Season 1, Episode 27: "The Gateway to Home"
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Tai: So everyone was finally reunited, except Sora. She was still upset because Demidevimon told her that her Crest of Love would never glow. Demidevimon and Myotismon unleashed a vicious attack and really hurt Biyomon. The rest of the Digimon tried to help, but Myotismon was too powerful. Biyomon wanted to fight, but Sora protected her. That's when she realized she was acting just like a mom, protecting someone she loved. Her Crest then began to glow, helping Birdramon digi-volve to Garudamon and stopping Myotismon's attack. 



Gomamon: (Hums) 

Joe: Hey, check it out, Mimi. 

Mimi: (Gasp) 

Joe: How about this for an instant bath? I'm glad I took these bags from the restaurant. 

Gomamon: Gee, now you'll be able to go soak your head the next time you have an allergy attack. 

Joe: Right. That was so funny I forgot to laugh. 

Mimi: Now that Myotismon's chasing us, we're gonna have to keep running like a bunch of crazed shoppers at the mall. He's just a big creep, if you ask me. 

Joe: I have to agree with you on that. 

Tai: Yeah, he's small potatoes for us. 

Palmon: My wish is to never see him again, period. 

Mimi: Mine, too. 

Izzy: Gather around, everyone. 

Tai: I hope lunch is ready, because I'm starving. 

Izzy: Gennai's back. He wants to speak to us. 

Mimi: Is this a scheduled visit? 

Joe: Hope he found us a way to get out of here. 

Tai: What is it this time? 


Tai: Don't keep us all in suspense, what's this all about, anyway? 

Gennai: Well, I've brought you some good news and some bad news. Which would you like to hear first? 

Joe: Save the good news for last, I hate being depressed. 

Matt: He's a basket case, anyway, let's start with the good news. 

Gennai: Actually, you all look like you could use some cheering up. I've been told another child will be joining your group. 

Sora: Another child? Who tells you these things, anyway? 

Gennai: Well, this is someone you shall want as a friend, this someone is a Digi-Destined. 

Matt: Whoa. You're kidding. 

Mimi: Really? 

Joe: Another one? 

Yokomon: Oh, I hope this new one will have a Digimon that will be able to help us. 

Sora: You and me both. 

Gennai: The important thing to remember is that all eight of you must be together. As long as you are separated, the worlds will not be in harmony with each other, everything will go wacko, so we must find that other child as soon as possible. 

Tai: How do we do that? 

Sora: Hmm. 

T.K.: I hope it's someone my size. 

Mimi: I hope she's my size, so we can swap clothes. 

Tai: Tell us something about this kid, like what's his or her name? 

Tai: Yeah. 

Gennai: It's...I forgot. 

All: Oh! 

Tai: Gennai! 

Gennai: Calm down. I do know the location of the child. It's Japan. 

Matt and Mimi: Huh? 

Tai: Japan? 

Sora: Huh? 

Gabumon: Where is Japan? 

Agumon: Japan's a big island in the Far East. 

Izzy: Agumon and Tai were transported there when our two worlds converged. 

Agumon: Mm-hmm. 

Joe: If they ever converge again, maybe we'll all get to go home. 

Mimi: Yeah. 

Gennai: Remember, that was the good news. 

Tai: Can't wait to hear the bad. 

Gennai: Myotismon has heard of the eighth child and will be going to Japan soon. If he gets to the child first, both of our worlds will be doomed. 

Tai: Doomed? We need some spies on the inside. 

[Inside Myotismon's Castle]

Demidevimon: Ah. The noodle-brainer team. 

Nanimon: Don't worry. I'll whip 'em all into shape. These dweebs will be unbeatable when I get through with them. 

Demidevimon: Nanimon is an invader Digimon. I'd tell him what I really think about his sunglasses, but his power punch would flatten me. Okay, big boy, we know you can talk the talk, but now it's time for you to do your stuff. 

Nanimon: Just watch. 

Demidevimon: I don't wanna. 

Nanimon: Hm-hmm. Can I help you two? 

Agumon and Palmon: Yup. 

Palmon: We're a couple of renegade soldiers looking for a battle to fight. 

Agumon: We may look silly, but underneath our cool exterior, we're fighting machines. 

Nanimon: Is that so? Who are you? 

Agumon: I'm PunkAgumon. 

Palmon: I'm ReggaePalmon 

Agumon and Palmon: Yeah. 

Nanimon: What a couple of weirdos. You're perfect. I'll take ya. 

Agumon: Yeah. 

