where hasnít it appeared? D-Reaperís attacking communication systems from North America to Zimbabwe. It looks like the whole worldís under siege.

Daisy: My family, what will they do?

Mr. Matsuki: This is madness. We give it everything we got, we put our children in danger and for what?

Yamaki: We donít have any other choice. Thereís no plan B so we have to fight, and besides as long as weíre here thereís always hope.

He takes of his sunglasses.

Yamaki: Thatís a lesson I learned from working with your sons and daughters, Mr. Matsuki.

Mr. Matsuki: Uh.

He looks at Takato.
Yamaki: they donít give up and they fight with their hearts and souls. And now itís our turn.

In the brain.

Calumon: Beelzemon!

Beelzemon opens his eyes.

Beelzemon: Huh. Huh? Uh, Jeri!

He sees Jeri and Calumon stuck in the middle.

Beelzemon: Hang on kid! Iím gonna get you outta here!

Calumon: Hey Jeri weíre gonna get outta here! Ooh!

He falls over from some shaking.

Calumon: What was that?

He sees the outer sphere blinking red.

Calumon: I donít speak D-Reaper, but it sure sounds bad.

Beelzemon: Huh?

The outer core starts to move out more from the inner core.

Beelzemon: Ah! Jeri!

The brain expands and gets spikes and balls going around it, from the spikes grow green plates and the brain changes color.

Guardromon and Cyberdramon are on the headquarters roof.

Guardromon: Oh bless my bolts, do you see what I see?!

Cyberdramon growls angrily.

In the headquarters.

Janyu: What in the name of Pete is that?

Everyone sees the brain changing colors.

Terriermon: Looks like more bad news to me.

Dolphin pulls out a telescope and focuses on the brain.

Dolphin: It seems the D-Reaperís trying to defend...its core, the kernel of consciousness.

Rika: Huh! Look thereís someone in there!

On the computer the outer core shows Beelzemon vaguely.

Renamon: Itís Beelzemon!

Takato: Letís give him a hand guys, what do ya say?

Ryo gives a thumbs up and Takato turns to his shocked parents.

Mrs. Matsuki: Uh.

Takato: Donít worry, Iíll be careful.

Mrs. Matsuki puts her head against her husband.

Takato: Now letís go!

They run.

Guilmon: Huh? Wait up!

Terriermon: Hey Lopmon, you stay behind and look after Suzie, okay?

Lopmon: Oh alright...donít worry you can count on me!

They get outside, stop and look at the kernel.

Takato: The kernel sphere, I bet thatís where Jeri is.

Ryo: Weíve got company!

Bubbles arrive and Cyberdramon and Guardromon jumps in front of them.

Guardromon: Prepare to meet your programmer!

Takato: Show time Guilmon!

Guilmon: Yep, Iím ready!

Takato: Hang in there Jeri, weíre cominí to get you!

He holds his D-power up and the screen glows.

D-power: Bio-merge Digivolution.

Takato: Bio-merge Activate!

Guilmon: Guilmon bio-merge to...

Gallantmon: Gallantmon!

Gallantmon stabs at a Bubbles and deletes it.

Takato: D-Reaper youíve destroyed everything we love and you think weíre gonna take it lying down? You have another thing coming!

Guilmon: Weíre mad as heck and weíre not gonna take it anymore.

Rika holds out her D-power.

Rika: Bio-merge Activate!

Henry does also.

Henry: Bio-merge Activate!

Ryo follows.

Ryo: Bio-merge Activate!

From the window Suzie and Lopmon watch and three big lights shoot up.

Suzie: It looks really dangerous out there, but I guess they donít need our help if they asked us to stay here, huh Lopmon?

Lopmon: Yeah I guess so, uh I just hope youíre right Suzie.

Riley: Graniís new equipment is installed.

A box says complete on the screen.

Riley: We are ready for takeoff.

Yamaki: Well itís now or never. Right, takeoff!

Graniís eyes glow and he flies up and heads to the fight.

At the fight Sakuyamon dodges the shots.

Rika (inside Sakuyamon): All right enough with the bobbing and weaving, letís show íem what we got.

Sakuyamon: Spirit Strike!

The attack destroys some Bubbles but more appear for them.

Ryo (inside Justimon): Get íem now!

Cyberdramon: With pleasure.

Justimon: Thunder Clap!

The lightning destroys some Bubbles but more appear for them.

Sakuyamon: They just keep coming back.

MegaGargomon steps in.

Inside MegaGargomon Henry yells.

MegaGargomon: Mega Barrage!

