Season 1, Episode 26: "Sora's Crest of Love"
English Version Written by: Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz
Original Air Date: November 13, 1999
Transcribed By: katiecat (


[OPENING SCENE: TAI and JOE peddling a boat, with MIMI sitting on top.]

Tai [voice-over]: Because of DemiDevimon's tricks, we all became separated. Once we caught wind of that blowhard, we were able to find each other! Except for Sora.

[the BOAT reaches the shore]

Tai: We're here!

Joe: Ugh...I'm tired!

Tai: Okay, Mimi, get off your throne!

Mimi: *laugh* I wouldn't exactly call this a throne!

Tai: Yeah, well I wouldn't call you a princess!

Matt: Guys, over here!

Joe: Hey, it's Matt!

Palmon [to the other DIGIMON]: It's been a long time since I've seen you! My you've...shrunk!

Motimon, Tokomon, Tsunomon: Don't rub it in!

Tai: Where's Sora?

Matt: We thought you might know.

Tai: That's weird. It's not like her to disappear like that.

Mimi: Actually, I think I saw Sora.

All: Huh?

Tai: Where did you see her?

Mimi: At the Gekomon's castle! But I might have been..dreaming.


Sora: 'Atta girl! I knew you'd find yourself.


Joe: You're right, it must have been a dream.

Koromon: Actually, I forgot that when I was about to eat one of those mushrooms of forgetfulness, when I was Agumon, I heard a voice that sounded a lot like Sora's!

Tai: Tat's weird.

TK: But then, if Sora is actually close to where we are, why doesn't she come out and tell us?

Matt: Maybe she doesn't want to. Or even worse, maybe she just can't! All I know is, we've got to find her, and quick!

Tai: It's almost like we're playing tag with her!

Izzy: Come on, the signal points this way!

[they run off to find SORA]


[a dark MAN walks down the stairs]

Voice: Because of your stupidity, all of my evil plans have failed!


DemiDevimon: Oh, boy. Myotismon. How'd I ever get stuck working for this guy? Talk about
temper! And he's got all those bats. I hate bats!

[END D.A.]

DemiDevimon: Please forgive my mistakes, Master Myotismon. I beg you!

Myotismon: Courage. Hope. Friendship. The children's crests are beginning to glow, one by one.

DemiDevimon: Everyone makes mistakes! Remember disco? Besides, sir, not all of the children's crests have begun to glow yet!

[DEMIDEVIMON points to a bubble-picture of SORA and BIYOMON]

DemiDevimon: That girl has the crest of Love, and it's still not glowing, thanks to me! *laugh* Anyway, according to my schedule, she'll be meeting up with the other children very soon. And when she does, Master Myotismon, when they are all together, that's when I'll get them!

Myotismon: You think you can? If you fail me, my bats will have a new chew toy!

[DEMIDEVIMON falls down the stairs]

DemiDevimon: *laugh* I hate bats...

[in the FOREST]

Tai: Sora!

Izzy: Sora! Where are you?

Joe: Ugh. Why don't we find a spot to rest for the night? Or better yet, for the next couple of weeks! My feet are killing me, not to mention every other part of my body.

Mimi: Oh...I can't go another inch!

Matt: Hold on, I'm getting a reading on my Digivice!

TK: Really?

Patamon: Oh!

TK: What is it?

Patamon: Oh, what's that buzzing?

TK: Maybe it's Sora!

Tai: What's that sound?

[a bee-like Digimon flies out of the forest at them]

Tai, Matt, Joe: Ah!

Koromon: Ah! Flymon's here!

Flymon: Brown Stingers!

Izzy: Maybe this Digimon Analyser Gennai gave me can help us out. Here he is! Flymon. He's classified as an insect Digimon. A Virus type. I think we already know what his attack is, and it's not pleasant! And here he comes now!

Tai: Ah!

Koromon: Careful, Tai!

Matt: Ah!

Tsunomon: Look out, Matt!

Koromon: Koromon Digivolve to...Agumon!

Tsunomon: Tsunomon Digivolve to...Gabumon!

Tai: Agumon!

Matt: Gabumon!

Agumon: Pepper Breath!

Gabumon: Blue Blaster!

