Season 1, Episode 13: "The Legend of the Digidestined"
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Episode Transcribed by: SteelWarrior <>

TK holds Patamon and they giggle.

TK: Hey! Letís play a game with the baby digimon!

On the cliff above stands Leomon, corrupted by the Black Gears.

Leomon: Iím obliged to obey your command, Devimon.

He rips his sword from its sheath.

All the baby digimon in front of TK and Patamon have scared faces.

TK: Okay, so you donít wanna play any games.

Patamon turns his head.

Patamon: Leomonís come back!

TK: Huh?

He turns and sees Leomon, who runs down the cliff side with sword in hand.

Patamon: Boom Bubble!

Leomon is hit and stops on the wall.

Patamon: We gotta get outta here!

TK: Yeah!

They turn and run.

Leomon walks in the trees searching for his prey while TK and Patamon hide behind a tree, TK covering his head with his hands.

TK: Heís scary.

Patamon: Leomon was always a good digimon, I just wish we could get rid of the Black Gear thatís causing him to be so mean.

TK: Thatís easier said than done!

Leomon looks from side to side.

TK: Heís just way too big!

Ogremon: Hello, youíve got company!

They turn around and see Ogremon holding a squirming Poyomon between his fingers.

Ogremon: Youíre a nice little kid, arenít ya? Get your hide out here so I can get a good look at ya! ĎCause if you donít your little friend hereís gonna squeak his last squeak.

TK: Patamon, we gotta save Ďem!

Patamonís thoughts: Poor Leomon, I know he wouldnít attack us if that stupid Black Gear didnít have him under an evil spell! Heíd come over to our side, if we could only figure out a way to help him.

Ogremon waits for their reaction.

Patamonís thoughts: I gotta protect TK from Ogremon! But heís so big and Iím not...

Leomon growls and slashes at the tree behind the two.

Patamon: TK!

Leomon: Iíve been commanded by my master to take the Digidestined!

He raises his sword and they gasp.

Garurumon: Howling Blaster!

A blue energy beam is shot from the trees that Leomon jumps away from.

Matt riding Garurumon rides in.

Matt: TK!

TK: You came in time!

They stop in front of the stump left of the tree and Matt jumps down to run to TK.

Matt: That was close!

TK: Yeah.

Garurumon jumps up and blasts at Leomon who holds his sword out to block it.

Leomon carries Garurumon out from the trees and land in the field.

Ogremon: Now youíve done it, this little guyís gonna get squished!

Two white gloves pick up the Poyomon.

Ogremon: Huh? Whereíd he go?

Tai: Heís staying with us!

Ogremon turns around to Tai.

Ogremon: Over my stinky armpits, you will.

Tai: Oh, Iím so scared. Getíem, Greymon!

Greymon stands next to Ogremon, growling.

Greymon: Nova Blast!

He blasts at Ogremon who jumps away.

Ogremon: Didnít anyone ever tell you not to play with fire? Someone could get hurt, namely me! Now to agitate you, Iíll show you whoís the head honcho on this island!

He jumps over.

Ogremon: I could fight you blindfolded!

Greymon swats him away with his tail.

Six Black Gears flow out of a crack in the mountain.

Garurumon and Leomon continue their fight.

Greymon blasts another fireball at Ogremon who jumps back.

The Black Gears fly into Leomonís back making him scream.

Matt: The Black Gears!

Leomon stands straight up screaming and dark energy shoots out.

Leomonís body grows and his fur and mane turn dark.

Garurumon growls and Leomon re-sheathes his sword.

Matt: No! Turn back, or heíll beat you to a pump!

Leomon retracts his arm.

Leomon: Fist of the Beast King!

The attack hits and knocks back Garurumon.

Matt: Are ya okay?

Garurumon is buried to his neck in rocks.

Leomon turns to Greymon.

Leomon: Fist of the Beast King!

He hits Greymon in the face and sends him flying into some giant blocks.

Tai: No! We need you, Greymon!