The missiles destroy more Bubbles.

MegaGargomon: Hm?

Grani flies overhead.

Henry (inside MegaGargomon): Takato, weíll keep the agents busy for a while.

Gallantmon slashes at some Bubbles.

Henry: You work on finding Jeri.

Takato (inside Gallantmon): Good idea.

Gallantmon jumps up.

Gallantmon: Grani!

Grani catches him.

Gallantmon: Letís go!

They fly forward to the brain or now ADR 09 The Gate Keeper.

In the brain the tubes put the squeeze on Beelzemon.

Beelzemon: Hey, you D-Reaper scum, I donít know if you have ears or what, but listen up and listen good. You may have me hogtied for now, but I wonít let you stop me!

Beelzemon breaks his hands free of the tubes then goes for the one against his chest.

Calumon: Look Jeri, Beelzemonís gonna break free soon then he could help get us out too. Come on Beelzemon, you can do it!

Jeri: Beel...ze...mon?

Beelzemon starts to fade.

Beelzemon: Huh? Whatís goiní on?

He disappears.

Calumon: Beelzemon! He went bye-bye.

Beelzemon: Jeri!!!!!!!!

Heís tossed from the brain.

Beelzemon: Ugh, what happened?

Gallantmon: Beelzemon!

Gallantmon flies next to Beelzemon.

Beelzemon: Well itís about time you showed up. Jeri and Calumon are trapped inside whatever that is.

Takato (inside Gallantmon): I have an idea!

Gallantmon: Letís attack that thing together!

Beelzemon: You got it!

Beelzemon holds out his hand and it turns into the gun again.

Beelzemon: Corona Blaster!

Gallantmon: Shield of the Just!

The blasts hit dead on but do nothing.

Takato: Oh man, we didnít even make a dent.

From behind Searchers appear.

Guilmon: And we have more trouble than we started with.

In headquarters.

Riley: Look at this!

Yamaki: What is it Riley?

Suzie and Lopmon are still pressed up against the window.

Janyu: I donít think I can handle another surprise.

Riley: Youíll like this one, our receivers picked up the D-Reaperís signal.

On the screen they see Gallantmon looking around.

Riley: Now we can actually see whatís going on from the D-Reaperís point of view.

Janyu: Thatís unbelievable!

Yamaki: Finally, a development that might actually help us. Outside the brain.

Gallantmon: This is not good.

The Searchers stare at Gallantmon.

Janyu: Thatís just what meets the eye, D-Reaper should be able to see through layers of programming.

Riley: Translating!

The screen turns white and shows Takato inside Gallantmon looking around.

Janyu: It canít be.

Mrs. Matsuki: Takato!

On TVís throughout the city Takato appears on the sets looking around.

In a house.

Boy: Mommy whoís that?

On the street there are many TVís in a stack.

Man: Check it out.

Woman: Itís a boy!

In a school the kids and Ms. Asaji are eating lunch with the TV on and Takatoís on it.

Kid: Ms. Asaji, whatís going on?

Takato slices the air.

Kid #2: Look itís Takato!

Kid #3: Takato!

The screen snows to Gallantmon doing the action Takato did inside him.

Kid #4: Itís a digimon!

Kid #2: He is cool!

Kid #5: He is so cool. Huh?

Ms. Asaji is running outside the school to a visible point of the fight then stops.

Ms. Asaji: Takato you can do it!

The kids are behind her.

Class: Come on Takato! Go Takato!

On a TV MegaGargomon backs away.

On the screen they show Henry inside MegaGargomon.

Henry (inside MegaGargomon): Thereís too many of them!

Sakuyamon dodges a shot of bullets.

The TV shows inside Sakuyamon.

Rika (inside Sakuyamon): Hold on, weíre right above you!

In the headquarters.

Mrs. Wong: Uh Henry!

Rumiko: Itís my baby!

Yamaki puts his hand against the window.

Yamaki: Ugh, I didnít know. How could they merge with the digimon? How could I have let it get this far?

Under a table Suzie and Lopmon sit.

Lopmon (thinking): Iíve never felt so helpless, there must be something I can do.

Suzie covers her eyes and Lopmon looks at her.

Lopmon: Hm. Blazing Ice!

She breaks a hole through the window.

Yamaki: Uh.

Lopmon stands on the edge.

Yamaki: What are you doing?!

Suzie: Lopmon, whatís wrong?

Lopmon: I canít sit by while our friends are in danger, I just canít. Help me Suzie.

Suzie: Ha! Uh huh!

Her D-power glows and Lopmon jumps out the window and flies up.

