Season 3, Episode 51: "Such Sweet Sorrow"
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Transcribed By: SteelWarrior <>

Gallantmon CM is still flying up to the kernel.

Takato: Guilmon, I canít believe weíre flying.

Takato (inside Gallantmon CM): Thanks to Grani weíll get there in no time, hold on Jeri weíre coming.

In the kernel.

Jeri: Calumon, come over here. Quick!

He jumps on her shoulder.

Calumon: Oh, you donít have to tell me twice.

Blue fire is all over the kernel.

Jeri: Iím through sitting around. Itís time, time I did something more than just cry.

Gallantmon: CM: Weíre gonna have our hands full here. I hope Sakuyamon, MegaGargomon, and Justimon are doing okay.

At the fight with the Shinigami Reaper.

Terriermon: Hey! Yeah Iím talkiní to you! Down here! Got something for ya!

MegaGargomon: Mega Barrage!

Henry (inside MegaGargomon): Terriermon whatís happening?

Terriermon: Weíre outta ammo, not that it matters, our last attack did as much damage as a water balloon.

Henry (thinking inside MegaGargomon): Uh, Iíll have to come up with another plan.

Sakuyamon: He didnít even make a dent.

Justimon: I have an idea.

Ryo: Cyberdramon.

Cyberdramon: Ready.

Justimon holds out his metal arm and from the elbow down it turns into a box with a little red blade on the end.

Justimon: Sakuyamon, listen to me. I want you to send all your power to my blade.

Sakuyamon: What? You canít be serious.

Rika (inside Sakuyamon): Has the fighting gone to your head or something? The force of it could kill the both of you.

Ryo (inside Justimon): Itís a chance Iím willing to take, Rika. Weíve tried everything else and we havenít even landed a scratch.

Justimon is holding the blade box.

Ryo: But the combined forces of your strength and our blade we could give the D-Reaper something to really howl about.

Rika (inside Sakuyamon): Or you could die, did you ever think about that, hotshot?

Ryo (inside Justimon): Well then theyíll be just one less person to poke fun at you, right pumpkin?

Rika (inside Sakuyamon): Hm, hm. You big twerp, youíre just doing this to impress me, arenít you?

Ryo (inside Justimon): So is it working or not?

Justimon: Come on Sakuyamon. Itís not or never.

Renamon: Rika, you sure?

Rika (inside Sakuyamon): Ryo may be out of his pompous mind but heís also right, itís the only chance we have of destroying that thing.

Sakuyamon glows and slashes at the air creating a pink petal shield around her.

Sakuyamon: Ah! All the power of my body, my soul, my mind I now send to you.

As she speaks all her armor and staff and hair ties disappear and turns into petals that surround her leaving her in her black leotard.

Sakuyamon: All the strength within my heart, my spirit to you I now freely give.

Rika (inside Sakuyamon): Ryo, hold on to something.

The petals turn into big circles that cross and float over to Justimon and turn into the shield that sends the power to the blade but hurts Ryo.

MegaGargomon: Justimon!

Henry (inside MegaGargomon): What is he doing?

Gallantmon CM sees.

Gallantmon CM: Heís doing everything he can! He knows we canít play it safe anymore! Huh?

From the top of the Mother D-Reaper a big growl is heard and many Horn Strikers drop.

Takato: Time to go all out!

He goes up and the Horns fly down.

Gallantmon CM: Come on, take your best shot!

Takato (inside Gallantmon CM): No force on earth can stop me from saving my friend!

In the kernel Jeri holds her D-power to her face and closes her eyes.

Jeri: Leomon if you can hear me I finally understand, what you said about destiny.

The screen glows orange.

Jeri: The power to change our lives lies in ourselves.

The screen shoots out orange beams that slice at the top of the kernel.

Outside Gallantmon CM destroys Horn Strikers with his sword.

Gallantmon CM: Justimon!

Justimon is still collecting the power.

Justimon: Got

The shield goes up to the blade and the blade grows.

