Season 1, Episode 10: "A Clue from the DigiPast"
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Episode Transcribed by: SteelWarrior <>

Izzyís bed is flying down to an island.

Izzy: Whoa! Tentomon I would say weíre traveling at a very high speed plummeting toward an unidentified island. And uh, crash landing is imminent.

Tentomon: Try to think of it as if weíre just hitting the beach.

In the sky over s second island Mimi and Palmon fly down on their bed, yelling and they crash into the forest.

Mimi: Ooh, now that should be good for some frequent flyer miles.

Later Mimi is dressed and itís morning.

Palmon: Are you alright Mimi?

Mimi: Oh no, humidity.

Palmon: Yeah, some kind of tropical rain forest but not one Iím familiar with, it all happened so fast. Where are we?

Mimi: Have you any idea what humidity does to my hair?

Palmon: Hm?

Mimi: It goes like all poodley, not a pretty sight.

Palmon: Uh...perhaps we oughtta look around and see if we can find any of the others.

Mimi: Yeah, letís go. Maybe we can at least find some air conditioning or something.

On the other island Izzy and Tentomon are outside a labyrinth.

Tentomon: Well here we are Izzy, hardly the light and breezy island style lodgings I was expecting to find.

Izzy: Whoa.

Tentomon: Uh yes very interesting, Izzy, but donít you think we should keep searching for the others? I mean now really isnít the time-

Izzy: I know, but just look at this place, itís prodigious. I gotta check it out Tentomon, just for a minute.

Izzy walks in.

Tentomon: All right, but just for a minute.

He flies in.

On Mimiís island they see bananas.

Mimi: Yum, bananas!

Palmon: Banana?

Mimi points at them.

Mimi: Can you reach high enough?

Palmon: Mm hm.

She reaches out her vines and pulls the banana pack down and Mimi grabs it and takes a banana.

Mimi: I was really starved.

Palmon brings the rest down.

Mimi: Now we can pretend weíre having banana splits, huh Palmon.

Palmon smiles.

Mimi pulls apart the banana to see thereís nothing inside.

Mimi: Huh? Hey whatís the big idea?!

Palmon: They certainly do look delicious.

Palmon takes one and bites it.

Mimi: I canít believe it! This place is seriously getting on my nerves!

Mimi squats down and some pink sludge falls down behind her.

Mimi: Hm?

She turns and looks.

Mimi: Hm, is that hair mousse?

Mimi backs away.

Mimi: Yuck!

Palmon: Ew!

Something makes a noise in the tree.

Mimi and Palmon: Huh?

In the tree a big yellow digimon sits there with a little pink mouse on his shoulder.

Yellow digimon: Uh duh goodbye, meet to nice you.

Pink digimon: He means hello, nice to meet cha.

Mimi: Palmon, whoís the talking dessert?!

Palmon: Itís Sukamon and Chuumon, also known as the digi-losers.

Sukamon: Hey tanks.

Palmon: Sukamon and his mouse buddy are always together because they share the same teeny, tiny brain.

Mimi: Ah!

Mimi and Palmon run away with Sukamon jumping on tree branches throwing more digi-sludge at them.

Sukamon: Wait!

Mimi stops and turns.

Mimi: Alright thatís enough, leave us alone!

Sukamon: Uh sure okay, but first you gotta pay a what do ya call it?

Chuumon: Pay a toll.

Mimi: Huh?

Palmon: What do you mean a toll?

Sukamon: Uh, does she think she can use our woods for free? Sheís gotta pay, like that uh purse there, for instance.

Chuumon: I like the hat.

Mimi: No!

Sukamon and Chuumon: Huh?

Mimi: What part of no donít you understand, you whackazoids? Now get out of here!

Chuumon whispers to Sukamon.

Chuumon: I think she insulted us.

Mimi: Bingo Einstein.

Sukamon: She did?

Chuumon: Go ahead, let her have it.

Mimi opens her eyes to see theyíre throwing sludge at them again so Mimi runs yelling.

