Season 1, Episode 5: "Kabuterimonís Electroshocker"
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Sora: Hey Sora here well we had just finished crossing what seemed like an uncrossable desert when we found a village made up of thousands of Yokomon under attack by Meramon. He was really mad because he had a weird flying black gear stuck inside of his back. We tried to get all the Yokomon away from the village but there were just too many of them. Biyomon digivolved to Bidramon and was able to drive out the black gear and destroy it. Then Meramon and the village went back to normal we'll just see how long that lasts.

Opening theme

Sora: We passed this place before.

Joe: You mean we walked all the way around the whole planet!

Mimi: That just canít be I canít walk that far can I? I'm so tired.

Mimi stops for a rest followed by Gomamon and Tk.

Tk: My feet are hot.

Matt: Looks like weíre taking a break.

Sora: Well itís not like we have some place to be.

Tai: I guess youíre right thereís no reason to hurry.

Matt: Check out Izzy I bet heís trying to e-mail the aliens.

Tai: Maybe heís asking them to beam him up.

Izzy: Still crashed and the warranties expired.

Tai: Hey Izzy I know how to get it to boot up youíve got to give it a couple of (I didnít get what Tai said here) [It was something to do with whacking the computer, because Tai and Agumon try to grab it and hit it as I recall - I'll see if I can get the tape out of the library and get this. ~Jedi_Amara]

Izzy: Hey quit it are your brain cells malfunctioning?

Tai: Gosh your acting like Iím hurting the dumb thing.

Sora: Too bad your brain isnít as big as your hair maybe Izzy doesnít want grimy fingerprints and dents all over his computer.

Tai: Huh Humph what? Hey look do you guys see that smoke over there? Iíll check it out.

Agumon: Hey Tai wait for me.

Joe: The attention span of a gnat.

Matt: Ah whatever.

Izzy: Oh weíve got graphics, we got sound, beautiful up and running, huh but it indicates the battery needs recharging huh thatís odd.

Tai: Hey everybody get over here quick.

Izzy: Huh

Sora: Weíre coming Tai.

All: Ah.

Joe: Looks like some kind of factory

Matt: Lets hope they can manufacture a way for us to get home.

Joe: Hmm I wonder what the make in there?

Mimi: I donít know but wouldnít it be great if thereís a manufactures outlet store they always have some killer deals.

Matt: Donít ask me how but there doesnít seem to be anyone here.

Inside the factory.

Sora: Theres gotta be someone running the equipment.

Izzy: I donít know it seems to be doing quite well all by itself.

Tk: Matt what are the machines making?

Matt: You got me maybe parts for robots or spaceships.

Joe: Somebodyís got to be moving those belts and people gotta eat so is there a cafeteria in this place cause we could really use a good meal.

They split into groups Tai, Sora and Joe and their digimon and Matt, Tk, Mimi and Izzy.

Tai: Hello is anybody here?

Sora: Wait a minute donít go any further in this direction.

Joe: Whatís the matter with this direction itís just as good as any other direction isnít it?

Biyomon: No wait

Sora: What is it Biyomon.

Biyomon: Iím not sure I heard something.

Sora: Huh

Joe: Yeah

Taiís group: Ah

Tai: Doesnít sound good to me.

Mattís group.

Tk: I say we go inside and have a look around.

Mattís group: ah

Izzy: ah prodigious now a battery like that could run my computer forever. I wonder if thereís a way to access its power.

Tai and Group find something

Agumon: Hey

All: Huh

Tai: What do you suppose happened to him?

Sora: Who knows but lets see if we can help.

Tai: Itís just a busted robot.

Gomamon: Itís not a robot itís Andromon.

Tai: What this big clunk is a digimon?

Agumon: Yes and very much advanced.

Biyomon: Poor thing I guess he got caught in the gears and thatís how he got mangled.

Sora: Maybe if we work together we can pull him out of there.

Joe: Oh my mom doesnít really want me moving very heavy objects Iíve got bad knees.

Sora: Relax weíll do it.

Tai: Right

Joe: Hey.

Mattís group.

Matt: What are you doing Izzy?

Izzy: Iím trying to tap into this power source it I can get this baby to fire up then we can use my computer to get some help.

Taiís group are still trying to free Andromon.

Tai: I think itís moving.

He the fall s backwards hitting a lever making the machine work.

Joe: Hey somethingís happening.

A black gear falls into Andromonís leg.

Joe: Hey somethingís happening heís coming loose.

They pull him out.

All: Yeah.

Agumon: I think heís slowly coming to.

Tai: he needs a couple of whacks.

He goes to hit Andromon but Agumon does it.

Andromon: I am Andromon.

Joe: Thereís this movie where a robot came to life and ate everyone.

Sora: He looks friendly enough and Iím sure if weíre nice to him heíll be nice to us.

Andromon grabs Soraís leg.

Sora: Forget what I said about being friendly.

Andromon: I shall punish alien intruders.

DA Tentomon: Andromon is one of the most powerful digimon of all. His body is a tireless machine capable of almost anything. End DA

Tai: Letís give him all weíve got.

Biyomon: Ha Spiral Twister.