He runs over.

Ogremon: I told the guy not to play with fire.

Leomon hears Devimon.

Devimon: I command you to bring me the Digidestined! Starting with the smallest child!

He turns to TK.

Leomon: I am your humble servant and will obey you...Devimon.

He walks over.

Matt is with Garurumon.

Matt: TK, watch out!

TK: What now, Matt?

Matt: Hurry! Move away!

Patamon: Boom Bubble!

It hits Leomon and does nothing.

Patamon: Oh, no! Itís not working!

Leomon grabs Patamon.

TK: Patamon!

Patamon tries to escape.

Togemon: Wanna fight? How bout a prickly big suit!

She hits Leomonís back and knocks Patamon from his hand.

Matt: Whoa, Togemon!

Patamon hitís the dirt.

TK: Patamon, ya gotta take it easy, buddy!

Patamon: Iím sorry.

TK: What for?

Patamon: I was just tryiní to protect you.

TK: And you were doiní great! Donít feel bad, little guy.

Izzy and Mimi ride down on Kabuterimon.

Izzy: Tai! Youíre never going to believe this!

Tai: Whatís happeniní, Izzy?

He lands and Izzy jumps down.

Izzy: We have the consonant solution to all our problems!

Tai: Thatís cool, but what are you talkiní about?

Mimi and Izzy hold their digivices to Tai.

Mimi: Check Ďem out.

Izzy: They call them digivices! They have the capability to completely the Black Gear!

Tai: Then lets give them a try!

Flashback to Taiís digivice purifying Leomon on the hotel ruins.

Tai: We have no other choice right now. We have to take a chance and stop him!

He runs out.

Matt stands before TK and Patamon as Leomon advances.

Matt: Donít worry, I got ya covered, TK.

Tai: Ready for a real fight?

Matt: Huh?

He turns to his side and sees a serious Tai walking over.

Tai: What are you waitiní for, booger breath? Come on and get us, if you dare.

Matt: Whatís up, dude, have you totally flipped out?

Leomon: I must due as I am commanded. Come here!

Tai: Now!

He holds his digivice out against Leomon.

It shines making Leomon scream and Black Gears slowly are pushed out from his back.

Matt: You know these things pack quite a punch!

He runs over holding hid digivice up to Leomon, making him scream louder.

More digivices fly out of Leomonís back.

Ogremon: How they do that? Rotten kids!

Izzy: Ogremon, over here!

Ogremon: Huh?

He turns to his side.

Kabuterimon: Youíve just begun to see our power!

He flies up.

Kabuterimon: Electro Shocker!

The blast seemingly hits Ogremon, but he jumps back.

The Black Gears are expelled from Leomonís back and dissolve.

Tai: Thatís bad!

Leomon shrinks and his real color returns to him.

Izzy: It worked! We destroyed the Black Gears!

TK: Weíre safe now! Leomonís back to his normal self!

Ogremon watches from afar.

Ogremon: Ha! Those little fools are kiddiní themselves! They donít know who theyíre dealing with! Theyíre gonna find out sooner than they think!

He snickers and runs off.

Leomon sits against a tree with the kids, minus Sora, Joe, Biyomon, and Gomamon.

Leomon: According to an ancient legend, our world will be taken over by a strange dark force that will change good digimons into bad ones. Our ancestors have predicted that a group of children called the Digidestined will appear from another world, when they arrive they will come to possess superpowers that will eventually save our world from destruction. I believe their prediction has come true. File Island has been seized by an evil power, weíre in danger of destruction, and now, youíve appeared.

Tai: Whoa, thatís amazing! But tell me, how can you be sure weíre the kids youíre talking about?

Matt: Yeah, do you have proof that weíre the same ones?

Leomon: Itís been foretold that the Digidestined have the ability to make digimons digivolve. Youíve done that and thatís all the prove I need.

Izzy: I, for one, hope that itís true. My theory is that weíll be released after we save the island. Once our purpose is served thereís no other reason for us to remain.

