[NOTES: At the part where Tai & Co. find the crest in the flower...well, it was, for some odd reason, cut off of the tape. I don't think I started back recording on time, so therefore a bit is...well, let's just say I tried to remember that part, but failed miserably, so I just made it up...I'll try and fix that soon.]

Season 1, Episode 17: "The Crest of Sincerity"
English version written by: Rebecca Olkowski and John Ludin
Original Air Date:
Transcribed By: katiecat <www.geocities.com/lime_lizard>



Tai: Okay, so I may have made a slight mistake, but who hasn't? That techno-doofus Etemon nailed us big time with that other Greymon! Our Greymon used up so much energy fighting him that he digivolved back into Koromon!

All: Oh...

Matt: This desert is so hot, even a lizard would need sun screen!

Biyomon: Sora, can you carry me?

Sora: Not even!

Tentomon: A crew cut would look nice on you, and it's cooler!

Izzy: Ugh!

Gabumon: Do I look fat?

Matt: No, you look hot. Especially with a fur coat. That thing really needs a zipper. 

Gabumon: Or maybe just removable shirt sleeves.

Gomamon: We haven't rested Our feet!

Joe: There's no place to sit, except on a cactus!

Tokomon: Great view up here!

TK: Next time, I ride.

Tai: You look terrible, Koromon! If only I hadn't acted like such a bonehead, you never would have digivolved!

Mimi: Don't be too hard on yourself, although come to think of it, you really have made a super-icky mess of things. 

Tai: Thanks, Mimi.

Mimi: Oh, don't mention it, Tai. I'm glad to help with a little pep talk now and then! 

Tai: Mmm-hmm.

Mimi: I haven't sweated this much...since cheerleader tryouts!

Tai: Koromon doesn't look so good! I'm worried!

Palmon: You know, what we need right now is a whole bunch of shade! A big umbrella or a really big tree! Or maybe I could grow into a giant cactus and smile down on all of you as I provide cool, refreshing comfort!

Matt: It's official. The sun has just turned Palmon's brain into a french fry! Earth to Palmon, come in!

Mimi: Palmon, look!

[MIMI points to a giant CACTUS close to them]

All: Woah!

Palmon: Wowie, I did that? I'm pretty amazing!

Tai: Yeah, you better believe it, Palmon! Come on everybody, let's head for some shade!

All: Yeah! Woo-hoo!

[when they arrive at the CACTUS, they find there is no shade behind it]

Tai: Aw! What happened to the shade?

All: Huh?

[the CACTUS disappears]

Matt: It was just a mirage! We've been tricked!

All: Aw...

[they collapse to the ground. Then, they look at each other as a VOICE comes from nowhere]

Voice: Well, well. It's about time you got here! I was just about to give up on you!

Matt: It's Gennai!

Tai: Gennai, we found the tags and a couple of crests, like you wanted, but where we got into trouble, Our Digimon couldn't digivolve! They just ended up worst off than when they started! Just look at poor Agumon, he is just not himself, and I'm supposed to be helping him!

Mimi: I think those crests are more trouble than they're worth!

Gennai: Calm down, kids, let me explain! Those tags and crests are extremely important. You must not let anyone else get a hold of them! In the end, you will see that they will come together to create total harmony. 

All: Huh?

Mimi: In English?

Gennai: Just trust me. After all, I'm the floating, glowing guy! As for Koromon, he wouldn't be
so helpless if you had known how to care for him in the proper way.

Tai: But I did the best I could!

Gennai: Patience is what you need to learn, my friend. And you will learn it in time.

Tai: But I want to have Agumon back now!

Gennai: I'm beginning to lose my connection. That's something you're going to have to figure out by yourself.

Tai: Wait a minute!

Gennai: Sorry, I'm on a tight schedule!

[GENNAI disappears]

All: Huh?

Tai: It never fails! Every time I need to know about something, he leaves me out to dry!

Biyomon [to Gabumon]: Are we being cared for properly?

Gabumon: If we were, Agumon wouldn't have digivolved backwards!

Matt: Come on! Don't freak me out!

Izzy: I'm...better with computers!

Tentomon: That's ridiculous! As far as I'm concerned, you're the best!

Gomamon: You look bummed.

Joe: How am I supposed to take care of you? Is there an instruction manual somewhere? I feel very inadequate.

Gomamon: Me too.

Gomamon & Joe: Huh?

All: Huh? Ah!

[a large SHIP is coming toward them]

Tai: Is that a battleship?

Sora: Could be! But it looks more like fancy cruise ship!

Joe: The passengers will want their money back when they see this place!

Mimi: Yeah!

TK: It may be just a mirage!

