Season 3, Episode 50: "Jeri Fights Back"
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Transcribed By: SteelWarrior <>

Takato: Weíll be back.

They run off.

Takato (thinking): All of us.

Kai catches the coat and Takato holds up his D-power smiling.

Guilmon: Ha ha.

D-power: Bio-merge Digivolution.

Takato: Bio-merge Activate!

Guilmon: Guilmon bio-merge to...

Gallantmon: Gallantmon!

Gallantmon flies up.

Mr. Matsuki: Thatís my boy.

Grani flies up.

Mrs. Matsuki (thinking, worried): Thatís my boy.

Gallantmon lands on Grani.

Gallantmon: Donít worry!

Mr. Matsuki: Know what? He looks pretty good up there.

Mrs. Matsuki wipes tears away.

Mrs. Matsuki: He sure does.

Gallantmon flies to Shinjuku.

Sakuyamon is flying to Shinjuku.

Rika (inside Sakuyamon): When we become Sakuyamon, everything seems possible. Do you know what I mean, Renamon?

Renamon: Always, Rika.

Inside the Mother D-Reaper Calumon is still caught in the cords like Jeri.

Calumon: Tired.

Jeri: Calumon! Donít give up!

Jeri reaches for Calumon but canít.

Jeri: He came here for me, now look at him.

She leans forward and her D-power falls out.

Jeri: Huh?

Flying to the D-Reaper .

Takato (inside Gallantmon): Okay hereís the plan Guilmon, listen up! First we save Jeri, then we destroy that thing.

Guilmon: That sounds like a good plan, Takato. But, do we plan to do it?

Takato: Well, Iím...still workiní on that part.

They see a glowing bubble above the D-Reaper.

Takato: Oh wow, whatís that?

Guilmon: Huh?

Gallantmon: Letís check it out!

They fly to it.

Guilmon: Look, itís Sakuyamon.

Gallantmon: Boy are we glad to see you.

She waves then flies into the bubble then Gallantmon jumps off Grani and goes too.

In the bubble Terriermon and Henry stand and the megas de-digivolve to the kids and rookies as they drop.

Takato: Hey! Henry!

Terriermon: Hey, hey!

Henry: Itís about time.

Rika: We were waiting on you.

Henry: Sorry, my Dad, you know.

Guilmon lands and Terriermon lands on Guilmonís head.

Terriermon: Oh you missed it, I had to be quiet in a tickle.

Guilmon: You had to be quiet?

He jumps to Renamon.

Renamon: Imagine that.

Terriermon: Impossible!

Henry: Well it was definitely worth the wait, Mr. Mizuno made this card for us, itíll let us fight inside the D-Reaper.

He holds up the red card.

Rika: So what do we do with it?

Takato: Well Rika Iím guessiní the usual.

He holds up his D-power, Rika and Henry follow then Justimon intrudes the bubble.

Ryo: You werenít planning to leave without us?

Kids: Uh.

He de-digivolves into Ryo and Cyberdramon and lands.

Cyberdramon: Were you?

Ryo: Uh.

Ryo waves.

Ryo: Hi guys.

Takato: Hi yourself.

Rika: We didnít exactly forget about you.

Ryo: Please, how could you?

Henry: If you two are finished letís get to work. Alright digivices out.

They hold up their D-powers and Henry tosses the red card to them, Takato first, he glows, Ryo glows, Rika glows and then him.

Henry: Digi-Modify!

Takato: For Jeri!

The digivices glow and red, blue, green and white light beams pour from the bubble.

Henry (inside MegaGargomon): Weíre cominí for ya! Full speed ahead!

MegaGargomon flies down.

Rika (inside Sakuyamon): I promise, thisíll be our last battle, Renamon.

Sakuyamon flies down.

Ryo (inside Justimon): Itís now or never time.

Justimon rides on Grani behind Gallantmon.

They fly into the D-Reaper.

Takato (inside Gallantmon): Aahhh!!!!

They glow red as they pass in farther.

In headquarters they watch on the screen as the kids enter.