Sukamon: Do it again, do it again. Ha ha ha ha.

She stops at a tree.

Mimi: Ugh, that is it. I give up, I wanna see the camp therapist.

Sukamon jumps on the tree branch and drops holding onto the tree and grabs Mimiís bag strap where the digivice is.

Sukamon: Ooh pretty.

Mimi turns around.

Mimi: Hm?

Sukamon and Chuumon glow.

Chuumon: Whoa! Thatís better than chewiní tinfoil!

Sukamon drops to the ground smiling.

Sukamon: Oh, I feel all tingly and refreshed like a whole new person.

Chuumon: Yeah, weíre a whole new person.

Mimi: Is this one as much of a pain as the last one?

Sukamon: No really, weíll be nice from now on. Really.

Mimi: So youíll leave us alone?

Palmon: Wait, first tell us if youíve seen any other humans around here.

Sukamon: Any wha?

Palmon: Creatures that look like this one.

Sukamon: Uh...

Chuumon: Well as a matter of fact.

Sukamon: Oh yeah I forgot!

Mimi: Tell me.

Sukamon blushes.

Sukamon: Uh...well it wasnít nearly as pretty as you are of course, but we saw something fall into the old ruins with a Tentomon.

Mimi: So when were you planning on telling us, next week? They mustíve seen Izzy too, Palmon.

Palmon: Listen you two, can you take us there? Itís important that we find him.

Sukamon: Sure, okey dokey.

Palmon: No funny business!

Sukamon: Cross our heart.

Chuumon: And hope to die.

Palmon: Well of all the absolutely ridiculous things to say.

At the edge of the island they arrive and see another island floating along the ocean at the same pace just a few feet away.

Sukamon: Right, over...there.

Mimi and Palmon see the island.

Mimi and Palmon: Huh?

Mimi: Oh well thatís great, just great. How are we supposed to get over there?

Chuumon: Youíre the one with the big hat, you think of something! A gorgeous girl like you must have a big brain.

Mimi: Thanks a lot, really.

Sukamon: Before you go, maybe youíd give us a big thank you kiss, huh?

Sukamon ad Chuumon blow a kiss at Mimi.

Mimi: Oh please tell me theyíre kidding!

Palmon throws her vines across the water and grabs a tree.

Palmon: Climb aboard quickly!

Mimi grabs on and Palmon pulls and they fly to the other side.

Sukamon: Oh, maybe we jumped the gun.

They get to the other island.

Mimi: Oh, blech. Just the thought of that kiss is making me queasy.

Sukamon: Itís okay! Weíll wait till you come back!

Mimi: Donít hold your breath.

Mimi and Palmon pull their bottom eyelid down and stick out their tongues at Sukamon and Chuumon.

In the labyrinth main room Izzy and Tentomon walk in.

Tentomon: Okay Izzy, I highly suggest putting an end to this architectural tour.

Izzy: As I mentioned before, Iím gathering information. Iím sure this place is crawling with clues.

He looks and sees a giant black gear in the ground spinning.

Izzy: Look! Itís one of Devimonís black gears.

They run over to it.

Tentomon: So it is.

Izzy: Know what I think? If we keep this gear from turning weíll completely jam that creep up.

Tentomon: Or even better, we could not do that. Wouldnít that be fun? And then we can go look for the others like we shouldíve done in the first place.

Izzy: Wait a minute this is the same writing we saw the last time. Remember?

Flashback to Izzy and Tentomon in the control room in the machine dome.

Izzy: It made me realize that in digi-world basic data is a living, viable substance.

End flashback.

Izzy: All that data is stored on my hard drive. If only there were a power source here.

Tentomon: Get a power source, stop the gear, is Ďfind our friendsí on that list?

He sees lit lights above.

Izzy: Huh, those lights are getting power from somewhere. Hey, an outlet! Check it out.

He plugs his laptop into it and the laptop starts up.

Izzy: It works!

Tentomon: Oh goody.

Izzy sits with his laptop, looks at the wall and types.

