Season 1, Episode 07: "Ikkakumon's Harpoon Torpedo"

English Version Written By: Rebecca Olkowski and Eddie Lerner

Original Air Date: September 9, 1999

Transcribed By:


[open to all the kids walking through the forest. it's very cold, and some of them are shivering.]

Gomamon: I know this is no day at the beach, Joe, but that's no reason to be a worry wart about it, and make all your friends unhappy. Pardon the pun, but chill out. Only you've got a problem with the cold. Everyone think warm.

Joe: I'm allergic to fur.

Tai: Oh, come on. The cold isn't that bad.

TK & Mimi: *gasp*

Izzy: Perhaps not if you're a polar bear or a penguin.

Tai: Yeah, but if it shows, we'll throw some snowballs!

Mimi: And make snowmen!

Gomamon: Who do you think Snowmon is?

Gabumon: A digimon from their planet?

Izzy: It's difficult to explain.

Tentomon: Well, if it's edible, count me in.

Izzy: No, the best thing about show balls is that you can throw them at each other. It's a fun game that we play in the winter months.

Tentomon: You throw food?

Matt: We could build a snow fort!

Tai: You'll need one!

Sora: I bet I could beat you both, blindfolded!

TK: I wanna build an igloo!

Palmon: I'll help! If you tell me what it is.

Tentomon: An igloo sounds scrumptious!

Izzy: Too bad they're not edible.

Joe: You can't be serious. It'd be horrible if it started snowing right now.

Sora: Lighten up, Joe. We're just trying to look onthe positive side of things.

Joe: Blech.

TK: Hey, Tai, when's it gonna snow?

Tai: Probably any second now.

Matt: Right on Joe's head!

TK: That'd be so funny!

Tai: I can't wait to see his face!

Joe: You know, if the temperature drops any lower than it already is, we won't be able to camp out anymore! We'll be frozen digitreats!

Tai, Matt, Izzy, TK: *laugh*

Joe: Right. Go ahead and laugh. But when your tootsies freeze don't come crying to me. I'll just say I told you so. It's always better to be safe than sorry. Think first. Hmmph.

[Scene change to a field of snow]

Gomamon: What's the white stuff?

Mimi: It's a field of snow! There's bound to be a ski resort nearby!

Joe: Oh, man. This is much worse than even I thought it was!

Sora: What now, guys?

Tai: I think we should keep going. We won't get anywhere just sitting here.

Matt: But if we cross the field in our sneakers our toes will go numb.

Joe: It's impossible to continue!

Tai: So what are we supposed to do? Just stand around like a bunch of dorks? We eight cross that field or go up that big mountain.

Agumon: Wait a sec. I think there's a weird odour in the air.

Biyomon: I do believe he's right.

Gabumon: But what could it be?

Tai: I dunno. But it smells like...

Izzy: Very familiar...

Biyomon: It's steam.

Matt: She's right. But where's it coming from?

Joe: A big geyser!

Mimi & TK: Wow! A hot springs!

Mimi: Yipee! We can take a bath! Finally, now I can get warm!

All: Yeah! Woohoo! *other selective shouts*

[They all go and check out the hot springs.]

Tai: Uh, oh. This water is way too hot.

Tentomon: We'd be cooked if we jumped in this.

Izzy: Yes, boiled.

Mimi: Well, there go my big dreams of a nice warm bath.

Palmon: It looks so inviting.

Matt: Maybe if you're a vegetable.

Joe: What's a little dirt compared to staving? We need to eat and there's nothing in sight!

TK: Oh, yes there is!

Joe: What are you talking about? There's nothing here but a bunch of rocks and hot water!

TK: Look!

Joe: Tell me I'm not imagining this.

Tai: Yeah! It's real!

Joe: Oh, come on, that's ridiculous! What would a refridgerator be doing all the way out here?

Matt: Hey, where there's a fridge, there's grub!

Sora: Well, we won't know til we open it.

Mimi: I want hot cocoa!

Palmon: What's that?

Tai: Come on already, let's open it! [he opens the fridge] Huh? Eggs!

Agumon: There must be a zillion of em!

Tai: Grub on! These'll keep us all fed for a month!

Joe: Wait! Don't touch those! We don't know if they're fit for human consumption!

Tai: Then I'll be the guinea pig! If I turn purple you'll know they're not edible.

Joe: There's more to it than that! Even if they were edible they don't belong to us! THat'd make us all theives! You gotta think of stuff like that!

Matt: Unless you're in to eating rocks, we don't have much of a choice.

Sora: I'm I'm sure they'd say yes if they knew our position.

Izzy: Right. We'd just tell them it's an emergency situation.

Joe: hmmm.