Riley: They did it! Four digimon have now entered the quantum bubble.

She turns to Yamaki who nods then turns to Janyu who looks upset.

Janyu: Iím prepared no matter what happens, I just wish there were another way.

Yamaki: So do I Janyu, believe me. Unfortunately there isnít, we just have to trust the children.

Janyu: And we will, alright everyone itís time. Begin the final preparations for operation Doodlebug.

The Monster Makers walk back to their stations.

Dolphin: Babble, what say we start linking in the satellites?

Babble: You got it.

Janyu turns and walks back also.

Yamaki: Donít give up now kids, weíre making you a miracle.

In the D-Reaper the megas still fly.

Terriermon: Okay so now what? It all looks the same to me.

Rika (inside Sakuyamon): Well he does have a point.

Takato (inside Gallantmon): Jeriís in here somewhere I know it!

Henry (inside MegaGargomon): Look, over there!

On the horizon they see the Mother D-Reaper.

Henry: That looks promising.

Gallantmon: Itís a start.

He turns his hand into the sword.

Justimon: Weíre right behind you.

Bubbles move in.

Sakuyamon: Looks like we have company.

Justimon: Iíll clear the way.

He jumps on the front of Grani.

Justimon: Justice Burst!

He shoots blue lasers at them destroying them.

Gallantmon: Huh?

An Optimizer flies over them.

Gallantmon: Oh great.

Terriermon: Here ya go, you flying freak.

He shoots some lasers at Optimizer sending out some more agents.

Henry: Letís not do that again.

Terriermon: No kidding.

Optimizer opens his mouth and shoots a blue blast at them but they move away creating a big blast.

Ryo: Ride íem cowboy, sweet flyiní Grani.

A Creepy Hands pops up and knocks Gallantmon and Justimon off Grani and sending Grani flying.

Gallantmon: Ah!

Rika (inside Sakuyamon): No, Renamon! Theyíve been hit!

In headquarters.

Tally: But theyíre just children, can they possibly win?

Riley: They have to and they know it.

Yamaki: All right this section is debugged and ready for integration. How are you doing over there?

Janyu: Itís starting to come together now, Daisy are you ready?

Daisy: Not quite, but I will be.

Curly: This section is good to go. Iím linking it in now.

Dolphin: So far so good, now if it only had a heart. Are you ready with the Higgsfield calculations, Shibumi?

Shibumi: Itís a nasty little problem, Dolphin. Believe me Einstein had it easy.

In the D-Reaper.

Sakuyamon: Amethyst Mon Jonna!

The light engulfs the Optimizer and his cord lighting him up.

In the brain Jeri breaks free.

Jeri: Calumon, wake up. Are you okay?

She picks up Calumon.

Jeri: Calumon please talk to me.

Calumon: Canít...

Jeri: Please be okay, you have to be.

She drops to her knees holding Calumon tightly.

Jeri: Uh, Calumon. I canít...I canít stand this anymore. I canít stand for you to suffer because of me. Oh Calumon. Huh?

She grabs her digivice.

Jeri: Could this be our destiny?


Takato (inside Gallantmon): Hang in there Jeri, weíre on our way.

The Optimizer gets deleted and Gallantmon and Justimon jumps a pile of cords.

Takato (inside Gallantmon): Do you think maybe sheís inside that thing? How are we ever gonna get in there? Never mind, it doesnít matter we just will!

They run to Mother D-Reaper and MegaGargomon and Sakuyamon fly to it.

Henry (inside MegaGargomon): Maybe the rest of us can make some kind of distraction.

Gallantmon: Grani, weíll be back for you when we find Jeri.

They run forward as Grani is stuck in D-Reaper.

Gallantmon: Just wait here, okay?

They continue.

Graniís eyes turn blue.

Outside the D-Reaper a police car patrols and a Parasite Head walks by and they both stop.

Parasite Head: Glorious chaos!

The men get out and run screaming and the car gets blasted.

Parasite Head: All shall fall to ruins, mankind and his machines, will be deleted!