Izzy: Now, letís see if I can decipher this.

Outside the ruins Mimi and Palmon are in the bushes.

Mimi: Here are the old ruins, letís just hope that giant kissy-faced lemon custard was telling the truth.

Palmon: One way to find out.

Mimi: Yeah!

They jump out of the bushes and walk into the main room to see Izzy typing and Tentomon sitting.

Mimi: Itís them!

Tentomon turns around.

Tentomon: Mimi.

Mimi: Tentomon! And Izzy!

They runs over.

Mimi: Hey!

Izzy: Uh hi Mimi.

Mimi: Finally a friendly face. Whereís the rest of the gang?

Izzy: Iíve no idea.

He returns to typing.

Mimi: But, uh shouldnít we like look for them or something? What are you doing anyway?

Izzy: Right now Iím trying to decipher these hieroglyphs.

Mimi: Well canít that wait? If you donít mind my asking.

Tentomon: Thatís what I keep telling him, Ďletís go look for the othersí I say, but does he listen to me? No.

Mimi: All right, get up Izzy.

Izzy: Iím sure the key to figuring everything out is in here.

Mimi is getting ticked.

Izzy: The question is does each glyph represent a letter, a word, or a phrase. Hm, Iíll have to cross reference the characteristics.

All: Huh...

Later on everyone is bored out of their minds.

Mimi: Izzy, any idea how long this is going to take? I mean can we go some time before winter sets in? Izzy!

Tentomon: Izzy your friend is asking you a question.

Mimi: Yeah and her rear endís getting cold sitting on the stone floor doing nothing.

Izzy: Hm, oh wait! Wait! Yeah, yeah that might work!

Mimi: Hm!

Mimi stands up.

Tentomon: Uh-oh, Izzy!

Mimi: Are you ignoring me you computer geek pipsqueak!?

Izzy: Okay, so if I make the variable constant and search for viral patterns.

Mimi gets madder.

Izzy: Hey! Hereís something!

A map of the labyrinth appears no the screen.

Izzy: Prodigious! These ruins are a gigantic maze!

Mimi: Iím leaving! Right now!

Mimi starts to cry and Izzy turns around.

Izzy: Huh?

Tentomon: Oh donít cry, Mimi.

Palmon cries too.

Tentomon: Oh not, not you too! Izzy do something!

Izzy: Do what? My laptop canít do everything!

Tentomon: I donít know, tell her youíre sorry!

Izzy: Sorry? For what?!

Mimi: I canít take it anymore! I havenít had anything to eat and my feet are killing me and a giant lemon custard tried to kiss me and all I want to do is get out of here!

Palmon: We just want to leave, is that so wrong?!

She runs over to Izzy.

Palmon: Honestly Izzy, how can you be so insensitive?

Izzy: Insensitive, what do you mean?

Palmon: You ignore us while you poke away at your computer.

Izzy: Iím not ignoring you, Iím doing something ultra important, like maybe saving this world. If I can just decipher these hieroglyphs then maybe we could...

Mimi: Just keep your stupid hieroglyphics!

She runs into the maze crying.

Tentomon: Mimi, wait!

He flies in after her.

Palmon: You just like playing on your computer, thatís all.

Izzy: You think Iím just playing around here?

Palmon: I only think you like computers more than people.

Izzy sees theyíre the only ones in the room.

Izzy: Donít look now, but Mimi and Tentomon are gone.

Palmon stops crying.

Palmon: Now what do we do? Hm?

Mimi is running in the labyrinth, crying.

Mimi: I hate this place! Iíll never recommend this resort to anyone!

Tentomon: Mimi wait!

She trips and falls on her face and Tentomon flies to her.

Tentomon: Oh dear! Mimi! Mimi, are you alright?

Mimi: Iím not a bad person.

She gets to her knees.

Mimi: So why is all happening to me?

Tentomon: Mimi, weíve got to be careful. One wrong turn and we can get lost in here.

Mimi stands up.

Mimi: All I want to do is get back home, thatís all!

She runs into a corridor.

