Season 3, Episode 49: "Reaper Feast"
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Transcribed By: SteelWarrior <>

Beelzemon is falling, yelling and being slowly deleted.

Sakuyamon: Whatís he doing? Why isnít he pulling up? Is he crazy?

Terriermon: Well, it is Beelzemon.

Henry (inside MegaGargomon): We have to do something!

Sakuyamon flies forward.

Sakuyamon: Beelzemon youíve got to pull up before itís too late!

Guilmon: Weíll get him.

Takato: Before it gets us?

They get closer to the D-Reaper and Takato flips out.

Beelzemon: Sorry Jeri, I failed.

Beelzemon (thinking): I donít want to fall now.

He stands up and his body starts to disappear.

Gallantmon: Beelzemon, hold on!

The Gate Keeper sends out cords that wrap up Gallantmon.

Gallantmon: Uh! Uh! Uh, uh!

Rika (inside Sakuyamon): Uh, no! heís done fore! Beelzemon!

Sakuyamon goes to help and hits away some cords.

Sakuyamon: Donít give up, you can make it!

In Ai and Makoís Grandmaís house they watch the news and they see Beelzemon starting to be erased.

Anchorman: And one of them seems to be dissolving. Is this the end of the digimon?

Ai and Mako: Uh.

In Shinjuku Beelzemon is falling carelessly.

Gallantmon: Beelzemon, try harder, you can do it.

Beelzemon: Easy for you to say, pineapple head. Forget about me, just save Jeri.

In the brain.

Jeri: Poor Beelzemon, this is all my fault.

She kneels on the floor shaking.

Calumon: No thatís not true!

Beelzemonís body is almost gone leaving his head and chest.

Beelzemon: Jeri!

His data is scattering as he falls to the D-Reaper and he lands inside it.

Guilmon: Is he...gone?

Gallantmon: Beelzemon, no!

Takato (inside Gallantmon): How many more friends are we gonna lose to this thing!?

In the brain Calumon is sad and Jeri is crying, closing her eyes and covering her ears.

Rika and Henry are shocked and upset about Beelzemonís fate.

Terriermon: Thatís it? Heís really gone?

Renamon: In the end he was a true friend.

Takato (inside Gallantmon): Thatís it D-Reaper! No more!

Jeri hears Takato and removes her hands.

Jeri: Huh?

Henry: Look!

Grani flies out of the D-Reaper carrying a weak Impmon.

Gallantmon: I donít believe it!

Grani flies and cuts the cords setting Gallantmon free then flies to Sakuyamon.

Renamon: Thank you Grani.

She takes Impmon and Grani flies back to Gallantmon.

Rika (inside Sakuyamon): Heís okay, weak but okay.

Guilmon: Whew, Itís about time we can thankful for something. Now letís go get Jeri.

Graniís eyes blink three times.

Takato (inside Gallantmon): Are you with us?

Sakuyamon: Without a doubt.

Terriermon: Yeah! As long as we donít plan on taking diving lessons from Beelzemon.

Inside Gallantmon Yamaki calls Takato again.

Yamaki: Takato, get outta there.

Takato: What do you mean? Why?

Yamaki: Weíre getting word that the Global Task Forces are about to attack.

In headquarters.

Tally: The planes are only a minute away and closing fast.

Riley: Iíll try to raise them on the radio.

She types something in.

Riley: Theyíre not responding to any of my transmissions, get them out!

Yamaki: Takato listen to me, the planes are headed your way and we canít reach them. If youíre not out of there in less than a minute you wonít have a prayer.

Back inside Gallantmon Takato listens to Yamaki.

Guilmon: Oh, Takato.

Takato: No way! We canít leave!

Yamaki: What? Why not?

Takato: Jeriís in there, thatís why not! Sheís trapped inside the D-Reaper, in that kernel thing.

In headquarters Yamaki gets up.

Yamaki: Do you think you can get to her?

Janyu runs over.

