Season 1, Episode 6: "Togemon in Toy Town"
Original Air Date:
English version written by: Michael McConnohie and J.M. Morris
Transcribed by: gogglegirl181306 (

Mimi, narrating: Of all the strange things that happened to us on Digimon Island, I never expected to find a secret admirer in the sewer...

[digidestined and Digimon are shown walking in sewer]

Tai: Ok, everybody, let's sing the song that Agumon wrote for us!

All: Digimon eat and Digimon fight, Digimon digivolve and fight all night.

Palmon: Singing sure is fun!

Agumon: Now let's try some solo performances, starting with Mimi.

[Kids stop walking and make faces.]

Tai: Mimi?

Sora: Mimi?

Matt: Singing?

Joe: Mercy!

[Mimi, delighted, closes her eyes, and begins to sing rather badly...]

Mimi: Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roooooooam!

Joe (sings): Avoiding your drone!

Mimi: Hey, come on, I had music lessons for three years.

TK (innocently): Oh you did? Did it help?

Izzy: Ha, Mimi you should get a refund, that's what I think.

Sora: Then let's sing as a group!

Tai: Let's go!

[the kids all begin to march and sing]

All: Digimon fight and Digimon fly, Digimon digivolve an--

Sora: Ahh! Stop it!

[Everyone abruptly stops, Sora is crying.]

Biyomon and Agumon (worriedly): Awwww...

Tai: Sora, are you all right?

Matt: Yeah, what's the matter?

Sora: Well, some water fell from up there...

[Another drop of water falls from the ceiling and onto her shirt.]

Izzy: [points to the wet spot on Sora's shirt] That made you scream?

Sora:[she sheepishly wipes off water as Tai and the others look on worriedly.] I used to sing at home. [very long clothes line is shown, with lots of white clothes pinned on. Sora later appears, pinning up the clothes] I used to sing to myself all the time when I would do my chores, especially when I'd hang clothes to dry outside, I'd sing really loud 'cause...nobody could hear me then. [her eyes water]

Agumon: It's ok to miss your home, Sora. What do you miss, Tai?

Tai: Hmm? [show Tai taking a bath] I miss playing sports and then taking a nice hot bath. [show him leaning back in the tub too far, losing his balance, and falling back in the water with a yell]

TK: games...[show TK playing videogames] I wasn't far from beating Matt on my videogames.

Matt: [crouches and grins] Beating me TK? Gee I don't think so. Maybe in your dreams, kiddo, hahahaha! [meanwhile, TK is pretending to play games with a blank expression, lost in his own world]

[Matt continues laughing, over his laughing Agumon speaks]

Agumon: So you don't miss ANYTHING from home, Matt?

[Matt instantly turns serious]

Matt: Well, actually, now that you mention it...I've...been dreaming about Sundays...[shows grill with sizzling meat] ...when my mom cooked steaks! Mmmm! Makes my mouth water!

Joe: [pushes up glasses] I miss doing my homework. If I fall too far behind I might have to go to a--junior college!

Mimi: I don't miss school...but I do miss going on vacation, mm! [shows Mimi removing her hat on a clear sunny day on the beach, drinking from a bottle of coke as seagulls soar in the sky] Nothing beats having a cool drink on a summer day at the beach! I just love the ocean air!

TK: Wow, that sounds like fun, Mimi!

Mimi: It is!

Izzy (irritated and impatient): Get a grip! I miss accessing satellites to look at the stars and planets.

All: [sigh, and are depressed]

Agumon: They really DO come from another world!

Gabumon: That is why they are depressed.

Gomamon: Poor kids.

[show dark tunnel, noises]

Tentomon: Quiet! Listen everyone!

Mimi: Ee-yuck!

Gabumon: Numemon...

Matt: Numemon?

Gomamon: They're really disgusting Digimon who live down here in the sewers.

Tai: That's gross!

Tentomon: And so are they.

TK: Are they really strong?

Agumon: No, they're weak, but smelly, just wait till they get closer!

Joe: Then what do you say we leave? Or, am I the only one who doesn't want to get stomped by stinky sewer-dwellers?