Lopmon: Lopmon digivolve to...

Antylamon: Antylamon!

Antylamon flies down.

Antylamon: Go for it Suzie!

Suzie: Digi-Modify! Yay! Radiant Glow Activate!

Antylamon: Thanks Suzie, I knew you could do it.

Antylamon flies over the D-Reaper to the others.

Suzie: Take care of Henry and his friends for me, okay?

Yamaki: Tally, can you find me a satellite that hasnít been destroyed by the D-Reaper?

Tally: Right away.

On the street.

Guardromon: Guardian Barrage!

The missiles destroy some agents.

Kazu: Feel the wrath of BlackWarKazumon.

Kenta backs up and bumps into Kazu.

Kazu: Whatís the big idea?

He sees that theyíre surrounded by Bubbles and they both wail.

Kenta: Huh?

A black shadow flies overhead them.

Antylamon: Bunny Blade!

Kenta: Hey, weíre saved by the bunny!

Kazu: Aye my aye, thatís a one rabbit army.

MarineAngemon: Itís wonderful.

Antylamon destroys some Bubbles but thereís a lot more and looks at the brain.

Antylamon: Thereís so many of them, I hope the others are all right.

The center sphere starts shooting leasers at Beelzemon so he pulls out his guns.

Beelzemon: You asked for it and you got it!

The lasers shoot the guns out of his hands and sends Beelzemon flying back yelling.

Gallantmon: Beelzemon!

Gallantmon starts to turn back and two of the hinges door things break off and go after Gallantmon and thy trap him on both sides.

Gallantmon: Now what?

The two breaks into many little pieces that attack Gallantmon cutting him up.

In the center sphere Calumon is panicking.

Calumon: Okay Jeri, donít panic, donít freak out. Look at me, Iím relaxed, Iím going to go out mf my mind if we donít get outta here!

Beelzemon is still being shot at and he flies to the Gate Keeper and sees an eye turn around and look at him making him stop.

Gate Keeper: Commencing data extraction from out of Jeriís memory.

Beelzemon: Huh? You, youíre usiní Jeriís voice!

Gate Keeper: Analysis complete, subject positively identified as Beelzemon, a digimon that digivolved from Impmon.

Calumon: Oh, huh?

He looks at Jeri whoís staring blankly.

Gate Keeper: Beelzemon, a digimon that tried to harm Jeri Katou and other human children when they were in the Digital World. Beelzemon, the digimon that destroyed Jeri Katouís partner, Leomon in order to load his data and become stronger.

Mr. Katou bangs on the window yelling then stops from the pain.

Gate Keeper: Beelzemon, the digimon that destroyed Leomon. Destroyed Leomon, destroyed Leomon.

Beelzemon: Shut up.

Gate Keeper: Destroyed Leomon.

Beelzemon: Shut up!

Gate Keeper: Destroyed Leomon.

Beelzemon: Stop usiní Jeriís voice! Is that supposed to make me feel bad? Well itís not workiní! I donít care what you think!

Flashback to the fight with Leomon.

Leomon: Stop this!

Beelzemon screams and stabs Leomon.

Jeri: Uh!

Leomon: Ah!

Jeri: Uh!

Leomon is on the floor being erased.

Leomon: Why canít you see?

Jeri: No!!!!!!!

Leomon is deleted and absorbed.

Beelzemon: Iíll keep loadiní data, till no on can stop me!

End flashback.

Beelzemon: What I did is beyond forgiveness, I donít need anyone to tell me that. No matter what I do I canít change the past.

He creates a star with his Corona Blaster gun.

Beelzemon: But what I can do is save Jeri!

The star is completed and the design inside is filled in along with a big target around it.

Beelzemon: And let me tell you no talkiní eyeballís gonna stop me! Corona Destroyer!

The beam lights the star red and from the star a big red laser beam shoots at the Gate Keeper.

Beelzemon: Howís it feel to be on the other end of the whoopiní stick?

He shoots more lasers into the target and they hit the Gate Keeper.

In the brain.

Calumon: Come on Jeri heís tryiní to save you, donít you even care? I know everything looks scary bad right now, but Beelzemonís not giving up, so you shouldnít give up either! Oh Jeri, please say something!

Beelzemon: Howíd ya like that? Not so chatty now, are ya?

The smoke clears and thereís no damage.

Beelzemon: What? I canít believe this!

The eye shoots a pink beam at Beelzemon but he moves from it except for his gun which dissolves.

Beelzemon: No! Ah!

Flashback to when Mako gave Impmon his favorite gun.