Justimon: Sakuyamon!

Ryo (inside Justimon): See it worked, I told you itíd be a piece of cake, didnít I?

Rika (inside Sakuyamon): Well if anyone could do it...

Sakuyamon: Itís you, Ryo. Good luck!

He flies up and Sakuyamon collapses in the air.

Renamon: Rika, are you alright?

Rika (inside Sakuyamon): I guess....that took more out of us than I thought.

In the kernel the top finally cracks.

Jeri: Calumon! It worked!

Calumon: Howíd you do it?

Jeri: With a little help from Leomon.

Jeri and Calumon: Uh!

From the cracked kernel edges liquid D-Reaper starts to come in.

Jeri: Oh itís back.

Gallantmon CM slashes at the last of the Horn Strikers.

Gallantmon CM: Jeri! Look! The kernel, itís cracked!

Takato (inside Gallantmon CM): Come on, nowís our chance!

The Shinigami Reaper sends three blades at Sakuyamon but MegaGargomon stops them.

MegaGargomon: I donít think so!

Henry screams in MegaGargomon and MegaGargomon kicks and destroys the blades.

Terriermon: Who needs ammo when youíre a whoopiní machine?

Justimon gets to the Shinigami Reaperís head and Ryo yells and he slices from top to the bottom and Justimons blade disappears.

MegaGargomon: Alright! Timber!

The Shinigami Reaper is split in half.

In the kernel the D-Reaper is rising.

Jeri: Itís...getting higher. I...donít know how much time we have. Oh Takato, where are you?

In Jeriís eye the Jeri Cloneís eyes and mouth appear.

Gallantmon CM flies up to the kernel.

Gallantmon CM: Rah!!!!!!

Takato (inside Gallantmon CM): Iím coming Jeri! Huh?

Jeri Clone: Negative, subject Gallantmon.

From the middle of the Mother D-Reaper The Jeri Clone comes out but sheís evolved and she blows dark air at Gallantmon CM who blocks it with his sword that disappears.

Gallantmon: Who is that?

Jeri Clone puts her hand under his neck.

Guilmon: Huh?

She puts her other on his head and starts to put pressure on it.

Jeri Clone: Humans and digimon exist only to destroy or be destroyed.

The Shinigami Reaper pulls itself together.

Jeri Clone: An exercise of futility!

Shinigami Reaper growls at them.

MegaGargomon: You have to be kidding me!

Jeri Clone is still squeezing Gallantmon CM.

Jeri Clone: Humans desire total annihilation, therefore their existence is pointless.

Gallantmon CM: No! You donít get to decide that!

Takato (inside Gallantmon CM): My life isnít pointless! And neither is Guilmonís or my friends or anyone elseís! We have a right to live and protect the people we care about! Something a warped freak like you could never understand!

Gallantmon CM takes Jeri Cloneís hand off him and they both float back a little.

The Shinigami Reaper roars at the megas then is sucked into the vortex.

MegaGargomon: What happened?!

They see in the vortex the four digimon Sovereign pulling the Shinigami Reaper into the Digital World.

Henry: Itís the digimon Sovereign! They mustíve come through from the other side!

Terriermon: Boy, when they come through they really come through.

On Tallyís screen in headquarters ĎEvacuatedí appears on the screen where the vortex is.

Tally: Sir, Iím detecting a massive wormhole in the heart of the D-Reaper bubble.

Yamaki: Alright, engage operation Doodlebug.

Riley: Doodlebug launch in T minus ten seconds. Booting systems now!

Daisy: Tao, are you sure that this is safe?

Janyu shuts his eyes tight.

Dolphin: Well, are we ready?

Shibumi: I guess weíre as ready as weíll ever be, Dolphin.

He presses a button and the room turns red and a 3D picture of the vortex appears in the middle of the room and they all get up.

Daisy: What if, what if it doesnít work?

Yamaki: Itíll work Daisy, it has to.

Suzie watches from the door.

Suzie: Oh look at the light, isnít it pretty?