[FLYMON dodges both the attacks]

Motimon: It's just not working! They need more help!

Gomamon: Marching Fishes!

Palmon: Poison Ivy! 

[FLYMON once again dodges the attack]

Flymon: Brown Stingers!

Tai: Ugh!

[BIRDRAMON comes flying in from above the trees]

Matt: It's Birdramon!

Birdramon: Meteor Wing!

[the attack hits FLYMON, and he falls to the ground, defeated]

Tai: If Birdramon is here, then so is Sora! Sora! Wait up!

[TAI runs after SORA. The others follow him]

Agumon: Wait up, Tai!

Gabumon: We're coming!

TK: I'm going with you!

[SORA runs away deeper into the forest]

Sora: *pant, gasp*

[TAI stops her]

Tai: It'!

Sora: Mm...

[SORA turns to go in the other direction, but is stopped by MATT]

Matt: Why were you running away?

Tai: Enough running! Tell us what's going on!

Sora: Hm...

TK: *pant* Sora, does this mean you don't like us anymore?

Sora: No. Of course not.

TK: Then what's wrong?

[BIYOMON comes flying in]

Biyomon: Sora, why don't you tell them?

[SORA gives up and talks to them]

Sora: Okay. It happened the night Biyomon and I left camp to try and find Tai. 

[as SORA tells the story, there is a flashback]

Biyomon: Sh! Someone's here!

Sora: Huh? Oh!

Sora: I saw a strange Digimon. He looked like a bowling ball with wings, and he was talking to something in a giant bubble.

Tai: So, could you hear what he was saying?

Sora: Yeah. He was saying something about our crests.

Tai: What about them?

Sora: He was saying that each of our crests has its own special meaning. For example, Tai, yours is the crest of Courage.

Tai: The crest of Courage. Ah!


Agumon: Gather your Courage!


Tai: And then the crest started to glow!

Sora: And the crest you have, Matt, is the crest of Friendship.

Matt: Friendship...

TK: And mine?

Sora: Yours is special, TK. It's the crest of Hope!

TK: Alright! I hope we can get back home!

Sora: Izzy's crest is the crest of Knowledge. Joe's is the crest of Reliability.

[IZZY hops over the stones in the river]

[JOE falls into the river]

Gomamon [voice over]: Thanks for being there, Joe.

Sora: And Mimi's in the crest of Sincerity. And finally, mine...mine is the crest of Love.

Tai: Wow, the crest of Love! That's just perfect for you, Sora!

Sora [yelling]: No, it's not! Don't say that, Tai! It's not like me at all!

Tai: But Sora, it is like you! You're always thinking of everyone else!

Sora: No way! I don't care what happens to everyone else! The truth is, you don't know the first thing about me! So back off!

[TAI is surprised by SORA's anger]

Sora: Oh! I'm sorry, Tai.

Tai: Sora, what's the matter?

Sora: It's just won't glow!

Tai: Huh?

Sora: It's because I don't have any love.

TK: You love us, don't you, Sora?

Tai: I don't get it. Why is it that girls have to get so emotional when it comes to love?

Matt: Leave her alone, Tai.

Tai: I was just joking around!

Sora: That Digimon thought I was pretty funny, too.


Sora: Is your name by any chance, DemiDevimon?

DemiDevimon: It sure is! And you're one of those kids, the DigiDestined! Did you hear about the crests?

Sora: Yes, in fact, I did!

DemiDevimon: Oh, you're that kid Sora! Crest of Love. *laugh*

Sora: And what's so funny about that?

DemiDevimon: Ha. You just think you're *so* hot. But guess what? You'll never be able to make the crest glow!

Sora: Oh...oh!


Tai: So that's it? I thought it was something serious, like they were going to stop making those stuffed bean bag animals. Besides, DemiDevimon is a liar!

Sora: It's true. It started back when I was on a girls' soccer team. My family owned a flower shop. It was my mom's whole life.


Sora: Mom, I have to go to the soccer match! The girls are counting on me!

Ms. Takenouchi: Don't yell so loud, dear. The flowers are very sensitive!

Sora: But this match is to win the title!

Ms. Takenouchi: Sora, you can't go with your knee injured like that!

Sora: But mom! My leg's fine.