Janyu: No! They have got to get out of there right now if you canít stop those planes!

Tally: Thereís no time, theyíre only thirty seconds away.

Janyu and Yamaki: Huh?

Janyu runs back.

Yamaki: Takato, you have got to get out of there immediately.

Takato: We canít, Iím not leaving anyone behind! Maybe we can stop the bombs before itís too late.

Outside Gallantmon sees the three planes.

Yamaki: That is not an option, youíre the only hope we have. We canít risk losing you.

Inside Gallantmon.

Yamaki: Now fall back.

Takato: All right, split up guys. Letís see what the Task Force has in mind.

They all fly in different directions.

Takato: I hope this isnít a mistake.

Army guy: Approaching the target, merge will be in range in twenty seconds. Ready, pelot.

Commander: Roger, you may activate when in range.

In headquarters.

Janyu: I donít get it, they know normal weapons wonít work.

Army guy: Fifteen seconds.

Dolphin: Maybe the Task Force is planning on using some other than normal explosives.

Yamaki: Dolphinís right, I doubt they would use stealth planes to deliver a regular bomb.

Janyu: So are the kids still in danger?

Yamaki: I donít know.

Janyu and Curly look out the window. Curly: Well whatever it is weíre about to find out, here they come!

The pilot opens the bottom

Army guy: Load away.

The devices drop and hit the D-Reaper.

Army guy: Drop-off successful, devices are active.

The devices start flashing.

Dolphin: Well they donít seem to be doing much, unless those pulses are some kind of laser blasts. Maybe they think the D-Reaperís defenses are weaker on the inside. My monitorís going haywire.

Babble: Of course, thatís it! I bet the planes dropped a jamming device.

Curly and Janyu: Huh?

Babble: Itís a machine that sends out magnetic waves to disrupt the D-Reaperís communications network.

Dolphin: Mm hm.

Man: Well did it work?

Dolphin: Huh?

Man: Hope it didnít give you all a scare.

On the screen a man is talking to Dolphin.

Dolphin: Is that really you Johnny?

Janyu: Johnny?

Johnny: Itís me alright. Iím working with the Global Task Force on this.

Shibumi steps over.

Shibumi: As I live and breathe, which is a surprise itself, itís Johnny!

Johnny tips his hat and smiles.

Dolphin: Weíve lost him. Those magnetic pulses are interfering with our transmission, I only hope itís having the same effect on the D-Reaper.

In the sky Impmon wakes in Sakuyamonís arms.

Impmon: Uh....uh, Jeri...

Sakuyamon: Donít talk, save your strength.

Guilmon: Yeah, weíll blast this thing to digital bits!

Takato (inside Gallantmon): Right! Letís do it!

In the brain.

Jeri: I hate this! I hate this! I hate this! Just let me out!

Jeri hitís the wall.

Jeri: I hate this...

She stops, drop to her knees and cries.

Jeri: I canít take this anymore.

Jeri Clone: Itís curious why emotions ever evolved.

Jeri: Huh?

She turns and sees ADR 1 Jeri Clone.

Jeri Clone: Such an obstruction to logic, an evolutionary step backward. What you call compassion only bonds you to others who can make you weak.

Jeri: Stop it! Stop talking in my voice!

Jeri covers her ears and red cords wrap Jeri making her scream and Calumon jumps on the cords to get them off her.

Calumon: Ooh, eeh, oh.

A red cord smacks Calumon off.

Calumon: Oh!

Jeri Clone: Your feelings of despair are providing the D-Reaper all the energy it needs.

Jeri: No! Please, stop this! Takato!

Jeri drops to the floor and picks herself up a little.

Jeri: Help me!

Jeri Clone: Huh?

More cords go after the Jeri Clone and grab her.

Jeri Clone: No! Ah!

She sinks into the floor.

Calumon and Jeri watch.

Jeri: Even when it looks like Iím hurting it Iím helping it. What if I just caused the whole world to be erased?