Palmon: Cool. 

Agumon: (Laughs) 

Myotismon: Come in. 

Demidevimon: Myotismon, I have some good news to report. The soldiers are assembled and we're ready to move out. 

Myotismon: Are they worthy of me? 

Demidevimon: Yes, my master. 

Gatomon: (Laughs) 

Demidevimon: Hey. 

Gatomon: They're a bunch of helpless sea slugs if you want my opinion. 

Demidevimon: Who are you? 

Gatomon: Greetings, little blue one. 

Demidevimon: Huh? Gatomon! Gatomon might look like a harmless little kitty, but deep down inside, she's an out-of-control wild cat. Don't ever cross her path. 

Gatomon: Just where did you manage to find that group of goof balls, anyway? 

Demidevimon: Err! You could do better? Err! 

Gatomon: With my paws tied. 

Myotismon: Gatomon, don't waste your time on him. Have you done what I've asked of you? 

Demidevimon: Huh? 

Gatomon: Yes. Per your instructions, I searched everywhere and found the most ferocious Digimon I could find. You'll be very pleased. 

Myotismon: I knew I could trust you, Gatomon. I look forward to meeting them. 

Gatomon: Thanks 

Demidevimon: Err! 

Bakemon 1: (Growls) 

Myotismon: What is it? 

Bakemon 1: We prepared the room and it's ready for your inspection. 

Myotismon: Fine, the two of you are dismissed. 

Gatomon and Demidevimon: Right. 

Bakemon 2: Huh? Oh. 

Myotismon: (Laughs) 

Bakemon 1: Uh, if you don't mind my asking, sir, what is this room for? 

Myotismon: Legends tell of this hollow gate. It is the passageway that will take us forward to the other world. When we pass through this portal, we'll be free to infiltrate the human realm. 
Outside Myotismon's Castle 

Gennai: According to my information, the gate to the other world should be somewhere insides this castle. 

Izzy: My theory is that Myotismon sent Demidevimon to distract us while he stayed behind to prepare the gate, truly an ingenious plan on his part. 

Gennai: A good theory, indeed. 

Tai: Agumon and Palmon have certainly been gone a long time. It's not that I'm worried, it's just that, well, I hope they're looking for the location of the gate. 
Inside Myotismon's Castle 

Palmon: I'm wilting, I wanna get out of here now. 

Nanimon: Now hop like Bunnymon. 

Recruit: Come on! Come on! Hop it! Come on! 

Nanimon: Get the jelly out of your legs, I want you guys to be tough. This battle's gonna be big, so get with it, you worthless wart! You gotta try like you never tried before. 

All (Recruits): (Panting) 

Numemon 1: He's right, we never tried before. 

Numemon 2: So why should we start now? 

Numemon: Yeah. 

Nanimon: Listen up, anybody that mouths off will go without dinner tonight, you do understand me, don't you? 

Numemon: No way! The food's the only reason we joined this dorky army. 

Numemon 2 and 3: Yeah, yeah, yeah. 

Palmon: I'd like to soak in a hot tub for about two months. 

Agumon: I've got blisters on my blisters. 

Sukomon: I think we have to stop thie guy and I know how to do it. 

Agumon: Yeah? 

Sukomon: I was a soldier with him before. He likes to drink soda, but the bubbles go right to his head and make him as dipsy as a Doodlemon. 

Chuumon: He gets real coocky and he'll do anything you want. 

Palmon: Even let us escape? 

Agumon: I must be exhausted. 

Palmon: Why? 

Agumon: I thought I saw a little pink thing pop up and talk to us. 

Sukomon: His stomach will fill with bubbles. 

Chuumon: Yeah! He's sure to explode! 

Agumon: But if it explodes, won't he make us hang around and clean it up? 

Palmon: You're nutsy. 

Numemon 1: Forget the mess, we can all escape. 

Numemon 2: One of us should go and get some soda. He won't miss one of us. 

Palmon: That might work. 

Numemon 3: After that slob wouldn't let us have dinner, I'll open the bottles and pour them down his throat myself. 

Nanimon: Next up, contact sports, how about wrestling? 

Agumon and Palmon: Oh, boy. 

Numemon 1: Sure. 

Numemon 3: Uh, I wonder where...there it is. Oh. (Laughs) This is what he gets for not feeding us. (Laughs) 

Nanimon: You guys are so pathetic, don't tell me you're all tired. 

All (Recruits): (Groans) 

Nanimon: You're a worthless pack of goons. What? What in the world? Oh, boy. Me like orange. 