Guardromonís missiles destroy Parasite Head.

Kenta: Wow you did it!

Kazu and Guardromon: Of course I did.

They look at each other.

Kazu and Guardromon: Huh?

Kazu: It was my idea!

Guardromon: Well I did all the work.

MarineAngemon: Those two silly.

Kenta: Right, this really isnít the time. Come on you can always argue later.

Kazu: How did you get that out of what he said? I donít get it, he says three word sand you ramble for hours.

Kenta: Hm...heís a digimon of few words, but we understand each other.

MarineAngemon: Uh Huh.

Kazu: Well whatever, heís right about one thing, itís time for us to stop yappiní and start zappiní.

Kenta: Yeah!

Guardromon: What he said.

All: Huh?

A helicopter shines a light on them.

Pilot: Stay where you are, put your hands in the air. You are under arrest.

Kenta: Thatís not fair.

In the D-Reaper the megas continue to run and fly to the Mother D-Reaper.

Henry (inside MegaGargomon): This is the craziest place Iíve ever seen, even the Digital World made more sense than this. But I guess if Mr. Mizuno can get us in here my Dad can get us out. Hopefully with all the pieces in the right places.

Rika (inside Sakuyamon): Itís hard to believe that this is all real, that weíre actually going into battle.

Henry (inside MegaGargomon): A little more than a card game, did you ever imagine when all this started, that weíd have to save the world?

Rika (inside Sakuyamon): How could I? I was too busy calling myself the Digimon Queen.

Renamon: You believed it, of course.

Ryo (inside Justimon): How do I not? You are the Queen, second only to the Digimon King.

The screen splits to the four of them with their red, blue, green, and purple energy surrounding them.

Rika: Give me a break.

Takato giggles.

Takato: You guys havenít changed a bit.

Rika: Are you kidding me?

Henry: I donít know about that, Takato.

Takato: Think about it, I mean here we all are trying to save Jeri. In some ways weíve changed a lot, in other ways we havenít changed at all. Look at Rika, she used to just wanna fight with us, now sheís tired of fighting but she still likes to argue.

The screen goes normal.

Henry (inside MegaGargomon): Yeah youíre right, thatís funny.

Rika (inside Sakuyamon): It is, I guess wherever you go there you are.

Ryo (inside Justimon): Mm hm.

Guilmon: This is very interesting Takato, but weíre almost there.

On a bus Ai and Mako are on with a hurt Impmon.

Mako: Ai, is Impmon really gonna be okay?

Ai: Sh, let him rest.

Impmon: Humans, you gotta love íem. Takiní care of a worthless punk like me.

Mako: Worthless? What are you talkiní about? Youíre just the greatest, Impmon.

Ai: We saw you, you were wonderful.

Impmon: Youíre just tryiní to make me feel better, I was totally useless out there.

Ai and Mako: Un hm!

They shake their heads and a bright light appears above them.

Ai and Mako: Huh?

The light turns into a purple D-power that they look at and Impmon is shocked about.

Ai and Mako: Cool.

They reach for it.

The bus rides away and a digi-gnome flies by giggling.

In the brain Jeri is still trying to awaken Calumon.

Calumon: So tired.

Jeri: Calumon, I think itís time we got ourselves out of here, donít you? We can laugh together and be friends again and eat creampuffs.

She gets mad.

Jeri: You can hear me canít you? I know you can! Iíve had it with you! You stole my voice and upset my Dad and my friends, you even snooped around in my head and messed with my memories! Losing Leomon broke my heart, but I never shouldíve let you take the beautiful memory of my friend and turn it into something ugly! It was wrong of me to believe that feeling nothing was better than feeling sad, the sadness was real, it was human! I misunderstood Leomon, he never meant for me to think my life had no meaning.

Calumon starts to open his eyes.

Jeri: He said we all have our own destiny and thatís not the same thing. Everyone of us has a destiny thatís different and thatís special. Isnít that right?

From her D-power screen a holographic picture of Leomon appears, nods and disappears.