[the start to cook the eggs]

Sora: Sunny-side up eggs are my specialty!

[TK and Patamon are boiling eggs in the water]

Patamon: There! Done!

Tai: Hey, come on man, how are those chopsticks coming?

Mimi: Hurry, we want to eat!

Joe: Sorry, this just makes me feel uncomfortable. We'd be in big trouble if someone got sick. No doctors, you know. Why do I always have to be the one to think of these things?

[they all sit down to eat the eggs]

Mimi: Tres gourmet!

Sora: It's your turn, next time.

Biyomon: Go on, dig in!

Tai: Oh, yeah! I haven't had food like this in a long time! My stomach's chimin'!

Matt: If we had some ketchup to go with this it'd be perfect!

TK: Mmm...I love ketchup and eggs!

Sora: Sounds pretty gross, to me.

Gomamon: What's the matter, Joe? You haven't eaten anything!

Joe: I was just thinking that if we were able to get back home, ketchup wouldn't be a problem.

Mimi: Oh, now I'm homesick. How depressing.

TK: Now I want to go home, too.

Izzy: It's been four days since we've been here. I wonder if anyone's tried to find out where we are.

Sora: Cheer up! Just tell me how you like your eggs and I'll try my very best!

Tai: I like mine with soya sauce.

Matt: How about salsa?

Sora: How about a reality check?

Izzy: I'll have mine with mustard and jelly beans, please.

Tai: *laugh*

Matt: How gross!

TK: Mmmm...jelly beans, that sounds good!

Mimi: What? You're both weird. My favourite is eggs topped with maple syrup. Yummy! Sometimes I like them with cherries on top!

Sora: That's weird.

TK: But I bet it's good.

Matt, Tai: *laugh*

Joe: What? YOu're making me lose my apetite! I just like plain eggs! Ugh, I wish we could talk about something other than egg recipes.

Gomamon: Don't be so hard on yourself, they're just having a little fun.

Matt: Yeah, join the party!

Tai: I think it's really too late for him. I think Joe thinks we've gone a little crazy.

Joe: Well, I mean really. Jelly beans and cherries on eggs. THat's crazy talk. Salt and pepper's all they need. Keep it simple! That's always been my motto.

Gomamon: I'm afraid Joe's just not the kind of guy that's meant to be adaptable.

Joe: Just What do you mean?

Gomamon: Face it Joe, you're kinda of a stick in the mud, if you get my drift.

Joe: I'm just practical!

Gomamon: You're stuffy!

Biyomon: It never stops. Here we go again.

Joe: Someone has to have a a head on his shoulders.

Gomamon: You wanna fight? huh? huh?

Joe: Yeah, sure!

Matt: Hey! Hey! Stay calm!

Joe: I am calm! He's the one who's dingy. And why'd you squeeze my arm?

Matt: You don't seem like yourself today, Joe. You're a basket case.

Joe: I am just trying to be careful. Unlike the rest of you weirdos. You're just asking for trouble.

[switch to joe sitting in front of the geyser, throuwing rocks into it.]

Joe: *sigh* I've got to be the cautious one around here. I have to be...the voice of reason.

[switch to matt and tai fighting at the base of the mountain]

Tai: WHy are you making such a big deal out of this?

Matt: Because it's way too dangerous!

Tai: There's no place else to go! We have no choice!

Matt: Look, before we do something foolish, we should think it over a little!

Tai: You're just a big old chicken Matt!

Matt: I am not!

Tai: You are too!

Matt: I am not!

Joe: Hey, everybody, what's all the rucus about? Why are Matt and Tai fighting?

Izzy: THey're debating about whether or not we should climb up Infinity Mountain, which is way up over there.

Joe: That's practically up to the sky!

Tai: It's the perfect spot! We've got to climb up there. It's the best view of the island!

Joe: He's got a point there.

Sora: That's not the way Matt sees it.

Matt: Nobody would make it up that peak! It's too much of a gamble!

Biyomon: He might be right, Joe. There might be lots of evil digimon up that peak.

Joe: That's not good. It wuldn't be worth the risk.

Tai: Come on, Matt! Don't be a wimp! We won't get anywhere if we just stand around talking!

Matt: Put your fists down when you talk to me! ANd stop acting like you can just bully your way into being leader!

Tai: What do you mean!?

Joe: Come on, you guys! Chill out. Now look, calm down. Let's think this over.

Matt: So, what's your opinion about this, Joe?

Joe: Huh?

Tai: Yeah, who's right? Me or Matt?

Joe: Well, uh...Tai is right about going up that peak. We could see the landscape of the island much better.

Tai: See, Matt?

Joe: Hold on. Matt brought up a good point too.He's right about the danger It'd be dumb to lead everyone up to a place we don't know anything about.