All (Recruits): Ah... 

Nanimon: (Gulps) Delicious. (Gulps) 

Numemon 3: (Laughs) Have some more. 

Nanimon: (Gulps) 

All (Recruits): Oh. 

Nanimon: Ah. (Laughs) Hey, anybody, wanna go dancing? I'm light on my feet. Whoa, ho, ho. 

All (Recruits): Go! Go! Go! Go! 

Nanimon: Heave, ho! Heave, ho! Ho! Ha! Love that soda! Whoa! 

Agumon: It worked. 

All (Recruits): Yay! 

Agumon: Let's get out of here. 

Palmon: Before he wakes up. 

Agumon: Yeah. 

Palmon: Bubble fizz won't last forever. 

[Outside Myotismon's Castle]

Tai: I'm worried. 

Matt: Just be patient. 

Tai: Hmm? 

Mimi: Hey, look! They're back! 

Palmon: Sorry, we had a big bruiser on our hands. 

Tai: Let's go. 

Gennai: My signal is useless inside the castle, so you're on your own. I'm counting on you. 

Tai: We got it covered. 

Gennai: I hope so. You must stop Myotismon from carrying out his plans and protect your friend in Japan. 

Palmon: We better move it. 

[Inside Myotismon's Castle]

Myotismon: I must find the secret to the gate. Once I understand the meaning of these cards, the key will open the lock, then I will be able to enter the path to the human world. You Digi-Destined think you're so smart, but in reality, I am always one step ahead of you. (Laughs) 

Patamon: I got a real funny feeling about this, you guys. 

T.K.: Think something's wrong? 

Patamon: Something just doesn't feel right. 

All: (Gasp) 

Joe: (Grunts) 

Gomamon: Making any progress, Joe? 

Joe: No. This lock's ancient. I still can't break it. 

Mimi: Maybe if we had the key it would open. 

Sora: Yeah, and maybe if we had a cannon we could blast our way in. 

Joe: It's no use. 

Yokomon: Maybe there's another way in. 

Sora: Let's check. 

Gomamon: Joe, let's go. 

Joe: (Sighs) How come I never get to be the hero? (Sighs) 

Tai: Something's totally weird here. 

Agumon: What? 

Tai: We passed this way before. 

Izzy: Is that you, Tai? 

Tai: Yeah, I'm up here. Have you found anything unusual down there, Izzy? 

Tentomon: Well, you could say that, Tai. The truth is, you're way down there and we're up here. 

Agumon: I think you guys may need glasses. We're way up here above you. 

Izzy: But there's no way. That's scientifically impossible! 

All: Aah! 

Myotismon: I'm ready to proceed. Go now and tell our forces that no sacrifice is too great in this moment of glory. 

Gatomon and Demidevimon: Right. 

Myotismon: There's certainly no need to tell them that they won't be sharing in the rewards. I hold all the cards, and they are no longer a mystery, now. All I need to do is to find the Digi-Destined eighth child. 

Izzy: My theory is Myotismon has set up these optical illusions to deter us from finding the gate. 

Tai: Well, I'd say he's succeeded. We're still as lost as we were before we started. 

Matt: All we've done so far is go round and round in circles, and we don't know up from down. 

Joe: It's making me dizzy. 

Gomamon: Huh? 

Joe: What's up? 

Gomamon: Someone's coming. 

Joe: You sure? 

Gomamon: You doubt me? 

Mimi and Joe: Huh? 

Gatomon: I'm itching to fight. 

Demidevimon: Why? 'Cause you got fleas? 

Matt: They seem to know where they're going. 

Sora: Maybe we should try to follow them. 

Tai: They'll lead us to the right place. 

Myotismon: I shall now be embarking on a journey to another world. There are forces which must be neutralized before our victory here can be complete. But never fear, I shall return in triumph. 

All (Recruits): (Cheers) 

Myotismon: It's time to stand back and watch me work my magic. Open the gate to my destiny. 

Gatomon: Company move! 

Myotismon: Hmm... 

Tai: You're not going anywhere, not as long as we can help it. 

All (Digi-Destined): (Panting) 

Myotismon: What is your name? Do you work for me? Can't you see I'm busy at the moment? 

Tai: Yeah, right! 

Myotismon: Demidevimon, would you please take care of this annoying gang of hoodlums? I have better things to do. 

Demidevimon: Of course, sir, anything you want. I'm at your service. I'm not letting you get past this gate. 

Tai: Fat chance, you little twerp. 