The brain glows brightly and the jamming devices stop blinking and red beams shoot out from all over the D-Reaper.

In headquarters.

Yamaki: What is that?

Tally: Iím getting massive energy spikes!

Yamaki, Shibumi, and dolphin: Huh?

Tally: Its heat output is up over 200%! And Iím not reading the magnetic pulses anymore.

Yamaki: Find out whatís happening right now!

Outside the beams fade and the ground quakes.

In the brain Calumon tries to free Jeri.

Calumon: Come on Jeri, you gotta help me. You do remember what helping is, donít you? Thatís not it!

Jeri gets up and Calumon is tossed back.

Calumon: Neither is that!

Jeri: All of this is my fault, the world would be better off without me.

More cords slither up.

Calumon: Donít say that!

Calumon runs to Jeri and trips before her.

Calumon: Oh, whoa!

Jeri tries to take off the cords.

Jeri: No, donít! Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The cords around her glow.

Calumon: Jeri you have to stop! The D-Reaper will keep feeding on you until youíre all gobbled up!

Outside the brain.

Guilmon: Did I just hear Jeri?

Inside Gallantmon Jeriís scream is heard.

Takato: Huh, Jeri! Hold on!

In the brain ADR 01 stands.

ADR 01: It is too late for your friends to help you Jeri. I now have the energy to evolve even further. Ha!

The red cords outside begin to shake and Chaos bubbles from them rise to the brain and the D-Reaper is attached to a building.

Gallantmon: Whatís going on? Whatís it doing?!

Sakuyamon: I donít know.

Terriermon: Oh come on! When do we ever know?

The buildings start to rise as the D-Reaper does.

Takato: Be ready for anything! Weíve got to get to Jeri before itís...

The two building tops and brains glow red.

Takato: Too late!

The brain and buildings join together.

Takato: No! Jeri!

Henry (inside MegaGargomon): Uh!

Terriermon: What now?! How are we supposed to beat it if it keeps changing?

The three things turn into the Mother D-Reaper.

Henry: Man that thing is huge! The minute we get used to one form the D-Reaper becomes another more powerful than the last! Are we ever gonna get a break.

Takato (inside Gallantmon): This just canít be happening!

Henry: Iím afraid to find out what that thing can do.

Terriermon: I thought weíd find out whether youíre afraid or not.

Something comes up from the D-Reaper.

Gallantmon: Look out!

Sakuyamon jumps back.

Sakuyamon: Uh!

Rika: Oh great, something else to figure out.

Takato (inside Gallantmon): Well no matter what it is or how dangerous it is, we canít give up on tryiní to save Jeri! Now letís go get her!

Guilmon: Um...

Takato (inside Gallantmon): Whatís wrong Guilmon?

Guilmon: Even at mega level, if we go in there weíll lose our power, remember? I donít know what we can do Takato.

Takato (inside Gallantmon): I forgot all about that.

They fly back.

Renamon: Itís not what any of us want Takato, but weíve got to pull back and figure out a plan of attack.

Rika: We canít afford to, you know, lose any more of us.

Takato looks back.

Takato (inside Gallantmon): No!!!!!!!!!!

Henry: Believe me Takato, I feel the same way but we donít have any other choice.

The Mother D-Reaper is engulfed in the D-Reaper.

Henry: That thingís just too powerful. If we go after it without any idea of what weíre up against we could sacrifice the worlds only chance of survival, us!

In the Tsukuba Communications Research lab.

Takato: I know we need a plan, but it sure feels like weíre up.

Janyu: Rushing in right now would be suicide, donít worry Takato. Weíre working on a plan but we need time to put it into action.

Takato: But Jeri is still out there! I just know she is! Weíve got to get in there and save her before it really is too late.

Dolphin pins up the Jeri Clone picture before her revelation sheís the ADR.

Dolphin: Weíll get to her Takato, as long as we...still can.

Takato looks as if heís gonna cry.