Tai: hmmm...

Joe: hmmm...

Matt: hmmm...

Tai: Oh, come on! Let's just go as far as we can up the mountain!

Matt: That's stupid! We can't protect ourselves up there!

Joe: Stop! You're both maing me a nervous wreck! Just give me a chance to think. Don't be difficult!

Matt: What? You are the most difficult person I ever met!

Joe: Hey! In am trying to make a descision here! Don't interrupt me!

Tai: You're just a big old chicken, Matt!

Matt: Tai, you better take that back!

Joe: Enough already! You're giving me a headache!

Sora: Put a cork in it, you three!

Tai, Matt, Joe: huh?

Sora: Now, grow up. We need to make a descision.

Biyomon: Plus, it'll be dark soon.

Agu: I think we'd better get some shut eye.

Gabumon: There will be plenty of time to argue later.

Sora: First of all, we need to find a good place to sleep. Let's head for the caves.

Agumon: Yeah, it'll be warm in there!

Biyomon: I get the top rock!


[Joe is sitting by himself in front of the boiling water]

Joe: *thinking* Someone is gonna get hurt if I don't do something fast. Instead I got involved myself. If I'm responsiblefor everyone's safety, I've got to protect them. Their lives depend on me!

[everyone is sleeping. Joe wakes up, and walks out of the cave. He looks at the mountain]

Joe: I'll do it!

[He starts walking up the mountain.]

Joe: I've always been good at climbing. I've got the best chance of making it to the top.

Gomamon: What are you up to, Joe? Joe, you're not thinking of climbing that mountain all by yourself, are you?

Joe: Gomamon?

Gomamon: Yep. You forgot me already?

Joe: Why don't you go get some sleep?

Gomamon: Not happening.

Joe: Yes, it is.

Gomamon: I don't think so!

Joe: Humph. You're not going, so quit following me around.

Gomamon: I'm not. You see, I've got some business to take care of up there. It doesn't always have to revolve around you.

Joe: Fine then.

Gomamon: Sometimes I just have to trick him.

Joe: Did you just say something?

Gomamon: Uh, yeah...Nice night for a walk!

Joe: You're nuts.

Gomamon: What's wrong with that? I sure have more fun!

[Joe and Gomamon climb the mountain for a while. They stop as Joe gasps for breath]

Joe: Infinity Mountain is sure bigger than I thought it was.

Gomamon: Are you ready to quit? We can turn around.

Joe: Never.

Gomamon: I can give you a hand.

Joe: Huh? oh. What? You call that a hand?

Gomamon: Watch it!

Joe: I was kidding. Lighten up! [Gomamon stares at him] What?

Gomamon: I think you may actually have a sense of humour.

Joe: Huh?

Gomamon: Maybe not.

[Joe and gomamon climb up the mountain some more.]

Gomamon: I could use a hand!

Joe: Oh, here.

Gomamon: Thanks.

Joe: Whew. I'm about ready to take a rest. Well, it looks to me like we're about halfway there.

Gomamon: We make quite a team!

Joe: Actually, we do.

[A rumbling comes from higher up the mountain.]

Joe: What was that? You don't think this mountain could be a...volcano?!

[Some black gears come flying out of the mountain.]

Joe: Look up there!

Gomamon: The black gears.

Joe: They're coming from the top of the mountain! I guess there's no running away this time.

Gomamon: Mmm-hmm.

[Joe and Gomamon climb up to where they saw the gears come from]

Joe: I know I saw them here. Where did they go?

Gomamon: Would it be too much to hope they disappeared altogether?

Joe: I'm gonna go up there and see.

Gomamon: Huh?

Joe: What?

Gomamon: That sound. Up there.

[Joe looks up. A white flying horse, wearing a red mask, comes down to the mountain]

Joe: Oh, that's just a great. A flying horse wearing a mask. This can't be good.

Gomamon: That's no ordinary flying horse, Joe. That's Unimon. He's a wise old digimon. I never knew he lived in these mountains. He's not much of a talker.

Joe: Hide!

Gomamon: Unimon's very gentle. We don't have to hide from him.

Joe: Your information hasn't always been reliable.

Gomamon: Cold, but true.

Joe: He must be coming down to have a drink. This must be his watering hole.

Gomamon: You see? I told you he was a nice digimon. He wouldn't hurt a fly.

Joe: Wow, what a beautiful looking horse.

Gomamon: Maybe Unimon can tell us what we need to know. Then we can go back to our friends. [he walks over to Unimon]

Joe: Gomamon!

Gomamon: Hello, Unimon! It's me Gomamon. It's been a long time since we...what's going on?

[Unimon looks towards the sky to listen.]