Patamon: [makes noise of fear]

[show a mass of Numemon approaching from farther down the tunnel]

Agumon: And there are so many of them...

[Numemon are fastly approaching at this point]

Agumon (alarmed): Hurry, ruuuuun!!

Tai: If they're not strong why do we have to run from them?

Agumon: You'll see! Keep running!

One of the Numemon: Let 'em have it!

[Numemon are in hot pursuit and start flinging gross pink sludge at everyone]

Mimi & Digimon Analyzer: These sewer-dwelling Numemon were like totally hygiene-deficient. They love throwing Nume Sludge at you...and they have bad breath, too!

[Kids running for dear life]

Gabumon: Let's keep moving!

[Sludge splats on the wall]

Mimi: Ehhhhh!!!

[Absolute confusion follows, hard to make everything out]

Joe: We gotta get outta here!

Sora: Move it, move it!

Izzy: Get going!

Tai: Run!

TK: Hey! [skids to a stop in front of a tunnel exit] This-a-way!

[Kids madly dash in, panting, and keep running, the Numemon follow. The digidestined and their Digimon make it outside in the bright sunlight and sigh with relief. The Numemon, once seeing the sunlight, scream, stop, and immediately retreat.]

Tai: Huh?

Agumon: The only thing that's able to drive 'em away is the sunshine!

Tai: Phew!

Mimi, narrating: Thank goodness! We finally escaped those Numemons, once we got outside! We didn't see anything for miles, until we saw the strangest thing.

[Show them walking. They come across a field of vending machines. Panting, they then gasp in surprise]

Mimi: There must be thousands of them!

Joe: I'd say under a hundred.

Izzy: Or...maybe just 50

TK: How did they get there?

Mimi: I bet there's enough snacks to last us a least.

Tai: Mimi, they probably don't work. Don't you remember the phone booths?

Palmon: Hey that could be, I bet it's a trick, Mimi.

Mimi: [runs down toward vending machines, laughing excitedly and leaving everyone behind] I won't accept that!

Palmon: Oh--!

Joe (shouting after her): Even if they're real, you know they're not plugged in!

Tai: Mimi--!

Sora: You can't stop her...she's so stubborn.

[After browsing, Mimi and Palmon choose a machine]

Mimi: Yay, soda. You want one?

Palmon: No I don't!

Mimi: You don't have to bite my head off. Hmm...mmmhmm! [inserts a coin and the whole front of the vending machine slams down to the ground. Palmon and Mimi let out a yell and run out of the way. A Numemon is inside]

Numemon leader: Hey, cutie pie, haha!

Palmon: It's their leader.

Mimi: Their leader?! He couldn't lead a pack of show poodles, even with his doggie breath!

Numemon leader: Hey let me take you out on a date.

Palmon: I think he likes you. It's gotta be the hat.

Mimi: What? What are you thinking? I wouldn't go NEAR that short, slimy, sewer-sliding sludge-slinger!!

Palmon: Mimi, you'll make him mad.

Mimi: Who cares! Besides, we're safe in the sunlight--

[thunder is heard, clouds roll across the sky towards the sun]

Palmon: Huh?

Palmon and Mimi: Uh oh...

Mimi: Um...we were!

Numemon leader: How dare you call me short? The date's off! [throws sludge, Mimi and Palmon yell.]

Palmon: Not again!

Mimi: Run!

Numemon leader: Party time!

[more Numemon come out from vending machines to join in with the fight.]

All the others: Ahhhhh!!!

Mimi and Palmon: [run like crazy toward the others] Ahhhhh!!!

Sora: How did THEY get HERE?

Mimi: [running by] Who cares, run, run!

[Sora, Tai, and Agumon, who had just been standing around gaping, gasp and start running with the others.]

Tai: Run!

Izzy and others: Ahhh!!

Matt: All right, everybody, let's split up!

Tai: Yeah!

All: [pant and run]

[Shows Mimi and Palmon being chased by three Numemon, including the leader]

Numemon leader: Heartbreaker! [hurls sludge at them, Palmon and Mimi run behind trees] Pelt her!!

[Palmon slides out from behind the trees threateningly]

Palmon: Poison Ivy!

[The 3 Numemon stop, holler, and then make a hasty retreat.]