Demidevimon: I brought reinforcements. It's all yours, Nanimon. 

Nanimon: Right. Don't even think about passing by me, you got it? 

Myotismon: Farewell, Digi-doomed. 

Nanimon: Okay, let's fight! 

All (Recruits): Yeah! 

Agumon: We don't wanna fight you guys, but the future is at stake. 

Palmon: You'll have to forgive us. 

Agumon: Agumon digi-volve to... 

Greymon: Greymon! 

Palmon: Palmon digi-volve to... 

Togemon: Togemon! 

All (Recruits): Whoa... 

Gabumon: Gabumon digi-volve to... 

Garurumon: Garurumon! 

Tentomon: Tentomon digi-volve to... 

Kabuterimon: Kabuterimon! 

Gomamon: Gomamon digi-volve to... 

Ikkakumon: Ikkakumon! 

All (Recruits): Oh. (Screams) 

Nanimon: I order everyone back at your ranks. Come on, I'll buy you dinner. 

Sukomon: No, no, no. We're going for some fast food. 

All (Recruits): (Screams) 

Nanimon: Whoa. You're, you're, you're big. Anybody need a wrestling coach? 

Demidevimon: Hey! You can't resign! 

Nanimon: You wanna bet, pipsqueak? When it comes down to having my fanny kicked, I'm outta here. If you don't believe me, you might check the fine print on my contract. 

Tai: We're coming through! 

Nanimon: Don't let me stand in your way! Whoa! 

Matt: You might as well give up. 

Demidevimon: I'm outnumbered. Good help is so hard to find! 

T.K.: Just admit you picked the wrong side and give it a rest already. 

Demidevimon: If you're trying to frighten me, it won't work! (Cries) 

Gatomon: You haven't dealt with me, yet! 

Greymon: Oh! 

Kabuterimon: Ah! 

Ikkakumon: Oh! 

Gatomon: (Laughs) That was too easy. 

Togemon: Try this. 

Gatomon: (Laughs) 

Tai: To the gate, everyone. 

Sora: We've got to get through. 

Gatomon: Hmm? 

All: (Panting) 

Gatomon: Hey, I don't think so. 

Devidramon: (Screams) 

Gatomon: Devidramon, he's one nasty dragon and guardian of the gate. Devi doesn't like losing, and if you want a real surprise, look into his eyes, you'll be hypnotized. 

All (Digi-Destined): Oh... 

Greymon: Nova Blast! 

Garurumon: Howling Blaster! 

Kabuterimon: Electro Shocker! 

Ikkakumon: Harpoon Torpedo! 

Togemon: Had enough? Needle Spray! 

Ikkakumon: Huh? I'm starting to feel really weird. 

All (Digi-Destined): (Gasp) 

Matt: What's happening? 

Devidramon: (Growls) 

Kabuterimon: Oh! 

Ikkakumon: Oh! 

Demidevimon: How about that for some awesome fighting? We got you beat by a mile! 

Togemon: You haven't won, yet! 

Tai: The gate's closing! 

Greymon: Nova Blast! 

Garurumon: Howling Blaster! 

Devidramon: (Screams) 

Demidevimon: Move it, you flying bean bag, I'm going through! 

Patamon: Boom Bubble! 

Demidevimon: Whoa! 

Tai: This way! 

Tai and Sora: Huh? 

Greymon: Come to papa, lizard breath. 

Matt: Come on, we have to make a run for it, while we have the chance. 

Tai: Ready? Get set. 

Tai and Sora: Go! (Panting) 

Tai: Huh? 

Greymon: Go through it! Oh. Greymon digi-volve to... 

Metalgreymon: Metalgreymon! 

Tai: You're the man! Hurry! 

Metalgreymon: Giga Blaster! 

Devidramon: (Screams) 

Matt: He did it, it's clear sailing from here. 

Tai: Come on, everybody. Let's get through that gate! 

Demidevimon: All right! Get your mitts off of me! 

Tai: Get back! Get out of our way! 

Gatomon: Sorry, but you're too late, I'll miss you in Japan. 

All (Digi-Destined): (Panting) 

Tai: We're almost there. 

Izzy and Mimi: Aah! 

Tai: Get ready to jump. 

Tai and Sora: (Gasp) 

Tai: Hurry! The gates are closing! 

Gatomon: Good-bye. 

Tai: Aah! Uh! 

Devidramon: (Screams) 

Tai: Oh, no. 

Sora: This can't be happening. 

Tai: No! Open up! Open! It can't be! (Cries)