Janyu: You have to leave this to us now.

In the hallway.

Yamaki: At this stage we just donít know anything.

Guilmon watches Yamaki and Mr. Katou talk.

Guilmon: Oh...

Mr. Katou looks out the window and starts to tear up.

In Takatoís car his parents are driving.

Takato (thinking): I feel like such a coward, but I guess itís out of my hands now.

Takato looks out the window.

Takato: Uh...

Guilmon: Oh...

Takato (thinking): Still I just have to find a way to get Jeri back.

Takato: Hm...

Guilmon: Hm.

They both look forward again.

At a ocean side house Takato and Guilmon lie on the porch.

Takato: You know Guilmon, even some place as beautiful as this is isnít very restful if youíre anxious inside.

Guilmon: Yeah...

Takato and Guilmon: Huh...

Kid: Takato!

Guilmon: Huh?

Kid: Yo, Takato!

Takato: Huh?

They both get up and sees Takatoís cousin Kai running to them.

Kai: Hey Takato, itís been a long time.

Takato: Kai, whatís up? Wheníd ya get here?

Kai tosses Takato his bag.

Kai: Just now.

He looks at the ocean.

Kai: Man, the ocean sure is righteous here.

Takato: Yeah, Guilmon and I were just talking about how...righteous it is.

The thee of them look out.

In a restaurant.

Rumiko: Rika honey, stop fidgeting.

Rika: Youíd think a fancy place like this could afford cushions for the stupid seats.

Rumiko: I heard that, you know.

Rika: Good.

Renamon: Rika.

Rika: What?

Renamon: I donít think I can just sit here like this.

Rika: I know Renamon, but thereís nothing we can do right now.

Renamon: Mm.

Rumiko: So Renamon, youíre a girl, right?

Renamon: Actually digimon arenít divided into genders.

Rumiko: But only a woman could wear fur that well. Either way youíre still part of our family.

Renamon: Mm hm.

Rikaís Grandma: Rika.

Rika: Hm?

Rikaís Grandma: I know this isnít the way youíd like things to be, but I think itís important to spend time as a family right now, okay?

Rika nods her head, but under the table sheís holding her D-power.

Rika (thinking): But I canít stop thinking about Jeri.

Back at the house.

Takato: So Kai, how come youíre here anyway?

Kai: Hey, I couldnít just stay in Okinawa while my cousin was dukiní it out with that thing. Besides, have you seen this fantastic view? Primo.

Takato: Mm hm.

Kai: Can I ask you something?

Takato: Sure.

Kai: You guys out there to save the world or something, huh?

Takato: Well I guess so, but I really just want to stop the D-Reaper from hurting more people.

He walks closer to the ocean.

Takato: People like...Jeri.

Kai: You like her, donít you?

Takato turns quickly.

Takato: Huh? What?

Kai: Sheís your first love, dude.

Takato: I donít...I mean...

Kai: Go on, admit it.

Takato blushes.

Takato: Yeah okay, I guess I like her. I mean, I do.

Kai: Thatís why youíre in so much pain, sheís a part of you.

Takato: Does it ever get any better, Kai? I mean, I donít know if I can take all this.

Kai turns to him.

Takato: What if she really is gone?

In the brain Jeri is wrapped up in red cords with Calumon talking to her.

Calumon: Jeri, youíve got to at least try to feel better. If you keep getting down on yourself everythingís only gonna get worse. This isnít your fault you know, itís the D-Reaper.

Jeri: But it picked me, didnít it?

Calumon: Your selfís just feeling sorry.

He gets up.

Calumon: You gotta look on the bright side of things, Jeri. Think of all the good stuff in your life like great friends like me, donít you want to be happy again?

The brain is now in the forehead of the Mother D-Reaper.

Jeri: Do I deserve to be, Calumon? What if all my great friends get erased because of me? What then?

Calumon: Aw, Jeri. Just honk of how happy you could be if you didnít work so hard to make yourself so sad.