Mimi: And Iíll finally be able to change these clothes!

Izzy: Thatís right! If Leomonís information is correct, weíll be heading straight for home!

Mimi: I canít wait!

Matt: How can we make it happen?

He turns to Infinity Mountain.

Matt: Weíre not even sure whoís causing it. What if itís a force thatís too big for us to handle?

Leomon: You see, Devimon is the main cause of all this evil. To save the island youíre going to have to defeat him.

Tai stands up.

Tai: Letís go for it!

Everyone makes unsure noises.

Tai: Come on, everyone, why not? If we donít defeat him, itíll never be over!

Izzy stands.

Izzy: Fine with me! Besides itís impossible for us to lose with the digivices.

Mimi stands up.

Mimi: First thing on my list when I get home is to do some killer shopping.

Palmon: For that to happen we have to get you back home.

Tentomon: If we all work together, weíre sure to win.

Agumon: Iím ready any time you are, buddy!

Tai: Mm hm!

Gabumon: How about it, Matt? Are we up to the challenge, my friend?

Matt: Itís gonna be tough, when you get down to it, we have no other choice.

Leomon: All right then, troops, letís get to it!

Tai: Far out! Itís a done deal!

They look to the mountain.

Leomon rows them in a boat to the base.

Leomon: Devimon is very powerful. Heís brought nothing but trouble to File Island, we must be careful.

They walk alongside the edge.

Devimon is in his castle at the top.

Devimon: Perfect...that traitor Leomon is leading them directly into my trap. Heís been very valuable to me.

Ogremon: I guess so, but Iím loyal and better looking.

Devimon: Listen to me!

Ogremon: Huh?

Devimon: You will pay them one final visit. Ready?

Ogremon is held up and turned into Black Gears that fly above the laughing Devimon.

Devimon: Hear this, Digidestined! My power is infinite! Your hopes and dreams are useless! I am the supreme master of this island! If you dare to defy me, I will unleash the powers of the universe and conquer you! You canít escape!

Black Gears fly from the unattached islands to Infinity Mountain.

Sora on Birdramon and Joe on Ikkakumon fly and swim over.

Sora: Oh, no. Whatís that?

Birdramon: Big troubleís brewing. Weíd better get ready for action!

Joe: Black Gear!

Ikkakumon: This is going to be the big one, Joe. Itís time to show your true self.

Sora: You feeliní okay, Joe?

Joe: Just a little seasick.

They fly and swim faster as more Black Gears go into Devimonís castle.

The island shakes and the sky turns black.

Tai: Canít turn back now!

A giant Devimon breaks the roof of the castle.

He spreads his wings and the kids gasp.

Mimi: What in the world is that?

Tai: It must be Devimon!

Palmon: I didnít expect him to be such a big guy!

Izzy: Bad guys always seem to think bigger is better.

Leomon: Fraid not! The power that Devimon possesses is immense, so be careful!

Devimon crouches then jumps up into the air and slowly wafts down.

Tai: Heís here!

They turn as Devimon lands in the trees.

Tai: Uh, Agumon, ya better digivolve!

Agumon: Right!

Devimon turns to them and the wind from his wings blows them all against the cliff.

He holds his hand out and a dark energy beam shoots from it trapping them.

Leomon takes his sword out and Devimon puts him in the beam.

Devimon: You are fools! Donít expect me to play silly games with you, Iím far too wise for that!

Ikkakumon: Harpoon Torpedo!

Five harpoons hit Devimon, and he stops the beam.

Joe: Thatís a bulls-eye, Ikkakumon!

Birdramon: Meteor Wing!

Sora runs up the trail.

Sora: Quick, everybody! Thereís no time to waste! Weíve got to strike right away!

Tai: Digivolve!

Agumon: You got it! Ready, gang?

Gabumon, Palmon, and Tentomon: Mm hm.

Agumon: Agumon digivolve to...

Greymon: Greymon!

Tai: Yeah! Go, Greymon!