She looks down for Lopmon.

Suzie: Huh, Lopmon whereíd you go?

She looks around.

Suzie: Huh.

In the kernel the D-Reaper is up to Jeriís stomach.

Jeri: Weíve been in tighter spots, right Calumon? Weíll escape or someone will rescue us. Any...second now, I hope.

Gallantmon CM is getting beaten by Jeri Clone.

Jeri Clone: You are persistent, but youíre only delaying the inevitable.

She pushes him back.

In headquarters.

Riley: Iíve established an open communication line.

Janyu: Right, this is it. Henry! Terriermon! Come in, can you hear me?

In MegaGargomon Henry sees his Dad appear before him.

Henry: Is that you Dad?

Janyu: Henry listen to me, Iíve loaded a program inside of Terriermon.

Henry: Wha?

Flashback to when Terriermon got scanned.

Terriermon: My ear feels really funny.

End flashback.

Henry: So thatís what it was.

Terriermon: Hold everything! Whatís inside me!?

Janyu: Iím sorry, I shouldíve told you. Henry, itís the Juggernaut program.

Henry: Juggernaut? Huh!

Flashback to the Juggernaut sucking up all the digimon in Shinjuku.

End flashback.

Henry: Why did you put it inside of Terriermon?

Yamaki appears too.

Yamaki: Juggernaut was designed to work like a small scale big bang, the program creates an intense energy vortex that sucks in all digital life forms and nothing can escape it.

Henry: Why would you activate it now?

Dolphin appears.

Dolphin: Henry, look below you, itís a wormhole connecting the Real World to the Digital Dimension.

He looks.

Terriermon: Oh...

Dolphin: It transfers D-Reaperís data faster than the speed of light, thatís how it evolves and grows so rapidly. By using Juggernaut we can reverse the process by sending D-Reaper back where it came from and evolving it into a harmless program.

Henry: Thatís just what weíve been looking for, you guys are amazing!

Janyu looks down.

Yamaki: Weíve made the necessary modifications to Juggernaut so it wonít harm you or any of your friends.

Henry: You just tell me what to do.

Janyu: All right, but listen carefully!

Henry: Alright, what do you say Terriermon you up to it?

Terriermon: Like you even have to ask.

MegaGargomon flies into the vortex.

Renamon: Good luck MegaGargomon.

Justimon: The worldís counting on you.

MegaGargomon: Yeah, thanks for reminding me.

In headquarters they see MegaGargomon fly into the middle of the vortex and start spinning the opposite way the D-Reaperís growing.

Yamaki: Donít worry Janyu, everything will be fine.

Janyu: I wish I could believe that.

Dolphin: The reversalís begun. Thereís no turning back now.

Shibumi is at his computer.

Shibumi: So far everythingís going as planned, but somethingís bugging me, what is it?

In the D-Reaper MegaGargomon is spinning.

Terriermon: Here we go!

Electricity from MegaGargomon forms from him to the D-Reaper wall.

In headquarters.

Daisy: Itís working! The D-Reaperís activity is beginning to drop!

Curly: Come on MegaGargomon, you can do it!

Shibumi gets up.

Shibumi: Somethingís wrong, I know Iíve forgotten something.

In the vortex.

Terriermon: Henry! Iím gonna pass out!!!!!!!!!!

Henry (inside MegaGargomon is spinning too): Hang in Terriermon! We canít give up! Not now!

The Jeri Clone pushes Gallantmon CM into the Mother D-Reaper.

Jeri Clone: You do not deserve to exist!

Gallantmon CM is floating back into the D-Reaper.

Guilmon: Takato...itís not true, is it?...

Takato (inside Gallantmon CM): No it is not! And itís about time we proved it!

Gallantmon CM stops and glows and flies out of the D-Reaper.

Gallantmon: We do deserve to exist!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He punches the Jeri Clone right in the stomach.

Gallantmon CM: You donít!!!!!

She disappears.

In the headquarters the vortex spinning reverses.