Matt: Yeah, it looks pretty real to me!

All: Ah!

[the kids run out of the way, and the SHIP comes to a halt]

Numemon: Ahoy!

All: Ah!

Mimi: Numemon!

Koromon: *cry*

Tai: Hey, fella! Could all of us come aboard and freshen up?

Numemon: Ugh...

Mimi: If you don't mind, this needs a woman's touch. Well, hey there, big boy! Your ship looks so inviting! How about letting us on board so that we could check it out? Oh, please? Hmm?

[MIMI puts on a cute face, and the NUMEMON falls in love]

[the stairs come down]

Joe: Is it safe?

Mimi: *laugh*

[they all run onto the ship]

All: Oh!

Mimi: What? No linen table cloths? Well, I guess we CAN rough it!

[MIMI and SORA go to their room]

Sora: Wow! Nice!

Mimi: *laugh* We can spend hours just pampering ourselves! Totally yes! 

Sora: Yeah, we were getting pretty smelly! They've even got little tiny soap bars!

Mimi: Look, we can take a shower!

Sora: I'm in heaven!

[in the DINING ROOM]

Matt: Look at the incredible spread!

[there is a huge table full of food in front of Izzy, Matt and TK.]

Izzy: It looks highly edible.

Tentomon: Might I propose we eat a bit, and take the leftovers with us!

Matt: Let's eat it all now!

TK: Oh, I can't believe it!

Izzy: Remember when the food was just an illusion?

Matt: Another alien plot?

Tentomon: It doesn't smell like an alien plot!

Gabumon: *burp* Excuse me!

TK: Oh...

Izzy: Ugh...After extensive deliberation, I have come to the conclusion that it would be rude to allow this cuisine to become cold. 

All: Yeah!

Izzy: Let's go for it, guys!

All: Yeah!

[the BOYS start to eat the food like there's no tomorrow]

[at the POOL]

Tai: I'm confused, Joe. What do you think Gennai meant when he said we're not taking proper care of Our Digimon?

Joe: I don't know. We've done everything but give them an allowance.

[a MAN watches JOE and TAI fro far away]

Captain: Aha! I see the couple have taken the bait! Time for me to get started! They'll never
forget this cruise!

[the MAN changes shape to become a DIGIMON]


Digimon: I am Cockatrimon! My cock-a-doodle-doo will blow out your eardrums! Mess with
me, and you'll be pecked into surrender!


Cockatrimon: Etemon will reward me greatly when he finds out I've trapped the Digidestined on my ship!

[COCKATRIMON tries to connect with ETEMON]

Etemon: Step it up, fools! I'm gettin' very impatient here! Know what I mean? If my network's
off-line, then everybody crashes! Let me tell you why. 'Cause I'm Etemon! You wanna make
somethin' of it?

Gazimon: No way!

Etemon: Yeah! Yeah! I'm the coolest cat there is, and if you don't watch out I'm gonna getcha 'til you scream and shout, 'cause I'm the hippest Digimon in town! Yeah!

[ETEMON hits the dancing GAZIMON over the head]

Etemon: So, who gave you permission to dance?

[the GAZIMON continue to fix the NETWORK]

Etemon: Now, y'all get back to work before I get myself upset again! Yeah!

[at the SHIP]

Cockatrimon: Something's wrong. Etemon's network appears to be down. Aw, who needs him? I'll have the pleasure of plastering their feathers all by myself! Cocka! Cocka! Cocka! Cocka! It's amazing how my brains surpass my good looks! [to the NUMEMON] Now hear this! I have an important message. Listen up! I'll give you Numemon an extra serving of dry bread and I'll even throw in some jelly if you capture those kids!

[at the pool, the NUMEMON throw nets over TAI and JOE]

Tai & Joe: Ah!

Gomamon: Ah!

Koromon: They need me!

Joe: Don't you know I'm claustrophobic?

Tai: What's gotten into you Numemon?

Gomamon: Okay, you asked for it! Marching Fishes!

[the NUMEMON reach for the crests]

Tai: You better keep your hands off!

Koromon: Digivolve! Koromon Digivolve to...Agumon!

Tai: He's back!

Agumon: Pepper Breath! Ah!

Gomamon: That bad egg is Cockatrimon!

Cockatrimon: Tetra Fire!

Agumon & Gomamon: Ah!

[AGUMON and GOMAMON are turned to stone]

Tai & Joe: Ah!

Tai: Poor Agumon!

Joe: Gomamon!

Cockatrimon: Look, they left me a present!


Tai & Joe: Oh!

Cockatrimon: You're stuck without these! But I wouldn't worry. Now you've got yourself a
couple of nice Digimon garden ornaments! *laugh*

Tai & Joe: Oh...