Tentomon: Please wait! I really think we oughtta find our way back!

He flies behind her.

Mimi: I want my own bed! My own bathroom! Iím even starting to miss my baby brother!

Tentomon: Please, stop running off!

Outside the labyrinth.

Palmon: I donít see them anywhere! Where could they have gone?

Izzy: They didnít go deeper into the maze, did they?

Palmon: Thatíd be my guess.

Izzy: These deciphered hieroglyphs tell me the inside of these ruins is a giant labyrinth. So if that is the case, they could be lost in there forever.

Palmon: Forever? Oh...

In the labyrinth.

Mimi: Hey uh, Tentomon.

Tentomon: Yes?

Mimi: You get the feeling weíre sorta going around in circles?

Tentomon: Hm.

Mimi: See this silly smudge on the wall? I remember passing it a long time ago.

Tentomon: Youíre right.

Mimi: Could it be that weíre lost?

Tentomon: I realize this is probably a bad time to say I told you so, but.

Mimi: Oh quiet!

She looks down the hall.

In the main room.

Palmon: Oh I can't bear it, Iím going in!

Izzy: And get lost too? No Palmon, we have got to use our heads first.

Palmon: But we canít just leave them.

Izzy: We wonít, but this is one super complicated maze. Iíve gotta try to get a handle on it. Then maybe I can help get them out.

In the maze.

Tentomon: Well, being lost isnít so bad.

Mimi drops her head.

Mimi: Mm, great.

Tentomon: Oh dear, are you hurt?

Mimi: No, Iím fine, Iím getting used to it by now.

She walks forward.

Mimi: If Iíd just gone to cheerleading camp, none of this wouldíve happened.

Tentomon: Letís try a systematic approach to this. Maybe if we just keep turning to the left or something like that.

Mimi: Why should I listen to you? Itís your friend Izzy that got me into this mess in the first place.

She turns and walks.

Tentomon: Wait! Donít be too hard on him! Yes he gets a little wrapped up in his work, he doesnít always interact well with others, but heís a good boy.

In the main room.

Izzy: There they are!

On the screen a red dot moves.

Palmon: Thatís Mimi, that blinking light?

Izzy: Precisely.

He moves the pointer to the dot and they hear the two of them.

Tentomon: No, no not that way.

Mimi: Oh buzz off, leave me alone!

Palmon: Thatís my girl.

Izzy: Iíve homed in on her signal from the digivice. We can hear her, letís hope she can hear us.

He puts on an operator earpiece.

Izzy: Izzy to Mimi, do you read me?

In he hall Mimi stops when she hears Izzy.

Izzy: Repeat, do you read me?

Mimi: Izzy, is that you?

Izzy: Alright itís working! Okay Mimi, Iím gonna navigate for you, so walk exactly where I tell you to.

Mimi: Uh...

Palmon: Donít worry, itíll be okay. He knows what heís doing.

Tentomon: Is that you, Palmon?

Palmon: Just do what Izzy tells you and youíll be outta there before ya know it.

Tentomon: See, I told you Izzy was a good boy.

Mimi smiles.

Izzy: Okay now take the first doorway on the right.

They do.

Izzy: When you get to the end turn left, but be careful of the next room because thereís a big hole in the middle of the floor.

Mimi steps on the floor and it crumbles and falls apart leaving a narrow edge on the sides.

Izzy: There should be a narrow ledge you can use to get across.

Mimi looks and sees it.

Mimi: Izzy, did we have to take this scenic route?

On the screen they cross and a yellow dot blinks before the false floor room.

Izzy: Uh-oh.

Palmon: What do you mean uh-oh?

In the hall.

Mimi: Kay, Iím ready, which way should we go?

Tentomon: Something has happened.

In the main room the dot moves.

Izzy: I was hoping he was just a glitch, but thereís definitely something in that maze with them and itís moving closer.

Palmon: Now I am starting to worry.

In the maze Mimi and Tentomon are awaiting orders and a hoof steps down, unnoticed.