Palmon: Wha??

Mimi: Palmon! Thank you!

Palmon: But Mimi-? I didn't do anything, why'd they run?

[The answer to this becomes quite apparent, as huge, thick, yellow legs stop behind them with a loud thud. Palmon and Mimi let out a cry and run out of the way.]

Palmon: It's Monzaemon.

Monzaemon: Come visit us at Toy Town.

Mimi and Digimon Analyzer: Monzaemon looked like a cute big ol' teddy bear--but he wasn't very cuddly.

Mimi: Uh, Palmon? Is he a Digimon, too?

Palmon: Yes. He's in charge of a special place called Toy Town. Toy Town is a place where he takes care of all the abandoned Digimon toys. And those toys love him.

Mimi: Well, he looks harmless...

Palmon: He always has been.

Monzaemon: I must say, so pleased to make your acquaintance.

[Show a view looking down on the treetops of the forest area they are in. An explosion blasts a huge cloud of dust and smoke into the air. Then shows the normal view, with Palmon and Mimi running--again]

Mimi: Wait! He's attacking us!

Palmon (innocently): You think?

[Laser beams jet out from his eyes and blaze a trail after them]

Monzaemon: Please, come spend a fun day in Toy Town with me!

[Monzaemon stomps after them, randomly shooting his laser beams out of his eyes. Mimi and Palmon cry out while running.]

Monzaemon: Why are you running, did I startle you? Sorry!

Palmon: Something's wrong, he's never acted like this!

Mimi: He is now!

Numemon Leader: [hiding, he beckons to them] Come here, Cookie, I'll protect you!

Mimi (huffy): No thanks!

Palmon: [Notices Monzaemon's approach] On second thought...

[She and Mimi gasp and jump into the shallow crevice.]

Monzaemon: How about a kicking game of soccer, you two?! [steps over crevice]

[Numemon leader, Palmon, and Mimi let out a stifled frightened cry, then stand up once he passes]

Mimi: He's gone!

Palmon: Something bad must have happened in Toy Town.

Numemon Leader: Since I saved you, lady, now will you go out with me? Huh?

Mimi: No!

Numemon Leader: Ohh! [Slams down on his face in desperation.]

Mimi: C'mon, let's go to Toy Town.

Palmon: But our friends--!

Numemon leader: Wow, she's so feisty, what a girl!

[Show Toy Town, and Mimi cries out in surprised delight.]

Palmon: There it is, Mimi, Toy Town!

Mimi: Wow. It really looks beautiful! Kinda like--a big amusement park!

[Show Toy Town close up, with wide paved streets, and multi-colored houses with turrets, lined up in an organized fashion. Mimi and Palmon are shown wandering through the streets with interest.]

Mimi: It doesn't look like anyone's here.

Palmon: Something's not right here.

[Tai runs past, being chased by a toy car]

Tai (in an odd voice): Oh boy! This is fun! This is really fun!

Mimi: Tai?

Tai: Boy I'm really having a lot of fun now! [skids to a stop and runs past them again.] Fun! Fun! This is fun!

Mimi: It doesn't look like a lot of fun.

[Sora runs by, chased by a monkey toy clashing cymbals together.]

Sora (in an odd voice): This is so exciting, this is really exciting!

Palmon: Just what's going on here?!

[Izzy jogs by with arms outstretched, pursued by a massive army of toy soldiers.]

Izzy: Oh joy. What a delightful activity. This activity is really delightful.

[Mimi and Palmon look at him in the distance.]

Mimi: Hey, Izzy doesn't talk like that...

Palmon: Nope

[Matt runs by, chased by a train]

Matt (acting weird): Boy oh boy, is this really great or what? [laughs oddly]

[Joe runs by, with a giant bird pursuing him and trying to peck him.]

Joe: This really rocks! Forget books, this really rocks!

[TK runs by, chased by a helicopter toy.]

TK: Ha ha. You can't catch me. You can't catch me. You can't catch me, you can't catch me, ha ha ha!

Mimi: That's weird. Everyone sounds like a bunch of Zombies. How strange!

Palmon: They do!

Mimi: Ah well...they always were a little weird...