Gabumon: Blue Blaster!

Tentomon: Super Shocker!

Tokomon: Bubble Blast!

Cockatrimon: It's your turn!

Digimon: Ah!

Cockatrimon: Tetra Fire!

Digimon: Ah!

[they are turned to stone]

Kids: Ah!

Matt: They've been turned into rock!

Izzy: Impossible!

TK: Poor Tokomon!

Cockatrimon: *laugh* Where are the other children?

Numemon: Uh, we don't know!

Cockatrimon: Grr. Huh?

Mimi: I'd give anything for a good moisturizing shampoo!

Cockatrimon: Ah! Huh? Ah! You little chickadees think you're *so* smart! You won't get away that easily!

Mimi and Sora: Ah!

Cockatrimon: Ah!

Biyomon & Palmon: It's Cockatrimon!

Sora: Is that the Easter chicken?

Biyomon: He's bad news!

Cockatrimon: *laugh*

Mimi: That omelette-head has Tai and Joe's tags!

Cockatrimon: I ran into a couple of your friends by the pool. But don't get your heads in a spin. They're just drying off! Nothing like little sunbaked faces! Burnt to a crisp with curly crunch spuds and lots of coleslaw!

Biyomon: Where are the Digimon?

Cockatrimon: Don't worry about those guys. Confidentially I find them to be a little bit on the
stiff side, but that just happens to be my personal opinion.

Palmon: Your opinion stinks!

Cockatrimon: Now you're about to meet the same fate! *laugh*

Biyomon: You've cackled once too often! Spiral Twister!

Palmon: Poison Ivy!

Cockatrimon: Tetra Fire!

Girls: Ah!

Cockatrimon: Come back here, you chickens!

Sora: Who's he calling chicken?

Girls: Ah! 

Cockatrimon: Come back!

Sora: What do we do now? We're trapped!

Cockatrimon: Time to walk the plank!

Sora: Biyomon! Do your stuff!

Biyomon: Hmm! Biyomon Digivolve to...Birdramon!

Cockatrimon: Hey, that's not fair!

Birdramon: Meteor Wing!

Sora: What's the matter you big cluck, can't you fly?

Mimi: Palmon? It's your turn! 

Palmon: Hmm! Palmon, Digivolve to...Togemon!

Birdramon: Meteor Wing!

Cockatrimon: Ah!

Togemon: Needle Spray!

Cockatrimon: Ah!


Cockatrimon: Ah!

[COCKARIMON falls down the smoke stack]

Mimi: Fried chicken!

Sora & Mimi: *laugh*

All Digimon: Huh?

Numemon: We're outta here!

Tai: I sa we do the same as they are and abandon ship!

Izzy: I guess it's a little late for a mutiny.

Sora: Don't worry, the captain's already been fricasseed!

Cockatrimon: Oh, my head! You may have ruffled my tail feathers, but I can still *crowing
sound*! Okay, so maybe I've lost a little bit of my doodle, but I'm not finished yet! Oh!

[the KIDS continue walking in the heat]

Joe: Well, the weather sure hasn't gotten any cooler.

TK: Oh...

Mimi: Do you hear something?

All: Ah!

[the SHIP is chasing them]

Cockatrimon: *laugh*

[they see a CACTUS in front of them]

Mimi: Oh, no! Not another mirage!

Tai: What were you expecting, an outlet mall?!?

Matt: Hurry, get over on the other side!

All: Ah!

[the SHIP hits the CACTUS and spring back into the air]

Cockatrimon: Oh! I can fly! I can fly! Oh, I can't fly! Ah!

[the cord of the network is split, and the SHIP explodes]

All: Huh?

[above the CACTUS, a FLOWER starts to open, and something comes from it.]

All: Oh!

Mimi: What's that?

Tai: Maybe it's a crest!

Mimi: Oh!

[MIMI's TAG begins to float up.

Mimi: Ah! Ah!

All: Woah!

[the CREST easily slips into MIMI's TAG]

Sora: Oh! He was right! It's just like Gennai said! The crests and tags somehow work together, Mimi!

Mimi: Oh! It's the Crest of Sincerity! I don't deserve it, but if it'll help me take care of Palmon,
I'll keep it!

Palmon: Aw...thanks, Mimi!

Mimi: But I'm going to have to teach you some manners! Did you know you slurp when you eat soup? But don't worry a single leaf on that pretty little head! Mimi's going to take care...

Tai: Sure, Mimi's sort of a ditz, but she's really sincere, and a good friend. That's why she ended up with the Crest of Sincerity! If you ask me, it was a good call! Totally cool!