Andromon: Ah

He throws Sora but she gets caught by Tai and Agumon.

Joe: Too bad we didnít catch him on a good day watch out.

Gomamon: Maybe this is a good day.

Joe: This is not good.

Agumon: Well Tai what do we do now?

Tai: Er Agumon how about trying to blast the roof.

Agumon: Hmm Pha.

Iron bars fall down trapping Andromon.

Tai: Boy heís gonna have one ugly headache.

Sora: No doubt.

Tai: Now lets get out of here.

Matt, Tk and Mimi are together.

Mimi: This place would be a lot more interesting if there was a tour guide to explain it oh maybe with (I didnít understand what she said next).

Izzy and Tentomon

Izzy: Ah ha Iíve located an access panel to the interior operations.

Tentomon: Let me see Izzy. What exactly do you think this is?

Izzy: Those markings are bio alien mutations of some sort a computer program. A very complicated program indeed.

He wipes a bit of the program which cuts out the power in the factory.

Mimi, Matt and Tk are looking at the conveyer belt.

Tai, Sora Joe and their digimon are still running.

Tai: Hey who turned out the lights?

Joe: I break out in hives in the dark.

Andromon: Hmmm

Joe: What was that?

Sora: I hope it isnít Andromon.

Tai: It might be a good plan to keep moving so we donít have to find out.

Joe: Well Iím for that.

Tai: Or we could just stay here frozen till the monster gets us.

Sora: Letís sneak away.

Joe: Can you explain why weíre tiptoeing instead of running for our lives,

Andromon: Intruders sited and Andromon doesnít like intruders Lightning Blade.

Taiís group: Ahhhhh

Izzy and Tentomon

Izzy: That was a smooth move Izzy scratch that theory could I have possibly deleted the wrong program?

Tentomon: I think that is a distinct possibility Izzy why donít you undelete it?

Izzy: Capital Idea a stroke of metallic paint right here vola.

Mimi: They didnít pay their power bill is that it?

Matt: You know you have no imagination.

Izzy: Thatís rather mysterious.

Tentomon: And just what is so mysterious about it.

Izzy: Well you see batteries are driven by an acidic chemical reaction which generates a current this one produces itís own current independently.

Tentomon: And what does that mean in plain English for those who didnít major in engineering.

Izzy: Give me a nano here.

Tentomon: Iíll even give you 3.

Izzy: If I can decode this particulate programme then I can trace its base functions and figure a way out of here.

Taiís group: Ah

Sora: Letís get out of here heís getting closer.

Biyomon: Screams

Joe (panting): This is not good I donít like this at all.

Biyomon: Come on you guys.

Andromon: Lightning Blade and fire.

Gang: Screams.

Andromon: Here me intruders Andromon will exact his vengeance.

Tai: Hey come on, vengeance weíre the ones that jump-started you remember.

Izzy and Tentomon

Tentomon: I admire how you keep working while your friends are out having fun. Donít you ever feel sort of left out?

Izzy: Not at all.

Tentomon: So youíd rather spend your time with puzzles than people/

Izzy: Precisely what can be more fun than breaking a cryptogram that nobody else can figure out.

Tentomon: I can think of a lot of things like relaxing on a nice warm beach and not worrying about been trapped in a small room with no exit. But thatís just me.

Izzy: Iím just trying to determine how we all got to this place and Iíd like to learn more about you digimon perhaps prove some of my theories.

Tentomon: What are you theorising about? Whatís the is mystery I am who I am Iím not hiding anything.

Izzy: Really?

Tentomon: I simply canít understand this preoccupation with who you are, is there some kind of deep dark secret in your origins

Izzy: Oh well.

(Flash Back)

Izzy Mum: Donít you think itís time we told Izzy the truth dear?

Izzy Dad: No Iím afraid if we told him now it might be too big of a shock.

Izzy Mum: I know your trying to do whatís best but Iím worried once he finds out heíll be upset that we didnít tell him sooner.

Izzy Dad: Well we canít think about that now.

(End Flash Back)

Tentomon: Izzy, Izzy.

Izzy: Oh what did you say?

Tentomon: You were off in another world look at the screen.

Izzy: Huh

Tentomon: Itís acting rather strangely perhaps you should stop focusing on the problem and start looking for a solution. Your friends are in trouble canít you feel it in your bones?

Izzy: Oh my digivice has been activated.

Mattís group.

Matt: Boy thatís productive this thing puts the pieces together and then takes them apart.

Tentomon and Izzy.

Tentomon: Tentomon to Izzymon are you reading me.

Izzy: This is merely scientifically speculation but I believe Iíve stumbled onto something more than a simple computer game and Iím about to abandon my alien theories. Well ah.

Tentomon: Oh my itís getting hot in here ow ow Iím burning up do something quickly Iím being (didnít understand again GOMEN)

Izzy: Whatís going on hey.

Tentomon: Oh ow I canít stand it help.

Izzy: Hmm (looking at digivice) is it short-circuiting?

Tentomon: Oo ee mercy yikes.

Izzy: Woah

Tentomon: Iím dancing like Iíve never danced before.

Izzy: Iím disconnecting the power now Iíll never figure the mystery out now oh well.