Palmon: I wish I knew what was going on here, it's kinda creepy.

[Through a window, a locked toy chest is seen. From inside, yelling can be heard.]

Agumon (voice is muffled): Hello!! Can anyone hear us out there?! [Mimi and Palmon, walking by, exchange glances.] Tai?! Help! Somebody get us outta here!! Hello? Help!!

Palmon: It's coming from inside that chest!

Mimi: Agumon? Is that you?

Agumon: Yes!

Palmon: Are all our other Digimon in there with you, Agumon?

Agumon: Yes! We're all in here!

Mimi: What happened?

Agumon: We were running from the Numemon.

[Flashback begins]

 [Show Tai and Agumon running away from 3 Numemon.]

Agumon, narrating: Then Monzaemon came along. [Monzaemon scares away Numemon with laser blasts, then turns to Tai and Agumon with glowing eyes.]


Agumon narrating: We tried to fight back...

Agumon: Pepper breath! Pehh!

Monzaemon (angry): Mmmm!!

Agumon: It's no use, my flame's not working. Run!

Monzaemon: Hearts Attack! Those two!! [Bluegreen heart bubbles shoot out and 2 envelope Tai and Agumon.]

[Show Sora and Biyomon running]

Monzaemon: You'll see! Toy Town is the greatest place to be!

Biyomon: Spiral Twister! Pah!

Monzaemon: Hearts Attack! Those two!!

Biyomon: Sora!

Sora: Biyomon!

[Two hearts envelope Sora and Biyomon as they make noises of alarm.]

Monzaemon: At Toy Town, we just ooze fun.

[At different location...]

Tentomon: Super Shocker!

Gabumon: Blue Blaster!

Patamon: Boom bubble--paa!

Monzaemon: Mmmmm--Hearts Attack! Them all!!

[Show everyone in the heart shaped bubbles. All are moaning, except Gomamon, who looks rather content.]

Monzaemon: So all of you will now serve us! You're all going into our community toy box. Our toy box is only filled with children!

[Flashback ends now]

Mimi: Thinking back, you're right. [Show brief flashback of Matt's and Joe's odd behavior] The toys have been playing with them.

Palmon: Agu, tell us, what changed Monzaemon?

Agumon: We don't know!

Palmon: Huh?

Mimi: Well, can't you get out of that box and help?

Agumon: No, we're locked inside of here!

Gabumon: It is up to you two. You must be the heroes this time.

Palmon: Just what do you mean?

Biyomon: You must defeat Monzaemon.

Palmon: What?!

Mimi: You must be kidding!!

Agumon: That's right! We can't get free until you save the others.

Mimi: Oh!!!

Palmon: We have to do this.

Mimi: Oh do we have to?

[They walk outside.]

Palmon: I have to tell ya, this isn't good. Monzaemon's hearts aren't supposed to attack, only give heart hugs, which give people such a good feeling that it makes them want to help others.

[Show TK and helicopter again, running by.]

TK: Mmm hmm hmm mmmm hmm, you can't catch me, ha ha ha!

Mimi: This is so ridiculous!

Palmon and Mimi: Oh!!

[The toy monkey clanging cymbals is at their feet. Mimi loses her temper.]

Mimi: Mmm! Stop that noise! Right now! [She stamps her foot, and the monkey falls over. Monzaemon appears with balloons.]

Monzaemon: It's such a happy day in Toy Town! [Mimi and Palmon cry out in surprise]

Palmon: Monzaemon!

Monzaemon: You'll like these! Everyone likes the balloons!

Mimi: Hey yeti-teddy! Whatever you've done to my friends--fix it now! Or you'll be in big trouble! [his eyes glow, but Mimi doesn't notice. Palmon does.] You understand me?! [Suddenly realizes what's going on] Waa!!

[Show the explosion, and Mimi and Palmon running yet again]

Mimi: This isn't funny! I'm being chased by a giant stuffed bear!

Monzaemon: Now, now. Don't run away from Toy Town!  [Meanwhile, he's still shooting off his laser beams]

[A mob of Numemon jump out of a dust cloud angrily.]