Ms. Takenouchi: I'm sorry. You can't go! Sit down, we need to talk.

[SORA sits down with some difficulty]

Ms. Takenouchi: I want you to stop playing soccer and come and work at the flower shop with me.

Sora: What? I won't stop playing to work with smelly old flowers!

Ms. Takenouchi: I can't believe a daughter of mine would act this way! My decision is final.

Sora: *cry* Why can't you understand me?

[SORA runs out of the flower shop]

Sora: I walked around for hours. I found myself at the soccer field. The game had just ended. 

Tai: What happened?

Sora: We lost the game, six to three. My teammates were so depressed, that they didn't even notice me when they walked by me. 


Sora: I felt that I had let them down. Like it was all my fault! My mom said I had to be a part of the family business, no questions. That's how she is. It's like that's the only thing that is important to her. She doesn't understand me. That's why I knew he wasn't wrong when he said I grew up
not knowing what love is. 

[SORA stands up, and tries to throw her crest away]

Sora: Ah!

[TAI stops her]

Tai: Sora, stop it!

Sora: Let go!

Tai: Even if what you said was true, you shouldn't believe a word from that loser, DemiDevimon! He's just a creep that's trying to hurt you!

[SORA pulls away, and begins to cry]

Sora: Wah! *cry*

Tai: Wait, wait! Don't cry! Sora! Matt, help me out! I don't know what to do when she starts blubbering!

[MATT just leans against the tree carelessly]

Matt: Just let her go, Tai. She'll be okay.

Agumon: Wow, Matt's just like a real grown-up!

Gabumon: Now, if only he would cut his hair!

TK: Sora? I forgot to thank you.

[SORA stops crying and looks at TK]

Sora: Huh?

TK: You told us not to eat the funny mushrooms, didn't you? I want to thank you for saving us.

Biyomon: Right, TK! We thought DemiDevimon was up to no good, so we kept out of sight, and made sure you guys stayed out of trouble! We were even there when you guys were working in the restaurant, Matt!

Matt: Huh? I had no idea.

Tai: You didn't have to hide from us. We were all worried!

Biyomon: Sora just needed to be alone for a little while. But she really didn't want to be separated from you guys, please understand!

TK: Hm. Sora? I like you. So, please, don't go away again. I don't like being away from you.

[SORA looks sadly at TK]

TK: *laugh* When you're around, I don't miss my mom as much!

[SORA smiles]

Sora: TK! I'm so, so...sorry!

Joe: Hey!

Tai: Hey, what took you guys so long?

Mimi: Well, we would have been here sooner, but Joe fell in the river.

Joe: Hey, Mimi, you were the one who was hungry and tired and had to sit down every five minutes!

DemiDevimon [in the trees]: Finally, they're all together! I must tell Myotismon!

[Later that night. The kids and Digimon are all sleeping by the fire]

DemiDevimon: Sounds asleep. All right! Ha! Myotismon will be so proud of my work, maybe I'll get a promotion!

[BIYOMON wakes up to see DEMIDEVIMON in the trees]

DemiDevimon: Demi Dart!

[DEMIDEVIMON aims the attack at SORA]

Biyomon: Sora, watch out!

[the needle hits BIYOMON]

Sora: Huh? Biyomon! No! Biyomon! Please wake up! Biyomon!

Biyomon: Sora, I will protect you.

Sora: Oh, no!

Tai: Sora, what's wrong?

TK: Oh! DemiDevimon's here!

DemiDevimon: Ah!

[DEMIDEVIMON flies away]

Tai: Huh?

[everything goes black]

Matt, TK: Ah!

Mimi, Joe, Izzy: Ah!

Sora: Oh!

Tai: Hey...what is that?

[A carriage is flying through the air. It flies over the kids, and drops a box down to the ground. Myotismon comes out of the box]

TK, Tai: Oh!

Myotismon: DigiDestined! Your journey ends here.

Sora: That's it! That's the thing DemiDevimon was talking to!

DemiDevimon: He's not a thing, he's Lord Myotismon!

Tai: Myotismon?

DemiDevimon: That's *Lord* Myotismon!

Myotismon: *laugh* These DigiDestined are making me feel a little...batty. Grisly Wing!