Gabumon: Gabumon digivolve to...

Garurumon: Garurumon!

Matt: Letís turn this guy into pudding!

Tentomon: Tentomon digivolve to...

Kabuterimon: Kabuterimon!

Izzy: My biology teacher would love this!

Palmon: Palmon digivolve to...

Togemon: Togemon!

Mimi: I do like the way our colors match.

Greymon: Nova Blast!

Garurumon: Howling Blaster!

He jumps onto Devimonís arm and bites down.

Tai: I think heís got him!

Devimon throws Garurumon into Greymon.

Matt: Oh, no!

Devimon: Your attacks are pitiful! Iím afraid youíll have to fight harder than that!

Kabuterimon: Electro Shocker!

Togemon: So you want a Needle Spray, do ya!

Devimon: Give up, you fools, itís useless!

He swats the two away.

Mimi: Oh, poor Togemon!

Izzy: Kabuterimon!

Leomon jumps up growling.

Leomon: Youíre mine now!

Ogremon pops out of Devimonís leg.

Leomon: You!

Ogremon: Ya got no chance against the likes of us, kitty-cat!

Leomon is on the ground with an angry face and growling as dark energy knocks him into the trees.

He laughs.

Devimon holds up a squirming Birdramon.

Devimon: Youíre not worth my time!

Sora: Birdramon!

Devimon: Out of my sight!

He throws her into Greymon and Garurumon.

Joe watches shocked.

Devimon: Youíre next!

He reaches for Ikkakumon.

Ikkakumon: Harpoon Torpedo!

The torpedo hits Devimonís hand and bounces off.

Devimon picks up Ikkakumon.

Joe: Ikkakumon, no!

Kabuterimon flies over.

Kabuterimon: Electro-!

Devimon throws Ikkakumon into Kabuterimon and they hit the dirt.

Izzy: Kabuterimon!

TK: Oh, boy! Thereís nobody left! What do we do, Patamon?

Devimon turns to the two on the cliff.

Devimon: Now to get rid of you, then Iíll have nothing to fear! They say the smallest will destroy me! But Iím not going to let that happen! Donít move, make it easy n both of us!

He reaches his hand out.

Matt runs to TK from one side of the trail followed by Garurumon who attacks the hand.

Matt: TK, run!

Greymon gets up, grabs, and bites one of Devimonís legs, and Birdramon flies into his face.

Kabuterimon is on one shoulder, Ikkakumon the other leg, and Togemon jumps onto his upper leg.

Devimon: You seem to forget I am Devimon, supreme master of this island!

Devimon: I have power over all digimons! No one can stop me!

A black barrier shoots all of them off and TK and Patamon hit the wall.

All the kids and digimon lie motionless on the ground.

Greymon: Whoa, that guy knows how to take it outta ya.

Togemon: I canít move, even my needles feel numb.

Kabuterimon: Now is probably not a good time to take a nap.

Ikkakumon moans.

Tai: This is bad...

TK: Matt!

Devimon: You will be mine!

Matt: Hey, get ready to run!

They look up and see Devimon reaching for them.

Patamon flies up and blows out a Boom Bubble that has no effect.

He tries again with no luck.

Patamonís thoughts: What do I do? TKís in danger and I gotta protect him.

The hand gets closer.

Patamonís thoughts: I donít understand it! It isnít working!

Tears fall from his eyes.

Patamonís thoughts: Oh, why canít I digivolve?

TK: Patamon, help!

He cries and turns his head.

Patamon: Iíll save you, TK!

He flies in front of TK and Devimonís fist closes.

Matt: Hand on, pal!

Devimon smirks.

Devimon: What?

A bright light shoots from the cracks in his fist and he releases the light with a scream.

Matt gasps.

Tai: Uh...

Mimi: Whatís that?

Izzy: Itís uh...

Sora: Itís Patamon! He must be digivolving!

The light rises.

Patamon: Patamon digivolve to...

Angemon: Angemon!