Numemon leader: I'll save ya, honey!! Hah! [Sludge lands on Monzaemon's forehead, he growls, and they continue their attack]

Mimi: Numemon!

Palmon: You turned him down, and he still helped.

[Monzaemon stomps and sends all the Numemon flying.]

Mimi: Well, Palmon, what can I say, when you've got it, you've got it.

[Monzaemon stomps again, with the same effect.]

Mimi: Oh no! I don't think the Nume-sludge is working.

[Monzaemon glares and whacks the Numemon.]

Monzaemon: Gotcha!

Palmon: I can't let them fight alone!

Mimi: Palmon, be careful!

Monzaemon: Take this!

Palmon: Poison Ivy! [her attack wraps around Monzaemon, but proves ineffective when he yanks free and sends her flying.] Ohh!!

Mimi: Palmon! Please--talk to me!

Palmon: My Poison Ivy's not strong enough.

Monzaemon: Mmmmm--Heart Attack!!

[The blue hearts appear and begin chasing a frightened Mimi and Palmon. Numemon come to the rescue and together form a gigantic wall to block the hearts.]

Mimi: Numemon!

[The hearts float away, taking the Numemon with them.]

Palmon: Time to take it to the next level. I may be a lady, but I am not a push over. [Makes a mean, angry face.] Mmmm....

[Digivolution begins]

Palmon: Time to show this Digimon some manners! Palmon, digivolve to...Togemon! [Togemon is a large green cactus with arms and wears bright red boxing gloves.]

Togemon: You're goin' down, big boy! Arrr! [Smacks fists together. Mimi looks on in amazement. Togemon struts forward with attitude.] You wanna dance with me?

Monzaemon: [growls]

Togemon: [growls louder]

Monzaemon: [growls again]

Togemon: [growls and delivers the first punch]

[The two begin punching it out like crazy. At one point, Monzaemon attempts to use his laser attack, but Togemon punches him in the face, so it's ineffective.]

Togemon: Digimon Needle Spray--Ahhhhah!

[So many needles go into Monzaemon that he looks like a pincushion, and he lets out a yell. The zipper on his back bursts open, and a black gear flies out. He then moans and collapses. Togemon reverse digivolves back to Palmon. Palmon then collapses into a sitting position, exhausted. Mimi runs over.]

Mimi: Palmon, you're fabulous! [giggles and gives her a crushing hug.]

Palmon: My...stem is bruised.

Mimi, narrating: After everyone was freed from the spell, and the trunk, Monzaemon told us what really happened.

Monzaemon: Usually, when kids get tired of their toys, they just abandon them and throw them away! It's so sad! So I created a home for these toys. Then...I wanted to make the toys more important to their owners, and I found a way to let their owners walk in their shoes!

Mimi: How? By turning kids into zombies?

Joe: I don't think he really intended to do that, Mimi.

Monzaemon: You're right, Joe, I didn't mean for that to happen, I really am sorry about it. Please accept my apology, I'll never do that again--really.

Tai: [grins and scratches the back of his (Tai's) head] Monzaemon, we know that you would never hurt us on purpose.

Monzaemon: Of course not. But an evil feeling came over me. [show a black gear bursting into pieces]

Sora: It had to be that black gear!

Tai: Y'know, I'm beginning to take this whole black gear thing a little personally. [show black gear bursting into pieces again] They cause a whole lot of trouble before disappearing.

Mimi: That's right. But me and Palmon made Monzaemon good again.

Palmon: We're a great team!

Monzaemon: My friends--there's only one way I can truly show my gratitude, and that's by giving you all a real heart hug!

[kids are rather alarmed/bewildered]

Joe: Oh boy...

Monzaemon: Here we go! This is my gift to you. Hearts Attack--with a hug!

[each get captured by a heart bubble--now pink in color--and go floating around, giggling and all smiles.]

[Numemon leader pops out of a manhole for the sewers.]

Numemon leader: Dumpling, a kiss for your hero?

Mimi (cheerfully, since she is still in her heart bubble): No.

Numemon leader: Wow, what a girl! She'll come around. Hoo-hoah! [falls on his face in something like a faint, and all laugh.]

[Episode ends by showing pink hearts floating all over Toy Town.]