In headquarters.

Riley: We got Johnny back on the line!

Dolphin: So, whatís the news, Johnny?

Johnny: Itís not good Dolphin, the D-Reaper has begun expanding in other countries as well. The magnetic disruptors have been disrupted themselves and our satellite communications arenít gonna last much longer from the looks of things.

Janyu: So whatís the bad news?

Johnny: Actually there is some good news, a sensor inside the D-Reaperís field is still sending back data.

Shibumi: Really?

Johnny: Even though most of the sensors were deleted there were still a few that remained hidden among the buildings.

He holds one up.

Johnny: We were just lucky the D-Reaper hadnít found them and taken them out. Anyway, the data theyíve been sendiní back is pretty strange.

Dolphin: What do ya mean, Johnny?

Flashback to inside the D-Reaper when the sensors fell.

Johnny: At first we thought the sensor had malfunctioned, then we realized that the D-Reaper zone is essentially an evenly distributed region of energy. The weak and strong forces are in complete balance with each other and this is the kicker, the particles inside are traveling at a rate...

End flashback.

Dolphin: Wait, let me guess, at a rate faster than the speed of light?

Janyu: Itís a quantum bubble.

Johnny: I shouldíve known the Monster Makersíd figure it out.

Dolphin: Well as fast as this thing evolves it was the only natural conclusion. I think this may be the key in destroying that thing.

Daisy: If we could make a tiny big bang within the D-Reaper the ensuing black hole would suck that thing out like a vacuum cleaner.

Babble: Yeah, easier said than done, my friend. But what the heck, Iím in the mood for a little spring cleaning, how bout you Curly?

Curly: Iím already way ahead of you.

Babble: Man, you are too good.

Curly: Letís just hope the D-Reaper is as easily impressed as you.

On the screen a vortex simulator appears.

Curly: This vortex should revert the D-Reaper to its original form.

Babble: Good work, but we just have to be careful that it doesnít draw us in too.

Johnny: I guess Iíll leave you guys to your work. Good luck with everything.

Dolphin: Thanks Johnny.

Shibumi: I knew this was going to happen, watch out for the maelstrom.

Shibumi gets up.

Henry: Hey, wait! Arenít you going to stay and help us?

Shibumi: Donít worry, Iíll help in my own way. Now donít go disappearing, oh wait, thatís what I do.

He walks away laughing.

In the brain Calumon is sleeping.

Sock puppet: Ruff!

Calumon: Whoa!!!!!!!!!!

Jeri using her sock puppet and speaking herself: Itís her fault! Everything is all Jeriís fault.

She turns to puppet to her face and Calumon slowly backs away.

Sock puppet: Yup! If Jeri wasnít around anymore no more bad stuff would happen.

Calumon pulls his ears in.

Jeri: Nobody else would ever get hurt, especially not Takato.

Calumon: Jeri, please youíve gotta snap outta this. If you donít fight back the D-Reaper really will win.

Jeri Clone: The D-Reaper already has won, foolish digimon. The being called Jeri has taught the D-Reaper everything it needs to know about humans. Nothing they have can beat the D-Reaper, nothing.

In the headquarters Terriermon has little things attached to him and is going in for a scan.

Janyu: Donít worry Terriermon, thisíll be over before you know it.

Terriermon: Moumantai.

Henry walks over.

Henry: Hey Dad, why are you scanning Terriermon?

Janyu: I need to get an idea of the compositional differences between digimon and the D-Reaper. So we can figure out how to target it.

Terriermon: My ear feels really funny.

Janyu: Sorry, Iíll reduce the scanners intensity.

Henry runs over to Terriermon as heís being pushed back and Henry picks him up.

From D-Reapers all over the world a red beam shoots up and connects them in space.

Jeri Clone: Soon the network will be completed and the destruction of this world will truly begin.

In headquarters.

Tally: The D-Reapers from all over the world are joining together to form one being.