[MYOTISMON's attack sends out hundreds of bats]

Agumon: Come on, guys, let's go! Pepper Breath!

Gabumon: Blue Blaster!

Motimon: Motimon, Digivolve to...Tentomon!

Tentomon: Super Shocker!

[all the attacks hit the bats, and many of them go down]

Patamon: Boom Bubble! Pah!

Matt: They're still coming after us!

Joe, Mimi: Ah!

Palmon: Mimi! Palmon, Digivolve to...Togemon!

Togemon: Let me try to get my point across! Needle Spray!

[more bats are destroyed]

Gomamon: Way to go! Gomamon, Digivolve to...Ikkakumon!

Ikkakumon: Harpoon Torpedo!

[The attack hits MYOTISMON, and explodes. The kids being to cheer]

Joe: Wow, way to go!

Tai, Joe: Huh?

[MYOTISMON flies out of the explosion]

Myotismon: You cannot defeat me that easily. Crimson Lightning!

[all the Digimon are hit by the attack]

Togemon: Ah!

Myotismon: *laugh*

Ikkakumon: Ah!

Myotismon: *laugh*

Agumon, Gabumon, Patamon, Tentomon: Oh!

Myotismon: *laugh*

Tai: Now what?

Biyomon: I've gotta do something to help them.

Sora: Huh?

Biyomon: I'm the only one left to fight Myotismon.

Sora: It's no use! You can't do anything in your condition!

Biyomon: Please understand, Sora. I have to go!

Sora: No, Biyomon, you can't! You'll get hurt, I won't let you! My decision is final!

Biyomon: Sora, why can't you understand me?

Sora: Huh?


Sora: Why can't you understand me? *cry*

[SORA runs out of the building, with her mother watching her]


Sora [thinking]: I used to think my mom was thinking about the flower shop. But she was really worried about me getting hurt!

Biyomon: Biyomon, Digivolve to...Birdramon!

Birdramon: Ah!

Sora: Huh?

Birdramon: Meteor Wing!

Myotismon: Crimson Lightning!

[the attack hits BIRDRAMON in the chest]

Birdramon: Ah!

[BIRDRAMON starts to fall to the ground]

[SORA runs and begins to cry]

Sora: Birdramon! Birdramon, no, I love you!!

[SORA's CREST begins to glow]

Birdramon: Birdramon, Digivolve to...Garudamon!

Myotismon: What? Where is that light coming from?


Garudamon: Sora, I can feel your love. It's making me strong!

Sora: My glows!


Tentomon: Garudamon is the ultimate form of Birdramon. She commands the sky and protects the earth. Her attack is a flaming bird, called 'Wing Blade.'

[END D.A.]

Myotismon: Why is it now that the crest of Love glows, just as I was about to claim victory?

Garudamon: I'll protect you, Sora! Wing Blade!

Myotismon: Grisly Wing!

[the attacks hit, but GARUDAMON's attack is overpowering]

Myotismon: I did not anticipate such strength.

Garudamon: Come on everyone, climb on!

Myotismon: Huh? Next time, you won't escape!

[GARUDAMON flies off into the sunrise]

All: Woah!

[later on, after the battle]

Tai: All you had to do was stop worrying about it, Sora, and you got your crest to glow!

Sora: When Biyomon was in danger of getting hurt, I realized that I was acting just like my mom. My mom loved me all along.

Yokomon: And it was your Love that helped me Digivolve, Sora!

Sora: I'm glad.

Yokomon: So you see, you are capable of love after all!

Tai: I felt something! I guess it was your love shining through!

Joe: I felt something, too. It made me feel uncomfortable. 

TK: Love shouldn't make you feel like that.

Mimi: That's right, TK. And I know why you felt uncomfortable, Joe. 

All: Huh?

[MIMI hands JOE some stones]

Mimi: These were in your pocket!

Joe: Oh. I guess it wasn't love.

All: *laugh*

Matt: So, Sora joined up with us again, and we were closer than ever! We really thought things were going out way. And then...

Myotismon: *laugh*

Sora: I know that laugh!

Myotismon: Foolish DigiDestined! The seven of you are no match for my power! Prepare for your ultimate destruction! *laugh*