Joe: Hey, Patamon finally digivolved!

Sora: Thatís super cool!

Matt: Not bad, that little guy really had it in him.

Mimi: Nice hair, good color.

TK: I wanna take him home with me!

Devimon: Whatís this? Another foolish attempt?

Angemon: The forces of good are too powerful, even you canít stop us.

He holds up his staff.

Angemon: Iíll destroy you and bring peace to this island!

Everyoneís digivices shines and sends a beam of white light to Angemon.

Devimon: That light is so bright! What are you doing to me!?

Ikkakumon shines and reverts to Gomamon.

Joe: Gomamon!

Greymon returns to Agumon.

Devimon shields his eyes.

Devimon: Stop it! Iím not going to allow you to take my power away, youíll have to fight me!

Angemon: Iím afraid I have no other choice!

He spins his staff and puts it above his head.

Angemon: If I can help others my fate is unimportant!

TK: Angemon!

Angemon: Your powers have gotten far out of control and must be extinguished!

He points it at Devimon.

Angemon: I am ready to fight for peace!

Ogremon pops out from Devimonís chest and is sent right back through from the shining staff, leaving a hole in Devimonís chest.

Devimon: Now youíve done it!

The staff glows and flows into Angemonís right hand, that he holds back.

TK: Be careful!

Devimon laughs and reaches for Angemon, who turns his head to TK.

Angemon: Iíll get him, relax.

Devimon: Come here, pretty boy!

Angemon: Iíll stop you!

He punches forward and a bright energy beam shoots through Devimon and across the island.

A light sphere surrounds the island.

Devimon is slowly disappearing into purple energy from the feet up.

Devimon: Youíve used up all your power, that wasnít very smart, Angemon. Now you are no use to anyone! You canít get away from the dark forces!

Angemon too slowly disappears into white energy from his ankles.

Devimon: Evil is everywhere, so donít savor your victory. There are other digimon that are just as powerful as I am, some of them are even stronger. I wonder what youíll do when you run into them. You havenít won at all! What a waste of time!

He laughs maniacally as he disappears completely.

Angemon is disappearing from his waist up now.

TK: Angemon!

He turns to TK.

Angemon: TK...Iíll come back again...if you want me to...

Tears well up in TKís eyes.

Angemon disappears into white energy as the island loses its shine.

TK: Angemon!

TK is on all fours crying as seven snow white feathers fall to the ground before him.

The last feather hitís the pile, catching TKís attention, and as it does the feathers reform themselves into a white egg with three horizontal, yellow stripes.

Tentomon: What do ya know, itís a digi-egg.

TK: Do you think it could be Angemon?

Gabumon: I know it is, heís just resting for a while to regain his strength.

Palmon: But donít worry, youíll see him again when he digivolves.

TK: I will make sure to take really good care of him.

He takes and hugs the egg tightly.

TK: You saved my life, Angemon.

Sora: Uh? Look! The island is coming back together again!

Izzy: Exactly! Devimonís been defeated, the evil is eliminated, the island returns to its original state. Ogremon gets up in the trees.

Ogremon: With Devimon out of the way, I can take over now.

He turns around and sees Leomon standing before him.

Leomon: Hello, you forgettiní about me?

Ogremon: Leomon! Get me outta here!

He runs off.

Ogremon: Why canít the bad guys ever win?!

Matt: Whatís with those other evil digimon across the sea?

Joe: Yeah, I thought we were goiní home.

Mimi: I donít wanna fight again! Oh, I think I broke a nail...

Tai: well according to Leomonís legend, we gotta do it! Remember, he said weíre the Digidestined!

Joe: Somethingís happening!

Rocks disassemble leaving a small technological looking device built into the ground.

A rainbow beam of energy appears from the center and the kids all ďoohĒ and ďahĒ.

A holographic old man appears in the beam.

Old man: Eh, Iíve heard of you kids. I must say, Iím pleased.

Tai: Excuse me, sir, tell us...who are you and what do you want?