While Izzy is talking Tentomon is saying ow over an over.

Tentomon: Oh I donít like computers.

Izzy: Whatís happened to my digivice?

With Taiís group.

Andromon: Andromon will exact his vengeance.

Tai: Oh yeah just try it you walking tin can.

Tai jumps to some controls.

Joe: Will you please stop taunting the deranged android.

Tai pulls a lever.

Tai: Yeah.

A crane picks Andromon up.

Andromon: Donít interrupt altitude reading abnormal.

Taiís group run again.

With Mattís group.

Mimi: Now Iím board grey is my least favourite colour and all this deconstruction is so 10 minutes ago why are we still here?

Matt: Weíre still here because weíre trying to figure out what gets built in this factory. So far it just seems designed to put things together and then take them apart.

Tk: I really really hope they designed it with a door.

Matt: Thereís no door itís based on perpetual motion nothing ever stops or leaves this place.

Andromon: Fire huh.

Izzy: Hey everybody (talking to Matt, Tk and Mimi) youíre never going to guess what Iíve just discovered?

Andromon: Vengeance.

Matt: So whatís up?

Izzy: Well the computer programme operating this factory is what producing the generating power to keep it going even more incredible in Digiworld basic data and simple living information are a bioble substance itís alive.

Tai: Hey you guys listen up.

Matt: I donít like the tone of his voice.

Tai: We have got to get out of here now.

Matt: What do you mean Tai.

Andromon come up through the floor.

Andromon: Capture intruders senses detect hostility bring intruders into firing range.

Mimi: Ah Mr weird of a man are you talking to us.

Andromon: Bring missiles to position and fire.

Tk: Matt help.

Matt: Tk

Gabumon: Look out. Gabumon digivolve to.

Garurumon: Garurumon

Tk: Oh no

Garurumon knock a missile away but the other one starts firing at Tai, Joe,

Sora and their digimon.

Tai, Joe, Sora, Gomamon, Agumon, and Biyomon: Ah

Agumon: Agumon digivolve to.

Greymon: Greymon.

He destroys the other missiles.

Andromon: Who challenges Andromon?

Greymon and Garurumon get attacked.

Andromon: Bungling weaklings.

Tai: Get him Greymon.

Matt: Recycle that hunk of tin.

Andromon: You puny ones dare to challenge me?

Garurumon: Growls.

Andromon: Lightning Blade and file.

Matt: Heís more powerful than either of our digimon.

Sora: Maybe cause heís all machine itís almost like heís digivolved far beyond the other digimon.

Tai: Is it possible that we could lose.

Andromon attacks again.

Tai: Heís beaten them both now.

Matt: Looks like thereís no hope.

Tentomon: Try re-entering that program that activated your digivice.

Izzy: What for?

Tentomon: I believe thatís the key to my digivolving.

Izzy: Yes itís gotta work if I can just recall the exact sequence we cracked the program yeah.

Tentomon: Tentomon digivolve to.

Kabuterimon: Kabuterimon.

All: yeah

Greymon and Garurumon are still being beaten.

Kabuterimon buzzes.

Andromon: Huh bring missiles to position and fire.

Joe: Boy doesnít that Andromon ever run out of gas?

Izzy: Huh thatís it hey oh cut his power demobilise his right leg and weíll interrupt his energy source ah.

Kabuterimon: Electro Shocker.

Andromon: Argh

The black gear leaves his leg.

Matt: He stripped a gear.

Sora: That musta hurt.

Tai: Thatís wicked

Andromon: That black gear reprogrammed my systems some how Iím normally a none violent digimon.

Tai: You could have fooled us.

Sora: No kidding (whispering to Joe) I told you heís a digimon and not an android.

Andromon: I never meant to hurt anyone.

Matt: Donít give it another thought hey we all make mistakes.

Andromon: I canít answer your answer your questions about how this place came to being or what itís for but I can be of some help the best way to escape from here is to follow the underground water way the labyrinth begins just beyond this point.

Tai: Thanks for your help Andromon.

Andromon: I hope you find your way home and no matter what try to remember the guy that turned out to be not so bad.

Tai: Thereís a things you can count on weíll never forget you Andromon.

In pipe line.

Mimi: I know I can do this really I can ok ready set go.

Tai: Ok that only took 4 minutes. Letís get out of here.

Joe: Am I the only one that finds strolling leisurely through the sewers a slightest bit disgusting.

Tk: Tell me the truth Izzy was it your computer that made Tentomon turn into a super hero.

Izzy: Prodigious huh.

Tk: Would your computer make Patamon become a superhero?

Izzy: I suppose that is possible.

Tk: Wow ok.

Izzy: Letís see now.

Tk: Whatís happening?

Izzy: Thatís strange.

Tk: Hey

Izzy: Programs right but nothing is happening.

Tai: Just give it a few whacks thatíll do it.

Agumon: let us try.

Izzy: Er uh oh.

Tai and Agumon hit each other.

Izzy: Sorry guys but a computer is not a toy.

Sora: Now that you boys have holes in you heads maybe your brain will get enough oxygen

All: Laugh,

End theme and Credits.