Joe: What is is?

Gomamon: I hear something, out there!

Joe: Huh? Where?

Gomamon: There! Can't you hear it, Joe?

Joe: Oh, no! A black gear!

[The gear flies down and hits Unimon in the back]

Gomamon: Woah!

Joe: Gosh, you think he's in trouble?

Gomamon: Uh, we'll have to wait and see. Woah, look at his eyes! I think we're the ones that are in trouble!

Unimon: Hello, Gomamon! Aren't you happy to see me?

[scene change to the cave. Sora is the first to wake up.]

Sora: Mmm...I sure slept well! Hey, I wonder where sleepy Joe is? Joe, where'd ya go? Huh. 'I'll be back in a little while. Please wait for me. signed, Joe'. He wouldn't be climbing that mountain by himself, would he? Quick, everybody wake up! We have an emergency!

[back at the mountain]

Unimon: Having a good time, dear guests? I'm in the mood for a game of Aerial Attack. [He throws his attack]

Joe: Do something, Gomamon!

Gomamon: What?

Unimon: You're not thinking of leaving, are you? It's a perfectly safe route if you're planning on flying away.

Joe: We need some help!

Unimon: Aerial Attack!

[Birdramon flies up and smashes Unimon into the side of the mountain, swirving his attack]

Joe: Huh? Birdramon?

Tai: We've come to save you!

Joe: Just in time, I'd say!

Sora: Are you alright?

Unimon: Aerial Attack!

[It hits birdramon, and she falls down the cliff]

Sora: Birdramon!

Tai [looking at Agumon]: Well?

Agumon: Agumon, digivolve into...Greymon!

[Unimon smashes Greymon into the mountain]

Tai: Greymon, are you gonna be alright?

Greymon: I'm stylin', dude.

[Unimon fights with Greymon]

Greymon: Nova Blast!

Joe: Greymon and Tai are in trouble! Oh, no! He's going after Sora!

Unimon: What do we have here? Another uninvited guest?

Birdramon: Meteor wing!

Sora: Oh! [she's knocked down the cliff with Birdramon]

Joe: Sora! [Joe looks at the gear on Unimon.]

Joe: The gear! I'll get it!

Gomamon: huh?

Joe: This is crazy!

[Joe leaps onto Unimon's back.]

Gomamon: Joe!

Joe: Come on, now!

Gomamon: Hang on!

Joe: Oh, no! It won't budge!

[Unimon squirms as Joe pulls on the gear.]

Joe: Ahh!!

Gomamon: Joe! Stop! Don't try to be a hero!

Joe: I know! But there's just this one thing I have to do. I'm not going to stop until it's done.

Gomamon: Ahhhh!!

[Unimon kicks around]

Joe: I have to think positive! I'm responsible! I've got to do it!

[Joe is throw off by Unimon.]

Joe: Ahhhh!!!

Gomamon: Oh no!!

Joe: Ahhh!!!

Gomamon: Joe!!!

[Gomamon starts to digivolve for the first time.]

Gomamon: Gomamon, digivolve to...Ikkakumon!

Joe: Ahh!!!

[Joe lands on Ikkakumon.]

Ikkakumon: Hang on, Joe! Cause we're going for a ride!

Unimon: Aerial Attack!

[Ikkakumon dodges it.]

Ikkakumon: Harpoon Torpedo!

[Unimon dodges the attack.]

Joe: You missed him! He's much too fast for us!

[Ikkakumon shoots again, and gets Unimon. The balck gear comes out, and deletes.]

Joe: The black gear just dissolved! Yeah, you did it!

Greymon: Hope I didn't shake you too much, Tai!

Tai: Nah!

Sora: That was a close call!

Joe: Good Job! That's what I call pulling it together!


Tai: Wow, Joe, you were jammin' out ther! You're a pretty cvool dude, aafter all.

Sora: You were so awesome it made it possible for Gomamon to digivolve!

Gomamon: That's not why I did it! It cause I'm just a nice guy. Plus, Joe would've fallen on his head. That's why! I didn't have anything better to do anyway. If you don't believe me, put up your dukes, and we'll fight about it!

Joe: Chill, Gomamon! And heroes don't have to fight!

Gomamon: Oh, uh...heroes?

Biyomon: Uh, oh! Gomamon's embarassed!

Gomamon: I'm no such thing!

Tai: Come on, everybody! We're almost there! Let's go all the way to the top!

[They climb to the top of the mountain.]

Tai: Alright! I knew we could do it!

All: Yay!

Tai: Woah, not much out there.

Joe [narrating]: So Gomamon and I fought to the top. When we got there, we found...well nothing. But I think we discovered quite a bit on the way up.