Jeri: Thank you, Leomon. You canít delete even one of us without deleting something that the whole world needs! Every one of us has something important to do!

Behind Jeri the main cord starts to move and Calumon notices.

Calumon: Jeri...oh...

Jeri: Huh?

Calumon: Jeri!

Jeri Clone: Human beings are insignificant, there is no importance to their lives, no useful purpose. You showed the D-Reaper the truth, subject Katou, Jeri. Human beings desire destruction, human beings desire annihilation.

Jeri: Youíre wrong!!!!!!! You donít understand!!!!!

Jeri Clone: Human beings cause pain and fear to other human beings, human beings wage war and destroy other human beings.

Jeri: No!!!!

Jeri Clone: Yes Jeri Katou, human beings created digimon to fight battles and load data so they would grow in strength and building. Digimon have one purpose, to satisfy the human need for destruction.

Renamon: But that is not true of us anymore!

Terriermon: Yeah! Weíre not fighting anyone but you!

Guilmon: Youíve got it all wrong D-Reaper, youíve never felt the strength and happiness of bio-merging. Weíre good for each other, humans and digimon, we make each other better! And weíre not gonna let you stop us!

Gallantmon jumps up.

Takato (inside Gallantmon): Hang on Jeri!

Sakuyamon flies up.

Rika (inside Sakuyamon): Jeri!

The Mother D-Reaperís mask glows brightly and far away a hole appears in the D-Reaper.

Terriermon: Whatís that?!

Henry (inside MegaGargomon): Oh no, tell me this isnít happening!

In headquarters everyone is working and Suzie and Lopmon watch from the door crack.

Suzie: No one for us to play with, I donít much like playing anyway.

Lopmon: I wish I could fight, but without bio-merging I wouldnít have the strength. Iíll just have to...leave the fighting to the others.

Lopmon gets depressed.

Lopmon: Huh...

Suzie: Oh...

In the room.

Riley: Uh! Yamaki somethingís happening! What is going on out there?!

Tally and Yamaki look at the screen and see the vortex.

Yamaki: Excellent, itís finally connected.

Riley: Huh?

Janyu: This is exactly what weíve been waiting for, the D-Reaper in the Digital World has to make a material connection with the D-Reaper here for its final attack. This is when itís most vulnerable.

Babble: But it doesnít know that and we have a little surprise in store for it. Iím sure itíll go out with a bang, a great big bang.

Dolphin: Then letís do it, Operation Doodlebug is good to go.

The main screen has Operation Doodlebug on it and Yamaki looks at it.

Yamaki: Riley, prepare to engage the Juggernaut on my signal.

Riley: Are you crazy?

Yamaki: Not this time, Juggernaut has become our trump card against the chaos.

Riley nods then turns to her computer.

Riley: Juggernaut is online, ready on your command. But, whereís the power coming from?

She sees Janyu from nowhere stare at the screen.

Janyu (thinking): What have I done?

In the D-Reaper.

Gallantmon: Forget about that, letís go!

They proceed to the Mother D-Reaper.

MegaGargomon: But thereís something there.

Renamon: Where?

From the vortex something rises.

Gallantmon turns.

Gallantmon: Come on!

Takato (inside Gallantmon): What is it? What are you guys waiting for?

In headquarters Janyu shuts his eyes tight.

Janyu: I wonít be able to face him even to ask for forgiveness. This is unforgivable.

Dolphin: Itís show time.

Tally: This is horrible! Something is rising out of the vortex at the center of the quantum bubble.

Janyu: That canít be!

In the D-Reaper, from the vortex cables shoot up and form ADR 10 The Shinigami Reaper who roars loudly.

MegaGargomon: Well Iím speechless.

Rika (inside Sakuyamon): I am...not scared. I am...scared witless.

He roars again and Rika covers her ears.

Rika (inside Sakuyamon): I am not scared!

Terriermon: Neither am I! Well maybe a little.

Guilmon: Yeah itís big and scary, so what? I donít care.