Yamaki: They did it. The rotation of the vortex has been reversed.

Riley: And is that a good thing?

Yamaki: When the reverse spin exceeds the speed of light itíll warp the gravitational field and create a backward flow of time causing the D-Reaper to devolve into its most basic state.

Babble: Yeah a program thatís less complex than a simple calculator.

Janyu: Hold on you two, just a little bit longer.

In the vortex.

Terriermon: Iím gonna be sick!!!!!!!

Sakuyamon: Look! The D-Reaperís being sucked into the wormhole!

Gallantmon CM jumps on the ledge.

Gallantmon CM: Uh, Jeri!

He looks for Jeri.

Gallantmon CM: Where is she?! Where is she?! Huh?

He sees Calumon protecting them with a green barrier.

Gallantmon CM: Jeri! Calumon!

Calumon is sitting on passed out Jeri.

Calumon (thinking): Think happy thoughts! Happy thoughts!

Gallantmon CM flies over.

Gallantmon CM: Hang on! Weíre coming!

Calumon: Gallantmon, watch out!

Gallantmon CM: Huh?

He looks and sees the Mother D-Reaper sending cables after him but sheís getting sucked into the wormhole.

Gallantmon CM: Itís backing off!

MegaGargomon still spins and the Mother D-Reaper is sucked into the hole screaming.

Justimon: It worked, it actually worked! The D-Reaperís gone!

Gallantmon CM: MegaGargomon you did all that?

In headquarters theyíre all cheering.

Shibumi: I remember! My calculations for the red card algorithm were off!

Dolphin: Off? What do you mean off? They worked perfectly.

Shibumi: To give the digimon the ability to move freely inside of the D-Reaper...

Flashback to the kids scanning the red card.

Shibumi: I created that red card to change their wavelengths, their very digital makeup.

Curly: Whatís the problem? We saw the results ourselves. The children and the digimon were unaffected.

End flashback.

Shibumi: No, the problem is...I didnít take into account the human-digimon hybrid.

Janyu: No! Wait, what are you saying, Shibumi?

Shibumi: Itís happening sooner than I expected, the digimon wonít be able to hold their mega forms.

Janyu: What about the children?

In the D-Reaper Sakuyamon and Justimon glow.

Ryo (inside Justimon): Cyberdramon, whatís going on?

Cyberdramon: I...I donít know.

The purple energy around Ryo fades to black.

Ryo (inside Justimon): Whatís happening?!

Renamon: Rika, Iím getting weaker. I canít hold this form.

Rika (inside Sakuyamon): Why is this happening?

The blue around Rika fades to black.

Gallantmon CM flies to Jeri.

Gallantmon: CM: Jeri!!!!!!!!

He stops and glows.

Takato (inside Gallantmon CM): Guilmon are you okay?

Guilmon: I donít know Takato, I feel funny all over.

The red energy fades to black and Gallantmon CM de-digivolves to Takato and Guilmon.

Takato: Guilmon!

Guilmon: Takato!

At the vortex Sakuyamon and Justimon de-digivolve to Rika and Renamon and Ryo and Cyberdramon.

All: Huh?

Guilmon: Takato! Get Jeri!

Takato grabs onto Guilmonís tail and Guilmon swings Takato over to Jeri.

At the vortex Renamon and Cyberdramon are holding their partners.

Renamon: We have to get Rika and Ryo out of here now.

Cyberdramon: I know, but what about them?

Henry flies out of the vortex tired.

Henry: Terriermon....Terriermon!

Rika: have to...

Renamon: Iím on it.

At the former green barrier.

Calumon: Jeri, wakey, wakey.

Jeri opens her eyes to see sheís in Takatoís arms.

Takato: Can you hear me? Jeri itís me.

Jeri opens her eyes fully.

Jeri: Uh, Takato, you came.

Takato: Well of course I did, whatíd you think? Iíd leave you?

Jeri: I canít tell good it see you.

Takato: I missed you too.