Riley: And thatís not all, its temperatureís increasing.

Daisy: Itís so big, if that thing gets any hotter it could change the temperature of the entire planet.

Dolphin: The Polar Ice Caps would melt and flood most of the earth in a matter of days.

Henry walks away.

Terriermon: Henry.

Henry pulls out his digivice.

Henry: Itís up to us.

In the brain.

Jeri: Itís time to go!

Jeri uses her sock puppet and tries to choke herself but Calumon stops her.

Calumon: No!

He tosses the puppet and please on her legs.

Calumon: Donít listen to that rag! Donít you know how lucky you are? Everybody loves to see you smiling, Jeri.

Jeri: Uh.

Calumon: Takato, Guilmon, especially me. Itís true.

She picks him up.

Jeri: Calumon.

Cords wrap Calumon and bring him against a wall.

Jeri: No! Leave him alone!

Jeri gets up but more cords bring her down.

Jeri: No! Calumon!

Sheís pushed against a wall and trapped there with her arms trapped and Calumon tries to free himself.

Calumon: OH! Oh!

Calumon cries.

Jeri: Takato! Takato!!! Help me! Help me!!!!!

At the ocean house Takato hears Jeriís scream for him.

Takato: Huh, Jeri, no.

Kai: What? Whatís wrong?

Guilmon walks over.

Guilmon: Takato, whatís the matter?

Takato: I heard Jeri, Guilmon she needs us now!

On the sidewalk Mr. and Mrs. Matsuki drive up.

Mr. Matsuki: Thereís Kai.

Mrs. Matsuki opens the door.

Mr. Matsuki: Why didnít you wait at the train station? Hey, Takato, are you okay? Whatís wrong, buddy?

Mrs. Matsuki steps out.

Mrs. Matsuki: Honey.

In headquarters Henry is walking down the hall.

Shibumi: Henry.

Henry: Huh, Mr. Mizuno.

Shibumi: Iíve got something for you.

He hands Henry a red card.

Shibumi: I put on algorithm on this card that may give you and the others the edge you need over the D-Reaper.

Henry: I just knew youíd come through.

He slashes the card through the D-power and it gives off a signal.

In the restaurant hall Rikaís digiviceís screen glows.

Rika: Henryís calling, itís time for us to go Renamon.

She turns to the door.

Renamon: Iím sorry Grandma and Mom.

At the house Takato gets the call too.

Takato: Thatís Henry.

Mr. Matsuki: So, youíre going back to fight, are you?

Takato: Iím sorry, I have to, the whole world is depending on us.

Mrs. Matsuki: Oh.

Mr. Matsuki: Itís just so dangerous, son.

In headquarters Henry walks down the stairs.

Janyu: Youíre leaving Henry? I...

Henry: Iím cominí back, Dad.

Terriermon: See ya later!

He walks down.

Janyu: careful.

Outside the restaurant.

Rika: Bio-merge Activate!

Renamon: Renamon bio-merge to...

Sakuyamon: Sakuyamon!

Sakuyamon flies up past the harbor to Shinjuku.

Rika (inside Sakuyamon, thinking): And this time, thereís no stopping us. There canít be.

At the house.

Takato: I just wanted to say I love you.

Mrs. Matsuki covers her mouth and cries.

Mr. Matsuki: We wish you didnít have to fight, but we understand and weíre proud that youíre our son.

Guilmon: Donít worry, weíll be back soon, I promise.

Mrs. Matsuki walks over.

Guilmon: Hm?

She pets him.

Mrs. Matsuki: Oh, Guilmon.

She turns to Takato and they look at each other.

Mrs. Matsuki: Youíre everything to us Takato, please be careful.

Takato: I will Mom, I promise.

He turns to Guilmon.

Takato: Come on Guilmon, letís go.

They run.

Kai: Takato!

Takatoís coat lands in Kaiís arms.

Kai: You can do it!

Takato and Guilmon turn and raise their hand and laugh.