Takato: Me neither, letís go Guilmon!

He puts his sword in front of him and flies up.

Henry (inside MegaGargomon): No wait! What are you doing!?

Gallantmon: Shield of the Just!

He shoots it right in the Shinigami Reaperís mouth and it does nothing.

Gallantmon: Aw nuts!

From the center of the cables one cable comes out with a curved sickle and he goes for Gallantmon with it.

Gallantmon: You wonít win!

Sakuyamon: No! Gallantmon!

Gallantmon: Ah!!!!

In the brain Jeri is still strapped in.

Jeri: Please listen to me, humans change their destiny every day, every decision we make alters the world. But you want to delete everything, the good and the bad.

Takato (far away): Jeri! Jeri!

Jeri: Takato.

The Shinigami Reaper seems hurt and Gallantmon is lying on the floor and MegaGargomon drops in next to him.

MegaGargomon: Are you okay?

Gallantmon: I think so.

Justimon runs over.

Ryo: Iíve had just about enough of you, D-Reaper.

He holds out his arm and it turns into a metal arm and the Shinigami Reaper sends two sickles after him and he blocks them.

Ryo (inside Justimon): Itís too strong!

Terriermon: I think thatís our cue, Henry! Ya ready?

Henry (inside MegaGargomon): Ready.

MegaGargomon: Well then letís go!

He flies up.

MegaGargomon: Mega Barrage!

The missiles hit.

Sakuyamon: Spirit Strike!

A big hole appears above the Reaper and it turns him blue.

Jeri (in the brain): Aaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

Takato (inside Gallantmon): Uh. Uh, no!!!!!

In the brain blue energy works its way to Jeri.

Calumon: Please donít cry...Iím coming...

Calumon gets up slowly.

Calumon: Gotta...get up, get going, get Jeri out of here.

At the Shinigami Reaper Justimon turns around.

Ryo (inside Justimon): Takato we can handle this, you just focus on finding Jeri.

Takato (inside Gallantmon): Thanks Ryo.

Gallantmon runs to the Mother D-Reaper .

MegaGargomon: Gargo Missiles!

Henry (inside MegaGargomon): Justimon, go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryo (inside Justimon): Letís do it!!!!!!!!!

He flies up with his arm ready to strike.

Gallantmon runs up the Mother D-Reaper.

Takato (inside Gallantmon): It wonít be much longer. Jeri weíre almost there!

A giant Jeri head comes out from the Mother D-Reaper stopping Gallantmon then it turns downward and blows at Gallantmon turning him black and falling down.

Gallantmon: Aaaaahhhhhh!

Takato (inside Gallantmon): This canít be happening! Guilmon!

Guilmon: Iím sorry Takato.

Takato: No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grani: Do you want to fly, Gallantmon?

Gallantmon: Wh-who are you?

Grani: Do you want to fly? I will give you my wings.

Guilmon: Wings? I could fly?

Grani emerges flying to Gallantmon but heís disappearing.

Gallantmon: Grani!

Grani: I can no longer move on my own, but I can give you the strength that remains in me. You can have my wings, Gallantmon.

Takato (inside Gallantmon): Grani, you really are a digimon. Arenít you?

Guilmon: Grani, are you sure?

Grani: Iím very sure, you are my friends, you talked to me. This is my gift to you.

Takato (inside Gallantmon): Grani!

He keeps falling.

Gallantmon: A part of you will always be with us, Grani!

Grani flies down to Gallantmon and they touch.

Gallantmon gains new and more powerful armor becoming Gallantmon Crimson Mode.

Takato (inside Gallantmon CM): We are one, Grani and us.

Gallantmon CM holds out his hand and his new glowing sword appears in it.

Gallantmon CM: Final Justice!

He points the sword and a light beam shoots at the head.

Sakuyamon: Can that really be Gallantmon?

It destroys the Jeri head and Gallantmon CM flies up.

In the brain Jeri is stunned and set free of the cords.

Gallantmon CM flies up.

Gallantmon CM: Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!