She hugs him tight.

Guilmon: Hey Jeri!

Guilmon swims up and Renamon and Cyberdramon fly up to them.

Guilmon: Calumon!

Calumon: Hey Guilmon!

Calumon jumps on Guilmonís head and Renamon and Cyberdramon arrive, Cyberdramon holding Ryo and Henry.

Renamon: We have to get out and soon.

Takato: I know but how? Itís not just like we can just call a cab.

Kenta: Hey down there! Need a ride?

Takato: Huh?

A big purple-pink bubble surrounds all of them and another floats down with Kazu, Kenta, Guardromon, MarineAngemon, and Lopmon in it.

Kazu: Try a bubble! No cup holders, but itís a smooth ride.

Takato: Itís Kazu and Kenta.

Rika: Crazy nut bags.

The bubbles get closer.

Kazu: What say we split this dump?

Henry: No, we canít! Not without Terriermon! Heís still down there, MarineAngemon can you get him?

MarineAngemon: Hm, poo!

He sends a bubble into the vortex.

Henry: Terriermon! Weíre coming for ya! Are you okay?! Say something! Anything!

Terriermon rises in the bubble dazed.

Terriermon: Moumantai...

In the bubble.

Jeri: Everyoneís...altogether.

Takato: Yeah, thereís nothing can keep us apart. Right, what do you say Guilmon?

Guilmon: Mm hm!

Calumon: Thatís right.

Calumon giggles.

All around the city the D-Reaper starts to disappear.

Yamaki: The nightmare finally ended, it still seems strange a misguided program could cause so much damage, believing it was doing the right thing. Maybe we have more in common with the D-Reaper than weíd like to believe, but today we won by coming together. Which makes me believe thereís hope for us, all of us.

The D-Reaper disappears.

The next day all the tamers are at the park and a digital gate is in front of them with a hole in the ground.

Henry: The parkís never looked more beautiful.

Kazu: Dude, everything looks beautiful! I could kiss the dirt!

Rika: Itís finally over, we did it.

Guilmon: Takato, Iím glad weíre home.

Takato: Yeah, itís good to be back.

He looks at Jeri.

Takato: With the people you care about most.

Jeri: Huh!

Takato: Huh?

They look and sees Impmon with two little kids.

Jeri: Impmon!

Renamon: Impmon, itís good to see you.

Impmon: Yeah, uh...I just wanted you to meet my tamers, Ai and Mako.

Ai has the D-power around her neck.

Renamon: Well, hello there.

Impmon walks forward a little.

Impmon: Um Jeri, I...

Jeri: Impmon, Iím so glad youíre alright. You have to believe me, I never wanted anyone to get hurt.

Impmon: Jeri will you...uh what I mean is...could you ever forgive me?

Jeri: Course.

Impmon seems shocked but is happy.

Impmon and the other digimon glow.

Impmon: Huh?

Takato: Huh?

Guilmon: Takato, whatís going on?

Takato: Guilmon, uh, uh whatís happening?

Guilmon: I donít know.

Calumon: Oh...

The digimon start to shrink.

Rika: Renamon.

Renamon: I feel strange.

Terriermon: Henry!

Henry: Wha, Terriermon!

Ryo: Cyberdramon!

Cyberdramon: Ryo, Iím...fading.

MarineAngemon, Guardromon and Lopmon start to shrink too.

Guardromon: Kazu!!!

Suzie runs over with Janyu walking behind.

Suzie: There you are, Henry! Lopmon! Terriermon! I thought I...

She stops when she sees them.

Suzie: Daddy whatís wrong? Why are they all growing so small?

Janyu catches up.

Henry: Dad help us!

Takato: Mr. Wong, why are Guilmon and the others de-digivolving?

Henry: De-digivolving? Dad tell us, whatís going on?!

Janyu looks away.

Janyu: Henry I...the whole world was in danger and there was only one way out. We had to take it, even if it meant losing the digimon.

Ryo: What do you man lose? Where are they going?