Mimi: Izzy, whatís with the silent treatment?

The digimon laughs.

Tentomon: Did you hear that?

He looks for the sounds origins.

Tentomon: It sounded evil.

Mimi looks for the noise.

Centarumon: Tentomon, itís been such a long time.

Tentomon: Oh no!

Centarumon leaps the hole.

Tentomon: Centarumon, half man, half horse, you really donít wanna get on wither of his bad sides.

Centarumon has a black gear caught in his back.

Mimi: Huh, ah!!!!

Tentomon: Run Mimi, run!

They run and Centarumon chases.

Centarumon: I like a good chase.

Izzy: Left! Take a left!

Tentomon: Izzy, we are quite anxiously awaiting your directions, are you there?

In the main room.

Izzy: Another left, through the doorway!

They run.

Tentomon: This way Mimi!

They run into it and see itís a dead end.

Mimi: Huh! Great job Izzy, itís a dead end!

Tentomon: Where do we go now, Izzy? Izzy hello?

In the main room Izzy and Palmon are gone leaving his laptop and earpiece there.

In the dead end room.

Tentomon: We seemed to have lost contact with him.

Centarumon runs closer.

Centarumon: Oh really.

Tentomon: Heís back!

Centarumon holds out his arm and from his palm four knives come out and make energy.

Centarumon: Solar Ray!

Tentomon pushes Mimi down.

Centarumon: Fire!

The attack busts through the wall.

Mimi: Look at my skirt!

Tentomon: Forget that now, get out of the way!

They run to the other wall and Centarumon jumps in the room.

Mimi: Ah!

Centarumon: Your bravery is noted, but that alone will not gain you any mercy.

Mimi: What are you waiting for? Make yourself bigger.

Tentomon: If you mean you want me to digivolve, Iím afraid thatís impossible.

Mimi: What do you mean impossible?

Centarumon: Iíll show you what it means, he cannot protect you, so you have to hold your ground and thatís truly impossible.

Mimi: Stop talking and get growiní!

Tentomon: Oh how Iíd like to, but if Iím separated from Izzy I canít.

Mimi: Ah!

The ground starts to shake.

Mimi: Stop that! Canít you see Iím in the middle of saying something?

They see Centarumon isnít shaking the ground.

Tentomon: Whatís that racket?

They see the wall behind them is being broken through by Izzy and Palmon.

Mimi: Izzy!

Izzy: Get out of there! Hurry! Come on!

Mimi: You donít have to tell me twice!

She starts to run out then Centarumon holds up his shooter.

Palmon: Watch out Mimi!

Palmon moves in.

Palmon: Palmon digivolve to...

Togemon: Togemon!

She moves in front of Centarumon.

Togemon: Leave my friends alone!

Izzy: Mimi, get back!

Tentomon: Leave this to me!

Tentomon flies in.

Tentomon: Tentomon digivolve to...

Kabuterimon: Kabuterimon!

Kabuterimon is so big he reaches the roof and Mimi is pressed against the wall.

Mimi: Oh! I forgot, when you get bigger you get a lot bigger, donít you. Watch where you step.

Kabuterimon: Oh, uh sorry.

Izzy is pressed against the wall by Togemon and he has needles right next to his face and stomach.

Izzy: Uh!

Centarumon fires at them and theyíre all sent out of the room.

Mimi: Thatís one way to get out of there.

Izzy: Yeah but this is no time for us to start taking it easy.

Centarumon steps out.

Izzy: Look whoís here.

Mimi: Yeah, I see him.

Kabuterimon: Leave them alone!

Centarumon shoots at them again.

Kabuterimon: Electro Shocker!

Togemon: I think itís time for a Needle Spray!

The attacks break Centarumonís and the black gear is sent flying out of him and itís destroyed.

Centarumon: That felt interesting.

He collapses.

Izzy: One of those black gears fell out of his body.

Centarumon lifts his head and shoulders up.

Centarumon: Where am I?

Mimi: Are you a good digimon now?

Centarumon: Hm? What? That device on your bag.