Mako: Take it. Itís my favorite and you can shoot the bad guys with it.

Impmon takes it.

Flashback to him as Beelzemon running with the gun.

Beelzemon: Thanks Mako, this just might come in handier than you think.

The gun turns into Beelzemonís big gun.

End flashbacks.

Beelzemonís hand is smoking.

Beelzemon: That was a gift from Mako, Iíll make you sorry you ever came to this world! Iíll make you pay!

The Gate Keeper shoots more lasers at the incoming Beelzemon whoís yelling.

Far behind Gallantmon is flying from the shards.

Gallantmon: We have to shake them.

The shards appear above him.

Takato (inside Gallantmon): Uh!

Yamaki: Takato, come in. can you hear me?

Takato: Huh? Mr. Yamaki?

In headquarters.

Yamaki: We got through, he can hear us.

Tally: Bingo! Ha ha!

Janyu: Thatís a brilliant idea, using the satellite to talk to Takato.

Yamaki: Fortunately, itís not the only idea we have. Okay Takato, you need to listen carefully.

In Gallantmon.

Yamaki: Grani has been equipped with a powerful weapon called the Yuggoth Blaster. I want you to use it on the D-Reaper.

Takato: With pleasure, sir.

Beelzemon floats tired near the Gate Keeper.

Gallantmon: Beelzemon!

Beelzemon: Hm?

Gallantmon: Youíd better get outta the way!

Grani opens his mouth and makes a three blue spheres connected by energy, Beelzemon sees it and moves.

Gallantmon: Yuggoth Blaster!

Grani shoots a big blast at the Gate Keeper.

Gallantmon: Ha!

Beelzemon: Hn.

The blast destroys the outer shell leaving the inner core exposed.

He flies to the core.

Beelzemon: Jeri!

Takato: Jeri! You have to listen to me!

Takato (inside Gallantmon): Beelzemonís bent on saving you, heís gonna keep trying no matter what so please you have to let him help you!


Beelzemon is punching the shell.

Beelzemon: Right! Why wonít you bite!

He continues punching.

Beelzemon: You ugly, stinkiní fishbowl, let...her...go!

Jeri watches.

Calumon: Be...el...ze...mon.

Beelzemon: Iím gonna get you out Jeri, if itís the last thing I freaking do!

Jeri: Beelzemon, he really save me?

She blinks.

Jeri: I donít...understand.

She gets up.

Outside he canít see them and stop punching and breathes heavily then yells loudly into the sky.

Beelzemon: Give me the strength I need!

He holds up his fist.

Jeri: Beelzemon! Beelzemon please help me! Huh?

She looks at him in his pose yelling and sees Leomon yelling instead and stops.

Beelzemon: Fist of the Beast King!

The fire blazes at the shell.

Jeri: Huh uh.

Wind blows at her meaning thereís an opening.

Jeri: Leomon.

Calumon: Yay! He did it! Beelzemon did it! Weíre free!

Beelzemon is sticking his head inside the shell breathing hard.

Beelzemon: Jeri give me your hand.

She looks at him.

Jeri: Uh, uh...

Beelzemon: Letís go Jeri, what are you waiting for?

The shell starts to rebuild.

Calumon pushes her leg in without succession.

Calumon: Come on! You can do it Jeri! Letís go!

Beelzemon: Itís closing, hurry before itís too late!

She starts shaking.

Beelzemon: Take my hand, take it!

Jeri: Uh.

Calumon: Oh...

Beelzemon: Iím trying to help you, please!

She looks at Beelzemon and looks as if sheís gonna cry.

Jeri: Youíre not...Leomon.

Beelzemon: Wha?

Gallantmon flies in behind.

Takato (inside Gallantmon): Jeri take his hand!!!!!!!!!!

Gallantmon jumps off Grani.

Jeri: Huh, Takato. Is that you?

The hole starts to rebuild more and closes up.

Beelzemon: Jeri!!!!!!!!!

Beelzemon beats at the covered hole.

Jeri: No.

Beelzemon: Jeri, just let me save you! I need to save you!

Gallantmon lands on the shell.

Gallantmon: Jeri! Uh, Beelzemon watch out!

Beelzemon: Huh?

The shards hit him making him scream.

MegaGargomon: Uh!

Sakuyamon watches.

Henry (inside MegaGargomon): No Beelzemon!

Rika (inside Sakuyamon): Oh no.

Beelzemon collapses and falls over the side of the shell and his data starts to scatter and reattach itself.

Beelzemon: Please...I just more chance...Jeri. Jeri!