Janyu: They have to return to the Digital Plane or theyíll disappear forever, like the D-Reaper .

Ai and Mako run and pick up Yaamon, Impmonís in-training form.

Janyu: They were never meant for this world.

Takato: But Guilmonís meant to be with me!

Takato holds Gigimon, Guilmonís in-training form, crying.

Takato: Heís a part of me! I promised him weíd always be together, I promised!

Rika squeezes Viximon, Renamonís in-training form, crying.

Rika: No, this canít be! I wonít let it happen!

Henry stares at his father angrily while crying and holding Gummymon, Terriermonís in-training form.

Henry: You knew didnít you?! You knew this would happen when you scanned Terriermon!

Janyu: I had no other choice, the fate of the world was at stake.

He looks at Henry.

Janyu: I couldnít let everything and everyone we love be destroyed, Henry.

Henry glares at him ticked.

Gummymon: Henry.

Henry: Huh?

Gummymon: Moumantai.

Henry: Oh Terriermon, no.

Gummymon flies out of Henryís arms.

Henry: Donít go!

Rika holds Viximon.

Rika: Renamon stay, you can fight this, canít you?

Viximon: Rika, I know weíll see each other again one day.

Viximon flies up with Rika still holding on.

Rika: No Renamon, please, I love you!
Viximon is pulled up.

Takato is holding onto Gigimon, crying.

Takato: Guilmon.

Gigimon: Weíll play again soon, wonít we, Takato?

Takato: Uh, yeah, yeah.

He letís Gigimon go.

Kazu: Guardromon, I love you man!

Kapurimon flies into the gate.

Kenta: MarineAngemon!

MarineAngemon flies into the gate.

Ryo: Goodbye Cyberdramon!

Hopmon flies into the gate.

Ai: Impmon.

Ai and Mako: Weíll miss you!

Yaamon flies into the gate.

Jeri: Thank you Calumon!

Calumon flies into the gate.

Suzie: Lopmon, donít go!

Kokomon flies into the gate.

Gummymon: Moumantai Henry!

Gummymon flies into the gate.

Viximon: Stay strong Rika!

Viximon flies into the gate,

Gigimon: Remember Takato you promised! You promised! Takato!

Gigimon flies into the gate.

Suzie: Henry, whereíd they all go? Whereís Lopmon?

She runs and cries on Henry.

Suzie: I want my Lopmon and Tewwiermon! I donít want them to go!

She cries loud.

Janyu: Henry.

Henry turns.

Janyu: I know it hurts now son, but in time itíll get better....youíll see.

Henry shake his head three times with tears running down his face.

Janyu: Oh, Henry...Iím...sorry.

He drops to his knees then on all fours.

Janyu: Iím so sorry.

He cries and Henry turns back.

The tamers look into the gate crying.

Takato: I promise Guilmon, just you wait. Weíll be together again soon.

The gate disappears along with the hole in the ground.

Later on Takato peeks into the bakery and sees Yamaki and Riley then he leaves.

Takato: Even though I thought Iíd never be the same.

In the park Kazu, Kenta, Jeri, and Nicky wait and Takato arrives waving.

Takato: The world soon went back to normal and after a while so did I.

Sock puppet: Ruff!

In class Ms. Asajiís teaching and the kids take notes.

Takato: Life became exactly what it was before I met Guilmon. Kazu still made bad jokes and Ms. Asaji still gave too much homework.

He runs by the hideout in the park, stops to look at it.

Takato: Sometimes Iíd go by our old hangouts just to see if heís there, donít know why I bother cause he never is.

He keeps walking.

Takato: Most times Iím okay, but thereís this one thing that bugs me, a promise I made to a friend, a promise I donít think I can keep.

A digi-gnome flies by the hideout giggling then Takato turns around.

Takato: Huh?

In the hideout Takato looks into the hole Guilmon dug and thereís a gate to the Digital World.

Takato: Actually scratch that, I think Iím gonna keep that promise after all.

The End