Mimi looks at the digivice.

Mimi: This?

Centarumon: Iíve seen it before.

In a room of the maze, a digivice insignia is on the wall.

Centarumon: It is the mystical symbol of the digivice. These ruins are its temple and I am its guardian.

Izzy and Mimi take out their digivices and look at them.

Izzy: Well that certainly looks familiar.

Centarumon: The digivice is a preserver of the light, the last line of defense against the darkness that threatens existence.

Izzy: Really?

Mimi: I didnít get that, but Iím starting to think theyíre more than just a cool accessory.

Behind them Leomon steps in.

Centarumon: Leomon, why are you here?

The kids turn.

Leomon: To destroy them, the children.

Izzy: Huh?

Mimi: What?

Leomon: I warn you Centarumon, do not interfere with me.

Leomon jumps forward to the kids.

Centarumon: No Leomon.

Leomon punches.

Mimi: Ah! I canít look itís so scary!

She covers her face.

Mimi: Well maybe a peek.

She moves her fingers.

Centarumon caught the blow, and Centarumon and Leomon stay in that position.

Izzy: Whoa, timeís standing still here.

Centarumon: I said no Leomon, the children possess the digivice. As the guardian of its temple I must protect them as well.

Leomon: Protect them from me? Good luck.

He prepares his fist.

Leomon: Fist of the Beast King!

Centarumon jumps out of the way and Leomon punches the wall.

Centarumon: Solar Ray!

The ray sends Leomon into the wall.

Centarumon: Now letís stop this madness before one of us is hurt. Leomon?

Leomon throws a fire fist at Centarumon throwing him into the wall.

Leomon: The children must be...destroyed.

All: Uh...

Mimi: No!

Mimi puts her bag in front of her face and the digiviceís screen glows.

Mimi: You must mean some other children!

It stops Leomon.

Izzy: Your digivice, it stopped him in his tracks.

Izzy points his digivice at Leomon and Mimi does as well.

Mimi: Bad kitty! Out! Go on, out!

The light sends Leomon running away.

Mimi: Well that got rid of him. These things really are kind of amazing.

Izzy looks at his.

Izzy: A preserver of light against the darkness.

Mimi: Can you order a pizza with it? Iím still starving.

Back in the main room.

Izzy: Centarumon, do you know how to stop the black gear?

Centarumon: No, Iím afraid I have neither the strength nor the knowledge to oppose Devimon and the powers of darkness.

Izzy: Hm.

Izzy looks at the gear.

Mimi: Are you still going on about that? When do we start looking for something to eat?

Izzy is on his laptop again.

Izzy: Guess Iíll just have to keep deciphering and analyzing these two sets of hieroglyphs. Iím sure all the answers are in here somewhere.

Mimi: Excuse me isnít this where I came in? Youíre not seriously starting all that again, not right now.

Izzy: Just a nano.

Mimi: This black gear.

Mimi walks over to it.

Mimi: Who cares about that dumb, old thing? All I want is lunch!

She kicks it and it stops then reverses.

Mimi and Palmon: Huh?

Izzy: Wha?

Outside the island theyíre on is moving back to File Island while the other keeps going.

The kids and digimon run outside.

Izzy: Look, the process has reversed itself.

Palmon: Amazing.

Izzy: Excellent work Mimi, it just goes to show you that sometimes the simplest solution is actually the best.

Mimi: Thatís not much of a compliment.

On the other island Sukamon and Chuumon are there.

Sukamon: Hi ya! I knew you couldnít keep away.

Mimi and Palmon: Uh!

Izzy: Huh?

Sukamon is hopping to stay in their view.

Sukamon: So, we gonna go on a date or what? Come on, whatís your phone number?

Mimi: Man he is persistent.

Sukamon: At least blow us a kiss!

Mimi and Palmon: Okay!

Mimi and Palmon pull their lower eye lid down and stick their tongues at them.

Sukamon: Aw come on! Do it like ya mean it! Ya know you like us, ya know you do! Please!